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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 173  Al Jazeera  December 28, 2018 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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more civilly and more strongly by declaring total boycott because it is not acceptable that israel prohibits palestinian products while palestinians are importing other israeli products. a bomb explosion in the greek capital has injured two people including a police officer the blast occurred outside a church in athens just before morning service a caretaker was also heard so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack . doctors in greece service you die a warning about the chaos in some public hospitals they say surgical supplies are running out and operations have been postponed the health system is also dealing with a severe star shortage john psaropoulos reports now from the town of patra. it takes several pieces of equipment to install an intravenous line in the patient needles taps catheters and rubber gloves must be sterile and discarded after use
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these are the cheapest of materials for one of the simplest of procedures there are no apparent shortages here at the outpatient clinics of st and brass hospital in part that are but staff say appearances are misleading. and we had a budget a sixty to sixty five million euros for the crisis today although it is fifteen to eighteen million and this creates enormous problems that. the hospital is also short staffed this doctor says there are just two nurses for the outpatient clinics serving the city of two hundred thousand. and most days this room is full of stretchers with a queue of more outside shouting and pushing to get in and they come from towns all over the region it can be a stick we can barely walk in here shortages have shut down clinics in smaller regional hospitals so the same town that is also takes in patients from the broader region of more than a million people this hospital had twelve hundred before the financial crisis of two thousand and eight it is now down to thirteen hundred fifty and at least fifty
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doctors are urgently needed these personnel and materials reflect the broader cuts in government health in just the past three years it has fallen from seven billion dollars to four point two. that means greece is spending less than ten percent of its budget on health care the european union averages over fifteen percent it's driven many who can afford it into private health care he went early here to financially of course national health doctors are more experienced than private sector doctors but in the moment you arrive here you're tied up for hours patients get wary there are lots of people in line here the dedication of the doctors and nurses who remain in the public sector has been rewarded with a forty percent pay cuts during the crisis and no government has tightened health spending more than that controlled by the city's a party which has made a point of producing even higher surpluses than creditors demand with which to repay the country's debt next year's budget contains
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a further reduction in salaries for hospital staff a move which will anger many jobs. that are. near nardo scar was born without his left hand but some might see it as a disability the sixteen year old bolivian has embraced as a challenge and now he's transforming the lives of other youngsters like himself or went to santa cruz in eastern bolivia to find out more. leonardo is something of a hero in these parts not quite spider-man but he's helping youngsters with similar problems to his own to feel closer to their superheroes. like him the seven year old girl was born missing a hand. it was all he wanted to christmas his parents through leonardo found him one but not just any hand he gets the spiderman prosthetic. no longer a mistake is now the envy of his friends. you know there was
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a victim of amniotic band syndrome which affects babies still in the womb and supportive parents he's tried to never see it as a disability there's another gambling of man people who have lost a hand often hard to cover it up they don't want to share it what i do is take off the prosthetic and say look i'm not ashamed i'm proud of who i am it's sad not to have a hand but it's sad and not to accept it you must accept who you are. he developed an interest in robotics at a young age two years ago aged just fourteen he made his own replacement hand using a three d. printer. he says made more than sixty fingers hands and arms charging less than one hundred dollars to cover materials such as this biodegradable plastic artificial limbs in bolivia one of the poorest countries in the region can cost between two to three thousand dollars. what i always say is what the three d. printer takes twenty four hours to finish can change the life of
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a person forever. sixteen his reputation growing in. one day used to control his left hand directly from his brain. to use his new hand to play games he couldn't play before i found out that no one else will have one of the he'll be able to do so many things with it i'm extremely grateful so to a many across bolivia. he simply wanted a hand so he made one using his initiative on what was available. and to. combine the digital with the divine the cathedral. being used as a canvas for a projection of the virgin mary much to the delights of residents and tourists the late show installation. the people up to the orthodox christmas celebrated on
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january the. still to come. after. story in a couple of. time
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for sports news is andy. thank you very much will in some more plight see league games behind closed doors as a punishment for some of their fans racially abusing a rival player napoli's colored vehicle or bali was targeted by him to supporters
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during wednesday serry a match. for not fully managing he says he made three appeals for the game it in says san siro stadiums starts but the referee ignored his requests in french born several defender was eventually sense off in the game that napoli lost the mayor of milan giuseppe salah has apologised to curdle bali calling the abuse a shameful act against a respected athletes stand out a lot of it are good informants i went to the referee to ask some information about what happened and i think that the collaborator red card was due to a very particular state of mind he was in he had been insulted during the whole match we asked the federation to do something about it but they just made some announcements and the match was not suspended like we had the man did i think it would have been the right thing to do number five those kind of chance should not be done you have sixty five thousand people at the stadium at christmas this is
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what people like you know what fans all over the world like this is entertainment it is a show and it should be a beautiful experience for everybody who comes here. well a town in football has struggled to combat racism last year got nine players saleman sorry was sent south after confronting fans who abused him german again for scar he was booked for dissent after asking the referee to stop the seri a match against calorie and was red carded when he protested against the decision its high and strike at mary about sally has been a repeated saga earlier this year fans of the national scene unfold abana saying my captain has its howling in blood when it was suggested by alex haley may be given the chance to camps in italy and sing years ago he was also abused by a lot c.-o. fans not play supporters show their solidarity with cooler body then by wearing masks the pitching that a fan of his next home game when earlier we spoke to provoke a man curry of the antidiscrimination body football against racism in europe he says this latest incident is
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a big test for those in charge of the italian game they have to get back from their holidays were really are and day the issue seriously we have seen clearly do coulibaly been racially abused at least three times in the past year only this month in december. the whole knobbly team head of cleaner in december eighth racist abuse continues as it has been taking place in previous games against at the world they will walk off the beach and work really didn't happen in the game is there but the next game we see is seen it happens again so there has to be clear understanding that these issues have to be taken seriously legally have been abused this year where you go. earlier by law to the world that burns in january this you this is happening to coulibaly. many times this year and
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this has to be taken seriously this is a task for italian iffy for the new leadership of the italian if the they have to get this right when we look at the politics immediately right now this scaremongering of refugees and migrants when we look at the rise of the far right parties in italy. and across europe when you look at interior minister salvini introducing regulations against. a let me grow it is in the country this has an impact on the stadiums so i think we will see with this start of political background we will see more of these incidents in the next in the coming year. you know i am or he says english premier league leaders liverpool are in their best form of the season with a full moved six points clear at the top of the table with a foreigner when i have a new castle on wednesday they are the only unbeaten same left in the league they play arsenal at anfield on saturday. i look in then these protests
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the last year and they are maybe in the best moment now but for ashley's also will be a big challenge and i'm not sure good test two more hole we are. well this is how the supper table looks at the hot white point in the season defending champions manchester city are in third place now after losing three of their last four games city next take on southampton sutton though well they're up into second after five consecutive league wins we are there because we have the believe because we were good saw her and of course who got the quality if not this if you can do the position that we have today but. we are going to work. with really good people during the cold season to be consistent difficult for this season and then. going to. come for the food we think the end of season break is over for the world's best tennis players as they
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build up to the first grand slam of twenty nine scene at the australian open starts on january the fourteenth defending men's champion roger federer leisurely landed in australia and is on the promotional trail ahead of the hopman cup same events federer aiming for a third straight title in melbourne and world i'm one of a joke which when he's in action in abu dhabi he returns to the top of the rankings with title wins at wimbledon and the u.s. open i'm hoping i can. transfer the success that i've had in the last six months of the thousand and eighteen season into the beginning of two thousand and nine thousand season obviously. had. a lot of success in the world tennis championships before in my career i've played here several times and it's a great way to jump jump start the season. and serena williams made a losing return so action in her first competitive match and set of feats in september's u.s.
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open final against miami are sarka. she was beaten in three sets by her sister venus an athlete down the. serene has the chance to pay for multiple so it's twenty four grand slam singles titles at next month's australian open. ok that is always fall for now. lots more news one of you wanted on the web site the address al-jazeera dot com rochelle is in the seat on the other side of the break i will see you from twenty three g. a little later by. banks love to make loans to some friends because behind the suffering millions of taxpayers because those taxpayers never go away is a new one born every single day and ninety it is an urgent national necessity visually request the accusation of the support mechanism we created together
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because i happen to live in creeks somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. i've had this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of ton of ability and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest seditions author missed and packed for. a certain period of the day. the main thing is that sets out zero apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people but about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok it's ok to. mark the complicated up but it ends up in the if this is not an act of creation i'm going to move the walking. down like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave. some of us old spa even scared
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to speak out as a surprise that. this job isn't just about what's on a script or a piece of paper it's about what is happening right now. short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects. saudi arabia's foreign minister is demoted as the king the real sort of the international fallout of journalist shows he's murder.
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and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. rocky politicians to announce the u.s. president's unannounced visit calling it a violation of national sovereignty. for violence in the democratic republic of congo was just days to go for a much delayed election last. hundreds of asylum seekers are dumped on christmas day in a parking lot in texas not knowing what's in store next. saudi arabia has a new foreign minister with former diplomat a pair stripped of his post in a major cabinet reshuffle ordered by king solomon shake up comes as the international backlash continues over the murder of saudi journalist by agents of the came to charleville us reports. a former
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advisor to the late king abdullah a former ambassador to the united states and now former foreign minister he was only the second sabi to be appointed foreign minister outside the royal family debian has been demoted to minister of state for foreign a few it comes off to nearly three months of questions and denials about the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate in istanbul saudi arabia has faced international backlash including from the u.s. congress who said crown prince mohammed bin son mom was responsible for. during a regional summit earlier this month to be a deny the crown prince's involvement and see this with regards to issuing an arrest warrant we don't extradite our citizens i believe turkey's constitution prohibits the extradition of turkish citizens to be a was appointed foreign minister by king solomon in twenty fifteen
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a month after saudi arabia went to war in yemen is strikes were launched with the aim of quickly crippling who think fighters backed by iran and stage the war has dragged on for almost four years killing at least sixty thousand yemenis he's also overseeing turmoil within the g.c.c. including a saudi lead in land and sea blockade of customer for the past eighteen months or moves that have stalled controversy around the kingdom something his successor last if no one here it's by having brought him last of who was an he's a veteran he served as a minister of finance for twenty years from one nine hundred ninety six and two thousand and sixteen so now he's having come as a foreign minister in order to give the message that now we are back to the foreign policy alas earth is the former finance minister he was one of many wealthy and powerful saudis arrested and imprisoned and riyadh to ritz carlton hotel last year
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the crown prince championed to the arrests as a necessary crackdown on corruption. the yemen war and the g.c.c. blockades three of the main ongoing diplomatic crises facing the kingdom and its new foreign minister. charlotte fellas al-jazeera al-jazeera senior political analyst more on the sharia says saudi arabia is expected to make several changes to bring back business and investment. as far as assaf is concerned i think that's a kind of an interesting signal coming from riyadh it's basically saying look we mean business literally we mean business we want to change we want to regain the confidence and. credibility in the international community especially among the international business community and since the south was a sort of a star if you will in davos the world economic summits in previous
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years and he certainly was the man in various appear in preparation for saudi arabia's role in the g. twenty i think they are regime of riyadh reckons that he is the man for the new challenge which is bring back the business and investments in a saudi arabia is going to make all sorts of changes in order not to make that one needed essential change which is mohamed missile none and since one habit mr man is the one who is making the changes since he is the de facto ruler apparently in saudi arabia not his father certainly he wasn't about to change himself and this region in the middle east region the arab world is in such deep trouble is in such blunder that it seems more and more of that you know what's happening in saudi arabia is relatively more of the same that we see in egypt in iraq in syria in sudan in other places so you know welcome to the club as it were.
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the country following president announced it accusing him of violating iraq's sovereignty and not meet any of the country's leadership on his three hour trip. and invited him to the white house and. back to. the u.s. president seems determined to keep u.s. troops in iraq. but his visit last in just three hours on wednesday night to. one hundred thirty kilometers west of baghdad provoked a strong reaction from some iraqi politicians. i think it is shameful for the iraqi prime minister to accept the u.s. president's invitation to go to the u.s. after his mockery of iraqi politicians and the iraqi government he entered iraq without any coordination and no respect for iraq's sovereignty. celebration with soldiers if you to achieve the great victory in fact this visit is considered to
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feel rather than a victory. there are five thousand two hundred u.s. troops currently in iraq a lot less than the invasion sent to remove saddam hussein in two thousand and three more recently reinforcements were sent to help iraqi government forces defeat fighters who seized large areas of territory iraqi commanders declared a victory over a year ago but still remain despite his long flight from washington trump didn't meet iraq's prime minister their schedule talks are canceled because of disagreements about the agenda by announcing u.s. troops will remain trump has gone against the iraqi constitution which requires parliamentary approval for foreign military bases some analysts say trump has weakened support here for the u.s. presence in iraq putting the prime minister in a tough position. so this visit gave great confidence to the political parties factions and all those who resist the u.s. presence in iraq the parliament to come up with
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a decision demanding the withdrawal of u.s. . groups from the country visit weaken the political parties that support the u.s. presence in iraq. there's also confusion about what the u.s. policy in the region is often trump ordered the withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria some fear the pentagon may well build up forces in iraq as a contingency for any future action in syria or a potential war with iran. iraqi politicians from all sides are now calling for a vote that ends the u.s. presence in iraq the largest block of the southern us now the nationalists the us president donald trump's visit to iraq may well have given them enough i mean nation to be able to win a vote that ends all u.s. involvement in the country al-jazeera baghdad place in the democratic republic of congo have fired tear gas on opposition protesters just days before presidential and parliamentary elections there's anger after the much too late. by a week and he's going to the polls on sunday when opposition candidate has appealed
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for calm. we have. come. to. friday. and. the. nation. and everywhere. we have this. country. please please we know the violence the outgoing president of the day are saying has rejected opposition claims that the electoral body is favoring the ruling party. to joseph kabila ahead of sunday's election talking of put to the like i don't want to go into what happened. in the us. and the electoral process is always
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a sensitive issue and i was just stating that even if football game between you have pensions that rides so during an electoral process you have tensions the most important thing is to have the necessary police force that's well equipped in order to give that a twenty given point in time we did not have that capacity but we've been building that capacity and they like to. come painted some of took place with minor incidents i could have wanted to have taken place without any incidents but this is politics around two hundred people seeking asylum in the u.s. and some a christmas in a parking lot in texas after being sent there by immigration and customs enforcement officials in el paso that included women and children with hundreds of
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other sent to locations including bus shelters and his government was on the reports from el paso they were left to fend for themselves in the cold. might well cast and yet it came to the u.s. from guatemala like so many others seeking a better life for his son philippe there now just trying to keep warm at a shelter after a couple of nights at a border patrol detention center at the end of the. they put us in a cell it was very cold like an ice box it made his cough we went to another cell it was the same while we were there they didn't give us much food there wasn't much attention they said it was our fault we brought kids with us but it was out of necessity to find a better life in the united states. when finally released it got worse earlier this week immigration and customs enforcement officials unexpectedly released hundreds of migrants from detention facilities but instead of taking them to shelters they
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were dropped off in downtown el paso without any notice and nowhere for them to go most like mad well were from central american countries they were families young and old who had crossed the border at bennett detention cells for anywhere from three to eight days it was left to volunteers from local nonprofits to rush to the scene to try to help the desperate migrants and asylum seekers many of them were hungry they were thirsty some of them were sick they were sick children were dropped off and they were confused and so what they did it was done on purpose it was done willfully advocates worry that immigration and customs officials are dumping migrants and asylum seekers out on the streets in order to relieve overcrowding in detention facilities particularly after two guatemalan children eight year old boy and a seven year old girl died this month while in border patrol custody.
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recently elected to the u.s. house of representatives says it's a crisis.


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