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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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last point credible which doesn't look real all we've done is block out the money from the room and then allow it to come through this old sort of one of science in a golden age. at the pyramids three foreign tourists killed in a bombing close to egypt's world famous. hello i'm sam he's a dad this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. rejects the syrian military is claim it and the man but after the call for help. to dad as a volatile democratic republic of congo braces for
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a much delayed election. israel is the promise for this is the land of promise. and i ming for an alliance the israeli prime minister meets brazil's new leader who has promised to move his country's embassy to jerusalem. three foreign tourists are among four dead in a roadside bomb attack near the giza pyramids in egypt at least ten others were injured when a top bus was hit south of the capsule cairo the attack comes as egypt's vital tourism industry struggles to get back on its feet after years of political turmoil and violence paul chana jan reports. egypt and security services quickly cordoned off the area where the roadside bomb exploded the improvised homemade bomb was placed near a wall on mar u.t.s.
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street in a district near the giza pyramids the dead were part of a group of fourteen vietnamese on a tour bus being driven around historic sites is an issue that not the most important think is to provide medical care to all those who were injured we give our deepest condolences to those who lost their lives in this incident whether egyptian or the tourist who died egyptians and tourists have been targeted in recent years as egypt tries to suppress armed groups in the sinai peninsula. the conflict has occasionally spilled over to cairo and resort towns by the. sometimes attacks such as this one can of course it may even happen again in the future and it isn't a country in the world where we can say is one hundred percent safe. in november gunmen opened fire on two buses up the nile river from cairo the ambush in the minya province in central egypt took the lives of at least seven people who were
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returning from a baptism eighteen others including children were wounded eisel claimed responsibility for the attack. in march egypt's interior ministry's top security official survived an assassination attempt in alexandria the attack two days before the presidential election killed two policeman and injured five others. in may of two thousand and seventeen gunmen attacked a bus and cars traveling through southern egypt twenty six people were killed and twenty five others injured according to the health ministry the talk was followed by a series of church bombings claimed by eisel. a few months later two german tourists were killed and four others injured during an attack in the red sea resort town of . tourism has been an important factor for the egyptian economy the country truck to two hundred million tourists annually before the two thousand and eleven arab spring uprising against the former president hosni mubarak that number dropped to
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five million due to security concerns and global headlines about attacks against tourists since the army toppled egypt's first democratically elected president mohamed morsi in two thousand and thirteen armed groups have killed hundreds of the egyptian soldiers and police. on al-jazeera. the syrian army says it's entered the northern city of mended invited in by syrian kurds fearing an attack by turkey but the u.s. military says it's seen no evidence to back that claim the syrian kurdish alliance marks a major shift still weeks since u.s. president donald trump announce he wants to police troops out of syria or member it is one of the last remaining flashpoints of the war it has a strategic location just thirty kilometers south of the turkish border in early two thousand and fourteen i saw defeated local rebel forces and took control of the city in june two thousand and sixteen an offensive bank by u.s.
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backed coalition with the main armed syrian kurdish group the why p.g. read took man bridge and the surrounding region coalition forces including u.s. and french troops remain on the outskirts of manage but with a pullout of u.s. troops from syria why p.g. fears turkey will seek to drive them out ankara considers the wife e.g. a terrorist group i'm about to reports from the guardian tap near the turkish syrian border. syrian kurds say they're being forced to cut a deal with a rigged game of president bashar al assad after they were abundant by donald trump the complete withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria few days ago. the kurds appeal to the syrian government for protection following threats of a military officer by turkish president to attack the city of mumbai where many kurds leave. kurdish leaders say they would rather try their luck in the decisions with the syrian regime and with come all out military officers from neighboring
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turkey. the syrian government quickly responded response to the appeal of the people in. the general command of the army and the armed forces announces the entry of units of the syrian arab army to be and raising the flag of the syrian arab republic the armed forces guarantee the full security of all syrians and others who are present in the region. army commanders say troops arrived in mumbai john friday morning to fly the syrian flag over government buildings for the first time in six years without claims being disputed by people living in the united states military and the tech is competent it say's assad's forces remain confined to the countryside surrounding money shouldn't we know that syria is making psychological effects a psychological eg demand we know there is a situation where they are in flag has been hoisted but there is nothing confirmed
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serious yet. peeled by city and cuts for help from the us sudrajat is being seen as their first major concession since seizing control of lot and he has often wolfen and is considered and creating them any elf sell through when the tech is military and alive city and rebel fighters launched a ground offensive to take up to the majority cottage region of free in almost a year ago the cottage y p d militia fulfilled two months before heading to withdrawal to the safety of areas where u.s. troops are based this time the city and kurds have nowhere else to go. major elephant and their own today is how iran. will it take advantage of such always that all will or will be at their death three man city and democratic forces control thought to pull scent of city and help more than six the thousand flights and dates combined the cuts appeal for help from assad's forces is seen as another boost for his dissident at least a ship as the a.t.l.
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will wind down out of leaders have also been listened days taken steps to rehabilitate the brutal assad regime in both the u.a.e. and bihari an army opening embassies in the mosque has shot since the beginning of the civil war and city into a disability welcomed in tunisia direct flights from tunis to the most because to see him for the first time in seven days. a talk. for mum but just not a foregone conclusion us yet it's russia assad strongest ally that holds the key to what happens from here on in also today a high level delegation from turkey will travel to moscow for talks with the russian officials on the way forward mohamed atta well just doesn't. u.s. republican senator marco rubio says he wants a gradual rather than a sudden withdrawal of u.s. troops rubio sits on the senate foreign relations committee he says it's important
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of respects u.s. israeli and kurdish interests in the region rather than jordan has more from washington d.c. the us republican senator marco rubio says that there's a slight change of plans when it comes to the us his decision to withdraw its two thousand troops from syria here's the senator speaking in florida on friday we have been able to sort of get the pace of the tree or withdraw slowed which is important i think of persepolis withdrawal would have been catastrophic. for various reasons we can outline the moment. the a lot of attention has been paid to northeast syria and our presence alongside the turks aside the kurds are probably the us but we also have a presence in southern syria which is largely an anti hezbollah presence the fact that marco rubio and others u.s. republicans are not endorsing donald trump's decision to pull all two thousand u.s. troops out of syria indicates that he is about to run into more pressure and more
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pushback from the u.s. congress in the coming year after years of giving the president the outsized decision to manage u.s. foreign policy there is a growing sense in the u.s. congress both among republicans and democrats that congress leaders need to be engaged as well and how the u.s. deals with other countries engages in other crises and spends foreign policy money this is a sense of wreaths doring a balance between the two branches of government they have not been seen perhaps since the late one nine hundred eighty s. protests over the exclusion of three areas from sunday's election have continued for a second day in eastern parts of the democratic republic of congo the election commission's decision to delay the vote by three months is facing a challenge from a presidential candidates in the supreme court catherine sawyer reports from kinshasa. demonstrators in beni eastern d r congo not letting up rallying for the
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second successive protesting against a three month postponement of. the temple and all of them opposition strongholds police and soldiers fired tear gas and bullets to disperse them. the electoral commission says one in a quarter million voters from those areas will be voting on sunday because of the a ball outbreak and security problems and the electoral process is always a sensitive issue in an interview with al-jazeera outgoing president joseph kabila says the election process is going on fairly smoothly under the circumstances this is politics such incidents and this is a country with eighty million inhabitants with six hundred political parties with a million views that crash and you're bound to have differently here and a number of issues the electoral commission has also closed one thousand six
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hundred voting stations of the capital kinshasa is an opposition stronghold with over four million voters and nearly a thousand polling stations most of the city's electronic voting machines were recently destroyed in a warehouse fire phillips you see katie one of the main presidential candidates there says what's happening is a deliberate attempt by the electoral commission to wreck the election is that. what's happening binion provocation they want us to have a zone for protests with possible violence. we'll be happy about that because the allows him to stay on until there is a new president's you want to give him the satisfaction of the lead up to sunday's poll has been cast take it was supposed to happen two years ago but was postponed because of a lack of money and arabella in the center of the country critics accused president kabila of deliberately delaying the election to cling on to power and security
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forces work used of killing dozens during months of protests which are continuing right up to the eve of the election. when opposition candidate has called for a general strike in the capital many people are poor and use. a days pay could be no food for their families most people here are told that they can't afford that baby and they also say that i am just want to go to the ball on that day they also want a credit card and their left and to get on with their life in kinshasa many doubt whether the election will be either free or fair but they just want to get on with it and participate as in the east of the country complaining of the exclusion from sunday's election say they'll remain in the streets until their voice is high catherine saw kinshasa. and you can hear more of what they all see president joseph kabila had to say in his interview with al jazeera as malcolm webb you can
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see it in full on talk to al-jazeera on saturday at four thirty g.m.t. but small still ahead of al jazeera. the new russian build barrier that's prompting a chorus of condemnation in europe plus turning scraps into hearty meals a peruvian chef is helping the poor to beat now nutrition. we've had some wet weather wintry weather and some tornadoes pushing across parts of the u.s. the tornadoes down into the south making their way further east was long line of cloud big thick area cloud here brought that very disturbed weather it is in the process of moving out into the atlantic clear skies come in behind not see bad on
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the temperatures for new york and also for d.c. all changes because i want into sunday temperatures well down ninety four degrees celsius there for new york a fair bit of cloud across southern possible fourteen degrees for lead to six celsius in dallas certainly on the cool side here meanwhile we'll see temperatures on the coast side for los angeles as well at least sixteen degrees with fourteen celsius there for san francisco further north that will be some snow coming in across the rockies and that also continues upper to where that western side of canada meanwhile in the caribbean is largely fine and dry we have got one or two showers just around the western side of the caribbean but for the most part is because if you showers just around the correct your cost to recreate for the next couple of days but looking at by a large fair weather cloud rolling in perhaps one or two showers just coming into the leeward islands as we go on through sunday for the west is five and try to make a we'll see temperatures in kingston getting up to thirty one degrees.
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the marshall islands holds a toxic legacy from years of u.s. military nuclear testing. as the sea levels rise one on one east investigates the threats this followed posers on al-jazeera. more with more diversity the new u.s. congress what it needs for the first time on january third will what it means for the democrats and for president joining us for coverage of this historic shift in american politics the news. on all things here. welcome back you're watching our time to recap the headlines
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a roadside bomb targeting tourists has killed at least four people near the gives it permits in egypt clued three vietnamese tourists and. it's been no claim of responsibility. the syrian army says it's entered the northern city of man but just to being invited in by syrian kurds fearing an attack by turkey the u.s. military disputes that claim. protests over the exclusion of three areas from sunday's election have continued for a second day in eastern parts of the democratic republic of congo the election commission's decision is facing a legal challenge from the presidential candidate. more now on that attack in egypt . is a senior fellow at the potomac institute for policy studies he says the targets in this attack and the timing of it send the new message. they have done some things but i don't believe they are enough to really control the whole phenomenon of
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radicalism or the action usually from the egyptian government is against the order of is focused on the security dimension of the problem and also on the political dimension like political islam but they have some limitations in advising the ideological component even though president the sisi himself at the several times but the deal religious scholars are very reluctant. are very reluctant to take activist tapes to the weekend and the fired this ideology correctly and without fighting the ideology all of the efforts you do will be in vain or will be not effective because their ideology can bring another cases for over as long as you treat it is very significant because number one it occurred before the new year eve and this is very significant the obvious is already kills all the
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terrorists wants to hit the economy hardly and this is the beginning of a change also for the target remember in the last a few couple of years there was not a single at back against the tourists for two years and the main mainly the attacks were again is the security forces and the military now they are shifting the targets or this is frightening by itself it's carrying a new message israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu is in brazil and is promising stronger bilateral ties he's been meeting the far right president elect. in our own religion era it's the first visit by an israeli premier to the country there was no mention of brazil's anticipated move of its embassy to jerusalem gentleman has more from sao paolo. incoming brazilian president to abel sonando has been looking to strengthen ties with israel for some time and the visit on thursday
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by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in some ways to culmination of now this is not a smooth deal for israel the support of brazil remember that this is the biggest economy in south america the incoming brazilian president himself why is he done this is certainly a break with previous administrations in the last few years in brazil now perhaps among the chief reasons is that of president trump and his administration in the united states table so not oh as long seen him as a sort of kindred spirit that both right wing populists they both like to use social media rather than the press to get their message out and they both to cry what they would probably see as political correctness now obviously the united states has moved their embassy to jerusalem but something that in the past incoming president wilson out of his own so pledged to do and that sort of support will be
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very welcome to the israeli prime minister as you hear now. it's the first visit by an israeli prime minister who was over here. and it's hard to believe that the context for. you because. the brother. you mention is really. competitive great question is what is the problem with. the problem this is a bit of a change to brazil the leftist of ministrations that have governed it for most of the twenty first century so far favored the two state solution and showed some support for palestine the country was formally recognized as a sovereign state in brazil in two thousand and ten and in many ways this is something that i. we're also not always well would like to break with the past people like to leave his own legacy and support for israel is part of that how is
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it going to affect him and certainly not all positively in the arab nations this isn't going to be a message it's going to be very well well current and brazil actually sells a lot of allow me and also chicken through many of those countries so this is going to be something that's not going to be all positive for brazil we have to see how it plays out and how want to use president of the country that's going to happen on the first of january joy able so not oh look to handle that relationship with israel and also with palestine a palestinian protester in gaza has been shot dead by israeli forces eight others were wounded by live bullets or rubber coated steel rounds more than five thousand people demonstrated after friday prayers at the border fence regular protests have been held since march palestinians are demanding the right to return to their ancestral lands controlled by israel the palestinian authority says two hundred forty five people have been killed since demonstrations began
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a new scenes fire in eastern ukraine between russian banks separatists and government forces is due to begin on saturday follows the construction of a border fence built by russia sealing off crimea several european leaders are condemning the barrier calling for a definitive end to the conflict got a lot closer than reports. this border fence is meant to divide more than land the barrier built by russia separates and exclaim mia from ukraine barbed wire and hundreds of sensors are now part of heightened security in the shadows of an ongoing conflict done as you can see on the alarm system is a very reliable technical tool it can affect only detect and stop attempts to violate the border of the state. the sixty kilometer fence is built to deter would russia describes as sabotage groups along with illegal trafficking of weapons and drugs but critics say its main objective is not security it's more likely
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a propaganda move by russia to demonstrate strengthening security separating from ukraine and to make sure that as they say infiltrator groups won't be able to cross the border in future i underline once again it's mere propaganda. a cease fire between russian backed separatist forces and ukraine a set to begin on saturday it's one of several cease fire says russia annexed crimea from ukraine in two thousand and fourteen against international law the un estimates more than ten thousand people have been killed in the conflict. french president a mineral mccrone and german chancellor angela merkel have welcomed the ceasefire they pledged to keep up pressure for the implementation of a two thousand and fifteen peace deal in eastern ukraine the french and german leaders also want russia to allow free passage of ships following recent tensions and both are calling for the release of ukrainian sailors hill for over a month after unable clashes with the russian coast guard vessel diva forced into
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the upcoming holidays around new year and the orthodox christmas should be an occasion for the parties to concentrate on the needs of the civilian population they have been suffering from the conflict and its consequences for far too long with the fence now complete many wonder if it will also be a barrier and ending russia's conflict with ukraine. see a little bit of a on al-jazeera. the u.s. president has threatened to close the border with mexico if he doesn't get funding approved for his proposed border war donald trump tweeted will be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the war and also change the ridiculous immigration laws that our country is saddled with the u.s. homeland security secretary is visiting the southern border after two children died in the custody of american officials this month a post-mortem which has shown that
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a two year old phillipa gomers alonzo died on monday had been suffering from flu before him seven year old jackson county back in last her life just hours after crossing over from mexico governors on the has this update in the city of el paso in texas close to the border. the border and migration are increasingly becoming politicized here in el paso texas far far away from the halls of power in washington d.c. it's migrants and asylum seekers that are becoming pawns in a political game the big question now becomes will the government and immigration officials continue to dump migrant families out on the streets here in this city to defend for themselves that's a big question no one knows the answer to immigration officials have not ruled out the fact that they could do this again and for these migrant families many of them
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children they would be particularly vulnerable many of them that are released out on the streets are just have the clothes on their backs they have very little money any money at all no phone to communicate with anybody and they're in a country that they don't know and oftentimes the language that they don't speak adding on to the risk the temperatures here in el paso are expected to get at negative one degrees celcius in the coming days making things that much more perilous for my consider coming to the u.s. looking for a better life. the army and the paramilitary have been called in to provide security during sunday's general election in bangladesh campaigning for the vote has ended with more violence than the arrests the opposition bangladesh nationalist party says ninety ninth of us have been held ahead of sunday's vote police say a supporter of the ruling i mean lee was killed the government is accused of
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arresting more than eight thousand opposition members since november. vegetable skins are often thrown away in peru where millions suffer from malnutrition that being turned into tasty and nutritious meals but on the sunshine is went to meet the chef is helping to change the menu for people in need. there's. a master class from one of produced top chefs. who has cooked for some of the world's top restaurants but now he's on a mission to teach cooks from some of the must poverty stricken slums to make cheaper and healthier dishes. these women are the most important cooks in the country they feed thousands of people so we want to teach them how to make more nutritious dishes using every part of the products. in this class they learned to add fiber from the salads and use that to build skins to make a new regime broth the idea is that everything is useable fifty year old government
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to be does is she cooks in a different way and it's paying off for us here i'm not going to we don't throw anything away or use playground hansen's look i'm going to make chips with these potato skins people tell us they really like our food and more people are coming to each year on average fifty people eat here every day it's interesting to see the size of the crash and the small plastic bag full of plastics because the waste is huge marketing. and food waste says the chef has the most nutrients but mido says doctors and nutritionists have evaluated the result of a change in the diet hearing lutie in on the outskirts of lima and more than one hundred thirty cooks are already trained and the leon has six children and she says they don't get sick as much as they used to as many children suffer from chronic malnutrition but one year ago the nutritionist recommended they eat
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a tablet kitchens and now the hemoglobin in the children has improved for more than fourteen thousand poor peruvians eat in popular kitchens every day around the country and meter says the use of tons of food waste will not only make people healthier but it's one solution to tackle climate change and. we should stop generating weiss because. food waste is the second largest source of contamination on the planet it contributes to climate change and global warming. it's a sustainable astronomy project that slowly changing the way people here eat in a country where half the population of thirty two million suffer from malnutrition these cooksey spearheading the project makes them feel secure and proud i guess i just had to see the looting.
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and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now a roadside bomb targeting tourists has killed at least four people near the giza pyramids in egypt they include three vietnamese tourists and egyptian guide ten other people were injured there's been no claim of responsibility the syrian army says it's entered the northern city of man big jobs are being invited in by syrian kurds fearing an attack by turkey but the u.s. military disputes the claim protests over the exclusion of three areas from sunday's election have continued for a second day in the eastern parts of the democratic republic of congo the election commission's decision is facing a challenge from a presidential candidates in the supreme court israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu is in brazil this from a saying stronger bilateral ties it's been meeting the far right president elect joe of course in our own rio de janiero it's the first visit by an israeli premier
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to the country of sanaa though has promised to move. israel to jerusalem that hasn't come up in the meeting so far though. a palestinian protester in garza's been shot dead by israeli forces eight others were injured by live bullets or rubber coated steel rounds more than five thousand people demonstrated after friday prayers at the border fence regular protests have been held since march with palestinians demanding the right to return to their ancestral lands controlled by israel donald trump has threatened to close the border with mexico if he doesn't get funding from congress for his proposed order war it's raising the stakes by the u.s. president in a standoff with democrats that's led to a partial government shutdown it's one a while stay with us here on al-jazeera. on counting the
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cost the economic factors to watch it be ringing in the new year why columnists are predicting a rocky ride for the global economy and from china to the middle east find out why and where financial storms could be proved. counting the cost on. the marshall islands tiny pacific nation with a very big problem. once ground zero for america's cold war atomic testing it's been left with a toxic radioactive legacy. now driving sea levels threaten to small the islands and if that happens deadly nuclear waste will be released into the ocean. on this episode or want to investigate how one of the world's smaller.


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