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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 364  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2018 10:32am-11:00am +03

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go to give me one let me up you feel me i need to feel that i get what we want to get he met me at last when we knew that we would want men to get them again then a muscle illawarra it would do the phila seem to have a bit of luck this would have it odd communion and wondered what else would want to get out and maybe it would sell to me. when sandy captured adesa eleven forty four this was the first time that muslims were unified against the crusader king known to islam and this was the first time that one of the crusaders states the county of adesa was captured since the first crusade this costs a devastating reaction in europe. both among the people and
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among the religious leaders. a chicken and a boy are after going to see him how to keep dollars from at the sun. and the mechanic will and i get that by using an ant phenomena from the beach then yeah the i could make my dream one hundred one has a magma dot in the top of the. bed at the met a few obama don't know how melissa libya get either with then the fee not right over wrong in the more time of them having a salary. pope eugene's preaching was highly effective. the second crusade would be led by two european kings. louis the seventh of france. and conrad the third of germany.
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in the summer of eleven forty seven. the armies set off towards the hold it up. after almost a year the german and french forces finally arrived to do so little. but instead of trying to recapture a desa from losing games. they launched another attack which would end in disaster . the armies of the second crusade to reach the holy land joined with the forces of the kingdom of jerusalem and besieged damascus great city of the muslim near east in the summer below forty x. . book. why did you have the mass a lot good it is a bit on the down must you keep the two of you have a clue what one does it was that in the old twenty two of the. last visit interesting choice there very keen that the new ruler of the old. serious neurology
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in the sun does not get. to ask so they have time to mask was. a mad woman did the. disillusion hellion. now. with a third. of those people how a little million was to me was in the game and. at the wheel in a saloon in madelene all my let me. give. you. had the good. freshman that has a geisha lens early on. is only six miles from western europe they've been led by kings their expectations are very high they would be treated there wasn't a great battle they were defeated in some epic struggle they just slink away and
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that's a real blow to the morale of the crusaders in the west. the tragic crave year of the second crusade. was by no means the last disaster to be for the christians. six years later nor did dean finally manage to onyx the mosque was the very city they had failed to capture. that. i wouldn't give mahmoud enough to have. and. yet he added the name is. so for the first time the franks have got somebody with aleppo damascus under the same rule that's the first time that are taken place since there are. arrival in
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the new year it's. a ten year long to calculate interest then me she would like to have. a solid b. c. . and this will buy tillmans. all look she is thought man you ought to wash that it must be mean and i am ahead if you had a host of deadly. one can up a. well i had a fun but almost and. and had a been us and but on the whole female saw oil mcatee. and the greys and most of the snaps too and the medical studies i've added this i have to say in a several members of you know. every year. you have read and in reality there. bitten most of this with him as
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a house member. oh i was so much for your i didn't already get. them anonymous wow that's a lot of alamy of the animals in the machine. and now they're. mostly. related to show you that is really the show. that you got in there yet this says any. way earth you know a good scene. again i'm in the middle man i get letters that get. in the game as a starter that the the dog that i'm up this. one but at she saw. inside me a socialist and me as his son i mean he have a job you could liken it and especially be sick.
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in jerusalem in the winter of eleven sixty three. a new king so seated to the throne. a magic the first. i like it because this is. the most he has and many comedy and many comedy. southsea. you could how you would cut. us but i'm lucky to get the film and it got a botched up or what have you to get done as you call what jani. noted in my. own i can love would mean in a lot of fun it's clean and with a saudi i know that the game let you in and that's him in a way. most of you that you have he.
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adopted who are looking for often enough. of them you know. there's a competition basically between the crusaders and nurit dean to take control of egypt egypt is shia it's ruled by the fatima din a city and it's in a state of decline. egypt is also immensely rich and there's been effectively a competition as to who can get hold of this rich elite power the fertility of the nile the trade routes to come through it if you could control egypt you will have the wealth and the resources to defeat your opponent. will most yanni can it get is a cobra you have will be well as physical over a good then lets you get at the our rules are us harm so little fat leah. or some
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confused so dobbin you need the coosa lose our eye this week showed why this will be wrong how the home side. one of the early. enough musselman that the cliff to the. left you know serato. washoe was sent to the level of a movie a lyric was. this. a human up to a kid say thank gosh it was just such a could have yet osa can have a seat. and authority in. the south tower most of the stick well and the. hysteria had half of the. something being behaves. will have been well missed.
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a show must. the men. gather the stanley cannon. has a rush him i'll go off. note again who would make. the house i'm going to meet that is simply moody our. most. lurid dean centers forces towards egypt. under the command of one of his men. a kurdish general ship. he took with him a reluctant young man who would write his name through the history of the crusades . some law had deemed known in the west a solid. fee. he had the surat. yusuf. on
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a business. you. been. the it was a had more said the dean should call for. more and. the fight would last another five years. before sure cool would succeed in expelling the crusaders from the nile valley. what has that all. that many may not know to what medic. one thought this i thought it. was all of that all the. effort i.
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mean someone by the has a. solid. on succeeding his uncle as a physio. dean had reached a turning point in his life. he was about to embark upon. the change the history of the crusades. was. a lot of solid being in control don't know but it's tremendous from the potential.
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he was determined to conclude to salute at that point for sword to avenge its people. eighty eighty is he smashes the frankish avi captures the king of jerusalem he sees is the truth crawls and this is the great military victory the crusades an arab perspective episode three unification of this time on a jersey of. some really heavy rain stormy weather across southern parts of the us more of that way
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with that came from asked a lot of flopping pumped up from the gulf of mexico sliding over towards the eastern seaboard area a cloud that's just spilling its way out of the rockies and that will sink by the southwards at ace was fabulous snow there into colorado new mexico into i was i'd rather folk all the states have the desert southwest fabulous nights a week to was miss year e. illinois indiana and some really heavy rain all console for example pushing down swartz at least inside of texas louisiana big downpours coming in here we are allowed to see some flooding neo nazi bad so make our way into a new year's eve we see some mild weather coming in for the new year fifteen celsius in new york dry skies coming back in but you can see we got a fair bit of snow north of the border into that east side of kind of the heavy rain there for good parts of new england and a fair bit of snow down towards the southwest so we'll see some further snow flurries coming in across the sky modest eleven the top temperature of the fourth then but let's get down to the tropics where as
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a good deal more agreeable losey fine and dry losey blue skies chance of one of two showers around the western side of the region the foremost is set that. for afghans with ties to international organizations. the threat has never been greater. left exposed by the withdrawal of foreign troops. exile may be the only path to safety. but alienation makes home feel ever further always . feel welcome bill part of the viewfinder is a series on al-jazeera. i'm . not you know. some of the like. cultural history some scribe layer upon layer at times erase
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others rejuvenate and reinvent. through the transformative power of public art and unlike the collision of hip hop culture and indigenous tradition forms a community building project led by the godfather of graffiti. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome you're watching the news live from our headquarters here and coming up in the next sixty minutes new pictures emerge of saudi agents involved in jamal murder carrying large bag shortly after the journalist was last seen at his
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country's consulate in istanbul. bangladesh's prime minister sheikh hasina as poss he wins a third term in a row following an election marred by violence and eighteen deaths with opposition allegations of vote rigging. violence to in the democratic republic of congo's election with long queues broken machines and missing voter lists disrupting the polling. and after another eventful year for the u.s. president donald trump we look at what lies in store for him in twenty nineteen. al jazeera has obtained pictures showing the saudi hit team that killed the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi carrying large bags shortly after he was last seen alive
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suspected of carrying his remains which have never been found and the consul general is hoping the video shows the arrival of the team's members at his residence in stone ball in the corner of the video you can see a member of the team carrying a large black bag inside the building a shock she was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second simcoe has more now from istanbul remember the turkish investigation teams that they did two searches in the closely building and they didn't want to search in the residence and just to remind our viewers when they were doing this again in the residence the turkish teams found a well they wanted to make it search and. to do a proper search actually back the saudis told them that it's only going to people who are on the list they can do the search no fire brigade can enter so that the police was able to get some water and according to the technical analysis there was
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no d.n.a. . blood in that water sample but of course the turkish team said that we have to do a proper search and made a second request to search the site to read the words we don't know. where exactly they might have kept the body remains but this is a very strong possibility that she too has been brutally killed by the saudi also usual. thing in istanbul has brought the rebellion and most probably still in the residence building. joining us now is husain el tayyab he's co-director of just foreign policy and national advocacy group that played a key role in efforts by the u.s. congress to try and end the war in yemen he joins us from boston house and what do we learn from these new pictures well i think reaffirms what we already knew in saudi arabia the royal family and mohamed bin solomon are complicit
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in the murder. and it's obviously just horrible tragic and you know it seems like the international pressure is just growing on the saudi family do you think there will be a political reaction or a political dynamic to this because the the makeup of the u.s. congress is just about to change. yes so right now we have democrats taking the house of representatives republicans are going to control the senate and obviously president donald trump is in the white house another and. if your viewers might remember on the center thirteenth the senate actually voted to and saudi arabia's war on yes or u.s. involvement saudi arabia's war in yemen and that same day they actually linked mohamed bin solomon in the saudi family for the killing of jamal khashoggi now now
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that democrats are taking the house nancy pelosi has said she wants to bring up another war powers resolution to call and question. and then us involved in the saudi war in yemen so i believe the senate is going to also take that up so that further for constricts the president and puts a lot more pressure on donald trump we will see if he backs off this position is on wavering support for the saudi family and saudi war in yemen hopefully we can prevent you know him vetoing this legislation which we think is going to pass almost definitely ok even if that legislation passes however if the central message to donald trump from those incoming relatively new politicians is look you've got to reset the relationship with riyadh that surely however will go precisely no place because we've seen the reshuffle just over the past week in saudi arabia and
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the crown prince mohammed in some on there he is and there he stays. exactly yeah there's been a reshuffle and. you know hopefully the pressure is going to turn into real consequences and change the position of the administration obviously we've had some on some of our own shop or in going on the trump administration with a longtime supporter of saudi arabia in secretary mabus so him stepping down my also changed the dynamics and make you know president trump reluctant to continue supporting saudi arabia with a blank check we will certainly see in january what happens but the congress actually has the power even if trump vetoes to move forward with this legislation with a two thirds majority and senator flake even in december said they had the votes to
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even override a veto so. we're hopeful for that what happens if donald trump just ignores that part of the equation she had to do with the death of jamal khashoggi the equation being now particularly off the back of these new pictures that we hear that al jazeera have got access to more questions than on says well i think it's going to turn into a major political liability for not just him but his party and i think in two thousand and twenty voters will not forget. what donald trump is don and is complicity and is giving a blank check to the saudi royal family for the murder of a u.s. resident in gym all the showy and washington post reporter so i think there will be severe political consequences if he chooses not to act ok to leave the house and many thanks for joining us on skype from boston thank you. just shannon is the
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executive director of the arab center in washington he says the release of the new video adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing inquiry there is one significant remaining question in this whole investigation where is the body of. most probably of course the saudi side would hope that this recent cabinet reshuffle puts an end to this case and relieve saudi arabia from this pressure by the turks and the international community looking for some answers but it is clear judging from these pictures and judging from the new book that was just released a couple of days ago in turkey was also some additional information including some new names potentially involved in this case i don't think the case is disappearing shuffle shuffling the cabinet or not shuffling the cabinet saudi arabia needs to
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come clean needs to explain the legal process needs to prove that the people who have been dismissed from office because of their implication in this crime have actually been arrested. being indicted on charges of murder chris phillips is formally head of the u.k.'s national counter-terrorism security office he says the new evidence may implicate even more people who were inside the consulate general's residence. you can't believe these things happened in embassies or consul general things but but of course they are control of all their control in that they are saudi property saudi land the local police can't really do very much about it and of course they wouldn't imagine for one minute that the turks were actually listening to what was going on inside that building so this is you know no one in the west i think thinks for one minute other than the fact that this was a terrible murder a planned murder and of course you know we've we've seen the evidence now and it's
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only heard the evidence and this goes further out of the case i think what happens next is the interesting thing and. i don't think that ever found this body bits of this body but what they will have to do in some ways try to do with the ongoing political situation the u.n. team monitoring the truce in yemen says it's disappointed a humanitarian corridor between the port city of who data and the rebel held capital sana'a has not yet been opened this was among many agreements reached the talks in sweden earlier this month as part of that deal who see rebels have handed over control of who data to the government but the u.n. wants to verify where they'll go next the u.n. says it wants to ensure the movement of rebels is in line with the agreement as pers we were staying in yemen who see rebels say they fired four missiles into saudi arabia they say they targeted saudi forces near the city of jos on in a separate development to saudi soldiers were killed while fighting with these near
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the border with yemen that's according to saudi media. bangladesh's prime minister sheikh hasina has won a landslide election victory securing a third consecutive term in office the opposition has rejected the results claiming widespread vote rigging local media saying the ruling alliance has won at least two hundred eighty three out of three hundred seats for which the voting took place the opposition says the polls were rigged and wants a new vote under a neutral government violence on polling day left at least eighteen people dead chick a senior is the daughter of bangladesh's first president she's been accused of authoritarianism but under her leadership the country has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world she's alternated in power with her main rival leaders zia for most of the past three decades zia heads the bangladesh nationalist party the
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largest in the opposition coalition but now she's serving a seventeen year prison sentence for corruption charges she says are politically motivated charles stratford has that story from dhaka on the day's events voters cast their ballots off journalists in campaign described by the band with issue opposition as one of the most violent in this country's forty seven year history. of the do we have a lot of hope in this election because we couldn't vote in the last one but this time we came to vote let's see what happens now the government deployed hundreds of thousands of security forces across the country an effort it said that was to guarantee a peaceful vote for weeks of violence and what the opposition described as intimidation by the ruling party.


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