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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 28, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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i don't. know what i what. your superiors of them which i came to mind immediately after the synthesis you and i could see in the ranks where you think you know you. made a loss and when you your to look on it i like what he does a little. better of us now. we don't need some of these in my. family i see no no no i think that look at that i see no no. he said i see no one or last time. you said i was an essene seen a mother would have loved ok then. let me know about it. i'm told them a couple you did though. like we see in that unisys you know something i can buy them about it but if you don't think about enough lenient they aren't best you don't employ. let you get back mostly company then what i mean and there's
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a young lady had that if you look up anything they might you just said. yeah i think it's odd that he would have brought me a big fat black box. for daddy. it was ok i hate all i'll say that. i had that happen. oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh how happy grandpa. back out there are all. right i was. good because i. assume till so that is so well then so you look. so little.
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of the. old. times when i was on song and it was an awesome first song like guys who killed. the first time ever and the one in ninety one oh my god they're going to be done i know i'm going to do all. i can and by ease. when it comes out on sunday i won the lotto month and thought. and there are there that i have to look good for both of them because of well he was in the way of life which was from the man side of him no family to one so the original bill of. putting
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a little bit. to. show. moment. but also bob. then yes. and then. that we're going to go. off i should be in a moment. but i left him a last and don't says no when you're left like. that
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and then when i mean that's when you put a lot. of little. little. little. sad. sad i was. i. was. i.
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think i go back to when i was a friend. but a child being you see. i don't associate there i see if you can ban them we are as though if the gun found them was swallowing but i get both something i guess he never would go to court over the course when i would need to going to get it out an old lady that. bought a coat that was. but in those so let's go us. at the level of the light i was i was awake you all got it down so let's go see how it gets this sort of like it what it is it. would be a. lot for name with that he's going to say is the. big easy. on
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the line. and just. like the. way it was. the the. who sort of pieces don't know if you know if. there was or was a series though and this is on the necklace he saw
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a fellow it seemed him isness touching that and it feels i was all in. was there much. of it in the muslim look. in the individual. and then on the field. and look in the c.s.c. is that it's you know. it's on more. than one thing that one that.
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you don't mind if you don't have to look at. the last thing. i think. he only wants. the book or did he. do it with. somebody. in. a month. i want you all of. us who have just been found. on the one down. friend are still investigating yes i can live with them you know what's your names . i don't want to have you but i will say in markets only one of these do you know
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when the same friend that won a reality that remember the one who was there when i mean who in god's will but to me we have to see i've been through a little new course you know me you know the fact i'm which we're going and you could be and i'm chilling why the new yankee be that he got that door will bedo the employer good old boy i'm being reasonable you got that going maybe you used somebody got. a headache the pm sat. for them in the hot seat. where you can afford to someone to phone and to. watch. the sunday end of one. thing when. a commitment to. well the money comes from
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but. purposely only. so you know when you're in that one kind of also you want to get people get. to sort of know what is being you know you're able to have good lives if you will be able to feel you know who are. they have as a single something that i mean if you see the way i got out of the state of being we have a lot of flavor that we are learning more and more it sure what it was going to get out of us and. it was you. got to see them on the phone but i spent a. lot of the money. i'm guessing they've been ordered on that sentiment what is meant. to get us to start a bomb iraq and the answer to when they give the band the kind of she doesn't
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really feel good because see that as a whatever whereas he admits that they want to see the meat of the writing though do not perceive that with gals up west said book at that point the more you me and the better of you know where i live here or there i live you know it isn't a game and it's a no it's a no it's you know where i am clown wears a suit like black wrap black enough to get the late. last long look sunken a good long look at the political good teeth of. will go look a little league of cheap little is a little slow both of you thought in. this time the pull it was almost no more peoples question. being this again you have basic you know. people are going to have to do a quick bio and see to live a decent decent get it the second year old chum are no go and i mean. they're
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murther and when done internally call it here and ask them so they can make you know in a without the money aspect of hunters. who i know so much as i mean if you know and they don't want the deal now you're. actually going to be. here even if i see actually satellite and we know you can't wait to clearly exist here right away. no no you're. still going to your punch no i'm from five. years ago now i will. have to have you work in our country our governor our south america could go a bully pulpit truth you know some of you should see this. guy that knows who the boss junkie of. that
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world and it's. really. no one will be about. that but i will get my butt out my was yeah. but him but. yet what they. say oh the moment of the day. the. world. to me the.
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good that the good is a body will do when. they weep and no political. will to. consider how. you go along with the total. loss. if you don't know. this you know well tell us. he clung our tongues now. let me know not the most was a long long. time when i want to meet a man or made you work you know. but i know a little if you would be here by phone or ever. know nearly one hundred.
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men of your marriage romance really really. say i'm going to get. mrs c. to stay this is thing goes into bells and look at joe basically anything and ok now when i said it'll suck or will. be a dumbass melodramatic ok one last. thing off. oh i don't have to have you have yeah yeah over the over the air. was my god i thought he was yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah thank you thank you thank you if you want to see.
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if i really really love the. can people want to read. this was in the film that's what they're for it says. you. oh no no for the cover. of us. you know something we want to give you know more than. i look at it with. some of the long run if you. do that hell i don't really. have that yeah if you look at it the big. the most initial response had been inadequate but now it was time for a bible. that muslims know moved from reacting to taking action putting the western
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crusaders on defensive with hindsight this is seen as a breakthrough as a revival of the jihad in the muslim near east the crusades an arab perspective episode two revival of this time on the. same is now being held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried. why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he's a journalist as journalism become a crime have morals become a tool to silence weiss's of truth we will continue i news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of our colleague mahmoud the same and all journalists detained in egyptian jails
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free mahmoud's and all his colleagues. and the press from. the lights are on. but there's nowhere to hide do you think we're going to see some kind of scene change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy or from own al-jazeera. piece it all be in doha with your headlines from al-jazeera saudi arabia's king solomon demoted his foreign minister as part of a major government reshuffle. be a will now as a minister of state or as the mother. which has brought a diplomatic backlash against the kingdom. police in the democratic republic of
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congo fired tear gas on opposition protesters just days before presidential and parliamentary elections there's anger after sunday's vote was persuaded and by a week and some pro opposition areas the elections are already overdue by two years . we. come to go. to. friday. and. the. will be asked good will and on sunday we should have. the nation everywhere and we have seen do you really want in this country. as a city please please we know the violence. about two hundred people seeking asylum in the us spent some of christmas in
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a parking lot in texas after being sent there by immigration and customs enforcement officials in el paso city the group included women and children with hundreds of others sent to different locations including bus shelters the us government shutdown is likely to continue into the new year after both houses of congress adjourned without agreeing on a way forward the standoff centers on donald trump's demand for five billion dollars for his border wall and next year's budget which the democrats firmly oppose thursday saw another roller coaster on the u.s. money markets off dropping more than five hundred points the dow jones clawed its way back to finish up more than one percent the general in charge of brazil's military intervention against crime in rio de janiero has hailed the operation a success the military marks its completion with a ceremony although the intervention doesn't officially end until monday brazil deployed thousands of soldiers in february to combat an increase in violence targeting drug trafficking gangs in the city's poorest areas critics say the
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intervention has failed to address the root causes of crime those are your headlines the news continues after witness. the democratic republic of congo is finally heading to the polls after a two year delay will be announced the winner of this already controversial presidential election join us for special coverage of the osses election on al-jazeera. but. there was a. moose in seattle he's a little too good to go to. the
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record and that's a meal. and a lot of what he did was the point of it i have a feeling. eat all. the different i know eat or no dogs that eat all. it's weight it's going to be here for me the world to me and waffle veterans seems. ok. i have a. bad ass a loud laugh out class that i might as well i'm not going to be in those on the back and one of many posts. does that back at least i'm going to see your article does not think i am one to want to always be mean and sometimes and not mean
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internet you are going to tell i wish to see some of them but all the while from my little. being in a. post not always an oil a real seal one day and place i will not i'm going. to put me. down to me when they know me by what i think they got into the realm of doesn't doesn't matter. i mean what is it that if they already think i would be muslim i need a second is how i don't know and say. yes the remark i'm going in there and it is so know that almost i don't know what i'm the one for what i did actually and i don't also play in my life but if you're me or yank the press and i'm going my back was editing them away ah ha ha ha i did that and it was really.
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oh oh shit. oh that was just a little oh my goodness. i . was looking. for your goal even though not a close the world was beautiful oh. i. was. just a beautiful little girl. i don't. know what i was i know nothing of me or something but both of people that i just know that some of the that we're not ninety nine and i'm going to mine you know but if you. let it
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go isn't it only on the field. going to the movement people that you know that they're going to get one of them up. the nose a little little. bit of. the . odds are that the guy is like either in the belly. i get on my hands i.
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mean yeah. you put me on my but i me at a mano here but i thought. well what do you let alone. you know may you have a summer in toronto sun you're living in the relay for life. you're doing very . he don't do that colby i really mean we know more than a whole lot but it could go so killing me. if you know more on the mailmen want basic and i had no idea what a model or thin yeah. i was what it was i'm still not at all you can nor put us in one way one woman is an interesting little sissy. lol.
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i love a case i love but i won't i don't even matter i only can normally all. of them yeah . he went on to have a reason to vote away and was gary moore yeah it is school that gave went a lot of the horrible. you get me i'm going to sit around what a lot of men said going to see that already there was a go with the. window seat but it is. maybe when you don't know nino is going incomplete or a name for it but i think i mean the point where you are a sad mad ass who shows but i am not an investigative piece with those whom you know something about give us better by going to also find a lot of them and i mean tony i'm not going to say on ass they were but if you're putting a fair fight i know they have a lot of us all go your only your list we'll say are all saying no a they don't mean your benefic though so doth norm not pick up the ladder
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a little yes into dummy who. also had a fairly me on my yard or wonder you're so under there when i was or wasn't. there that by because it only means it could be as easy or could be answer government gave me another way or that he would command pretty what about me a way to make the see on the knocking at. the. top it all. vocal when i am still of a. media they put a float headline against it but it came out well oh. they put them on. the side of me from yet here by the monitor now to decide i will email game a little suppose you were. the one aussie in sentimental saying by the second you say don't buy the home have video your. mythical my point i think i'm on the phone and then in the hand i'm going to when i think about best and only has to carry the
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mean one will mean dull the lemon bad is that the new kicked out of the land they were going to look at it brought up was a really valuable legal break up and then they get formally number nobody from the knights yes i am. going to note that any know me i'm going to be down. in that program from illinois and i mean that is indeed i'm not a little but it's better than i do you know. and the say you don't know you're on the road one of them or you're going to show you how they will be at the when to you know they will but i see one. coming that he won't bite again means i'll yell you know because he has been mostly by the sea only one of the the kid knowing look i'm a little bit of a kid who got up a little to go soon you know because i was known for you want to show. that means every game growing that it can't be gay you know less allow i get that i don't mean only that these days that always a payout i was one of the lesser get more joy knowing me sa rugby league but a moment of. good money going and i look at that as we look at that one but
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a lot are. better at the but when i rob. is going to get more savvy and those as better sleep as i'm amanda who want to make it out of me as absent give them that they'll go to one side of the ask bill a bill has indeed. been on it then we'll i'm bored of it so you're missing the well that one in five of them got to be. the c.e.o. it's the i want to. send a message but if you don't get this. but ajax dot com yellow landing no down this place i didn't know here but i like intel gasbags he said the same well so you know me well i mean seem to burn up around but i mean. they go as they always said they were going. on leave me alone not a. nanny and i. believe not.
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mean. to me. at the moment believe they made a layout to get more young babies and i knew that it hadn't been young people going into music and mishandles on it it was just because no look that's not enough to want it to be a thing and look down because at this one you're going to give a damn only that i did and we didn't. change who knows who they are really good move. that. took up all the food for like the hotel and go get a little bit of a. goal or download and beat.
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the song one more main they. are all upbeat i know me i don't like where. a low blow. doughty. body. would have. let it find it. a little. over. that way.
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if i saw. it would it. but i mean if. you get the name of the state but i've been in the leaning piece and that you mean anybody guarding me i'm on my noggin. not typical but you know definitely him. he took him because he wouldn't even do that he make it easy to be. done with p.r. they had to sell no one it up in prison did it real so.


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