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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 27  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2019 8:32am-9:01am +03

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so that they can exercise some more power over the small to nationals we're talking about companies that pay maybe eighty percent tax where other companies pay twenty three percent and even if you look at the tax that france is proposing they're looking to make about five hundred million euros this year and if you think about the revenue the earnings just in the last quarter just in the last three quarter three of two thousand and eighteen of just facebook they made fourteen billion dollars so that's about four point five billion a month if you break it down to days that's about one hundred fifty million or so at day so if facebook was to pay the end hired c. of the tax that france wants to sue to levy. that would take about four days of earnings right now so we're not really talking about anything that's going to make a huge dent but this is a power play so really it again remains to be seen where the actual power lies here and i think it's in our interests as individuals and citizens that our
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democratically elected governments can keep these multinational tech companies and check rescue is in russia have found an eleven month old baby boy alive and the rubble of a collapsed apartment block the infant survived that he al is in fact the right temperature in this the building was brought down by a gas explosion which killed at least nine people in a city east of moscow on monday rescuers are looking for another thirty two people who are still missing. a forty one year old new york city institution is about to close its doors for good but not by choice the cornelia street cafe is the nation's victim of rising rents and the once but humean neighborhood of greenwich village kristen thirty me has the story. this night out at the legendary cornelia street cafe is bittersweet for patrons and performers alike. but at this. point. the artists
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haunt voted one of the ten best places to hear jazz in the world is closing its doors after forty one years eliminating a venue that has fostered countless poets and performers as well as musicians. who will be irreplaceable. both for the people who have performed here of this they have been given to and for the community it's it's a catastrophe on a robin hirsch says even with an award winning restaurant and multiple nightly performances he can no longer afford the rent three of us who were all artists opened a little one room cafe and because we were artists all kinds of other artists . just sort of a crew. but the captives greenwich
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village neighborhood has changed a lot since then. but the cornelia street cafe opened in one nine hundred seventy seven the ranch was four hundred fifty dollars a month now it is a staggering thirty three thousand dollars and the village is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country thanks in part to the very artists who helped make it trendy and are now being pushed out. these days it's primarily high end boutiques and chain stores that can afford to be here i like to call it the mauling of manhattan because every store that was in suburbia that i ran away from when i moved here four years ago now they followed me here or on my block her splaying societal changes as well the contemporary relationship is not amongst people and some with you and your screen and if you go to starbucks that's what you see and so it's the final curtain for cornelia street and the end of an era for the village art scene kristen salumi al jazeera new york. still ahead on al-jazeera
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three time grand slam champ andy murray returns to top level tell us any months of injury problems will tell you how he fared in sports. rewind returns a can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries they has been a number of put in place since the program was filmed rewind begins with mohammed at the time when i was in libya i was the top of the class and. like any other student i was very fortunate to be awarded another scholarship rewind on al-jazeera in a four part series a russian filmmaker travels across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin many russians view push him into somebody with
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a difficult job rather than an authoritarian leader with imperial ambitions and many critics of putting equally critical of the west meeting with russians from across the political spectrum andrei necromancer discovers a complex attitude towards that country's leader and his policies in search of pigeons russia announces era. it's time for sport. thank you very much russia has missed its deadline to hand over n t doping related data to the world anti-doping agency the deadline was december thirty first waters inspection team have been denied full access to
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samples at the moscow the burra tree russia now runs the risk of another banned from international events the country was previously sanctioned after a state sponsored doping scandal was exposed in twenty fifteen they were unable to use their name and flag during the pyong chang winter olympics in twenty eighteen. why the president craig reedie said i am bitterly disappointed that data extraction from the former moscow laboratory has not been completed by the date agreed by water in september twenty eighth seen since then water has been working diligently with the russian authorities to meet the deadline which was clearly in the best interest of clean sport so we williams and roger federer make four tenths allies in tennis but what about when you put two of the game's biggest names against each other or that's just what happened at the hopman cup team tournament in the australian city of perth here's kevin kilberg with the battle of the thirty seven year old it's for players on court but this was all about each partnerships other
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on the spot side roger federer a winner of twenty grand slam tournament titles he'd with belinda been church for team usa lets single out twenty three time major winner serena williams alongside francis will i there was already on the night familiarity between all four. feeder a warming up by comfortably outclassing both and straight seats and this singles match and while the famously camfield express had a cooling down period williams week to bit harder for who wins who pre-mixed doubles match against been church stretching to three six i saw it when all all sit up for the decider. and then hopman cup style that's like fast dating first to four instead of six the swiss master am most winning for two for three to tie
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count the group time but at the end of the night this was all about a one off courtship between phaedra and williams for me it was super call like are there and i wanted to take pictures and i gave my way to excited arm but it was it was really fun while i was nervous returning because i because you just don't know about people talk about a service so much and i see why it is such a wonderful service because you just can't read it you don't see until the very you are seeing there i haven't counted but al-jazeera. elsewhere three time major winner andy murray got he's new to a winning start playing at the brisbane international after a terrible twenty eighteen in which he played and six tournaments because of injury he was up against james duckworth at one point in this match murray appeared to have some trouble with the scoff but he didn't ask for treatment he went on to win this first round match in straight sets. it's not easy to sort of sum up.
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you know one sentence on one answer it's been it's been really hard eighteen months a lot of a lot of ups and downs it was you know tricky just kind of get back on the court competing again so i'm happy i'm back here again i want to try enjoy as much they can and. yeah just try try and enjoy playing tennis as long as i can i don't know how much longer it's going to last but. i taught them how to pour celebrating new year's day by taking second place in the english premier league a lot of matches the city might only be temporary a city play their game in hand on thursday against liverpool spurs thrashed carter three no on tuesday harry kane christian eriksen and son young men netted for tottenham sun is actually going to be lost to the club for the next few weeks since he will be joining up with the south korean team mates ahead of the upcoming asian cup we are going to start
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a no go but these are these that if we go there is going to be important too and then we are going to play the same if we zoom in front of. him if i know in jersey i think he's going to start of the new year. with the big three away from home you know very difficult place early arsenal turned on the style to hammer for them for one granted shocker alexander luck has it aaron ramsey and pirouette merrick obama young at the back of the net for the gunners who are still first for them or second from bottom and we need that owing to their. emotional we're probably for. this in rome delays one day. we can. being consistently here with with out of the side would count today. we three points and into their early kick off less server came everton away from home jamie body with the only goal of the game. manchester united will play on
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wednesday new manager later on a soldier who's on a three match winning streak take the team to newcastle and there's no bigger name at manchester united than alex ferguson now he's mentoring caretaker manager one of those in the crowd when a new standards unveiled in ferguson's on in twenty twelve. one three from three since taking charge after the second of jos a merino and that's obviously boosting the spirits of seventy seven year old ferguson he's been at united's training ground for the first time since a brain hemorrhage eight months ago. i had him for fifteen years so obviously he's influenced me more in the fifteen years before than these don't last week obviously i do keep him informed and. he did pay a visit yesterday and i think he enjoyed his time at the training ground and we had a nice future stuff and encourages he says he knows that we are you know the stuff. it's on united through and through and he knows that we we're
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going to do whatever we can to get to the last second that we're we've got to do everything we can for us and man united do his best return three of the english premier league in form stars have been shortlisted for the calf african player of the year award liverpool super striker mohamed salah has a name that many would have expected to see on the list sellers and field teammate saudia manny is also on the shortlist the pair of help liverpool take top spot in the premier league table arsenal's america obama young completes the list obama young has been red hot goalscoring form for his club the season the winner will be announced on the eighth of january. with the play off place to set the n.f.l. has had its annual clear out of coaches it's become known as black monday the jets broncos buccaneers dolphins and cardinals all cut their head coaches loose but the biggest surprise was the firing of cincinnati bengals marvin lewis who'd been with
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them for sixteen years he was the second longest serving head coach in the league behind bill belichick of the new england patriots but with a third straight losing season and attendance down it was time for the bengals to make the cut. and then deliver what the number one goal is nasty world champions and we did not get it done so rather than later positives but that someone goes a coach to to look forward to doing rio you kobayashi became the first japanese man in twenty one years to win the two opening legs of the if i s world cup for hill ski jumping competition kobayashi beat out german favorite of the flying one hundred thirty three meters to secure the win the twenty three year old officially to become the first japanese for hills overall champion since the your seafood narky in one thousand nine hundred the playoffs are still a few months away in the n.b.a. but they used the rockets doing their best to make sure they are contenders have
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now won ten of eleven games and james harden was once again the standout he got a triple double with forty three points ten rebounds and thirteen assists in a one hundred thirteen one hundred one win over the grizzly's that also marks for his fourth straight forty plus point game it out for fourth in the western conference the indiana pacers also pulled of a fifth straight when they beat the atlanta hawks one hundred sixteen one hundred nights and i thought the sport we have even now will have more again later. that's it for main for this news hour but i'll be back in just a few minutes with more of the day's news do stay with us.
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well i think one of our biggest strengths is that we told to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether that loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place were two worlds me we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can get so on jurists in the rest of central america heard about
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the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america meet supposed to teach it's a very important place for al-jazeera to be short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects. mournin as brazil's new president with promises to crack down on corruption and improve the economy.
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and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up u.s. border patrol agents you know inch tear gas that asylum seekers to keep them from entering the country. in sudan the opposition parties join calls for president omar al bashir to step aside. and to new horizons for nasa as it completes the. history. brazil's new president has been sworn in during a ceremony in the capital brasilia the former army captain represents a major shift to the right and latin america's largest country and his first speech as president he promised to free brazil of corruption and crime and improve the economy john heilemann reports from brasilia. standing in the shadow of her hero
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for christina new year's day is the start of change helped me that. it's the opportunity for the country to grow it's an opportunity to stop being a country known for corruption and this opportunity is named. to. fulfill the joy you both to model for years he was a low profile congressman now he's been catapulted into power as the leader of south america's biggest economy but the far right populist has polarized brazil supporters love his plain speaking style and hard stance from crime opponents fear his intolerance of activists minorities and then bid lence to the environment but bilson otto's main promise beating corruption appeals to brazil's political class has been engulfed by scandal. void is full it is about those charges of political favors force trading that needs to be left in the past we want the whole nation to
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benefit everything that we do henceforward has an undeniable purpose that is to put first and foremost the interests of brazilians. he's also promised to crack down on crime and revive a sluggish economy many believe that he can and not just his supporters leaving his inauguration in a poll just out sixty five percent of people said that they think he'll do a great or a good job but this is a man who's admitted he knows a little about the economy and whose security plan has revolved around giving people great the access to guns and police more license to kill i'm. also not as opponents worry about the lack of substance and his affinity to the military dictatorships of brazil's recent past in his speech to congress he committed to democracy but the effect was slightly spoiled by his final remarks directed against the leftist workers polity. which governed here for years.
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this is our flag it will never be red even if we need to shed our blood to keep it green and yellow. was a warning perhaps for those who hope there will be a move moderate president then candidate joe you both are not oh i see no reason to change john homan al-jazeera. well brian winter is editor in chief of america's quarterly magazine he says but also narrows call for an end to ideological bias fail to ring true. he doesn't really mean freedom from ideology you want to implement his ideology which is a right wing and very much a shift from the philosophy that's governed brazil for most of the last thirty plus years since the last update or ship and it's true he was very tough today against socialism in particular which you know for most brazilians socialism it's
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not the policies that people were against socialism has become kind of a code word for the corruption the economic mismanagement that led to this recession over these last few years which was the worst in the country's history he has a military background he was a paratrooper and then he ascended to the rank of captain which was not particularly high but then he got into congress and spent the last twenty seven years as you know a fairly marginal figure in the brazilian congress he had this anti-establishment anti-corruption anti-left voice that given the trauma that brazil has been through over these last four or five years really resonated with the electorate in this election that they had in october so now he has you know he's got a lot of power he's got most of the brazilian people behind him only about fourteen percent fifteen percent of the population in polls right now says that they're you
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know kind of absolutely against him so he's going to have a lot of latitude to do what he wants but he's also got big big challenges ahead of us border agents aside to gas to stop people crossing the mexican border at tijuana the great attempting to breach the fences posse the so-called caravan of asylum seekers and migrants from central america u.s. authorities say they were responding to rocks being trying to them out of there as money or apollo is that. arriving by the dozen at the us mexico border central american asylum seekers prepared to jump the wall into the united states. i haven't seen my family in two months but brought now god willing will reach out dream. is from honduras he knows crossing over will be difficult but he says he's committed to making the jump push you know i don't put if i'm caught a complete and fought for saddam if i'm deported i guess i'll keep moving forward with his life there's hope that's what will do this is an older section of the war
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but border patrol agents are watching from the other side national guard troops are also on the lookout for passing migrants these kids out to free to do as we came closer to the border patrol agents accused us of coercing people to cross the fence like i said i can't speak for everybody i'm just here to watch here the way it was because you guys are going to the show you're going to come over here they are unable to find a place to cross people began splitting up we've been walking for a while along the u.s. southern border on the mexican side with somewhere around one hundred migrants that left the shelter if you want to hear a helicopter constantly circling overhead and quite a bit of border patrol on the other side of the fence migrants here seem to be just wandering back and forth along along the border wall it's very cold the rain is on and off and it's not clear whether or not any of them are going to actually get a chance to make it across this evening at one point border guards launched
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migrants apart from smoke there was tension and uncertainty on the other one member of the group picked up the smoking canister and sent it back to the wall. it's the middle of the night in the one bed is a salvador national says he's tired and he feels he's running out of options. at the moment that our minds are blank right now i don't know what we'll do i don't know if we'll go back or try to cross. after several failed attempts at crossing the wall more than twelve hours of scouring the border for a safe passage the group had no choice but to return to the shelter and try their luck again another day when little apple does either one. well the u.s. president says he's ready to negotiate an end to the partial government shutdown which has been in place for nearly two weeks donald trump has invited congressional leaders from both parties to the white house to meet on wednesday afternoon just a day before democrats take over as the majority party in the house the partial
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shutdown began over the president's refusal to back down on funding for his border war forcing congress to adjourn without passing a spending the. pressure is mounting on sudan's president omar al bashir to resolve the growing political crisis opposition parties have joined calls for him to step down following weeks of antigovernment protests and one party says it's withdrawing from cabinet hit morgan has more from the capital khartoum. thousands have been demonstrating in sudan demanding president on monday bashir is that down now twenty two different opposition parties are also calling on the president to resign. the government needs to end its ruling stafford loans that we need to form a provisional council and a transitional government that will run this and used to prepare us for the new actions. the opposition groups see they will submit a memo with their demands to the president on wednesday in a further set back for the government and the opposition party has announced its withdrawing from the cabinet will. do this we realize the consequences of the
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current events and we are proud of our historic stand being in the thick of it therefore we decided within our political bureau to withdraw any representation we have in any official post. the crisis started two weeks ago with protests in the city of over bread shortages and rising prices that's going to spread to other parts of the country and turned into demonstrations calling on president and bashir to end his twenty nine year old amnesty international says at least thirty seven people have been killed as police responded with tear gas and live ammunition the president has promised to cut costs and improve economy but that has not stopped the protests despite the growing calls formerly bashir and his ruling party to step down the president seems determined to continue his term until elections scheduled for twenty twenty elections that he's not eligible to stand in unless the dance constitution is amended more demonstrations are planned in the coming days but some
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analysts say that likely won't change the president's position. is that. the continuation of protests institution including khartoum doesn't mean it's a people's revolution yet there are many factors that are needed to make this a popular revolution and the sudanese president knows that this time there are factors missing to make demands that he step down effective so things can change down the road. a memo may not force the president to resign like the opposition wants but with more protests planned and a defined president to dance or to head may not be easy people morgan al-jazeera to . weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera. trapped in as syria's war winds down the last remaining opposition enclave braces for a final battle with government forces. and a new book reveals the planning behind the matter of jamal khashoggi.
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from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hallow fog has been a bit of a problem recently in the middle of china i think it will disappear from grondahl and food jenna's the clouds for the sas is drifting north give me a few spots of rain that have been some inland anyway hong kong is in life that only thirteen degrees bit of a disappointment the breeze is gently taking the rain down towards the coast of vietnam once again unfortunate but it does allow the shaft to come further in even towards you know on the south west of china hong kong up to fifteen slow improvement you'll notice that the majority of the rain of course is going to be for the sas and this is a secular nation tropical depression but a strong so much more straight vietnam and cambodia i think got a flood potential there the model was just about two hundred fifty millimeter is overweight.


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