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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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it happened friday and the second one late saturday night but so many areas according to local government officials and rescuers remain inaccessible because roads and bridges have been destroyed at this point rescue energy while operations remain and their way and those been displaced according to the local government are receiving assistance such as temporary shelters food and medicine well still ahead here whole world is are ballots counted in the democratic republic of congo after an election plagued by long queues broken machines a directional rain also heard rights groups not brave enough to bahrain the polls of his five year jail term. those stories after the break. hello the cold is unsurprisingly with the korean peninsula with japan the good part
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of those in charge of the satellite pics it up as a gray cloud is just measuring the temperature of the ground it's not a surprise this time the it is subzero from value down to wood so there are many snow showers in the mix are the subzero in sapporo and above the south but a bit of rain in the coast about what you can expect folks more of a problem particularly in china beijing hang around zero thomas nineteen this is steady high pressure cold weather for cans to sit in that sort of situation it's it is the fate of china handed india this time the year more the active weather though off the coast during tuesday because he's hitting mostly the philippines and vietnam comes back on to give the potential for a wet day in hong kong and further north during wednesday but it's mostly coastal rain to the south that well it's reiterate that vietnam is the wet place the remains of a charcoal storm or shock for depression at this stage it looks like a proper circulation will throw it right into vietnam and more rain still like to fall in the philippines but beyond that you can go
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a long way south where you pick up more significant shows it probably means most of thailand cayle singapore dry but if indeed indonesia expect writing. too often on the street to be. our victims but a new force is that place. female police officers are combative and sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lead. on disease.
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welcome back you're watching officer of the reminder of our top stories al-jazeera has obtained pictures showing the saudi team that killed jamal khashoggi carrying large bags suspected of containing his remains the video shows the team arriving at the consul general's residence in istanbul. also a prime minister sheikh hasina has won a fourth term in office the opposition insists the polls were rigged or wants a new vote under a new government also floods and landslides in the philippines or killed at least sixty one people most of the victims of the storm system are in the mountainous region and some are island. their votes are being counted in the democratic republic of congo after a long delay presidential election the opposition has raised concerns over irregularities and say they won't accept the results early results are expected in
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the coming days the election could lead to the first peaceful transition of power in the d r c well our correspondent malcolm webb joins me now from kinshasa it was a fractious election day and a dysfunctional one. right there is some great polling precedes me and others it was quite chaotic in south kivu province and the people were killed in violence and angry voters plain little actual commission. for they suspected of rigging police got involved on was national police resulting fight four people were killed in the capital some of the polling stations didn't get the materials until very late in the day and we visited several different polling stations leading the one in the capital where the presidential candidates voted let's take a look at our story. president joseph kabila very early he's left the democratic
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republic of congo for eighteen years. this election two years overdue is to choose his successor my only concern is that we have this very heavy rain. and for the for the time out might be. this is the man he wants to take over from a zani shuddery fees on the european union sanctions list accused of rights abuses . i think victory is on my side and tonight i will be president. that the heavy rain hit the capital kinshasa didn't put people off. and there's no sign of a low turnout by thirty eight percent of eligible voters have already registered. but no fool have been able to vote as a polling station inside this primary school scott voting machines ready to go if there's no copy of the electoral register here subsequently facts for the people inside to be dusted sunrise waiting to vote
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a big crowd of people outside as well for patience is running thin people here blame the presidents of the electoral commission for not delivering it demanding their rights of votes. we were slipping into morning we're looking for which a voice we want to go anywhere. everyone hears showing their support for candidate number four martin fire you live here one of the main opposition contenders three of his strongholds have been excluded from the presidential poll the electoral commission says because of conflicts and the butler outbreak in reno that some here we are we're having problems. everything is going peacefully now if you pull over for. me your people you'll be if you fall off with. this out of congolese and you have to force. people in the eastern cities if any in
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the template demonstrated last week when the electoral commission said they could. i when it came to voting activists made their own polling materials and opened their own polling stations him protest. sounds came opinion polls indicate that most congolese don't trust the electoral commission. when its president came to check on a polling station in kinshasa greeted with chants calling her a big liar and saying she had to return when. millions of voters across the country counties will be contentious many congolese say they won't accept the result they don't believe. just a short while ago the internet services are being switched off here in kinshasa and one hundred been any official statement from the old so with these responsible yes
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but of course one of the key pieces of information people want to be exchanging right now are results to the different candidates trying to compile own tallies from those polling centers across the country and of course make it very difficult to keep on what results they got in each province has also been other controversies in question over the counting process of voting machines if you print a ballot paper or each voter is the lack of clarity over whether the final counts will depend on counting those ballots papers which is relatively transparent or an electronic account transmitted directly from the scene to the electoral commission which is much more i take the call of reporting to the opposition and rights groups much more vulnerable to rigging rigging a lot of opposition supporters. are very concerned about the heart of congo lisa said many in polls that if they don't believe the results of this election they will protest so whether or not opposition leaders call that people to the streets
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a lot of people here in prague say they'll do that anyway not by the results of the final controversial election we should wait for those official results for the moment miles somewhere thank you. well protests are due to begin now in sudan calling for president omar bashir to resign he's refused to apologize for the political turmoil in his country and has slammed the recent protests against rising food and fuel prices bashir has blamed sudan's economic problems on years of international sanctions most of which have ended him walk and has more from khartoum. four protests will be happening in the capital heard from today as well as various parts of the country the protests have been called for by the sudanese professional association they're trying to mobilize people from different professions and different sectors such as engineers doctors teachers to try to march to the presidential palace once again and try to deliver a message to president bashir which is that they want him to end his twenty nine
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year rule and step down now the protests started in the city of lahore on the nineteenth of december but it has since escalated and went to and spread to various parts of the country and now people are demanding that president omar bashir step down and his rule now the police have been responding using tear gas and live in the mission which has been described by the u.n. and other foreign governments as excessive force amnesty international says at least thirty seven people have been killed a figure disputed by the government which says that only nineteen have been killed over four hundred have been injured today's protests are expected to be massive thousands are expected to attend and people are saying that they will not stop unless president bashir step down something he says he's not willing to do he says he's going to try to fix the economy he's going to try to introduce new reforms but stepping down is not something he has on his agenda so it's not clear when these protests would end it's not clear how far these people would go and it's not clear how many lives would be lost as police continue to respond using live ammunition and tear gas and people continue to protest and the president seems defiant and determined to hold on to power. cord as a pole the jail sentence of
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a problem rights activist who spoke out against saudi arabia will be spent five years in prison days appeal was rejected in court were jobs tweets criticized saudi air strikes in yemen and the use bahrain's prison authorities of torture a mystery international says the verdict exposes bahrain's justice system as a complete farce so you in the region in the united arab emirates a pro-democracy activist who is also had his prison sentence of pearl's. for ten years for criticizing the government or. delegation from the afghan taliban has arrived in tehran for peace talks earlier this month afghan forces abandon the remote western district bordering iran leaving the area to the taliban after the government failed to resupply troops stationed there israel's prime minister says he's received a personal pledge from brazil's president elect to move his country's embassy to jerusalem benjamin netanyahu says jar ball scenario told him it was
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a question of when not if the move will go ahead the incoming brazilian president is hosting the euro and other leaders that is inauguration on tuesday is under growing pressure to keep the embassy in tel aviv to avoid hurting lucrative exports to arab countries this is a partnership that is men believed to happen is meant to happen and we're going to make it happen very fast mr bush were also. i will move the embassy to jerusalem it's not a question of just a question of when president from the same could remove the embassy of president bush would move the embassy as well. russia's outspoken and increasingly popular rap artists are setting off alarm bells in the kremlin after a string of arrests and concert cancellations president vladimir putin recently called for tighter control of rap music but for fear of making it even more popular he stopped short of calling for an outright ban chalons has more from moscow.
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husky here's one of russia's most popular homegrown rappers his lyrics cover drugs violence and social dysfunction and recently he's been in trouble after all storage fees in a string of cities canceled his concerts responded with a car top performance outside a venue in krasnodar police dragged him away. and there are others. on the band i speak a more overtly political than hosty they've had shows canceled with the authorities citing alleged suicidal themes and they were detained recently to from their russian tour i speak told us the pressure is misguided morally and so the more people listen to music the more people find out in bunkers and become angry and go
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around so it's untrue into two now is just me. they're all going to just make us believe that we're not alone evander allman known as the rapper face can see why some are comparing what's going on to the soviet repression of rock music in the early one nine hundred eighty s. . the situations are similar the past situation in the current one a both terrifying it says that we are still a third world country without freedom of speech what's unclear at the moment is whether this is a centralized crackdown the federal security service here operating some sort of blacklist or whether it's more like local officials being a bit overzealous either way in excess of twenty five concepts are being canceled this year affecting more than ten different artists but this story has twists suggesting that in russia things are often more complicated than they seem just four days into his twelve day sentence for minor hooliganism husky was unexpected a released. margarita simonyan chief editor of state fun. broadcaster r t two eat
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it he must have supporters in the presidential administration and on state t.v. the man under western sanctions is the kremlin's chief propagandist jumps to the defense of russian rap dimitri of said their children not only of black american hip hop culture but also of the early soviet poets bloody mayakovsky then taking many viewers by surprise he started rapping mayakovsky verse so early on the audience passed through and are still in saudi an action that is so serious that is some artists at least appear to have friends in high places rory chalons al-jazeera moscow. now they call the line this is the senegal women's basketball team made history in october edging closer to winning the world cup with the new n.b.a. basketball training facility in the country the sport is gaining popularity especially amongst girls nicholas hank reports from the city of tears.
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fifteen year old i mean a song is unwilling to accept the kind of life many teenage girls are facing the third child of four brothers and sisters she's expected to cook clean and iron for the family chores her brothers don't have to do. and did i look i need help and i'm grateful that i mean i was doing this but i hope she has a better future than me. in senegal one out of three girls marry young. but this is not what i mean i want. to do that one day my older sister went to a basketball court and she dribbled and saw this team playing together it was an eye opener there's so much tolerance and solidarity between the players and after training it's as if they are a family. and so i mean i started playing. here deep in senegal's countryside with an all girls team. that's breaking the norm . they don't play nice. they play to win that. they
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want to mop up as a coach and talent scout working with the new african national basketball association academy in senegal. if i don't defend. we don't coach girls differently from boys because they are. and to be. senegal's national team or are known as the lion this during the last world championships in october they outperformed it out showing most teams coming close to bringing the cup to africa. and so in a country where many young girls are married at a young age the success of the women's national basketball team is challenging traditional views defiant more and more girls are going out to play instead of staying at home. perseverant rigor encourage qualities by is looking for while a few girls will make
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a living from playing basketball if selected it's a chance to get training full scholarship and an education an opportunity to another life nicholas hawke al-jazeera chess senegal and we're watching the world's largest cities celebrate the new yeah i was one of the first is open to new zealand where there's been a firework display centered on the city's sky tower sydney australia is about ninety minutes away from very similar scenes we're here and will be celebrating in just under nine and a half hours hope you are as excited as the midnight hour reaches you wherever you are in the world. you're watching all of us there as a whole robin a reminder of our top stories al-jazeera has obtained pictures showing the saudi
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hit team that killed journalist jamal khashoggi seen carrying a large by a suspected of containing his remains into the consul general's residence in istanbul bangladesh's prime minister sheikh are seen as one a fourth term and third consecutive in office the opposition has rejected the results claiming widespread votes rigging but the election commission has turned down their demands for a new election. floods and landslides in the philippines of killed at least sixty one people most of the victims of the storm system are in the mountainous bicol region and on some are island. more protests are due to happen now in sudan calling for president omar al bashir to resign he's refusing to apologize for the political turmoil in his country and has slammed the recent protests against rising food and fuel prices bashir is blaming sudan's economic problems on years of international sanctions most of which have ended. on the one hand you know this guy yes we're
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going through a crisis and the people are facing challenges and we'll stay awake trying to solve it but we can't solve problems with more problems and destruction destruction and looting will deepen the problem and not solve it we will get out of this crisis despite everyone trying to get us to kneel through an economic crisis. people in the only port city of the data say shelling is still ongoing despite a un backed truce if the fighters agree to hand over control of the data to the local coast guard to be then overseen by the un as part of a recent deal agreed in sweden the un has confirmed who thieves have pulled. two prominent rights activists in the middle east have had their prison sentences appelle the bahraini activists newbill rajab will spend five years in prison after his appeal was rejected in court jobs tweets criticized saudi air strikes in yemen the united arab are upset emirates ever been sued will serve a ten year sentence to those where the headlines are knowledge is there inside
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story is next to stay with us. she's accused of silencing her critics are main rival is in jail. decade in power is being put to the test. vote for her to stay as prime minister and why does this election matter this is inside story.
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and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey the daughter of democracy to her supporters and authoritarian to her critics bangladesh's prime minister shake a senior has been in and out of power for decades and now she's likely to win a mandate for a record third straight term millions of bangladeshis have cast their votes in what's being seen as a referendum on his seen his ruling party elections have been marred by violence accusations of a crackdown on opposition voices and complaints of vote rigging seen as longtime rival is the former prime minister but she's been in jail since february on corruption charges and is barred from even taking part. strafford has the latest now from the capital dhaka. as polls closed in this the eleventh's election in this country's history since its independence in one thousand nine hundred eighty one yet more allegations but only by the opposition of voter intimidation and potentially vote rigging certainly the election commission says it's going to be
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investigating these claims that the polling station that we visited things will calm but interestingly we spoke to a member of a member of a of an opposition polling station team who said that they had their id papers and their election papers confiscated they then said that they were threatened and forced to leave the premises by what they described as supporters of the ruling party now each party is supposed to have representatives at these polling stations they monitor the voting process and vitally have to be present for the counting of the votes so certainly these allegations are consistent with what it seems the election commission could be investigating it's also important to say that at this particular polling station they seem to be very few members of supporters of the of the opposition costing their ballots one man who came up to us quietly and was keen to report to us that he said that he'd arrived at the polling station to find out
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that his ballot had already been cast now the government has said that the kind of figures that the opposition has been calling out in the build up to this election the opposition saying that more than ten thousand six hundred of the supporters and some of these candidates have been arrested detained in the build up to the election the ruling party saying that these figures are fabricated. and there's a there's been a lot of exaggeration on the level of violence that is being committed by their supporters and they're keen to point out that they have also been the victim of violence at least six supporters of the ruling party have been killed in the run up to this. election the government also it must be pointed out despite their human rights record the international community or many members of the international community in the world bank been very complementary with respect to the economic policies of pan with their fish in recent years least six percent economic annual
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growth. in recent years they've also been very complementary to the government about the way that it's handle what was described last year is the largest refugee crisis in the world around seven hundred thousand ranger refugees fleeing a crackdown in myanmar that are now residing in camps in bangladesh but as i say with these increasing allegations now of voter fraud jury this poll it's going to be very interesting to see whether either side except any result after this election charles stratford in taka the inside story. so a closer look at the woman who's led bangladesh for nearly a decade chica seen as the daughter of bangladesh this founder who led the country to its end dependence from pakistan she was elected to the leadership of the ruling awami league in one thousand nine hundred one and began her first and as prime minister in one nine hundred ninety six she is now the country's longest serving
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and two thousand and seven his senior was jailed on charges of corruption alleged to have taken place while she was in office she returned to power in two thousand and nine and has been credited with overseeing ten years of economic growth but criticized for cracking down on the opposition she's also been praised for welcoming revenger refugees fleeing a military crackdown in me and maher. let's bring in the panel now joining us from london sol tom a mood sharif president of the awami league in the u.k. and. professor of international relations at john geer nagar university and also in london a hog associate fellow of the asia pacific program at chatham house appreciate all of you for joining me right now so what i want to start with you is the atmosphere right for a free and fair election as you see it. it is fully. very much an atmosphere where people were able to come and cast their vote
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i have been getting information from people who are standing in the queue all over the country and giving information as to how simple easy and comfortable it was for them to go and give their vote and i am fully satisfied that it was done as part of the promise of the election commission the law enforcing authorities the government of the day and. so are the people who are conducting this election including the civil servants and the helping police forces. be interested in your thoughts as well do you think that there's a proper atmosphere to to foster a free and fair election. well it depends how we see but
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generally i would say that it was related a much peaceful than what we. anticipated perhaps there are allegations that in some voting or some polling stations it regularly things perhaps there is also. media reporting that almost like more than eighteen people died during the day of the election which gives you a little bit of an uneasy picture there where you see that the election has been marked with violence and irregularities and the election commission has a right feeling mentioned that they waited definitely looking to aid and come back to appropriate inquiry into all these allegations which has been launched by different political parties so therefore in the general sense that the most there
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was much more better than what we anticipated but perhaps the violence really questions sectarian integrity of the entire process ok sure your thoughts. well i think you know rather than concentrate only on what happened in illinois on the election day we shouldn't in any case we don't have a vague picture because media hasn't had full and free access to the election coverage we've had very little independent oversight and monitoring of the elections let's step back a little bit and see how the state machinery has been the new pleated in bangkok the issue for a period of time during the campaigning the way the election commission has been manipulated the way the police has been deployed so instruments of the state have been used in the ruling party's favor in addition i think we have to still step back and really look at the onslaught on the opposition which has been taking place
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for the last two years almost you know we've had sixty one percent of the opposition candidates who've had some form of criminal cases filed against them so overtly dismay ssion of those in the opposition has taken place which in my view would not constitute a free and fair election and we're actually are absolutely going to going to drill down on that when you talk about the opposition but actually to bring up something that that small time and both of reference was the election commission the chief election commissioner actually said that he wanted law enforcement agencies to act with an iron fist to check violence and iron fist is that language concern you salt on no it doesn't concern me because. they're really action years. if you look at the record of
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the opposition the people who were born out of the martyr of the founding father father of the country well known the sick would you were a man and his family members in some way at his own residence and then took over power in the country and subsequently ruled the country without law we don't any any law without any system and without any election these people in the last election did not participate in the election and look a little bit that sultan i'm talking to as alternatives so time talking about right now though right now that is a matter of fact there's one i have just a moment right there now just a moment there's one up at a political analyst charge i describe it this way says that political parties don't see each other as political rivals they look upon others as enemies i mean even the
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language that you're using now seems to be extremely harsh. well it is mr of sun's view my view is that there are elements in all political parties all over the world who try to educate their own party men and other party people and they are not the leaders if you look at what sic has in a has been telling over the years continually that the election will be free and fair that it will not be interfered with by any organization it will be unfair if somebody is committing crime and the police does not stop or low interest and other authorities do not stop them of the eighteen murders in last two days sixteen people where our only activists sixteen of them
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a unserved police help or who was murdered my seriously sultan is a full time a gruesome way as sharon made a very good point earlier we're still trying to gather a lot of the facts of the day and actually what has happened there so i want to let me bring and i want you to respond to what i saw you reacting to what i was saying this political analyst said that the rhetoric is so charged him people talk about each other as enemies instead of political rivals do you agree with that. yes to a great extent the point is. just a little bit of political history i mean if you take burma this is political history since one thousand ninety one two major political parties have always. been you.


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