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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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but he says because he used his own initiative there is a lot bureaucracy here and if i waited to get the german class i would be doing nothing i would be waiting because i first lived with three hundred people the first six months and. and if i waited. or something i think people should not things in their own hands but what of the many others who were drawn by the open borders and merkel's determined humanitarianism the vast majority of those who came in twenty fifteen received refugee status and with it housing welfare and help to learn german but many who arrived since have not been so fortunate and has struggled to get more than temporary jobs people like who know about him who status remains unresolved a few months ago he told me of his experience since twenty fifteen. i get the political situation in iraq was not safe for me i wanted to be able to lead a normal life and freedom but so far here i haven't found the government agency
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that regulates this entire sector is this one the federal employment ministry and it says that in october eighteen thousand asylum applications were processed all of which around two out of five cases saw a positive outcome last month one hundred seventy seven thousand refugees were registered as an employed a slight increase on the same time period from last year all together three hundred seventy three thousand refugees are classified as being underemployed. so why has germany struggled to integrate so many people in the refugee population that arrives in germany many don't have that vocational training because it's quite a young population so there is a massive challenge as to training people on the job and then there is an issue of legal certainty that i'm going to america who once said integrating so many people would be one of the biggest challenges modern germany has ever faced but i mean
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really how he is one of many who have prospered but there are many more who have not dominant cane al-jazeera berlin. heavy rain in northern syria is causing major flooding forcing thousands of internally displaced families from their makeshift homes mohammad d.c. reports. thousands of families displaced by years of war in syria are being displaced again two days of torrential rainfall in the country's northern region caused major flooding in refugee camps in it libya and aleppo family stared helplessly as their flimsy tents and makeshift shelters were washed away by. the floods didn't just had a tenner to half the camp or almost all of the camp has been washed away it's cause more damage than we could have imagined it was children and elderly took to higher ground as residents struggled to drain the rising waters by ten zero record of only
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about may god help us after all these heavy rains we haven't been able to sleep for the past three nights and during the daytime we're not able to move around we've been doing all that we can to drain water out but unfortunately tents have been flooded were hopelessly just total damage may god help us all. the flooding also cause closure of some major roads inside and outside the camps roads they're used to transport urgently needed aid. syrian civil defense also known as the white helmets say numerous refugee camps have made an urgent appeal for emergency assistance. the number on the water but after some areas we have deployed forces in the region with heavy equipment to try and get the water out of the games . the syrian observatory for human rights says the severe weather causing catastrophic conditions leaving tens and thousands of people to face the winter without shelter they're calling on the international community to help avert
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a major crisis for people who have already suffered enough damage had been d.c. al-jazeera. the russian president vladimir putin has taken his latest action man stunned playing ice hockey in freezing temperatures in moscow the game was staged to rincon red square just at the kremlin walls mr putin traditionally plays at least one ice hockey match every year. thank you very much christiane or an ally was events a says stallman as they continued the unbeaten run and its lease area the league leaders meeting some doria say won't but it was a win the can with its fair share of controversy holding ripples i eventis were taking on sampdoria in their final game before syria's mid-season break the league leaders were aiming to maintain their unbeaten league record and cristiana rinaldo gave them the perfect start moving ahead after just two minutes i.
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same jory are targeting champions league qualification and late in the first half the video assistant referee intervened on their behalf handball decision went in their favor and fabio stepped up to score the equaliser i. almost put his team back in front or early in the second half his and you've a second goal did eventually arrive in controversial circumstances again v.a.r. was involved in this time it was sampdoria feeling hard done by the referee decided this handball had been deliberate and that gave rinaldo the chance to score as you say pass one hundred goals for the year i. simply thought they'd grab a last minute equaliser but v.a.r. would rule this effort out for offside and you could celebrate a two one win be a hearty al-jazeera. that's about all the school the only goal of the game and in some ons win against them pulling in set off in the title and some will play the
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next see her matches behind closed doors a punishment for some of the fans racially abusing the place khalidi khuda volley in that game last wednesday. and napoli fans showed their support for kota bharu ahead of their home game against a long year the senegalese defender has been a repeat its argot for a piece in italy treasonous and scored a late win if the napoli in this three two victory their second in the league nine points behind events as liverpool have moved nine points clear at the top of the english premier league i reports a familiar hat trick percent short to a five one win over austin at anfield sunday oh man i and mohamed salah school liverpool's other goals in a game where actually took the lead twenty games into the season liverpool still have an unbeaten record i'm not the smartest person in the world but i'm really not an idiot not always at least so there's really nothing it's absolutely not important how much points you are had in december even its end to end of december
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so would you all created you know get you all how can you not be positive about us but your love for us all of you all for us if we if we drop three points of your move you the next headline is are they nervous no well six games in all on saturday a big setback to tottenham in their title push dispersed circulate it when with your hurricane but was hit back so when three one is not enough to play the sixty seventy minutes you need to blame ninety five minutes in your base like today with little real world focus and the rest really means we concede to us defending champions manchester city are third in the table after two straight defeats city playing liverpool on january the third before that seen by southampton on sunday those are big challenge for me to show myself to a nerd. so oil would not say i'd like to leave the situation but they know what's
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going on in football you know your career in there like to handle it i will see i prove myself to. to help them to help each other to see who can by who we are glasgow ranges of move level with city rival celtic at the top of the scottish premiership ranges now managed by former liverpool england captain steven gerard the defending league champions one nail in the old firm derby thanks to that goal from ryan jack rangers aim for a first scottish title win since twenty eleven. and it was quite sick all the decided the edinburgh dobby all of a lead with the strike they gave hearts the one zero win over him. and world number one of a joke of it already has its hands on a trophy at the start of the new tennis season he came from a set down to beat south africa's kevin anderson in the world tennis championship in abu dhabi both players building up to the first grand slam of twenty nine seemed australian open which starts in melbourne next month i always
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a great match against kevin who is playing really some great tennis in last fifteen months. but you know i think well it was we didn't expect really to go two and a half hours in that i mean it out just before the season starts. it is an amazing way to do kind of sort of kick of the two thousand one hundred. the latest somewhat bizarre chapter in boxer floyd mayweather square will take place on monday and fighter is taking on a kick boxer in japan mayweather hasn't fought since economy gregg and more than a year ago for his fiftieth straight pro win is now taking on kickboxing world champion tension as you call work despite mexico's background no kicking will be allowed in this three round contest. i'm pretty sure he's taking the fight extremely serious though i know he's probably work in our new gym there's not a day i don't i don't have to work hard in the gym for three rounds i can basically do three rows of muscle eat so i don't worry about the u.s.
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olympic champion mccalla shifrin has and it's twenty eight seen as the most successful female slalom scare in world cup history in the last race of the year the american added her thirty six victory by winning on saturday schiff and also became the first male all female so when fifteen world cup races in a single calendar year schifrin still only twenty three years old ok looking for not more lights. ok that was our broadcast that was news out on a piece of dalby here in doha some exhibit it's in the chair in about three minutes i will see you from twenty three g. a little later today. thanks love to make loans to some friends because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers because most taxpayers never go away is
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a new one born every single day it is an emerging national missile city official request. of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in greece somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. al-jazeera for me is different because there's a maturity about its views gathering and the is really genuinely of a false news channel but the bad side the risk of a story are going to school all the time for the most going on in our culture zero is setting out to give thanks to the reality on the ground that the reality on the ground can only be combated the demands of all the people of iraq that's what we do nothing that's what we do well. short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the
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odds. al-jazeera selects. and then reported on i g z the u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the earth.
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pulling out to give peace a chance yemen so the rebels hand over control of the vital portal for data. on families a down this is a live from doha also coming up russia and turkey agreed to step up corporation in syria as the u.s. forces prepare to leave. polling begins in a contentious vote in bangladesh where the government is accused of clamping down on this. call for calm by the catholic church after a violent run up to a long delayed vote in the democratic republic of congo.
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yemen so the rebels have handed over control of the vital lifeline fault of a day that the government forces the transfer is part of a peace deal reached in sweden earlier this month aimed at ending almost four years of war the war has cost of humanity. terry and disaster within saudi bank forces have also agreed to open up aid color doles poll chata jan reports. this moment is what tens of thousands of yemenis have been wanting for years a chance to end the street to street fighting aerial bombardments diseases like of clean water and food insecurity rebels turning over control of the port of what data to the government and upset with delight today because of the thing and we want these kind of thing to fission i don't think it was like a decision came late but god willing the ceasefire will hold and the situation with him allies god willing the ceasefire and he died it continues people need security
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and safety in this country. who the rebels boarded their trucks to move out of the port standing by naval and coast guard officers from the saudi immorality backed government the internationally recognized government forces had been in charge of protecting ports before the war they were also blamed during the conflict for blocking humanitarian supplies that are desperately needed throughout the country the handover was part of a u.n. sponsored peace agreement signed in sweden earlier this month. i think overseeing the handover the head of un's advance team charged with monitoring the cease fire retired general patrick come airt we cannot solve your problem not alone it's not the end of the mission you have to do that yourselves and that means that we will see it we will discuss and we will take heed of the goal but we have to
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move for. what comes next is pro-government forces pulling back from parts of what data city they we captured in an offensive launched in june datas who think governor muhammad naeem says his forces taking control of the city in exchange for handing over the port is part of the un agreement add that the. in chatham as the fighters who used to protect the port will be redeployed to protect the city according to the sweden agreement. the un also announced the warring sides will begin to open critically needed to monetary in corridors within the areas they control the sweet agreement mandates the warring sides allow relief supplies to reach those in need. for those who have lost loved ones been traumatized by three years of brutal violence this handover is a sign they may soon have what all humans need food shelter and safety paltrow dirge on al-jazeera on some i'll hunt down is
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a yemen analyst and visiting fellow at georgetown university she says it will take time to evaluate if the handover has been successful. in terms of numbers there are many conflicting reports that are going to take a while for us to find out how many of these actually left we talk about who these leaving were only talking about the work of days that they're not going to leave the city of the data so that's really important to kind of clarify right off the bat what's happening now the hand over of the part of the then what's happening is that there are conflicting reports from the government find from the movie site but we're going to have to sit tight and kind of wait for the general of that that's general that was mentioned before patrick cameron who's going to come out and kind of an ounce how this process is is happening now what's really important is the handover is supervised by the what am i and the people that are being hand that the port the people that are going to take control of the park right now the government
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needs to kind of strip their influence over them to who these are going to try to do the same and so it's not clear just as of yet how the u.n. wants to make of the neutrality of that court what it means is that once this process begins they set a deadline for themselves which is twenty one days so from the summer eighteenth you have twenty one days to kind of finish this court handover and within two weeks of the foot of the port be operable you're going to have humanitarian aid coming into yemen and then going to parts of the country that were pretty much besieged and those are the parts that the hope you have control over where the people the population under them and it is and is suffering at the hands of just being under the hoop the population the new york times is reporting the saudi emirates a coalition is using child soldiers from said than the gangs who he finds his in yemen children all survivors of the conflict in darfur they were reportedly
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recruited by saudi officers promising high wages experience jonjo we militiaman from dol for also said to be fighting in the i mean as mercenaries. the balance of power in northern syria appears to be shifting after the u.s. decision to withdraw its troops russia and turkey have agreed to core the nato with each other after talks in moscow turkey's foreign minister says they have a common goal cleaning syria of what he calls terror organizations comes as fifty turkish tanks have been sent to the syrian border in preparation for a possible attack on kurdish y.p. g. forces from gaza near the turkish syrian border have another reports.


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