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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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antiterrorism law being debated in the senate could make that easier for decades the m.s.t. has been fighting for land redistribution and at times members have resorted to land occupations and violence but legal experts argue the current penal code is sufficient to punish those who break the law. to give the government now and in the future the power to declare any type of demonstration by political opponents as terrorism is very dangerous. back at the roadside david jolley shows us some vegetables they've grown. heavy. on the zebra we go hungry a lot we trade things with our neighbors and that's how we survive by using the patches of land by the side of the road imagine if we had our arms actually. but instead of land you're expecting a confrontation with a new president who's declared the estimated one point five million members of the movement
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a threat to brazil you see in human al-jazeera mato grosso brazil the growing pains gap between executives and the average worker is the target of new regulations come into force in britain from january the first u.k. listed companies will have to moments that reveal and justify the difference in salaries between the boardroom and the shop floor paul brennan reports now from london as part of our series looking into new laws for twenty nine hundred probably glass and metal towers of london's financial district symbolize the success and sometimes excess of britain's top companies while enforced public austerity has kept a lid on the average working wage the eye watering salaries and extraordinary bonuses of the top u.k. bosses have sparked outrage in twenty seven thousand alone the salary of top bosses jumped eleven percent to four point nine million dollars over the past twenty years or so we've seen the pay of a foot c. one hundred c. day from about fifty or sixty times that the average week
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a work to bore like one hundred fifty times now there's been no real justification for that in terms of company performance so i definitely think it is the case that there's been a major corporate governance or policy failure somewhere along the line among a string of high profile controversies in twenty eighteen with a ninety five million dollars bonus paid to jeff urban c.e.o. of the house bill to pass the public outrage cost him his job. the royal mail paid its new chief executive rico back a seven point three million dollars signing on fee despite seventy percent of shareholders objecting and a shareholder revolt that bt failed to block a two point nine million dollars package for gavin patterson the departing chief executive remuneration committee stepping the quite a long time now to take into account paying conditions elsewhere in the company when setting executive pay and they have absolutely failed to do this from january twenty ninth listed companies with more than two hundred fifty employees must
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calculate unpublicized the pay ratio between the boss and the average worker the institute of directors supports the new rules although it says some comparisons will be more useful than others but if for the same company you'll seeing say the pay ratio increase from one year to the next so topics. moving upwards at a faster rate than that of the average employee that could give rise to legitimate questions in the sense that you're describing and if companies refuse to moderate themselves there is scope for further government intervention perhaps policies from the government in relation to their procurement activities or in relation to the. tax system that would favor the companies with lower pay ratios and penalize those with the vast caps that have become increasingly complex in recent years the new pay ratio regulations should strengthen shareholders ability to block excessive deals and could shame companies into actually complying but u.k.
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boardrooms have shown themselves to be remarkably brazen despite public criticism and more may yet be needed in order to rein in the worst excesses paul brennan al-jazeera the city of london. news making headlines here a nudge there and votes is in the democratic republic of congo choosing who will succeed president joseph kabila he's been in power for seventeen years about one point three million people three districts have been excluded from voting in the decision that called protest ahead of the polls observers catherine soyuz in kinshasa and she spoke to president joseph kabila just after the cost of. defeat he also believes that this election is going to be. credible and he did address the nation in fact the evening and talked about all the challenges facing the
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country and he specifically mentioned this three areas where the election was full and he talked about. issues. there is a rebel group there called. a lot of people in the last few years that have the government to contain that group think that security challenges at least four people have died in election related violence in bangladesh with polls closing in less than three hours prime minister is shaken ciena is expected to win a fourth she's been criticized for clamping down on her opponents and restricting press freedom the warring sides in yemen have begun handing over responsibility for the port of her data to the united nations forces are being redeployed as part of a un backed deal between the two thieves and the yemeni government torrential rain in northern syria has caused major flooding forcing thousands of families to flee their makeshift homes in camps for the displaced aid groups are appealing for
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emergency assistance with resources already stretched by years of fighting. the us president has been tweeting about what he says is major progress towards ending his government's trade war with china donald trump and china's xi jinping confirmed they spoken over the phone about resolving their differences washington in beijing began imposing a series of tit for tat tariffs earlier this year. and president trump is blaming the opposition democrats for the death of two guatemalan children in u.s. custody this month to criticize what he called the pathetic immigration policies of the democrats. right up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera got more news right off the inside story from the. a controversial politician emek did to the highest office in latin america's biggest country. brazil is about to inaugurate its new president both. join us live from the capital
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brasilia on inauguration day. abandoned by the u.s. and threatened by turkey the kurds turned to bashar al assad for protection and the syrian army says it's now in control of the kurdish held city of monti but is it how would that change the dynamics of the nearly eight year long war and how will ankara react this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey the northern city of monday which is one of the last remaining flashpoints in syria's war and yet another example of the complicated syrian jigsaw puzzle it was under the control of kurdish forces but syria says its army is now in the city for the first time in six years
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at the invitation of the kurds u.s. backed kurdish group considered a terrorist organization by turkey there's an all out offensive on monday by turkish forces and that fear has heightened after president trumps shop decision to withdraw american troops from syria turkey and russia now say they have agreed on coordinating with each other to fight with they called terrorism and syria so why is monday just so important the city lies northeast of aleppo and just thirty kilometers south of the turkish border it's considered one of the strategic areas for the kurds who hold almost thirty percent of syria was captured by the main u.s. backed syrian kurdish group the y p g two years ago turkey wants to prevent the kurds from consolidating their whole. on syrian territory and forming forming that is an autonomy region on its border coalition forces including u.s. and french troops remain on the outskirts of the city but the americans are set to leave. let's bring in the panel
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now and joining us on skype from istanbul then at teluk managing editor of the daily newspaper in moscow to me tree babich political analyst at recess a gun you news agency and in beirut allies for hot retired lebanese army general and strategic analyst all of you welcome to the program so apparently this request by the y.p. g. first syrian forces to return took american officials by surprise what should they have been surprised. well i mean i don't think they should've been surprised they should have known their partner on the ground much better but given the fact that this is a terrorist group i don't think it's rising for anyone for them to be aligning or attempting to align with one wherever they can or who are or whoever they would find support from. the same time the u.s.
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should be surprise that they're aligning or they are it seeking support of assad regime which the u.s. has been you know. directly or in directly trying to get rid of it from from the from the beginning and a side and assad regime which has been supported by russia which the us sees as the main wireless you saw yes they shouldn't have been surprised but it comes as a surprise because i mean i think they are alternately. turned a blind eye to what the y.p. g.'s actually is in syria or whether the p.k. kate is in the region as a whole so they may have been surprised by this but i don't think it's very sport they should be so surprised for the fact that once the us pulls out its support of the white b.g. it will seek new alliances in the region to ensure it can maintain its position on
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the ground ok and to be clear that what you're saying that that is the position of turkey that's how they characterize the way in the p p a p k k everyone doesn't necessarily but that is definitely what the position of turkey is so dimitri let me ask you are your thoughts on this the should the u.s. have been surprised that the way fiji made made this move i mean what options did they have once the us decided that they were were going to announce they were going to pull out. well i think only the inattentive readers or western press should be surprised because if you'll look even at the news like new york times or the washington post or the french newspapers but it's like lucy got all there has been demo nies ing. the acid resume for years and in reality they were not that is the whole truth the assad regime may not be perfect but their
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tone and if it's terrible and then return it if it is the slimmest the so-called islamic state and. other militant groups such as. strained others nor are they real i think or they were surprising that kurds but that's that comparison are made and i hear yes i will just it won't take i want i want time before i absolutely don't take a long time so even if you read that thank you really is the western press you will see that stajan from two thousand and thirteen the western press started to acknowledge that the main enemy of mr russert were actually they saw mists very cruel dangerous people and all the truth is that the united states european union has been hiding is that the joint your forces are feared by the currents in the north of syria they are despised by the syrian government forces by
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a lot of sunni arabs so it's not surprising that when the kurds were food before the option. all very well known also the governments or mr erdogan they have chosen the government of mr assad as for that official position of turkey as far as under us understand it's not so crude as. the previous speaker has presented it where our host and now the turkish foreign minister and the turkish. minister of defense here in moscow and they say that together with russia and with iran direct you will continue a war going on the new constitution of syria and that may remind you of that the turkish foreign minister trouble for goya few days ago said that if mr also elected . all honest election without turning just kind of this turkey will recognize that these are huge shift is a position ok mr bout that ok reminder that me started on was
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a friend the president also done till two thousand there well ok mr babbitt you said it wouldn't take long but i want to get this to far and i want elias to have some say so and then if you've been listening to what dimitri said i'd appreciate your take on that his saying that bashar al assad is the best alternative for syria . the white b.g. is kurdish organization a military security and even a business that it was created at the end of my twenty eleven when. even starts in syria they were equipped trained and organized by the united states and supported in their war against isis by the united states or bans for a long time and the kurds did not imagine one day that the united states will abandon them and some day now happened that the united states about on them
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without telling them where they do they go so it was. in front of the kurds to choose either the turks which means that they are committing suicide all the less danger or the minimum danger from the syrian central government where they were. seven years ago citizens of this government i think that is the no a third of the in front of the kurds in north and syria but to invite this year an army to enter. strongholds in north in syria that would be the minimum danger that they will receive. that you say that that there really is no taking over of monti's right now because there is still the presence of turkish and some u.s. forces there he said that that's actually not realistic to what extent does turkey
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and the u.s. still have a presence there. well turkey and the united states they still do have troops in the members in the greater members area and it is not very realistic because in the sense that if if if we think ofa and as assad force or as and it's our group or military as a whole is willing to confront with the united states and turkey at the same time in malaysia i think that's will create further problems and i think russia is also aware of that and that's hence why it today in today's meeting turkey and russia were agreed on some of the key things being the territorial integrity or or elimination of terrorist groups yet the russian government does not recognize y p g a the serious group but it also does not want to make sure does not want to take a position where it will confront with turkey on a hard level turkey has been
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a key ally in syria for russia given the fact that we also have done the s four hundred deal as well as the energy related projects that turkey and russia has ricky is already a key ally for forward the russian government sought the russian government will ensure and give assurance to turkey that the assad regime does not take such risky steps that will turn the. situation on the ground into a more complex and more. you know to escalate the tension as far as turkey's position on assad turkey i mean cho-cho lou i think was misread when it comes to his position he's he's put his or his position on assad is that if assad is elected in a fair free election and and all of the parts passion is very inclusive and in an ideal case if you selected or struck it will respect the decision. of all the syrians and
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trick you will not ever see in that however i mean such case is very unrealistic at the moment given the fact that thousands and thousands of people were killed by the assad regime and also millions have been displaced of course at the end of the day it is syrians as a whole without exclusion of any group if they decide it is not totally safe place or anyone's place to criticize their decision ok to me we're with. just one a what will come back we'll come back i want to bring an end to metering of this because he talked a lot about russian i met in dmitri as in moscow so who taught you talk touched on this a bit earlier but what role does russia play and making sure that this doesn't escalate and become more complicated as the met said you know it's a possibility but he doesn't think is likely what role does russia play in that dmitri well i think i don't disagree with the mismatch.
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on the main points i think that the russia and turkey and now are indeed allies in the breeding beast or syria because. if you just forget the lies from the western press or russia never want that just mystery to stay in power whatever happens russia's position is that syrians themselves should elect they were government if syrians want it's not the business of the united states it's not the business all over the european union to tell them who are their new president should be so in that sense of the position of mr charles shrugged when the position of the russian foreign minister.


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