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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 28, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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even the syrian flag. that he most ahead in the news hour including. what donald trump is being criticized over that unannounced visit to u.s. troops in iraq. reciprocal move the palestinian authority says it will back all imports of israeli vegetables fruit and poultry. and in sports roger federer lands his first big prize of the new tennis season. the president of the democratic public of congo joseph kabila was told that recent election violence is just politics but tensions are running high across the country ahead of sunday's presidential vote receive used live ammunition and to gas on protesters after a decision to delay some voting in opposition strongholds until march malcolm webb has more from kinshasa. in the eastern city of goma police blocked people from
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protesting in eastern city of benny police fired in the air to break up the marches they were processing through the streets but several eyewitnesses are telling us in some places we have allowed roadblocks to continue just to kill anything to protesters with one signals suggesting that the policemen themselves support opposition candidate martin fire you leave is very popular in not area really his supporters believe that's the reason those areas have been excluded from the election that's meant to go ahead on sunday protests have been a full mark of this election ever since twenty sixteen when it was due to take place before people protesting president joseph kabila to step down for elections to take place and many of those protests have been broken up violently by the police we interviewed president joseph kabila and i asked him about the people who've been killed and the people who've been detained in those protests over the last few years. talking of protests and the like i don't want to go back into
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what happened. in the past and the electoral process is always a sensitive issue and i was just stating that even if football game between you have pensions that tries so during an electoral process you have tensions the most important thing is to have the necessary police force that's where equipped in order to give that a given point in time we did not have that capacity but we've been building that capacity and the electoral. campaign itself. took place with minor incidents i could have wanted to have taken place without any incidents but this is politics meanwhile the democratic republic of congo's foreign minister has announced that the european union's ambassador has to leave
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within forty eight hours this is because of sanctions that the european union has put on congolese officials particular ramasamy shuddery is the former home affairs minister and he's the chosen candidate for president joseph kabila representing the ruling coalition in the election it's meant to happen in just a couple of days from now european union says he's one of a number of officials who have played an instrumental role in filing crackdowns on pro-democracy protests over the last few years sudan's government says nineteen people have been killed since anti-government demonstrations began more than a week ago journalists went on strike on thursday in solidarity with demonstrators who were angry over the rising cost of living and want president bashir to step down and morgan has more from the capital. it hasn't been a normal day at the office for yes and the law instead of editing his newspaper he's preparing evidence to file an official complaint against the dance police and
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national security forces he says they beat him during protests on tuesday. i was standing in front of the newspaper of a man in a pickup truck came somewhere armed. and they told me to go inside the newspaper building or refused they put me in the truck for two shots and. they were beating me and beat me so much i started bleeding. protests started last week in the city of ottawa when there was no bread to buy that anger quickly escalated into protests against the government and demands for the government to step down and then for the president to go president obama has been in power for twenty nine years his ruling party has announced they want him to rule for longer which would need an amendment to the constitution protests to say they don't want him to finish his current term let alone run for another the president announces them as infiltrators but the. infiltrators are from groups and other oppositional guys ations are against the
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regime and against dialogue with the regime they want to topple the government they constantly repeat that they are part of the popular revolution we've seen these things before back in september twenty third chain. the protests have resulted in dozens killed and even more injured activists have targeted some of the protesters and human rights groups as well as some governments are condemning the use of what they call brutal force despite a threat to their safety processes continue to demand the resignation of president omar and bashir. some political parties are calling for an investigation one nobody seventeen people were killed in jews this protest and eighty eight united we call on the government to launch an investigation into the killings those who committed these crimes must be held responsible. more protests are planned. says he won't give in sudan seems to be at a crossroad between the president and the people people morgan al-jazeera. experts
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fear now the massive eruption of an indonesian volcano or cause a second tsunami has prompted officials to raise the alert level and widen the no go zone which was set up after saturday's tsunami at least four hundred thirty people were killed when five metre high waves flooded coastal communities bryant is on java island and said this report. you exclusion zone around the volcano means no one is allowed to approach within five kilometers but the greater concern is for the people living along the coasts on either side of the sunda strait. they've again being warned to stay back between five hundred meters and one kilometer from the shoreline while commercial planes have been ordered to avoid the area all kind of cash is a mix euro and gas and glass rock programs and minerals and volcanic glass and it's very very scratchy or in et so the danger is about going up into the atmosphere the
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planes if there is not a large rips in the ash goes hina the planes flying back now must be a hazard all lines the increased warning level comes as a blow to the thousands of people displaced by the tsunami of wanting to return home many seeking shelter on higher ground where even a few metres above sea level officer a greater sense of security. schools and community centers in the town of level one have been turned into makeshift homes giving a feeling of semipermanent. most of these people rely upon the sea for their livelihoods they are buying up and. they're mostly fishermen they can go to sea because their boats are gone so they can make a living. and many don't know if the houses they fled from are still standing we haven't been back to see the condition of our homes because we are still a freight. truck a towers latest eruptions will do nothing to ease those fears
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macbride al jazeera north west java indonesia iraqi politicians and opposition leaders have condemned donald trump's unannounced visit for violating sovereignty trying didn't meet anyone from the iraqi leadership but it did speak to prime minister i don't abdul mahdi by phone to invite him to the white house imran khan has more from baghdad. the u.s. president seems determined to keep u.s. troops in iraq. but his visit last in just three hours on wednesday night to al asad airbase one hundred thirty kilometers west of baghdad provoked a strong reaction from some iraqi politicians then had to die did. i think it is shameful for the iraqi prime minister to accept the u.s. president's invitation to go to the u.s. after his mockery of iraqi politicians and iraq government that he entered iraq surreptitiously and without any coordination and no respect for iraq's sovereignty spend three hours celebration with soldiers if you don't cheat
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a great victory in fact this visit is considered to finish rather than a victory and. there are five thousand two hundred u.s. troops currently in iraq a lot less than the invasion sent to remove saddam hussein in two thousand and three more recently reinforcements were sent to help iraqi government forces defeat eisel fighters who seized large areas of territory iraqi commanders declared a victory over a year ago but pockets of liked still remain despite his long flight from washington trump didn't meet iraq's prime minister their schedule talks are canceled because of disagreements about the agenda by announcing u.s. troops will remain trump has gone against the iraqi constitution which requires parliamentary approval for foreign military bases some analysts say trump has weakened support here for the u.s. presence in iraq putting the prime minister in a tough position. so this visit is a great confidence to the political parties armed factions and all those who are just the u.s. presence in iraq and also the parliament to come up with
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a decision demanding that we draw all of us troops from the country visit we cannot exclude part of that support the u.s. presence in iraq. there's also confusion about what the u.s. policy in the region is often trump ordered the withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria some fear the pentagon may well build up forces in iraq as a contingency for any future action in syria or a potential war with iran. iraqi politicians from all sides are now calling for a vote. ns the us presence in iraq the largest block of the southern us now the nationalists the us president donald trump's visit to iraq may well have given them enough i mean nation to be able to win a vote that ends all u.s. involvement in the country iran current al-jazeera baghdad as a man said that his report i saw may have been defeated in iraq but there are fears the armed group could reemerge and we spoke to richard wright who's the director of the center for political military analysis at hunston institute he said iraqis have
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the ability to keep us all at bay. as well as we know the iraqi government was somewhat concerned or very concerned when the decision was announced since that i think we we understand that they are capable now the iraqi forces of defeating isis within iraq or at least preventing us resurgence but if the if the terrorist group or some other group were able to establish a foothold in syria it would present a permanent challenge for them. and for a lot just six reasons they were present front was not able to meet with the iraqi civilian leaders but apparently a big had a phone call and he did reaffirm that we keep u.s. forces in iraq for the definite future and that would provide a basis for operations at least with air strikes and special forces raids into syria if needed and there's been the scums discussion of perhaps of iraqi forces
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you have all that have the option of entering syria if the challenge is so i think they u.s. officials are aware of this concern on iraqi art and trying to address. refugee camps in northern syria have been severely flooded after a series of heavy rainstorms several camps in northern province have been affected with roads cut off and tents destroyed displaced syrians that are ready facing freezingly to temperatures as a group say they're working to move people to drive around the palestinian authority has announced it will stop all imports of his ready vegetables fruit and poultry and the ban is a reciprocal move after israel recently said it would stop importing frisian vegetables produced in the occupied west bank by palestinian farm is israel's initial ban was brought in despite warnings that it would damage the already fragile palestinian economy. about is the section general the palestinian national
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initiative and the former palestinian information minister he says the ban is the correct action but there should be a total boycott of his records in the occupied territory i think the p.a. decision is too little and too late as a matter of fact just response to an israeli measure the israelis have decided to prevent palestinian product digitals fruits chicken and other things from entering israel and so the palestinian authority responded in the same manner but in reality the vast majority of palestinian products are prohibited from reaching israel while israel is selling novelist and five point two billion dollars of products in the palestinian territories so in my opinion the palestinian authority should have responded more civilly and more strongly by declaring total boycott because it is not acceptable that israel prohibits palestinian products while palestinians are importing other israeli products the public is the decisive part
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decisive party here because actually there is a huge boycott divestment sanctions campeon all over the occupied territories to boycott israeli products and by the way it did the product in particular very successful in terms of. palestinian production so boycott is be deceived here in palestine as one form of popular nonviolent resistance against occupation and against the system of discrimination and apartheid and since israel is the one that has started the boycott system i think they should not be allowed to keep making profits from palestinians while they are boycotting our products. still to come in the news our guns for cash in the u.s. city of baltimore buys back weapons and a push to get them off the streets. color divide how many two million black and ethnic minority workers in the u.k. a paid billions of dollars less a year than their white colleagues. and sport find out if serena williams was able
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to make a winning or ten in her first match since using the u.s. open final. hello get a welcome back here to national weather forecast where things are improving finally for parts of turkey where we had this big major storm pushing through now we're still going to see a little bit more snow out here towards the eastern in the southeastern part of turkey but this is probably going to be the last day here on friday that we see anything happening there tempers are still quite cool across much of the area on for only getting to about zero so that snow that fell across the region is still going to stay there as we go towards the next couple days over here towards the west what we are seeing plenty of sunshine anywhere from parts of spain all the way up here across into germany we are going to see some clouds they're rolling into parts of the u.k. over the next few days with london tempers going up for you but
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a temperature there of about eleven degrees with clouds in your forecast as a break away down here across the mediterranean in the northern part of africa we are going to be seeing some approving conditions as well clouds are going to be lingering here across the coast but we did see some rain across parts of tunisia over here towards libya as well as egypt that rain has pushed off and we are left with better conditions there cairo it is going to be a cool day for you here on friday with a temperature of about seventeen on saturday fifty to get a little better with a temperature there of eighty over here towards the west with the season clouds over towards morocco robot seventeen degrees for you in algiers to fourteen. after joining the greenpeace team campaigning to protect the weddell sea in antarctica we're now in australia for the outcome we're the first generation to realize the gravity of this crisis. but we may be the last to be able to do
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something about it in another special find out if the effort to create the largest sanctuary on earth has succeeded thrice on al-jazeera. too often on the streets of india. are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combative and sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india. on does either.
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top stories here now to syria saudi arabia's king sound man has announced a major government as the country tries to contain the fallout from the murder of jamal khashoggi a saudi foreign minister. has been demoted to minister of state for foreign affairs . president of the democratic republic of congo has told al jazeera that recent election violence is just politics tensions are running high across the country ahead of sunday's vote with police firing tear gas to disperse protesters in many. and indonesia has raised the danger level for the crack a town hall kaino that erupted last saturday causing a tsunami that killed four hundred thirty people experts widened the no go zone around the volcano as they fear another eruption. warring
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science in yemen battling for control of the port city of data be meeting face to face the u.n. has been hosting talks as part of the latest efforts to end four years of conflict a cease fire in the city has been in place since december the eighteenth but both sides accuse each other breaking it matheson reports. patiently hoping for peace the people of the yemeni city of hard data are putting their faith in a fragile truce nearby a meeting is held between forces loyal to president. and who feel. the conflict is now in its fourth year more than sixty thousand people have been killed in the fighting. in two thousand and nineteen we want to see peace love and brotherhood among all yemenis we also hope for perspective we are counting on god and on our politicians we don't want more war. the united nations is coordinating the talks it's armored vehicles carrying members of the yemeni government have only
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been able to get through after rebel fighters cleared mines from the road leading to where the meeting was to be held. the whole fees in the yemeni government which is backed by a coalition led by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. blame each other for repeatedly breaking a cease fire which has been in place in her data since december the eighteenth the city is a key port on the route for yemen's much needed supplies of medicines food and fuel millions are said to be close to starvation it's estimated as many as eighty five thousand children have died from malnutrition of the last the. next year we hope the city will enjoy the peace and security we also hope that services such as transportation an oil will be available. delegates of wednesday's meeting are said to have agreed on a process for withdrawing pro-government troops from her data and handing control
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to a local committee they're also reported to have agreed to stop fighting in and around the city the u.n. representative for monitoring the cease fire retired dutch general patrick come out says the meeting on wednesday has made progress but until the gun battles and the bombings and peace in her data still hangs in the balance rob matheson. provisional results from madagascar's election show former president andry rajoelina has won with more than fifty five percent of the vote roger nina was up against another former president but ravello my nana and i went on to has already denounced what he calls a massive fraud in the december nineteenth and called for an investigation the constitutional court has nine days to declare a final result. as you know the road to coast today for u.s. markets with stocks rebounding to raise a near six hundred point loss the dow jones dropped more than four hundred points on its opening a closed one hundred points in the black press and day after
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a rally that sort reach it's not just one day gain ever walk it's been volatile in recent weeks with the government shutdown and the u.s. china trade war being blamed when he was put to me they were fair as analysts patricia sabga she explained why the market is experiencing so much on a tentative. there are many many factors at play here but if we're going to take a step back and take a look at the overriding issue hanging over the markets right now it's really uncertainty and that's the one thing that markets hate more than anything else is uncertainty and if we take a look at that as art lighthouse we can trace that to all the things individual issues that are weighing on market sentiment right now you mentioned for example the u.s. china trade war that is something that can negatively impact both the chinese and the u.s. economies but also the global economy as well simply because of the ripple effect through global supply chains you also have concerns over rising interest rates and
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concerns over slowing global growth when you add into that mix then any other little bit of uncertainty or bad news and then what you can see is a sharp sell off. they say the u.s. city of baltimore have launched a guns for cash campaign to get deadly weapons off the streets it's hoped it will help curb gun violence in a city where more than three hundred people have been killed in the past four years john hendren reports. ok how about if they stop before you disappear in one of america's deadliest cities police are trying to even beyond. to reduce the number of weapons they face on the streets of baltimore they're buying them one hundred dollars for revolver and five hundred for a fully automated firearm no questions asked. i think i need to get rid of i think just great idea get some guns off the street the problem.
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there is little appetite on capitol hill to change gun laws the national rifle association has opposed any effort to curb gun rights and remains the most powerful lobbying group in america so police here are taking weapons off the street one of the few ways they can. one donor dropped off this rocket launcher with more than three hundred murders this year baltimore is one of the most violent cities in the united states and police say they hope with each weapon they take in just a little bit safer so the gun buyback program is about getting guns off the streets of baltimore today is day number three of the program on the first day we took in five hundred seventy eight guns the second day five hundred eleven and we're only about an hour into the day and there's already a pretty long line inside with people turning in god's brazil managed to take more than a million guns off the street with a gun buyback from two thousand and three to two thousand and nine but with four hundred million guns in the u.s. more than one for every person the effect here is at best limited typically
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a very small number of gaza turned in fifty one hundred two hundred guns you might have cities like los angeles when you get a lot like two thousand but they're still small. relative to the number of guys in the united states but at the end of the day i think most research suggests that it's actually simply p.r. for some bad p.r. right. now. now. can we keep. track of the boat. with about one hundred thousand shootings each year nearly a third of them fatal in more than three hundred mass shootings across the u.s. in two thousand and thirteen in little chance of new gun restrictions police here say they are doing what they can john hendren al-jazeera baltimore. another earthquake has struck on the italian island of sicily injuring at least ten people four point eight magnitude jolt was one of more than
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a thousand tremors linked to the ongoing eruption of the nearby volcano mount etna it damaged buildings and forced about six hundred people into majestie shelters this week mount etna erupted through its slopes of the first so-called flank eruption in more than a decade hospitals in greece are still feeling the crippling effects of the global financial crisis ten years ago doctors are warning about a growing crisis in public hospitals as the government continues to make cuts in health spending surgical supplies are running out operations are being a spend and there are severe star shortages johnson opera's reports from the town of patra. it takes several pieces of equipment to install an intravenous line in the patient needles taps catheters and rubber gloves must be sterile and discarded after use these are the cheapest of materials for one of the simplest of procedures there are no apparent
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shortages here at the outpatient clinics of st and asked hospital in part that but staff say appearances are misleading. stacks of school we had a budget a sixty to sixty five million euro crisis today outages fifteen to eighteen million of them this creates enormous problems back up at the bottom the hospital is also short staffed this doctor says there are just two nurses for the outpatient clinics serving the city of two hundred thousand seat a c. medicine and most days this room is full of stretchers with a queue of more outside shouting and pushing to get in and they come from towns all over the region it can be a stick we can barely walk in where shortages have shut down clinics in smaller regional hospitals so same town there is also takes in patients from the broader region of more than a million people with hospital hundreds of twelve hundred before the financial crisis of two thousand and eight it is now down to thirty one hundred fifty and at least fifty doctors are urgently needed these trends and personnel and materials
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reflect the broader cuts in government health funding and just the past three years it has fallen from seven billion dollars to four point two billion that means greece is spending less than ten percent of its budget on health care the european union averages over fifteen percent it's driven many who can afford it into private health care. where only here for financial reasons of course national health doctors are more experienced than private sector doctors but when the moment you arrive here you're tied up for hours patients get wary there are lots of people in line the dedication of the doctors and nurses who remain in the public sector has been rewarded with a forty percent. pay cuts during the crisis and the government has tightened health spending more than that controlled by the city's a party which has made a point of producing even higher surpluses than creditors demand with which to repay the country's debt next year's budget contains a further reduction in salaries for hospital staff
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a move which will anger many jobs are open but there are. a new report here has found that one or two ethnic workers in the u.k. and far less than their white colleagues the findings by the resolution foundation showed one point nine million people from black asian and minority ethnic backgrounds in the u.k. were collectively paid about three point two billion pounds around four billion dollars less than their white counterparts every year the report was based on data collected from a survey of one hundred thousand people over ten years because of the government to expand an existing initiative which requires companies with more than two hundred fifty employees to publish a gender pay gap to include ethnic background as well i want to speak to mark davis who's a diversity and confidence consultant and vies is global business is about the problem he joins us from birmingham via skype thanks for being with us so what are the main reasons for this gap. i think there is two things going on thank you very much
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lauren for me by the way and this is two things going on there is a perpetual unconscious bias that is prevalent in a lot of executive order ins a lot of white men in the fifty's and sixty's who aren't intentionally. limit saying that say the progression of the emmy individuals but that it's happening systemically i think the other side of that is those in those minority groups not fully valuing their potential and perhaps settling for less when other white counterparts might well be more aggressive in their negotiations around their pay so when are that honest of us particularly stock was that the foundations are such saying the biggest impact was on black male graduates who are paid seventeen percent less compared to their white peers. and yet we had almost thought possibly a lack of confidence people you know asking for more with why why would you see
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that gap with graduates if only they would have more confidence to ask for. well i think there's a pyramid that you've got to consider is your job moving up the hierarchy yes graduates may well come in at a similar. level. in terms that skill set but there's a perception that if i am one of the few black minority or ethnics that in the room that in the vying for a position. i better not be too aggressive too boisterous in my a negotiating position because you know there is. a limited. what's the word cap on the number of places are going to go to get minority ethnic people so rather than put myself out of the running by being very aggressive on my price or on my perceived value of play it safe and make sure that i get the job and get my foot in
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the door and just be grateful for that and so we're not very often limit then the perception of how we're going to climb in that organization right from the moment you first joined what measures should companies take to try to redress the balance . i think the government calling for large organizations to publish is one step i think there is some merit in that and i recognize that j.p. morgan for example being one that was publicly known publish and there was a fifty plus percent pay gap you know that's a very good headline and it has a lot of resonance in the social media age but i think very practically a lot of businesses are going to recognize that look there are one hundred fifty two hundred eighty unconscious biases that we all have irrespective of race gender orientation and to actively acknowledge that and move from simply awareness of that
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to taking action at a strategic corporate cultural level is what i would suggest needs to be done in the private sector and what does does the gap persist regardless of the background of the employer. the guards the background of the employer and i say that you say sets back. employees do they still pay. employees less than white and boys or if the if the bosses are in position what do they actually make the the men can actually paperless office for same but i think really careful. to to make that broad generalization i think what is what is fair to say is that there's a there's a there's a lack of dialogue between. recruitment companies recruitment organizations and the remit they're given and the open dialogue that they might have with their customers . you know taking containing the j.p. morgan example that.


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