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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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yes could put him into susan. is today a few. times over not on trails. seeing that he does it will send up if area nor. not so we go mia. your obit up to predict which arrived. back. to you is a disappointment the austerity programs were poorly implemented and poorly explained people came to resent you would start to look like an uncompassionate taskmaster all over the continent there was increasing support for nationalist parties anti finance and euro skeptic parties were gaining ground in reality as you have been
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willing to do their own and their asking for i'll be very happy back to that if they are going after are going to liberate europe from the monster of brussels nuno and comment we should. we can see reaction to the liberalization of fright finance just as we saw it in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be ugly it will ready is ugly it's ugly in greece it's ugly in france it's ugly you know in many parts of the world where people are saying if my government went look after my interests if my government will not arrange for my young people to have employment then i will look for a strong man who will do that for me who will give me security and give my children employment security and i don't care what sort of strong manatees if he's a fascist i don't care if he promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will vote for him i think that's where we're heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face. what are the
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solutions have. curd europe curve the debt machine what mechanisms can it use. could it play on inflation as other countries do. little as you know jamie almost without it jamie agree almost all that someone always has written war on the for want of us here is covered up i think you better that are used for me said without it don't go best is cool with it was obvious that they saw it with years back thank god missile and i'm sure as best goddaughter they are now at the base here in waiting should i get your misandry programs likely to make a fortune for the price coffee yet as we know that a book a minute then i guess that your duty as it were to charge the poor of our boom for the number two place and a capacity you know the horses that in. following
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world war two french and german debt was two to three times higher than it is today but inflation literally absorbed it. only but the don't want a little girl openly people to judge a cause do system do all this is all that it is just in them and then it would be pretty good eliminate unique when your lawyers who know. don't know the wa the but when they come on the first the first i want to know is that would. you put on still more do so legally ma. this is your strawman twenty seconds for polluting. your dogs in the school madonna hardware on the dogs in mark two experts here not soft as ice under linux.
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on this we need to politic daryn leaving in order to understand we are only. needed someone so on the server i'm sure and so into naman i meant to have three to sign with an outdoor high's span is a dimension of going to his gate sint does it end in via tug on the alkie a guilt ridden oil vice must all be mousing react there must be mention arm this condition of coverage of politics and mention on some. tilts the banks need to see the hologram and emerald number. left a closer look at the euro money. the strong euro benefits the countries of northern europe but penalizes those of the south. is the european union going to fall apart good gross return in reverse the trend. is for it i've heard issue from
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kwara go. radio host asked you for me to prove off use the dead download it off it will get across also when it's going off it said on the nanny who are in class ask him why and sit on it if i had to do pull saw or that you saw that it looked all the bruce don't see maggi name go i think i cross off i had to let it off and said i've explored all across all of us on the docket i don't so much but i must once was if you know suppose go and. fulfill all of us q. phones is give for when you wanted to nestle's up with dubious going to his duty but i don't suppose he did go over an illiterate in that sleazy focus. was on paul saul so as to do it all more and to live in quality so you could put the two gay bully gleg siebold isn't nomen to skew their asses on both sides sill bookham know it's a good little hope gandhi said the new food lepage if you need there's
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a limit. to have a monetary union work effectively. what happens is that the more efficient regions or in the case of the eurozone countries become even more efficient and wealthier the poorer regions or less efficient regions become poorer and less efficient. italy south was industrializing until the country unified and in the end eight hundred sixty s. and seventy's and once that happened if you are an italian investor in the south why would you invest money in the south when you can earn more money by putting your savings in milan. or investing it in the north of italy so the south became steadily poorer so what did the italians have to do they had to get always and they still doing it had to send money to the south regularly not lend money but give
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grants. and in the old days they had the big gossipy metal door the fund for southern italy which paid out tens of billions of dollars over a century i mean of the endless payments that have been needed the wealthier provinces have to send money to the poor provinces not lend money send it. but there is a catch the mustard treaty stipulates that each country must manage its debt. europe is far from being nice of you. and yet in two thousand and twelve for the first time the president of the european central bank the e.c.b. took action. the euro is irreversible we will do whatever it takes we lean our monday night within our mandate to have
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a single monetary policy in your area in to contain price the million euro area and to preserve the. i don't indeed need loser as you know who niggas get he will prove it when i hear the new policy lab and this you event yeah it would be in exist to the push to be did dissociate with the gifts kilmeny libidos are no more back toward the box on high up in gesture they actually be directional as well as situational lucian or small maxima foci precisely what i don't know even exist about me as you all talk about what i most want hi all been dishes on her litany in a span left one way to move that i don't want men to not hear it when it bad really matters if you know how to get back to dentist in atlanta if you're more on talk about sato up in jordan i said. what about simply writing off the
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debt. cancellation can be done to preserve the social order because we don't transform it most revolutions involve cancellation of downs ironically german prosperity now is based on the cancellation of german that's after world war two it seems very ironic that the german public is absolutely unwilling to even renegotiate debts of countries like greece calling them that centers when in fact all debts were cancelled after world war two and it was that freedom. which actually made the german economic boom. the recovery let it sit on the finance any political one. because if it landed a dead girl by let their head via a surrogate is ricky better you will see that you're about to be one or will be is what we are this was about one global act truly does not mean million out of all
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they do you might go to war again is obvious what i said but he did i say go up assad as a hobby or said vance i post on this and i go deepest others will be added wolf i believe it was said it wasn't possible to survive it as we will check any good acid at it establishes ascii art it work as well look it is having a dog lose a good a go look at that he lost it so i vaguely og up as good as likable people eat like that b.b. so haley bad apples are about he was a member of let me get rid. of it not succeed you still have to search for the pussy be put on get a leg i spy and do not lose all your leg is due for the president who as you called him for truly good can but he was going to use them if he's going to let anybody have a you ill yet he can travel to new list if you want to be public noble and support
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him sick from all that i guess two thirds of us are. good men best cure is you she . is wrong we don't fall over years from but a vision or shield to be in won't for certain not among well known do exist as a legless to see if there were a system he used if just any i'll pass on about on and don't include innocent he's guilty fucked and they get the consequence you know dimity the western beaucaire damage done is what he put it quote. the least personal is one of. the e.u. has long been powerless against tax evasion switzerland austria and luxemburg have always championed bank secrecy the e.u. has taken action requiring increased transparency. if you know. what that's. you know. that's what i'm at that's not at them while young in it but
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objective. will form the world of the good is going to go on dominic welcome to don't disturb out about it on t.v. will fail in this you did love an illness your son is not for me domicile took on and i don't know it all. along all the little that mischa all of newmont but it is the longer so you're going to cause when marla will do all that economy getting more external. to do the democrates receipt of you that he had to give you don't look at p. diddy's it clip of your own and she said belles was a go off on it when the other room is a real good on the bunch of cars but between there's all that to do are to do what you are contributing to you know that you don't do well such as you going to mr concrete is it to do so should. today date the economy and finance an ever present global reality we are all caught in the debt machine the debt its grip and its dictates have insinuated themselves into our work our
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relationships and our lives. only time will tell if we can truly afford this must a seventh relationship today. howlers the new year was seen in underwriting for many places in the east including new york flooding happened in kentucky is all a result of this frontal system which actually to the south is pretty mild now it's sweeping out of the way now it remains
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a cloudy system temps come down to single figures new york are at full and the real cold is up behind it is if anything leaking away as bit of a mild spell of weather here again is the emphasis of this was coming from the science really and the lack of driving is that arctic cold air from canada but evening kanda winnipeg's is up to zero or that really is quite high for this time the obviously the pacific is feeding loads of rain into washington state and then b.c. with snow on the mountains the ski is will love it but the rain returns to the southern states but it's just in the panhandle of texas otherwise this is got flooding potential written over every once more but science of all this it's all gone quiet as a gentle study breeze occasional light showers and that's front of these and of course light rain fairly often in jurors a quarter mile in down towards costa rica but otherwise this is a quiet time of the year although you all crying to the west this billie's and as i said duress.
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short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human try and against the odds. al-jazeera selects. and then reported. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians
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still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. made it to every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of the script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means. as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were told on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. this is.
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hello i am this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes ziad both an arrow is sworn in as brazil's new president with promises to crack down on corruption and improve the economy. u.s. border patrol agents in orange tear gas as asylum seekers to keep them from entering the country. opposition parties join calls for president omar al bashir to step aside. and near horizons for nasa as it completes the fattest flyby in history. brazil's new president has been sworn in during a ceremony in the capital brasilia the former army captain represents a major shift to the right in latin america's largest country and his first speech as president he promised to free brazil of corruption and crime and improve the economy john holdren reports from brasilia. standing in the shadow of her hero
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christina new year's day is the start of change helped me that. it's the opportunity for the country to grow it's an opportunity to stop being the country known for corruption and this opportunity is named. to. fulfill the. bill to model for years he was a low profile congressman now he's been catapulted into power as the leader of south america's biggest economy but the far right populist has polarized brazil supporters love his plain speaking style and hard stance from crime opponents fear his intolerance of activists minorities and ambivalence to the environment but but also noddles main promise beating corruption appeals to brazil's political class has been engulfed by scandal. it is full it is about those charges of political favors force trading that needs to be left in the past we want the whole nation to
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benefit everything that we do henceforth has an undeniable purpose that is to put first and foremost the interests of brazilians. he's also promised to crack down on crime and revive a sluggish economy many believe that he can and not just his supporters leaving his inauguration in a poll just out sixty five percent of people said that they think he will do a great or a good job but this is a man who's admitted that he knows little about the economy and he security plan has revolved around giving people greater access to guns and police more license to kill i'm. also not as opponents worry about the lack of substance and his affinity to the military dictatorships of brazil's recent past in his speech to congress he committed to democracy but the effect was slightly spoiled by his final remarks directed against the leftist workers. which governed here for years.
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this is our flag it will never be red even if we need to shed our blood to keep it green and yellow. a warning perhaps for those who hope there will be a move moderate president then candidate joe you both are not oh i see no reason to change john heilemann al-jazeera. well brian winter is editor in chief of america's quarterly magazine he says both scenarios call for an end to ideological bias failed to ring true. he doesn't really mean freedom from ideology you want to implement his ideology which is a right wing and very much a shift from the philosophy that's governed brazil for most of the last thirty plus years since the last update or ship and it's true he was very tough today against socialism in particular which you know for most brazilians socialism it's
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not the policies that people were against socialism has become kind of a code word for the corruption the economic mismanagement that led to this recession over these last few years which was the worst in the country's history he has a military background he was a paratrooper and then he ascended to the rank of captain which was not particularly high but then he got into congress and spent the last twenty seven years as you know a fairly marginal figure in the brazilian congress he had this anti-establishment anti corruption anti-left voice that given the trauma that brazil has been through over these last four or five years really resonated with the electorate in this election that they had in october so now he has you know he's got a lot of power he's got most of the brazilian people behind him only about fourteen
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percent fifteen percent of the population in polls right now says that they're you know kind of absolutely against him so he's going to have a lot of latitude to do what he wants but he's also got big big challenges ahead of us border agents have fired tear gas to stop people crossing the mexican border at tijuana the great attempting to bridge the fence as possible the so-called caravan of asylum seekers and migrants from central america u.s. authorities say they were responding to rocks being thrown at them and just a warning when you are a published report from the us mexico border does contain some flashing lights. arriving by the dozen at the us mexico border central american asylum seekers prepared to jump the wall into the united states. i haven't seen my family in two months but brought now god willing will reach out dream. is from honduras he knows crossing over will be difficult but he says he's committed to making the jump pussy no i don't but if i'm caught a complete and fought for saddam if i'm deported i guess i'll keep moving forward
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with his life there's hope that's what will do this is an older section of the war but border patrol agents are watching from the other side national guard troops are also on the lookout for passing migrants these kids out to free to do as we came closer to the border patrol agents accused us of coercing people to cross the fence like i said i can't speak for everybody i'm just here to watch. here the way it was because you guys are going to the shows are looking to come over here they are unable to find a place to cross people began splitting up we've been walking for a while along the u.s. southern border on the mexican side with somewhere around one hundred migrants that left the shelter if you want to hear a helicopter constantly circling overhead and quite a bit of border patrol on the other side of the fence. migrants here seem to be wandering back and forth along along the border wall it's very cold the rain is on and off and it's not clear whether or not any of them are going to actually get
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a chance to make it across this evening at one point border guards launch tear gas migrants apart from smoke there was tension and uncertainty on the other one member of the group picked up the smoking canister and sent it back to the wall. it's the middle of the night in the one bed is a salvadoran national says he's tired and he feels he's running out of options. to the movement that our minds are blank right now i don't know what we'll do i don't know if we'll go back or try to cross. after several failed attempts at crossing the wall more than twelve hours of scouring the border for a safe passage the group had no choice but to return to the shelter and try their luck again another day of upolu dizzy don't want to. well the u.s. president says he is now ready to negotiate an end to the partial government shutdown which has been in place for nearly two weeks donald trump has invited congressional leaders from both parties to the white house on wednesday just
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a day before democrats take over as the majority party in the house trump's been refusing to sign off on a spending deal unless it included funding for his border wall she had tansey is following the story for us he joins us now live from washington she have i feel like i ask you the same thing every time we speak about this but is there now actually an end in sight. you know if i would only really show what this meeting is about or if anyone's even going to turn up there it's been billed by the white house as a briefing on border security by senior members of the department of homeland security that hasn't gone down terribly well by the democrats because as we know don trump is framing the shutdown as part of his pitch battle with the democrats to ensure there is a border security versus a democratic party who just simply won't open borders and the right of drug dealers and rapists to walk over the border whenever they want and the clearly the democrats don't dispute that characterization and we haven't even got any
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indication from the democratic leadership whether they will go to this meeting nancy pelosi did tweet a response to donald trump but don't trump's tweet when he said look let's make a deal we should even mention this meeting she just and in fact she just repeated her her. determination to take power in the house on thursday and pass passed legislation in an attempt to reopen the government but there's no guarantee that that will then move into the senate because the republican leadership there have said there are going to put any have any vote on any legislation possible house unless donald trump says he will eventually sign it if it does pass some house so we aren't that much farther in fact as far as this meeting is because i really want to know whether members of the democratic leadership are even going to be in washington on wednesday afternoon so no we haven't got any further to answer your question it was a bit of a roundabout way of saying no she have a tandy with that update for us from washington thanks. pressure is mounting on
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sudan's president omar al bashir to resolve the growing political crisis opposition parties have joined calls for him to step down following weeks of antigovernment protests and one party says it's withdrawing from cabinet here morgan has war from the capital. thousands have been demonstrating in sudan demanding president almighty bashir step down now twenty two different opposition parties are also calling on the president to resign. the government needs to end it's really a step times that we need to form a provisional council and a transitional government that will run this new stage to prepare us for the new elections. the opposition groups say they will submit a memo with their demands to the president on wednesday in a further set back for the government and the opposition party has announced it's withdrawing from the cabinet. we realize the consequences of the current events and we are proud of our historic stand being in the thick of it
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therefore we decided within our political bureau to draw any representation we have in any official post. the crisis started two weeks ago with protest in the city of overbred shortages and rising prices that's going to spread to other parts of the country and turned into demonstrations calling on president and bashir to end his twenty nine year rule amnesty international says at least thirty seven people have been killed as police responded with tear gas and live ammunition the president has promised to cut costs and improve economy but that has not stopped the protests despite the growing calls formerly bashir and his ruling party to step down the president seems determined to continue his term until elections scheduled for twenty twenty elections that he's not eligible to stand in unless a dance constitution is amended. more demonstrations are planned in the coming days but some analysts say that likely won't change the president's position. on the continuation of protests.


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