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been snatched in a polling center she said it's probably from a previous marriage election and then the particular journalist said no this is from this one she said well perhaps but it is one one if you incident could have happened and then she went to said that look if there is any allegation definitely we'll look into it and the election commission will seriously look into this matter and investigate this matter. on my second question of course i ox about. to go ahead please no tell me i'm just going to ask you i mean how she is explaining all defending what too many people seem like an incredible victory i mean winning two hundred eighty eight at the three hundred seats i mean this is beyond belief isn't it and they say well how is she justifying that's or explaining it. yes that was the question someone asks that i mean you have like overwhelming almost super majority and there's hardly any opposition i mean is this really
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a democracy you know so she went to say well it happens in many election it happened in egypt this case in india and previous time so what can i do it people voted for me that incensed about by the idea that there were any kind of fall play in the election also the fact that i oxide that she's going to be conciliatory to the opposition is she going to offer them some sort of all the branch she said look it's the opposition who've been violent throughout in previous one decade bangladesh has been polarized politics i told why don't you send a conciliatory message and she said. i'm the prime minister for the whole nation of course i'm prime minister and it's a multiple democracy you know they're free to form any kind of party and carry on with the democratic activities. on the question of the foreign opposite of what i said that a large number of foreign very well refuse this hour delayed came under criticism from media as well as from the united states for delaying those visas particularly
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for asian network of election observer she said that those will be those that were rejected actually bias that affiliate with the opposition party and she cited one example of the human rights organization in bangladesh which is also happens to be a member of that network she said it is an opposition bias zat about those that reject that there can be a challenge i live in the bangladeshi capital dhaka thank you. still to come here at al-jazeera while the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria will be slowed down. class of the women in senegal who are breaking barriers and inspiring a generation of the just sports. they
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were into winter now is the persistent problem in china and india is fog it's hard to see that by satellite but just take it this graze of pretty good out here where we tease there's no wind to move anything pressure is high temperatures are low single figures probably down to freezing over night for most places but there is activity for the second in hong kong for example the clouds going to increase it looks fairly went by winds not rain spreading up the coast to some degree as well nothing much stirring elsewhere in fact the breeze takes the rain down towards vietnam and he's. going to find dry nothing else in india either apart from occasional snow showers running into the far north we've got still air so if a new delhi oh yes you max might be twenty one degrees bit further north it's colder than that and again the north of india is prone to mist the system fog fortunately pollution at this time the even in the breeze for the sas is precious
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little moving shower wise it's dry now in sri lanka as well we have of course seen quite a lot of activity or a lot of rain in levant recently and the nice legacy is this cloud sweeping into novels in saudi arabia it might bring a shower too to northern side possibly to cure muddy income for the south and it looks mostly dry. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing new realities the pain starts from the very beginning. providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story on talk to hal jazeera. let's
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have a look at the top stories here of al-jazeera al-jazeera has obtained pictures showing the saudi hit team that killed jamal khashoggi carrying large bags suspected of containing his remains the video shows the team arriving at the consul general residence in istanbul. and the prime minister she can see that has promised that any vote rigging in sunday's election will be investigated she's won a fourth term in office the opposition has rejected the results claiming widespread fraud protesters are out again in sudan they're calling for president obama al bashir to resign police have fired tear gas to try to disperse the crowds in the
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capital the president is refusing to apologize for the political turmoil in his country and has slammed recent protests which started as being against food and fuel prices. now the votes are being counted in the democratic republic of congo after a much delayed presidential election the opposition has raised concerns over irregularities and they're saying that they won't accept the results early results are expected in the coming days the election could lead to the first peaceful transition of power in the d.l.c. as history. people in the yemeni port city of her data say shelling is only going despite a un backed truce who the fight is agreed to hand over control of her data to the local coast guard and they in turn will be a the seen by the un as part of a recent deal but the government that's by a saudi ever aussie coalition's say they're not honoring the truce mama gem june reports in her data optimism however cautious it may have been has turned
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into confusion despite a un back to truce there are reports shelling is still going on some residents accuse her three rebels of failing to hand over control of the port city as they have promised to do as part of the recently signed agreement in sweden. the talks about handing over the port of her data is a farce directed by the who the militias and with an international cover. on saturday video emerged showing some who the rebels who controlled the port for much of the almost four year conflict boarding trucks and departing according to the un the who these have indeed pulled back. by the next day others said that was simply not the case because the rebels claim yesterday that the handed over to port but they have not done so they have not delivered anything. today that on monday
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however the rebels said it was violations by the saudi iraq to coalition it's putting the her data agreement at risk. we are adamant to continue to comply with what we have signed with the aim of a stablish ing long and just peace those who are attempting to cause a failure to the agreement are willing for the war to continue and the plight of the yemeni people to continue as part of the un supported agreement who the rebels backed by iran and yemen's government supported by a coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates also agreed to uphold a cease fire in the city. aid workers had hoped humanitarian corridors could soon be opened and much needed aid might be delivered a scenario whose success relies on mutual trust and one whose achievement seems more difficult with each new accusation. the us democratic senator elizabeth warren has taken
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a major step toward drowning in the twenty twenty presidential race she announced to supporters that she is forming an exploratory committee that allows her to raise money and find stuff before launching a presidential bid that she's known as a liberal five brand and have policy and push left wing things in an online video to support says america's middle class is under attack how do we get here billionaires and big corporations decided they wanted more of the pie and they enlisted politicians to cut a much fatter splines the crippled union so no one to stop we're going to turn the loose dismantle the financial rules meant to keep us safe after the great depression and cut their own taxes. so they paid less than their secretaries and janitors it's time to write the rules for them and why after wall street crash our economy in two thousand and eight i left the classroom to go to washington and come from the broken system head on all right let's go live to our correspondent castro
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she's in washington d.c. so what does this mean exactly then i mean she's setting up an exploratory committee which presumably will be testing the waters to see what her chances would be if she were to officially enter a presidential race. that's right there's a lot of technicality in there but the major analysis of this is this is her first step toward indeed running to be a challenger of donald trump in two thousand and twenty many are are seeing this as the official the first time that an official candidate on the democratic party's side is announcing although it's not technically her announcement but it's her nearest step to it to become donald trump's hopeful opponent if she were to win her party's primary now elizabeth warren the senator from massachusetts she is has built quite a reputation for herself as a dog critic of big banking in the united states that's despite the fact that she's only held public office since two thousand and thirteen prior to that she was
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a harvard law professor and as you saw in the exploratory announcement video that we just saw she's trying to emphasize her roots from a humble start she goes on to say that she's the daughter of a janitor that went on to become a teacher and that she is pressing this populist message talk about unification about bringing the middle class together and it's notable she doesn't mention trump in name in that video but you certainly see plenty of pictures of him every day to many people around the world. over elizabeth warren really as a consequence of the kind of abuse that she's put up with from donald trump she has in the polling relationship with him but the oversea will make a rather popular i guess among cool says in america. that's right there's been a polling showing that three out of five democrats have a good attitude or they approve of her however that's still quite
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there's still a much larger mountain to climb for elizabeth warren namely she is likely to face a field of democratic challengers who will be more than three dozen in number the two notable names who have yet to declare who very likely will are vice president joe biden and senator bernie sanders and both of those men have the advantage of having run for president previously but also the big challenge that elizabeth warren faces is to convince her fellow democrats that she can be the new face of this leaderless party of to this point we know that in just a few days time the u.s. house of representatives will swear in a new class of democrats who will be the monk the most diverse young more women ever before and she also has this major challenge of convincing her fellow party members that she can be trump and what you just alluded to her being the punching
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bag of trump receiving his his slurs of calling her pocahontas to deride her claims of having native american ancestry her critics and even her supporters are saying she has to do a better job than she has previously of deflecting those punches she stirred up more controversy now recent months when she released her d.n.a. results that showed she has some native american ancestry dating back six to ten generations to which trump only derided more so those who are both rooting for her and against her agree that she has to do a better job of deflecting those attacks from trump my right thank you very much heidi jake us through the interim. now a u.s. republican senator says he's received assurances from the president that there will be a slowdown to the withdrawal of american troops from syria senator lindsey graham says president trump is still committed to defeating eisel this after they had
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a meeting at the white house senator graham had criticized president trump's announcement earlier this month to remove all two thousand u.s. troops from syria saying it could destabilize the region we still have some differences but i will tell you that the president is thinking long and hard about syria had a withdraw our forces but at same time achieve our national security interests which are to make sure that isis is destroyed they never come back their allies the kurds are protected and that iran doesn't become the big winner of our leaving and i feel pretty good about where we're headed a delegation from the afghan taliban of arrived in tehran for talks the two parties are expected to discuss the case ca sions for afghanistan's government earlier this month afghan forces abandoned a remote western district bordering iran leaving it to the taliban after the government failed to resupply troops stationed there. kuwait says
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it will only reopen its embassy in syria if the arab league resumes diplomatic relations with the assad government the announcement comes after kuwait seventy foreign minister was named in a lebanese newspaper listing financial supporters of the syrian government he's denied the accusation calling it an insult but the u.s. . in their embassies in damascus last week. russia's president vladimir putin has arrived in the southwestern city of mad need to go ask after a gas explosion early on monday calls part of an abattoir apartment building to collapse killing at least four people and injuring others many others remain missing. they called the lionesses this is senegal's women's basketball team which made history in october edging closer to winning the world cup with a new n.b.a. basketball training facility in the country the sport is gaining popularity
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especially among girls the reports from the city of chess. fifteen year old song go is unwilling to accept the kind of life many teenage girls are facing the third child of four brothers and sisters she's expected to cook clean and iron for the family chores her brothers don't have to do. and look i need help and i'm grateful that i mean i was doing this but i hope she has a better future than me. in senegal one out of three girls marry young. but this is not what i mean and wants. us one day my older sister went to a basketball court and she dribbled and saw this team playing together it was an eye opener there's so much tolerance and solidarity between the players and after training it's as if they are a family. and so i mean or started playing.
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here deep in sending girls countryside with an all girls team. that's breaking the norm. they don't play nice they play to win. but i want to jump up as a coach and talent scout working with the new african national basketball association academy in senegal other pilot if at all. we don't coach girls differently from boys because they had my innocence in your making and to be lionesses. senegal's national team are known as the lioness during the last world championships in october they outperformed it out showing most teams coming close to bringing the cup to africa and so in a country where many young girls are married at a young age the success of the women's national basketball team is challenging traditional views defiant more and more girls are going out to play instead of staying at home their own perseverance rigor and courage qualities
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bali's looking for while a few girls will make a living from playing basketball if selected it's a chance to get training full scholarship and an education an opportunity to another life because hawke al-jazeera chess senegal. say it is in the asia pacific region to become celebrating the new year thousands gathered to watch father works light up for the sky to usher in twenty nine thousand. i did australia festivities kicked off for the sydney harbor bridge and opera house putting on the spare time killer display. his second over the top stories here it is there are just there has obtained pictures showing the saudi hit team that killed journalist jamal khashoggi seen
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carrying large bags suspected of containing his remains into the console general's residence in this time ball. bangladesh's prime ministers shake a scene that has won a fourth term and her third consecutive term in office the opposition's rejected the results claiming widespread vote rigging but the election commission has turned down their demands for a new election u.s.m. across excel literalism with warren has taken a major step toward running in the twenty twenty presidential race she has formed an exploratory committee which will allow her to raise money and find staff before formally launching a campaign she's one of donald trump's fiercest critics and is known as a liberal firebrand in her party more protests going on in sudan calling for president omar al bashir to resign he is refusing to apologize for the political turmoil in this country and the slammed the recent protests against
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rising food and fuel prices. is that yes we going through a crisis and the people are facing challenges and we stay awake trying to solve it but we can't solve problems with more problems and destruction destruction and looting will deepen the problem and not solve it we will get out of this crisis despite everyone trying to get us to kneel through an economic crisis. people in the yemeni port city of her data say shelling is under way despite a un backed truce with the fighters agreed to hand over control of this vital port city to the local coast guard and for them to be overseen by the un as part of a recent deal the u.n. has confirmed the who thinks of pull back two prominent rights activists in the middle east have had their prison sentences up held bahraini activists in the bill roger will spend five years in jail and in the united arab emirates are commitments or will serve
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a ten year sentence but up to date those are the headlines to there is next. the economic factors to watch his be ringing in the new year. predicting a rocky ride for the global economy and from china to the middle east find out why and financial storms could be proved. on the. increasingly important role in the political dynamics as the only predominantly muslim country with nuclear weapons but with a new government. state. challenging. the relations with its neighbor india. but after four decades confidence building measures but are they ready to settle their differences. to its neighbor
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china. and beijing have started a sixty two billion dollars from the agreement as part of china's global belt and bold initiative. there. but how is this relationship impacting pakistan's important relationship with the united states president. asked for help to find peace in afghanistan but after decades of. the growth and pakistan take over the region and security. geopolitical. opportunities but also challenges. new leadership meeting that we will find out if the president. talks to us is there. the president of islamic republic of pakistan thank you very much for talking to others there this is a new journey that you've embarked upon
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a journey with the pakistan tehreek e insaf with you as the head of state people's man in the presidency the world is wanting to know what is this new pakistan that you are going to create i think what has happened with my coming into the presidency is that we have brought people's ideas we've brought the feeling of the people of pakistan to the office and the prime minister of this country brought the feelings of pakistan to his office the urgency the need for urgent pakistan has been is very important i think what we need to do in pakistan is what they would kindle the promise to speed them up with the new realities which we saw when we have come into government which resort to face them to modify our direction to improve our directions to give stability to pakistan to do to fulfill that commitment with the government the constitution of pakistan makes with its people let's talk about the change in progress that your
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party has been promising and it's been elected upon you embarked upon a very ambitious hundred day plan which many thought was over promising and in the last hundred days the economy is not in tremendous shape there has been thousands of jobs a vigil being lost the indicators at the national assembly in terms of legislature haven't really moved a lot so you talk about this progress but how confident are you that given the hundred days you haven't been able to achieve as much as you hoped that you would i may not agree with you because the hundred days were. only a selection of direction in one hundred days you wouldn't believe at them but in one hundred days you will see the certain says there has to be a bit in one hundred days you will not be able to bring legislation because this isn't is not a project which is a bill cannot be written in hundred days and passed in the assembly in one hundred days a number of economic policies had to be handled in one hundred days we would just.
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looking at the condition of the economy which was artificially in fact is to lay people the indicator for example has been the dollar to people already of the whatever rated it was available at but in reality it was much worse in reality what was happening because of the high. rupee dollar parity our exports were dwindling a lot of things were happening so i think in the three months that in the four months since my government has taken over i think they're coming to the whole thing is coming to terms with the reality what was really happening and what was delivered over it and what people thought was happening and what was not actually happening so what is happening is corruption there's a big message going on that you can take money out of pakistan in informal manner which is illegal there are a lot of illegality as you mentioned that in karate for example people are out of
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a job why because illegal structures are being demolished but why did the legal structures come up because for the last fifty years you were free to encroach on government land or encroach on any any land on the road and build structures and that became the law because lawyers what people should see on the street rather than love it is on paper so the law on the street was that you can do a lot of illegalities and run away with it to one day reality check had to be done that was that was exactly what i was going to come towards and you highlighted that that now it is the time for a reality check that you come into power and you realize the situation was not as you expected it was wouldn't it have been better to provide alternatives first before the demolition let me surprise you. i think what has been done as far as illegal structures etc is concerned is only five percent of what is possible so this is one to five steps to go so after five steps i think a reality check again with what we are doing and providing all. minute assessment
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of things that humanitarian part is important but first the messages toward the this. cannot accept illegal activities or illegal structures any of it this is the government but is going after major leaders across the political spectrum and that has been the quam of the opposition saying that this is selective justice it accuses your government of carrying out vendettas against political opponents using the national accountability bureau as a tool how do you counter that narrative in your leaders aren't arrested and their leaders are arrested and they come out on the streets and see that they're being victimized the nab lawyers very specific it is political influence in corruption about politically influenced people who has been in government the majority has been have been other parties then the president. therefore for it to
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be fair it has to question the nab law has to question those were been in government but the figures are short shocking as far as the corruption with the corruption has been done and i feel i'm surprised by the fact that people some of the people are still defending what the kind of practices let's talk about as the president of pakistan your disability and commander in chief of the armed forces. but this rule is considered to be a ceremonial one what is going to be different in the pakistan that you will bring is the rule of leadership i did defining with causes i have taken up an initiative which is called pakistan the presidential initiative an artificial intelligence i believe that the world is in you very fast i believe that the internet of things that are just around the corner into this internet of industrial things exist around the corner people have described it as the fourth in the civilization which
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is around the corner and i want pakistan to be there in the beginning jump onto the train right now because the economy as is being predicted of the. fourth industrial revolution is going to be estimated at three point five trillion dollars by two thousand and twenty three and i don't want to miss the boat. is looking for this government has promised. jobs. promised houses and all that can happen only when pakistan starts walking with the pace of the world rather than a slow march behind the word so what does this mean there's a proactive the president mean pakistan is going back towards a presidential system of government. i believe i believe that the president should be supporting all the good causes i believe that the woman the laws of inheritance poor in pakistan present day pakistan i believe that what is
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the spirit the my religion provides to woman is not being given by the culture of our people so i believe to increase their space within the realms of the region. women need employment woman need public spaces and public to be able to move around i think that is not at the level which we want to be we want women in leadership positions water conservation for example is. the very important thing is faced with global warming there are precedents in the world who deny global warming are you very of them this thing we all are. this is not to. deny global warming he wants to prepare his country to face it let's move to words that president that you just mentioned the relationship between your country and their government that you represent with the president you just mentioned is not on the best of terms in fact let me read out the cia is assessment for twenty eight thousand by the director of
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national intelligence daniel quotes and quote park sudden will continue to threaten u.s. interests by deploying new nuclear weapons capabilities maintaining tights to militants restricting town and counterterrorism cooperation growing closer to china militant groups supported by islam about will continue to take advantage of safe haven in pakistan to plan and conduct attacks in india and afghanistan including against u.s. interests so you have the poor narrative you know this is going to tell you again this is related to is being used or has been news historically any country against visit any superpower would have wanted to do it great so what will you do two hundred look at the fact that the responsible nuclear state like pakistan where pakistan did not develop its nuclear weapons india exploded a nuclear device in seventy four then pakistan ensured its own security by developing the enrichment of uranium and then developing a nuclear weapon then india jumped in and exploded nuclear devices nine hundred
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ninety eight and pakistan did it afterwards what is sponsibility is that does not have the security you need for securing yourself does the us and. only the other countries have. the right to develop weapons which can destroy the world five hundred times over imagine the logic and then. any superpower can i just said no you don't have the right to defend yourself. we have the right to defend ourselves i think pakistan has been a very responsible nuclear state but at the same time when you mention the fact about terrorism around we have been we have faced terrorism and i let me make a statement which is a very important statement and going going to your challenge that the pakistan army and the pakistan armed forces are the most experienced in the world the world should have listened to them the world should have learned from them the world can still learn from them they have registered terrorism have stop terrorism on our
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borders and best of our borders you see there is total chaos and turmoil and i hold many powers responsible for that look at what i found look at syria only a few days ago mr trump quoted somebody and said that the was not the business of the united states to be doing redeem changes in areas now once it has been said what is the responsibly future in the future of the of those countries those who think it was not their right to come in and do it and today they're ready to accept it shouldn't we be talking about what reparations should humanitarian reparations in those areas and the figure was on human. life has been very aptly selected in the lockerbie disaster you know it spurred six point two five million dollars per person life how many hundreds of thousands of people have died in that region and pakistan has suffered pakistan had at three point five million of one if we've even today pakistan has two point five million or one of which you have you
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heard shouting about it how i have you heard us complaining about it many countries in the world are not ready to accept one hundred of these that are was being built up to go to sleep everybody around the best way in the world to do to discourage immigration is trying is is a new philosophy where every human life should be considered the same of the same worth or not the lives of my country are. not more important than the lives of others before i come to the nuclear programs on this issue of the trumpet ministration and its very clear disliking for pakistan what is pakistan going to do to change try and change that is pakistan going to be talking to the chairman are you talking to them right now and the narrative that is levelled against pakistan whether it comes to mumbai attacks on bin laden being found in pakistan the issue of support for the taliban from the circles in pakistan across the board in the
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plan is that that is the narrative that exists you can't deny that you know what are you going to do a narrative may exist but it is an unproven narrative let me tell you we've lost seventy thousand people in the war on terrorism should we start blaming everybody else or should i started i am sure of what is happening in baluchistan and what's happening elsewhere india has had a hand in it so. i suffered from the same terrorism so what. has lost so many lives so when india has picked up that book here and has jumped onto that bag bandwagon to justify it across cities in kashmir also i make a statement and i us that stand has made a major effort to try and curb terrorism within itself and it has overflowed our borders we have been unable to to prevent that but imagine today the world is saying that there must be a peaceful solution to a one is that you must have talks with taliban the us forces are being withdrawn in desperation because
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a solution is not visible. right now with force and pakistan isn't good communication with the united states on these issues but we wanted relationship based on dignity on principles on principles of noninterference i think that's the most important factor we would like to look have peace within the neighbors you mention the fact that pakistan want good relations with china what is evil about it . i think it's been done has the right to have good relations with a friend would have been of which has been a friend almost forever in the last forty forty five years so it's a it's a very. strongly progressing and developing country and the corridor is a good example of relationship between pakistan interact before you want to raise the relations with india also that's not exactly my point that now that you see and there's been steps that this government has taken it's opened a border for six six pilgrim's but it hasn't had much way in terms of diplomatic developments with the indian government is pakistan going to be the government
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which solves the kashmir issue and has normalized ties with india we would like to but needs a solution to what has happened is after the seventy four similar accord. indian government has been saying this that this is a bilateral issue now when you say this a bilateral should let's come and talk we want top under one all the other issues we have not talked so india cannot ignore it the struggle in kashmir has got to be indigenous the struggle in kashmir is based upon the united nations resolutions which was passed in the sixty's the fifty's the struggle in kashmir is law is so. strong today that indian independent indian writers indian columnists for example of the have told india have made statements that kashmir is no more a part of india when you have five hundred thousand or six hundred thousand forces
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in a small part of india which is called kashmir when people when they expect the freedom fighter when the indian forces go into a village and they say that there are two or three people hold out here we were freedom fighters or in their language militants the whole village comes out to defend this is remarkable. india is using pellet guns against children against women against everybody and the number of injuries in the eyes and the world is ignoring it that that is where i am surprise you not the principles on which democracies have been formed are being falsified in this manner. in the manner of when governments do not write for ways for human rights india may be living in a false hope regarding the future that it is a superpower you can become a superpower by encroaching upon the rights of people and let me tell you people can never be suppressed the the jews living in europe will not suppressed could not
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be suppressed despite millions being killed the palestinians living in. palestine they cannot be suppressed i tell comes out of the mother's womb and as soon as it is able to pick up a stone it picks up a stone and throws it at the airplane to you cannot suppress people anywhere that's the logic which is gone past cannot has not happened cannot continue a former president sitting in this office in two thousand a said that pakistan will be adhering to in a few with no first use of the nuclear weapons is that the policy of the presidency and there are a full of years where i believe that the nuclear weapons which pakistan has for peace the pakistan gap as a deterrence. we believe that with a belligerent country right across the border who cannot be trusted as far as pakistan is concerned has not been interested is not even ready to. have dialogue
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on international forums like sark everytime a meeting issue for india somehow biggles out of it so i believe that pakistan is a peaceful nation no intention of using its nuclear weapons so under new pakistan is the blame game going to subside and is there going to be constructive dialogue. on pakistan's part or are we going to see more of the same in as far as internationally as far as relations with india concerned no we are very positive i think the two positive steps have been taken by the prime minister one was writing requesting a meeting. on the size of the united nations that was rejected no reason to reject it and they picked up a school with the news which was about a month or two months old which when government was not even there then opening up in the six six got to go to pakistan has been making positive gestures practical doing practical measures and pakistan is showing the will that it wants peace with
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india it is for india to pick it up let's move on to words china you mentioned china china is pakistan's biggest trading partner now the sea pecora door which was at forty three billion dollars is now evolved into a sixty two even further sixty two billion dollar project how trustworthy the is an ally like china and specially when it comes to dealing out cash for a country like pakistan where you've seen the belton road initiative aftermath of the belt and ordination of in places in africa. had to give up a port to keep up with its payments to china so how confident are you that china is a trustworthy ally for approx ten i have been good friends i don't remember a single episode over our history in tennis history where we have had any misgivings about any action which has happened what has happened there what you've mention africa and south america when you have corrupt governments it is quite
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possible that some investments may have been covered by corruption some countries have taken back but i did tease with changing governments that when all of this happened that as a negotiator. you mention that unlike malaysia that is an open thing this is a venturi which is profit. china and it is a venture it is profitable to pakistan before coming to power you are your own government had reservations about this corridor right you would never we never know we record we never had reservation but we always say that corruption should not be a part of any any deals which may happen so that's what our insistence is and that's what. so what despite your stance principled position when it comes to the issue of human rights in china for instance which have been condemned by the united nations and other world organizations and particularly this new issue of up to a million muslims in northern china being taken to detention camps and being china
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says that these are these are camps for restructuring and reliability to people what is pakistan's position on these muslims in particular a bug a stance position with the government of china believes that these bookies are raised whenever a new government is being pressured with. china i think our government's policy is that it's an internal matter of china if there is something like that happening and i believe we trust the chinese government to take care of its own people in the best manner but let's talk about the money that has been coming from china you touched upon the economy earlier there's been a lot of reservations from international organizations christine legarde for instance wants pakistan to raise gas prices even further the i.m.f. wants to pakistan to devalue its currency against the dollar there's a lot of constraints and the united nations is pressuring pakistan saying that it wants to stop payments because it feels that it will go to words. united states
11:44 pm
saying that you know it would it will go towards reaping china's lol not yet synonymous but that that is that is what you are up against. so i this is this is that it's a very tricky situation when you need the money but the money that is coming in from one of your very important partners is putting off others. that you will inevitably need what. countries may be objecting to is a very close relationship with china i think that is not at the cost of any other country i think our relationship with china is bilateral i don't think it is geared against india for example or going against any other country and i believe the world should also look at it as a bilateral friendship between us and on the issue of ghana stan stan has been making headway into words trying getting the taliban on the table with other parties and your foreign minister has had a tour of four countries he's heading towards carter we believe as well how
11:45 pm
confident are you that pakistan will be able to bring the taliban to the negotiating table and is it in pakistan's interest that afghanistan becomes stable rather than keeping its influence on the taliban on the border we believe very strongly that in the piece for the us and the number two we have a we may have a certain influence on some of the taliban. and we have insisted that they come on to the table and they have agreed in certain areas to come on the table we might see. at the end of your tenure what are your biggest fears and what do you think are going to be your biggest achievements while you hold this office can not become a developed country in five years but i would like to see the route to change with the maximum hurt you burns with out of people satisfied that things are happening improve all of the sectors improve our exports improve our economy i think we are set on the road. the president of the islamic republic of pakistan thank you very
11:46 pm
much for talking to others thank. too often on the streets of india women are victims but a new force is that plane. in
11:47 pm
the next episode of science in the golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval period in the field of astronomy. the pony chris. to these medieval the stone almost from the golden age. that's trillions in
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many ways with the computers of the day you can use it to find the time you could navigate science in a golden age with germany. this is al jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm with us upon them welcome to the square. new clues in the murder of journalist. video obtained by al-jazeera shows members of the head team carrying bags suspected of containing his remains to the residence of the saudi consul
11:49 pm
general live and istanbul with more on the video what the video might be pointing to. more protests and and that security forces have used tear gas at hundreds of demonstrators on the eve of the country's independence day celebrations they have been weeks of on the rise in food and fuel prices along with a struggling economy but the president is resisting calls for his resignation and a third straight to. opposition allegations of vote rigging and elections and they had baden's we will explore what the prime minister's long. for relations with other countries in the region. and prison sentence are upheld for two prominent rights activists and behind the u.a.e. for speaking out against governments in the region i'm sort of cards of more on that as well as this year's top trending stories online.
11:50 pm
with the news good live on the air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com al-jazeera has obtained video showing cell the agents taking what suspected to be the remains of. the house of the sol the consul general in istanbul well the washington post columnist was killed on october the second to entering the saudi consulate reports it's been three months since the murder of. and his body still hasn't been found but this video could throw more light on the sequence of events after he was killed . the pictures appear to show members of the saudi hit team carrying bags thought to contain his remains into the saudi consul general residence you can't believe these things happen in embassies or consul generals things but but of course they are control of all they are that controllable in that they are saudi property saudi
11:51 pm
land the local police can't really do very much about it and of course they wouldn't imagine for one minute the ex were actually listening to what was going on in. the saudi journalist entered the consulate hoping to pick up documents that would allow him to start a new life with his fiance he never came out alive saudi arabia blamed his death on rogue agents but turkey's president says it was a premeditated murder orchestrated by riad these pictures only add another layer of complexity to the investigation now we have direct evidence showing members of the killing team unloading body bags or black bags of some sort so it leaves the impression. body ended up at the consular. residence and that's where the investigation should focus not what happened today
11:52 pm
a few weeks after hushovd disappearance a team of turkish investigators found traces of acid during a search of the saudi consuls residence the office of turkey's attorney general has told al jazeera that chemicals were used to dispose of casualties body and now a new book is revealing more details of the killing. diplomatic atrocity the dark secrets of the murder was written by three reporters from turkey's daily newspaper it names two previously and identified members of the saudi hit squad as well as their links to the royal family also audio recordings which allegedly prove that the crime was premeditated and information on his show g.'s reported refusal to text message his son in riyadh and tell him not to worry if he didn't hear from him for a while as a fuller picture of the killing emerges the pressure continues to grow on saudi
11:53 pm
arabia last week the king reshuffled his cabinet hoping to deflect international criticism but the saudi side would hope that this recent cabinet reshuffle puts an end to this case and relieve saudi arabia from this pressure by the turks and the international community looking for some answers the new details are also likely to add to growing calls that saudi arabia names and indicts those behind. killing paul chatterjee on al-jazeera. and live not talk on c.n.n. of course they want to she is joining us from istanbul so what impact could the video have on the investigation c.n.n. could we say something like the prosecutor's office ask for another search warrant for the consul general. well elizabeth until now we haven't heard from the stumble prosecutor's office yet but of course these new pictures
11:54 pm
being released actually creates a possibility that the prosecutor's office may ask for us for another search warrant in the residence actually a during this search during the searches and at the consulate and the residence we know that they wanted to do a second search in the consulate residence because there is a they figured out that there was a well in the in the residence and the saudis didn't let the investigation team to search for this well which is more than twenty meters deep and at the time turkish police took some water samples from that but coming to your question again. the investigation is still under way the indictment hasn't been filed out yet because just buddy what hasn't been found on till now absent of these footage has been released now there is a big question in everybody's minds especially among the security that these in
11:55 pm
these luggage is that we see in the footage these might be carrying jamal his ship his body parts and they might be still inside the khan's late we're expecting that the prosecutor's office may ask for another warrant but of course a turkish officials have always complained that the saudi officials haven't been cooperating with them especially on the investigation which is under way in saudi arabia turks say they have no idea who have been arrested by the saudi a prosecutor's office and what they have spoken during their interviews. while they have been under custody so there is a big gap between uncle and riyadh or in terms of conducting this investigation but of course this will create a leverage for in order to be able to put some pressure over saudi arabia to be more collaborative. to be more corporates of and also this will actually probably
11:56 pm
urged the international community more in order to launch this international investigation that everybody is waiting for we know that there is a process ongoing at the united nations and turks and other other parties are trying to carry this investigation process this crime actually to the u.n. security council but now these pictures are really the proof that they have committed the crime inside the consulate which is a saudi territory but brought to the residence council residence which is not actually considered as a saudi territory or any other country which it belongs to but to them how likely is it that saudi arabia will respond to the latest information that this video seems to be showing us and at the very least you know release the names of the people that they haven't custody they haven't done so yet. well exec the exactly and looking at well how they behave how they have behaved since
11:57 pm
the beginning of this investigation turks blame them for being irresponsible and take turks have been blaming them for being not collaborative enough it seems that the saudis do not want this crime crime investigation to be sold and they don't want this come to an end because turks have been after who has given the order of this crime who has been saying that the person who gave the order is a senior and saudi official otherwise this couldn't happen among the high ranks of saudi officials but looking at how they have responded to turkey's request on till now it is a big question mark whether they will be really collaborative. even though this picture shows that the via the has been carried out to consul consuls residency by the way i want to remind that after after this event came to came to the consulate
11:58 pm
residence almost health an hour later saudi consul general every five in his residence and he didn't get out of the residence for three days and after three days he left turkey for good with his family so now everybody doubts that the body remains can be still out there but of course the saudis had conflicting conflicting statements until now they have said they have given the body remains to a local collaborator and they are going to send a sketch profile to the turkish authorities here but they have sent nothing so. even though we expect that the turkish prosecutor's office may ask for another search warrant and go off there to saudis it is most probably the saudis are going to be behaving in the same way but turks hope that the international community would be acting actually said it much faster because the investigation case has really become a. look said and thank you very much for that for now that is like correspondence
11:59 pm
in an accord sooner with all the very latest live in istanbul now all the developments in the story and three months after his death there are still developments can be found on the special page on our website that's called jamal khashoggi you will find that on al-jazeera dot com. why don't you get in touch with us we want to hear from you on these stories you can send us your comments to any of our online platforms on twitter just use the hash tag news go to handle it is at a.j. english but also on facebook facebook dot com slash al-jazeera or send us a message on whatsapp or on a telegram that that plus line seven four five zero one triple one four nine we've heard from will do on facebook saying that it seems that murder investigation will have no result both cia and turkey investigation team have given evidence is still no justice bodyparts could not be traced after three months chris also on facebook
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saying that the only reef shuffling that will work is to reshuffle m.d.'s into prison the rest is just noise to do right and to others now moving on to other news and while much of the world rings in the new year two prominent human rights defenders in the gulf received news that they'll spend twenty nineteen and prison the trains high court has upheld the jail sentence of an activist who spoke out against saudi arabia and on the same day a court in the u.a.e. apel to sentence against an activist there and reports monsoor in the united arab emirates and the bill raja in bahrain will now be spending years in prison for criticizing their government's policies on social media.


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