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and obviously having a big impact on the stock market today and i do want people to remember that we've had a tremendous success despite the fact that i'm in the midst of negotiating incredible trade deals for a country that should have been negotiated many years ago by both parties to be honest but many years ago. we are doing very well in a negotiation with china we pretty much concluded our negotiation with canada with mexico we have done the deal and signed a deal with south korea which a lot of people said was not going to happen would be impossible it's a good deal it was a horrible deal it's a good deal i think a lot of this has to do with the fact though that already companies are moving back into our country that have left our country in some cases in some cases they're moving back because they want to be here but in many cases these are or mobile companies that have left and gone to other countries and now they're coming back to the united states so it's nice to see one of the things that so beautiful to watch
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is three point two percent wage growth that hasn't happened in so long for a country that's an incredible thing that means people are actually getting more money taking home more money and that's something that's really nice to see you have a lot of you have been following me when we were on a thing called a campaign it was an exciting campaign the great campaign and i used to talk about wages going down not going up but going down for years one thousand years and now they just went up three point two percent and yet there's no inflation because other things are going down like the price of your gasoline at the tank it's low and that doesn't happen by luck i work hard on that that's like a tax cut for people. so
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a lot of good things are happening labor participation rate increased to sixty three point one that's an incredible number also so i just wanted to bring that out the economy is very good and remember from the time of my election the stock market's gone up very close to thirty percent and that's with all of the things that are happening and there are a lot of things happening we have a massive trade negotiation going on with china president she's very much involved so my we're dealing at the highest levels that we're doing very well where we're doing very well in the meantime we've taken in billions and billions of dollars in tariffs or i'm china and from others are still industries come roaring back and that makes me very happy i think will have to build a steel wall as opposed to a concrete wall because we have steel companies again the something awfully nice about that segment so we had
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a productive meeting today with speaker pelosi and senator schumer i thought it was really a very very good meeting we're all on the same path in terms of wanting to get the government open. we're going to be meeting i've designated a group and we're going to be meeting over the weekend that group to determine what we're going to do about the border. really i want to thank a lot of the border patrol people in nice people who came up yesterday they had a tremendous impact on i think a lot of democrats frankly but a lot of people because they were able to lay out exactly what the problem is and one of the problems described to me as an example your ports of entry we're going to agree with. chuck in nancy and steady and dick durbin was there we're going to agree that and we want to. make the points
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a bigger more powerful able to handle more traffic have very very powerful drug equipment there so they make very good stuff now we don't have it because of budgets and other reasons but we're going to make our ports of entry very powerful very strong we're going to have the best drug finding equipment anywhere in the world they make it much better today than they made it even two years ago and i explained to him the problem is that we can have a wonderful port of entry but you have two thousand miles of border between the united states and mexico and if you take a look and you see like we do through certain technology including cameras in airplanes not just drones you'll see vast numbers of vehicles driving through the desert and entering we you don't have a very powerful fence or a wall that happened this week where
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a wonderful young police officer spoke to his wife yesterday where he was shot viciously shot for simply stopping a person that came over the border illegally that shot killed and took the most beautiful picture just hours before christmas picture we don't want that happening but i was explained to and i explained to people because it's really common sense so you have ports of entry we have great security at the ports of entry and then you may have fencing or walls up and down left and right east and west but they stop. because we don't have proper border security these people have vehicles and they drive to the right they're not going through well we have great border patrol officers and i saw officers and military i tell you the military has
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done a fantastic job they don't stop they go right to the easiest part and the weakest part sometimes out in desert but you have miles and miles and miles of unprotected area and you can see where they drive over you even have people walk in that truck and that's a very dangerous trek and they bring children or even worse they use children you know children are the biggest. beneficiaries of what we want to do children are hurt more than anybody else these coyotes what they do with children all because we have open borders because i think they can get away with it they don't come in through the port where we have a lot of protection they come in through empty areas vast spaces empty areas just like this terrible person came in when he. officer saying they come in through these vast open areas you don't even have
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a sign saying mexico us is no sign designating you have just entered the united states just open space and i explained that to the meeting today with nancy pelosi chuck schumer and a lot of other people at the meeting and i said one of the things that happens there is human traffickers maybe that's the worst of all where you'll have traffickers having three and four women with tape in their mouths and tied up sitting in the back of a van or a car and they'll drive that van or the car not through a port of entry where we have very talented people that look for every little. morsel of drugs or even people or whatever they're looking for that got to go there if they get off the road and they drive out into the desert and they come and they make a left turn usually it's a left not a right most of them come out because in san diego and in areas of california we
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just finished brand new waltz beautiful walls steel walls and they wanted him badly they were asking us that's why we did it there i said let's not do it in california california always complains through their great governors they're always complaining i said let's not do it let the governor ask us but we did it anyway because they really needed it they were haven't tremendous problems so we built a brand new wall in san diego and it's working really well you should go and look at it it's amazing it's incredible how well it works but these coyote's and these human traffickers they make a right turn before they get to the port of entry they go as far as the wall is or as far as the barricade is and then they make a left welcome to the united states and what they do with usually the women sometimes children that they're trafficking in with and in
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you don't want to know about so the only way you're going to stop that is by having a solid steel structure or concrete structure where there is so wall or some form of very powerful still now the steel is actually more expensive than the concrete but i think we're probably talking about steel because i really feel the other side feels better about it and i can understand what they're saying it is more expensive. we mentioned the price that we won five point six billion dollars very strongly because numbers are thrown around one point six two point one two point five this is national security we're talking about we're not talking about games we're talking about national security to should have been done by all of the president said preceded me and they all know it some of them of told me that we should have done it so we're not playing games we have to do it and just
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remember human traffickers remember drugs the drugs are pouring into this country they don't go through the ports of entry when they do they sometimes get court when we finish and the democrats do want this they want ports of entry strengthened and i want to do that to fact we have it down it's about four hundred million dollars and we could have the best equipment in the world now it's they'll do if we have the protection and we have strong ports of entry with this incredible drug finding equipment i don't know what they're going to do because in that come in in through past the steel gates or the steel walls or the concrete walls depending on what's happening because we are meeting this weekend we have a group i've set up a group they are going to tell us who their group of experts and probably
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people in the senate and congressmen and women are going to come and we have three i said give us three then i said you know what send over nine or six or three to doesn't matter sent over. but it's common sense so now when they make that turn they make it and now all of a sudden they can't go any further. and they have to go back and that's going to stop the caravans for two reasons number one they're not going to be able to get through but when they realize they can't get through what's going to happen they're not going to form in the not going to try and come up and they can apply for asylum and they can most importantly they can apply for citizenship because the companies that i told you that created these great job numbers there are incredible job numbers beyond anybody's expectations i don't think there was one wall street genius of which i know many of them but they're not geniuses there's not one
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that predicted anywhere close to these job numbers i thought they were going to be good but there wasn't one that i saw so now we have everything so beautifully handled we need to have however we need border security and all of the security if we do what i think what the democrats want all of the border things that will be building will be done right here in the good old usa by the steel companies that were practically out of business when i came into office as president and now they're thriving you call up the heads of u.s. steel and i could name ten companies you look at what's going on in the steel industry it's almost a miracle there was a dead industry we need steel for defense we need steel for a lot of things still in aluminum. but those industries were in deep trouble the
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steel industry was almost dead and now it's a very vibrant vibrant industry so what i'm going to do is ask first of all mike pence vice president to say a couple of words because mike is we put together a team of people that will work over the weekend and they'll be negotiating on the border on the look on different things having to do with border security including at the ports of entry and i think they're going to be very successful because i found the democrats really want to do something so we're at five point six if you look at it five point six billion dollars but we are able to also in addition to that because what we want to do has to be done properly and we're negotiating very tough price is very very tough because you heard much higher numbers those higher numbers were very much a misnomer you're twenty and twenty five billion and dhaka what happened is when
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a judge incredibly because it was an incredibly i will say wrong decision in fact where president obama when he signed the docket with the executive order made a statement to the effect this isn't going to work. and some judge from the ninth circuit here we go again upheld it and then it was upheld by the ninth circuit a pallet and now it's going before the united states supreme court and hopefully that will be properly adjudicated because if it is. the talks will begin on larger immigration matters having to do with dhaka having to do with other things so that is taking place we may add a few things on to our discussions over the weekend but i'm going to ask mike pence and then i'll have leader mccarthy say a few words and we'll take a couple of questions but we're very proud of the jobs in the job numbers that was
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incredible and i think i'll be even more proud if we could have great border security for the first time in really the history of our country the southern border is a dangerous horrible disaster we've done a great job but you can't really do the kind of job we have to do on less you have a major powerful barrier and that's what we're going to have to have so first we start with mike pence and. all right so we've just been listening to president trump speaking there at the white house taking credit for a strong jobs report today he was very keen to emphasize that this after a fair bit of turbulence in global markets and fears of an economic downturn president really playing up today's u.s. jobs report but the problem is that he is still grappling with the democrats who
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are more powerful in congress after their takeover of the house of representatives saying today that a meeting he had with them was productive but very appears to be no breakthrough a battle of wills goes on with the president refusing to sign off on any legislation that does not include funding for his border wall kimberly how kit is in washington and she is across all of these developments and so really we know how much president trump has about what the markets are doing and after the losses in recent weeks he was really keen to take credit for today's jobs report but on the border wall he reiterated his position does it look as though we are heading for a serious and lengthy shutdown. it does because what we have here are two very different characterize ations of the same
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meeting prior to donald trump speaking as we heard just moments ago we heard from the top democrat in the senate the top democrat the house of representatives chuck schumer nancy pelosi respectively as they characterize the meeting as being one where there is still ongoing discussion but the priority now is not border security but reopening the government and then talking about border security the president saying that this is certainly important but border security is his main goal in fact chuck schumer saying that in fact during their meeting the president said he was willing to keep the partial government shutdown of some eight hundred thousand federal workers off the job indefinitely the quote was months if not years so certainly the perspectives very different now perhaps for those eight hundred thousand federal workers who are wondering what's going to happen next or sitting without a paycheck they may see a glimmer of hope in the fact that donald trump has announced that there seems to
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be some sort of working group that has been created with experts from both sides working over the weekend to try and come to some sort of agreement on border security which is the main sticking point so certainly that could offer some sort of hope but in terms of the larger question does it look like this is over quickly the answer is no because certainly there are very different characterizations of what was discussed in that meeting that's not voting very well for a resolution indeed it is and we've heard president trump that trying to put a positive spin on it haven't we but let's just get a sense of the divide the gulf that remains between president trump and leading democrats this is what we heard from nancy pelosi and chuck schumer a bit. we told the president we needed the government open he resisted in fact he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time months or even years. the discussion then just that we
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discussed a bunch of issues as the leader said that was somewhat contentious and will continue discussing of course but. it's very hard to see how progress will be made unless they open up the government we really cannot resolve this until we open up government and we made that very clear to the president services are being withheld from the american people paychecks are being held with help from people who serve the needs of the american people and our border security will suffer if we do not resolve this issue we are committed to keeping our borders safe. that has always been our principle to honor the oath of office that we take to protect and defend our country and our constitution. we can do that best government is open we've made that clear to the president. just staring can't
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believe i'm nancy pelosi describing the effects of this government shutdown with hundreds of thousands of people many thousands of people not being able to access their salaries and and so on and of course you know the democrats was prided themselves on being the anti shutdown policy is that position sustainable and. well it is for the short term for the long term you know but with each day that the government remains shut down this only compounds the pain for the ordinary american worker and the american voter so both sides have a lot to lose with each passing day already this is the fourth longest shutdown in u.s. history in another week it will start to take over in the longest government shutdown in u.s. history i think it's important to note and i was a little confused other than the sort of the obvious trying to recapture the narrative why donald trump was talking about renegotiating trade deals at the start
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of this press conference when the issue is a partial government shutdown i think what he was trying to say somewhat in artfully is look at when i came into the office a lot of people didn't expect that i could accomplish a renegotiating nafta that i could overcome the challenge of the trade imbalance with china that both sides for years have agreed on capitol hill is a problem so he's pointing out you don't have a lot of faith in me right now that i'm going to get this border wall but look at what i already accomplished private trying to provide a little bit of hope to those american workers that perhaps are without a job at the moment the problems that donald trump outlined nobody disagrees on certainly yes the southern border we should point out the northern border of canada very porous and some sections many people have taken advantage of that and have jumped the line if you will jumping ahead of those that are trying to immigrate to the united states legally and there are some horror stories i've covered them myself there are women who are sexually assaulted there are horrific stories of
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human trafficking that occur those no one disputes that that's the problem the dispute comes in how to solve it nancy pelosi has been very clear she says look there's going to be no wall that's not consistent with american values there are other ways to do border security whether it's drones whether it's monitoring on the ground. donald trump is of the belief that there needs to be a firm structure you heard him there now talking about using steel to help continue to create jobs that this is the way he wants a constructed so the issue is not really in dispute the solution is now we know we have this working group coming together over the weekend but again the two sides are very far apart it's hard to see how this can be resolved in the short term and that is bad for the ordinary american and ultimately bad in a sense for both parties of both parties are seen as taking ownership of this it could hurt both sides politically at the moment it appears that could hurt republicans more than democrats but these things can change back and forth
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depending on the day that's right so the media plan right now is for their. feet each side to designate staf to have talks this weekend and just we can see some comments here from senate the leading republican in the u.s. senate mitch mcconnell saying we'll see if they can reach an agreement and punt it back to us for a final sign off he doesn't want to get too involved. he doesn't want to get too involved because he doesn't want to waste time debating something the president is never going to sign the way it works in the united states for something to become law it has to pass in both chambers the senate and the house it doesn't matter what order but then it has to be signed by the president so what we saw late on thursday evening when democrats took control of the house was what mitch mcconnell has sort of referred to as a largely symbolic action passing two pieces of legislation to attempt to reopen the government but knowing as they passed this the donald trump it already said he
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would never sign it so in some respects it was theater in some respects it was an attempt to try and reopen the government but. rather mr mcconnell the top republican in the senate saying we're not going to even debate and vote on legislation we already know the president won't sign if you want us to debate something you need to pass something in the house of representatives that we know the president will sign we will then pass it so there's a lot of back and forth that politically political football if you will where it stands right now though is that it's going to have to come from congress congress makes the laws the president signs them into laws still it's piers that our congressional leaders here in the united states are very far apart in terms of trying to achieve that we're actually just stay hearing some more from president trump he's taking some questions that since then put them in a position where they have to justify anything to a lot of the people that they have to make happy we want to save lives we want
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children to be safe the children are being decimated and i'm not talking about necessarily children in our country i'm talking about wonderful children that are coming up from other places whether it's honduras or guatemala or el salvador or mexico or other places and we have to take care of those children also we can't let them die in the way you know what's happening to women. on those caravans you're not talking about it but it's horrible what's happening if they know it's not going to take place because they can't get through because we have a great border wall or fence or barrier they're not going to come up and you're not going to have the problem at the same time they can apply to come into our country illegally like so many people have done and we need people major we have to have people because we have all these companies coming in we need great people but we
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want them to come in on a merit basis and they have to come in and i'm a basis they can't come in the way they've been coming in for years i get calls from the great tech companies and this saying we don't allow people at the top of their class at the best schools in the country we don't allow them to stay in our country so they end up going back to china and japan and so many other countries all over the world and we don't keep them they get educated at our finest schools and then we don't allow him through a various set of circumstances to have any guarantees of staying so even listening that president trump in washington spoke a little bit about the economy we know that he watches the markets very closely and it was a positive jobs report out of the united states today and that's dispelling fears perhaps of an economic downturn in two thousand and nineteen but really the big story here is that his meeting with the leading democrats at the white house has
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failed to produce any solution no agreement on reopening the government. well in other developments us secretary of state my own bio's to seek an update on saudi arabia's investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi next week during a trip to riyadh was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul in october . said there was no direct evidence connecting saudi the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmon to the murder of seven day middle east will also include visits to the u.a.e. egypt and cattle the announcement of his trip came a saudi arabia held its first hearing on casualties case with the death penalty being sought for five of the eleven suspects but the trial has already been criticized by the u.n. human rights office describing it as not sufficient mike hanna has more now from the united nations in new york. well the un making very clear that a once and independent international investigation into the murder of jamal
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khashoggi a spokesperson for the high commissioner for human rights insisting that it's impossible to adjudicate on the partiality of the process underway in riyadh the trial there of the leaven the suspects in the murder beginning this week the spokes person had this to say we are not present in saudi arabia to be able to assess these trials and we can't give an assessment of the trials ourselves we as you know have been pressing for justice in the case for months now. and we've been calling for an investigation independent investigation with international involvement and this has not happened yet now while we are aware that a trial has taken place in saudi arabia this is not sufficient first of all and second of all we are against the imposition of the death penalty in all circumstances a number of human rights organizations have also cost outside of the legality or impartiality of that process in riyadh also calling for some kind of international
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independent investigation into the murder but the situation is that the un is quite capable of michigan such an investigation by itself all it requires is one of the legislative bodies of the united nations the security council of the general assembly to give a mandate to the secretary general to start such an investigation however it would appear that un members are looking for some kind of political cover they want one of the interested parties in the situation to approach the security council or the general assembly and make such a request the interested parties turkey and saudi arabia it's unlikely it would appear that saudi arabia would make the request turkey has insisted that it does one some kind of independent international investigation headed by the united nations but as yet has not made an official request to any of the united nations
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bodies. just want to bring you a quick story out of india a third woman has entered one of hindu isms holiest shrines breaking a centuries old tradition that bars when men of menstruating age on wednesday to forty year old women became the first to access the subpar amala temple in the southern indian state of carola it follows the supremes court's decision to overturn a ban on women and aged between ten and fifty in september as more having right here al-jazeera to come. quick recap of the top stories u.s. president donald trump says his negotiations with democrat congressional leaders to end the partial government shutdown agoing while he says a working group has now been set up to continue negotiations over the weekend senate minority leader. charles schumer says that trump told him he is willing to
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keep the government closed for a very long time months or even years if he doesn't get the five billion dollars of son funding he's seeking for his border with mexico we're very proud of the jobs and the job numbers it was incredible and i think i'll be even more proud if we could have great border security for the first time in really the history of our country the southern border is a dangerous horrible disaster we've done a great job would you can't really do the kind of job we have to do on less you have a major powerful barrier and that's what we're going to have to have. now the democrats insist the issue must be separated from government funding. we told the president we needed the government open he resisted if that be said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time months or even years. the discussion then just that we
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discussed a bunch of issues as the leader said there was somewhat contentious and will continue discussing of course but it's very hard to see how progress will be made unless they open up the government. now in other developments us secretary of state my point has to seek an update on saudi arabia's investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi next week during a trip to riyadh was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul in october seven day middle east tour would also include visits to the u.a.e. egypt and cattle. announced trip comes as the saudi court held its first hearing on case with the death penalty being sought for five of the eleven suspects but the united nations human rights office has called the trial not sufficient over the top stories coming up next on al-jazeera it's the strain.
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