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this from the leader of the largest opposition coalition including the main opposition party on the run. we urge immediately to cancel this what we reject the so-called result of the election we demand to hold another election under a non politicized government. the election commission says it will investigate allegations of vote rigging but the announcement by the opposition it that it has rejected the vote has huge implications for the political future and security situation across this country. a rescue operation involving some five hundred people is underway following a gas explosion and partial building collapse in russia the blast in an apartment block happened early on monday in the southwestern city of might need to go four people have been confirmed and killed of confirmed killed and four others were injured more than seventeen still missing. still ahead here on al-jazeera why the
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immediate withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria has been put on polls and protests continue in sudan calling for a change of government to stay with us here on al-jazeera. hallow the rain that was falling heavily in the philippines is temporarily off shore and this massive cloudy may still be a viable spinning storm as it hits the coast of vietnam there is a bit of a gap as you can see and streaky cloud to the south of that where the wet season she has in indonesia so forecast wise the way his weather is light to be running into southern vietnam maybe cambodia the stillest string of potential showers running through what is currently the flooded area of the philippines and less concentrated line sue most of indonesia with a good part of malaysia there underneath the cloud not particularly wet kalen
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singapore cloudy humid but not a sara lee particularly wet because the action elsewhere in the north of australia is also exceedingly wet one tropical storm this one here probably a depression the moment they will rejuvenate and then go back across the cape york peninsula and if you follow laurie there are two more potential tropical storms in development is a very wet time and this is the normal straight queen's and in particular in the size not particularly warm the top twenty five but inland in alice springs about two degrees from record much of inland australia is currently particularly hot and that started to change very quickly. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories . providing
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a glimpse into someone else's wild. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. with nice documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching all just with me so robin a reminder of our top stories al-jazeera has obtained pictures showing the saudi hit team that killed jamal khashoggi carrying large banks suspected of containing his remains the video shows the team arriving at the consul general's residence in istanbul. also floods and landslides in the philippines of killed at least sixty
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one people most of the victims of the response storm system are in the mountainous the coal region and on the island of some of. bangladesh's prime minister sheikh hasina has won a fourth term in office the opposition insists the polls were great there was a new vote and a neutral government. a u.s. republican senator says he's received assurances from the president that there will be a slowdown in the withdrawal of american troops from syria senator lindsey graham says president trump is committed to defeating isola drumbeat at the white house graham had criticized trump's announcement earlier this month to remove all two thousand u.s. troops from syria saying it could destabilize the region. we still have some differences but i will tell you that the president is thinking long and hard about syria how to withdraw our forces but at the same time achieve our national security interests which are to make sure that isis is destroyed they never come back that our allies
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the kurds are protected and that iran doesn't become the big winner of our leaving and i feel pretty good about where we're headed home has been following developments from gaza into all the took the syrian border. trump stepping on the brakes will throwing down the u.s. troop withdrawal. to happen within sixty two hundred days from the time he made the announcement to many here is more like a closing the door to the stable of the whole thing a bolt had already alliances half shifted these us crumble by the regional powers to feel that vacuum the void that will be left once the u.s. troops leave syria we've seen the dust but at the move by the kurdish y.p. do you fight is inviting the syrian government forces to come and tuck them against a top official position of course tuckey has also been reacting to lynsey good
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homes comments there with. ambassador to washington say i hope you do not mean the y.p. deal when you're talking about your allies tuckey is vowing not to allow any territory controlled by guards anywhere near its border and it has been massing troops at the border overnight we saw dozens of tanks rolling into syria from the commission of a border crossing the f.s.a. fighters who are allied to turkey sixteen thousand of them are also on a war footing to say to be getting closer and closer to the city of mumbai in preparation for an all out offensive delegation from the afghan taliban have arrived in teheran representatives are meeting with the reigning officials of peace talks the two parties are expected to discuss negotiations for afghanistan's government earlier this month afghan forces abandoned
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a remote western district bouldering iran leaving the area to the taliban after the government failed to resupply troops stationed. israel's military has killed more than two hundred palestinians during months of protests at the gaza border fence thousands will have been injured in the weekly demonstrations now the new york times has released a damning investigation it israel's use of live fire on protesters its report focuses on the death of a twenty year old medic who was killed by gunfire during a protest in june after analyzing over one thousand photographs and videos the times concludes that the design other than johns killing was intentional and she did not pose any security threat and was standing more than a hundred meters away from the border fence when she was killed by a sniper the israeli military says it's investigating the death david how the figure is the new york times jerusalem bureau chief and one of the journalists behind the report he explains why his team chose to investigators on the g.s.
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death it was important especially in the case of a medic you know obviously it's the death of any civilian is is pitted by international law you know when when it's certainly intentionally that the medics are specially protected status and here is a young a young medical woman who's volunteered and she's gotten really well known and she gets killed it seems like we really needed to know what happened in that case nobody really knew each side you know made very forceful declarations one way or the other the palestinians said she was gunned down you know with their hands in the air and this wasn't quite true the the israelis tried to portray you know they that the person is portrayed as an innocent martyr a few days later the israelis put out a tweet suggesting that you know a video suggesting that she was part of the violence the truth you know was out there still and we wanted to set out to find it. israel's prime minister says he's received a personal pledge from brazil's president elect to move his country's embassy to
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jerusalem also naro is hosting benjamin netanyahu and other leaders for his inauguration on tuesday is under growing pressure to keep results embassy in tel aviv to avoid hurting lucrative exports to arab countries well staying on the constant colombian authorities say they're investigating an assassination plot against president event decay involving three venezuelan nationals colombia's foreign minister says the men were arrested with heavy weapons including two rifles intelligence suggests they were planning to target duke a rightwing economist who speak only criticized the socialist government of venezuela's leader nicholas meant to row the vote counting is underway in the democratic republic of congo after a long delayed presidential election the opposition has raised concerns over irregularities and early results are expected in the coming days the election could
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lead to the first peaceful transition of power in the d r c. correspondent joins us now live from kinshasa everybody really waiting for the results so politicians to have to wait to see what that result will be. and that's after a mixed day of polling yesterday which went smoothly in some places that was quite chaotic in others here in the capital kinshasa in some places materials arrived very late in south kivu four people were killed in violence that erupted between voters who were suspicious of electoral commission officials and clashed with police with three key opposition strongholds that were excluded from the poll the electoral commission said because of an ebola outbreak and because of conflicts in those areas with me is martin faily is the opposition candidate whom shortly before the election opinion polls gave a strong and substantial lead mr faily let me ask you about the polling yesterday
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how did it go yeah so was. congolese people there were committed to. election for to change the don't die and now we are waiting for the result we are happy because every where in the congo people voted for change that we command. of congolese that it was significant problems in some cats the country a lot of congolese don't trust the electoral commission even if you really were the winner of this election can you really expect to be given a victory yes to be called. what. if you can't for the first use the willing of congolese change the change to change the chief of committed to change the president and to change the system because the congolese
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said that we did twenty years of emily's. de electoral commission tried to keep. and it is a system. power but the congo is human and there's no way they have to go that wired. for less important just within the last few minutes some social media services of all shuttle here in the democratic republic of congo what do you think about that. some people mentioned too early dismantling that dollar shoot down the social media but because they are afraid i don't know why they are fred they have to lead to d. count three to go as he has to go easy everything has to be flawless you know so we can come we've come up with a result of dr congo lives people are expecting we don't know
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exactly why you missed kabila is afraid people of congo they have the most rigid people of congo they want to change he and his team cannot do it. can will it is that for the change he and these people they cannot stop that you know commitment of congolese for a change thank you very much that was martin was the key opposition candidate here the controversial election in the democratic republic of congo thanks so much welcome. in contrast that sudan's parliament has passed its twenty nine hundred the school budget it comes as protests spurred by a lack of economic opportunity continue in various cities around the country politicians say the new budget will reduce inflation but many remain skeptical they'll be able to deliver the promised him or her reports from cutting. after days of demonstration over the poor state of economy which have morphed into calls for
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the government to step down sudan's parliament passed its twenty nine hundred first budget. was the most important thing about a budget is addressing the hard currency issue an increasing exports by thirty percent while reducing imports by increasing lack of production the budget also focuses on creasing oil production reducing imports of oil. the new budget promises to reduce the country's inflation from its current rate of seventy percent to twenty seven it's also aims to increase economic growth by five point one percent and raise spending by nearly three point four billion dollars while cutting budget deficit to three point three percent from the current three point seven aims that some economists think will be difficult to achieve and. there's a huge deficit in the budget about one billion dollars there is also a deficit between exports and imports and an increase in inflation these are challenges facing the government so anything that doesn't address those issues affect the implementation of the budget. the newly passed spending bill also leaves
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important questions unanswered. the new budget will maintain subsidies on wheat and feel but doesn't explain where the government will get the hard currency needed to pay for the subsidies because a shortage has left long queues at petrol stations and lack of right in some bakeries which has triggered nationwide protests a process that began in the city of hadera over bread shortages and rising inflation quickly spread to other parts of the country the government responded with tear gas and live ammunition more than sixty percent of sudan's revenue was lost when thoughts dentist heated in twenty eleven taking a third of the country's oil reserves with it despite government attempts to find new sources of revenue and sudan suffered now some sudanese think they have lost faith in the government's ability to fix the economy here. i have little faith in the government but there's no other option if we get another dog. it might be even worse than the one we currently have. our only problem is the high prices we've
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said it before that the government has taken all our money but we don't know what the future holds if we bring in people who have experience and they destroy the economy even more so dense economy has been fragile for the past seventy years but politicians here hope that their twenty one thousand budget will lead to greater stability both economically as well as politically him a war going to zero. now the color line and goals women's basketball team made history in october edging closer to winning the world cup with a new n.b.a. women's training facility in the country the sport is gaining popularity especially amongst young girls reports now from the city of chess. fifteen year old i mean a song is unwilling to accept the kind of life many teenage girls are facing the third child of four brothers and sisters she's expected to cook clean and iron for the family chores her brothers don't have to do. and look i need help and i'm
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grateful that i mean i was doing this but i hope she has a better future than me. in senegal one out of three girls marry young. but this is not what i mean i want. to do that one day my older sister went to a basketball court and she dribbled and saw this team playing together it was an eye opener there's so much tolerance and solidarity between the players and after training it's as if they are a family. and so i mean or started playing. here deep in sending girls countryside with an all girls team. that's breaking the norm. they don't play nice they play to win there. i want to jump up as a coach and talent scout working with the new african national basketball association academy in senegal. a pilot if at all. we don't coach girls differently
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from boys because they are. and to be. senegal's national team or are known as the lioness during the last world championships in october they outperformed it out shown most teams coming close to bringing the cup to africa and so in a country where many young girls are married at a young age the success of the women's national basketball team is challenging traditional views defiant more and more girls are going out to play instead of staying at home. perseverant rigor encourage qualities looking for while a few girls will make a living from playing basketball if selected it's a chance to get training full scholarship and an education an opportunity to another life nicholas hawke al-jazeera chess senegal.
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their arms the whole rom the reminder of our top stories are has obtained pictures showing the saudi hit team that killed journalist jamal khashoggi seen carrying large banks suspected of containing his remains into the cultural general's residence in istanbul bahrain's high court has upheld the journal sentence of a prominent rights activist who was critical of saudi arabia the bill richard will spend five years in prison after his appeal was rejected in court which i had tweeted criticizing saudi air strikes in yemen and accusing bahrain's prison authorities of torture and just international says the verdict exposes bahrain's justice system as a complete farce. people in the yemeni port city of the data say shelling is still occurring despite a un backed truce who the fighters agreed to hand over control of data to the local coast guard to be overseen by the un as part of a recent deal agreed in sweden the un has confirmed who tease of pullback but the
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yemeni government accuses the rebels of backtracking on the agreement saying territory has been handed over to who's the affiliates a delegation from the afghan taliban have arrived in teheran taliban representatives are meeting with the reigning officials of peace talks now the two parties are expected to discuss negotiations for afghanistan's government earlier this month afghan forces abandon the remote western district bordering iran leaving the area to the taliban after the government failed to resupply troops stationed there floods and landslides in the philippines have killed at least sixty one people most of the victims of the a small and storm system over in the mountainous the coal region and on some our island is bangladesh's prime minister sheikh hasina has won a fourth term and her third consecutive in office according to local media the ruling alliance has won at least two hundred eighty seven out of the three hundred seats where voting took place the opposition has rejected the results claiming
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widespread vote tricking and a rescue operation involving some five hundred people is underway following gas explosion and partial building collapse in russia three people have been confirmed killed and four others are injured seventy nine are still missing those are the headlines more news in half an hour. more women more diversity the new look of the u.s. congress what it needs for the first time on january third we'll ask what it means for the democrats and for president joining us for coverage of this historic step in american politics the new the west calls on it all to zero. zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. this is. the first. hello and welcome to. our live from. coming up in the next sixty
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minutes. this thing of the remains of. the show. is declared the winner of. allegations of breaking. more than sixty people have died after a storm that rolled flooding and landslides to the philippines. and the senegalese girls refusing to spend their lives locked in domestic chores instead playing to win on the basketball court. i'm joined again with a date sporting creating a rock star welcome for serene and williams. we'll show you how she fared in her first big match of the new tennis season.
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but first al-jazeera has obtained video showing saudi agents taking what suspected to be the remains of jamal khashoggi to the house of the saudi consul general in this stamboul the washington post column this was killed soon after entering the saudi consulate on the table the second pull chatterjee and ripple. it's been three months since the murder of jeep and his body still hasn't been found but this video could throw more light on the sequence of events after he was killed. the pictures appear to show members of the saudi hit team carrying bags thought to contain his remains into the saudi consul general residence you can't believe these things happen in embassies or consul generals things but but of course they are control of all they are that controllable in that they are saudi property saudi
6:51 pm
land the local police can't really do very much about it and of course they wouldn't imagine for one minute the ex were actually listening to what was going on inside the saudi journalist entered the consulate hoping to pick up documents that would allow him to start a new life with his fiance he never came out alive saudi arabia blamed his death on rogue agents but turkey's president says it was a premeditated murder orchestrated by riad these pictures only add another layer of complexity to the investigation now we have direct evidence showing members of the killing team unloading body bags or black bags of some sort so it leaves the impression. body ended up at the consular. residence and that's where the investigation should focus not what happened today
6:52 pm
a few weeks after hushovd disappearance a team of turkish investigators found traces of acid during a search of the saudi consuls residence the office of turkey's attorney general has told al jazeera that chemicals were used to dispose of casualties body and now a new book is revealing more details of the killing. diplomatic atrocity the dark secrets of the murder was written by three reporters from turkey's daily newspaper it names two previously unidentified members of the saudi hit squad as well as their links to the royal family also audio recordings which allegedly prove that the crime was premeditated and information on his show g.'s reported refusal to text message his son in riyadh and tell him not to worry if he didn't hear from him for a while as a fuller picture of the killing emerges the pressure continues to grow on saudi
6:53 pm
arabia last week the king reshuffled his cabinet hoping to deflect international criticism but the saudi side would hope that this recent cabinet reshuffle puts an end to this case and relieve saudi arabia from this pressure by the turks and the international community looking for some answers the new details are also likely to add to growing calls that saudi arabia names and indicts those behind jamal killing paul chatterjee on al-jazeera right we can go live now to our correspondents in him cuz he and his in stamboul and cinema how do these images these pictures help us understand better exactly what happened to jamal khashoggi and who was responsible for it. well martin since the beginning of this case this incident actually there were lots of footage is released by the
6:54 pm
turkish turkish media international media but of course we were able to follow up what happened beginning from those hits men entering inside turkey until they left turkey with their private jets and regular saudi airlines flights but of course there were some disconnections for instance we needed that and according to the stumble prosecutor's office statement we knew that these hits men left the saudi consulate with the issue with the calls that we've seen in the in the footage right now with some luggage carrying out but we didn't know what happened afterwards because as you see in the picture the message is so when parks in front of the consulate residence and then makes a menu were and gets inside the garden of the call of the residence because they want to they want to carry out unload those languages and bags and more discreetly
6:55 pm
according to the health officials that we have spoken and according to the journalists who have been focusing on this and writing who have written and who has written a book actually there is no picture showing that these languages with that which are on the with it in the residence building were taken out of the residence afterwards just let's remember together turkish prosecutor's office two searches in the consulate building and did one another search at the consulate residence and the cell is really cause a lot of problems for the turkish police and for the turkish investigators they didn't let them do the search percs waited for a long time and during that search turkey turkish investigators found out a well inside the residence building and they wanted to do a search over there they were banned by the saudis saying that they do. and have a permission for that so they took some water samples but the turkish people the turkish investigators were not able to do
6:56 pm
a proper search with through the fire brigades because that the well over there is a valid more than twenty meters deep so now that there is a question what happened to demolish it just but is saudi said that they they have given the remains to a local call of greater but never named the local call the greater but now it turns out that the saudi agents have carried the body remains to the to the consulate residence and the remains can still be of their experts come up with this idea also because the prosecutor's office have claimed before they have concluded that jamal just by the was drained before being dismembered by a top bake inside inside the consulate building in a stumble so it is when you speak to the experts also other experts that i have spoken before told me that since the body was drained the blood was taken out already if it was packed properly they could have they could have preserved the
6:57 pm
body parts that's why the turkish investigators maybe weren't able to find and also i was told by very credible turkish sources that they always doubted that the by the remains could still be inside the residence especially in the well in the well inside the residence now it is time for the turkish persecutors maybe asking for a new search warrant inside the consulate residence marty all right jim thank you for us in him cause we're live in assemble. now people in the yemeni port city of her days are say shelling is ongoing despite a un backed trees who the fighters had agreed to hand over control of the data to a local coast guard and they would be overseen by the un as part of a recent deal agreed in sweden where the un has code confirmed that the who things have indeed pulled back but the yemeni government is accusing the rebels of backtracking on the agreement saying territory has been handed over to who the
6:58 pm
affiliates are who the rebels say violations by the saudi admiralty coalition are putting the who data agreement in jeopardy. we are adamant to continue to comply with what we have signed with the aim of a stablished long and just peace those who are attempting to cause a feel your to the agreement are willing for the war to continue and the plight of the yemeni people to continue. the ceasefire is a test in order to realize and separate those who are willing to lend a helping hand and those who are willing to collaborate with foreign enemies their bangladesh's prime minister sheikh hasina as wonderful for term in office now according to local media the ruling alliance at least two hundred eighty seven out of the three hundred seats were voting actually took place the opposition has rejected the results claiming widespread vote rigging. and these are the latest
6:59 pm
pictures then to come in from the bangladeshi capital dhaka. addressing a group of dignitaries it appears to be. obviously congratulating her on what is a an extraordinary win obviously much contested by opposition the opposition coalition but winning two hundred eighty eight out of three hundred seats many would say is fantastical even incredible but these are pictures coming out of dhaka was shaken scene there as you see there being congratulated we have this report now from our correspondent charles trafford. voters cast their ballots alterna lection campaign described by the band with a show position as one of the most violent in this country's forty seven year history. we have a lot of hope in this election because we couldn't vote in the last one but this time we came to vote let's see what happens now the government deployed hundreds of
7:00 pm
thousands of security forces across the country an effort it said that was to guarantee a peaceful vote weeks of violence and what the opposition described as intimidation by the ruling party in the build up to this election certainly the situation at this polling station has been calm but that's not to say there haven't been allegations of voter fraud members of an opposition polling station monitoring team say they had their i.d.'s and election papers confiscated they said they were threatened and ordered to leave. all parties were supposed to have election monitors at polling stations to watch the voting process and the vote count election commission members confirm to us they had also seen opposition members to the way. we fourteen members of the opposition b.n.p. entered the polling station we gave our papers to the presiding officer and.


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