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tv   Hacked The Bangladesh Bank Heist  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2019 6:33am-7:01am +03

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are dated by a hack or victims of an internal leak elim political party not affected was the right wing f.t. the stolen data was published on twitter and december but only recently came to light counting centers in the democratic republic of congo's capital kinshasa started compiling there was all of last sunday's election catholic bishops who feel that the largest group of election observers say there is a clear winner and they're calling for accurate results to be declared a while the un's human rights office warned the government's decision to block the internet may trigger a violence place in sudan have fired tear gas to disperse anti-government demonstrators who gathered after friday prayers. want the president omar al bashir to step down they're angry over rising prices and government corruption at least nineteen people have died since the unrest started last month as of the headlines to keep it on al-jazeera much more to come up to the last drop or turns.
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watcher is the driving force of life and natural resource that this carries and to which one tenth of people on earth have no access. the question of its management has become a major factor it's becoming more and more become quietly profitable harvey tradeable those people who see everything as something to invest the profit of they want to. be one door. says at this summit yes get is it but this one is they love it. so yes you know what that means. scott this cubist yet you see that their own borders.
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did you not look into and that are who are not mixes. one of the your. reply i mean is that polly that we're going to prevent this will see that this is the exact city going to all. develop it then these are. all. large scale privatization features heavily in the known agreements that the troika imposes on every creek government the athens and thessaloniki water companies are always on their list. yannis mahal a case is a journalist but in twenty eleven was spokesman for the greek new democracy party
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he then became minister of interior for the rightwing government formed by at the nice time i asked him twenty twelve. in the same year the government's minimum holding percentage in the two largest water companies was abolished by law paving the way for their complete privatization. thought if you tickle bees. in the copy that of them one of your it to. them is that. without. them i'm giving up every bit of houston. with a main. afternoon. and the shipping of us because they're the good kind of us that it was because of the. curious was good enough this. is a. good orchestra go to the measures these says it is. a little bit of this could have.
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thessaloniki is water supplier is a profitable public company that provides cheap water to over half a million households five point four six percent of it already belongs to the french multinational sou-s. . likely market this is where i was asked not to grandstand i guess of course understand your dreams useable the massively bad santa clause grandmother doesn't get them out of those only get out of the more moderate as an. aid to happy is greece's largest water company supplying water to five point five million people. we know by the look at the awful and or hear it saved up in the coal hollows elena's them allies got it it will look pretty good as the mean
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of us usually hell of a dollar a barrel sale in addition of us you know i know most investors never a break in the bottom up more than just tell me how much more efficient their leisure play might. think won't. be that is a strong grass roots the more sinister nuts but the. purity the stronger as riskier reste so the bulk of myself at least for that authorship battle if it were your funeral not a problem up to c b s i said this is your perspective. about increases that are dead. or fashion across your. there's a particular. if
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you know purina city. and water privatization officially it's not the commission's policy mississippi is stating however it's true if you don't look at the troika us and if you look at the memorandum of understanding between for example the troika and portugal the commission as part of the troika is asking to further privatized across the portugal so in the troika the commission is still pushing for privatization so if it is really human right and if you really are serious to the citizens and to this initiative we should start acting on policies instead of this celebration. we could not. see it.
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very simple. like. the european water movement believes that water is the fundamental universal rights its root to all the ran at the european commission highlighting that the main institutions wrongly apply pressure to the southern european countries to privatized water and that this has to stop. a few months later the commission replied saying that it believes the privatization of public utilities including water supply firms can deliver benefits to the society when carefully made. commission organic course today after cruel appearances for most of his pubic
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church and brunch was as they counted a duffer to cosign creedal. such you know i think your best son i consume one of accepted don't go see best able to put out it it was something about. ducks in a computer can this woman also did some enormous economic every nothing in the death of a set of bytes of data driven by decoys and that we don't need she need to shift to be all know gosh by the commission of a brain and not by did you discuss your career is good or going to dismiss your commission or bridge you know that. it will explain minimum opinion percent to six pm device you can be good as a goof you will see could detect it got lucky let me be the last whom i did this with us for another look at dog and see their salaries to look at the result was that he's gotten into very serious one.
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when the troika came to ireland they wanted to privatized the water utility. but there was no water utility. the water was sprayed in twenty seven local authorities so they were told or government by the troika to build on the i was government set up a company called irish water. which began installing meters. at side people's homes . on the first protests took place. in scads of the city of clock glory only went out in the morning and said you're not putting up the road side my house. i told him they were coming into this station we didn't want the water meters and that was us. within an hour or two there was a mass of supportive people here to stop them. and this was the first time that the
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irish people had taken a stand on any issue since a steady had begun says to troika ride to toes in the not. knowing. the make up. i think for some people it probably was the straw that broke the camel's back are you know out of a sudden move in the street together. or are there are some. you know this is see we're only a little bit of power you can call and funk to try but you can stand to thank your folks and there's a polar and it like it might be traders and we're still not finished but people are still resisting this because it is the one thing that they have power and they're never going to give them. was that. we knew then this is
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being something different to something it's about water forced to foremost but it's also about much more than war it's about to hurt to be trailed the surrender of sovereignty. and the redistribution of our west upwards and their debt downwards. there is a problem with the leaks and we couldn't find them until we have brought in some measures so if i see my solution suddenly it's this a million liters a month for a couple of people in my house i call ducktown patrol so that's the reason for the us in ireland there were no meters to because it's uses a completely different system of watcher billing paid through general taxation over
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a billion euros were set aside for water maintenance and operation some people think those paper water through taxation is a little bit crazy we really only country in the o.e.c.d. that has zero wall poverty and we're the only one with zero water poverty because we're the only one that pays for to progressive general taxation that's the one thing we got right we'll keep it that. we really need to modernize our water structure so now we really have to and. so we need a structure to invest we need to wage borrowed money and then we need a way to pay for us paying our general type stations people who work would probably end up paying more taxes. we are losing forty seven percent of our treated water into the ground in leaks before it gets to the top. no five a billion euro to spend do i choose to spend it on meters or do i choose to spend
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not billion euro in fixing the leaks i'm building a new war structure. despite water being paid for through general taxation no tax exemption was planned for the irish as a counterpoint for the new charges i saw just watching. again and forcing more than made against abel's worse as many irish people feared they would end up paying for watcher twice they saw the proposed introduction of meters and charges as yet another austerity measure and the establishment of irish water as a first step towards water privatisation. stuffs rule to the centers of disease office and i will of course we all know privatisation is ultimately envisaged. and then there was
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a letter from the centers of the six of us in your start you can say that would you please take these words out of the report. so then the report came back for the result would towards the. following the examples of berlin and it's really a popular vote was planting greece in twenty fourteen the people of this in an e key were asked to take part in a non-binding referendum on whether they were in favor of the government's proposed privatisation of the water company but they were faced with a last minute problem. of the above which should. be.
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about it doesn't appeal to the public it's over the there's a bit they say that it and their families either got it they say they can not put the answer into the school and the people who are making the most of the.


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