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the dissolution of passes in the senate so we haven't really moved on about for internet services in the democratic republic of congo are expected to remain cut off until election results are announced on sunday and advisor to president joseph kabila says access was shut down to stop people speculating about the outcome of the vote several candidates had claimed to be in the lead in the election to choose successor the poll was marred by violence complaints of vote rigging and delayed it's in sudan pressure is mounting on president omar al bashir to resolve a growing political crisis opposition parties have joined calls for him to step down following weeks of anti-government protests and one party says it's withdrawing from cabinet he morgan has more from the capital khartoum. thousands have been demonstrating in sudan demanding president almighty bashir step down now twenty two different opposition parties are also calling on the president to resign . the government needs to end its rule and step turns we need to form
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a provisional council and the transitional government that will run this new students will prepare us for the new elections. the opposition groups say they will submit a memo with their demands to the president on wednesday in a further set back for the government another opposition party has announced it's withdrawing from the cabinet will. we realize the consequences of the current events and we are proud of our historic stand being in the thick of it we decided within our political bureau to withdraw any representation we have in any official post. the crisis started two weeks ago with protest in the city of overbred shortages and rising prices that's quickly spread to other parts of the country and turned into demonstrations calling on president said bashir to end his twenty nine year old amnesty international says at least thirty seven people have been killed as police responded with tear gas and live ammunition the president has promised to cut costs and improve economy but that has not stopped the protests
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despite the growing calls for bashir and his ruling party to step down the president seems determined to continue his term until elections scheduled for twenty twenty elections that he's not eligible to stand in unless the dance constitution is amended. more demonstrations are planned in the coming days but some analysts say that likely won't change the president's position. the continuation of protests in cities including khartoum doesn't mean it's a people's revolution yet there are many factors that are needed to make this a popular revolution and the sudanese president knows that this time there are factors missing to make demands that he step down effective so things can change down the road. and memo may not force the president to resign like the opposition wants but with more protests planned and a defined president to dance or to head may not be easy people morgan al-jazeera to . head on al-jazeera. the last remaining
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opposition braces for a final battle with government forces plus. i live in kampala and hong kong reporting on whether china's new e-commerce laws will be effective and wiping out counterfeit goods from the online marketplace. hallow the skies are clearing temporarily across iran as this cloud moves east was beating the cold dropping snow in afghanistan the next development is already taking place in the eastern mediterranean because it's not going to sit there loads of rain seems like in southern turkey does overseas know what some height that was from across into lebanon most likely overnight and then syria and northern iraq had to sweep through fairly quickly such that but i'll give you thursday looks pretty
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similar to be honest longshore breeze sixty in beirut in the rain but this rain has ganged up against the high ground in west and iran producing i would think flooding on the eastern side of iraq and snow in the higher ground as it crosses the border now that rain comes as fast as i ask you right and it generates cloud to the south of that through northern saudi the breeze in juices it's a southerly scores of potentially dusty one it lift temperatures a little bit for riyadh for bahrain for qatar for example which is a pleasant change and the skies should be blue but quite possibly and dusty as well big rains and possibly more than you might really want are showing themselves and i'm going to touching zombie dancer but sort of the eastern side of south africa persistent line is right the time of the year but they are heavy showers. tool feet on the street. are victims but
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a new force is applied. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and soon as life behind the badge for india's lady cox. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories president xi jinping says no one can change the fact that taiwan is sponsor of china as part of his first major speech addressing what
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beijing considers a breakaway province on tuesday taiwan's president sighing when insisted the island wants to maintain self rule brazil's new far right president. has been so on and during a ceremony in the capital brasilia in his first speech since taking office he promised to free brazil of corruption and crime and improve the economy and the us president says he is ready to negotiate an end to the partial government shutdown which has been in place for nearly two weeks donald trump has invited congressional leaders from both audi's to the white house on wednesday the u.s. secretary of state has sought to ease concerns over the withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria the trump administration has come under pressure from allies and senior republican since the president suddenly announced the pullout last month but mike says washington remains committed to its goals in the region. the decision present made in syria in no way changes anything that this administration is working on once that israel can rise to campaign continues our efforts to
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countering the question continue and our commitment to middle east ability in the protection of israel continues in the same way it is for the decision was made meanwhile the war between syrian president bashar assad and rebel forces appears to be entering its final phase any province's the last remaining opposition people they are bracing for a government offensive us tries to bring all of syria under his control monitored the reports from ghazi antec near the techie syria border. this is ari how town in mosul seriously the province it lip is home to three million people who since two thousand and fifteen have been effectively troubled it is serious last remaining opposition controlled by a kill to assad but of rebels. syrian president bashar al assad strengthened in recent months by support from powerful allies and that we are opening all the embassies in damascus by some arab countries is vowing to launch an invasion. it
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live with its cinder block thomson villages could soon be subject to rockets bottle bombs and even class the pumps. the rebels are putting on a brave face. today we are all gathered here and ready to fight until the last drop of our blood we are the songs of this territory and we know it very well and so do the people displaced from all over syria are now living in this small geographic area which is just ninety square kilometer nothing will make us lose our resolve to fight on what. in the middle of it lips of rolling all of grooves the displaced live in some of the most desperate conditions possible with no proper housing the musci of the elements. we lack everything there's no food no money we have nothing that winter and floods are making life even more difficult when it gets
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a little windy our tents just fly away. humanitarian workers warn a full assault on it live could spark a refugee crisis of historic proportions driving millions of people into turkey and europe yet this theater of war is never locking in action in another corner of milf in syria fighters loyal to the turkish allied free syrian army on the march then headed for the kurdish held city of members in support of a planned offensive by turkish forces in recent days tekkie has been massing troops at its border and even sent tanks rolling into territory in syria that it holds sway over turkey considers the kurdish why p.d. fighters who control members us terrorists. turkey's main problem is with groups who considers terrorists finding a foothold in territory to administer inside syria i'm talking of the so-called terror corridor the p y g m p y d kurdish organizations but there is also the issue
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of syrian refugees turkey believes there is a great need to end the conflict in syria so the refugees can return the moment of a complete withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria has opened the gates just crumble by regional powers such as turkey and iran to aggressively pursue their interests in the city feeling abandoned by the united states congress why premier fighters of cotton deal with the syrian rebellion and invited its forces to protect them against the planned talk it's often without football now when countries held territory in all from syria remains the missing plank in assad's plan to reclaim the whole of syria it's just a matter of time. before him. mohammad i know well does it or doesn't . the u.n. special envoy to somalia has been ordered to leave the keys of interfering in the country's internal affairs the government issued a statement saying nicholas hay some would no longer be allowed to work in somalia
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on monday hey some had the government to safeguard human rights he had written a letter demanding answers over civilian deaths during a protest last month ted giants in france now have to pay more taxes so called gaffa tox named after google apple facebook and amazon is to ensure global digital firms pay their fair share the measure is expected to raise around five hundred seventy million dollars for france in twenty nineteen the french government had been pushing for an e.u. wide levy but failed to get the required support earlier we spoke to technologies and coder khan he says it won't financially hurt giant tech companies like facebook to pay more times. this really all comes down to the balance of power between governments and these huge tech companies multinational companies who has more power these days and i think that remains to be seen i personally think that tech companies are currently looking stronger so it would be in the interests of the the
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other states to stick together so that they can exercise some more power over the small to nationals we're talking about companies that pay maybe eighty percent tax where other companies pay twenty three percent and even if you look at the tax that france is proposing they're looking to make about five hundred million euros this year and if you think about the revenue the earnings just in the last quarter just in the last three quarter three of two thousand and eighteen of just facebook they made fourteen billion dollars so that's about four point five billion a month if you break it down to days that's about one hundred fifty million or so a day so if facebook was to pay the end hired c. of the tax that france wants to sue to levy. that would take about four days of earnings right now so we're not really talking about anything that's going to make a huge dent but this is a power play so really it again remains to be seen where the actual power lies here
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and i think it's in our interests as individuals and citizens that our democratically elected governments can keep these multinational tech companies and check china's said tainted use a new not to regulate fathi camas industry the legislation aimed to protect online consumers and intellectual property and clean up the country's reputation as a major source of fake stevie gopalan reports from hong kong as part of looking into new knowledge for twenty nine thousand. this hong kong jewelry brands expansion into mainland china was a tough lesson for its founder and designer her short foray into that market ended when one of her signature pieces was copied and sold under different brands she has since expanded her collection half the sales are online but you won't find her jewelry on any of china's main internet retail sites in the uk all high cost is risky i don't sell any products on online shopping pass forms in china because it
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feels like i'm just giving away my designs and not getting anything back and this is the problem those behind china's new e-commerce law are hoping to tackle the legislation is looking to close some of the loopholes in the world's largest retail market which is worth more than one trillion dollars in twenty seven t. the individual platform will be liable as well as the person selling the goods so the shift the onus is suddenly the platform has to be responsible for making sure that it polices itself doesn't allow for the countess to be sold according to the organization for economic cooperation and development china is the world's largest manufacturer of counterfeit goods and many of the knockoffs ends up on the streets as well as in cyberspace the new legislation applies to operators of online shopping platforms the company selling products and services on them and independent merchants with their own websites all of whom must register with the government. there are still many questions over how the law will be implemented and
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there are concerns it could give the government yet another form of control over the internet where it could rain an activity that was once outside its influence my view is still if a business is legitimate and they're not infringing counterfeit they will be ok but we don't know how it's going to be policed we don't know how it will be enforced it may be that if complaints aren't responded to quickly enough where a business has been improperly accused of an ip by lation maybe they face sanctions many jones says the law is good news for designers and small business owners like her she plans to relaunch your brand and some of china's top online shopping platforms and expects to have a profitable twenty nineteen if you go home call two indian women have defied a century old span on entering a hindu temple in the southern state of carolina this comes after hundreds of thousands of women formed a human chain across the state to show support for
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a court order that lifted the ban on women of childbearing age entering the site as a very moderate temple is regarded as one of the holiest in hindu is. now forty one the old new york city institution is about to close its doors for good but not by choice the cornelia street cafe is the latest victim of rising rents in the ones where he knew neighborhood of greenwich village christensen only has a story. this night out at the legendary cornelia street cafe is bittersweet for patrons and performers alike of course instead of this. start. the artists han voted one of the ten best places to hear jazz in the world is closing its doors after forty one years eliminating a venue that has fostered countless poets and performers as well as musicians. who will be. irreplaceable. both for the people who
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have performed here of this they have been given to us and for the community it's come it's a catastrophe on a robin hirsch says even with an award winning restaurant and multiple nightly performances he can no longer afford the rent three of us who were all artists opened a little one room cafe. because we were. all kinds of other artists . just sort of a crew. but the cap is greenwich village neighborhood has changed a lot since then. but the cornelia street cafe opened in one nine hundred seventy seven the ranch was four hundred fifty dollars a month now it is a staggering thirty three thousand dollars and the village is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country thanks in part to the very artists who
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helped make it trendy and are now being pushed out. these days it's primarily high end boutiques and chain stores that can afford to be here i like to call it the mauling of manhattan because every store that was in suburbia that i ran away from when i moved here four years ago now they followed me here they're on my block her she blamed societal changes as well. the contemporary relationship is not among people and some with you and your screen and if you go to starbucks that's what you see and so it's the final curtain for cornelia street and the end of an era for the village art scene kristen salumi al jazeera new york. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on. president xi jinping says no one can change the fact that china is pot taiwan is part of china it was part of
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his first major speech addressing what beijing considers a breakaway province on tuesday taiwan's president sighing when insisted the island wants to maintain self rule well. we are firmly against any plots to create two china or one china one taiwan or taiwan independence we've achieved a major victory in the fight against taiwan independence or separatist activities nobody and no party can change the historical and legal fact that taiwan is part of china and both sides of the strait belong to china brazil's new farai president giant of also narrow has been so on and during a ceremony in the capital brasilia it's his first speech in his first speech as president he promised afraid brazil of corruption and crime and improve the economy u.s. border agents have fired tear gas to stop people crossing the mexican border women and children were among those trying to breach the border fence the border agency says it was responding to watch their own. the u.s.
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president says he is ready to negotiate an end to the partial government shutdown which has been in place for nearly two weeks donald trump has invited congressional leaders from both parties to the white house on wednesday in sudan twenty two opposition parties have called for parliament to be dissolved and president omar al bashir to step down following protests over the cost of living the body say a transitional government should be set up to pave the way for election it's internet services in the democratic republic of congo are expected to remain cut off until election results are announced on sunday an advisor to president joseph kabila says this was shut down to stop people speculating about the outcome of the vote and the u.s. secretary of state sought to ease concerns over the withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria that trump administration has come under pressure from allies and senior republicans since the president announced the pullout last month that my comparison is washington remains committed to its goals in the region you're upset
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with the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year it is a listening post i hope you do stay with us thanks for watching. the week began with the use of a ninety day truce in the to protect the us china trade will the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on our jazeera. on the twenty second of may a series of major news stories broke across west africa in a simultaneous publication now known as the west africa leaks journalists from
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eleven countries had pored over gigabytes of data nearly thirty million leaked documents on tax havens and the secretive offshore companies of the rich and powerful like the panama papers investigations of two thousand and sixteen and the paradise paper's stories last year this collaboration was coordinated by the i.c.i. j. the international consortium of investigative journalists based in the us it worked alongside the norbert zongo cell for investigative journalism or sonos zero in burkean a fast so we've reported on the i.c.i. jay's work before and we've been tracking these particular investigations since february when the journalists involved first met to lay the groundwork what sets the west africa leaks apart from other i.c.i. j collaboration's is the media landscape the conditions in which the journalists work taking on powerful individuals institutions and a global financial system that secretive by design is difficult for any reporter in west africa that's just the beginning and one of this group of journalists greatest
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challenges was getting their readers their governments and in some cases even the media outlets they work for to care. listening posts make me your head now in the making and breaking of the west africa leaks. west africa leaks is the largest of our collaboration all the investigative reporters from across west africa division matters to me it really seems to be back on their reporting. on. this. we have thirteen journalists are exploring nearly thirty million offshore financial records and this is just ridiculous you. suppose she's.
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why. is someone who has nothing no islamist nor twenty any money why is she the dad talk for him on. this is a mom who is championing the cause i'm sure but makes the literates effort to deny. me tax from oil same with global media collaboration's not only is that the more the merrier the more the country. and. west africa feel probably. the west africa leaks got its start in dhaka. we're going to find a much more interesting name for this project over the next three days the list of the better i'm still in it to day workshop organized by the i.c.
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i j and snow's journalists were given access to a compilation of data from six major leaks held by the i.c.i. journal i'm just going to go. going to share with you some. just the purpose of the workshop was not only change produced the journalists to the data but also to help them start reading between the lines you don't go offshore and write in a name now that you want to fight taxes lawyers and potential crooks are a lot more sophisticated than that and therefore understanding how to read the signs and how to interpret the red flags in offshore documents is crucial on was that he h. on my contacts said. the marquis. wanted to kill him or simplify. them more in doing stories of this nature it's very important to take the right terminology to use it's not for you the journalist to
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see somebody has. the duty of that socrates. to go and so they. can i mean don't. it get in the default but this will not least be what you put in even. simpler than the don't want to. send is a level then you would put this in address. it's not necessarily true address or after it transfers well you. walk yeah mike you don't let walk can bus not to run. as an tell a story you need to investigate what the data presented to you to have
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a part of the work but fortunately i did find some documents and i started building hypothesis on the documents and said in a question. we're coming to the end of the first editorial meeting out here in dhaka the journalists behind me have been given access to six projects or let into the murky world of official finance primed for the investigations time to head out and begin digging through the data and hopefully stock in anything that does the west africa leaks is the i c r j's seventh major media collaboration investigating official finance they can of course speed legal legitimate reasons for an individual or a company to keep assets offshore over the past few years however the consortium has broken multiple stories documenting serious abuse of the system. there are good reasons why the ice has to focus on west africa for its latest investigative
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collaboration first the economics according to the un more than sixteen billion dollars a year is moved offshore from west africa illegally which amounts to more than the g.d.p. of six of its purse countries combined second governance authorities either lack the ability or the will to stop money from being stashed offshore where company taxed and as the investigations reveal politicians are often the worst culprits. and then you have the media news organizations that are on state run not typically by those in power or those close to the second average all too often there's a way from holding the check count which is why didn't take long for these journalists to start finding some news with the story. of the second largest and the second poorest country in west africa aska editor of the eleven more newspaper is investigating a government funded project worth around thirteen million dollars in two thousand
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and nine a contract to build a modern refrigerated straw to house was awarded to an obscure australian company rich stood offshore with links. the new syrian minister of livestock. in the day to ask i found that money was paid to the australian firm but on a large amount of it went missing the new facility was meant to boost users meat industry when he went to the site of the school to house maybe a decade on he found that he had not been booked. while expected to do. a. how about. the next story is in tokyo the journalist however is not maxine domini earth portal for lao twenty. works in exile and his office not to reveal his vacation he's on
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the government's radar not only as a critical journalist but also as a member of a movement that has called for the removal of the president for yes has been in power since two thousand and five over the past yeah anti-government demonstrations take or have been escalating and as the authorities began to crack down on the need to flee the country. in the something else to go. i'm going to. just simply good. show. to move. it to fit some people see. on it that isn't this you want to. do you not think that those political activities have compromised your standing as a journalist in the country you know. syria.
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a school visits. movie. we built our service through and. could do without a gun is a good situation. so i was informed there is those. companies investigation focuses on the financial dealings of patrice ya kind of patricia a businessman with close ties to target ruling family according to documents from h.s.b.c. private bank in switzerland in two thousand and five kind of katrina trying to bypass turkey's banking restrictions and while one point two million dollars out of the country and in turn you could set up an account at the time he held director level positions q state run companies and both of them were on the verge of bankruptcy companies challenge has been to corroborate the data in the documents with information back. in exile. you create.
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i can bank she's going to. do new. down the minute in this yes i'm the one i'm going. to go. to good to get the one that's going to keep. the seats. and i'm going to set the boss on that postulate that i was that. the rebel sons of movie lives under that model sort of prison that they defeat. when they're depressed that if it fits. emanuel dog is the managing editor of gone up business news an online publication
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he is investigating a form a guy named ambassador to the united states made by way to say on his foundation's website it's described as a philanthropist and humanity. marian looking through documents leaked to the ice from the bermuda based girlfriend appleby doug davy discovered that you say used the spider web are for fuel pump and he's to hide from god named tax authorities his share of a three hundred five million dollars oil to. worry everyone that the diploma should know better and conduct himself in the most ethical way register companies so he would more or less maximize his profit and lessen his taxes that is. contrary to the. vienna convention. to conduct all diplomats on duty.


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