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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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just be ignored by an employer. consideration and their definition be pressuring any workers into every market biotech companies say the technology should be voluntary and the people must have a right to privacy but with one swedish bio hacks claiming to have already implanted four thousand people their worries microchip in could eventually become the new normal society's embrace the mobile phone making is easy to track on a daily basis but by implanting microchips there may be few places left to truly escape from technology and that's our show for this way but remember you can get in touch with ask via twitter use the hash tag a j c d c when you do or drop us an e-mail counting the cost to down to zero dot net is our address is more for you on line around zero dot com slash c.d.c. that will take you straight to our page which has individual reports links and entire episodes for you to catch up on. that's it for this edition of counting the
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cost i'm sam is a than from the whole team here thanks for joining us. is next. for afghans with ties to international organizations. disarray it has never been greater. left exposed by the withdrawal of foreign troops. may be the only path to safety. but alienation makes home feel ever further away. bill part of the viewfinder is a series on al-jazeera. called the bus which is saying is now being held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he's a journalist journalism become a crime have moles become
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a tool to silence wars of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of all colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists attained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. too often on the streets of india little are victims but a new force is that plain. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lead.
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on disease. calling out to give peace a chance. of a control of a vital part of a day that. i'm sam is a damn this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up russia and turkey agreed to step up cooperation in syria as the u.s. prepares to leave. bangladesh's prime minister votes in a contentious election after the government is accused of clamping down on this and . call for calm by the catholic
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church after a violent run up to a long delayed vote in the democratic republic of congo. now yemen so the rebels have ended over control of a vital lifeline port of a day that the government forces the transfer as part of a peace deal reached in sweden earlier this month. that ending almost four years of war which is calls the humanitarian disaster. who theon sounding bank full says have also agreed to open up aid corridos holds out of general folds. this moment is what tens of thousands of yemenis have been wanting for years a chance to end the street to street fighting aerial bombardments diseases like of clean water and food insecurity rebels turning over control of the port of what
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data to the government are an upset with delight today because of to think and we want these kind of thing to fish and i don't think it was like a decision came late but god willing the ceasefire will hold and the situation with david lies with god willing the ceasefire and he died it continues people need security and safety in this country. who the rebels boarded their trucks to move out of the port standing by naval and coast guard officers from the saudi immorality backed government the internationally recognized government forces had been in charge of protecting ports before the war they were also blamed during the conflict for blocking humanitarian supplies that are desperately needed throughout the country the handover was part of a u.n. sponsored peace agreement signed in sweden earlier this month. i think overseeing the handover the head of un's advance team charged with monitoring the cease fire retired general patrick come airt we cannot solve your problem and
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honestly at the end. you have to do that yourselves and that means that we will sit we will discuss we will take a physical but we have to move forward. what comes next is pro-government forces pulling back from parts of what data city they we captured in an offensive launched in june datas who think governor muhammad naeem says his forces taking control of the city in exchange for handing over the port is part of the un agreement rather than in chad as the fighters he. to protect the poor will be redeployed to protect the city according to the sweden agreement. the un also announced the warring sides will begin to open critically needed to manage turning corridors within the areas they controlled the sweet agreement mandates the warring sides allow relief supplies to reach those in need. for those who have lost loved ones been
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traumatized by three years of brutal violence this handover is a sign they may soon have what all humans need food shelter and safety paltrow dirge on al-jazeera summer and hamdani is a yemen analyst and visiting fellow at georgetown university she says it will take time to evaluate if the handover has been successful. in terms of numbers there are many conflicting reports that are going to take a while for us to find out how many of these actually left we've talked about who the sleeving were only talking about the work of days that they're not going to leave the city of the data so that's really important to kind of clarify right off the bat what's happening now the hand over of the part that they then what's happening is that there are conflicting reports from the government plan from the who of the site but we're going to have to sit tight and kind of wait for the general of that that's general that was mentioned before patrick cameron who's going to come out and kind of an ounce how this process is happening now what's
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really important is the handover is supervised by the am and the people that are being hand that the port the people that are going to take control of the park right now the government needs to kind of their influence over them to whom these are going to try to do the same and so it's not just as of yet how the u.n. wants to make in the neutrality of that court what it means is that once this process begins they set a deadline for themselves which is twenty one days so from the summer eighteenth you have twenty one days to kind of finish this court handover and within two weeks of the foot of the party being operable you're going to have minutes hearing aid coming into yemen and then going to parts of the country that were pretty much besieged and those are the parts that the hope you have control over where the people the population under them and it's as suffering at the hands of just being
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under the hoop the population. the new york times is reporting this saudi u.a.e. coalition is using child soldiers from sudan the gates who is the finances in the in the children all survivors of the conflict in darfur they were a fold so they recruited by saudi offices promising high wages experienced. doll for also said to be fighting in the i'm in this most and there is. the balance of power in northern syria appears to be shifting after the u.s. decision to withdraw its troops russia and turkey have agreed to coordinate with each other after talks in moscow turkey's foreign minister says they have a common goal of cleaning syria of what he calls terror organizations that comes as fifty turkish tanks have been sent to the syrian border in preparation for a possible attack on kurdish y.p. g. forces from gaza near the turkish syrian border where the reports columns of
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turkish tanks roll into syria and korea has been bolstering its military positions along with south of border as it prepares for what it calls a full fledged offensive on the kurdish held city of mumbai is syria syrian rebels backed by tuckey are also on the move both inside areas of syria and the techies sway and along the eight hundred twenty two kilometer border between the two countries kurdish forces are miles from friday that they have been forced to cut a deal with the regime of president bashar assad after they were abundant by donald trump or nonstop the complete withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria a little over a week ago here syrian troops deployed in support of kurdish forces seen on the edge of man beach their deployment creates a government buffer actually across north from syria which fully separates the turkish army and its proxies from the kurds but they are yet to enter the city of
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money bitch as they claimed early on friday. we haven't seen any movement of the syrian army in miami beach all we see are the military council of mine which members. the conflicting reports from them but perhaps sure the cales thoughts likely to ensue and of the sixty to one hundred day timetable for the withdrawal of u.s. troops with the remaining fighting forces in syria has come to replace them in more squat high level toughest immigration led by foreign minister children children's health talks with russian foreign and defense ministers they discuss the situation in syria as u.s. forces flip it the withdrawal. of the students and an understanding was reached on how military representatives of russia and turkey will continue to coordinate the states on the ground under a new conditions with a view of finally rooting out terrorists three since syria. we discussed the latest developments in syria with regards to u.s.
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decision to withdraw from the country we exchanged views on how we can coordinate our efforts from now on we stressed our resolve to fight against terrorist organizations we have a common will to clear all terror organizations from syrian lands. to also result in respect serious to the total integrity something diplomats say might spell of the goal for government forces and cut it held areas of the north east. with the city and opposition groups and with the un back political process in topples bush at a loss and is now trying to shape is what i asked the un is already looking for funds to rebuild the country the us troops pull out how about threatens open an up many for other regional opt outs like iran and tukey something assad's opponents can't counter mohamed at all just. now in bangladesh voting is underway in parliamentary elections curacy is tight ass
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for a campaign marked by weeks of violence and arrests of opposition supporters prime minister sheikh hasina is expected to return for a fourth term as she's been criticized for the crackdown on the opposition on chance transfer that is live for us in dhaka so charles i understand the polls have just opened what's the mood like there. where outside a polling station in an area called middle school or here in the capital dhaka. today is calm so far it's important to recognize that all the banners that you can see behind me all the political posters and banners there are either full the ruling party the awami league all affiliated groups and parties which certainly try to speak certain people here who say that they come to try and cast their votes show opposition candidates they are saying that the atmosphere is one of great
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tension and are very nervous about speaking to us on camera there is a high security presence here we are being followed around by security constantly being told that this is for our own security but as you rightly say the build up all these elections has been marred by what the opposition says is unprecedented levels of violence and intimidation the opposition saying that at least ten thousand six hundred of their supporters have been detained in the weeks in the run up to this election the leading opposition group or alliance yesterday in a press conference said that least one hundred fifty of their candidates have been what they describe as attacks by pro ruling party supporters in the run up to this election the government says that these figures exaggerated indeed fabricated and they're keen to point out that at least six of the league support.
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in recent weeks they also leave big questions about the election commission here the opposition alleging that the election commission has been corrupted seriously compromised by the ruling party the big questions about the amount of international election observers that have been allowed into the country one main group. withdrawing from drawing its application after what it says was a serious delay by the government in crafting them access to come here it's going to be very interesting to see just how many people come out and cast their ballots today and certainly the opposition concerned that this level of what they describe as spirit intimidation may well keep a lot of voters away. what's at stake in the country's political direction. well certainly express the saying that a lot has been achieved by the ruling party in the last few years so we would
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expect to the economy according to the world bank they're describing it is one of the fastest growing economies in south asia averaging more than six percent growth in recent years we know that there are big infrastructure projects that have already started here in recent years including a major nuclear power station there are for example economic zones that have been set up by the opposition says that a lot of this economic growth still comes from remittances and for example the clothing manufacturer industry here it says that more jobs better jobs to be created also the government has been praised for the way that it's handled what was described as the largest refugee crisis in the world last year we saw more than seven hundred thousand range of refugees fleeing a crackdown from myanmar in two thousand and seven saying the government praised for handling that i think it's important to recognize the what we're seeing still is what certain people describe as the battle between two bangladeshis political
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make tree arms shake christina who is the daughter of the founding father of this country that has already served three terms and the woman that has been in jail now is serving a jail sentence for corruption charges. the woman who is the leader of the main opposition group leader who herself has to college who is as prime minister a lot of people are saying that very little has changed despite being in jail the big party are running a little action as part of the wider opposition alliance but a lot of people say that you know this this battle this rivalry between these. to within is holding the development of this country back. most certainly so the opposition also people say with respect to the politics of this country the political future of this country but there are those who also say that this kind of
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economic progress is not wide enough there is a lot hanging on this vote but certainly all the tension at the moment is whether today's vote will pass. without the kind of security problems without the kind of violence that we've seen in the run up to the election. for there so much the first polls are about to open in the democratic republic of congo for a long delayed presidential election these are pictures from the eastern city of goma votes is a choosing a successor to president joseph kabila stepping down after seventeen years in power the elections were delayed by two years and the raf has been plagued by violence a peace pact to defuse tension between political parties collapsed after the opposition refused to sign the deal. the country's top appealed for calm following weeks of political unrest two people were killed during protests on friday. you
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know that eleven electoral commission need to tell the truth we are not people you can just stricken foo are going to be the contrast of votes and then in burnie and over there they are not voting. commission needs to take the time to explain to us what happens if a large part of the population can't vote are they going to know the election over there be country near a teacher in the months in between there is total confusion with their calendar and they can take this well beyond. head on al-jazeera the u.k. government on alert after a jump in the number of migrants crossing the sea from france we report from both sides the english channel.


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