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the harmful effects of what smoking does between two thousand and thirteen in two thousand and fourteen alone we start tripling and use among us high school students and head to head comparison day first it's conventional which one do you think is healthy my opinion i think they're both dangerous take no one else is there. this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes security forces in egypt say they have killed forty fighters and response to friday's attack on a tourist bus there gives us pyramids. turkey sends dozens of tanks to its southern border as competing forces look to take control of the syrian city of miami beach.
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hoping her brother hasn't died in vain the people pushing for change in the democratic republic of congo's election. and it for the. kids need to go to school . and we meet a man who calls himself robin hood making a living from kenya's illegal gun trade. look at the program security forces in egypt say they've killed forty people they're calling terrorists during a gun battle following friday's attack on a tourist bus three foreigners and their gyptian guy died in that bomb blast outside the capital cairo what happened the of the ancient permits of giza right matheson as the latest. a burned out shell all that remains of a tour bus hit by a roadside bomb near kabul. we saw people carry the dead bodies some people brought the wounded inside an ambulance to take them to hospital and
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residents of the area helped carry the injured all of them would tolerate fourteen vietnamese tourists were on board when the bomb exploded in a district close to the giza pyramids here in new york ok sometimes attacks such as this one can of course it may even happen again in the future and it isn't a country in the world where we can say is one hundred percent safe tourists in egypt have been increasingly targeted as the government tries to suppress armed groups in the sinai peninsula tourism is key to egypt struggling economy what you're doing is signaling to the egyptian regime that they're moving out of their own territory and now attacking the very primary source of income for many egyptians about thirty percent of the economy goes to tourism the remaining victims of the blast are being treated in hospital meanwhile investigators are trying to work out how a tourist bus could be bombed in egypt's heavily secured capital rob matheson
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al-jazeera. but egypt's economy relies heavily on tourism it's worth billions of dollars each year but the number of tourists is fallen for almost fifteen million in two thousand and ten to fewer than five and a half million in twenty sixteen the two thousand and eleven uprising led to political uncertainty which kept many visitors away and the stabbing of two german women in twenty seventeen also had an effect on the numbers well as an assistant professor at the center of a conflict security and terrorism at nottingham university joins us live now from london let's talk first about these latest developments with egypt saying it's killed forty fighters in raids often the attack on the tourist bus how significant is this. well i think this news raises many questions as it answers i think a lot of people will be asking how is it that within hours of this attack this large number of suspects was not only identified but engaged and successfully
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killed if the intelligence within egypt is that good why were there not able to detect and disrupt this attack similar questions were asked recently when an attack took place against coptic christians where and again the within days of the attack the security services apparently managed to. get hold of suspects some of whom were killed so the question i think is whether these were indeed associated these individuals who are associated with this attack or other suspects that happened to be within if you like the site of the security services the point i think that the egyptian government really needs to address is how it puts forward a convincing narrative. because at the moment within egypt there are very strict
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controls on reporting and it's very understandable that the government wants to reassure international public opinion so that tourism isn't affected but ok i think they will have to do a little bit better than just kill forty people yeah and no group has yet claimed responsibility but islam is militants have targeted tourists in the past so how do you think is likely to have carried out the attack. well the suspect the prime suspect is isis they have claimed responsibility for previous attacks and this is very much within their purview but egypt has had many islamist groups. jihadi groups many of these groups have been successfully. destroyed by the security services but terrorism hasn't been eliminated these groups change
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became our kind there are around affiliates and now isis will die chevelle it's a lot of these groups are being strengthened by a wider events in the middle east yemen being one of them syria another and in the case of yemen at least egypt is involved. and whenever we have these conflicts be there in yemen syria iraq of coniston what we have seen is that terrorism spills out into the middle east into europe and elsewhere so i think it may be also an opportune point for the egyptian government another middle eastern governments to think very carefully about. military involvement particularly one which involves attacks against civilians which results in. unnecessary human suffering as is the case in yemen and as you say it seems that
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after every attack by fighters egyptian security forces raid places like d.c. and the northern sinai and kill people they claim are islamist militants but the attacks still continue so how worrying is the overall security situation in egypt. i think it it is of concern and it will continue to be concern of concern until egypt. decides that it's time to review its. counter extremism and counterterrorism policy what i think egypt should recognize now is that it needs to unite the country and not act as a government but act as a people against terrorism the very fact that it is bush in strict controls in the media is not very helpful because the media is a very good source of uniting the nation against terrorism but in this way what
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it's done is separate the government from the people by bringing in controls on the press and other reports in measures now i think that when egypt looks at its counterterrorism strategy in a longer term or sustainable more community based fashion then it's likely to have a great deal more success more sustainable success than it has had so far these attacks against tourists go back decades and the the the attacks need only happen once or twice a year for them to have a huge damaging effect on the economy of rough thank you very much indeed for your insight thank you. now turkey's defense and foreign ministers are meeting russian officials as confusion remains over who controls the northern syrian city of man be the talks in moscow come at a pivotal moment in syria's war with turkey and russia's competing interests coming to ahead ankara has sent about fifty tanks to some of their its southern border
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it's in preparation of a possible attack on kurdish y.p. g. forces a group that turkey calls terrorists well complicating matters kurdish forces invited the syrian army on friday to enter mandation protect the city from a turkish attack and all this is followed u.s. president donald trump decision to pull american forces from syria. joins us from the turkish city of gaziantep near the syrian border so mohammed reports that turkish tanks have been seen massing on the border what more can you tell us. well doubt on that is still a massive build up of military personnel of the border between syria and turkey and also columns of tunks were seen rolling into the syrian town of jet up close overnight and also preparing for and also to mum beach. syrian rebel groups such as
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the free syrian army who all hockey of course everything will depend on but mitt taking place between. that have russian and turkish officials in malls but so far it seems to us. that member but it pushes for the offensive in mumbai. more on the city and the white p.d. fight this seemed to be exposed and have i gently called for the syrian government forces to come to their aid to avoid an all out offensive on their city. city and cut say they've been forced to cut a deal with that with president bashar al assad's after they were abundant but don't stomp on miles the complete withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria a few days ago the kurds appeal to the syrian government for protection following threats of a ministry offensive by thuggish president talk the city of mumbai where many kurds
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in the. kurdish leaders say they would rather try their luck into the cities with the city and bridgette. all out military offensive from neighboring turkey. the syrian government quickly responded the response to the appeal of the people in. the general command of the army and the armed forces announces the entry of units of the syrian army to each and raising the flag of the syrian arab republic they armed forces guarantee the full security of all syrians and others who are present in the region. army commanders say troops arrived in mumbai john friday morning to fly the syrian flag over government buildings for the first time in six years without claims being disputed by people living in the united states military and the tech is competent it say's assad's forces remain confined to the countryside surrounding money which shouldn't we know that syria is making psychological
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effects a psychological eg demand we know there is a situation where they are in flag has been hoisted but there is nothing confirmed serious yet. peeled by city and cuts for help from the said regina is being seen as their first major concession since seizing control of lot and he has often wolfen and is considered and creating them any elf sell food when the tech is military and alive city and rebel fighters long ground offensive to take up to the majority cottage region of a free in almost a year ago the cottage y p d militia fulfilled two months before heading to withdrawal to the safety of areas where u.s. troops are based these time the city and kurds have nowhere else to go. major elephant and their own today is how wrong. would it take advantage of such always that all would or would be at their death or a man city and democratic forces control thought to pull scent of city although six
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the thousand flights and dates combined the cubs appeal for help from assad's forces is seen as another boost for his dissident at least a ship as the a.t.l. will wind down out of leaders have also in recent days taken steps to rehabilitate the brutal assad regime in both the u.a.e. and bihari an army opening embassies in the mosque has shot since the beginning of the civil war and city into it is something welcomed in tunisia direct flights from tunis to the most because to see him for the first time in seven days whether the plan. by the turkish military will go or hired will depend on the outcome of about committing in more clout include taking place. about the meeting was held is being held to ensure absolute clarity and also synchronize expectations of both on how events should have pulled in more than syria but it's very important to
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say that putin is the biggest russia is the biggest ally bashar assad has at the moment and they might see that getting off told in the north of syria could give him an opportunity to reclaim the anti-a city or for himself in the long run my through a veil upon the turkish authorities not to carry on with the plant offensive on monday or a. hundred thank you. right lots more still ahead here on the news hour including security stepped up ahead of bangladesh's general election after a campaign marred by violence and a new russian built barrier that's prompted a chorus of condemnation in europe. and in support the suns go down in phoenix action from the n.b.a. coming up later with soldiers.
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now the u.n. says who the rebels in yemen are being redeployed inside the port city of had data it's all part of the u.n. sponsored deal between the who these and the government signed in sweden last week all parties have agreed to begin opening up routes to allow aid through starting with the data to some of our road the u.n. special envoy to yemen has welcomed president months of these decision to pay salaries for all civil servants in data this month and the saudi led coalition is using child soldiers from sudan and against the fighters in yemen that's according to the new york times tens of thousands of young men have been recruited to fight with the promise of good salaries it says more experience jonjo weed fighters from the conflict in darfur are also working as mercenaries i would say they were ordered forward by saudi and iraqi officers who were in safer positions well let's bring in katherine shutdown which is a research alibi on center for strategic studies she's novelist on the middle east and joins us live from london katz let me ask a first question about that last report from the new york times that the saudis had coalition is using sudanese child soldiers in the fight against who these. first of
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all i don't think you know i think that as far as the issue of child soldiers is concerned this is not the first time that this idea have you know have to answer to such allegations they have used to have soldiers not just in yemen but across the world you know three to five day war basically and no one softball has that actually challenge them whenever we have tried an expert have raised the issue it was always kind of shut down you know by the saudi don't be so i think that it is it is a good way i think it's a good progress today in a sense that this is coming out of the new york times and they should be talked about because this would you have committed a great many war crimes not just in yemen but i think in several other country including sudan of course and it's time you know for us to talk about it and actually challenge the saudi government and hold them accountable for the crime that they have committed and i'm afraid that so far it hasn't been done so i think that you know these peace agreements in yemen and these development for the united nations is a really good step forward in trying to i think to launder inforced riyadh you know
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to to face up to the iran that if it didn't continue to commit by the way all right so let's talk about how data now because the u.n. says that who fighters have now started to redeploy in the data how significant is this move and does it indicate that the u.n. sponsored peace deal signed install term is actually starting to would absolutely i mean you know it's quite clear so far you know any child have being a have been made in terms of trying to broker a cease fire has a hold this one is holding and i think it's looking really good you know the you have made a commitment to holding on to it even though i have to say that this i would see how sporadically continue to attack them but they have you know maintained a distance and tried to to hold true to their commitment to the united nations so he's a really good depth of men and i think that as far as the people are concerned it's a relief that should have happened moments ago i mean that people cannot take anymore so as far as civilians are concerned i think it's a great news it's
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a great move forward and hopefully it will continue but i would say that it's not so much that. he really has a lot to do with saudi arabia and whether the regime that will decide the right kind of lets out in yemen and in terms of other developments catherine yemen's president doesn't structed that the salaries of civil servants in how data should be paid in a way but also hearing that a u.n. aid convoy will be allowed to move from the port today how much will these measures start to alleviate the humanitarian suffering that we see that our t.v. screens well a great deal to speak with you mentioned having been paid in so they have no recourse whatsoever financially and you know people are starving in yemen we're talking about you know the biggest timing of the country now is or is president hadi of concerned i think it's a little bit hypocritical because he's the one who has used you know this kind of transfer warfare against his own people to try to to break away the resistance and i don't think it's spec to give him credit for something that he shouldn't have done in the first place what he what he done was not only a lot to get many people but actually an act of treason and
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a war crime per se so you know i'm not too keen on you know complimenting have ok something guys you know have done but you know it's still a good progress so. catherine just a final point for me because i'm slightly pushed the time so i mean what we've seen over the last few days is a cease fire followed by confidence building measures to deliver humanitarian aid and then this redeployment to the data so things are starting to happen on the ground but given the measure of the war in yemen things could quickly go wrong couldn't it. absolutely i mean again like i said you know it's these so many overlapping issues in your life and the biggest issue that we haven't addressed is the fact that people continue to address it as a civil war when really it's a war of aggression on the part of the saudis so it would be down to riyadh to really back away from yemen and to try to you allow for political solution to be found you know amongst the yemeni i think that the international community has to be very careful about how you go about gauging you know those parties on the ground that war with each other to have disagreement to try to find
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a solution forward because the people have paid the price and the price have been too great for anyone to ignore about you know it's time to stop now we need to go back to the negotiating table and make it hold these problem and not to try to play out the very insensitive and tribal sentiments and you know political upset so we need to move forward not backward so it's down to this i would say really they don't you have made it clear that they want peace so let's see catherine shot down thank you very much indeed feel talk of security forces in sudan not arrested an opposition leader and growing on to government protests police used tear gas on protesters in the capital khartoum and other cities on friday forces also raided the homes of students they accuse of planning such a target people are angry of a rising prices on the government's handling of the economy they want the president a model bashir who's been in power for nearly thirty years to step down a lot as it was he moved and joins us now from khartoum. sudan's government's been using what the u.n. has described as excessive force against protesters
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a man i would say arresting opposition figures is that bound to end the protests we've seen do you think. while it doesn't seem to be a way to end the protests daryn because simply when the protests started there was no opposition group to back it up the opposition group gave their voices to the op to the protest only in the past few days so the government of those they arrested nine opposition figures and it arrested the head of the sudanese congress party yesterday evening it also said that it had arrested four were students who were working with the door for rebel leader abdul ahad mohammad nor now the students or were not allowed to speak so we don't know if they really were or not but the governor is accusing them of as you've said sabotage and that they were trying to destabilize the country by trying to plot terror attacks around the country so the government has been not only using excessive force as the u.s. had but it's also been arresting opposition figures and it's been trying to fire it's been firing tear gas on eleven minutes to ammunitions against protesters but the protesters say that they are going to plan more protests one of them is going
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to go to thirty first of december and the other on the first of january which is sudan's independence day so it's clear that with all the arrests going on and with the live ammunition and tear gas being used by the police protests are still being planned demonstrations will be going on until the government says that according to the to those people who are demonstrating and able although any attempts by the government to negotiate with the protesters to try to reach out and some kind of middle ground that both sides going to accept. well as a i said because the process is basically a group of people with people constraining thing that they don't want the government the opposition is simply there lending their support to these people so the government doesn't have a specific site it can negotiate where it doesn't have a specific site it can talk so that they can try to reach a middle ground so it makes it very hard for the protestors and those people demonstrating at the government to try to reach a middle ground it doesn't seem to be coming to an end because simply the government doesn't have anything to sit down with so for the time being if it and let's add to the fact that the protests are currently very divided we have people in various cities are putting different kind of protests different kind of
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demonstrations and some of them are saying once the economy improves their world backed out and others are saying they will not back down until the president resigns so it doesn't seem to be any unity between the people who are demonstrating and the government doesn't know who to negotiate with so that makes it very hard for them to reach a middle ground around here but thank you. security forces in bangladesh are on high alert today ahead of the general election campaign ended with more arrests and violence the main opposition the bangladesh nationalist party says thousands of incentives have been detained since november while the ruling awami league party maintains the vote will be free and fair let's bring in charles hold she's an associate fellow at the asia pacific program at chatham house joins me now live from london there are lots of see is that this election won't be seen as legitimate so will it be free and is there a level playing field between both parties contesting this vote. i think the irony of this election is that if it was indeed
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a free and fair election we would possibly have seen the of army come back to power but the army lead in it's a big to ensure that it come back comes back to power we use all possible means irregular unlawfully means to win the what so we would see we have already seen a massive intimidation of waters of people belonging supporters of the nationalist party we have also seen an ingrained use when you pollution of the state machinery the election commission the police which is working at the behest of the government so to say that they live there is a level playing field is not accurate the playing field is definitely tilted in favor of the ruling army league and what about the violence we've been seeing i mean both sides been blaming each other in the run up to the vote. well i suppose while it's is
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a part of the she politics always has been both sides have engaged in it in a massive scale but i think where that the arab league has the have surpassed tradition is the way in which massive arrests and intimidation off its political importance has happened over the past two years we've seen tulsans of b. and b. activists and supporters including the student wing been put behind g.-d. all sorts of charges being leveled against those who support the b.n.p. and indeed we saw earlier in the year two arrests of protests one in june and one in july and august by students protesting against the army leak so there remains has been a rising tide of opposition which is taken to the streets which has been suppressed heavy handedly as always happens in front of the so are the level of violence that we're seeing is perhaps an indicator of how these elections are for particularly
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the army and cheryl away from all of that what about ordinary bangladeshis what sort of issues are they worried about issues that clearly have been dividing bangladesh as a country. well i'm trying to come back to my initial point about had the army leak believed it fair they would have possibly won this election at least some dubious as they may see seen on me appear not quite accurate do seem to indicate that army leak had after had and this is for three reasons we have seen massive strides in the economy a stable group of seven percent or whatever it was ever since two thousand and fourteen we also seen a greater investment in education the quality of education is dubious but every store in bangladesh has access to free textbooks that's quite an important step which the army league has delivered and currently we are seeing institutional group as well so i was an interest to actually develop and so i suppose written by
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corruption ridden by nepotism as it may be for the ordinary bond that the she there is some progress from the bench politics remains wrath of people polarizer an ideological lines so you have the b. and b. waters in the army the voters there is a massive question law over the rule of law and governance and democracy in the country and a set of waters remain very severely opposed to the army lead in the way they've been new plates of democracy however there has been some progress and it cannot be denied to hogges thank you very much indeed for talking to others there now i'm not sure and said to the polls in twenty nineteen to elect the president and members of parliament more the ninety political parties of registered for the serbian actions in africa's largest democracy but the race for the presidency is expected to be between two dominant parties. but it just looks at preparations for the votes. for the forty year nigerian snowmobiling party the people's democratic party p.d.p.
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is adjusting to the unaccustomed role of being in a position. the party dominated the country's political landscape for sixteen years with landslide victories in elections but all that changed in twenty fifteen when for the first time a sitting president and the ruling party lost power since then it's been reinventing itself trying to shed of an image suggesting impunity and corruption the ruling all progressives congress on the other hand is in power for the first time since nigeria's return to democracy in one thousand nine hundred eight road to victory following widespread discontent with the p.d.p. but critics say the party has lost some of that goodwill. and there is disappointment as specially from civil society organizations about the campaigns the different parties are running their sin t.v.'s and level of desperation from both sides especially from the ruling party and image of opposition political
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parties the way and manner in which the both parties can pay any not encouraging activists say there is a real risk of voter apathy the two leading contenders for the presidency are seasoned campaigners. who's been vice president for eight years is promising to fix the economy and create jobs while president mohamed while he would run three times prior to his win in two thousand and fifteen says he'll fight corruption create jobs and end threat posed by the book armed groups in the north of the country both men are in their seventy's jerry has an unwritten tradition of rejecting the presidency between the north and south of the country which should mean it's the north given the south and is how that almost or nearly fourteen out of the last twenty years but critics argue this arrangement limits the choice for more than eighteen million voters. it may look like a two way race but other candidates are challenging the status quo saying there is
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little difference to choose between the two leading parties. who were the providers of their old nigeria and nigeria us last night and this is the best. if we give them another fifty years you're not going to get that intense on the computer it and interpreted for them. the presidential and national parliamentary elections shuttle for the sixteenth of every two weeks later voters will go to the polls again to choose governess and representatives for state parliament but it's not clear at this stage if the vote enthusiasm witnessed in twenty fifty will be repeated. al-jazeera lagos nigeria. the united states has been hit by extreme weather forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights and contributing to the deaths of at least three people the temperatures plummeted in the midwest states of minnesota nebraska with snow up to thirty centimeters deep and in southern states including minnesota and alabama heavy rains
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have caused homes and businesses to be flooded the severe conditions expected to continue into the new year and flash floods have destroyed camps for internally displaced people in syria as it live audience more than twenty five thousand people lost their makeshift this video posted on social media appears to show one of several camps in the region under water but in a few moments we'll have the weather with everton but still to come your knowledge as they are turning so surprise into hearty meals out burger and chefs helping the poor people on attrition. and far we'll tell you how tennis well number one is warming up for the first brownstein of the season not still to come in the school more next. from dusky sunsets if it springs event. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. we're also seeing some flooding in the philippines you
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can see that huge massive cloud that large ball of cloud there over central parts of the philippines that is trouble code depression which has been making its way across central parts of the country locally it's been named man not too concerned about the winds but look at the kind of rainfall totals we're looking at four hundred thirty four millimeters of rain in just twenty four hours a little further south six hundred and twenty millimeters of rain again in the same period of time somewhere in between we have seen inevitably widespread flooding then these are the kind of pitches thawing high water or higher still in some places the showers the longest spells of rain they are set to continue actually hopefully not quite as intense but you can see how that wet weather stays in place across central parts of the well a good part of the philippines of the trees but no heaviest downpours that lot is pushed up towards the north and then gradually make their way through the westwards through the other the gap between borneo and vietnam there you can see the system it may well reinvigorate actually the winds could become somewhat more significant
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as we go on through the next couple of days meanwhile we've seen some significant snow fall into central parts of china this is in the process of easing away but you can see quite an impressive dusting of snow for many a study making its way further east. the weather sponsored by cat time nice. for afghans with ties to international organizations. this rate has never been greater. left exposed by the withdrawal of foreign troops. exile may be the only path to safety. but in a nation makes home feel ever further away. bill part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. fresh perspectives new possibilities fearless journalism in. the debates and
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discussions of global terror attacks fell by a fifth i'm fatalities from those attacks fell by a quarter that's a good news story al-jazeera is the award winning programs take you on a journey around the globe because we. only on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here at this hour each ips interior ministry says forty five is up and killed in response to friday's attack on a tourist bus near cholera the government says raids were carried out and visa and golden sign up. turkey's defense and foreign ministers are meeting their
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counterparts in moscow the final stages of man be turkey's reinforcements bought off the syrian army said it took control of the city but forces on the ground are disputing the claim. and the u.n. says who the rebels in yemen are being redeployed in the data the first stage of a cease fire deal signed in sweden earlier this month humanitarian groups are also being opened. under-estimate eastern democratic republic of congo where with the exclusion of three areas from sunday's election two people were killed during a workers' strike in the city of beni on friday and police fired tear gas to disperse opposition supporters in goma one presidential candidate has even filed a case in the supreme court seeking to reverse the election commission's decision to delay voting until march malcolm webb reports from the capital kinshasa. told us how her brother rossi was killed it was earlier this year he was at
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a protest calling for the already read you election please stop the march that's normal here on the streets of kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo and rossi was shot he died in hospital. but marie says he's ideas live on. we will not shut up because it's our country they have guns and they can kill but drusie said they can kill all eighty million of us they can even kill me but can they kill all congolese . reraise neighborhood is it clean most people up for it is a similar story throughout most of hungary meanwhile it's already home full of people make billions of dollars every year from the country's vast mineral wealth but as people say they want change the rights groups say people really free to demand it. from
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a cop jamba spent nearly forty years trying to challenge that he's a human rights lawyer. i assure you it cannot be a free election because the regime is already used to courts to block some of its opponents and the electoral commission is clearly trying to give advantage to the ruling party was being violent on the campaign trail. this camera phone video please please pricking up a rally of opposition candidate martin for you lou activists say two people were killed more than. the ruling coalition's presidential candidate amazon is shattering the only european union sanctions list following filing crackdowns on protest the government denies orchestrating rights abuses and they suspended the use ambassador in respond if president joseph kabila told us the electoral process is sensitive so during an electoral process you have tensions the most important
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thing is to have the necessary police force that's well equipped in order to give that a given point in time we did not have that capacity but we've been building that capacity and there are a hopes the election will change not just the leader but the whole system. her brother rossi fall for but even if change comes he'll never see it. malcolm webb al-jazeera. in the democratic republic of congo and our correspondent catherine sawyer joins us from kinshasa catherine so will the constitutional court and how likely will this case affect the elections do you think. well that's an important question and joining me to talk about it if you're out on the presidential candidate who actually that it is john thank you for joining us my first question is do you expect the judges to get today and how do you
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think your kid is because in fact. there's no some of the proceedings just sounds an additional letter to my petition to ask you to judge just took into account the fact that we are facing. our nation is already ruled that when. you can look decision such as sitting at five where it is a pretty to see it it's not because they must make a decision to protect people's right to hunt for the midwives it i expect to see today they don't see it today are they make a ruling that is not favorable to you what are you going to do then firstly i spoke to the group that is that it was there will be responsible of refusing to make it to see today because they are but what the. constitutional court is the
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cause of the country so they can make a decision to meet today to sit and to look at the case and is it possible for germany give a decision which is not in favor of the people because they do. the decision by the courts or minute. version of the constitutional provision such as a people find a good fit in an article seventy of the constitution and you also say i mean a lot of people or something could be a thought that they don't expect that the whole is going to be credible so why are you pulling ahead are you going to vote firstly if if i only lived through. or to go to records i need to but to submit the country.
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can do that i'm in the position showed the in a group i'm sure what is not right and not remembering sucks can go. to the show you all. and i hope in the end eventually there will be a decision to marry. forces to be able to box thank goodness we've done beauty thank you very much that was one of the presidential candidates waiting for that call from the constitutional court hoping that today there's going to be a ruling and that the electoral commission daryn has issued a statement saying that moral during voting all lined out going to be closed preparations are still going on the curial the state being transported to the various polling stations many have said that they are at on sixty percent prepared but the country will go to the vote anyway. well
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a new cease fire between russian backed separatists and government forces in eastern ukraine is due to begin on saturday it follows the construction of a border fence built by russia sealing off crimea. reports. this border fence is meant to divide more than land the barrier built by russia separates an excuse me off from ukraine barbed wire and hundreds of sensors are now part of heightened security in the shadows of an ongoing conflict dollars u.s. on the this alarm system is a very reliable technical tool it's going to affect only detect and stop attempts to violate the borders of the state the sixty kilometer fence is built to deter would russia describes a sabotage groups along with illegal trafficking of weapons and drugs but critics say its main objective is not security it's more likely a propaganda move by russia to demonstrate strengthening security separating from ukraine and to make sure that as they say infiltrated groups won't be able to cross
1:43 pm
the border in future i underline once again it's mere propaganda. a cease fire between russian backed separatist forces and ukraine a set to begin on saturday it's one of several cease fire says russia annexed crimea from ukraine in two thousand and fourteen against international law the un estimates more than ten thousand people have been killed in the conflict. french president a mineral mccrone and german chancellor angela merkel have welcomed the ceasefire they pledged to keep up pressure for the implementation of a two thousand and fifteen peace deal in eastern ukraine the french and german leaders also want russia to allow free passage of ships following recent tensions and both are calling for the release of ukrainian sailors held for over a month after unable clashes with the russian coast guard vessel de before the upcoming holidays around new year and the orthodox christmas should be an occasion for the parties to concentrate on the needs of the civilian population. they have
1:44 pm
been suffering from the conflict on its consequences for far too long with the fence now complete many wonder if it will also be a barrier and ending russia's conflict with ukraine see a little bit of a yawn al-jazeera. now vegetable skins are often thrown away but in peru millions amount nourished have been turned into tasty and nutritious meals malena sanchez went to meet the chef who's helping to change the menu for people in need. with. a master class from one of produce top chefs. who has cooked for some of the world's top restaurants but now he's on a mission to teach cooks from some of us poverty stricken slums to make cheaper and healthier dishes. these women are the most important cooks in the country they feed thousands of people so we want to teach them how to make more nutritious dishes using every part of the products. in this class they learned to add fiber from
1:45 pm
the salads and use that to build skins to make a new machine broth the idea is that everything is useable fifty year old government to be does this she know cooks in a different way and it's paying off. we don't throw anything away or use playground hansen's look i'm going to make chips with these potato skins people tell us the really loud top food and more people are coming to each year on average fifty people eat here every day it's interesting to see the size of the crash and the small plastic bag full of plastic because the waste is huge marketing. and food waste says this chef has the most nutrients but mido says doctors and nutritionists have evaluated the result of a change in the diet hearing lutie in on the outskirts of lima and more than one hundred thirty cooks are already trained and the leon has six children and she says they don't get sick as much as they used to as many children suffer from chronic
1:46 pm
malnutrition but one year ago the nutritionist recommended they eat a toddler kitchens and now the hemoglobin in the children has improved for more than fourteen thousand poor peruvians eat in popular kitchens every day around the . tree and meter says the use of tons of food waste will not only make people healthier but it's one solution to tackle climate change and of all they want we should stop generating wice because food waste is the second largest source of contamination on the planet it contributes to climate change and global warming. it's a sustainable astronomy project that's slowly changing the way people here eat in a country where half the population of thirty two million suffer from malnutrition these cooks say spearheading the project makes them feel secure and proud i guess i'm just i'm just learning. now the biggest national security threat facing one of
1:47 pm
africa's biggest economies might just be its own people latest figures show three quarters of a million kenyans have illegal weapons in private hands and this month the government began a ninety day moratorium aimed at encouraging gun owners to surrender their arms symbols r.t. reports. kenyans who live in this nairobi slum call it chocolate city named for the color of the rusted metal sheets used to build the homes. life here is hard it's where we met a man who makes a living using a gun kind of weird but he goes to bars hotels night clubs looking for easy prey and fast cash robbing the rich police would say he's a common criminal he calls himself robin hood and it played the kids need to go to school and it. he says he's willing to surrender his guns but friends who did ended up dead a few days later for men like him it seems survival means having a gun i'm doing this for my kids not for me to do what i'm doing i'm doing this for
1:48 pm
them to get the program. to get. a little. so they could be. in another house we meet a mother who knows the consequences of gun violence all too well she says police shot her son richard in the back nearly a decade later she's still not sure what happened that day. but you can never admit that your child or any wrong i remember him as a good hearted person he would come and hug me and he would always hug him and he would always give me money and that's how the story ended. a victim of armed robbery herself she says the government program to surrender illegal firearms is a good idea but police should not shoot to kill. there are an estimated seven hundred fifty thousand rifles and pistols in private canyon hands more than the police and army have combined mostly smuggled from somalia they're untraceable apart from gun crime the sheer number of guns is also
1:49 pm
a national security concern experts say it's like a public arsenal and anyone willing and able can secure arms relatively easily. away from towns and cities people need to keep their livestock safe from theft and their communities safe from tribal conflict. kenya's rural gun culture is more need based what you see in rift it is for the ungoverned spaces which overlook the luck of government presence of security forces in those areas a lot of them there for the sickness of protect themselves. most kenyans don't necessarily welcome firearms those who faced injustice political and economic exclusion or have been marginalized in some way say they need weapons to defend themselves because no one else will critics of the government plan say disarming kenyans means first addressing their security concerns and winning hearts and minds zain basra the al-jazeera nairobi for
1:50 pm
a time for another short break here al-jazeera when we come back and i will the sport the show must go on you have seen fighters prepared to face off in a controversial title bout details coming up in the sport or not statements from. the marshall islands holds a toxic legacy from years of u.s. military nuclear testing. as the sea levels rise one on one east investigates the threat this fall opposers on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every. short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects. but i'm on top of the sport now his for darren thank you so much the toronto raptors were handed their biggest defeat of the n.b.a. season so far they were thrashed by the orlando magic one hundred sixteen to eighty seven over in phoenix the visiting oklahoma city thunder beat the suns nater who is just the second egyptian born player in n.b.a. history scored
1:52 pm
a career high eighteen points for the thunder russell westbrook have a game high forty leading the oklahoma city to one hundred eighteen to one hundred eighty victory the win moves them up to the second in the western conference. and anthony davis scored eight season high forty eight points and seventy three rounds to lead the new orleans pelicans to a win over to dallas mavericks the game went down to the final four seconds the pelicans were leaving dennis smith jr though missed the shot for the bab's one and took the game one hundred fourteen to one hundred and twelve and now to five davis and streak. english premier league leaders liverpool face arsenal in the english premier league on saturday reds manager you're going klopp says he's feeling the pressure a former dortmund coach has guided liverpool to the top of the table at the halfway point in the season the club haven't won the league title since one nine hundred ninety. it's more intensive it's one thing and it's more important for the people
1:53 pm
if your team is winning or not. i think people bet much more so. i don't want as was the a lot of people already said it kind of religion that's probably true with you directly in that in that area it's really it's really massive when you come to liverpool and it's the next level also in action on saturday or second place taught him there at home to wolves with defending champions manchester city down in third fourth place chelsea play crystal palace on sunday chelsea are managed by former napoli boss mark mario sorry he says it's time for italian authorities take firmer action against greece on wednesday napoli defender kelly don't believe was targeted with abuse by in a land fans into will now have to play their next two home games behind closed doors when they was there we stop but to make sure this one against lots of room while it is there some go there in general really very sorry for you do
1:54 pm
because. it wonderful man and so i am really very very sorry for him but i think that in italy we can do something more for this problem. in general and are back in action but they won't be serving their empty stadium band just yet is there a way to employee league leaders eventis kick off saturday's matches at home against sampdoria. we don't know messi may have brushed off kris jenner and all those calls for him to move to the italian league but argentina's coach is hoping to entice him back into the national team. only says he's optimistic messi will return for next year's copa america that's despite the barcelona star having not played for his country since they were knocked out of the last sixteen at the world cup. they moved to deal. in these times we'll speak with them to try to have them in the team and twenty million team it's
1:55 pm
a pending talk that i have with them and we'll talk in time logically for us it's something very important i've always said that any head coach would love to train much more in my case and i have a pending talk with them that we hope will end in the best way and we're very optimistic and i think it will be very positive for world tennis number one novak jock rich will face defending champion kevin anderson in the final of the world tennis championship in abu dhabi later he beat russia's current catch nobs in the semifinals and straight sets six four six two jock of just form is looking good ahead of next month's australian open. anderson booked his place with ace three set victory over rafa nadal the world number two is gone the comeback trail after ankle surgery. an annual mixed team tournaments is also underway in perth australia greece's hopes of winning the title are hanging on by a thread after the loss to great britain world number fifteen stephanus sits a post and his partner mario were expecting anyone to get in their way let alone
1:56 pm
a ball boy but instead of easing past the relatively unknown british dual cameron nori and katie alter they went down two sets to one it means the greeks will have to beat both switzerland and the usa to have any chance of reaching the final. australia's critters will need to do the improbable if they're to save the third test against india in melbourne on the final day australia were set three hundred ninety nine for victory but india's bowlers reduce them to two hundred fifty eight for eight by the close of day four will continue the fight back on sunday as australis one hundred and forty one run short its one one and b. for test series. first seed rounds it comes down to pretty much any test match you have apply if you can get thirsty runs and you are by see if we had the gun fortunately we we may set now no back up against a wall with patton on just going to come out tomorrow and we were going to thought
1:57 pm
we were going to show a lot of prod him and go in for a back so it's often and share much of mace with a growing cotton i'm going to put him self in george come move definitely do that. sri lanka's cricketers are all the brink of defeat in the second test against new zealand in christ church new zealand took three wickets to leave them four hundred and twenty nine runs short with four wickets remaining a controversial u f c five between john jones and alex christopher son is set to take place saturday in l.a. the fight has been moved from las vegas l.a. after jones's positive drug test meant the event couldn't take place in a bottle because of state restrictions jones and gustav son will face each other in the light heavyweight title fight the last meeting between the two took place and twenty thirteen or jones one. man i tell you what i've come a long way to be back here on the stage with all you guys i feel so blessed so honored to be here and i just pray that god uses me tomorrow. and that's all your
1:58 pm
support from out there and back to you barbara thank you very much indeed a lot for me down in jordan for the news that my colleague nick clark will be up next with more of the day's news straight to thanks so much by foot. more and the most and initial response had been inadequate but now it was time for a revival buckle it was the muslims no move from reacting to taking action putting the western crusaders on the defensive with hindsight this is seen as a breakthrough as
1:59 pm
a revival of the joke in the muslim near east the crusades an arab perspective at the so to revive at this time on a jesse oh. it's the fos day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades on multiples of nearby and out at falsus. most helpful gauteng what it is like to be in school up to three years what war. six year old sala does has of survived an ass like his home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace while the profess his son for the first day in school is hopeful making new friends would hope is that a company. cultural history subscribe layer upon layer at times erase others rejuvenating and reinvent. through the
2:00 pm
transformative power of public are not unlike the collision of hip hop culture and indigenous tradition forms a community building project led by the godfather of hawaii's graffiti. on a. security forces in egypt say they've killed forty people in response to friday's attack on a tourist bus near giza pyramids. and on the clock this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in the program turkey sends dozens of times to its southern border as competing forces look to take control of the syrian city of. taping her brother house and died in vain the
2:01 pm
people pushing for change in the democratic republic of congo's election plus. i need for the plague.


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