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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2018 12:00am-1:00am +03

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authorities because of his political songs and that now it's too dangerous for him to allow to vote but he says he is determined to keep fighting my name is bob and these. days are up on a make my music for for my people for a chance. for peace and. how right and for more on how street rappers turned to music you can also look at our website to see how these stories around challenging just of government will give you more insight on that as well as an interesting article there featuring how musicians try to work around that issue treat us well if you are in that the r.c. let us know your thoughts on the elections is the hash tag aging is that thanks really now to another closely watched election bangladesh where the opposition is calling for a new vote they say the election was rigged polls have been closed for several hours now and local media are projecting the prime minister heading for
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a landslide win reports say the election commission is investigating complaints of vote rigging and despite heavy security the government says at least eighteen people have been killed in voting related violence prime minister she has and is looking for a third consecutive term in office our main rival the former prime minister leader's ia has been jailed for corruption zia's party has accused the government of arresting and killing opposition activists people are being killed people are being arrested candidates have been arrested and one good little received an unprecedented honor her dog would not be named rose i could not deal with a world that. even a bad marriage could not be in the bangladesh of the forty seven i would have been here in the course of. our two hundred chadri is live for us there in dhaka so tell me what is the latest there you're hearing here and this projection
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by the media there that. one by a landslide. yes she has been declared on officially the winner from her hometown of gopal gone to fifty out of. all male a grueling party members have been declared actually winner so far only one opposition has been candidate rather has been declared officially on officially winner as jubilation and ruling party can but we haven't seen really have some sort of celebration or jubilation in the streets to small rallies in this area where you are and shouting pro-government thing other than it's been a very quiet city predictable reaction from the opposition there cannot send the leader of the opposition that lines in a hardly press conference say that we reject this election and the voting and we demand then immediately election under an interim caretaker government he also went to said that it proves that it is you can never have a fair election under
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a partition government there will be more reaction by tomorrow after the final result tally is out it's still on. television here is reporting hour by hour who is the winner the margins are very large enough now we know that before the election campaign started the opposition were intimidated they were harassed by police and the ruling party members at least that's what the opposition claimed decides discourage many people to openly campaign for the party leaders this has been a predictable scenario for many of the opposition candidates as i'm yeah i want to talk a little bit more about that tanveer about this this whole atmosphere of intimidation around this election and in the lead up to that because it was only of course a few weeks ago that we spoke to a journalist. who came on with us on al-jazeera and just a few minutes off to that he was arrested by the authorities there i mean how how
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would you characterize the whole climate in the country in the run up to this election. well i'm talking to common people even generalised a lot made at least said that look we have to go by self-censorship because the stranger and digital security law and the government is very strict on what they can report i'm not some of one of the talk show i know has been cancelled even today two of the journalists read allegedly by the ruling party members even within the social media after the student and read there was a crackdown several security branches and started monitoring the social media there's a sense of fear among the youngsters because they were very openly debating on the issue before the election that suddenly stopped after this monitoring started the government abruptly cut off the internet yesterday for gee it's been restored about an hour ago so there was very little communication between the population what was
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going on lot of videos are coming in now and what's up about the reagan ballot stuffing you know and things like that so by tomorrow we'll have a much more clear picture of what went on in the other part of the country unlike the capital city which is very calm and quiet that have been in much trouble in this but the rest of the country is very tense and violent and the reaction is going to be quite predictable from the opposition side the government is going to predictably state that they have clearly wanted in a very free and fair election which the critics analysts and even right what is their state that is not the case can be a chadri thanks very much i want to talk more about this now with ahmad what i she is the deputy south asia director at i mean internationally joins us now from islamabad so what's your reading then of of how this election is has taken place and how it's been handled. well has an amnesty international doesn't really take
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a position on the specifics of elections or political processes but our concern throughout has been that human rights be respected and unfortunately we've seen that they haven't for the last several months indeed through many recent years in bangladesh instead what we have seen is intensified political repression just today has confirmed some of our worst fears that we had raised before and other rights organizations have raised with attacks on journalists with attacks on freedom of association and peaceful assembly. we've seen people attacked through again so for example the famous photographer who was imprisoned for one hundred seven days for giving an interview on this very channel i was beaten again today and we have most tragically seen people lose their lives this has marred what
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should have been important day for bangladesh a day when people were able to exercise their political views their rights to freedom of expression. and we would call for an independent investigation into these violations and for the perpetrators to be held accountable and what sort of a response have you gotten from the government in bangladesh on all of this. well so far we haven't heard we've heard. the world has her the bangerz government repeatedly insists that it will protect human rights sadly those words have not translated into concrete actions on the ground there were a series of commitments that the bangladeshi government made during a review of its human rights record at the un human rights council in geneva and sadly this year has been marred by
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a reversal on those words whether it was protecting freedom of expression and actually we've seen them move completely in the opposite direction by introducing even more draconian legislation this will severely affected bangladesh's reputation unfortunately bangor those has stood out so over the last couple of years for its very humane treatment of the range of refugees it has stood out on the world stage at a time when many countries have turned their backs on refugees altogether unfortunate the. human rights abuses jewing in election period like this will affect his reputation will even affect his ability to be seen on the world stage either in terms taking care refugees or even in terms of being a reliable economic partner with partners such as the e.u. i'm glad you brought up the point there about bangladesh taking in so many of the range of refugees from neighboring myanmar do you think that. with the
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focus on this so much that the international community will kind of turn a blind eye to to what else is happening in bangladesh domestically the intimidation and the arrests and so on that you were talking about because of the priority of of wanting the ranger to be taken care of. well we believe amnesty international is or they should be part of the same priority what bangladesh has seen is that when it has shown a commitment to human rights to the commitment to the rights of the range of refugees it has one blow bought a claim it has been applauded by the world's leading bodies it has stood out on the un stage it has won plaudits from. the oh i see the european union and even its own people what it means that what this government needs to understand is that when it shows us commitments to human rights in other areas even when it
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comes to freedom of expression when it comes to freedom of association when it comes to freedom of peaceful assembly that is when bangor there schwall improve its own standing on the world stage this government has made a lot about is development agenda because many people in bangladesh themselves are said del development cannot be limited to economic growth and the figures you show that human rights are a part of the vela but rule of law is a part of development these things matter too if bugger this wants to be treated seriously and seen in a positive light on the world stage as we've seen this government appears to want to do so then commitments to human rights have to be across the board it is in bangladesh it's interest to do so good to speak. in islamabad. all right now how are these elections play out online really well has and we're all saying the hashtags b.-d. polls twenty eighteen and also vote for change but mobile internet has been limited
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many people that we've been talking to say that they're actually able to share the videos too online because of this particular crackdown that's currently taking place there but we are seeing some pictures trickle in on twitter pictures of the ruling awami league posts is a dominating the streets but the main focus has been about the vote and the lack of access for opposition candidates now to kill cost his votes into gong saying that he saw no opposition polling agents inside only the ruling party people around and there have been reports of ballot papers being sealed in favor of the awami league party before fotis even reached polling stations others say that it's not a free and fair election with videos like this one of women saying that they were not allowed to vote now this uses says that some people chose not to vote because the process has not been one hundred percent democratic but others are optimistic saying that it's their first time voting one person says everyone should cost of
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vote it's a democratic rights if you don't then you don't have the guts and you don't have the right then to criticize your government for the next five years well if you're currently in bangladesh we do want to hear from you that is what you think of these elections use the hash tag aging is good as a. they are here now get in touch with us if you're in bangladesh want to hear what you think about all of this moving on then president armada ill bashir says he will not apologize for the ongoing turmoil in sudan he has been speaking out against protests taking place in sudan for the past eleven days demonstrators have been calling on him to step down they're angry over rising food and fuel prices sudan's parliament is expected to vote on its twenty nine thousand budget soon bashir blamed economic problems on international sanctions and talked about sudan's resolve but the man you know does it i don't like you i've been in there was
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a brotherhood yes we're going through a crisis and the people are facing challenges and we stay awake trying to solve it but we can't solve problems with more problems and destruction destruction and looting will deepen the problem and not solve it we will get out of this crisis despite everyone trying to get us to kneel through an economic crisis we are a country that god placed with a lot of resources on top of its human resources we have people qualified in media fields and we could use these qualifications with what god blesses us who are national resources like a group culture animals plants minerals or putra or anything else and we will get through this period but it needs patience wisdom and good management the right habit offend the is professor of politics of the institute for graduate studies and a former diplomat of the sudanese foreign ministry he says the government's insensitivity towards protesters demands has stoked the anger. issues not
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just parade. it's about also how the government makes you feel if the government for example makes fun of you dollars show care about your plight. tries to say that well this is by far too this is for me this is caused by foreign intervention or by from the spirit sees what everybody knows that. it is a government jesus possible so i think. that it's insensitivity which makes and the way the government itself reacts. to conceive i think just more than just about the numbers are also many others who have been injured and injured is a serious source not the numbers of course killed there's also. thousands are now recent because the government also makes a rest from the restrictions so large
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a number of families are affected by this. it's not going to this repression is not going to work. when it's own if you want to stop demonstrations you have to talk to the people you have to offer solutions you have to. give initiatives. i want you to get in touch with us we want to hear from you on these stories you can send us your comments to any of our online platforms on twitter just use the hash tag a.j. news great our handle is a.j. english and we're also on facebook facebook dot com forwards slash al-jazeera will send us a message on whatsapp or telegram plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine. now for our viewers on facebook live more about a boxer who's making history by becoming the first transgender person to win
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a professional fight in the u.s. and then the u.k. starts to monitor how much top executives are getting paid we'll take a look at the new law that will regulate the pay gap between older and the shop floor. hello again well here we are watching what is happening out here towards the west because in the eastern med we do have a system that's going to be developing over the next few days so watch what happens here on monday you can see the system in the central part of the med not really affecting all of on too much as of yet so here on monday aleppo is going to be partly cloudy with a temper of nine beirut some clouds started coming to forecasts at sixteen but here on tuesday is when we really start to see the effects of that storm and that storm is going to be a player as we go towards mid week as well more heavy rain will be pushing into the area so we're going to be watching that very carefully over here towards baghdad
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a sunny day for you at about eighteen degrees well across the gulf we could be watching some rain developing here across the gulf into parts of iran over here toward saudi arabia now here in qatar we could be seeing similar showers pass through on monday and into monday night but by the time we get to to save those act those charts of it will be push you over here towards the east so things are going to look better across the region over towards a nice day if you at about. one hundred six degrees and then very quickly down here toward the southern part of africa we are watching some showers pushing up towards durban towards your hands over the next few days temps wise over towards durban twenty seven degrees for you and a cool day in johannesburg with a temperature of about eighteen degrees there. too often on the streets of india. are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combative
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sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lady call. on disease. whether online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a rush of adrenaline will be felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has codebase i legal protest i will start to police students force to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice vote for lots of different reasons what's the difference types of bricks join the global conversation on al-jazeera.
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religion is who want to show you about the top stories trending on our website now i did a dot com on two big election day stories get. a lot of traction on the on our website tell us. elections in the democratic republic of congo and in bangladesh lots lots of questions remain about what is going to transpire from both
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elections. on there for you on our website. dot com lots of along with lots of other stories. heavy rain in northern syria it's called major flooding forcing thousands of internally displaced families from their makeshift homes mohamed el abott of d.c. reports. thousands of families displaced by years of war in syria are being displaced again. two days of torrential rainfall in the country's northern region caused major flooding in refugee camps in it live and the aleppo family stared helplessly as their flimsy tents and makeshift shelters were washed away by. the floods didn't just had a tenner to half the camp or almost all of the camp has been washed away it's cause more damage than we could have imagined it was going to the children and the
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elderly took to higher ground as residents struggled to drain the rising waters and i was going to going to meet that may god help us after all these heavy rains we haven't been able to sleep for the past three nights and during the daytime we're not able to move around we've been doing all that we can to drain water out but unfortunately towns have been flooded were helpless that is total damage may god help us all. the flooding also cause closure of some major roads inside and outside the camps roads they're used to transport urgently needed aid. syrian civil defense also known as the white helmets say numerous refugee camps have made an urgent appeal for emergency assistance been the most the them the water up to some areas we have deployed forces in the region with heavy equipment to try and get the water out of the camps. the syrian observatory for human rights says the severe weather causing catastrophic conditions leaving tens of thousands of people to face the
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winter without shelter they're calling on the international community to help avert a major crisis for people who have already suffered enough i'm in the d.c. al-jazeera. now i heard the rebels in yemen say they have started to leave the port city of data but the yemeni government is disputing the claim after nearly four years of war it's hoped the increased access to the port will now allow humanitarian aid to east thousands of yemenis who are desperately in need of food rob mattson reports. of the first tentative step which yemenis hope could lead to a new future. the fighters have controlled the part of the day there for much of the almost four year conflict. these pictures show some boarding trucks and leaving reportedly to be redeployed around the city it's part of an agreement reached the
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talks in sweden and in her data hosted by the united nations who think rebels backed by iran and yemen's government supported by a coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have also agreed to uphold a cease fire in the city that i was delighted today because of the thing and we want these kind of that official. came late but god willing the ceasefire will hold and the situation materialise. god willing the ceasefire who died a continues people need security and safety in this country. yemen's coast guard will continue the day to day operations at the port as they have done while it's been under who control the united nations will have overall responsibility and pro-government forces are expected to back away from the areas they'd seized on the southern edge of the data in june however patrick come out the retired dutch major general who's heading a team of u.n. monitors and hard data is reported to have said he's disappointed that an agreed humanitarian corridor between her data and the capital sanaa has not yet been
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opened. the deal says so-called military manifestations should be removed from the city but who the fighters who leave the port are expected to stay at that as the fighters who used to protect the port will be redeployed to protect the city according to the sweden agreement. the governor of her data appointed by the yemeni government says the who have simply handed responsibility for the port to allies within the coast guard and the management. the next key step for yemen will be to open the humanitarian corridor dollars to deliver more food and medical supplies to starving and sick civilians who've been caught in the fighting rob matheson i'll just. take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world now more signs of warming ties between the two koreas south korea's president has received a letter from the north korean leader kim jong un asking for talks in the new year
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president office says kim was sorry he could not make a planned visit to the south before the end of twenty eighteen the two met three times this year and made a series of goodwill gestures of the years of mutual hostility rob mcbride has the latest from seoul. the presidential office in seoul won't reveal too many details about the exact contents of this two page letter but it is being warmly received here by south korean officials president moon j.n. indeed has responded on social media thanking kim jong un personally there had been hopes that kim jong un would be visiting south korea which would be an historic visit the first by our north korean leader indeed since the korean war and that that visit would take place during this year that was the stated intention when the two leaders met in pyongyang for their third summit in september but it wasn't to
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be the case even as late as last week some people were predicting that the visit might be taking place on the thirtieth and thirty first clearly that's not happening but this letter does now lead to speculation that the visit will take place possibly as early as the new year communed on to chairman kim expressed regret towards the fact that his visit to seoul did not take place as was agreed between the two leaders in pyongyang chairman kim expressed a strong willingness to visit soln has been monitoring the situation kim also stated that he's willing to meet often with president moon in two thousand and nineteen to divans discussions on the peace and prosperity of the korean peninsula and to resolve together the issue of the nuclearization what officials are still confident about the general direction of into korean relations last wednesday a groundbreaking ceremony indeed took place between north and south korea for a planned project to reconnect road and rail links across the d.m.z.
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separating the two koreas so in conjunction with this letter south korean officials are still confident that the whole reconciliation process is still on track. problem right there now president donald trump has been in office for nearly two years now and next year will mark the official start all mark the start of the twenty twenty u.s. presidential election campaign as part of our series looking ahead of the big stories of twenty nineteen kimberly how he looks at what we can expect from trump and congress. in the u.s. election season begins very early i am a socially running i'm running for president i am a candidate for president in twenty one thousand the campaign for the white house will officially begin expect a crowded field of candidates on the democratic side as they try to take back the presidency from donald trump in two thousand and twenty. will be helped by some fresh faces and capitol hill in january democrats will take over the house of
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representatives in the u.s. congress for the first time in eight years it will also be the most diverse group in u.s. history with the highest number of women including the first two muslim american women and the first to native american women it was no solution no collusion there is absolutely no summer but the new congress will also bring in many people who want more investigations into tribes businesses and financial transactions with foreign governments particularly russia one of those people is california congressman adam schiff who's expected to take over the house intelligence committee he's promised to probe trump's business dealings and make them public i have no business whatsoever with saudi arabia couldn't care less any inquiry will look into that claim and u.s. ties with saudi arabia riyadh has come under heavy scrutiny following the murder of jamal killed in the saudi embassy in istanbul in october democratic lawmakers in
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the house of representatives may press to hold the crown prince accountable even though the royal palace has denied it this is the f.b.i. continues its investigation into trump's alleged campaign ties to foreign governments but that investigation has already netted his former campaign manager deputy campaign manager and former national security adviser among others. another meeting between north korean leader kim jong un and trump is also in the works. white house officials have indicated it could happen as early as february last june the two men made history in their first meeting in singapore. but since then pyongyang has reportedly built up its nuclear program contrary to what trump it hoped the white house was also expected to unveil its peace plan to help resolve the dispute between israel and the palestinians given the israeli elections in twenty nineteen the trump administration is said to be in discussions with israeli
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officials on the best time to unveil the proposals kimberley health at al-jazeera the white house are there been a number of attacks by the extreme right in germany in recent years targets included refugees homes and foreign owned properties and businesses experts say there is a core of around twenty five thousand far right activists dispersed throughout the country dominic kane reports from eastern germany massoud hashemi replays his restaurant for the lunchtime rush on a busy week day he'd expect to have lots of clients it is a rainy and restaurant but recently things have changed he and his restaurant have been attacked and for how the. three men dressed all in black and wearing motorbike helmets came into the restaurant they made nazi salutes and shouted heil hitler then they threw one a some of ours at me and hit me in the face then they three me
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ken's one of the radiators i spent eight days in hospital because of it you. call the police are still investigating this and turned to establish whether it was a case of right wing extremist violence but on the face of it appears to be part of a string of such incidents that have happened in this city in this state in recent times one question real forties will be asking is what's the deeper motivation for such morons. mike scheffler can provide a clear idea he spent seventeen years in the extremist far right movement in saxony who has been the front of the to be idea where i grew up there were only left wing groups and right wing groups you could join but i felt drawn to the right and it felt as though my friends did too then one day a recruiter arrived and he gave us a structure something to believe in when he admits having targeted left wingers and foreigners in violent attacks at the time he felt no remorse until relatively
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recently he was an elected representative of the neo nazi n.p. day party now he rejects the movement he told me why often and the reason it was a gigantic disappointment for me when the people i had followed into the movement suddenly quit it made me question everything at believed then i was full of doubt and i slowly began to realize i needed to be part of a wider society and it was in doing that that i became a different person scheffler was helped out of the neo nazi scene by the group exit dodge land far beyond fishman runs the group from its base in berlin he says the size of his task is clear but one think life that there are about twenty five thousand dedicated hardcore neo nazis who are being monitored by the police and who are suspected of committing violent acts and that number is well identified but there is also a crossover of some individuals from the populist far right there's no doubt the vast majority of people who support the political far right do not support the use
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of force to achieve their aims but as massoud can confirm in kenneth's there are still several who do dominate came out zero in saxony. now some of the united states' biggest newspapers have had problems printing and distributing their papers juta hacking an apparent cyber attack hit the los angeles times the san diego union tribune it also affected the west coast editions of the new york times and wall street journal staff say malware was detected on the service on friday no evidence subscribers personal information was stolen outgoing call is a former cia officer where he was a former deputy national intelligence officer for the transnational threats on the national intelligence council he joins us now via skype from boston thanks so much for being with us so these cyber hacks are becoming more and more common but talk
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us through what happens next here who's going to be investigating what's going on from here and and what would happen in an investigation of this kind. right well the new element to this is is technology that's all otherwise this is intelligence operations that have continued. for ever actually and they are to shape the perceptions of the target population or to disrupt the and alter the means of communication so the new element is that this is all done in the cyber world what will happen is a search of course for the source of the attacks and then you at the same time the cia the department of homeland security the f.b.i. have for decades been working with companies in this instance media outlets to sensitize them to the threats that are on ending to their
12:35 am
operations and to their content once you find the perpetrator of this is the another new an element is what do you do we don't have good law or good history of evolved on how to respond to cyber threats and that's one of the challenges for national security officials and institutions of our era i want about the companies themselves have they done enough to protect themselves against malware breaches and cyber hacks like this or are they being too lax. well i know that every responsible company and certainly media companies have robust cyber division and and people and tire offices dedicated to trying to secure their their facilities and their their software from hacking but it's never and
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always moving and always changing threat environment and there will always be new ways of reaching defenses so i i would suspect that the i'm confident that the los angeles times in new york times and other major media outlets are quite conscious and devote huge resources to securing their. digital existences but there will always be a threat whether it's a wall or a cyber counterintelligence software nothing is ever perfect and things can always be reached and this is unfortunately a very sensitive time for journalism in the u.s. with recent bomb threats at c.n.n. and repaid to talk of fake news by president trump viewers may wonder if the attack did this inside the u.s. but there is lots of talk about foreign entities being responsible for this how can
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investigators know for sure whether the hack is responsible for this what domestic or foreign. well i think you raise a very important issue and that is the. challenge of our times really which is the rise of populism and the far right challenging. objective truths and the center of the of establishing what is truth and one of the facts are the free media this is always been a threat there for a long before there was an internet in the cyber universe foreign intelligence or all intelligence services in general have always worked to obtain sources and plant information in target media so that's nothing new except that it's now been cyber the issue for us today however is that with the rise of populism you have free media as one of the. and free expression one of the central targets of the
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far right frankly if you challenge objective truth then all of a sudden anything goes and and democracy itself is undermined just one of the objectives so this seems to be part of the spirit of the age and the challenges that all democracies and societies with free media have to confront how you. were going to challenge we're going to have to leave it there push a talking to a psych claim call joining us from boston thanks so much for being with us. now the growing up pay gap between executives and their employees is the target of new regulations coming into force in britain from january the first u.k. listed companies will have to monitor reveal and justify the difference in souers between the boardroom and the shop floor for one i reports now from london as part of our series looking into new laws for twenty nineteen probably glass and metal
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towers of london's financial district symbolize the success and sometimes excess of britain's top companies while enforced public austerity has kept a lid on the average working wage the eye watering salaries and extraordinary bonuses of the top u.k. bosses have sparked outrage in twenty seventeen alone the salary of top bosses jumped eleven percent to four point nine million dollars over the past twenty years or so we've seen the pay of a foot see one hundred see go from about fifty or sixty times that the average u.k. work to bore like one hundred fifty times now there's been no real justification for that in terms of company performance so i definitely think it is the case that there's been a major corporate governance or policy failure somewhere along the line among a string of high profile controversies in twenty eighteen with a ninety five million dollars bonus paid to jeff urban c.e.o. of the house bill de persimmon the public outrage cost him his job. the royal mail
12:40 am
paid its new chief executive rico back a seven point three million dollars signing on fee despite seventy percent of shareholders objecting and a shareholder revolt that bt failed to block a two point nine million dollars package for gavin patterson the departing chief executive remuneration committee setting the quiet for a long time now to take into account paying conditions elsewhere in the company when setting executive pay and they have absolutely failed to do this from january twenty ninth listed companies with more than two hundred fifty employees must calculate unpublicized the pay ratio between the boss and the average worker the institute of directors supports the new rules although it says some comparisons will be more useful than others but if for the same company you'll seeing say the pe ratio increase from one year to the next so topics. moving upwards at a faster rate than that of the average employee that could give rise to legitimate
12:41 am
questions in the sense that you're describing and if companies refuse to moderate themselves there is scope for further government intervention perhaps policies from the government in relation to their procurement activities or in relation to the. tax system that would favor the companies with lower pay ratios and penalize those with the vast caps that have become increasingly complex in recent years the new pay ratio regulations should strengthen shareholders ability to block excessive deals and could shame companies into actually complying but u.k. boardrooms have shown themselves to be remarkably brazen despite public criticism and more may yet be needed in order to rein in the worst excesses paul brennan al-jazeera the city of london. all right let's take a look at what people are talking about in sports today if far hasn't thank you so much the latest and somewhat bizarre chapter in boxer floyd mayweather is career
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will unfold on new year's eve the unbeaten fighter is taking on a japanese kick boxer mayweather who's forty one is facing kickboxing world champion tension now despite the twenty year old's background no kicking will be allowed mayweather hasn't fought since he beat kronenberg record more than a year ago but says he's not worried about anything but i'm pretty sure he's taking the fight extremely serious and though i know he's probably working hard to jim there's not a day i don't i don't have to work hard in the gym for three rounds i can basically do three rounds in my sleep so i don't worry about that earlier i spoke to boxing and m.m.a. writer gareth a davies he told us why he things mayweather greed to do the fight and what his chances are against the young kick boxer. well it's almost m.m.a. a mixed martial arts college but as we found in november when he first announced he was going to take part in it and then withdrew and then came back what they've done is if the fight organization is called rezin very famous japanese mixed martial
12:43 am
arts organization they will have a town schoolhouse rezin gloves it will be boxing only and it will be three three minute rounds now nasser cola is a killer if i can use that works as a knockout saltiest as a kick boxer spinning back elbows spinning back kicks he won't be allowed to do any of that in this fight with mayweather it's going to be strictly three minutes over books and for three rounds master call will not be able to use feet knees elbows just his hands and remember he's twenty pounds light so that floyd mayweather a stone and a half is going to be made up of what we call welterweights in boxing one hundred forty seven crowns and generally nasa to call it fights at one hundred twenty six pounds so everything as you would expect is stacked in floyd mayweather is favored
12:44 am
and the other thing about it is it's already been agreed that it won't be part of official records so if mayweather loses he doesn't actually lose on his official record he still fifty nine beats and so for him it's a win win win money representation in japan in front of a big audience and another opportunity to fight an amazing young rising star in japan. well the real fights were happening at the octagon in l.a. on saturday u.f.c. t three two was trending and it didn't disappoint john jones reclaimed his light heavyweight title with a technical knock out of alexander gustafsson in the third round of the headline event it was his first appearance in seventeen months after serving a doping battle but the women's fight was a big surprise bantamweight champion amanda nunez stunned chris cyborg with a knockout just fifty one seconds into the opening round ending the featherweights thirteen year on beaten run victory makes nunez the first female u.f.c. fighter to hold titles in two weight divisions. and she's sure she
12:45 am
spousal she's agreed agree jump in i respect. but tonight i lose going to be mine i. am going to be the one you know. happy to have oscar winning actor howie berry was one of those who congratulated nunez after that win that's despite being in chris cyborgs corner in the build up of the hands of college football have been focused on the many bowl games in the states right now while clemson won the cotton ball over notre dame that wasn't really stole the show a rogue bald eagle that flew around the stadium during the national anthem but failed to return to its handler instead clarke the eagle landed on to notre dame fans who kept their cool hand there eventually picked him up again unfortunately for notre dame they got picked off by clemson three points to three. o.b.
12:46 am
back with more of a two hundred g.m.t. it's back to has and. thanks very much for these are all the ways that you can get in touch with us remember keep in touch with us on social media as ever it is a.j. newsgroup so you have twenty four hours. the marshall islands holds a toxic legacy from years of u.s. military nuclear testing. as the sea levels rise one on one east investigates the threats this followed posers on al-jazeera one of the really special things that
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work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as well we cover this region better than anyone else would be for us as it is that he chose to live out of it but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories does us mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. thanks love to make loans to sufferance because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers because those taxpayers never go away is a new one born every single day and ninety it is an urgent national necessity and we put it we officially request the accusation of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in creeks somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera.
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that mattie. al-jazeera. frustration and anger in the d.l.c. as missing votes unless it's broken machines and terentia will rain disrupt voting and the long daylight presidential election. and i'm suited some this is all just there a long way from london also coming off early results in bangladesh show shake hands
12:49 am
cena heading for victory and then election mob by eight deaths and reports of vote rigging colombia says it's investigating an assassination plots against president after arresting three venezuelans i'm king jointly writes to south korea's president moon on asking for rule summits in the new year. it's been a day of disruption and frustration in the democratic republic of congo where people have been voting for a new president in an election delayed for two years voting was shot to end around now more than forty six million people have registered to elect a successor to joseph kabila he's been in power for eighteen years twenty wrong candidates were proved to wrong but the leading contenders are complete list chosen candidate emmanuel ramazan aisha dollery and opposition. felix jessa katie and
12:50 am
front runner martin so you load voting got off to a slow start due to torrential rain in the capital kinshasa and some polling stations took hours to open because of problems with voting machines and missing voter lists unofficial voting has taken place in three largely opposition strongholds where authorities delayed voting until march citing risks from a boa and ethnic violence the president is still due to be sworn in though in next month's many voters are frustrated by problems at the polling stations. there are nine machine and the few machines that do not work properly this is going to sanction mystic ability to vote for change but unfortunately there is no voters there are no machines there's nothing some people couldn't even find the names on the voter list. i've been here since five o'clock and nothing is happening
12:51 am
nothing works the polling station is still happy and still voting machines. to vote we don't understand what's going. on we have correspondents at two different polling stations in the capital kinshasa let's not start with. the stronghold over the capitol as i said at the beginning we saw the vote was about to send in the top of this hour so many problems as it's an issue. while it's still very tense in this area why am i did visit the polling station where the voting lives there ready to vote has read if that was not their people they're very angry thing that they feel that this is a deliberate attempt by the electoral commission to lock them out of the vote went to another politician where people angry because of the same reason they're called voting haven't even batted in that polling station they threaten that thinking that
12:52 am
we are with the electoral commission they don't trust the electoral commission at all in this polling station where i am both people there who are you know trying to find their name in the voters' read is that many of them saying they haven't found them in a very very snowy day but we did talk about. it because many people do not know how to use these controversial working machines that's why the process know that trying to understand the machine before they were making up to had made mention called i suppose close but again. here in the open people still looking for their name president joseph kabila both said i looked to him right after. my only concern is that we have this everywhere you. might be wrong but hopefully the skies are clear that what others are and what you
12:53 am
see the critics are saying that they don't believe that the solutions to these things because of. our time we had to scream that they shouldn't feel annoyed is different to be here. so we've had reports from an area called no bear i know he would it is than in if the. congo and we're being told that there really are rebel group called my mind that has overrun several polling stations in. the book in a fucking way and in beni one of the areas where the vote has been postponed with really dramatic shots of people going to be makes you polling stations that have been put up by the will to sack a group their people the thing that they want to feel have even if they're not going to go to the cause of everybody else it's important to note that this is a huge country with
12:54 am
a very people struck by this disconnect and really and a lot of people will really to get information from many parts of the complicating that what he's already a very difficult election that's catherine someone speaking from the capital with across the capital another toilets so we have malcolm webb who is a more affluent area malcolm one of position how are they responding to these claims that there's been these big problems do they say this is just something that needs a huge organization the taking to put on this vote is a is the problem or are they so saying something that. maybe kabila supports so that there's some sort of something on the hand going on. where i am here in may which is the main business administrator district of the capital voting is going very smoothly at this polling station here where they're leading presidential candidates voted earlier but the problems that we've seen in
12:55 am
several different parts of the country. commissions consistently said that it's trying to it's best to deliver democracy but most congolese don't believe that opinion polls show that people don't trust the electoral commission every time there's some kind of mishap generally people are quick to blame the electoral commission and see it as a bias in favor of the ruling party of course this contention this is going to be very significant as we now come into counting those votes and then a few days from now announcing the results. excitement among many people who are getting a chance to. what's going to be a free and fair election is there a worry that if they don't feel they've been allowed some tension and. definitely i'm going to people they feel they haven't been allowed to vote and also a big risk of anger from people who feel their votes haven't been counted properly
12:56 am
in schools can things the next stage and there's been some controversy and a lack of clarity at whether their final count will be based upon the paper ballots the machines print which is a relatively transparent system or on an electronic counts that would be transmitted directly from the machines to the electoral commission the central system which of course is a relatively opaque way of doing it and if people don't trust the result opinion polls that also said about fifty percent of respondents would protest would go to the streets if they believed that this election has been great definitely a chance of on rescue people on satisfied with the election if they don't see it to be credible anything stand by speaking to us from. now at least eighteen people have died as bangladeshis voted in
12:57 am
a general election mobbed by fans and intimidation early results show prime minister shaikh has seen as ruling awami league party taking a big lead the opposition has already rejected the results and edging vote to making more than sixteen hundred six hundred thousand security personnel were deployed across the country to ensure the vote last peacefully local media reports suggest some people stayed away from polling stations to avoid trouble. seen a is the daughter of bangladesh is fast president she's been accused of retiring isn't but under her leadership the country has become one of the finest growing economies in the world she was elton into the in power with him main rival she latest zia for most of the last three decades zia heads the bangladesh national party the largest in opposition coalition but she is currently in prison serving seventeen years for corruption charges she says are politically motivated and
12:58 am
leader bangladeshis opposition alliance has called the vote full circle and is calling for a new election to be held under the authority of a nonpartisan government. look being people are being arrested candidates are being arrested and one get a little receiving president did not know her daughter would not be a rose i could not be with a world that. even a bad real nightmare could not think it was wrong that is over forty seven you and i would have the it isn't a good causes. tanveer chantry joins me now from. the scene of the saying just
12:59 am
a. bit of course the opposition is saying this is still sick and the calling for fresh is likely to get any traction well it depends on who you ask also in the street i'm a she does have our support our she has been praised by the international community for how she dealt with the rohingya refugee crisis and the arm of the us has been cited. very respectable economic rising power under her leadership so that is are undoubtedly the case but she has also been criticised been very iron fisted with the opposition since two thousand and fourteen hundreds of opposition leaders have been arrested detained there's been cases of extrajudicial killing and force disappearance all this allegation by the opposition and critics and human rights organization and obviously there's a jubilation in the ruling party can the opposition almost predict that this scenario because they have come under attack since the election campaigns thought
1:00 am
it from december tenth at least thousands of opposition members and candidates were arrested they were discouraged from campaigned by the security force along with the ruling party supporters this is been widely reported in the mass media at least sixteen rights bodies have criticised this an even playing field for the opposition decided thirty seven incidents where the opposition leaders motorcades were attacked by. plea by the ruling party supporters considering the scenario the opposition itself said this is not going to be a fair election their supporters scared to go to the polling centers at least forty seven candidates actually glycol a day lection today and twenty two happens to be from the jam at the.


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