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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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model ballot paper all seven. here. now is. people have gone. missing the national army. and not just your stories about the people's perspective what they think is happening in. egypt says it's killed for. a deadly attack on a tourist bus. coming up the program the syrian city of. competing forces. is pulling out. helping her brother. the people pushing for change in the democratic republic of
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congo's election. security stepped up ahead of. elections. by violence. so than egypt says forty people that cooling terrorists have been killed in the gunfight following the attack on a tourist bus three foreigners and their egyptian died in the bomb blast just outside cholera it happened in the ancient pyramids at giza as more. a burned out shell all the trimmings of a tour bus hit by a roadside bomb near cairo. we saw people carry the dead bodies some people brought the wounded inside an ambulance to take them to hospital and residents of the area helped carry the injured all of them would tolerate. fourteen vietnamese tourists were on board when the bomb exploded in a district close to the giza parent hear anything about. sometimes attacks such as
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this one can of course it may even happen again in the future and it isn't a country in the world where we can say is one hundred percent safe. tourists in egypt have been increasingly targeted as the government tries to suppress armed groups in the sinai peninsula tourism is key to egypt's struggling economy what you're doing is signaling to the egyptian regime that they're moving out of their own territory and now attacking the very primary source of income for many egyptians that thirty percent of the economy goes to tourism the remaining victims of the blast are being treated in hospital meanwhile investigators are trying to work out how a tourist bus could be bombed in egypt's heavily secured capital rob matheson al-jazeera. was we had the egyptian economy relies heavily on tourism it's worth billions of dollars each year but the number of tourists fell from almost fifteen million in two thousand and ten to fewer than five and
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a half million in two thousand and sixteen the two thousand and eleven uprising led to political uncertainty which kept some visitors away and the stabbing of two german women in two thousand and seventeen also had a direct effect on the visitor numbers or tawfiq how many does a senior fellow at the parliament constitute for policy studies and he says the targets in this attack and the timing of it send a new message. they have done some things but i don't believe they are enough to really control the whole phenomenon of radicalism or the action usually from the egyptian government is against the order of is focused on the security dimension of the problem and also on the political dimension like political islam but they have some limitations in advising the ideological component even though president the sea seems several times but the deal religious scholars are very reluctant species are very reluctant to take activist tapes to to weaken and the fight this ideology
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correctly and without fighting the ideology all of the efforts you do will be in vain or will be not effective because the ideology can bring another cases for ever as long as you treat it is very significant because number one it occurred before the new year eve and this is very significant the obvious is already kills all the terrorist wants to hit the economy hardly and this is the beginning of a change also for the target everybody in the last a few couple of years there was not a single at back against the tourists for two years and the main mainly the attacks were again is the security forces and the military now they are shifting the target so this is frightening by itself it's carrying a new message. turkey has sent more than fifty tongues to its border with syria it comes as its foreign and defense ministers
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a jew to meet their russian counterparts to clarify the situation in my mage. was seen being transported to a staging area in the new for a province on the turkish side of the syrian border the shipment was accompanied by a police escort on friday the syrian army claimed it had entered my beach after an invitation from syrian kurds who fit a turkish attack from mohammed a judge who joins us from guns young to a near the turkish syrian border and how to tell us what the latest situations. what this verdict column and. nick people are going out on their businesses normally. the claims of by the government to sit in government forces thought they had and to the city of monday been discounted not only by the president the u.s. forces as well as city and rebels they still on the whole final them in the city overnight kurdish leaders have spoken saying that they too have not seen any
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city and government forces in the city and they say that he's felt even that agreement deciples to state the contras side and poll tax at the city and they can't is why p.g.a. forces from up possible i'll talk bite of course this has been treated by that miles but by donald trump but he was going to withdraw all the two thousand all sole u.s. forces start in syria and of course this is giving a full told to the president of bashar less it's a government which has been common bucks and loyalty and could give them an opportunity to take the whole of syria if they place its cuts was. being held in moscow today and what our expectations there.
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well the talks are going to be decisive on what happens from now on all that delegation led by the foreign minister is there to try and get to know russia's position given the new events in monday to the city and government forces now getting a foothold in that kut ish controlled territory off city which is about to percent of the country now what tuku wants is a full of course all head on its sensitive to try and remove the y.p.u. forces which is it's a. very foster was a tentative step google but russia could take the position that now that the vajpayee g. has invited the government forces this could be an opportunity for bashar al assad to take ted it said it and could give turkey
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a short assess and probably forestall. offensive on monday and i think what happened but it is going to be decisive on the what happens from now on in the. time being we're going to be reporting from. we have some breaking news for you know the first stage of the u.n. cease fire deal in humans who data poured a period to be taking place united nations says. started to redeploy this spots of the u.n. sponsored peace agreement signed in sweden earlier this month the iran backed two thieves in the saudi backed government agreed on a cease fire across the province the pause is key to bringing in food and aid to yemen. bangladeshi security forces are on high alert today ahead of the general election campaign ended with more arrests and violence the main opposition the bangladeshi bangladesh nationalist party says thousands of its activists have been
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detained or ruling awami league quality maintains a vote will be free and. done which algerians latest no from done by and large if you talk in the streets across the people and of course with the opposition members they'll say look i haven't been really a level playing field for the opposition that when i'm able to bring out campaign procession or rallies that can even put posted in the cities we roamed around the city or hardly could see any posters outside opposition we didn't see hardly any rally last two weeks maybe one or two rallies in the distant problems it's been more violence the opposition rallies being attacked by allegedly by a ruling party people in many cases at least fifty nine candidates convoys where that tag hours were evangelize and a few days ago at least a dozen journalists where the attack again allegedly by. birth so given the circumstance with this campaign took place despite the presence of heavy security
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many of this incident took place in front of police and in some cases the police where harrison the candidate and that can come out and actually perform their campaign duties. still ahead here on the program turning scraps into hearty meals how many peruvian chefs is helping the poor beat malnutrition. from the waves in the south. to the contours of the east. how does the loss of cold air across eastern parts of you have no surprises here but particularly mild actually have its walls west a big area cloud rolling again just tumbling in from the atlantic doesn't mean we are going to see it cloudy gave a bit some places afraid said the possibility but take a look at the temperature this is certainly on the mild side twelve celsius in london says to graze in past fishes a little nearer to us it should be
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a good set thirteen celsius the full maturity to go with that basin pieces of wintry weather down supposed to see some snow set the possibility once again towards ankara two celsius there in kiev minus six the top temperature in moscow on sas day and warming up to around minus four by sunday by that stage notice that moisture makes its way further in from the atlantic bumping into that cold air so more in the way of snow coming through tended to right as it drifts across the baltic states later on in the day further towards the west where we still getting up into double figures in london temperatures at about eleven celsius tad will have a paris around eight degrees meanwhile it's dry and fine across the iberian peninsula northwestern parts of africa looking several bits and pieces of fat with the cloud will roll through yes but that is son of any significant rainfall that might catch a spot or two to northern algeria temperatures now is around fifty degrees. the weather sponsored by qatar and he's. made every weekly news cycle by going
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to see recent breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the clouds channelise that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the an aisle asian of israel that is not what that phrase means at all. as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were caught on a story that matter the most in bad news a free palestine. on al-jazeera. but again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour egypt's interior ministry says that forty fighters have been killed in response to an attack on
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a tourist bus. at least four people were killed the government says raids were carried out in. turkey has sense more than fifty times to its border with syria this comes as turkish and russian ministers are due to meet in moscow to clarify the situation in miami beach on friday the syrian army claimed it had entered the city. the first stage of the un cease fire deal in yemen today to halt appears to be taking place the u.n. says if you fighters have started to redeploy this part of an agreement signed in sweden earlier this month. is be more unrest in eastern democratic republic of congo over the exclusion of three areas from sunday's election two people were killed during a workers' strike in the city of beni on friday and police fired tear gas to disperse opposition supporters in goa one presidential candidate has filed a case at the supreme court seeking to reverse the election commission's decision to delay voting there until march let's speak now to catherine sawyer joins us from
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the congolese capital of catherine tell us more about what the mood is. it's very tense especially in this area that you talked about where there were contests. yesterday and the day before in banging we so running battles between police and protesters all day some protesters were killed as you mentioned one of them was in a group that attacked the home of a police commander a police responded using tear gas and live ammunition as well also being told that some another group of people attacked a red cross there's been a red cross is very instrumental in benny in dealing with it in helping out. things like that the situation now in banning we are told is calm but very tense indeed roads are still blocked very heavy presence of police in the military as
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well in goma. the capital city of not people still in the east the situation there just like many ten people that very angry. political leaders some opposition leaders saying that if the electoral commission does not respond its decision to postpone elections in these three areas they will also not go to the polls what's the sense are we getting any idea of how this might. well you talked about the presidential candidate your door. went courts to the constitutional court a late evening on friday and he basically is asking the court to compel the electoral commission to rethink this decision to postpone the election in this three areas he's saying it's a bad that these people will be disenfranchised that it's by late in the right.
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this vote is if they do not go to the polls or the rest of the country on saturday so the judges are supposed to be making a ruling today it's going to be interesting how that plays out how that is going to affect the election on sunday but a lot of people here also don't trust the justice system make they think that some of these judges are. think that you the government so like i mentioned it's going to be interesting to see what happens and how that decision is going to influence the election tomorrow we also think preparations for the elections going on. in official are still transporting some of these electoral tiriel so different to different polling stations and this is really has been i looked just a whole nightmare in a country that has poor infrastructure it's the rainy season and the fact. that we dislike connection there with caution but we're getting a good idea of what's happening there and the r.c. as you just mentioned the congolese government is accused of suppressing the
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political opposition from malcolm webb who reports from the capital kinshasa. there are a two mangas told us how to have brother of rossi was killed it was earlier this year with a protest calling for the already overdue elections please stop the march that's normal here on the streets of kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo. and rossi was shot. he died in hospital that's all that you talk about. but murray says his ideas live on. we will not shut up because it's our country they have guns and they can kill but drusie said they can kill all eighty million of us they can even kill me but can they kill all congolese. reraise neighborhood is it clean most people up for it is a similar story throughout most of hungary meanwhile it's my new home full of people
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make billions of dollars every year from the country's vast mineral wealth but people say they want change the rights groups say people are really free to demand it. from a cop jamba spent nearly forty years trying to challenge that he's a human rights lawyer. i assure you it cannot be a free election because the regime is already used to courts to block some of its opponents and the electoral commission is clearly trying to give advantage to the ruling party. was being violent on the campaign trail. this camera phone video please pricking up a rally of opposition candidate martin for you lou activists say they were clearly nothing more than. the ruling coalitions presidential candidate amazon is shattering is on a european union sanctions list following filing crackdowns on protest the
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government denies all castrating rights abuses and the suspended use ambassador in respond. if full game president joseph kabila told us the electoral process is sensitive so during an electoral process you would have tensions the most important thing is to have the necessary police force that's well equipped in order to give that a given point in time we did not have that capacity but we've been building that capacity. and there are a hopes the election will change not just the leader but the whole system now for her brother voss he fought for but even if change comes he'll never see it so malcolm webb al-jazeera kinshasa in the democratic republic of congo security forces in sudan have fired tear gas and stun grenades to disperse anti-government
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protesters thousands rallied in the capital khartoum and other cities for a tense day as anger over rising prices some protestors are now calling for an end to president bush's twenty nine year rule a palestinian protester in gaza has been shot dead by israeli forces eight others were injured by live bullets or rubber coated steel rounds more than five thousand people demonstrated after friday prayers at the border fence regular protests have been held since march with palestinians demanding the right to return to their ancestral lands controlled by israel the palestinian authority says two hundred forty five people have been killed since demonstrations began israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in brazil and is promising stronger ties he meets in the far right president elect jeb also in rio de janeiro it is the first visit by an israeli leader to the country there was a mention of brazil's anticipated move of its embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem john holeman has more now from south park. incoming brazilian president
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try able sonando has been looking to strengthen ties with israel for some time and the visit on thursday by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in some ways to culmination of now this is not a smooth deal for israel the support of brazil remember that this is the biggest economy in south america the incoming brazilian president himself why is he done this is certainly a break with previous administrations in the last few years in brazil now perhaps among the chief reasons is that of president trump and his administration in the united states table so not only as long seen him as a sort of kindred spirit that both right wing populists they both like to use social media rather than the press to get their message out and they both to cry what they would probably see as political correctness now obviously the united
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states has moved their embassy to jerusalem but something that in the past incoming president also not of his own so pledged to do and that sort of support will be very welcome to the israeli prime minister as you hear now. there's a. huge boost over here. and it's hard to believe. that before. because. the brother. that you mentioned who's really. compassionate great i just as well as the bomb was. probably just this is a bit of a change to brazil the leftist of ministrations that have governed it for most of the twenty first century so far favored the two state solution and showed some support for palestine the country was formally recognized as a sovereign state in brazil in two thousand and ten and in many ways this is
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something that i. he will so not do as well would like to break with the past he'd like to leave his own legacy and support for israel is part of that how is it going to affect him and certainly not all positively in the arab nations this isn't going to be a message it's going to be very well welcomed and brazil actually sells a lot of allow me and also chicken through many of those countries so this is going to be something that's not going to be positive for brazil we'll have to see how it plays out and how once he's president of the country that's going to happen on the first of january to you bill so not oh look to handle that relationship with israel and also with palestine. the u.s. homeland security secretary is visiting the southern border of the two guatemalan children died in custody a post-mortem is revealed that eight year old philippe goodmans alone died on monday at the flu before him seven year old jacqueline cullen back in last her life
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just hours after crossing from mexico well president has threatened to close the border with mexico if he doesn't get funding for his proposed border wall it is a raising of the stakes by trump in a standoff with democrats which has led to a partial government shutdown there was under reports now from the city of el paso in texas. asylum seekers released from immigration detention centers in america only to be left on the streets to fend for themselves in the city of el paso texas where this is happening shelters for migrants are at capacity and it's left to volunteers like at the rockhouse cafe and community center to try to provide the basics i felt that they need or we felt that they needed a hot meal so the community responded and we set up tables at the rock and you know just fed people know first outside and now that it's getting colder now inside with migrant detention centers and shelters full in el paso immigration officials
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have not ruled out continuing to dump. families on the streets to free up detention space the border is increasingly becoming politicized here in el paso far away from the halls of power of washington d.c. it's migrants and asylum seekers that are becoming pawns in a political game. in a series of tweets on friday president donald trump threatened to close the entire border with mexico if congress doesn't give him the five billion dollars he wants to build a border wall trump has framed the immigration debate in america as a crisis being caused by too many migrants from central america trying to come to the u.s. something local activists in el paso reject crisis that the press in this is creating to feed to his base to do to build this ridiculous war which is not going to help in anything but at the same time he's promoting the communalisation of
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incarceration of children and the mistreatment of four like the ones that we're seeing being released in downtown. there are also signs of more detentions this giant tent city detention center about an hour outside of el paso was built over the summer to house migrant teenage children it was supposed to close on the last day of the year but officials announced this week it will remain open it houses two thousand three hundred migrant teenagers. for those just arriving and hoping for a better life but finding their welcome to america not but they expected gabriel's on dough. el paso texas well parts of the united states have been hit by extreme weather counseling hundreds of flights and contributing to the deaths of at least three people the temperature has plummeted in the midwest states of minnesota in the brassica with snow up to thirty centimeters deep meanwhile heavy rains flooding
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streets and homes and businesses in some southern states including north carolina and alabama the survey conditions are expected to continue into the new year. flash floods have destroyed camps for internally displaced people in syria is province more than twenty five thousand people lost their makeshift homes and this video posted on social media appears to show one of several comes in the region that have been submerged. britain's home secretary is treating a rise in attempts by migrants to cross the english channel from france is a major incident so javits remarked it's calm as nearly seventy people were stopped in recent days trying to get to the u.k. by crossing one of the world's busiest shipping lanes in small boats javert is seeking an urgent call with french leaders over the weekend special skins are often straight away but in peru where millions are malnourished they're being turned into tasty and nutritious meals around a sanchez went to meet the chef who's helping to change the menu for people in need
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. there's. a master class from one of produce top chefs. who has cooked for some of the world's top restaurants but now he's on a mission to teach cooks from some of the must poverty stricken slums to make cheaper and healthier dishes. these women are the most important cooks in the country they feed thousands of people so we want to teach them how to make more nutritious dishes using every part of the products. in this class they learned to add fiber from the salads and use that to build skins to make a new machine broth the idea is that everything is useable fifty year old coming to be does this she know cooks in a different way and it's paying off. we don't throw anything away or use playground hansen's look i'm going to make chips with these potato skins people tell us the really loud top food and more people are coming to each year on average fifty
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people here every day it's interesting to see the size of the crash and the small plastic bag full of plastic because the waste is huge for cooking. and food waste says this chef has the most nutrients but mido says doctors and nutritionists have evaluated the result of a change in the diet here including on the outskirts of lima and more than one hundred thirty cooks are already trained and the leon has six children and she says they don't get sick as much as they used to as many children suffer from chronic malnutrition but one year ago the nutritionist recommended they eat a toddler kitchens and now the hemoglobin in the children has improved for more than fourteen thousand poor peruvians eat in popular kitchens every day around the country and meter says the use of tons of food waste will not only make people healthier but it's one solution to tackle climate change and of all they want we
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should stop generating waste because for. it's the second largest source of contamination on the planet it contributes to climate change and global warming. it's a sustainable gastronomy project that slowly changing the way people here eat in a country where half the population of thirty two million suffer from malnutrition these cooks a beer head in the project makes them feel secure and proud of the innocent just looting. so this is out there and these are the top stories egypt's interior ministry says forty fighters have been killed in response to an attack on a tourist bus near cairo and which at least four people were killed near the pyramids on friday the government says raids were then carried out in northern sinai it says the fighters were killed after
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a gun battle at three sites the egyptian prime minister indicated the attack could not have been prevented hear anything about sometimes attacks such as this one can of course it may even happen again in the future and it isn't a country in the world where we can say is one hundred percent safe that the first stage of a u.n. cease fire deal in yemen today to porter peers to be taking place two thousand fighters have started to redeploy as part of an agreement signed in sweden earlier this month the iran backed two thieves in the saudi supported government agreed on a cease fire across the province data is the main source of food and aid imports into yemen a country where most of the population is in need of humanitarian assistance turkey has sent more than fifty times to its border with syria this comes as its foreign and defense ministers a jew to meet russian officials to clarify the situation manage the tanks were seen being transported to a staging area in the sand lou for a province on the turkish side of the syrian border on friday the syrian army
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claimed it had entered member just an invitation from kurdish forces who fear a possible turkish attack. i'm going to date has more now from god sent it. well this myth is going to be decisive for anything that happens from here on in turkey would be looking to see without russia will give the office if it does plan for men because the go ahead of course right now there has been a window of opportunity for with us forces to get the full told in the kurdish controlled parts of syria that is up to the to pos and territory of the entire country security forces in bangladesh are on high alert today head of a general election campaign ended with more arrests and violence the main opposition party the bangladesh nationalist party says thousands of its activists have been detained since november all right up to date with the main headlines here in algeria the news continues right after the listening post for not. getting to
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the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while eight borders between five safe countries facing realities the pain starts from the very beginning got there by name screwed by providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof here their story and talk to al-jazeera. on the twenty second of may a series of major news stories broke across west africa in a simultaneous publication now known as the west africa leaks journalists from eleven countries had pored over gigabytes of data nearly thirty million leaked documents on tax havens and the secretive offshore companies of the rich and
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powerful like the panama papers investigations of two thousand and sixteen and the paradise papers stories last year this collaboration was coordinated by the i.c.i. jane.


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