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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 27  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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he says it did so on friday but both the united states and turkey is saying there's no evidence to support this claim meanwhile russia and turkey have agreed to coordinate with each other in northern syria after the withdrawal of u.s. forces who were good students and you were not understanding was reached on how military representatives of russia in turkey will continue to coordinate these steps on the ground under new conditions with a view of finally rooting out terrorists three thousand syrians in all the headlines there have been pleas for peace on the eve of the controversial election in the democratic republic of congo. the candidate for the largest opposition coalition attended a church service in concerta where the local archbishop appealed for calm ahead of sunday's vote two people were killed during protests on friday after the electoral commission delayed voting in three opposition strongholds until march two months after the new president is due to be sworn in. as the top stories coming up next it's the listening post.
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on the twenty second of may a series of major news stories broke across west africa in a simultaneous publication now known as the west africa leaks journalists from eleven countries had pored over gigabytes of data nearly thirty million leaked documents on tax havens and the secretive offshore companies of the rich and
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powerful like the panama papers investigations of two thousand and sixteen and the paradise paper's stories last year this collaboration was coordinated by the i.c.i. j. the international consortium of investigative journalists based in the us it worked alongside the norbert zongo cell for investigative journalism or sonos zero in burkean a fast so we've reported on the i.c.i. j.s work before and we've been tracking these particular investigations since february when the journalists involved first met to lay the groundwork what sets the west africa leaks apart from other i.c. i j collaboration's is the media landscape the conditions in which the journalists work taking on powerful individuals institutions and a global financial system that secretive by design is difficult for any reporter in west africa that's just the beginning and one of this group of journalists greatest challenges was getting their readers their governments and in some cases even the media outlets they work for to care less. posts and ignore had now in the making
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and breaking of the west africa leaks. west africa leaks is the largest of our collaboration of investigative reporters from across west africa the vision matters to me it really seems to be back on their reporting battle to do their best thinking. on. this. after. we have thirteen journalists are exploring nearly thirty million offshore financial records usually kill what you're. supposed to do. why. is someone who has nothing no islamists no twenty any money why is she the dad talk for in money. this is
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a mom who's championing for some poor but makes the literates ephor to deny the tax from oil the same with global media collaboration's not only is that the more the merrier but the more the country. well. and. we're starting off so probably the west african leagues got it starting sending up we're going to find a much more interesting name for this project over the next two days and we're studying the matter. in a two day workshop organized by the i.c. i j and soon journalists were given access to a compilation of data from six major leaks held by the i.c. i just to go through. the palaces and share with you some.
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just the purpose of the workshop was not only to introduce the journalists to the data but also to help them start reading between the lines you don't go offshore and write in a name now that you want to evade taxes lawyers and potential crooks are a lot more sophisticated than that and therefore understanding how to read the signs and how to interpret the red flags in offshore documents is crucial on with. that said. the marquis. different even saying more simple. than more in doing stories of this nature it's very important to take. right technology to use it's not for you the journalist to see somebody has. the duty of that socrates. to go and so the.
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past is your. source. it's in the default the but this will. be what you put in even. to put the. simple on the did. but. then you would put this in address yeah. it's not necessarily. true address an accurate address where you live. walk yeah like you don't let walk . alone doesn't tell a story you need to investigate what did that presents to you to have a part of the work but fortunately i did find some documents and i started building hypothesis on the documents and set of questions. coming to the end of the
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first editorial meeting out here in dhaka the journalists behind me have been given access to six projects or relating to the murky world of offshore finance primed for the investigations time to head and begin digging through the data and hopefully stock index in the dogs the west african leaks is the i c r j's seventh major media collaboration investigating official finance they can of course spiegel legitimate reasons for an individual or a company to keep assets offshore over the past few years however the consortium has broken multiple stories documenting serious abuse of the system. there are good reasons why the ice has to focus on west africa for its latest investigative collaboration. the economics according to the u.n. more than sixteen billion dollars a year is moved offshore from west africa illegally which amounts to more than the
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g.d.p. of six of its purse countries combined second governance authorities either lack the ability or the will to stop money from being stashed offshore where computex and as the investigations reveal politicians are often the worst culprits. and then you have the media news organizer. on state run typically and by those in power or those close to the second average all too often there's a way from holding the check count which is why didn't take long for these journalists to start finding some newsworthy story. the second largest and the second poorest country in west africa aska editor of the eleven more newspaper is investigating a government funded project worth of around thirteen million dollars in two thousand and nine a contract to build a modern refrigerated stroll to house was awarded to an obscure australian company rich studio with links to the new syrian minister of livestock. in the day i
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found that money was paid to the australian firm but a large amount of it went missing the new facility was meant to boost measures meat industry but when he went to the site of the school thomas maybe a decade on he found that he had not been booked. picked out to do. big. and not until. the next story is in togo a journalist however is not. a reporter for a lot of. works in exxon and his office that's not to reveal his medication he's on the government's radar not only as a critical journalist but also as a member of a movement that has called for the removal of the president. has been in power since two thousand and five over the past year anti-government demonstrations and
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taker have been escalating and as the authorities began to crack down dominique chose to flee the country. killing the some people. just simply good. the move must be trying to. get it to fit some people see. it as it is and this. do you not think that those political activities have compromised your standing as a journalist in the country you know. syria. and. visits.
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to and. could do without a gun is a good t.v. . this is informed there is don's. domenici investigation focuses on the financial dealings of patrice ya kind of katrina a businessman with close ties to target shooting family according to leaked documents from h.s.b.c. private bank in switzerland in two thousand and five kind of kept her trying to. banking restrictions and wire one point two million dollars out of the country and in turn you set up an account at the time he held director level positions q state run companies and persia that were on the verge of bankruptcy. challenge has been to corroborate the data in the documents with information back. in exile. you create. the new.
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down to minute limits yes i'm muslim i'm going. to keep. these seats. and i'm going to set them on possibly. did i was that. the rebel sons of local militia and it might go sort of prison that they defeat. what they did fed. emmanuel dog davy is the managing editor of chrono business news an online publication he is investigating a form a guy named ambassador to the united states made by way to say on his foundation's website it's described as a philanthropist and humanitarian looking through documents leaked to the i.c.r.c.
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from the bermuda pay store from apple to doug davy discovered that were it to say used the spider web or for federal crime phonies to hide from god name tax authorities his share of a three hundred five million dollars oil deal. precious worry everyone that had a diploma should know better and conduct himself in the most ethical way register osho companies so he would more or less maximize his profit and lessen his taxes that is. contrary to the. vienna convention that ties the conduct of diplomats on duty he engaged in business activities and more seriously in offshore business why he was to long that's another that is a clear conflict of interest and i use of office in this matter. into the ministry of foreign affairs. they haven't responded to my questions and
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that's very typical of gandhian politicians they ignore you when you have very serious and important questions to ask they would not respond if there is a pond out thought they were respond after the facts. so how did the bat. they simply didn't respond to the queries and only went to simple questions responses suss to what the minister would do would normally on the circumstances of that nature but didn't respond it seems to be a pattern of behavior here where government institutions or business leaders don't feel the need to respond to journalists why do you think that is i think it's simply impunity i definitely did everything emails phone calls from delivered lead to. i gived of all the opportunity in the world would be over a month or two on the sort of quest so they hope.
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so with stuff ellipses coming out next tuesday that's really spending a lot of time at the moment helping out partners get over the line. powerful people in that part of the well really don't like to respond to questions so i'm. spending lots of time on the phone. i'm going to run through court ok. i've been helping west africa links partners make contact with and get responses from a number of subjects across the west african region i should say that this really is a two pronged approach that is the journalist in country will always try on their own and to make contact with that person about whom they're writing the story but as we've found in a number of cases that local journalist is seen as the need for the standing of an
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important person or a politician in the country to respond to it so what i'm trying to do then is call from the u.s. number and it's surprisingly effective. yes good afternoon is this is this ms broad parka hello hello ms broad program on arms will fix given all according to the documents we have from penn in the papers you will listed as a shareholder of greater putu foundation ltd a company in the seychelles. your shoes davis. works for the news news people he's been on the trail of kevin the fourth parker the current friend of the film
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a lot variance president ellen johnson said. in the panama papers were recalled showing that. the pharmacist by training was appointed director of a shell company called creative pretty front patient limited through this company dr paul can lobby the johnson city government on behalf of a foreign mining business to land a lucrative and controversial deal for them despite a clear paper trail linking dr parker to grade to prefund they should limit birds she and johnson city for the night any knowledge of the company would should any editors interest but not necessarily not bear it. in with a few hours to go to the publication of the story. not one team. thanks for mission former editor and historian who will be publishing the news newspaper. my editor. asked not.
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as plain to me why he can of publish this story but from my reading. is because of the people watching this story. the news by many newspapers in which the africa is owned by a politician in this case wilson cato play the country's minister of commerce the paper is quietly seen as taking an editorial in soft approach to the current government and by the looks of things to the friends of former government says well . we dropped the largess off at the news newspaper about five hours of an hour just waiting on his call to find out whether or not says it is going to publish the story he said it's a ghost of the story then great if not then there is a plan b. in the way. moments later david confirms that he said it's a hazard checked the story so we head across town to meet. rush hour traffic means that we reach our destination of the night for the offices of the day observer. to
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ensure that he gets coverage david has and not for the first time he says taken his story to the competition. a last minute editorial meeting this cold in the story gets the green light it moves through layout and into print within twelve hours a four month investigation built for one use paper winds up in the front page of an that. the news feeds at the far less antagonistic story about calls for war tripe you know we asked the paper's editor in chief for an interview you grease to speak with us when we arrive at the newsroom has left the building and won't take our calls. choose that may twenty second and across west africa the investigation. have started to go. maksim domini story about the dealings of business men patrice. is on the front page of loud tentative it gets picked up by radio how the supporters of the government presumably circulate on
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social media front page of loud tentative calling the paper's editor in chief of the. media. in the. investigation into what he calls the phantom slaughterhouse makes national news in liberia the daily observant leads with david story into kenda bright pocket however literacy rates in the country radio is where most liberians get their news and for this story to hit it will need to transition from print to broadcast in the days after publication this investigation it seems has failed to do that. it is the bank that helps clients break the law. now h.s.b.c. secrets around. the political impact of pasta media collaboration's coordinated by the i.c.r.c. was almost immune to the bank in the news from the public and often simply from tax
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authorities including its engine the panama papers investigation of two thousand and sixteen made headlines across the globe mr prime minister what can you tell me about a company called implants so now i'm starting to feel a bit strange about this question because it's like you were accusing me of something in iceland the prime minister was confronted on about his feelings he resigned a few days later the founders of the law firm. vested amongst others money has been you came and there was a healthy dose of public outrage in many countries this forest of documents basically has been dubbed the paradise and it cost us paradise papers had less impact. headlines there sadri but even by those standards the reaction to the west african leaks has seen mutant wise. it could be the geographical focus of the stories the stubborn silence of many of those investigated or even the lack of
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evident public and. my question after west africa lakes is where is all that outrage where are those public demonstrations what we do know is that it's not because the communities in the countries in the citizens don't care about these stories all the have to do is speak to the reporters go on facebook to say that every single story from west africa legs was followed very closely and really great work by. case in point the king of fashion with journalists sandrine sarah dagger of lacanian mr fastow reported on two leading businessmen and a possible case of tax evasion. on a prison most doctors all know state they couldn't get they didn't want to cause them to plunder vonte a prisoner lector. what's. your point specific
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prisoner engineer f.c. day to all the press corps so mr last i see people in the world will. not wash intellectual. emissions one hundred regime also interest and. see in this it's fifteen bomb stores. in ghana and nearly a month after emanuel published his story the ministry of foreign affairs finally got back to him about his questions with questions over. be rude to ask me to tell them specific cases i was investigated there was no need to tell them what they did i just wanted to move clearly what the dinner where for the conduct of diplomacy duty for me issues at the religion of duty which shows a lack of understanding of the rule of journalist and running away from being held accountable. the ministry disagrees with dog behavior in
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a statement that you to his quote failure to disclose information it was unable to put the matter into context and therefore could not provide any additional information. that government's been slow to respond to the revelations in the west african leaks or ignore them completely has come as no surprise what's been more concerning has being the lack of response from other news outlets in the region one would expect stories of high level corruption and financial irregularities to top the news agenda are the subjects of these investigations of the very people who in large part control what gets reported in west africa and what does not. clearly there are some political pressures there's generally that are our press not to publish. their thing kind of things and we can understand that we're working in that environment so we can we can never tell. all the variables have
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more effect on the impact or the lack of every population and i remember one example from ivory coast where the day after the publication of a really strong west africa leak story into the underclass offshore company of a very senior coaches well politician. a newspaper associated with the political party of that politician the next day carried a headline that said. something along the lines of troublemaking journalists just out to settle a score so to my mind the fact that we haven't seen a global or even regional outcry from west africa legs is not indicative in and of itself of the quality but rather of significant work that remains in terms of free press and in terms of investigative journalism what no one can take away from the west africa league says the frog that is his story is the first time you how this number of journalists within the subway do columbus and went into production of the project which itself to the value of the web to. be.
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in the long. collaboration with there was this period she had for. african journalists who course some do you know see in the suits in newsrooms would left. go on sunday morning the i'm sure this reform is what partly just said get your laugh. to put in your particular chord resume with us stuff you can only think that they ask me when we went to school meant to shop for mr and i think. he was just democracy either to feel or see. it's. one of the many silly things me. pulling yet here but on the poison levy he's. on the issue good result for issue i visualize what actually is your lack of feel.
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there's a misconception about journalism one that many reporters still hold that once you expose corruption or wrongdoing the problem then comes to an end but that's not always the case journalism is just one step on the road to accountability and unless civil society gets behind the story the political will to take action will not be there journalists in short cannot do with a long you've been watching a special edition of our program on the west africa leeks we'll see you next time you're listening post. because we're not defending as we should it. likes being vineet.
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and freedom being stripped away. on the seventieth anniversary of the nation and the whites that stand up. stand up for human rights. hello i'm maryam namazie in london just a quick update of the top stories this hour there has been some breaking news of another attack in egypt's north sinai region five members of the egyptian security forces including an officer have been killed in an explosion targeting the car that they were traveling in now this happened in the town of our research which is the capital of the north sinai region but earlier egyptian security forces announced that they killed forty people during raids.


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