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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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it will be contentious many congolese say they wanted to accept a result they don't believe. want to zero kinshasa or the democratic republic of congo. so he joins us now live from the capital kinshasa so katherine bring us up to speed on what's been happening there are people still waiting to vote. yes they are housed but let me just give you some information that we're getting from an area called zero south cuba and democratic republic of congo right at the border with uganda so some people have been killed in a polling station so this is what happened there was a lection commission official who was helping people use this electronic voting machine some suspected that he was leading the elderly and other voters who could not use the machine process the wrap said police outside of fired live
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or let one. of both was in the queue the process hand on the police and they to mop till he died as well now coming back to can shock. in one of the. opposition areas it's been very tense all day with a lot of problems including some polling stations where there were no voices raised voices registers in this in this polling station the gate is still open those people over there are still looking for their names in the least many of them have said that they cannot find their names a lot of frustration people have been very oddly in the morning in many other areas that we want to polling stations here in these positions stronghold people very angry they are very aggressive towards everybody they say they don't trust the electoral commission they say that they feel that the electoral commission is the
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libor rate locking out of this election to deny votes to the opposition catherine thanks very much catherine soil life. all right still ahead on al-jazeera the company until we have checked every corner we would know to shoot at the trapped miners have died in india the hunt continues for fifteen teenage miners trapped underground for two weeks. hello again we're here cross labatt we are watching what is happening out here towards the west because in the eastern med we do have a system that's going to be developing over the next few days so watch what happens here on monday you can see the system in the central part of the med not really
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affecting all of our too much as of yet so here on monday aleppo is going to be partly cloudy with a temper of nine beirut some cloud study coming to your forecast at sixteen but here on tuesday is when we really start to see the effects of that storm and that storm is going to be a player as we go towards mid week as well more heavy rain will be pushing into the area so we're going to be watching that very carefully over here towards baghdad a sunny day for you at about eighteen degrees well across the gulf we could be watching some rain developing here across the gulf into parts of iran over here toward saudi arabia now here in qatar we could be seeing similar showers pass through on monday and into monday night but by the time we get to two save those act those chartreuse will be push you over here towards the east so things are going to look better across the region over towards dobby a nice day if you at about twenty six degrees and then very quickly down here toward the southern part of africa we are watching some showers pushing up towards durban towards your hands broke over the next few days temps wise over towards durban twenty seven degrees for you and a cool day in johannesburg with a temperature of about eighteen degrees there.
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rewind returns can bring your people back to life. with new updates on the best of . begins with. i was. like any other student i was very fortunate to be awarded a rewind on al-jazeera. again
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you're watching a reminder of top stories this hour bangladesh's main opposition alliance is demanding a new election after claiming the vote was rigged it says a third of all opposition candidates have pulled out in protest the government is reporting eight hundred people killed across the country. in the democratic republic of congo have been extended in some places but many have been on the many have been able to vote voters are choosing who will succeed president joseph kabila about one point three million people. have been excluded from voting. rebels in yemen say they have started to leave the port city of data it is part of a u.n. cease fire deal signed in sweden earlier this month but the yemeni government says they haven't gone the u.n. says a humanitarian corridor between her data and the capital has not opened yet as promised but math and reports. are the first tentative step which yemenis hope could lead to
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a new future. have controlled the course of the day there for much of. almost four year conflict. these pictures show some boarding trucks and leaving reportedly to be redeployed around the city it's part of an agreement reached the talks in sweden and in her data hosted by the united nations who the rebels backed by iran and yemen's government supported by a coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have also agreed to uphold a cease fire in the city and i was delighted today because of the thing and we want these kinds of to fission. came late but god willing the ceasefire will hold and the. god willing the ceasefire who died a continues people need security and safety in this country. yemen's coast guard will continue the day to day operations at the port as they have done while it's been under who control the united nations will have overall responsibility and
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pro-government forces are expected to back away from the areas they'd seized on the southern edge of the data in june however patrick come out the retired dutch major general who's heading a team of u.n. monitors in her data is reported to have said he's disappointed that an agreed humanitarian corridor between her data and the capital sanaa has not yet been opened. the deal says so-called military manifestations should be removed from the city but the fighters who leave the port are expected to stay. as the fighters who used to protect the port will be redeployed to protect the city according to the sweden agreement. the governor of creditor appointed by the yemeni government says the who have simply handed responsibility for the port to allies within the coast guard and the management. the next key step for yemen will be to open the humanitarian corridors to deliver more food and medical supplies to starving and
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six civilians who've been caught in the fighting rob matheson. there's an australian cities in the philippines say at. twenty two people have been killed in a tropical storm and that more casualties are likely local media is reporting dozens of people were trapped by landslides in heavy flooding with parts of the province's of camarin as north they still underwater thousands of people fled their homes ahead of the storm more heavy rains for cost. lots of rain as well in northern syria causing major flooding and forcing thousands of internally displaced families from their makeshift homes aid groups which are already struggling because of the war in syria have appealed for international help but these reports. thousands of families displaced by years of war in syria are being displaced again two days of torrential rainfall in the country's northern
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region caused major flooding in refugee camps in it libya and aleppo family stared helplessly as their flimsy tents and makeshift shelters were washed away by. the floods didn't just had a tenner to half the camp or almost all of the camp has been washed away it's cause more damage than we could have imagined it was going to the children and the elderly took to higher ground as residents struggle to drain the rising waters i turn oh i could have only about may god help us after all these heavy rains we haven't been able to sleep for the past three nights and during the daytime we're not able to move around we've been doing all that we can to drain water out but unfortunately towns have been flooded were helpless that is total damage may god help us all. the flooding also cause closure of some major roads inside and outside the camps roads they're used to transport urgently needed aid. syrian civil defense also known as the white helmets say numerous refugee camps have made an urgent
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appeal for emergency assistance. the number on the water up to some areas we have deployed forces in the region with heavy equipment to try and get the water out of the camps. the syrian observatory for human rights says the severe weather causing catastrophic conditions leaving tens of thousands of people to face the winter without shelter they're calling on the international community to help avert a major crisis for people who have already suffered. enough of that but d.c. al-jazeera. rescuers in india are stepping up efforts to find fifteen miners who've been trapped underground for more than two weeks navy divers have now joined the search but hopes of fading for the teenage workers in the flooded coal mine in the north eastern state of my katia nope as whole diane has more. a leap of faith underground rescue crews are on a race against time hoping for
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a miracle fifteen miners have been trapped inside an illegal coal mine since december thirteenth a few helmets have been recovered but so far no signs of life but. until we have checked every corner would not assured that the trapped miners had died nearly one fourth of the ninety meter deep mine in the east hills got filled with water when flash was from a nearby river rushed through a lack of proper draining tools delayed earlier rescue plans leading to heavy criticism against the government specialized indian navy divers have since been called in and more equipment is now available we saw fire anybody does the services the rescuers of odisha fire emergency services have brought ten high pressure pumps we've already started the installment process because. environmental concerns let's well mining ban in two thousand and fourteen in the state of meghalaya. it's
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illegal but still commonly known as rat holes illegal coal mines operate under dangerous conditions with no emergency plans the workers are often children and teenagers accidents are frequent with little or no losses in food or water for the miners chances of survival are slim the indian navy divers personally inspected the area with my divers they assess the situation from the water surface level and i think they will be able to map out a good plan they are staying positive and so are we. a challenging rescue mission put time and aunts against it but families and rescue teams are clinging on to hope cards yellow poso the young al-jazeera of brazil's largest social organization the landless workers movement says attacks on its members have increased significantly since the election of a new right wing president jalal sonar will be sworn in on tuesday he describes the group as terrorists are latin america editor lucien newman reports from the state
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of mato grosso in the west of brazil. scores of families who belong to the m.s.t. org landless people's movement live in makeshift homes along this rural road in southwestern brazil they now that are steele says the two months ago she was taking a shower when she heard her neighbor's screams. this shack was up in flames torched by unknown assailants luckily no one was injured animals didn't think none of them it might i'm not going to tell you we're not afraid we are that's why we leave the lights on now i'm afraid but what can i do against these people nothing. she's referring to increasingly emboldened opponents of the m.s.t. who expect brazil's far right wing president elect. to make good on his promise to get rid of so-called dangerous extremists brazil's landless movement is the largest organization of its kind in all of latin america and it's also the one that
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suffered the most attacks of the seventy social activists who were murdered in brazil last year the vast majority belong to the landless movement and the fear is that under the new government they will be targeted even further. an antiterrorism law being debated in the senate could make that easier for decades the m.s.t. has been fighting for land redistribution and at times members have resorted to land occupations and violence but legal experts argue the current penal code is sufficient to punish those who break the law. to give the government now in the future the power to declare any type of demonstration by political opponents as terrorism is very dangerous. back at the roadside. shows or some vegetables they've grown. for every. other member we go hungry a lot we trade things with our neighbors and that's how we survive by using the
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patches of land by the side of the road imagine if we had our arms actually. but instead of land they're expecting a confrontation with a new president who's declared the estimated one point five million members of the movement of threat to brazil you see in human al-jazeera. brazil. well the mother of a guatemalan boy who died while in u.s. custody says her son was healthy when he left home eight year old philippe gomez along is from a remote village about four hundred kilometers west of guatemala city he and his father were detained by u.s. border agents on december the eighteenth. when i could never have imagined this he was happy when he left he called me and said he was at the border and he was having chicken for dinner and there's a prayer the whole thing when he left he said i'm a little young now but when i arrive there i'm going to grow up i will study and look for a job and i'm going to send you money and buy
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a codes for my mom. gratian was a key part of donald trump's last presidential campaign but he can expect a tough time on that on other issues when the democrats take control of one of the two houses of congress in the new year as part of our series looking ahead to what we think will be major issues in twenty nineteen. reports. in the u.s. election season begins very early. i am a city surely running i'm running for president i am a candidate for president twenty one thousand the campaign for the white house will officially begin expect a crowded field of candidates on the democratic side as they try to take back the presidency from donald trump in two thousand and twenty. will be helped by some fresh faces and capitol hill in january democrats will take over the house of representatives in the u.s. congress for the first time in eight years it will also be the most diverse group
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in u.s. history with the highest number of women including the first two muslim american women and the first to native american women it was no solution no collusion there is absolutely no solution but the new congress will also bring in many people who want more investigations into tribes businesses and financial transactions with foreign governments particularly russia one of those people is california congressman adam schiff who's expected to take over the house intelligence committee he's promised to probe trump's business dealings and make them public i have no business whatsoever with saudi arabia couldn't care less any inquiry will look into that claim and u.s. ties with saudi arabia riyadh has come under heavy scrutiny following the murder of jamal house shows he killed in the saudi embassy in istanbul in october democratic lawmakers in the house of representatives may press to hold the crown prince accountable even though the royal palace has denied it this is the f.b.i.
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continues its invest. a geisha into trump's alleged campaign ties to foreign governments. that investigation has already netted his former campaign manager deputy campaign manager and former national security advisor among others. another meeting between north korean leader kim jong un and trump is also in the works white house officials have indicated it could happen as early as february last june the two men made history in their first meeting in singapore. but since then pyongyang has reportedly built up its nuclear program contrary to what trumpet hoped the white house is also expected to unveil its peace plan to help resolve the dispute between israel and the palestinians given the israeli elections in twenty nineteen the trump administration is said to be in discussions with israeli officials on the best time to unveil the proposals kimberly health at al-jazeera
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the white house. this is as you know it's going to round up all the top stories finally this is main opposition alliance is demanding a new election off the claiming the vote was rigged it says a third of all opposition candidates have pulled out in protest the government is reporting eight hundred people have been killed across the country. people love being killed people are being arrested candidates not being interested in one good leader going to be seated on president didn't you know we both like good lord he would be able to get even a bad dream i mean i could not think good with bangladesh up to forty seven when i would have been a good person. holes in the democratic republic of congo have been extended in some places but many have been able to vote voters are being votes are being counted right now to see who will succeed president joseph kabila about one point three
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million people from three districts have been excluded from voting my only concern is that we have the city everyday. and over the voter turnout might be wrong but for the first phase in clear and that will tell you time out and wimbledon what you see the people who have seen that they don't believe anything to beat me up because i'm counting. on overtime return but this clear but they shouldn't be unfair and we're different in different. disaster agencies in the northern philippines say at least twenty two people have been killed in a tropical storm and that more casualties are likely dozens were trapped by landslides and heavy flooding thousands of people fled their homes ahead of the storm. yemen's pretty rebels say they've handed over control of the data port but the yemeni government is disputing that claim. sudan's president omar bashir says
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his country is in crisis but he's refusing to accept blame for anti-government protests at least nineteen people have been killed in the last eleven days those are the headlines inside stories next. she's accused of silencing her critics are main rival is in jail this decade in power is being put to the test. vote for her to stay as prime minister and why does this election matter this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey the daughter of democracy to her supporters and authoritarian to her critics bangladesh's prime minister shake a senior has been in and out of power for decades and now she's likely to win a mandate for a record third straight term millions of bangladeshis have cast their votes in what's being seen as a referendum on his seen his ruling party elections have been marred by violence accusations of a crackdown on opposition voices and complaints of vote rigging seen as longtime rival is the former prime minister but she's been in jail since february on corruption charges and is barred from even taking part. strafford has the latest now from the capital dhaka. as polls closed in this the eleventh's election in this
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country's history since its independence in one thousand nine hundred eighty one yet more allegations but only by the opposition of voter intimidation and potentially vote rigging certainly the election commission says it's going to be investigating these claims that the polling station that we visited things will calm but interestingly we spoke to a member of a member of an opposition polling station teen who said that they had their id papers and their election papers confiscated they then said that they were threatened and forced to leave the premises by what they described as supporters of the ruling party now each party is supposed to have representatives at these polling stations they monitor the voting process and vitally have to be present for the counting of the votes so certainly these allegations are consistent with what it seems the election commission could be investigating it's also important to say that at this particular polling station they seem to be very few members of
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supporters of one of the opposition costing their ballots one man who came up to us quietly and was keen to report to us that he said that he'd arrived at the polling station to find out that his ballot had already been cast now the government has said that the kind of figures that the opposition has been putting out in the build up to this election the opposition saying that more than ten thousand six hundred of iraq's are coulters and some of these candidates have been arrested detained in the build up to the election the ruling party saying that these figures are fabricated. and there's a there's been a lot of exaggeration on the level of violence that is being committed by their supporters and they're keen to point out that they have also been the victim of violence at least six supporters of the ruling party have been killed in the run up to this or. lection the government also it must be pointed out despite their human
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rights record the international community or many members of the international community in the world bank been very complementary with respect to the economic policies of bangladesh in recent years least six percent economic annual growth. in recent years they've also been very complementary to the government about the way that it's handle what was described last year is the largest refugee crisis in the world around seven hundred thousand ranger refugees fleeing a crackdown in myanmar that are now residing in camps in bangladesh but as i say with these increasing allegations now of voter fraud jury in this poll it's going to be very interesting to see whether either side except any result after this election charles stratford in dhaka the inside story. so a closer look at the woman who's led bangladesh for nearly a decade chica seen as the daughter of bangladesh this founder who led the country
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to its end dependence from pakistan she was elected to the leadership of the ruling awami league in one thousand nine hundred one and began her first and as prime minister in one nine hundred ninety six she is now the country's longest serving and two thousand and seven his senior was jailed on charges of corruption alleged to have taken place while she was in office she returned to power in two thousand and nine and has been credited with overseeing ten years of economic growth but criticized for cracking down on the opposition she's also been praised for welcoming revenger refugees fleeing a military crackdown in me and maher. let's bring in the panel now joining us from london soltani a mood sharif president of the awami league in the u.k. and. a professor of international relations at john geer nagar university and also in london a hog associate fellow of the asia pacific program at chatham house appreciate all of you for joining me right now so what i want to start with you is the atmosphere
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right for a free and fair election as you see it. it is fully. very much an atmosphere where people were able to come and cast their vote i have been getting information from people who are standing in the queue all over the country and giving information as to how simple easy and comfortable it was for them to go and give their vote and i am fully satisfied that it was done as part of the promise of the election commission the law enforcing authorities the government of the day and other. other people who are conducting this election including the civil servants and the helping police forces. be interested in your thoughts as well do you think that
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there's a proper atmosphere to to foster a free and fair election. well it depends how we see but generally i would say that it was related a much peaceful then what we. anticipated perhaps there are allegations that in some voting some polling stations it regularly things perhaps there is also. media reporting that almost like more than eighteen people died during the day of the election which gives you a little bit of an uneasy picture where you see that the election has been marked with violence and irregularities and the election commission has a right feeling mentioned that they waited definitely looking to aid and come back
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to appropriate inquiry into all these allegations which has been launched by different political parties so therefore in the general sense that the most there was much more better than what we anticipated but perhaps the violence really questions sartain integrity of the entire process ok sure your thoughts. well i think you know rather than concentrate only on what happened in illinois on the election day we shouldn't in any case we don't have a clear picture because media hasn't had full and free access to the election coverage we've had very little independent oversight and monitoring of the elections let's step back a little bit and see how the state machinery has been manipulated in bank of the issue for a period of time during the campaigning the way the election commission has been manipulated the way the police have been deployed so instruments of the state have
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been used in the ruling party's favor in addition i think we have to stay a step back and really look at the onslaught on the opposition which has been taking place for the last two years almost you know we've had sixty one percent of the opposition candidates who've had some form of criminal cases filed against them so overtly dismay ssion of those in the opposition has taken place which in my view would not constitute a free and fair election and we're actually are absolutely going to going to drill down on that when you talk about the opposition but actually to bring up something that that small time and both of reference was the election commission the chief election commissioner actually said that he wanted law enforcement agencies to act with an iron fist to check violence and iron fist is that language concern you salt
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on no it doesn't concern me because. their prediction years. if you look at the record of the opposition the people who were born out of the martyr of the founding father father of the country well known disick when you were a man and his family members in some way at his own residence and then took over power in the country and subsequently ruled the country without law we don't any any law without any system and without any election these people in the last election did not participate in the election in like a little bit that sultan i'm talking to us alternately action so time talking about right now though right now that is a matter of fact there is one i have just
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a moment right there now just a moment there's one a bit of political analyst charge i describe it this way says that political parties don't see each other as political rivals they look upon others as enemies i mean even the language that you're using now seems to be extremely harsh. well it is mr of son's view my view is that there are elements in all political parties all over the world who try to educate their own party men and other party people and they are not the leaders if you look at what sic has seen as been telling over the years continually that the election will be free and fair that it will not be interfered with by any organization it will be unfair if somebody is committing crime and the police does not stop or low interest and
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other authorities do not stop them of the eighteen murders in last two days sixteen people where our only activists sixteen of them. uncertain police help or who was murdered mercilessly sultan is a full time to do some way as sharon made a very good point earlier we're still trying to gather a lot of the facts of the day and actually what has happened there so i want to let me bring and i want you to respond to what i saw you reacting to what i was saying this political analyst said that the rhetoric is so charged and people talk about each other as enemies instead of political rivals do you agree with that. yes to a great extent the point is. just a little bit of political history i mean if you take burma this is political history since one nine hundred ninety one two major political parties have always had divergent you could
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a tickle class of the political reality and perhaps that has escalated into violence many many times now what happened in two thousand and eight own word is that we had a credible election in two thousand and eight where the current regime came into power but two thousand and fourteen was the pressure. election perhaps but again two thousand and eighteen was the election where all the political parties agree to come and participate so i should get recruited to the political parties to really show some sort of common ground that they really need to take the democracy institutions forward so therefore they were in the election perhaps yes there are allegations and there are visual allegations and perhaps we have seen in the media that there were whites great concerns regarding the city of certain institutions and rightfully if you take the election commission and the statements this morning
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two of them were essentially saying that they didn't see any kind of cooling agent coming from the other parties taken crowd in the electoral process of perhaps these are the allegations which election commission itself says that those so therefore i think these things too should be dealt with pretty fast and perhaps when you discussed about the role of the police or law enforcement agencies well the historic reason is police would always to comply with the regime of the day so there's no deviation to that but then he's been put in power or obama league is in power so the sale henceforth can look you know that you mention i'm steve or others is perhaps the regulatory that bangladesh is or have retreated with sherrilyn that you you mentioned this the state the status rather of the opposition and i think that's important to discuss why. what it's been gine to to weekend the opposition
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it's obvious that the main opposition leader is in jail but what are the other types of systemic things that have been done and so much so that they did not even participate in two thousand and fourteen. well i think you have to see it i think a very good point was made earlier about the fourth lies on all sides all political parties across the board have behaved in an irregular mannah through the years they have been violations committed by all sides in this particular context i would say there was such disillusionment with the of army leaks ability to hold and free and fair election in two thousand and fourteen that the opposition decided to abstain and stay out of the election so there was an illegitimate in the election in two thousand and fourteen one can argue lost its legitimacy how important are the two thousand me teen elections is it illegitimate elections to be the fact that parties have come together as was just pointed out makes it
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a legitimate election but the means that we use to weaken and fracture the opposition and the widespread not just address but also cases the direct attacks the onslaught on those who spoke out including the media and we've had the very emblematic east of shahid the limb. who was put under. arrest despite international fury about it. this sort of complete authoritarian clampdown on dissent is something i would say was rather on precedented the b.n.p. has had its share of you know suppressing dissent in and having showing streaks of authoritarianism in the past when it was in the in the chair. i think with the i want me to eat it took a very unprecedented scale you know we've seen the killings of opposition
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members we've seen as i was saying you know the attacks in terms of criminal cases being launched the absolute emasculation of the opposition i think is as been quite complete under the army league soltani obviously you're with the league in the u.k. i'm sure i'd like to respond to that. of course respond to all these things. arsenal a master of the liberal leader and a member of parliament was murdered in front of the school where you are the basically originally teachers school teachers. in broad daylight by the n.p. tax and who have been. doing little time rested and. done for just a moment so to understand it just just once again i'll let you finish this. second one second charu shari said that both sides have been guilty of a lot of
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a lot of things she did say that i know no no i did i disagree with you because there is no two sides one side has done so much criminal acts that started with the killing of the founding father a bundle of this the national leaders who fought who are the leaders of our liberation while they were martyred inside the jail in a gruesome way so turn and i have heard you saying people are you saying that he or that livers n y r are you saying that the awami league is now anywhere. ok only league is is an organization which tried to establish democracy in the country and the last in fort before did election was that to ask the question would be to come and join in on the action twenty nine political parties have
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participated in this election if political party which men are to have forty two thousand sit in forty two thousand. centers and their people to give their the prison duty that could not be put on our only league as only league cannot be blamed for that a political party which for twelve years did not do any politics and before that all right ok hold of a friendly. public property. line will be taken in to ask salt on i want to bring into this conversation as a as an outside observer a professor not a professor of international relations sorry to say that that both sides have have done improper things i am so trying obviously is pushing back on the idea that awami did in getting us a lot of history and not saying that history doesn't matter history in context apps actually do matter but do you think that in that for a lot of voters or at least party leaders they're so entrenched in history that
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they're not looking forward you know i mean i think the people are looking forward i mean this is one of the crime of the contemporary politics in bunkers you have rightly mentioned this. problem the. looking about that yes there the institutions are pretty much fractured to a large extent but again this is the legacy we have inherited from a long long time story but again now what determines at the moment there are things four major issues one is whether the public safety is deliberate whether the economy is actually trickling down to the bottom or perhaps what kind of governance are we going to establish in this country so perhaps yes the last ten years that we had he collapsed and there are plenty of reproach to reach shows that yes the
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development was an event but at the end of the day what has happened today as as my friend from our army late has also say that yes it was also on the part of the other political parties to come up with political maturity and i'm certainly not blaming anybody here but perhaps a little bit of more political maturity to both sides the regime and the opposition was expected that's the reason why we are now seeing eighteen dead which is not at all except that that we have got eighteen whether the guys are from the ruling party or the opposition doesn't matter what matters is the life of the last or so which means the institutions does have some sort of witnesses which will require immediate attention and perhaps amendment and the other from london has rightly mentioned that yes there where the issues of political vacuum there was an issue of
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an even line first man but perhaps this gives another mandate to the current regime the regime that will come into power soon to really fix it because unless you fix it perhaps another five years we don't. people will not really will be willing to. more if you go ok at the end of the big thing lies within the hands of the i when they want to do i want to get in one more question i'm sorry before you went out of time did the massive. exodus everyone is being so many people are being received in bangladesh has that been a campaign issue or discussion at all. well certainly there has been some attempt you know by certain political parties certain interests within bangladesh to create fear about the exodus certainly the issue about their hinges
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radicalize the radicalizing bunder the asian and spreading islamic hardline islamic militancy in that part of bangladesh has been that that view has been perpetrated perpetuated by by certain groups including the have which is linked with the of army leak but i'd like to make a quick point here and which is about you know these elections the army leak has done well it's been classified as authoritarian development or whatever that may be the economy is showing a strong group of seven percent employment is is high and good people are reaping the benefits of this economic root access to education has certainly improved so they're there they're being good things that have happened in the of are really would have possibly as recent polls would have possibly won this
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election without the bending the rule of law it didn't need it so ironically the army league was in a good position even internationally welcoming the hinges has been a very good move and has been generally with all the hiccups involved has been generally you know accepted and. deserves credit for that as the government in power so i suppose what i'm trying to say is that this election could have gone seamlessly and in of army leagues favor it didn't need to bend the rule of law and that will be the final word i think that's a good place to wrap it up thank you to all of my guests i preached. your time very much salt sharif. khan and shah rukh lata hogg thank you all very much and thank you for watching you can see the program again anytime go to our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion at our facebook page that's facebook dot
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documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. weakness documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera. it's the fos day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades a multitude of nearby and out at falsus. most helpful gauteng what it is like to be in school up to three years old war. six year old solomon who does house of survive them as like his home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace while the professor his son for the first day in school is hopeful making new friends would hope is that a company. where online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on sac there was
2:48 am
a rush of adrenaline when we felt this is the moment but to me i've been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has coalface i may go protest i'll start to police students force to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice and for votes for lots of different reasons what's different types of bricks join the global conversation on how does iraq. this is. a law and has him seek it this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the
2:49 am
next sixty minutes a third consecutive term for prime minister sharon as her party scores a victory in bangladesh's election. voting extended in the democratic republic of congo millions show up to vote in the long delayed presidential election. a defiant president obama did bashir says don't blame me for economic problems in sudan. in sports something like normal service is resume for defending premier league champions manchester city after two straight losses city beat south arms in a three one unmoved second in the table. below election results in bangladesh a prime minister is heading for a third term in office but the opposition is calling it a farce and says there's been vote rigging it follows
2:50 am
a campaign maad by violence as well according to the government at least eighteen people were killed in the last twenty four hours the opposition is demanding the whole election be rerun let's cross now to tanveer chadri live for us in the temporary tanveer preliminary results showing hassoun has won by a landslide. absolutely going on officially still questions one hundred seventy states clearly you need one fifty one out of three hundred seats to form a government so she's got a clear majority and it's going to be a landslide by the end of the day tomorrow so the very jubilant animal a good and ready to farm the tide comes in could have government and opposition clearly very dismayed by the results themselves been predicted that this is not going to be a fair election and some of them even trying that this is what the outcome is going to be but for the sake of participation and not been criticizing like in two
2:51 am
thousand and fourteen what that boycotted the election they went ahead with this time. election despite a lot of auto against them that didn't have a fair playing down came under a lot of criticism from maine to natural rights bodies as well as local civil society media and others that the election commission itself didn't create the legitimate playing level playing field for the opposition and the came under attack independent instances across the country so it was quite predictable from that point of the as well as many people we talked to analysts we talked to said this is obviously. a victory for the ruling party on the lake and tend to she has seen as government has been catching its economic success she missed in years but it's not just about the economy there idjit. no she has clearly done very well economically bangladesh is one of the rising. emerging
2:52 am
economic power knowledge of that growing middle class they kaname is doing well she's also been widely praised by the international community how she handled the wreckage of class crisis as one of the largest refugee influx in history and she has been dealing with that quite well she's also been praised for cracking down on militants the rise of militancy was there she's been cracking down on them since two thousand and fourteen. the business community has been very much. a lot of praise for creating that stability. doing well lots of businessmen supported her style of leadership but what she came under for criticism let's go right to the issue lot of extrajudicial killing and courts disappearing during the last five years at least up to two thousand and fourteen the opposition has been in dismal condition and the chair problem color that the i was a symbol of the going to the show nationalist party has been in jail corruption
2:53 am
charges are sometimes who is the acting chairman has also been sentenced to life imprisonment in a grenade attack safe and he's in exile in u.k. so it didn't really have that leadership in there and that to form a grand alliance with the leadership that turned politician and a lawyer doctor come out hussein and brought twenty party into one that lines would get from some kind of. strength to the party today by the itself but it clearly find itself in a very difficult position and didn't have that vantage that it used to have initially because it was a party also that was ruled this country at least three times so. the government is going to come under criticism for how this election was conducted the legitimacy will come from the international community the election the about the global media we'll see how they react to that and the opposition as you have mentioned has demanded their immediate reelection under the interim government has said there is
2:54 am
a party some government it's not possible to have a fair election all this will fall out with good next one week and we'll see how the reaction will but we don't predict too much straight violence or demonstration but there will be demand and it's a gradual process we'll see how it builds up as it moves around tending chadri thanks very much now i almost want to he is the deputy south asia director at amnesty international he is calling for an independent investigation into alleged violations in the bangladesh elections. our concern throughout has been that human rights be respected and unfortunately we've seen that they haven't for the last several months indeed through many recent years in bangladesh instead what we have seen is intensified political repression just today has confirmed some of our worst fears that we had raised before and other rights organizations have raised
2:55 am
with attacks on journalists with attacks on freedom of association and peaceful assembly. we've seen people attacked through again so for example the famous photographer who was imprisoned for one hundred seven days for giving an interview on this very channel i was beaten again today and we have most tragically seen people lose their lives this has marred what should have been important day for bangladesh a day when people were able to exercise their political views their rights of freedom of expression. and we would call for an independent investigation into these violations and for the perpetrators to be held accountable the world as heard the bangerz government repeatedly insists that it will protect human rights sadly those words have not translated into concrete actions on the
2:56 am
ground there were series of commitments that the bangladeshi government made during a review of its human rights record at the un human rights council in geneva and sadly this year has been marred by a reversal on those words whether it was protecting freedom of expression and actually we've seen them move completely in the opposite direction by introducing even more draconian legislation this will severely affected bangladesh's reputation unfortunately bangor those has stood out so over the last couple of years for its very humane treatment of the range of refugees it has stood out on the world stage at a time when many countries have turned their backs on refugees altogether unfortunate the. human rights abuses during the election period like this will affect its reputation will even affect its ability to be seen on the world stage either in terms take care refugees or even in terms of being
2:57 am
a reliable economic partner with partners such as the e.u. our polls are staying open late in presidential elections in the democratic republic of congo for the first time since two thousand and eleven some forty million voters have been casting their ballots the vote is g. is two years overdue and has been marred by protests long queues and problems with voting machines malcolm webb reports from the capital kinshasa. president joseph kabila dated early he's left the democratic republic of congo for the eighteen years. this election two years a video is to choose his successor my only concern is that we have this very heavy rain. and. before the time out it might be real. and this is the man he wants to take over rama zani shuddery he's on the european union sanctions list accused of rights abuses to the city i think victory is on my side and tonight i
2:58 am
will be president. but the heavy rain hit the capital kinshasa didn't put people off. and there's no sign of a low turnout by thirty eight percent of eligible voters have already registered. but no fool have been able to vote as a polling station inside this primary school scott voting machines ready to go there's no copy of the electoral register here subsequently facts for the people inside to be dusted sunrise waiting to vote if a crowd of people outside as well patience is running thin people here blame the presidents of the electoral commission for not delivering it demanding their rights of act. we were slipping into morning we're looking for which a voice we won't go anywhere. everyone here is showing their support for candidate number four martin for you live he one of the main opposition contenders three of his strongholds have been excluded from the presidential poll the electoral
2:59 am
commission says because of conflicts and the butler outbreak and really no doubt some areas we're having problems so more there is everything is going peacefully now if you pull over for. me. you'll be if you follow. this out of congolese and you have to force. people in the eastern cities if any in the template demonstrated last week when the electoral commission said they could. i when it came to voting activists made their own polling materials and opened their own polling stations him protest. thousands came. opinion polls indicate that most congolese don't trust the electoral commission. when its president came to check on a polling station in kinshasa. with chants calling the big lie and saying that she
3:00 am
has every time when. millions of voters across the country counties will be contentious many congolese say they voted to accept the result they don't believe. malcolm webb to zero kinshasa the democratic republic of congo. joins us now from kinshasa so katherine what's been happening there. well i'm in one of the polling stations in an opposition stronghold here in the capital kinshasa the gate is still open people are being allowed to come into the to let me just step out of the shot so you can get out of here of you seeing right about two hundred or still. waiting to catch that but not many of them are saying that they cannot find their names on the on the vote as read very fast.


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