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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2019 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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al-jazeera. and. the a's are two hundred forty one and the nays are one hundred ninety the bill is passed the democratic controlled house passes a plan to end the u.s. government shutdown but without any money the president from sport. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. ramps up attacks against isis in syria as the trumpet ministration prepares to withdraw its troops. a powerful tropical storm makes landfall in thailand raising fears of widespread flooding and landslides. and taking the reins brazil's
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president moves to advance his policy agenda. the new u.s. house of representatives which is now controlled by the democrats has passed a package of bills to end the partial government shutdown however the republican majority senate is likely to block the legislation and the president is refusing to sign off on them because they don't include funding for his border war with mexico earlier the new house speaker nancy pelosi vowed to keep the trump presidency in check and end the stalemate she remains the only woman to hold the post in the most diverse congress in u.s. history roslyn jordan reports now from washington. do you solemnly swear it's a day of firsts for the one hundred sixteenth u.s. congress do you solemnly swear that you new faces and some familiar ones being sworn into office and then getting down to work. democrat nancy pelosi still the
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first and only woman to serve as house speaker returns for a second time best to play younger more diverse and more liberal legislators who want reforms in health care the economy and immigration move. palosi also has to temper colleagues desire to investigate and perhaps impeach president donald trump but first ending the federal government shutdown democrats will be offering the senate republican appropriations legislation to reopen government later today. we were doing so. they do so to meet the needs of the american people to protect our borders and to respect our workers that first move likely is going nowhere the senate majority leader explains why the senate will lock up any proposal that does not have a real chance of passing the scheiber and getting
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a presidential signature in other words president donald trump says he will reject any short term budget that doesn't include five billion dollars to build a wall between mexico and the u.s. something democrats oppose earlier on thursday trump blamed the democrats for the impasse quote the shutdown is only because of the two thousand and twenty presidential election the democrats know they can't win based on all the achievements of trump so they are going all out on the desperately needed wall and border security and presidential harassment for them strictly politics analysts say this does not bode well for the eight hundred thousand federal employees who aren't getting paid for the millions at risk of not getting emergency food. health care or other services provided by the federal government we don't just have divided government the president of one party and the house of representatives of another party but we also have divided congress where the house and senate are controlled
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by different parties so that's a relatively unusual set of circumstances that makes it even more complicated for us to. for anyone to try to negotiate and find common ground on a prickly issues so far republicans and democrats no reason to compromise because they both think they're right neither party has paid a political price because of the shutdown and that's how this has become the first drama of the new session of the u.s. congress. in al-jazeera capitol hill well the u.s. president donald trump praised nancy pelosi full regaining her role as speaker of the house he also renewed his demand for a wall along the border with mexico he held a briefing with border patrol officials saying they'd stopped thousands he said were criminals trying to enter the u.s. last year. you can go to a barrier you can go whatever you want but essentially we need protection in our country we're going to make it good to people of our country want it i have never
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had so much support as i have in the last week over my stance for border security for border control and for frankly the wall or the barrier. reports say eleven people from the same family have been killed in airstrikes by the u.s. led coalition that's been fighting i saw in syria local sources say the attack happened at the village of five in the us or provinces close to iraq's border and is an area controlled by eisel it comes as a joint investigation by al jazeera and the intercept reveals the u.s. military has intensified its bombing campaign against isis or in the region since president trumps announcement of the withdrawal of american forces the reports say the fiercest attack in the past week occurred in. the village on the euphrates river is held by eisel fighters dozens of people have been killed in days of fighting between rival armed groups in more than syria the violence forced displaced people to flee again this time to
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a camp near to me close to the border with turkey al qaeda linked fighters and turkey back rebel forces are blaming each other for starting the fighting muhammad though has more from government up on the turkey syria border. well fighting is still going on the. allied fighters all say talk about it out on the ball for fansub in the past four days against turkish rebels they are trying according to officials to. divide the ten it's city between three and also both city and rebels who are allied to tucky who are on the other side in the aleppo countryside of course all these are not the suppression of all small tie downs them one tekkie begins from a mum big which officials say is just a model of time when we know is that so far the al qaeda. the rebels have
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taken the tunnel and is that it's us to take to town and they have continued but the free syrian army forces are saying that difficult time enforcement on that it pulsing some of these approachable there's been a huge exit also for people particularly from refugee comes like othman u.s. led coalition against stepped up its campaign against remnants of the group they've been concentrating in recent days on villages along the river euphrates but in the past two to three days most of the fighting most of the aspects of been hitting the villages off hygiene on shofar which. the city and a border two days of u.n. brokered talks between yemeni government officials and you see leaders have ended without an agreement the meeting was aimed at finding a way forward on the withdrawal of rival forces from the port city of who data but who sees are reportedly refusing to begin withdrawing until other parts of the
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peace deal implemented the u.n. special envoy to yemen martin griffiths will begin a new round of talks with both sides starting on saturday. tropical storm public has made landfall insult in thailand bringing heavy rain and winds to over twelve provinces airports and schools have closed as forecasters are predicting waves of up to five meters high hundreds of people have been taken to shelters set up by the government florence louie has been following developments from the island of coasts and louis for us florence how well prepared are they for the full arrival of the storm system. well the official start of preparation several days ago and they they were ready evacuation centers that can take in tens of thousands of people we hear that people living in the lying coastal areas have already been moved to these evacuation centers officials in the southern district also gave the order several days ago for reservoirs and some of these
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reservoirs in the southern provinces to start releasing more to this is so that these reservoirs can take in the extra amount of rainfall that by decreasing the potential for flash floods now it's not just people that rest and effect that the oil and gas industry has also been affected the energy ministry says more than two thousand workers on offshore rigs happen evacuated as a precautionary measure but officials seem to have taken steps to prepare for this topical storm now the good news is forecast as a not to make like to get to strengthen to a tie for but it's still going to be bringing sustained rainfall over the next couple of hours and that means that is the threat of not just flooding but also landslides and mudslides how many coastal communities in areas will be exposed to this storm. well the entire southern province i mean there are these extremely low lying areas and it's quite
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a long stretch of the southern peninsula that very good stretch of land that connects southern thailand to peninsula malaysia these areas extremely vulnerable what an official in the khan seat how much which is where topical storm public made landfall says thirty thousand people have been evacuated in on time i did so now on the island of coast somewhere where the storm with initially over the eye of the storm was initially for cost os through. people oh so feeling the effects of the storm it's been raining the entire day of waves so much stronger than use low bunked in fact he said that this and flights have been suspended people have been told to stay away from the water of the storm made landfall much at a couple of hours than expected so we are hoping that the big storm both cost to. land and head to the andaman sea much sooner than expected and that's the rainfall could decrease by a sock today florence thanks very much egypt is trying to stop the broadcast of an
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interview that the president bill photo l.c.c. has given to the u.s. t.v. network c.b.s. now in the interview with the cover of his program sixty minutes he says the egyptian army is working alongside israel against eisel fighters in north sinai he also denies egypt is holding tens of thousands of political prisoners. so when we don't have the political prisoners and or prisoners of opinion we are trying to stand against extremists who will impose their ideology on the people the now they are subject to military trial only one hundred may take years but we have to follow the law and can then they would have never mr president the organization human rights watch says that there are sixty thousand political prisoners that you're holding today as we sit here and a lot of them need i don't know where they got that figure can i said there are no political prisoners in egypt and lebanon says that whenever there is a minority trying to impose their extremist ideology we have to intervene
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regardless of their numbers and i look at how that will now despite cc's denials human rights groups say egypt's jails are filled with political dissidents human rights watch says political prisoners are routinely subjected to torture and rape while in detention the group also says hundreds of civilians are being sent to military trials for political dissent egypt's most notable political prisoner is the former president mohamed morsy he was overthrown by sisi twenty for teen military coup for more than two years al jazeera journalists are saying has been under arrest in egypt he was detained last on holiday in cairo and accused of spreading false news but has never been formally charged hussein's imprisonment has been repeatedly extended despite international calls for his release. as eases professor of law and the director of the center on security race and civil rights at rutgers university she says the government uses egyptian courts for political purposes. the problem is that the judiciary there's
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a lot of questions whether it has been politicized and whether there is pressure on some of the judges to convict there's also serious concerns with the evidentiary process where defendants are not given the opportunity to bring forth the evidence and even defense counsel got on the record in egypt say i haven't had a chance to defend my client so the process itself has many flaws and that's been documented so but but that's despite the fact that's the second order issue the issue is why are they being indicted in the first place and i just want to know that you know the vast majority of these. detainees are accused of being associated with the muslim brotherhood and what's problematic about that is that this work was criminalized after the president mohammed morsi who was democratically elected was deposed and ultimately in a military coup arrived a kurd and then all of its members who were very open politically who participated
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in nonviolent political activity became criminalized all of a sudden and if you were even accused of being a member you were automatically arrested and detained so easy to test quite these if the regime has created quite of a human rights catastrophe with these tens of thousands of people and some of whom are also secularists and human rights activists who have nothing to do with the muslim brotherhood still to come here on al-jazeera stranded at sea a charity boat carrying refugees rescued from the mediterranean six safe haven. the white white farmers in zimbabwe was skeptical of the government's new promises . hello here to welcome back here in the national weather forecast we're here across
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the southeastern part of europe we are continually dealing with these same storms day after day back to back storms and it's going to continue over the next few days the reason being is here's an air of low pressure right here over the black sea down here across parts of italy there's another airflow pressure these two over the next few days are going to continue to bring rain and snow for much of the area so for the rest of day today looks like this note here across much of turkey down here through parts of greece notice the snow just to the north of athens cold enough conditions that we're going to be seeing snow and then overnight getting colder so anything that melted is going to refreeze and it's going to me mean we're going to be seeing a slippery mess on some of the roads there up here towards the north we're going to see another with weather system coming in and that system is going to bring plenty of snow across much of eastern europe for vienna it is going to be a snowy day for you at five degrees there london not looking too bad temper though a little cool with a temperature of five degrees for you well that same weather system in the eastern med going to cause a lot of problems here across northeastern parts of africa we're talking anywhere
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from parts of tunisia down towards tripoli heavy rain for bogosity over the next few days so we could be seeing some flooding in the region but for cairo a partly cloudy day for you with a temperature of nineteen. it was one of the biggest bank robberies of modern times with over eighty million dollars stolen from bangladesh's central bank one of one east investigates how cyber hackers infiltrated the global banking system and on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you are.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera i'm peter good to have you with us these are your top stories the new u.s. house of representatives which is now controlled by the democrats has passed a package of bills to end the partial government shutdown but it's likely to be blocked by the republican majority senate as the deadlock over the border wall continues. a joint investigation by al-jazeera and the intercepts to repeal the u.s. military has stepped up its bombing campaign against isis pressman from specific to withdraw american troops. air force in schools of closed in southern thailand is focused on public makes landfall is bringing with it heavy rain and winds over twelve problem says hundreds of people have been taken to shelters. saudi arabia says eleven suspects in the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi have
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appeared in court for the first time state prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for five of the defendants but no names have been released it's not known if two recently dismissed senior officials linked to mohamed bin so man are among those charged. brazil's president. says he's open to the possibility of the us operating a military base on his country's soil now the move would form a shop shift in direction for brazil's foreign policy. russia's support of neighboring venezuela had significantly ramped up tensions across the region after being sworn in on tuesday he pledged a new direction for brazil and strongly aligned himself with washington john holeman has more now from brazilia. of course from now his president. can begin making good on his election promises he'll face some big challenges. crime is number one more than sixty thousand brazilians were killed in two thousand
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and seventeen alone. giving more people access to guns and police more license to kill you're going. to have ways to defend themselves will honor and respect those who sacrifice their lives for safety. but brazilian officers already killed thousands most of them young black it's being questioned if an even harder line will work. this controversial but just as challenging his boss a noddles aim to curb corruption he's brought in sergio morrow the man in charge of latin america's biggest bribery investigation this is justice minister but it may be tougher than he thinks. it's much more easier terms of electoral narrative than in terms of practice. the government heads they say felt a strong off the president to fight against corruption been assessed. the whole.
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if i jam but also all that stuff and then there's the economy twelve million brazilians are unemployed also not all says that free market economics and small government will ticks. you know did you go to the government once been more than calm seemed to do that but if people really want to balance the books you have to make cuts to brazil's generous pension system it takes up more than half of the federal budget that would be deeply unpopular how far president also not to get some responding to all of those challenges is going to be decided here in brasilia where his party has only about ten of the seats in the houses of congress so he's going to have to negotiate with all those that backed him and that includes x. generals evangelicals group business leaders and the financial sector if you want to get anything done and everyone will want to serve these groups they are really
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willing to to fight each other so i'd say that the challenge is how to put these groups together in how to align expectations so that these groups become part of a government and not fragments. president bill so model run a successful campaign on the air isn't abuses of brazil's left of center governments now it's the time of the man from the right to see if he can do better to join home and i would visit a brasilia. mexico says the u.s. government must investigate why border agents fired tear gas of people trying to cross the border near tijuana women and children were among those near the u.s. selling frontier on tuesday the border agency says and staff were responding to rocks being thrown at them the incident through widespread condemnation with human rights groups calling it an unnecessary use of force. to migrant rescue ships into its waters to take shelter from the storm in the mediterranean e.u.
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countries are still deciding the fate of dozens of people on board forced on their treacherous journey so far. from the desperate conditions of the camps of libya to their. nearly two weeks at sea and a big storm has blown up on the western mediterranean as the storm approached and the crew prepared their passengers for what was coming. we're going to move the five reporting from the off day inside. thirty two people men women and little children are now huddled below deck many a seasick facing several more days of high winds and rough seas. many nationalities are represented here refugees running from libya include ashwell abdullah who has a ready escape to the war in south sudan and you know. i'm here on this boat by the
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grace of god and thanks to the people of the ship life in libya was very difficult people are dying every day you get taken you get put in a room you get tortured every moment you're in libya your heart beats hard you don't know what will happen next. since the rescue more than thirteen days ago the refugees needs have been relayed to governments around europe the netherlands has made an offer to take some of the people on board but only if other nations step forward to. its part of the hard line taken by many european union nations against the arrival of people from libya. italy has refused to allow any ngo rescue ships to land refugees and multi itself has prevented ngo ships from operating out of ports on the island is the right one to. go in to report a safety. situation.
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without hundreds of feet over here. desperate for solution the best that sea watches crew can hope for is that some other. countries step forward to offer these people the chance to claim asylum until then see what has little option but to wait. for something to change car leg al-jazeera of the us has demanded that the democratic republic of congo's election commission released accurate results from sunday's presidential vote earlier the congolese branch of the catholic church said it's knows the outcome based on information from the forty thousand monitors that deployed the church hasn't said which candidate it believes won the election for the ruling coalition of the outgoing president joseph kabila insists it's candidate won the most votes. sudan's president omar al bashir has promised to push through economic reforms as he defies calls from
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protesters and the opposition to step two parties have withdrawn from the governing coalition as antigovernment demonstrations continue but president bashir is refusing to budge morgan reports from the capital khartoum for more than two weeks his opponents have been calling for him to step down but only bashir says he's going nowhere amid a crisis he blames on international sanctions. british. look at we are under siege we face war we have lost our main revenue which was the south's bathroom but we still stand firm we are suffering but we still stand firm and we are working hard to sort out all the problems. the protests in sudan started over the state of the country's economy with people complaining of bradshaw's ages and high prices those complaints then escalated into calls for the president to resign curfews and emergency rule were imposed in some cities with some social media platforms blocked by the government the sudanese authorities say about twenty
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people died in the protests march by police using tear gas and live ammunition to disperse crowds opposition parties say the figure is higher. the image is out there in that we've gathered the figure of about thirty nine killed are mostly says thirty seven but the numbers we have are from our offices in various parts of the country who are working for the protests to continue to the regime is overthrown in recent days more protests have taken place this one in the eastern city of port sudan once again her demands for the government to step down as events are going to bashir has announced measures he says will improve the economy and reduce inflation but his critics are not impressed they say that heard his promises time and time again during his twenty one year in power and they've had enough they've now place to put an end to his rule and while it's not the first time for the president to promise reforms some analysts say the tone use this time indicates the impact of the protests on the government. through one party is now looking for
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alternatives to the tactic of suppression by the security forces and trying to use politics to mobilize more groups to counter the protests i think this is the beginning of a new step the protests will continue long term even if they stop for a few days there. throughout his twenty nine year rule president already bashir hasn't faced demonstrations for this long with no end in sight and as he struggles to appease those protesting it seems he might face them for longer he will morgan al-jazeera cartoon in zimbabwe white farmers who lost everything in a government policy to redistribute land to black people say compensation plans fall far short of what is needed to reports from trickle to skeptical about ever seeing any money from the cash strapped government. ben three says returning to the farm that was seized from his family nine years ago is difficult he's distraught to see the farmhouse in such
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a state and doubt zimbabwe's government will keep its promise to pay fifty three million dollars to compensate former white commercial farmers i believe what is happening is government is. trying to make the right noises in order for the international community to come in behind them and say we are prepared to put money into this but they're not serious about it the compensation is for improvements made to the farms such as dams and tobacco bans but farmers who lost everything say fifty three million is nowhere near enough it's estimated zimbabwe's kastrup government needs at least nine billion dollars to compensate four thousand displaced white farmers government. much needed funding. but. it was. rightfully.
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compensating whites is not popular with some black war veterans who helped force the farmers out there that say much of the good land with the senior officials in the ruling zanu p.f. party just didn't feel it was i don't have lent the moment in. other form the lords of congress we don't have named so far away from us to be considered a steal i mean it's an insult the commercial farmers union says several farms are overgrown with weeds and wild grass on this land the sunflowers maize and mangoes that were once here are long gone this used to be a four bedroom house and this was the kitchen the taps or over there they've been removed people who came here took the tiles and the sink so and whatever bricks they could find the house traced all the way back there that used to be the lounge and the living room for bend free compensation if it happens is not enough he says
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property rights and the rule of law have to be respected otherwise history will keep repeating itself how do we toss al-jazeera to zimbabwe. this is al jazeera these are the top stories the new u.s. house of representatives which is now controlled by the democrats has passed a package of bills to end the partial government shutdown however the republican majority senate is likely to block the legislation the president is refusing to sign off on them because they don't include funding for his border war with mexico earlier the new house speaker nancy pelosi to keep the trump presidency in check and end the stalemate. tropical storm pablo caus made landfall in southern thailand bringing heavy rain and winds to over twelve provinces airports and schools are closed as forecasters are predicting waves up to five meters high hundreds of people have been taken to shelters set up by the government florence louis has more
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now from coast some of. the quiet the storm was initially meant to last post some way but that forecast changed in the last forty eight hours we are still feeling the and hearing the effects of the storm i'm not sure if you can hear behind me but you can the waves are pounding crushing the shore and the stream the powerful much more powerful than normal coming much further inland than usual and the high as high as two to three meters people have been told to stay away from the water a joint investigation by al-jazeera and the intercept turns revealed the u.s. military has stepped up its bombing campaign against isis but softer president trumps decision to withdraw american troops reports say eleven people were killed in u.s. led strikes in northern syria in ice all controlled territory saudi arabia says eleven suspects in the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi have appeared in court for the first time state prosecutors in seeking the death penalty for five of the defendants it's not known if they include two recently dismissed officials
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linked to the saudi crown prince mohammed bin selma egypt is trying to stop the broadcast of an interview that the president. gave to the u.s. t.v. network c.b.s. in the interview with sixty minutes he says the egyptian army is working alongside israel against eisel fights is in north sinai he also denies egypt is holding tens of thousands of political prisoners. two days of un brokered talks between yemeni government officials and who the leaders have ended without agreement the meeting was aimed at finding a way forward on the withdrawal of rival forces from who data but the who's who so reportedly refusing to begin withdrawing until other parts of the peace deal are implemented up next it's one hundred one east see very soon by. the week began with news of a ninety day truce in the to protect u.s. china trade war the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving
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the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on ounces era. it was a dairy free. tens of millions of dollars stolen from bangladesh's central bank via the federal reserve bank of new york and then laundered in the philippines so the money and the thieves then vanished. and steve on this episode a one on one east we investigate one of the biggest bank robberies a modern times and ask how the cyber hackers got away with it.


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