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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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we'll have no results both cia and turkey investigation team have given evidence is still no justice body parts could not be traced off to three months chris also on facebook saying that there are only a brief shuffling that will work is to reshuffle m.d.s. and to present the rest is just noise to do right and to was now moving on to other news and while much of the world runs in the new year two prominent human rights defenders in the gulf received news that they'll spend twenty nineteen and prison the trains high court has upheld the jail sentence of an activist who spoke out against saudi arabia and on the same day a court in the u.a.e. upheld a sentence against an activist there anderson paul reports ahmed months who are in the united arab emirates and to be a raja in bahrain will now be spending years in prison for criticizing their government's policies on social media was
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a prominent opposition figure during behind's protest movement during the arab spring he's been in and out of prison for this activism and his tweets on monday the supreme court upheld a five year jail term for a tweet deemed offensive to the state wars bring hatred destruction and horrors he tweeted as the saudi u.a.e. led coalition began bombing yemen in twenty fifteen the bahraini court agreed he disseminated what he calls false news in a time of war and offended the foreign country rights groups say the timing of the verdict is important. so will update and. i mean the reason why they chose to have it during the holidays in the west where they are expecting the minimal. attention or devoted. as a piece advocate state that he won he wants to remain silent. decided to
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bomb the children in yemen he stated that war will only bring misery i would never bring solutions for those that we may be aided. by the present amnesty international calls the verdict shameful one that exposes behinds justice system as a complete farce it along with a coalition of human rights groups had also campaigned for the u.a.e. to release the activist ahmed monsoor but an appeals court in abu dhabi upheld a ten year jail sentence on monday months or two had spent time in prison in twenty eleven and accused of insulting the rulers by calling for democratic elections in the united arab emirates and this time he was charged with publishing what the government considers false information on social media as well as calling for another activist to be released these latest rulings highlight the dangers and difficulties activists space in the gulf region and are schapelle al-jazeera.
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well let's bring in our social media producer sana houses playing out online star well of course people are not very happy and there's plenty of bit there's outrage in both quests cases rather not because both verdicts are scheduled on the same day right scripts assists a swiss to condemn the latest verdict on russia which is final and actually cannot be challenged the amnesty international has said the verdict exposes bahrain's justice system as a complete farce and the bill son adam neville has tweeted several pictures this is one of those pictures there and this was another one that bill had also posted and what he adds is that he says that he has sent my father to prison for opposing yemen war and he's use the hashtag they're free as well and he's asking them to free his father other others have also been sharing this picture here it says it's a missed opportunity for bahrain to redeem its human rights records and the hashtag
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free months for their morality has been used to share their concerns about what they call the wrong full imprisonment of them razzi activists. and one person has tweeted and that kind of reflects a lot of the opinions as well that we've seen saying that if you are outraged about the sounds of genocide shocks you then you should be concerned about the wrongful imprisonment of one sort and that be in russia as well and we need to keep pressuring the government so that just gives you a round of provoke people are saying as always we want to hear from these to get in touch the hashtag is aging news grid. thank you very much now protesters are alpha again in saddam calling for president almight al bashir to resign police have fired tear gas to try and disperse the crowds in the capital the president is refusing to apologize for the political turmoil in his country and has slammed the recent protests against rising food and fuel prices let's go now to our correspondent haber morgan she is joining us live from the capital khartoum no i do
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apologize we've lost our connection with her we will try to get her back because those protests actually we're not sure if we have hit us so let's try him but can you hear me yes i can hear your list all right so we do have him on the go and protests have are they are continuing while we wait for president bashir to address the country. yes so people have been outed industries there are some people still are protesting surrounded by police who have earlier fired tear gas and live ammunition we've seen live ammunition fired right when we were there with the protesters some of them reportedly injured it's not clear yet if there are fatalities are there some people who died in this protest we have already known from amnesty that at least thirty seven people have been killed in the protests let's remember that's been going on for thirteen days now it all started over the economy and rising food prices but people have been saying lately that they want president obama and bashir to resign and they want him to step down and his twenty
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one year old man yesterday president bashir spoke to the police and he said that he's not going to resign and he told them to be a little bit less forceful with protesters but he also seemed to basically praise them for what they've done so far which is used live ammunition and tear gas woodstock clear if these protests will end or not but there are protesters and demonstrators are saying that they want the president to resign and he said he's not going to resign and so is there anything that president bashir can say now to appease these protesters who say that they want to settle for anything less than the end of his very long rule. well there's nothing he can say really he tried to be nice to the protesters when when this started in the beginning he said that he was going to try to improve the economic situation but they said that they've heard that promises before they said that this is something they've seen before and nothing has improved so they just want him to step down and hand over the power to an interim government so that elections can be held and it's also very hard for president bashir to try to negotiate with the protesters partly because they don't have a certain body leading them their bag by opposition some opposition groups have
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lend their support to the demonstrators and said that they believe that they have legitimate reasons to be protesting but it's very hard for him to live to try to figure out who to talk to to listen to get the protesters of the demonstrators to listen to him have us thank you very much for that is have a morgan with the latest live and cart them thank you now to band of the where promises shake a c.n.n. has promised that any incidence of vote rigging in sunday's election will be investigated she has won a certain consecutive term with her main vial leader in jail for corruption and bought from running well the voting alliance has won two hundred eighty eight out of three hundred seats the opposition has rejected those results claiming widespread irregularities at least nineteen people have been killed in election when they had violence let's go now to our correspondent choudary he is joining us live from the capital dhaka and promised a scene has seen a adamant that the election was free and fair in that news conference that you
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attended. yes it was supposed to be a tee time with the election and the international media for some but ended up being a question on possession as well just on very confident about our winning she refused to take the criticism that was rigging ballot stuffing them of violence she said that might have been isolated incidents but by and large this was a very free and fair probably one of the best election that bangladesh conducted she was highly appreciated on the election commission. that spring to all just made us question that. limited number of international observers because originally they were supposed to be over thirty four thousand election of the british on interest to come to bangladesh as well as the local ones only twenty six thousand but given that tradition i specifically said why we. wanted observers were not allowed and
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not granted she said those were not going to be somewhere biased. position party i was not quite clear what she meant by that we do know that. netflix or election commission i mean the election observer went denied. she cited that because they were denied they said because i feel like that with the bangladeshi human rights organization called the car which is also an election observer body of course is this part of the same network now that americans were very harsh in that criticism not giving access to the nation that election observer but she said that bias that affiliated with the opposition and she cited anybody was rejected because they would have to late with the opposition party and biased in another question i asked. whether sorry go ahead elizabeth i know that i was just going to ask that's what the prime minister has been saying also adding back any if they can as he's both be investigated but you've also. the other side of the
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story i know that you spoke to a journalist who was assaulted what did he have to say. well i'm just praying to a ballot rigging and there was a video of that another international journalist who locked that we have a video evidence that would been rigged she said it might be an isolated incident but if that is some similar cases she said of course they lection coming to this and we'll get to that but of course we know that there are far more incidents like that it was not one particular incident and there was no next my porn made videos because the whole three g. network was shut out by the lection commission for almost forty eight hours and conciliation three no two was the opposition i accepted that she'll be offering some sort of conciliatory note and. i'll leave late she said look i should have thought back to the violence of two thousand and one when bangladesh national party
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won elections that our people suffered she wouldn't go into specifics she said we have tried the devil of men and then she cited the opposition is more or less what they did in the past and almost like a referendum act of violence in the streets opposition committed not to act of terror but we also know the fact that many of these cases that fictitious cases there's been a big headline stories in local papers goes cases against people who don't exist people who are dead incident that never took place yet. but people have been given cases under those gross cases citing them as terrorists who were involved in throwing molotov cocktail and other acts of violence against police a more thorough to do so by and large so you have a little bit of concealer dressing that moves. with an open democracy there should be multiple parties and they're free to go and practice that democracy but we want tolerate any kind of violence or of terrorism or sabotage or it's on the relieve
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that they would do that as our correspondent on the child the live in we are going to get more on the election and also what the result means for bond of the nation's nevus let's speak to yvonne in the he's in london and he's a researcher at deakin university very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so how well beyond that they shoes neighbors respond do you think to an election that was maad without occasions of breaking and you know some say a lack of credibility will they be concerned or relieved that has seen and remains in power which does mean continuity. well they'll be concerned if this leads to domestic instability. of a serious level already though india's prime minister modi and the chinese president xi jinping have congratulated prime minister cena and that would indicate that they are comfortable with her return to her return to office the
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problem here though is that this dish has a winner take all political culture but this election outcome is all day she's safe and by those standards and it comes on the back of the last election where the opposition boycotted so they boycotted an election and now they've participated in the election the outcome for them is pretty much the same they are a long way from political power that the message that this gives to that group is that political change and government change in bangladesh won't come through democracy and that is a problem for bangladesh his neighbors long term you mentioned both the indian prime minister and the chinese president congratulating his say now on this when both countries have of course been investing a lot of money in buying that they can shake a scene to continue to balance these two entrusts when india at least as concerned about the chinese investment and buying that they're huge. or bone with issues one
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of the world's biggest exporters of governments and there will be concern if domestic instability affects their ability to export to fix the economy that that is something that will be a concern to india it will be a concern to china and will be a concern to western countries too because the effect there it will affect the cost of of products that they are purchasing they'll be concerned as well i think about what this means on bangladesh's border with me and mum with this one million ringgit rift g.'s and that's that's in a sense the the the room with the ticking time we have this election a lot of the resolution to long term resolution of the real issue was put aside i think on top after the election because i think the prime minister didn't want to run the risk of alienating people who were supportive of her position on the rig and she has written it as a free would have and she missed and i mean she's been praised for how she's dealt
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with the issue both locally and internationally but could that change with her reelection what could this mean for those refugees. well it could be quite devastating for the refugees bangladesh is we've got to remember a very poor country they've now got one million over one million even more poor people who are guests and to beef to be fair to bangladesh bangladesh has been very gracious in accepting such a large inflow of refugees but the difficulty of course now is that they'll be doubly political pressure within bangladesh to be questions about how much money has been spent on refute genes that are not and not bangladeshi nationals the these are these are people who belong to me and they make they should be myanmar citizens and they'll be questions about how much money bangladesh she's spending on people who are not from the country one of the big concerns was talk of relocating
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around one hundred thousand refuse g.'s to a to a sand island off the coast of bangladesh now that decision was about postponed and many believe it was postponed until after the election because it would be very unpopular with humanitarian groups and it would be it would be very unpopular with rigging to refute g.'s mr lee thank you very much may now be back on the table and thank you very much for your insights into this that is right in the live in london . now beyond this is one of the highest trending stories for us and we have a special page on our website covering all the angles an end there you will find this excellent info graphic it's profiling the country as and the dramatic twists and turns and bangladeshi politics since the country's formation and nineteen seventy one. we want to hear from you you can get in touch with oz you can send your comments to any of our online platforms on twitter just use the hash tag a.j.
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news i had a list at a.j. english also on facebook dot com slash al-jazeera and send us a message on whatsapp or telegram at mine seven four five one four nine. well this is news and if you're watching the facebook live stream we have a video for you on how fast food is taking over the capital everyone's a fan and then a delegation from the afghan taliban visits a roam the peace towards. hello dry couple days seem all mccown's for the most part we're tired you do see me around eastwards is just give you a cage no showers that'll continue the cloud mass further west has got a good abrupt ending to it says east of turkey but it is cloud nevertheless and the
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development of the eastern med will become significant but not immediately set for tuesday if the potential for snow in afghanistan it looks fine and sunny for most of iran but the cloud has taken a fairly quickly doubts about john in northern syria and turkey and that circulation in the eastern med will become rather more dominant hasn't yet bought brought rain by wednesday on this is second dry day but it will come in after that the cloud mass the sas is probably mostly just a cloud mess it might bring a little bit of rain to these inside iraq in the case no showers for the border inside the but i think it's mostly a cloud picture can't rule out a few spots right fairly obviously now this is where it proper summer rain showers now you see structure feingold or dance or boats one zambia that's wandering down towards africa that line any whereupon he could produce a pretty stormy conditions and therefore local flooding seemed likely but to durban's up to thirty two sides agrees and cape town's kept to twenty three.
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whether online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a rush of adrenaline will be felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has cool face on a legal protest i will start to police to its force to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice vote for lots of different reasons what's the difference types of bricks join the global conversation amount is iraq. cultural history subscribe layer upon layer at times erase others rejuvenating and reinvent. through the transformative power of public are not unlike the collision of hip hop culture and indigenous tradition forms a community building project led by the godfather of hawaii's graffiti.
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on a. man. with news going live on and streaming online and this is what is trending online at
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colleges they are at dot com the nation's developments and jamal. kushal g.'s murder of a video shows bags believed to contain his remains being carried into the saudi consul general residence in istanbul with a bomb the day she elections. party securing that landslide term. ten things trump did and twenty eighteen while you weren't looking and all that and much more that's on our website at al-jazeera dot com. the afghan taliban has visited iran for talks just days after a senior iranian official was an afghanistan and met members of the armed group with aidan's push for peace follows indications from president trump that the u.s. would withdraw a significant number of troops from afghanistan early and december pakistan claimed credit for talks in the united arab emirates also involving the u.s. and saudi arabia but the taliban refused to meet the afghan government delegation
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russia wants and invade a gonna stand invited a group of senior afghan politicians to meet the taliban in moscow in november the afghan government said the delegation was not representing it though it agreed to send them well let's get more on this now we're joined by political analyst whether she be in madrid he's author of several books on central asia and clued in taliban militant islam oil and fundamentalism in central asia very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so then not the first toss to take place between the taliban and iran but can iran play a role in the peace process between the taliban and the afghan government. well here to read to play it's one of the not just neighbors of khan whose son it had three good relations with the government repressive touch of god he has a lot of forward traded contact going on but the same time iran has also been housing the polygon there are several taliban leaders who've been living in iran
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for quite some time and they've been blown running charges by the of cunt government that. the taliban are giving them weapons to certain iranian groups which operate certain taliban groups which operate close to its border. but i think what we are seeing now is the kind about reaching out to all the neighboring state and to discuss with them what role the state could play within the possible american peace plan and they have as proving mentioning holding talks with the u.s. officials and the u.a.e. involving pakistan saudi amorality representatives they are talking to pretty much everyone that will that help or hinder negotiations given say you know the u.s. is enmity with iran the competing interests between all of these potties. well certainly that is a very big issue because. the government can present
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a shotgun he don't like to see this massive diplomatic. pressure being put on by by the taliban meeting with all the so-called friends of afghanistan friends of the government. at the same time. two major issues are preoccupied the afghan government the first was the shock announcement a few days before christmas but i presume trump that in america would withdraw seven thousand troops from afghanistan almost half now it seems that that order have been rescinded or at least those orders have not be fostered to the military and but there is still confusion and there was a lot of panic in kabul that the americans were going to put out and leave the afghans in the lurch and i think you know we're not going to see it happen that way i think up of the seventy hopeful that the americans will stay on and. the
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president trump special envoy zalmay if a little zaz who's been very active in trying to bring about a peace settlement doesn't want to see his major card which is the u.s. withdrawal eventual withdrawal from a bandstand he doesn't want to see his card being played without getting a major concession in return from the thought of on the other thing is that obviously. the taliban have no relations with all the neighboring states and then been a huge effort being made by a major player like china even russia the arab states to bring all the neighbors together remember that all the neighbors have a so-called policy of supporting the of government but many of them have also been helping the taliban and that includes pakistan includes russia and it includes iran . we have to get reach a position where the state dropped that support for the taliban and instead of for
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their support for a comprehensive peace plan and mr rashid what would it take for those players to do that well i don't think the americans can do it the americans are thinking that they can do both the domestic. coming together of the taliban and the government that is possible that the americans will have can play a major role in that because. the town about want to deal with them and the government have their joint but to deal with them but as far as the regional aspect are concerned it's very difficult to see how all these countries are going to come together and hundred who's also to see remember america doesn't talk to iran it doesn't talk to russia hunter and. right now relations even with china are very tense so the americans are not in a position to actually facilitate a major regional compact and i think for that you're going to need the help of the
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other neutral body like the un or oh some group of neutral countries. who could britain who don't have problems with iran or russia or anyone else and could bring all these countries together that is going to be absolutely vital to secure a peace effort west russia thank you very much for your expertise on this really appreciate your time that is the one percent live and madrid thank you. so the u.s. now where democratic senator elizabeth warren has taken a major step towards running in the twenty twenty presidential race one announced to supporters that she's forming an exploratory committee that allows her to raise money and find staff before formally launching her presidential bid she has released a video promising to protect the middle class against the excesses of wall street a theme that slightly to feature prominently in her campaign platform let's get
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more on this our correspondent heidi show castro is joining us live from washington so for those of us outside of the u.s. heidi tell us more about the elizabeth warren and more about what we can expect from her campaign. sure this is a very significant moment as we lead up to the two thousand and twenty election because elizabeth warren is the first major democratic name to announce herself or move very close to announcing herself as a contender in the democratic primaries which will of course result in the person that the party puts up to confront trump in november two thousand and twenty so what we know about elizabeth warren is that she is a senator from massachusetts most political analysts place her a slightly to the left of hillary clinton on the political spectrum and she's a relative newcomer to congress she's only served for six years but in that time she has built this national reputation of being an ardent critic of big banking she
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says that that's in fact the reason that she ran for office after the wall street collapse of two thousand and eight and in that announcement video we watched you see that she's trying to emphasize her home bill roots she strikes on many of these messages that have been liberal firebrands gay marriage minority rights and she her message although doesn't name trump by name in this video it certainly does show him and it's her effort of segue this the success he has had at reforming wall street and she says now she wants to reform this corrupt washington that is headed by trump himself because of this that's elizabeth warren but what about her party the democrats heidi how are they looking as people stopped announced the candidacy you know can they mount a real challenge to president trump. that's right and this is only the very first tiny step on the democrat side because again they're still narrowing down
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their candidate to cont to be the out of trump warren to get to that point faces a big field somewhere of around thirty candidates possibly just on the democrat side alone and among them are two men with more name recognition among americans than elizabeth warren and we're talking about vice president joe biden and senator bernie sanders who both have the advantage of having run for the presidency in the past now warren also has to convince her fellow democrats will be choosing their nominee that she deserves to be the new face of this very fractured party that at this present time really lacks a leader we know that in just a few days the fresh class of democrats will be sworn into congress and this will be the most diverse and young class in the history of the u.s. congress among democrats so she has to convince voters that she deserves to be the
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face of that and secondly and most importantly she has to convince people that she stands a chance of defeating trump and she's already run into some hot waters on that front she's been a notable punching bag for troubling the past who frequently derides her with the slur of pocahontas because warren claims to have native american ancestry and many of her critics and her supporters have criticized her in a sense responding to that goading by trump by releasing the d.n.a. results of a test heat that she took which the later went on to deride even further so again it's just critics and supporters of elizabeth warren saying that she has to be very politically deft on her feet and do a better job than she has so far of deflecting these punches from trump and convincing fellow democrats that she deserves to be their new face heidi thank you very much for that for now that is heidi show koster with the latest live in washington d.c.
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. now israel's prime minister says he's received a personal pledge from brazil's president elect to move his country's embassy to jerusalem benjamin netanyahu says jiah balls for now are told him that it was a question of when and not if the move will go ahead well the incoming brazilian president is hosting netanyahu and other leaders at his inauguration on tuesday he is under growing pressure though to keep the embassy in tel aviv to avoid hurting lucrative exports to arab countries let's go now to our correspondent john holdren and he's joining us live from brasilia with more on this this upcoming inauguration new year new president john what's the mood there and brazil is you know is that as polarized as it was during the election. a simple answer to that is yes we've been speaking to jai ableson out of support says mostly today thousands of them have converged on the brazilian capitol to
12:33 am
celebrate his swearing in and what they've told us is what they're really looking for is change and that means a couple of things perhaps most important it means a change from a political collapse that really becoming gholston corruption scandals one point a third of congress was under investigation the biggest corruption scandal in latin america it also means a change in terms of the economy there are more than twelve million brazilians that are out of work and it means a change in security as well and in crime more than sixty thousand brazilians were killed last year and that's more than in the united states and the european union combined so there is a quite sort of pasta to sticks that the next president is going to have to try and change in this country there are of course people here that support him there right on the other side of the spectrum that this is a an incoming president been very controversial he said things about minorities such as saying that he'd rather have a dead son than
12:34 am
a gay son he's also made remarks in the past against another minority in the country black people and he's also said things about and about the military dictatorship of the past that make people think that his commitment to democracy isn't really his of course denied and says that some of his attitudes have been changing course is another parts of this ritual is the largest economy in south america so the international community are really going to be looking at who exactly is the next president here look at our poll. this covers more than hearth of brazil the amazon rain forest it's known as the sloan's storing billions of tons of the planet's carbon dioxide. it was already being cut back but now brazil's incoming president wants to see it opened up to the business guys who. leave it with. if we need to we're going to
12:35 am
propose democratically to congress change the laws of the environmental policies don't disrupt brazil's development. it's not just the environment john abell sinatra's election is part of a new global wave of populist conservative leader has led me to admit once and that oh the victory of balsa narrow as a victory for the ultra right which is beginning to be a real force in the world brazil is very strategic one of the most important countries in latin america it has this relationship now with the u.s. and other countries like austria turkey and the philippines zero zero zero but the relationship will scenarios most interested in is with this money they share a love of social media and the distrust of the press will sinatra's even been nicknamed the trump of the tropics between them they now rule over the two largest economies in the americas it's an abrupt about face from the left this governments of brazil's recent past history polystyrene you looks pretty quiet now but it felt
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some of the biggest tremors of change hundreds of thousands of people marched against a corruption scandal getting brazil's political class that together with problems with the economy and specially crime that many people fed up and ready to take a chance on an absolute outlier diable sonata. analysts say there's danger he could eventually have to another global trend strongmen undermining democracies he has a fondness for brazil's authoritarian past well so well i'm in favor of torture and the people are in favor of that too. that doesn't lose him points for many here who see it is just plain speaking they will judge him instead on how he acts to tackle brazil's many problems. now one of the interesting things over the past couple of days speaking to insiders and analysts in brazil we've been talking
12:37 am
about the economy with them which of course is that the center of everything here and i was asking what does he actually know about the economy and a lot of people are saying well he doesn't really know a lot of told and the incoming president himself has admitted that what he's really relying on the people that he's got around him and their people mainly from free different groups evangelists in congress there are a very important bloc also people from the agribusiness community want to see brazil developed in that way in the countryside and also a lot of people from the financial and banking sector so this is the tip to be really it's much better a new president a sort of competition between them who is going to shape his policy who is going to work out exactly what bills fernando will do next now he's going to be assuming this position john thank you very much for that is john holl men live in.
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now twitter users posted one hundred twenty five million hashtags in twenty eighteen and it has been a roller coaster of news are than are so what got people excited or and raging yet it's been it really has been a row can see a very busy one certainly in the news arena but the me two campaign may have started in twenty seven seeing more so in twenty eighteen that's when more women said me too as well will start as a simple tweet has turned into a global phenomenon a symbol of resistance against sexual harassment in fact eighteen million tweets later and people are still taking part in the me too campaign marches and walks walkouts as well in fact google employees being the most recent doing that but trends also peak during the brett kavanaugh haring as you can see just there and a few tech companies have enjoyed a year like facebook has in twenty eighteen in fact in march it was revealed that a firm called cambridge and that's a code harvested personal data from millions of facebook profiles without that consent to use it for political targeting in the likes of the us election and
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briggs as well and faith in fact facebook c.e.o. mark soccer has found himself trying to limit that damage and apologizing in front of u.s. congress but not many people on social media have been convinced by that now other news making the top trending list are the merger the u.s. mid-term elections and natural disasters in indonesia but there's one human story that seems of got much of your attention people have shared their concerns when twelve boys and their football coach were trapped in a cave in thailand in fact life facebook videos from reporters on the ground as well as the volunteers were very popular and when all thirteen of them were rescued the time navy seal chose to announce that on facebook but it seems the world cup is what you talked about online the most it tops this is trending stories in fact more than half of the walls by the way watch the games that took place in russia but what do these three pictures have in common here. i'll tell you in
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a moment because those all the stories that you engage with us on news group the most the bangladesh mass protests was one of those the other one was the angle of phone or design your protests in southern cameron a lot of engagement that and also the arrest of ugandan music singer politician but the wine and that's it from me this being a in the next thank you very much. we have a bonus story. of what's being called the no go zone in sweden and a fistful of dollars. toward mayweather. the kickboxer as the minutes joe has the details coming out and spoil.
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now let's find out what people are talking about in sports today here's joe elizabeth thank you well boxing and i'm a m.m.a. fans waited hours and stayed out all night in some cases to watch floyd money mayweather is much anticipated it's a little bizarre return to the ring and it was all over before the end of the first of three scheduled three minute rounds in that time forty one year old mayweather is opponent japanese kickboxer tension nesa cowell was not down three times before his corner threw in the towel at the exhibition flights inside tama and as the car was haul from a web as age and with entities in the results he threw plenty of punches but was stunned by may where this power before entering the ring mayweather boasted of earning nine million dollars for what could have been a nine minute fight not bad for relatively little effort earlier we spoke to john
12:43 am
morgan he's the lead reporter for and i'm a junkie he says both find his will benefit from the exposure. yeah it's interesting right nine million dollars as opposed to like that much money for floyd mayweather but you got to think it's to continue building his brand him in london l o b a b whether productions they get to continue to stay out there in the limelight certainly you know they were in front of a mixed martial arts audience as well so you continue to have that mixed martial arts discussion you know i don't think you'll ever fight him in may but if you have the potential of qana mcgregor talking about him again you have the potential to be no we're going to of talking about him again and getting to issue challenges there so he continues to build his brand and it is well to be honest with you for rise and this is a big opportunity for them as well to get their name out there to the world now didn't work out the greatest for them because one of their big stars tension was a coward was frankly kind of embarrassed in the fighting and he left the ring in tears but i mean there's never been this much buzz in the combat sports community
12:44 am
or the mainstream community about a rise and fight before so you know i think both parties got what they wanted out of this deal how many american fans were irritated by the long wait some more than eight hours before mayweather climbed into that ring and he didn't want to be in a russian is instagram line video posted to his account he was getting a message while his hands were pain racked. it's day one of the new tennis season and already a tantalizing match ups being served up on new year's day serena williams versus roger federer two of the greats go head to head for their mixed doubles teams at the home and cup tournament in australia now williams is warmed up with a win in the united states group tie against greece she beat marius a chari seven six six two now minds on tuesday's tussle with the swiss master and she seems just as excited as tennis fans to kyrie she'll get a selfie with phèdre to post to instagram but play is a thirty seven years old putting them among the oldest on the a.t.p. and tools and if you think they've been dominating the sport for
12:45 am
a long time you are right serena williams turned pro twenty three years ago and three years later federer also began playing professionally serena has the edge when it comes to grand slam tournament titles she has twenty three one short of margaret court of course she'll be chasing that milestone in two weeks at the australian open in melbourne while roger federer holds the most major titles of any men's player that's twenty the world number one joke of it she's competing in the cattle open ahead of his first match doubles tie with brother marco he sampled some of the culture just sing in a traditional so been good try and missing a camel and he seemed to enjoy it. celebrate. his knowledge of the job we're. talking from qatar. it's great to be back. this is the first time i've invested really. is good i want to send my best regards to everyone for free and see many of you during this
12:46 am
week in qatar exham about open source magazine. all right well happy needs all of you you can tweet me your stories that joke as your skepticism will be back more at eight hundred g.m.t. va for now it is back to lisbon joe thank you very much and that will do it for the last news good of twenty eighteen remember to keep in touch with us on social media has. as ever as a.j. news good we will see you back here in studio fourteen on tuesday. thanks love to make loans to sufferance because behind the suffering
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a millions of taxpayers because most taxpayers never go away there's a new one born every single day a nineteen it is an urgent national necessity and we put it we as a visually request rationing of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in greece somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't
12:48 am
enough housing stock available. bigger and potentially more dangerous that's the best way to describe what's happening with the smoking alternative known as favorite i enjoy the taste of it and the harmful effects of what smoking does between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and fourteen a lonely star tripling in use among us high school students and head to head comparison ysaye versus conventional cigarette which one do you think has helped my opinion i think they're both dangerous take note on al-jazeera. releasing saddam far tear gas of protests is demanding the resignation of president omar al bashir.
12:49 am
ahmed our own fantasy ball and this is al-jazeera life from london also coming up. new clues in the murder of journalist jamal his shoulder video obtained by al jazeera appears to show saudi agents carrying packs suspected of containing his remains. bangladesh's prime minister shake a scene a senate race winning a fourth term and promises to investigate allegations of fraud. ringing. trumpet critic elizabeth warren becomes the best known democrat so far to move towards running for the white house twenty twenty. years ago. and happy new year in australia as the world welcomes in twenty ninety. protesters are also on the streets for thirteenth successive day calling for
12:50 am
president omar al bashir to resign police have fired tear gas to try to disperse the crowds in the capital khartoum the president refuses to apologize for the political turmoil in his country and has condemned the recent protests against rising food and fuel prices this year blamed sudan's economic problems on use of international sanctions most of which have now ended let's go to the capital khartoum and speak to al-jazeera have a morgan here but he's out today with the latest on the scale of the protests on the streets well felicity it started early in the afternoon around one pm local local time when hundreds of people initially started by sitting down at a certain roundabout where they grew to meet and then they started protesting chanting saying that they want to topple the regime but they also said that they were protesting peacefully and that they were peacefully demanding that president obama bashir step down and his twenty one year rule now they were not met with
12:51 am
police the police got respond peacefully as well be fired tear gas and live ammunition and there are several people who are injured we've seen police firing live ammunition and tear gas and it's obvious that this was a protesters they said that they're going to continue protesting they said that they're very defiant just as the president is defiant and very determined to hold on to power and told elections coming twenty twenty so here any sign of any sort of compromise from the president himself. well the president said that he was going to try to improve the economy he said that he was going to try to make things better for the for those people demonstrating but the people said that they've heard that before these but these promises are promises that have been repeated over and over again over the past i mean i years during president ahmed rashid his rule they said that the only thing they want is to see him step down and give a chance for an interim government for elections to be held but the president of that he's not going to be he's not going to step down and it's very hard for him to negotiate with the protesters they're not being bad by one single body the opposition has lended supports it to those demonstrating they said that they feel
12:52 am
like these people have legitimate reasons to be protesting but then it's very hard for the president when there is no certain body he can actually are negotiate with hence it's very hard for him to talk and it seems like these protests will continue until one side gives up or to morgan live there with the latest from the capital khartoum hippa thank you. syria has obtained a video showing saudi agents taking what is suspected to be the remains of jamal khashoggi into the house of the saudi consul general in istanbul washington post columnist was killed soon after entering saudi consulates on what type of the second full charter chan reports. it's been three months since the murder of. and his body still hasn't been found but this video could throw more light on the sequence of events after he was killed the pictures appear to show members of the
12:53 am
saudi hit team carrying bags thought to contain his remains into the saudi consul general residence you can't believe these things happen in embassies or consul general's things but but of course they are control of all they are that controllable in that they are saudi property saudi land a local place and they do very much about it and of course they wouldn't imagine for one minute that were actually listening to what was going on inside the saudi journalist entered the consulate hoping to pick up documents that would allow him to start a new life with his fiance he never came out alive saudi arabia blamed his death on rogue agents but turkey's president says it was a premeditated murder orchestrated by riad these pictures only add another layer of complexity to the investigation now we have direct evidence showing
12:54 am
members of the killing team unloading body bags or black bags of some sort so it leaves the impression. body ended up at the consular. residence and that's where the investigation should focus not what happened today a few weeks after hushovd disappearance a team of turkish investigators found traces of acid during a search of the saudi consuls residence the office of turkey's attorney general has told al jazeera that chemicals were used to dispose of casualties body and now a new book is revealing more details of the killing. diplomatic atrocity the dark secrets of the murder was written by three reporters from turkey's daily newspaper it names two previously and identified members of the saudi hit squad as well as their links to the royal family also audio recordings which allegedly prove that
12:55 am
the crime was premeditated and information on his show g.'s reported refusal to text message his son in riyadh and tell him not to worry if he didn't hear from him for a while as a fuller picture of the killing emerges the pressure continues to grow on saudi arabia last week the king reshuffled his cabinet hoping to deflect international criticism but the saudi side would hope that this recent cabinet reshuffle puts an end to this case and relieve saudi arabia from this pressure by the turks and the international community looking for some answers the new details are also likely to add to growing calls that saudi arabia names and indicts those behind. killing paul chatterjee on al-jazeera. live in istanbul for us right
12:56 am
now sam what sort of an impact do you think this video could have. well for a city this review is expected to put some pressure over riyadh and the ongoing investigation the separate investigation in riyadh the people we have been speaking to have have told us that. expecting this would actually create a leverage over saudi arabia at least to be more cooperative and more collaborative because it turkish officials have been accusing the saudi prosecutor's office for not collaborating with them properly we know that the saudi prosecutor came to turkey he had contacts with his counterpart and other some some other turkish authorities but i cor at the end of the day we learned from the top turkish officials like the foreign minister and turkey's present our don that they haven't shared any evidence so with this picture which shows that jamal has shipped just
12:57 am
body was this member that the consulate carried out into a van in some languages and duffel bags and taken out taken to the consul consul general zod residence again in the same backs and no pictures showing that these banks were taken out of the consulate shows that this crime was really it was exactly premeditated as the as the turks have claimed and the brother by the remains can still be inside the consulate residence which is actually again conflicting with the office will sow this statement which sad that they have collaborated with a turkish national local person here they gave the body remains of jamal khashoggi to that person and they were trying to draw a sketch picture of this men but never mention the identity of the spoke a collaborator and that's why the turkish foreign minister have always said that if
12:58 am
you are collaborating with the local is this someone that that was passing sort of the street accidentally that day if you have a collaborator it means that you know the spur see you know everything about this person then why aren't you telling us who that person as why don't you tell the identity. but of course until now that the solid is haven't actually responded properly to turkey's requests in terms of cooperation time will show whether this will really create unexpected pressure on the sit in with the latest there in istanbul for us likes and bahrain's top court has rejected a final appeal by the prominent activist an appeal rajab he was jailed for criticizing the sounded like coalition air strikes in yemen as well as the alleged use of torture within the bahraini prison system meanwhile a court in the u.a.e. has also upheld a sentence because the activists all quit months are being critical of the government to the head under schapelle has more details ahmed months who are in the
12:59 am
united arab emirates and to be a raja in bahrain will now be spending years in prison for criticizing their government's policies on social media was a prominent opposition figure during behind's protest movement during the arab spring he's been in and out of prison for this activism and his tweets on monday the supreme court upheld a five year jail term for a tweet deemed offensive to the state wars bring hatred destruction and horrors he tweeted as the saudi u.a.e. led coalition began bombing yemen in twenty fifteen the bahraini court agreed he disseminated what he calls false news in a time of war and offended the foreign country rights groups say the timing of the verdict is important. well a player and. i mean the reason why they chose to have it during the holidays in the west where they are expecting the minimal. attention or
1:00 am
devoted. as a piece advocate state that he won he wants to remain silent and decided to bomb the children in yemen that he stated that war will only bring misery i would never bring solutions for those that we may be it is settling these five years in prison amnesty international calls the verdict shameful one that exposes behinds justice system as a complete farce it along with a coalition of human rights groups had also campaigned for the u.a.e. to release the activist ahmed monsoor but an appeals court in abu dhabi upheld a ten year jail sentence on monday months or two had spent time in prison in twenty eleven accused of insulting the rulers by calling for democratic elections in the united arab emirates and this time he was charged with publishing what the government considers false information on social media as well as calling for another activist to be released these later.


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