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that i get the job and get my foot in the door and just be grateful for that you know and so we're not very often limit then the perception of how you're going to climb in that organization right from the moment you first joined so what measures should companies take to try to redress the balance i think the government calling for large organizations to publish is one step i think there is some merit in that and i recognize that j.p. morgan for example being one that was publicly known publish and there was a fifty plus percent pay gap you know that's a very good headline and it has a lot of resonance in the social media age but i think very practically a lot of businesses are going to recognize that you know look there are one hundred fifty two hundred eighty unconscious biases that we all have irrespective of race gender orientation and to actively acknowledge that and move from simply awareness
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of that to taking action at a strategic corporate cultural level is what i would suggest needs to be done in the private sector and what does does the gap persist regardless of the background of the employer. regards the background of the employee and i say that you say if it's back. employees do they still pay. employees less than white and boys or if the if the bosses are in position what do they actually make the the men can actually paperless office for same but i think really careful. to to make that broad generalization i think what is what is fair to say is that there's a there's a there's a lack of dialogue between. recruitment companies recruitment organizations and the remit they're given and the open dialogue they might have with their customer. taking containing the j.p. morgan example that are being very clear about the exact criteria and the nature of
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an qualifications and background of the people that they're trying to employ in the talent they're trying to recruit so i'm not sure there's any evidence of an anecdotal evidence that i've seen across the private sector of those things perpetuating you know i don't see a difference in. perception of value or worth whether the c.e.o. is black or a black woman or an asian man for example i think it's not as straightforward as that ok mark davis thank you very much indeed for your now suspicious time and very much and yes congress is a jam for the day without ending the partial government shutdown but the senate and the house of representatives and you met for a few minutes and did nothing to restore funding for the roughly twenty percent of the government which is affected the shutdown which is in its sixth day began after president trump insisted that the federal budget include funding for his proposal on the southern border of mexico. i mean.
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business updates.
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business updates. i am i out. there in the turquoise will true what tomatoes lake atitlan draws tourists from around the world but the people of one lakeside town hoping to make their home stand out they've been inspired by dutch artists who transformed a slum in brazil with their new touch of paint and as david messer reports
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guatemalans in some to cutting a powerful doing exactly the same. land is renowned for its beauty now one lakeside town is drawing on these surroundings to transform itself into a giant work of art. it all starts with a fresh coat of paint families choose colors and designs inspired by the traditional hand-woven clothing worn by local women then they help to paint their own homes. because the house is going to end up looking really no less the result will be good and it makes a landscape here look it's a big change from before and i hope more neighbors paint their houses. the cool women have led. since it launched two years ago they helped develop the color palettes and designs and administer the project. coordinator. says women have another key skill that's allowed the program to thrive and.
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i think that when women make decisions they seek consensus with this breed he helped us during the start of the project and that helps us keep the support of the community the weaving tradition is strong incentive. the patterns and colors of textiles are inspired by nature. she says women express their imagination through weaving and they are now able to share their talents on a different scale but i'm. for me it's special to see our designs on the walls of town and to see vistas to say it's beautiful and take photographs to remember it it makes me happy to see a traditional embroidery scene this. is attracting more tourists for visitors who've been here before the transformation is clear. not so many activities. like the city wide. like.
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industries and everything. feels like much more respected. oh and the fact that that is the first project with kind in guatemala organizers say that once they complete the painting of the eight hundred fifty buildings in this town they plan to expand the project to the other towns around they. recently the project won an international design award showing how art can combat poverty and empower a community david mercer al-jazeera sent it at that and at my local one amala. now i want to do house boat. thank you so much lauren well in some a lot more plight sue home league games behind closed doors as a punishment the sum of their fans racially abusing a rival player napoli's caligula bali was targeted by into supporters during wednesday's serry all match. for
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napoli manager he says he made three appeals for the game it in says san siro stadiums starts but the referee ignored his requests in french once and i will defend there was a very few cents off in the game that napoli lost the mayor of milan giuseppi salah has apologised to cooper bali calling the abuse a shameful act against a respected athletes stand out a lot of the good informants who went to the referee to ask for a move from asian about what happened and i think that the collaborator red card was due to a very particular state of mind he was in he had been insulted during the whole match we asked the federation to do something about it but they just made some announcements and the match was not suspended like we had the man did i think it would have been the right thing to do. number five number those kind of chance should not be done you have sixty five thousand people at this did at christmas this is what people like fans all over the world like this is entertainment it is a show and it should be a beautiful experience for everybody who comes here. well it's only in football has
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struggled to combat racism last year got nine players saleman sorry was cents off after confronting fans who abused him german again for scoring he was booked for dissent after asking the referee to stop the syrian match against calorie and was red carded when he protested against the decision it's how in striker mary about sally has been a repeat its argot earlier this year fans of the national scene unfurled a banner saying my captain has its holly and blood when it was suggested about sally may be given the chance to camps in italy and see is ago she was also abused by a lot c o founds not play supporters show their solidarity with cooler body than by wearing masks the pitching that a friend of his next home game well earlier we spoke to provoke him anchor of the antidiscrimination body football against racism in europe he says this latest incident is a big test for those in charge of the italian game. they have to get back from their holidays wherever they are and take the issue seriously we have seen kelly do
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coulibaly been racially abused at least three times in the past year only this month in december both chilo t. and the whole not bullied seem head of clean up the law in december they've sat eight racist abuse continues as it has been taking place in previous games against other want and they will walk off the pitch and luckily didn't happen in the game as in adelanto but the next game we see again seen it happens again so there has to be clear understanding that this issues have to be taken seriously legally have been abused this year by you venters fans earlier by a lot of the of the fans in january this year this is happening to coulibaly many times this year and this has to be taken seriously this is a test for italian if they are the new leadership of the italian iffy they have to get this right when we look at the politics and needs of the right now this
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scaremongering are refugees and migrants when we look at the rise of the far right parties in italy and across europe when you look at interior minister salvini introducing regulations against migrants and ethnic origins in the country this has an impact on the stadiums so i think we will see with this type of political background we will see more of these incidents and in the next in the coming year. you know i am or he says english premier league leaders liverpool are in their best form of the season therefore moved six points clear at the top of the table with a foreigner when i have a new castle on wednesday they are the only unbeaten seem left in the league they play are still at anfield on saturday. i look in then these prolife the last yeah. yeah maybe in the best moment now but for our she's also for big big challenge and i'm not sure. that two more whole we are
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well this is how the supper table looks at the whole fight point in the season defending champions manchester city are in third place now after losing three of their last four games city next take on southampton sutton though well they're up in two second after five consecutive league wins we have bill because we have the belief because we are working so hard and of course because of the quality if you know this if you want to be the position that we have today but. we are going to work. with really good people during the season to be consistent and difficult for this is certain and then. we can talk that. we can for the big things the end of season break is over for the world's best tennis players as they build up to the first grand slam of twenty nine scene at the australian open starts on january the fourteenth defending men's champion roger
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federer leisurely landed in australia and is on the promotional trail ahead of the hopman cup same events federer aiming for thirst right title in melbourne and will the one of the joke which weighs in action in abu dhabi he returns to the top of the rankings with title wins at wimbledon and the u.s. open i'm hoping i can. transfer the success that i've had in the last six months of the thousand and eighteen season into the beginning of two thousand and nine thousand season obviously. i've had. a lot of success in the world tennis championships before in my in my career i've played here several times and it's a great way to jump jump start the season. and serena williams made a losing return so action in her first competitive match instead of feets in september's u.s. open final against a soccer. she was beaten in three sets by her sister venus in abu dabi.
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serena has the chance to equal multiples how it's twenty four grand slam singles titles at next month's australian i'm. ok but as a sports looking for now let's get back to lauren in london. andy thank you very much a quick monday can always catch up with our website address that is out there dot com and that's it for me in our tell if the news hour are back in a minute with an a for an up thanks for watching. in the first episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field on. professor jim. brings the
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brilliance of the pasta line. last point credible almost doesn't look real all we've done is block out the light from a room and then allow it to come through the small old served one of science in a golden age on al-jazeera. and hundred forty twelve on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. to mourn a must and initial response had been inadequate but now it was time for. buckle it
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was the muslims now moved from nearly reacting to taking action putting the western crusaders on the defensive with hindsight this is seen as a breakthrough as a revival of the jihad in the muslim near. the crusade and respect the pursuit to reform this time on. this one hundred saudi arabia's foreign minister is demoted in a major political reshuffle as the kingdom attempts to move on from the jamal khashoggi murder. on the intake of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up protesters
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rallying against voting delays in the democratic republic of congo president joseph kabila tells our jazeera young rest as just politics. indonesia raises the alert level around the and that krakatau volcano as residents are warned of a second tsunami threat. and we visit the quote a mountain town where residents are taking up paint brushes to unify their homes and their community. and in a series of royal decrees saudi arabia's king solomon has announced a major government reshuffle the most notable among the changes the demotion of one of the most high profile faces of the saudi government foreign minister. this is the kingdom struggles to contain the political fallout following the murder of journalist. shalit bennett's reports. adele lousy baer
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a former advisor to the late king abdullah a former ambassador to the united states and now former foreign minister he was only the second saudi to be appointed foreign minister outside the royal family. during the gulf cooperation summit of regional leaders earlier this month again defended the suspected involvement of the saudi crown prince in the murder of jamal khashoggi with regards to issuing an arrest warrant we don't extradite our citizens i believe turkey's constitution prohibits the extradition of turkish citizens do best emotion follows months of questions controversy and denials about the killing of the saudi journalist and the saudi consulate in istanbul it also follows widespread condemnation of the kingdom including the us congressional resolution which said mohammed bin so man was responsible for the killing of his critic. while donald trump repeatedly maintained to support for the crown prince seen as has
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called for an end to u.s. support for the war in yemen jubail was appointed foreign minister by king solomon in twenty fifteen a month after saudi arabia winter war in yemen is strikes were launched with the yang of quickly crippling who three rebels backed by iran and staged the war has dragged on for almost four years killing at least sixty thousand yemenis millions face starvation and what's called the world's worst humanitarian crisis dubious final months as minister have been marked by turmoil within the g.c.c. including saudi laid air sea and land blockade of qatar for the past eighteen months. it's unclear if two beers fall from grace in riyadh is a way to make him a scapegoat society policies attracting global condemnation the king is now taking a step back with him last off instead of. who wasn't in the first the first choice of the king anyway because he was very close to king couple of the king of saudi
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arabia rather than to king so much so now by having brought him last of who was an old school he's a veteran he served as a minister of finance for twenty years from one nine hundred ninety six until two thousand and sixteen so now he's having come as a foreign minister in order to give the the message that now we are back to the vision of foreign policy to be a successor is abraham former finance minister he was one of the many saudi power brokers arrested in last year's perch his imprisonment in the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh was part of what the crown prince called his crackdown on corruption now saudi arabia's new foreign minister will inherit not only the controversy that continues to dog his captor the crown prince but the human roof crisis that has proven difficult to in so far shine a balance. jordan has more now on what the reshuffle will mean for saudi u.s. relations. the cabinet shakeup in saudi arabia may not do go far enough
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towards rehabilitating the country's image at least with members of the u.s. congress just before they broke for the holiday session the members in the senate took two key votes they voted to pull the u.s. as support for the saudi military as it continues its military operations in the yemeni civil war and all of the members of the u.s. senate uniformly endorsed a resolution accusing mohammed bin solemn on the saudi crown prince of orchestrating the murder on october second of jamal khashoggi the exile journalist who had gone to the consulate in istanbul to get papers in order to get married this is a situation where both republicans and democrats believe that the saudi crown prince who is widely expected to succeed his father king solomon is not running the country in a way that comports with us values respecting human rights allowing political
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expression endorsing and upholding political liberalization and supporting women's rights they believe that because of evidence that they have now been given a or presented by the cia director gina housefull that there is really no way that mr kushal she could have been murdered without this being orchestrated by the saudi crown prince senators and members of the house of representatives both think that there should be someone else in weight to succeed king solomon they are questioning the u.s. continued close relationship with saudi arabia and they have already indicated that when the new congress convenes in the first week of january twenty ninth teen both the senate and the house are going to be taking a very close look at the relationship between the two countries and this is going to be really on the onus of the saudis to prove that they in fact are worthy of
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having close ties with the united states in this case according to congress it doesn't really matter what the u.s. president donald trump thinks about the relationship. anura spoke to billow who is a middle east analyst based in london and he told me why he thought i did energy there had been replaced well look i think for me the big takeaway is a loss of because of his background he was involved the i am or with the world bank he has a very good reputation in the western financial community this is important because i think that what moments on and some on want to do is to restore the very damaged credibility that saudi arabia what's happened is that western business has looked askance at what's been going on it's not just the murder of the it's also the many . blunders that mandans home mom has as conducted before the first and most obvious being the terror war and amman but we recall it back in november when he rounded up
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over two hundred senior members of the ruling family and business people these are all people with a very good connections to western business the very people that he actually needs to get western investment coming in so that is in fact a statement to say look ok we've we've made them in a mistake here but we we need your investment so the past is the past let's move forward the democratic republic of congo's president joseph kabila has told our jazeera that recent election on rest is just politics tensions have been running high head of sunday's vote with the opposition accusing the government of rigging the poll. talking of protests and the like i don't want to go back into what happened. in the past. and the electoral process is always a sensitive issue and i was just stating that even if it will game between two clubs you have tensions that rides so during an electoral process you have
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tensions the most important thing is to have the necessary police force that's well equipped in order to give that a try and given point in time we did not have that capacity but we've been building that capacity and they led to. the campaign it sort of took place with minor incidents i could have wanted to have taken place without any incidents but this is politics voting has been delayed in three opposition strongholds to march next year the government says because of ethnic violence the growing a bowl a threat but there are fears it will exclude more than a million votes conference or has more from contrasts. people in beni in eastern congo take to the streets to protest against the decision by then the tall commission to postpone the elections until march next year this is part of
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a region where health work is a dealing with an ebola epidemic that has killed many that's a reason given for delaying the election as well as security problems. but protest as here we'll hear none of that they say they must exercise their rights with the rest of the country so some burned sections of an ebola transit center where those suspected of having the disease are held. to not talk and also not benny who gamble retired voters and cranium but tembo gave this government the last election they've been killed by rebels and kept quiet they brought us a bowler and we did not say anything now we can't keep quiet any will how. most of us assume that the but i was the government not concerned about the situation in beni we were told to go is here we accepted this but today they told us we could not vote because of ebola even though they themselves said the sickness was the creasing a few friends said that there was no more ball in the region but why stop us from
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voting. benny and with him when the east and the west in town or you know a strongholds of one of the country's main presidential candidates. and have about one point two million voters he's quite a listen in the markets and in a country where the winner takes it all on the fast round every vote counts and is calling for a nationwide general strike. we have to. all be called to go. still. friday. and do the same. every three hours to go before and. we've seen how. the nation. everywhere. we have seen. in this country can i say please please we are in the dark as all this was happening the government gave the
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european union's ambassador to the congo forty eight hours to leave the country mainly because of sanctions the movies and he needed on fourteen individuals including a model shagari the ruling party's presidential candidate and president joseph kabila choice for the top job so he was the interior minister between december twenty sixth in march twenty seventh teen and scores of people were killed mostly by security forces during street protests since. all the players who can still be here these sanctions violate international law undermine the fundamental rights of those concerned and have been condemned by our regional authorities for the sake of our historical partnership i've pleaded with the e.u. to lift the.


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