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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 361  Al Jazeera  December 28, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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man. signore i was a boy. last year and i say you know mom when ben saw you last more the head says about. their bones we don't matter last year. that. they. were all doesn't proceed on way and i'm bored out there my best thinking i said i see them say to go. see your. message also but on the up again in the n.r.c. all had said that but i said. this. one muscle power to see and also write
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them up really quick. see that way. nevertheless it's funny that what is happening. is up around the house in which i. want to put a. posse. you know what. about all. that to say. that i'm a mom and. i will. say i want to know. what i mean. he said you know. what it is about our debt but i.
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said i want to give you money we. are going to me. to get a good. look you know. a little. closer. to a me and a few more. research. will tell you yeah some you want to see. you know a little concert here that's just. an airline move to keep. going
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to see if they are. getting on the phone and. are they. going to offer whatever granted going. again here are they me if. i miss the time to get to the. people. on the ceiling. was. born.
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we'll be. going on. her little in the. morning but i call it as a little bit what if there was a less oh less oh i don't get a little in the peninsula
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a little i'm going to look you're not looking at the blood or give me a look though you know you're going to happen then there'd be a shock. to. the whole focus modems almost. oh my goodness i thought of those. who. you know gave it to you for him or sat. me not me not me
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not yet all of a dumb idea that somebody. could . take the. garbage certainly no. give me no good. in the army of the former give me the book. that i have come here oh yeah yeah yeah for i know that there was. a good going to but you can't wait. to see a even in that film that was carrying. a baby was just me and jan oh they hand in harvey and getting up in the evening after
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trying to give him an album which are going to stay on the scene for us and be something like i'm going to them i love no not to leave the am i going to eat my food i mean you have to ask you. know. like. ok. cheapest just going. to look at me that little being able to see in the soul exceed the gate it goes up or no god. i. am not going to. be out i'm going to be at. that sort of school and those embers i don't know these badly let down by me i don't know how to hold those but i mean i guess i don't it was a bit of a. blessing. beyond my being sung without
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a compass on the concourse that leaned. me in the community where i knew there was some me home wasn't getting a case played out of the case. but then work a bit but i like but a couple of it by that i hide it while i'm at it so now you have a. yes that's the only approach see if. you. look at the.
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cultural history of some scribe layer upon layer at times the race others have been made and reinvented. through the transformative power of public an unlikely collision of hip hop culture and indigenous tradition forms a community building project led by the godfather of graffiti. on
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a. hello again we're here across the united states we watch one major winter storm system make its way across the great lakes but the forecast is going to look much better as we go towards the weekend so let's take a look what's happening here on friday this is going to be the last day that you see a lot of weather and that is going to be down here along the eastern seaboard anywhere from québec all the way down towards florida the south it is going to be severe storms to the north though it is going to be snow and some very heavy rain in between as the system pushes out we're going to be left with much better weather here on saturday clearing out temperatures from new york warm for this time of year
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fourteen degrees there out here towards the west though not so warm for los angeles we do expect to see a high on saturday of only sixteen degrees there well wouldn't quite nice across much of the caribbean as well the central america we do have some clouds appear to the north but down towards the south really fairly dry across much of the area temps wise looks like this kingston jamaica a few clouds in your forecast at thirty one on friday and it's really staying the same thing on saturday sunday domingo is going to be about twenty nine degrees there and then very quickly across south america plenty of showers across the amazon basin we are going to sing very warm conditions over here to asuncion at about thirty eight degrees few and for rio de janeiro it is going to be a stormy day with a temperature of twenty nine. to join in the greenpeace the campaigning to protect the weather and see in antarctica we're now in australia for the outcome with the first generation to realize the
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gravity of this crisis. that we may be the last to be able to do something about it another try special find out if the effort to create the largest sentry on earth has succeeded thrice on al-jazeera. well you know. some of the i like. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes saudi arabia's
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foreign minister is sacked from the post by king solomon as the kingdom's international standing remains damaged over the murder of jamal khashoggi. hundreds of people seeking asylum in the u.s. are forced by officials to spend part of christmas in a parking lot and bus shelters in texas. clashes between the police and opposition supporters in the democratic republic of congo demonstrating over a delay in the presidential election. and stock markets on both sides of the atlantic have another volatile day with investors nervous over global political uncertainty. also where the sports news including italian football team are punished after a rival player is targeted with racial abuse. ok
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let's get going saudi arabia has a new foreign minister with long serving. dropped in a cabinet reshuffle by king solomon his demotion comes as the international backlash continues over the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi by agents of the kingdom charlotte bellus has the story. delonte beer a former advisor to the late king of dollar a former ambassador to the united states and now former foreign minister it was only the second saadi to be appointed foreign minister outside the royal family. has been demoted to minister of state for foreign affairs it comes after nearly three months of questions and denials about the killing of journalist. in the saudi consulate in istanbul saudi arabia has faced international backlash including from the u.s. congress who said crown prince mohammed bin son man was responsible for murder during a regional summit earlier this month denied the crown prince's involvement and see
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this with regards to issuing an arrest warrant we don't extradite our citizens i believe turkey's constitution prohibits the extradition of turkish citizens to be a was appointed foreign minister by king selman in twenty fifteen a month after saudi arabia went to war in yemen is strikes were launched with the aim of quickly crippling who think fighters backed by iran and stage the war has dragged on for almost four years killing at least sixty thousand yemenis he's also overseen turmoil within the g.c.c. including a saudi lead in land and sea blockade of qatar for the past eighteen months or moves that have stalled controversy around the kingdom something his successor at last if no one here it's by having brought him last of who was an he's a veteran he was a minister of finance for twenty years from one nine hundred ninety six and two thousand and sixteen so now he's having come as
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a foreign minister in order to give the the message that now we are back to the foreign policy alas earth is the former finance minister he was one of many wealthy and powerful saudis arrested and imprisoned and riyadh's ritz carlton hotel last year the crown prince championed. the arrests as a necessary crackdown on corruption. the yemen war and the g.c.c. blockades three of the main ongoing diplomatic crises facing the kingdom and its new foreign minister ybor him. shelagh phallus al jazeera roslyn jordan has more now on u.s. reaction to the saudi cabinet reshuffle. the cabinet shakeup in saudi arabia may not do go far enough towards rehabilitating the country's image at least with members of the u.s. congress just before they broke for the holiday session the members in the senate took two key votes they voted to pull the u.s.
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as support for the saudi military as it continues its military operations in the yemeni civil war and all of the members of the u.s. senate uniformly endorsed a resolution accusing mohammed and solemn on the saudi crown prince of orchestrating the murder on october second of jamal khashoggi the exiled journalist who had gone to the consulate in istanbul to get papers in order to get married this is a situation where both republicans and democrats believe that the saudi crown prince who is widely expected to succeed his father king solomon is not running the country in a way that comports with u.s. values respecting human rights allowing political expression endorsing and upholding political liberalization and supporting women's rights they believe that because of evidence that they have now been given a or presented by the cia director gina housefull that there was really no way that
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mr kushal she could have been murdered without this being orchestrated by the saudi crown prince senators and members of the house of representatives both think that there should be someone else in weight to succeed king solomon they are questioning the u.s. continued close relationship with saudi arabia and they have already indicated that when the new congress convenes in the first week of january twenty ninth teen both the senate and the house are going to be taking a very close look at the relationship between the two countries and this is going to be really on the onus of the saudis to prove that they in fact are worthy of having close ties with the united states in this case according to congress it doesn't really matter what the u.s. president donald trump thinks about the relationship. well al jazeera senior political analyst marwan bashara says saudi arabia is expected to make several
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changes to bring back business and investment as far as assaf is concerned i think that's a kind of an interesting signal coming from riyadh it's basically saying look we mean business literally we mean business we want to change we want to regain the confidence and. credibility in the international community especially among the international business community and since the south was a sort of a star if you will in davos the world economic summits in previous years and he certainly was the man in various in preparation for saudi arabia's role in the g. twenty i think they are regime of riyadh reckons that he is the man for the new challenge which is bring back the business and investments in a saudi arabia is going to make all sorts of changes in order not to make that one
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needed essential change which is mohamed missile none and since mr mann is the one who is making the changes since he is the de facto ruler apparently in saudi arabia not his father certainly he wasn't about to change himself and this region in the middle east region the arab world is in such deep trouble is in such blunder that it seems more and more of that you know what's happening in saudi arabia is relatively more of the same that we see in egypt in iraq in syria in sudan in other places so you know welcome to the club as it were rami koori is journalism professor at the american university of beirut and a senior fellow at the harvard kennedy school he says the reshuffle is merely an image make over. it's really hard to tell right now like so many things in the decisionmaking or so the arabia is like the soviet union in the one nine hundred sixty s. you really don't know what's going on until
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a few weeks or months down the road when a decision is made the saudis themselves various saudis close to the family are saying that this is not really a demotion but to fire him would have been a real demotion but this is a sharing of responsibility they needed a more experienced fellow at the top of the brought in to bring myself to those served for decades well in saudi arabia it he is admitting didn't do very well in talking about the sugar murder but nobody in saudi arabia did very well they were all saying things that turned out to be not true so it's not as if i despair carried the load he didn't he was just a loyal servant as he has been for the last thirty years or so and i think this is more a process of the changes being made to show the world that changes are being made probably without any real change in policy but we'll have to wait and see.
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politicians in iraq are demanding that u.s. forces leave the country following president unannounced trip eric using him violating iraqi sovereignty mr trump didn't meet any of the country's leadership on his three opposite but telephoned the prime minister. and invited him to the white house imran khan's in baghdad. the us president seems determined to keep u.s. troops in iraq. but his visit lasting just three hours on wednesday night to al asad airbase one hundred thirty kilometers west of baghdad provoked a strong reaction from some iraqi politicians how did. i think it is shameful for the iraqi prime minister to accept the u.s. president's invitation to go to the u.s. after his mockery of iraqi politicians and the iraqi government he entered iraq without any coordination and no respect for iraq's sovereignty spent three hours celebration with soldiers if you to achieve the great victory in fact this visit is
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considered to feel rather than a victory. there are five thousand two hundred u.s. troops currently in iraq a lot less than the invasion sent to remove saddam hussein in two thousand and three more recently reinforcements were sent to help iraqi government forces defeat eisel fighters who seized large areas of territory iraqi commanders declared a victory over a year ago but pockets of fight still remain despite his long flight from washington trump didn't meet iraq's prime minister their schedule talks are canceled because of disagreements about the agenda by announcing u.s. troops will remain trump has gone against the iraqi constitution which requires parliamentary approval for foreign military bases some analysts say trump has weakened support here for the u.s. presence in iraq putting the prime minister in a tough position. so this visit gave great confidence to the political parties armed factions and all those who resist the u.s. presence in iraq to ask the parliament to come up with a decision to. the withdrawal of u.s.
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troops from the country visit weaken the political parties that support the u.s. presence in iraq. there's also confusion about what the u.s. policy in the region is of the trump ordered the withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria some fear the pentagon may well build up forces in iraq as a contingency for any future action in syria or a potential war with iran. iraqi politicians from all sides are now calling for a vote that ends the u.s. presence in iraq the largest bloc on the souther is now their nationalists the us president donald trump's visit to iraq may well have given them enough i mean nation to be able to win a vote that ends all u.s. involvement in the country iran can al-jazeera baghdad around two hundred people seeking asylum in the u.s. spent some of christmas in a parking lot in texas after being sent there by immigration and customs enforcement officials in el paso city the group including women and children with hundreds of other.


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