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with exclusive. on the ground to bring you more award winning. live from studio. welcome to the news three of trump versus the democrats. the democrats are in charge of the house. with president from look for a way out. and also the good we look at the.
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trade wars the budget deficits it is leading to the one thing the markets collectively hate. twenty nine and the. prospect of a trial held in saudi arabia. still difficult to find and the egyptian president does an interview with an american television network and then tries to kill. some of the reasons why you can. comment for a government shutdown there are certainly lot of talking going on in washington right now after wednesday's closed door session donald trump and congressional leaders are expected to mayn't i. again at the white house this friday as they try
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to find some sort of resolution to the shop there was a step forward late on thursday night the newly empowered democrats in the u.s. house of representatives they did pass a package of bills to reopen the government until early next month but that measure is likely to hit a wall in the senate president trump threatening to veto it anyway and actually for that very reason senate leader mitch mcconnell is calling it all political theater and a waste of time as we said before fourteen days since both republicans and democrats failed to reach an agreement over donald trump's five billion dollars demand for border wall so i would call it political theater not productive. so i've made it clear of several occasions let me say it again the senate will not take up any proposal that does not have a real chance of passing the schober and getting a presidential signature. what we're asking the pres the republicans in the
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senate to do is to take yes for an answer we have sent are sending them back exactly worshiper word what they have passed so there's something very wrong with this picture it can't possibly be that the president is saying i will never sign but the republicans in the senate have written there something very negative about the role of government meeting the people's needs and doing so in a timely fashion all right here's kimberly how could out the white house to talk to this i call that kimberly round three of trump versus the democrats because it's got that slightly attritional feel to it doesn't it a battle with no end in sight. yeah it's a game of political brinkmanship it's now a question of which side is going to blink first given the fact that the house democrats passed that series of legislation to fund the government at least the
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major agencies until september thirtieth and then the department of homeland security through a stopgap measure this essentially is the pressure now on republicans for their next step so all eyes on the white house that is a meeting that is set to take place in the coming hours not too far from now were both democrats and republicans will be sitting down with the president in the situation room now this is interesting because this is a room we rarely see reporters usually seeing it in photographs only it's kind of a room that would be used to make decisions to deal with this matters of terrorism national security it seems this is deliberately chosen by the white house second time this week in fact to underscore what the u.s. president seems to believe is the major sticking point here that is he needs funding for his while he says because there's a crisis on the southern border with the united states and mexico and given that he feels this is a crisis he believes it's worth keeping the government closed we should point out
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that this is now the fourth longest shutdown in u.s. history if we have this closure for another week and it could surpass the longest government shutdown in u.s. history high start to wonder kimberly how much of it is that truly about the wall in the end or is it as so often was that donald trump about him showing that he doesn't back down that he's strong reaffirming to his base that he's a guy who doesn't back down. certainly that is a major element and that's why we saw i believe the president coming out unexpectedly to the white house briefing room late on thursday because all eyes and all the attention and all the media hype was on nancy pelosi and the opening of congress the fact that there was this imminent passage of these major bills to try and reopen the government the president likes to be in the headlines and so we saw this sort of spur of the moment the first time the president has ever been in the white house briefing room we should add but he didn't take any questions it seemed to be an attempt to try and recapture the story and certainly that's what we expect
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that we will see again in the coming hours in the situation room meeting but it doesn't look like there is any sort of resolution at least not in the short term in fact from the vice president mike pence he said if there's no wall there's no deal it doesn't appear that the republicans at least for now are backing down ok thank you for that kimberly how quick we'll be back with her later on after that series of talks in the situation room right now though we've got political analyst eric hamm with us from washington d.c. also author of the book the g.o.p. civil war i guess what we have here now erick is a battle between very much the two policies based on what kimberly was talking about there do you see any way actually through this. well i think what we could begin to see is brinkmanship within the president's own party remember the bills that were passed in the house just yesterday they did surprisingly get some
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republican support and remember these are bills that the senate the republican led and controlled senate has already passed and so now the question becomes why is it that mitch mcconnell simply is not taking these bills up and remember now we're moving into a very different political environment so you have senators like susan collins cory gardner from colorado who are going to be looking at very tough free elections in twenty twenty and they both have already come out and said that they are anxious to take up legislation and get the government open and so now i think you're going to see if and how much pressure will be put on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to actually bring these bills back to the floor for a vote to try to push the president to reopen the government how would you describe public opinion over all of this it just seems to me that in this situation like this where everyday american people being affected by the winds if you like of the
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president and of the politicians in washington does it's not to turn the tide against them against either republicans or democrats. oh absolutely it does for me right now overwhelmingly many americans are putting the blame of the shutdown on the shoulders of president trump but next week is going to be a very crucial week because that's a week when we are going to see many of these federal employees go without paychecks and so i think at some point when you have many households who are struggling and trying to make ends meet the question is not who is to blame i think the question is why is government not working for me why is government not working for the american people and what about this whole is just about the whole ownership of the shutdown remember donald trump a couple of weeks ago was saying i'll shut down the government on fine but during that it'll be the trump shutdown and he backed down from that pretty quickly and i think he turned it into a hash tag schumer shutdown why is the president back down so much i don't like.
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well i think what the reason for that is because who wants to own a shutdown where you have more than eight hundred thousand american is going without work many of our national parks here in washington d.c. many of the museums are now closed so the smithsonian is not even open right now and so the president simply does not want to own this the markets are now being impacted as a result so i think the president simply didn't understand the impact and the tentacles that a shutdown would have and so what you're seeing is the president trying to as as best he can to get this hot potato off is let the quote the problem now is because the president on video called for this shutdown and own it now he's got to governed by the rush limbaugh and ann coulter feel of the party and if he and if he backs down he has to worry about that that very fragile and diminishing base and will they continue to stand with them as his reelection campaign begins to heat
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up yes of course twenty twenty really not far away is there a template for talking to you thank you not at all so we saw nancy pelosi little bit earlier now the speaker of the house in what is and you've heard a lot about this the most diverse congress the united states has ever seen also the fact that it seems to be many of don't trumps policies and comments in the past that actually gave rise to this congress now before we go into this little further i want to quickly show you it's a good way of understanding this it is an interactive section at al-jazeera dot com who are the new leaders of the american people so you can change all the filters on this see make a selection men women white black hispanic asian of the so when we talk about diverse yes but still look at that initial headline number four hundred of the six hundred twenty four u.s. leaders are white men so that means anyone from cabinet members justice supreme justice members galvin is senate is and house members as well so yes it's diverse but still very much dominated by white men but in this interactive you
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can learn a whole lot more about others for example some of the hispanic women who've come in very high profile. because you know cortez who came in for example there is. some very interesting stories to be told amongst all those people and maybe you can pick this one up because it feels like some of those members of already they found a voice now that they are legislators and they want to hear it right and there's one word in particular that keeps coming up over the past day or so and and it's the fact that several of them are being asked about the prospect of impeachment now before even pounding the speaker's gavel nancy pelosi was asked if she would rule it out and this was her response but we have to wait and see what happens with the moller report we shouldn't be impeached for a political reason and we shouldn't avoid it pietschmann for political reasons and we just have to see how it comes now the newly elected congresswoman rashida to lay but meanwhile was slightly less diplomatic about the prospect of impeachment was
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speaking to her supporters she made history by becoming the first palestinian american woman in congress people love you and you know when your son was home alone if you want billy don't play and maybe don't because we're going to go in there we're going to be some other. so palosi may be choosing her words more carefully but several members of her democratic caucus have moved forward with action and other representatives from her home state of california and one from texas have introduced articles of impeachment congressman brad sherman actually reintroduced these articles that he last submitted in july and in terms of high crimes and misdemeanors he says that obstruction of justice is the clearest the most provable offense that was committed by president trump in his opinion he also says that he filed them again to keep this process moving and to avoid taking a step backward now even with the muller probe there is skepticism about the
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democrats' future plans and whether the investigation will even help them pursue something like impeachment tom fitton is the president of a conservative action group known as judicial watch listen to how he describes the miller investigation. the vehicle for the impeachment fantasies of the democrats they see the mole investigation as a vehicle for pietschmann and i guarantee you the moeller operation sees itself as a vehicle for impeachment for president drop not that i think there's anything to impeach president trump over but this is this is what the game is this is the game of foot here in washington d.c. these days so get in touch with us let us know your thoughts you can connect with us on twitter using the hash tag age and it's great thank you and just a little footnote to all of that impeachment talk actually from the man who would be impeached donald trump tweeted this a bit over an hour ago let's have a look how do you impeach a president who has won perhaps the greatest election of all time done nothing wrong no collusion with russia it was the dems that colluded had the most
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successful first two years of any president and is the most popular republican in party history at ninety three percent he lacks nothing in self-confidence the president of the united states maybe you want to get in touch with us as andrew said the hashtag is a.j. newsgroup not just on twitter though that is a good place to start at a.j. english we are using that twitter handle day you can reply to thread of tweets there remains our producer on duty tonight looking for your comments at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera the live stream up and running as always comment amongst ourselves or directly with us or just use your mobile plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine telegram and whatsapp direct messaging services right to us here in. so this partial u.s. government shutdown it is of course having knock on effect on washington and eric i guess was talking about it was in a one of the issues affecting stock markets as investors worry about the state of not just the u.s. but the global economy the news isn't great in fact just have a quick look at the u.s. debt clock on and there's a lot happening on this board but we're going to go right up to the top corner here
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so you look at that big number the u.s. national debt which is about to tick over twenty two trillion dollars there has been a two trillion dollar increase in the two years that donald trump has been the president well his rob reynolds now with a look at how finances are shaping up at the start of the new year. stock markets swinging wildly. a bruising global trade war and slowing growth worldwide so what's in store for twenty nineteen veteran forecaster locke's mana truth and studies leading economic indicators he says slow downs are part of capitalism upswings and downswings accelerations and d. celebrations are inevitable that's part and parcel of a market oriented economy. but that cyclical slowdown is worsened by policy decisions particularly the trumpet ministrations tariffs on foreign steel aluminum and in
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a ray of goods made in china trump also rattled investors with unprecedented criticism of the federal reserve the nominally independent u.s. central bank it's really been a one two punch cycle slow down first then the trade sanctions trade war rhetoric whatever you want to call it and the question right now is are we ready or what is the next punch going to be in are we are we ready for it. in december general motors said it would close five plants and lay off thousands of workers in part due to soaring steel costs companies large and small are scaling back plans for twenty nineteen. los angeles businessman tommy yep sells toys made in china had a initial thought to start store to next year but that may be back to the drawing board germany sweden italy switzerland russia and other developed countries have
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all had negative growth for at least one quarter and china is clearly in a significant slowdown. as for the us the us is not in imminent risk of a recession but we're continuing to slow in the long. longer we know the sharper the slowdown the closer we get to recession risk. consumer spending is still strong u.s. shoppers want more than eight hundred fifty billion dollars worth of goods in the twenty eight thousand holiday season it's always possible to remain optimistic and hope that policymakers make wise decisions and that the global economy doesn't tip into recession on the other hand the optimist who jumped off the higher state building you know what he said on the way down so far so good. so buckle up twenty nine thousand could be one. robert oulds
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washington just before we took to i guess we can actually do a really quick little snapshot of how things are at this very minute so first of all this is just come out from the bureau of labor statistics the job numbers and the headline is that let's put that right in the middle employment increased by three hundred twelve thousand in december and donald trump has been tweeting about it where he's saying great numbers how is the market reacting shall we have a little look there it is oh see that's how live television works you go to something that's been there for the entire show and it disappears but from what i saw there it looks like the dow is up by about one point nine one percent four hundred points that is the strong reaction on the markets let's put it that way oh i love live television let's try and use skype is adam johnson in new york who is the founder and author of bull's eye brief dot com which is a weekly investment news that is as i'm pointing out there and that the news right
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now is good job numbers are good markets are increase but i mean those markets have been crazy for a little while there's been a lot of folds recently donald trump still tries to talk up and say the markets are never been stronger everything's really really good what's your more dispassionate view of how things are. well i'm on forty eight starts right now so yes by definition i think things are good in fact i think the negativity in markets has just gotten way ahead of reality so my office where i'm standing right now is on the corner of fifty eighth and fifth avenue to out one side of me is the apple store and the plaza hotel to the other side is actually trump tower in tiffany's and i'm right in the thick of things let me tell you there are so many people walking around there spending money you saw the jobs number say that's one of the highest non-farm payroll numbers we've seen in a long time and i just think that the negativity is got where it is of itself and yet apple's profit numbers were down and there was i forget the name right now but it was an advisor an economic advisor to donor trump who was saying is going to be
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a heck of a lot of other u.s. companies reporting lower profits because of for example the trade wars that are going on it's not what you tell me it just doesn't seem like a great environment at the moment. ok so there are a lot of different things going out for us if you just want to talk about apple you know apple's problem by the way it used to be long apple i sold it. and apple's problem is they're charging too much for phones i mean you have competitors in china right now who make great smartphones like while away like even google the android are not and they are literally one quarter to one third the price of an i phone you know middle class in china is considered twelve thousand dollars a year so if you're charging a thousand bucks for an i phone i mean i don't think anybody should be surprised that the chinese are necessarily buying an invention you have that issue about the chinese being very proud that they are chinese and if there is a trade spat with the u.s. you know what they vote with their pocketbooks and they are there so are we right their logo they make it in phone they're going to honor their chinese companies so
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i used to be long a company called young child at the goes wrong and taco bell they were opening one kentucky fried pre-date in china and that they still continue but you don't want to get the chinese are very proud and you know you got to respect that ok so to broaden things out for me if you would if we focused a lot on the u.s. economy there china we have talked about where else in the world are there any potential hurdle the i guess we could say coming up in twenty nineteen i guess briggs it is always something to keep an eye on. oh gosh there are so many hurdles it's why most of my money is here in the u.s. i mean honestly i think your it's a mess that's priced into it there is a difference between the yield that dividend yield you get on stocks in europe versus the yield that you get on their sovereignty and just suffice to say it's the widest it's ever been any stocks are cheap relative to bonds but i'm still not going into europe i think it's really a mess and i think they're struggling breaths and i understand i don't think the
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brits ever wanted to be a part of europe which is why they kept their own currency but again it doesn't make me necessarily want to go there i am larger plan. a couple stocks in china because i think we actually will work this thing through the american delegation is headed to china this weekend and i'm optimistic i know i'm an optimist people tell me i'm too bullish but look at put my money where my mouth is i'm long ali baba because i think it's the amazon of asia and will ultimately be even bigger and one way below the ticker and that is w.b. that's like the twitter of china and unlike twitter here the chinese have figured out how to monetize it so there's some exciting stuff happening in china they lower their. rates for banks that have to put up capital when they loan money that's trying to stimulate their economies but presidents she and trump are both facing some political headwinds domestically they needed deal so i think that's ultimately going to happen that will benefit both countries both economies and the stock
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markets of the country so i guess getting back to your question what do i like the u.s. and believe it or not i'll select china right now i don't think a talking to you happy new year hope it's a good one ok thank you tamara. it's come on but the way of course we have our own global business and economics program here at al-jazeera is counting the cost to host it actually last week taking its own look at twenty nineteen in fact analyst russell jones told me there that the u.s. is heading for a fall was that quote there we go the u.s. is heading for a fall it may not be imminent but it's coming at some stage if you get a full picture of yourself counting the cost that's in the show section at al-jazeera dot com but it's news coming out of the u.s. in the last hour or so the state department announced that secretary of state might on paper will travel to the middle east visiting eight countries in this part of the world let's get the details with rosalynn jordan who's up on capitol hill for us on the news good rosalynn take us through it. welcome all it's not the first
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time that michael pollan has visited some of the countries in the middle east but this is the first time since he became secretary of state in the past year that he will be making a regional tour usually secretaries of state do this in their first year he's getting to this in his second year it's important to note that these stops which include qatar saudi arabia jordan oman the united arab emirates behind as well as a couple of other countries this is really a chance for him to talk about issues and countries and situations that are important to u.s. national security as well as to try to perhaps patch up some of the problems in the region he's certainly going to be engaged in a couple of strategic alliance meetings when kuwait and qatar he's going to be talking about the threat of iran as the united states sees it on most of these
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trips he will be discussing the israeli palestinian peace process and the security situation in gaza when he visits cairo and he's going to be looking at ways of trying to shore up not just the cease fire in yemen but to try to push for ways to conclude click lucidly and that civil war in that country as well as deal with the what seems to be ending civil war in syria as well so a very full plate eight days eight countries not much time for sightseeing but really when you consider all of the issues that are facing the countries in the middle east right now it is perhaps a trip that is might be well advised certainly from of the united states point of view but i would imagine from the point of view of the countries where mike pompei will be visiting as well wowie countries ideas that will be very busy thank you rosalynn jordan in washington. now the un human rights office is set a trial held in saudi arabia into the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi is not
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enough it is calling for an independent investigation court with international involvement on thursday. the media reported eleven suspects that appeared in court for the first time state prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for five of those defendants which the u.n. actually approaches we are not present in saudi arabia to be able to assess these trials so i can't give an assessment of the trials ourselves we as you know have been pressing for justice in the case for months now. and we've been calling for an investigation independent investigation with international involvement and this has not happened yet now while we are aware that a trial has taken place in saudi arabia this is not sufficient first of all and second of all we are against the imposition of the death penalty in all circumstances but more detail now with mike hanna who's in new york actually in
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washington for united nations headquarters in new york so talk us through this one mike not surprising to hear the sort of talk coming from the u.n. human rights office but cooperation from saudi arabia. well there has been a number of calls coming from the united nations for an impartial investigation you heard there the spokesperson for the commission of human rights insisting that they just do not have enough information first of all about that legal process in riyadh and secondly it's impossible to guarantee the impartiality of such a process the sentiment echoed by a number of human rights organizations who join the un in calling for some kind of independent international mechanism to investigate the murder of jamal khashoggi but one must point out that the un they're calling for an independent investigation and yet it is resisting at this stage launching an investigation itself in international law very clearly any legislative body off the u.n.
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the security council or the general assembly could call on the secretary general to give a mandate to launch such an independent investigation but within the u.n. it appears they are waiting for one of the member nations to bring that request to the security council or the general assembly that requires one of the interested parties to or saudi arabia now clearly such a request is unlikely to come from saudi arabia. would have expected it to come from turkey and turkey has been calling for an independent international investigation and yet it has not brought that request to the united nations now why doesn't the u.n. take action by itself clearly it's looking for some kind of political cover in what is a highly sensitive situation so once again these calls for an independent international investigation the u.n. waiting for one of the interested parties to come to it to give the secretary-general a mandate to set up an international commission that has not happened yet meanwhile
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human rights bodies the u.n. itself continues to cause doubts on that process underway in riyadh mike hanna in new york at the u.n. headquarters thank you. going to the break in a moment i just had a comment here on twitter hash tag o.j. news good from radio has made a point about the jobs numbers that we showed you earlier three hundred sixteen thousand plus new jobs created in the united states in december which don't transfer excited about riggers point is that how many of those were just temporary christmas jobs i predict most of them that's him predict the most a med is a good point is that you always a big time at the end of the year when retailers need those extra stuff and they would be an uptick in number of jobs so we'd have to see what if there is a change in the january numbers which will say in a month's time your comments your questions hash tag a j. script and if you with us on facebook live welcome we've got an extra story for you now about how people are being affected by the u.s. government shutdown and then later does race matter as hundreds of pharmacies
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across the united states close look at the trend what's being done to help those in . hello again and welcome back well here across the western part of levant we see are pretty pretty much some very heavy rain and showers over the next few days as these storm systems are coming out of the mediterranean so look at your forecast map here on saturday plenty of snow across turkey down through syria we are going to expect to see an increase of rain as we go from saturday as well as into sunday temperatures are going to be dropping as well so for aleppo nine degrees there beirut a rainy day for you with a temperature of about fourteen degrees and also some clouds in the forecast for baghdad at about eighteen degrees there well that same weather system is also going to bring some cloudy conditions across parts of the arabian peninsula particularly up here towards the north not looking too bad here on saturday but as we go towards
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sunday we are going to be seeing an increase of clouds across much of that area we could be seeing an embedded rain shower but it's not going to be too heavy at times over here towards doha twenty four degrees for you there but down towards the lala it is going to be a nice date hot temperatures into the high twenty's and then very quickly as we make our way down here toward the southern part of africa a lot of clouds and rain particular up here towards the north we're going to be seeing durban with a rainy day for you at about twenty seven degrees and then as we go towards sunday the rain continues and also makes its way up towards johannesburg with attempt a few of about twenty seven degrees there. and one term begins right now count but it does not in there no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein this is a regime that has something to how are they had to carry a significant propaganda machine and guess what not one w m d shite boys found
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in iraq since the one nine hundred ninety one iraq a deadly deception on al-jazeera. rewind returns a can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brian new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries they has been a number of the films since the program was filmed begins with mohammed at the gym when i was in. i was the floods and the. like and the other student i was very fortunate to be awarded a scholarship rewind on al-jazeera. the
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headlines from around to zero don't and what's trending as well. variety of stories their rights they've seen so much about. donald trump shuts down the lights but certainly more news that coming out of thailand is topless from public arrives. and china's huawei who i guess he's speaking about
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earlier punishing employees for an i phone tweet blunder have a look for yourself al-jazeera dot com. police in sudan a fired tear gas to disperse anti-government demonstrators who gathered again after friday prayers protesters want president omar al bashir to step down there is so much anger about the rising food prices by government corruption and remember at least one thousand people have died since this unrest started last month the latest now with him morgan who is in turn for us ever talk us through what's happened today. well come on people called out people called our four demonstrations a day after the friday prayers and that's exactly what happened we've seen dozens and dozens of people from various neighborhoods in hot women that's been sitting on them and they came out i was after their pride in paris protesting demanding that the government step down and hand over the the rule to an interim government now that's run but also to three weeks ago with the rising price of the saddle and the fate of a commie but then he quickly escalated to people demanding that the government that
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will step down and hand over power to interim government and to elections are held the emmis international said at least thirty seven people have been killed the opposition says at least forty but the government is saying nineteen so there's a dispute in the figures of the number of people who've been killed we do know is that people have died in the protests people have been arrested and people have been injured the president on what is assured that he's not going to step down he has offered measures to try to improve economy with people have been saying that they've heard these farms that over and over again during his twenty one year rule so they don't have any confidence in all these measures that he says he's going to try to introduce improve the economy and so that has been the sit across for for the past three weeks people have been very defiant they've been very determined to go out and make sure that people know that they don't want the government to continue to stay in power and the president is in very defiant as well he said he's going to continue until elections are held in twenty twenty so there's doesn't seem to be any kind of solution so far oppositions of come out also against the government voicing their their support to those people who have been demonstrating they say that these people have legitimate reasons so right now the density seems
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to be at a crossroads and president bush who has never had to face something like this his face for the before yes but this is the first time where people have been protesting against him demanding that he step down for three weeks now thank you have a morgan for that update from code to him. now as a t.v. network when you land an interview with the president of a country it's generally a pretty big deal you want to get that interview on air sooner rather than later and so it was when the egyptian president at the thought that the c.c. sat down with c.b.s.'s sixty minutes program in the united states so far so normal and then what happened well before that interview even airs this weekend the egyptian embassy in the united states has tried to pull it all c.b.s. denied the request and even started promoting the interview online as the interview that egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi didn't want you to see sisi says the egyptian army is working alongside israel to fight against groups in the north of
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the sinai he also denies that egypt is holding tens of thousands of political prisoners. so when we don't have a political prisoners and or prisoners of opinion we are trying to stand against extremists were imposed their ideology on the people the now they are subject to a very dry only one hundred may take years but we have to follow the law and condemned it would have come to have never mr president the organization human rights watch says that there were sixty thousand political prisoners that you're holding today as we said here i want to show but i didn't need i don't know where they got that figure in but i said there are no political prisoners in egypt and lebanon says that whenever there is a minority trying to impose their extremist ideology we have to intervene regardless of their numbers might look at how they're doing now despite cc's denial rights groups say that egypt's prisons are filled with political dissidents human rights watch says political prisoners are routinely subjected to torture and even rape while in detention the group also says hundreds of civilians are being sent to
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military trials for political dissent and egypt's most notable political prisoner of course is the former president mohamed morsy who was overthrown by sisi and twenty thirteen in a military coup also of course for more than two years al jazeera journalist mohammed hussein has been detained in egypt arrested while on holiday in cairo and accused of spreading false news but he's never formally been charged hussein's imprisonment has repeatedly been extended despite international calls for his release. now the egyptian government's request comes after another u.s. based company netflix caved to pressure by saudi arabia to remove content that it didn't like something that we have covered over the past few days here on the grid now netflix removed an episode of the patriot act which criticized crown prince mohammed bin salma so steven cook from the council of foreign relations imagine the egyptians thinking hey it worked for the saudis and netflix why not us and c.b.s.
6:39 pm
that interview will air on sunday in the meantime you can let us know what you think about these efforts to have it suppressed the hash tag as always is a genius good think you're under looking forward to seeing that one we're going to look now at some of the stories making news around the world and tropical storm is battering southern thailand after making landfall on friday one fisherman's been killed another is missing after their boat capsized and on the popular tourist on and of course summary ferries and flights have all been suspended from their florence though he has this report. tropical storm public unleashes its future uncertain tide and meteorologists say the timing is unusual as it's well outside of the monsoon season public made landfall in the province of no concerts on friday hours earlier than expected the government issued a maximum alert warning for the area officials had given orders days ago to start releasing water from some reservoirs in the southern provinces to lower the levels
6:40 pm
and reduce the potential for flash floods thousands of people living in low lying coastal villages have been moved to higher ground. schools are shut with some buildings turned into emergency shelters the oil and gas industry has also been affected more than two thousand workers have been evacuated from offshore rigs on coast an island north of. the boat ferries and flights have been suspended yesterday we went back from the morning. because me and to come back from. today. yesterday afternoon power supplies have been disrupted in some areas the eye of the storm was initially forecast to pass through coast that it's changed but we're still feeling the effects of tropical storm it hasn't stopped raining and the waves
6:41 pm
are much stronger than usual and people have been told to stay out of the water. the storm is losing strength as it crosses southern thailand and heads into the on demand sea but the amount of rain it dumps in the region still means that a threat of severe flooding florence louis al-jazeera. now a joint investigation by al jazeera and the intercept has revealed the u.s. military has been stepping up its bombing campaign against iceland syria this is after of course president obama trump decided to withdraw american troops reports say eleven people were killed in u.s. led strikes in northern syria in ice will control territory also dozens of people have been killed in days of fighting between rival groups in the north of syria mohamad a dog who has more on that from on the turkey syria border. the fighting is still going on in the aleppo contra side with some of the fighting
6:42 pm
spinning over into it in the province which is one of the last remaining strongholds of positions from holes in syria turkish allied rebels and the mole for saying that they'll send reinforcements to the. to the other side over level countryside to help the other allied rebels who have been fighting the al qaida. allied rebels who say to be making some progress they have taken the strategic tom all that and is a. few villages around it so. that enforcement of the scent of course part of paul's style guide and activist. rebels cutting out some pretty to fighting and some sort of strikes against the tuckers allies feeling that they would be cutting out an offensive against them once turkey gets to the toss of.
6:43 pm
launching the offensive that it is planning for the city of mumbai there's been an uptick in the number of aerial bombardments the u.s. led coalition has been cutting out against places which are believed to be a hideouts for i still remnants of the fighters have largely been hiding according to officials in villages on the banks of the river euphrates we've got a couple of really interesting medical stories for you now first in the united states where more and more in a cities are becoming what health care experts call pharmacy deserts this is where lowering com minority neighborhoods are left without a local drugstore john hendren went to find out how it's impacting people in chicago. for miles around every pharmacy has abandoned rita johnson's neighborhood on a summer day i really could walk to the one that wasn't too far from here and.
6:44 pm
they close within months of one another. to find the medication she takes for cancer in a recent spinal surgery she now makes a winding five mile trek on public transportation some of her neighbors have neither the patience nor the money to make it. welcome to the pharmacy desert the place in major american cities where garbage strewn like urban tumbleweeds before what used to be corner drug stores it's a growing phenomenon in poor minority neighborhoods across the united states it racially motivated to me because they mainly. black and latino communities it is in neighborhoods like these that the u.s. opioid epidemic is at its worst addicks suffering opioid overdoses are often left without access to the lifesaving drug narking this man survived because these police officers were nearby with a ready dose you may have
6:45 pm
a child that's on so what if that child does not have a local pharmacy in their area and they can't get that rescue inhaler. patient in the emergency room or the outcome may be worse. chicago's cook county hospital system has tried to fill the gaps with mail order pharmacy but mail order doesn't provide the counseling in-store health clinics flu shots and other services local drugstores offer pharmacy professor demon to says for pharmacies it's simply a business decision to leave areas where more of their clientele used government insurance if an area is not profitable they just. like any other business when you think about reimbursement rates for pharmacies with public versus private insurance it's much lower cities are increasingly becoming a land of drugstore haves and have nots while there are pharmacy deserts on chicago's south and west sides the affluent north side is a pharmacy with
6:46 pm
a drug store on one side directly across the street from another. rini to johnson in her neighbors are left hoping the longer distance they have to travel doesn't mean the difference between life and death john hendren al jazeera chicago to latin america now where there's still outrage over the coming second term of venezuelan president nicolas maduro he was of course reelected last may and will be sworn in next week but more than a dozen latin american foreign ministers amoun meeting to discuss their diplomatic ties with venezuela they called the lima group of nations that also includes canada and has already rejected the legitimacy of manure as election under his leadership the oil rich countries economies tanked prompted thousands of people struggling with all that hardship to leave venezuela for neighboring countries so let's talk to her a stripper about the season bogota director said arc which specializes in conflict analysis research how influential is this lima group how much pressure do you think
6:47 pm
they can collectively put on the. they can do a lot they can do a lot for that for a regime change in venezuela for shifting the policies of the venezuelan government but it they can also do a lot for the lives of ordinary people for the millions of migrants that have come out of an israel lang recent years especially to the rest of latin american countries how much can they do to help the people of venezuela because you know politics aside it is their suffering which is really the headline here. well a lot of finalists and commentators make a lot of the. changes in terms of diplomatic relations several government members even have spoken about the need to break up diplomatic relations between
6:48 pm
the latin american countries and venezuela but i do believe that sanctions especially is marred to economic sanctions can make a lot in terms of providing vital necessary items like for example medicines and healthcare and even food stuff for the life of venezuelan people inside venezuela but also they can do a lot i mean says in coordinating efforts towards relieving for humanitarian reasons and attending the needs of the millions of migrants that are now in the all the countries in the latin american region and does find this way that we're focusing so much on all the negative it does venezuela have friends in the region who are its most important allies that the moment that is critical one has to remember that the recent inauguration of the new mexican. and that is one. brought inside the.
6:49 pm
group an ally of france in modo he was invited to the integration of undress manuel lopez or whatever and i do believe that we are going to be witness to the clash between these new support the model and they newly inaugurated government of the now doing brasil who will oppose any sanction against or move against the government of motherhood. pleasure talking to you thank you. by controversy.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
if you destroy sport knowledge ways you do something like this to happen given all the diplomatic crisis in the region indeed come all ages biggest football tournament the asian cup begins on saturday in the united arab emirates and even before a ball has been cake there's been some controversy a top story football official had his entry into the u.a.e. delayed. the who's also a vice president of the asian football confederation wasn't allowed to take his flight from oman to the u.a.e. but the katter football association has now confirmed all mohammed the is in the country cats are is still under a blockade imposed by the u.a.e.
6:52 pm
saudi arabia bahrain and egypt earlier we spoke to inside world football he believes the u.a.e. would be making a big mistake if it allowed broader political disputes to impact the tournaments. this has been solved pretty quickly fortunately the organizers are but this guy wasn't. just any old official i mean you know seldom had a manatee. is not only the the organizing. director of the competition but he's also an a.f.c. vice president which only increases the embarrassment as far as the organizers are concerned because it's asia's showpiece international tournament so of course it's embarrassing of course if it doesn't all go well for the tournament as a whole does fairly important that the usa put on a good show at this event it's asia's trying to limit its at the same time of year
6:53 pm
as the world cup will be it's roughly the same temperature as the world cup will be in qatar and all eyes are going to be on asian football in all things asia as far as this is concerned over the next four years so it is very important that they get things right of course this tournament is been expanded to twenty four teams sixteen to twenty four teams just as the world cup. possibly in twenty twenty two will be expanded from the thirty two to forty eight teams but you know this idea of sharing has got issues it's got problems number one who are could talk at the sherry if extend their neighbors then we're fully aware as all of us are of the geopolitical tensions in the area who else could they share with if not saudi arabia if not the year eight well possibly they could share with omar and maybe even turkey but that's really a long shot i cannot stand for and be
6:54 pm
a king is that alan trying is quite lehner didn't get the welcome he wanted when the raptors played san antonio and there is a bad it was a welcome thing god and his spurs fans believe. he deserved. the raptors player was doing heavily from the moment he stepped onto the court in san antonio leonard who pushed his way out of the spurs in an off season trade deal was jeered every time you touch the ball but it was demar de rosen who was yielded by sam i'm telling you in that trade deal that led the spurs to victory and even though leonard didn't get and the love from the fans he did from his former coach gregg popovich. always got pretty nasty on social media as well this video people calling why trader getting a lot of traction and let us. let us know what you think you can tweet me directly
6:55 pm
at underscore is small we'll be back with more at eight hundred g.m.t. for now back to come all who think you for that far find the five thousand year old boardgame so still a bit of sport i guess that is in danger of being forgotten it's cool down traditional game similar to checkers pop there on the world the iraqi version though is struggling to survive in this digital era as a man can tell that's not the simplicity of down a fails to get the attention of the youth who growing up with video games. shaykh is in his seventy's but he is a champion in the streets of appeal the defacto capital of the kurdish region of northern iraq he's playing a game that's five thousand years old people here consider him to be the undefeated king of this ancient strategy game. that i learned how to play the game when i was only thirteen my father and grandfather used to take me to watch dhamma playing as part of st tony my fascination grew day by day to the game and i've become
6:56 pm
a professional player now they sold a as you can see the game is only played by older generation and the younger ones have different to the player with. diseases and the only one who tries to keep the game alive as homage to this land is ancient past from the time before iraq even existed. mahmood a below is a historian who loves the game because it's easy to learn but to master. the. dharma is a game that requires training of the mind patience and strategy which only the senior citizens possess nowadays in order to play such a board game while the younger generations are more occupied with social media platforms the game is now merely played by the old as opposed to the young as they consider it a folkloric an archaic game. while social media is popular gaming is also popular across iraq in cafes like this it's no surprise that games like dying out from the competition is this online video games there are
6:57 pm
a multiplayer that you can play against anybody in the world with an internet connection but for most of the youth they've either never heard of or it's a game that they barely remember. but isn't that the game my grandfather used to play i don't remember it we live in a different era we play online. although the game of dharma may be dying out and isn't as popular as before the social aspect of gaming remains whether it's computer games or board games people will always gather to spend some time socially and play games in that respect things really haven't changed over the last five thousand years. which is a fact that. coming up to the top of the on sixteen hundred hours g.m.t. in half an hour's time nancy pelosi speaker of the house will be meeting donald trump in the situation room at the white house waiting to see what comes out of that if they will be any sort of resolution to the government shutdown will of course have that all when it happens not expecting to see anything from inside the
6:58 pm
situation room of course a very secretive part of the white house in the meantime if want to get in touch with us you know how to do it hash tag twitter facebook and what's that and we'll see you back here studio fourteen fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow saturday. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognize water resume and right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very. water privatization on anybody is the only. people who see ever to do something to invest the profit of
6:59 pm
they want. to the last drop on al-jazeera. resort is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an ancient tradition with child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was married for money just a few weeks ago joan leaves with some missionaries who says she's proved many marriages happen i couldn't reach it is a missionary or rescues goals their money goes to buy it get outrightly i'm no call i need. one big truck you gil before she's born there what if it takes fourteen years your money that brought us constant good will get money away. short films of the home and inspiration.
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stories of three young women challenging the world around. al-jazeera selects. president truong prepares to meet congressional leaders with the u.s. shutdown about trying to its third week and democrats insisting they won't back his border will. follow i maryam namazie in london with al jazeera also coming up on the program. we as you know have been pressing for justice in the shoji case for months.


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