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on counting the cost the economic factors to watch be ringing in the new year why economists are predicting a rocky ride for the global economy and from china to the middle east find out why and where storms could be proved. counting the cost on the. death of the pyramids three foreign tourists killed in a bombing close to egypt's world famous landmark. i'm sammy's a damn this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. rejects the syrian military is claim it's ended man but just to the kurds call for help. israel is the problem with the. result has
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a lot of problems. aiming for an alliance the israeli prime minister meets brazil's new leader who has promised to move his country's embassy to jerusalem. and turning scraps into hearty meals how a peruvian chef is helping the poor malnutrition. three foreign tourists among four dead in a roadside bomb attack near the giza pyramids in egypt at least ten others were injured when a top bus was hit south of the capital cairo the attack comes as egypt's vital tourism industry struggles to get back on its feet after years of political turmoil and violence old job jan reports. egypt security services quickly cordoned off the area where the roadside bomb exploded the improvised homemade bomb was placed near a wall on more you tube. a street in
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a district near the giza pyramids the dead were part of a group of fourteen vietnamese on a tour bus being driven around historic sites because in the city not the most important think is to provide medical care to all those who are injured we give our in the best condolences to those who lost their lives in this incident whether egyptian or the tourist who died. egyptians and tourists have been targeted in recent years as egypt tries to suppress armed groups in the sinai peninsula. the conflict has occasionally spilled over to cairo and resort towns by that but. sometimes attacks such as this one can of course it may even happen again in the future and it isn't a country in the world where we can say is one hundred percent safe. in november gunmen opened fire on two buses up the nile river from cairo the ambush in the minya province in central egypt took the lives of at least seven people who were returning from
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a baptism eighteen others including children were wounded eisel claimed responsibility for the attack. in march egypt's interior ministry's top security official survived an assassination attempt in alexandria the attack two days before the presidential election killed two policeman and injured five others. in may of two thousand and seventeen gunmen attacked a bus and cars travelling through southern egypt twenty six people were killed and twenty five others injured according to the health ministry the talk was followed by a series of church bombings claimed by eisel. a few months later two german tourists were killed and four others injured during an attack in the red sea resort town of . tourism has been an important factor for the egyptian economy the country trucks a twenty million tourists annually before the two thousand and eleven arab spring uprising against the former president hosni mubarak that number dropped to five million due to security concerns and global headlines about attacks against
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tourists since the army toppled egypt's first democratically elected president mohamed morsi in two thousand and thirteen armed groups have killed hundreds of the egyptian soldiers and police. on al-jazeera. the syrian army says it sent to the northern city of man bijan vining in vite it in rather by syrian kurds but the u.s. military says see no evidence to back that claim the kurds fear an attack by turkey when u.s. troops withdraw from the area the syrian kurdish alliance marks a major shift just a week since president donald trump announced a troop pullout or man bije is one of the last remaining flashpoints of the war it's located thirty kilometers south of the turkish border in early two thousand and fourteen eisel defeated local rebel forces and took control of the city. in june two thousand and sixteen an offensive by the main armed syrian kurdish group the y p g read top man bridge and the surrounding region why fiji is backed by the
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u.s. coalition forces including u.s. and french troops remain on the outskirts of the city with the pullout of u.s. troops from syria the y.p. g. fears turkey will move in ankara considers the y b j a terrorist group i have a doubt that reports from ghazi untapped near the turkish syrian border. syrian kurds say they're being forced to cut a deal with the ricky president bashar al assad after they were abundant by donald trump the complete withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria a few days ago. the kurds appeal to the syrian government for protection following threats of a military officer by turkish president to attack the city of mumbai where many kurds live. kurdish leaders say they would rather try their luck in the rescissions with the city of bridges. all out military officers from neighboring turkey. the syrian government quickly responded response to the appeal of the people in. the
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general command of the army and the armed forces announces the entry of units of the syrian arab army to be and raising the flag of the syrian arab republic the armed forces guarantee the full security of all syrians and others who were present in the region army commanders say troops arrived in member john friday morning to fly the syrian flag over government buildings for the first time in six years without claims being disputed by people living in the united states military and the turkish government it say's assad's forces remain confined to the countryside surrounding money which surely we know that syria is making psychological effects a psychological egg we know there is a situation where they are in flag has been hoisted but there is nothing confirmed . serious yet. peeled by city and cuts for help from the sudrajat is being seen as
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their first major concession since seizing control of lot of molson and is considered and creating them any elf sell through with a techie village and a live city and rebel fighters long ground offensive to take up to the majority cottage region of free in almost a year ago the cottage y p d militia fulfilled two months before heading to withdraw to the safety of areas where u.s. troops are based this time the city and kurds have nowhere else to go. major elephant and their own today how wrong. will it take advantage of such always or will be at their death three man city and democratic forces control thought to. have more than sixty thousand flights and dates combined the kurds appealed for help from assad's forces is seen as another boost for his dissident at least a ship as the a.t.l. will wind down out of leaders have also in recent days taken steps to rehabilitate
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the brutal assad regime both the u.a.e. and bihari an army opening embassies in damascus shot since the beginning of the civil war and city into a disability welcomed in tunisia direct flights from tunis to damascus to see him for the first time in seven days. a talkie shell fanciful in mumbai just not a foregone conclusion us yet it's russia assad's strongest ally that holds the key to what happens from here on in also today a high level delegation from turkey will travel to moscow for talks with the russian officials on the way forward mohamed atta well just doesn't. u.s. republican senator marco rubio says he wants a gradual rather than a sudden withdrawal of u.s. troops rubio sits on the senate foreign relations committee he says it's important to protect u.s. is radian kurdish interests in the region wasn't jordan has more from washington
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d.c. the us republican senator marco rubio says that there's a slight change of plans when it comes to the us his decision to withdraw its two thousand troops from syria here's the senator speaking in florida on friday we have been able to sort of get the pace of the treat or withdraw slowed which is important i think for persepolis withdrawal would have been catastrophic for various reasons we can outline the moment. a lot of attention has been paid to northeast syria and our presence alongside the turks aside the kurds are probably the us but we also have a presence in southern syria which is largely an anti hezbollah presence the fact that marco rubio and others u.s. republicans are not indorsing donald trump's decision to pull all two thousand u.s. troops out of syria indicates that he is about to run into more pressure and more pushback from the u.s. congress in the coming year after years of giving the president the outright
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outsized decision to manage u.s. foreign policy there is a growing sense in the u.s. congress both among republicans and democrats that congregational leaders need to be engaged as well and how the u.s. deals with other countries engages in other crises and spends foreign policy money this is a sense of restructuring a balance between the two branches of government they have not been seen perhaps since the late one nine hundred eighty s. . israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in brazil and some promising stronger by natural time he's been meeting the far right president elect and out on the janeiro is the first visit by an israeli premier to the country john home and has more from sao paolo. incoming brazilian president try able sonando has been looking to strengthen ties with israel for some time and the visit on thursday by his really prime minister benjamin netanyahu in some ways to culmination of now
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this is not a small deal for israel the support of brazil remember that this is the biggest economy in south america the incoming brazilian president himself why is he done this is certainly a break with previous administrations in the last few years in brazil now perhaps among the chief reasons is that of president trump and his administration in the united states table so not only as long seen him as a sort of kindred spirit that both right wing populists they both like to use social media rather than the press to get their message out and they both to cry what they would probably see as political correctness now obviously the united states has moved their embassy to jerusalem but something that in the past incoming president wilson out of his own so pledged to do and that sort of support will be very welcome to the israeli prime minister as you hear now. this is
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a. huge business over here. and it's hard to believe the context for. you because. the brother. you mention is really. compassionate great question is what is the problem with. the problem this is a bit of a change to brazil the leftist of ministrations that have governed it for most of the twenty first century so far they've been the two state solution and showed some support for palestine the country was formally recognized as a sovereign state in brazil in two thousand and ten and in many ways this is something that you will so not do as well would like to break with that past he'd like to leave his own legacy and support for israel is part of that how is it going to affect him and certainly not positively in the arab nations this isn't going to
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be a message it's going to be very well well current and brazil actually sells a lot of allow me and also chicken to many of those countries so this is going to be something that's not going to be positive for brazil we'll have to see how it plays out and how once he's president of the country that's going to happen on the first of january. or not oh looks to handle that relationship with israel and also with palestine. lots more still ahead on al-jazeera including volatile democratic republic of congo braces for a much delayed election. and fears of violence after a tense run up to sunday's parliamentary vote for have a live update. probably once again welcome to another look at the international forecast the weather is
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starting to quiet down across northern parts of the middle east you see some really lovely showers pushing out of turkey easing for the race was sort of iraq into iran well so weather winter weather a possibility of its wars that western side of the himalayas the lousy dry behind a fifty eight celsius in baghdad sunday on the cool side seven attempts to that sea for beirut on sas the afternoon go on into a sunday war the same that want to see showers this wintry weather that just around the high ground of southern turkey western weather that's pushing its way into northern areas of syria but for central and eastern pasi get the sunshine comes through they have twenty six ounces in karate not doing too badly here we'll see that touches seem to temperatures to into work into the u.a.e. twenty five degrees over the next day or so a possibility of a little more clout just around the gulf of aden just easing a little further west was over the next that say so was the chance of one of two spots of rain i would have some rather lively showers longer spells of freight
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pushing into the eastern side of south africa recently the showers looks set to continue further north will be further showers there into zimbabwe will show as to pushing across botswana and also a good pot of angola. step into the unknown with central america's first ever theatrical production by actors with down syndrome. a life journey illuminated on stage each performer transformed with the rays of a curtain. witness time to love a backstage to. welcome
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back you're watching out the zero time to recap our top stories a roadside bomb targeted tourists killing at least four people near the giza pyramids in egypt they include three vietnamese tourists and a magician tour guide it's been no claim of responsibility. the syrian army says it sent to the northern city of men be just are being invited in by syrian kurds fearing an attack by turkey but the u.s. military disputes that claim. israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu is in brazil and is promising stronger bilateral ties he's been meeting with far right president elect today about scenario in rio de janeiro it's the first visit by an israeli premier to the country. more on that attack near cairo now that me
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is associate professor of political science at long island university and a member of the gyptian rule of law association she says the real target is egypt's economy. we've seen a very troubling escalation the past year historically and sabita mocked us before the joint i saw in two thousand and thirteen did was attack either israel or security apparatus in sinai but they've then escalate and they've now moved outside of the sinai and so i wish they'd leave belongs to them and are targeting towards in the heart of egypt right by the pyramids and so what they're doing is signaling to the egyptian regime that they're moving out of their own territory and now attacking the very primary source of income for many egyptians about thirty percent of the economy goes to tourism and so what they're doing is signaling that not only are they not in control as the president continues to say rather they're actually
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escalating now terrorism functions in an interesting way terrorist groups traditionally target security apparatus the police and the military which was what inside bite from the stick but one joint isolate start targeting any symbols of the state the third stage that terrorist groups usually do or enter into is when they start attacking civilians and in this case tours and this is what they have been doing for the past year they've moved out of their safe territory for them which was the sinai and now they're going right by the fear of it's they're signaling to things to the state that they are in the heart of egypt and to egyptian society that they have something to fear terrorism is about instilling fear in the hearts of people so they can start to change their behavior tourists will not come and secondly egyptians will start to ask for things of their country of their government that are exactly what the terrorist group wants.
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the army and the paramilitary have been called in to provide security during sunday's general election in bangladesh campaigning for the vote has ended with more violence and arrests the opposition bangladesh nationalist party says nineteen activists have been held ahead of sunday's vote police say a supporter of the ruling our army lead who was killed government is accused of arresting more than eight thousand opposition members since november for this let's cross over to tel aviv charlie joins us from dakar so elections are supposed to take place do people feel that they're going to get a free election. well now it's a question everybody asks that journalists in the street one another you know whether there is going to be a free election what we saw the last two weeks is not a typical election in jubilation or celebration in the streets of bangladesh rather the marked with violence attack on opposition members in many cases against the
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ruling party members several people were killed on both sides but brian logic cutting to media the fall of an hour or so says majority of that tax against opposition members at least fifty six candidates convoys came under attack many cases they were confined to their homes they were not allowed out by that to stop the ruling party and even in many cases the police took part in confining opposition candidates and not allowing them to campaign this is not a very typical we had covered election in two thousand and eight two thousand and fourteen was that one sided election we could understand but in two thousand and eight it was jubilation you don't see that yet we tried to talk to people on the camera in the streets in dhaka people don't want to talk about you know the specially the opposition members fear of reprisal there's a limited space for freedom and expression as well even within the media they had
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made there's a self-censorship the digital security act which was passed just barely two months ago is discouraging people to debate on issues or criticizing the government in the social media just amnesty international came out with the republic yesterday criticizing the government on those as well as in recent attacks on twelve journalists by the alleged ruling party members so all this put together there's a question about how fair is this going to be election day came under criticism from u.s. state department u.s. . human rights watch saying that there just isn't a level playing field probably opposition to. paine if you walk around the city you will never hardly see any campaign poster for the opposition most of it you can see behind me these are all the ruling party costars and the opposition barely could make out a few rallies in the capital city it's let alone in other parts of the country so considering all goes lot will depend how the people going that bullet many are
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scared to go to the polling booths tomorrow iraq's many people in the states i know we're not going to go we're scared of violence despite the fact over six hundred thousand security forces are deployed even after the army has been deployed. there has been fear among the people that is going to back even last night was the opposition parties so if it will go ahead and vote tomorrow and if there is no rigging maybe the question still remains who will win this election the main thing is to create a north korea that people can go and vote hundred for a million people are eligible to vote tomorrow and we'll have to see what the outcome is after the election all right thanks so much to a child through the protests over the exclusion of three areas from sunday's election of continued for a second day in the eastern parts of the democratic republic of congo the election commission's decision to delay the vote by three months is facing
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a legal challenge from the presidential candidates catherine sawyer reports from can show. demonstrators in eastern congo not rallying for the second successive protesting against a three month postponement of. the temple and all of them opposition strong police and soldiers find gas and bullets to disperse them. the electoral commission says one in a quarter million voters from those areas will be voting on sunday because of the a ball outbreak and security problems and the electoral process is a sensitive issue in an interview with al-jazeera outgoing president joseph kabila says the election process is going on fairly smoothly under the circumstances this is politics such incidents and this is a country with eighty million inhabitants with six hundred political parties with a million views that crash and you're bound to have differently
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here and a number of issues the electoral commission has also closed one thousand six hundred voting stations of the capital kinshasa is an opposition stronghold with over four million voters and nearly a thousand polling stations most of the city's electronic voting machines were recently destroyed in a warehouse fire felix you see katie one of the main presidential candidates there says what's happening is a deliberate attempt by the electoral commission to wreck the election is that. what's happening binion provocation they want us to have a zone for protests with possible violence. we'll be happy about that because the cost of allows him to stay on until there is a new president's you want to give him the satisfaction of the lead up to sign this poll has been cast take it was supposed to happen two years ago but was postponed
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because of a lack of money and arabella in the center of the country critics accused president kabila of deliberately delaying the election to cling on to power and security forces work used of killing dozens during months of protests which are continuing right up to the eve of the election. one opposition candidate has called for a general strike in the copy told many people are poor and using a day's pay could be no food for their families most people here are told that they can't afford that. and they also say that just want to go to the polls but they also want the credit and. and to get on with life in kinshasa many doubt whether the election will be either free or fair or they just want to get on with it and protesters in the east of the country complaining of the exclusion from sunday's election say they remain in the streets until their voice is hired catherine saw kinshasa. now u.s.
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president gone from post threatened to close the border with mexico he doesn't get funding for his proposed border war it's a raising of the stakes by trumping the standoff with democrats that has led to the partial government shutdown. is on the reports in the city of el paso in texas where hundreds of people seeking asylum were forced to spend christmas in a car park. asylum seekers released from immigration detention centers in america only to be left on the streets to fend for themselves in the city of el paso texas where this is happening shelters for migrants are at capacity and it's left to volunteers like at the rockhouse cafe and community center to try to provide the basics i felt that they need or we felt that they needed a hot meal so the community responded and we set up tables at the rock and you know just fed people nor first outside and now that it's getting colder now inside with migrant detention centers and shelters full in el paso immigration
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officials have not ruled out continuing to dump migrant families on the streets to free up detention space the border is increasingly becoming politicized here in el paso far away from the holes of power of washington d.c. it's migrants and asylum seekers that are becoming pawns in a political game. in a series of tweets on friday president donald trump threaten to close the entire border with mexico if congress doesn't give him the five billion dollars he wants to build a border wall trump has framed the immigration debate in america as a crisis being caused by too many migrants from central america trying to come to the u.s. something local activists in el paso reject crisis that the press in this is creating to feed to his base and to to to build this ridiculous war which is not
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going to help in anything but. this same time he's promoting the communalisation of incarceration of children and in mistreatment of four like the ones that we're seeing being released in downtown. there are also signs of more detentions this giant tent city detention center about an hour outside of el paso was built over the summer to house migrant teenage children it was supposed to close on the last day of the year but officials announced this week it will remain open it houses two thousand three hundred migrant teenagers. for those just arriving and hoping for a better life but finding their welcome to america not what they expected gabe rosendo. el paso texas. vegetable skins are often thrown away but in peru where millions suffer from malnutrition they're being turned into tasty and nutritious meals but on a sanchez went to meet the share food is helping to change the menu for people in
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need. of some of the world's a master class from one of produce top chefs. has cooked for some of the world's top restaurants but now he's on a mission to teach cooks from some of the must poverty stricken slums to make cheaper and healthier dishes. these women are the most important cooks in the country they feed thousands of people so we want to teach them how to make more nutritious dishes using every part of the products. in this class the learned to add fiber from the salads and use that to build skins to make a new machine broth the idea is that everything is useable fifty year old government to be does this she cooks in a different way and it's paying off for us here we don't throw anything away or use playground hansen's look i'm going to make chips but these potato skins people tell us they really like our food and more people are coming to each year on average
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fifty people eat here every day it's interesting to see the size of the crash and the small plastic bag full of plastic because the waste is huge for cooking. and food waste says the chef has the most nutrients but neither says doctors in nutritionists have evaluated the result of a change in the diet hearing lutie in on the outskirts of lima and more than one hundred thirty cooks are already trained and the leon has six children and she says they don't get sick as much as they used to as many children suffer from chronic malnutrition but one year ago the nutritionist recommended they eat a toddler kitchens and now the hemoglobin in the children has improved for more than fourteen thousand poor peruvians in popular kids. every day around the country and meter says the use of tons of food waste will not only make people healthier but it's one solution to tackle climate change because of their well known is that
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we should stop generating waste because food waste is the second largest source of contamination on the planet it contributes to climate change and global warming. it's a sustainable astronomy project that slowly changing the way people here eat in a country where half the population of thirty two million suffer from malnutrition these cooksey spearheading the project makes them feel secure and proud to be an essential living. i'm sam is a down with a look at the headlines here now and now a roadside bomb targeting tourists has killed at least four people near the giza pyramids in egypt three vietnamese tourists and an egyptian guide tell other people were injured there's been no claim of responsibility the syrian army says it sent to the northern city of man but just being invited in by syrian kurds fearing an
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attack by turkey but the u.s. military disputes the claim israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu is in brazil and is promising stronger bilateral ties he's been meeting the far right president elect j. it was an arrow in the rio de janeiro it's the first visit by an israeli premier to the country or so narrow has promised to move brazil's embassy in israel to jerusalem that hasn't come up in meeting so far. the army and the paramilitary have been called in to provide security during sunday's general election in bangladesh campaigning for the vote has ended with more violence and arrests the opposition bangladesh nationalist party says nineteen activists have been held the head of sunday's vote police say a supporter of the ruling alarmingly was killed. those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after science in the golden a stay with us
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more women more diversity the new look of the u.s. congress what it needs for the first time on january third will what it means for the democrats and for president joining us for coverage of this historic shift in american politics the news. on al-jazeera. the nature of life it has intrigued scientists throughout the ages today it's used in all sorts of applications from lasers and communication to particle accelerators we're living in a science and technology boom period but the roots of our understanding of optics and light can be traced back to a period between the ninth and fourteenth centuries that's when a revolution in science took place in the islamic world a golden age of science i'm a british professor of theoretical physics but born in baghdad i'll be looking at the states of leon.


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