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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 6  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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approved five point six billion dollars to build it impasse over funding is led to a partial government shutdown which is in its third week a delegation of u.s. officials has arrived in china for talks aimed at resolving a trade war between the two nations as president is optimistic about the new round of negotiations those sides agreed to a ninety day trips on imposing new tariffs which will expire in march. ukraine's orthodox christian church has officially split from its leadership in russia a move that has angered moscow a decree granting the ukrainian orthodox church separation from russia was handed over in the turkish city of istanbul they were all greek orthodox christians have been celebrating christmas at the church of the nativity in bethlehem in the occupied west bank platinum eastern orthodox pilgrims hold their christmas midnight mass at that church place of worship is said to be built over a crowd where christians believe jesus was born. and so the headlines keep it on al-jazeera much more news to come and cited story as that next.
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deadlock in the u.s. says the president threatens years of government shutdown a few doesn't get money for its border war but is the face off about the war or the presidency and how's it changing american politics this is inside story. hello and welcome to the show i'm sammy's a than that wall was a regular slogan from u.s.
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president donald trump jury and after his campaign now he's demanding over five billion dollars from democratic controlled house of representatives to keep his promise the democrats have refused to give in which is led to a partial government shutdown that began on december the twenty second it's affecting their eight hundred thousand government employees the president has threatened to prolong the shutdown for months or even years there's even talk of declaring a national emergency and bypassing congress altogether well bring in our guests in a moment but first time is to book reports from washington. vice president mike pence jared cushion or the president's son in law and close advisor and kiersten nielsen who is the secretary of homeland security met for about two hours on saturday afternoon with congressional aides talking about this government shutdown the vice president said that these talks on saturday were productive however
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president trump tweeted that the two sides really didn't make much headway now the vice president is going to be continuing these talks meanwhile house speaker nancy pelosi an ounce the house democrats are going to be meeting next week to pass individual appropriations bills that would reopen some agencies including the department of treasury and the i.r.s. so the government could begin processing income tax returns and get income tax refunds back in the hands of americans now this shutdown if it goes another week that would be three weeks and it would make it the longest shutdown in u.s. history. let's bring our guests into the show we have joining us via skype from lubbock texas all of a mcgee a former senior white house advisor in washington d.c.
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deputy editor of congressional quarterly magazine and also joining us on skype from beth southern maryland lichtman professor of history at the american university good to have your with us if i could start with al and then so what do you make of the situation as you read the political pulse right now the two sides any closer to reaching some kind of resolution. they don't seem to be very close at all is the problem. donald trump believes that the building of the wall or at least the symbolic building of the walks up to all that matters to him is absolutely critical to his presidency he believes that if need be the zen he is going to undermine space and space is really all he cares about who he wants the adulation and support and he's going to be excoriated by right wing pundits like can call and rush limbaugh so he feels politically and even on the other hand the democrats believe that they have the upper hand here the wall is
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a not popular with the american people and certainly the vast majority of the american people don't believe that the government ought to be shut down because of the wrong you know we have a multi trillion dollar budget and we've shut down the government over by i guess silence a pull to zone us president would say it's not ready him who shutting it down it's the in trying to gin some of the pollen to the democrats of course that's wrong clearly he's the one who's made the demand that of this multitrillion dollar budget i've got to find five billion dollars from to shut down the whole government and i don't care about the people because obviously all those people think the wall is much more important than their paycheck of course he completely fabricated and he completely made it up and by the way it was donald trump who had a deal on the table that said he was going to sign and then he got lambasted by members and called her and changed his mind how do you deal with someone who is
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being manipulated by fox news all right sure i have a funny feeling all of us going to have a word or two to say about that but before we come to you all of this one point had like to put to show and the idea that this could go on even see is the u.s. president said could it really. i think it's unlikely because the president's not the only decision maker here there's already a lot of pressure building in the senate on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to go ahead and pass at least a continuing resolution to get government workers working again and paid again. already three senators who are facing reelection in two thousand and twenty susan collins of maine ted tellus of north carolina and cory gardner of colorado have said they'd like to see the government reopened and so it's conceivable that
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if the pressure builds enough in the senate you could see a continuing resolution to open the government pass there over donald trump's veto even if he refuses to sign it. or let's bring in all of the show you heard a moment ago the comments there by alan that this is radio crisis that the u.s. president has manufactured in older to keep his base happy is that the soldiers analysis you'd agree with. well i think yesterday and when we saw donald trump in the rose garden he said two words that really. shocked everyone eminent domain i did it trump can do it to i extend to him an eminent domain domain to establish the internet interstate highway system long stretches of highway to land aircraft. and move military out military equipment in the in the event of a national emergency so he threw that word out there that shook everybody up i think that stopped nancy and chuck for
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a moment i think he does have that power because it goes back to william blackstone of the common law but even going back to the magna carta twenty five twelve fifteen that says that the president can establish eminent domain in the event of national emergency for life liberty and property if long as he compensates for the taking of the property at the southern border to build a wall for being tainting that constitutional principle but at the same time allan is right that per screen three zeid in the senate and in the car and the house and they can basically look and pull those strings as well this is checks and balances in the works this is a really excellent opportunity for americans to understand american history but also look at english common law for work we do stand in the constitutional principles of life liberty and pursuit of happiness but also to life liberty and property more importantly the what we have a southern border it is
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a military but also a humanitarian crisis we've got one point seven million pounds of drugs that are ceased each year two point five million dollars of profit are made by criminals and gangsters and parents and then at the same time we've got an eight hundred thousand case backlog on asylum claims that larger economic i guess all of us that they oppose the president say the wall is not. the way to deal with the problems of the border is the worst way to deal with it not to deal with asylum seekers by building a wall we've got to have a huge if it's humanitarian crisis you have to have a humanitarian response and the administration's response is absolutely just the opposite and by the way you know as well as i that the vast majority of drugs are not i do not come you know across reason i don't want parts of the border they come through ports of entry and you know as well that at least half of the so-called
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undocumented immigrants in this country don't come across the southern border either run of people who have already stated their visas all right only a reasonable option on border security that is needed we went we had dollars are under if you give me my money or i'm going to shut down the entire right the way let's give it all i want to turn around just promise that the alamo he said mexico is going to play let's give all or nothing made that up like he makes up everything all right let's give all of a chance to continue the full go ahead all of a. thank you i'm just quoting the department of homeland security and i'm very very sound on that on those statistics that i gave are going to have are just picks worked up bumped by politico has spent i don't know if there's a part of and security at another time that is essentially what we're trying to establish i'm also saying that in the checks and balances this is about the wall versus daca so what we have to do is to make sure that both sides get to the table
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and this is what donald trump were saying in the rose garden that he's giving that negotiation process a chance if it breaks down he can through his executive powers invoke eminent domain and then that that shut everybody up all right i'm interested in some of these points between now getting into first to let me go to short and ask the question is it possible that the democrats can find a unilateral way out of a spy posturing bills to forcibly reopen government spending for some departments at least. the democrats can't do that on their own because they don't control the senate so mr mcconnell is a crucial figure here the senate majority leader from kentucky he has thus far stayed out of the fray he said this is a matter of negotiation between the democrats who leave the house nancy pelosi of california and donald trump so you don't think it's likely shown they can find anywhere in the democrat on the republican side of the aisle in the senate that
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might be you know kind of sympathetic to the idea of reopening government if this drags on too long well as i mentioned before you have tom tell us in north carolina you have cory gardner in colorado and susan collins of maine all seeking reelection all expecting tough re-election races all republicans who do want to see the government reopened so that pressure is building on mcconnell but mcconnell cross controls the floor agenda democrats or republicans who want to fund the government can't force him to bring appropriations bills to the floor it's his decision. let's take the idea to alan which all of the mentioned the idea of declaring imminent domain i guess we're talking about a national emergency style scenario and funding. you know bypassing congress. well it probably could do that the president does have broad powers to declare a national emergency it would be an incredible dereliction of duty we're talking
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about national emergencies we're talking about things like world war two existential threats to the survival of the nation this is personal on the part of donald trump and for him to over use the powers of the presidency to do something as drastic that is rarely done in american history to declare a national emergency over a wall about which at least we can say the experts absolutely divided whether it's to do any good but when we are laying out on the whole that's that's the call was going to pay for i'm not sure even this conservative supreme court would kind of sanction such an overreach of presidential power let's bring all of them back on that one do you agree that any attempt to declare a national emergency would probably run into trouble in the colts and not one count for the on trump. the courts will back him because they're not going to go against
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the magna carta and they're not going to go against blackstone common law this is a very very concerned i'm sure that supreme court caught it and more importantly i agree with my colleague mitch mcconnell is the key card here he holds all power no matter what the urgency the emotions that the house may do the senate is in proper proper controls and they are going to have most of the power to decide where this goes cold mitch mcconnell the honest broker he's beriberi very quiet as my colleague said rightly so because when he decides it's decide it but what donald trump is trying to do right now is to go she ate and use the proper constructions of separation of powers to discuss with the legislature about his administrative possibilities in thinking but make no bones about it in a domain is rest in his power and that goes back into a long standing law blackstone and the back to carter and english law so writ basically he's very person in the courts not go against him on. children it's tails
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not i love not go ahead alan it wants to tell me i'm going to the court sort of u.s. constitution will. let me bring shown into this one who is going to win this one alternately do you think sean. i think at the end of the day the government will reopen perhaps they'll be a compromise where both sides are able to save face where there is some money some additional money provided for border security or perhaps the republicans will the pressure will just get too great i mean the pressure is going to mount during the month of january during the month of january federal employees those eight hundred thousand federal employees who are either not working or working without paychecks are going to miss their first paycheck and that's going to be a big moment i think in this where the pressure builds to reach a resolution and so i think we're looking probably at some time in january where it
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gets resolved either over president the president's veto or with some face saving compromise shown we've had shutdowns before but in some respects does this one feel a little unprecedented does it feel like we're entering uncharted territory we're hearing reports of someone because government workers calling in sick to look around for all the jobs is feels like there's a breakdown of confidence. it definitely does feel different because donald trump is a different kind of president he's. in his threat to keep the government shutdown for months or years and it seems plausible he's he's the sort of man the sort of president who approaches politics from a different direct different way he prides himself on being a deal maker and putting pressure on his opponents in a deal to reach an agreement to reach an agreement pleasing to him and so it seems
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plausible that he could push the shutdown weeks or months or or years but of course he's not the only decision maker here there there are republicans in the senate who will have a say as well so alan as you can hear there sean is probably a lot of people believe that ultimately this is going to be would doubt but i'm wondering how much damage might be done to politics in the u.s. to the way of doing politics do you see some long lost in effects from this whole episode over the wall. i do it and they are very sad i mean we certainly do not want to see america devolve into a kind of country where we are willing to sacrifice the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people simply because the congress will not go along with the it would demand. a president of the united states and we're not talking here about a demand that involves an existential threat to the country that involves our
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supply of all that involves our economic prosperity we're really talking about a president who is involved in a personal thing because he is being criticized by the right wing and needs to a field as they think he's turned down to deals already including one that offered him twenty five billion dollars from abroad border security so it's going to be very different call to negotiate with donald trump and i hope that this approach my way or everybody suffers is going to be discredited rather than credited and the harmful effects both politically psychologically and substantively are going to deter negotiating this way this is no way to negotiate this is no way to govern this is a shame for the united states and you know who's the winner here the same winner from other donald trump policies lot of mere proof god he just loves to see the great american government shut down the passing the fog got around in moscow and
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smiling and laughing i'm glad you mentioned that you've taken off international that segues beautifully into my next question which i was going to say to all of on the point of credibility how much concern should there be about what this sort of issue does to america's prestige its international standing when it's so internally focused on a division of an issue of budget some will. so clearly america first national security strategy that he's implementing has been taken abroad and tested at davos has been tested across the g twenty and the g eight summit basically what this is about is international borders security tied to economic interest stress national income internationally basically if we're going to have growth models that are stretching into the realms of three four five percent globally we have to make sure
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that we have international borders secure internationalism so that we don't have stress international incomes but if it's so much then i think the division over it all over to the point where government maybe we looks like we could be heading into historical a historical shutdown in terms of you know numbers of days that come be a good thing for us international prestige right. well we went through it bill clinton i was there to watch it it was about three weeks if we go to four five six weeks is that all the government workers are going to be furloughed and receive their checks and eventually the government pays its bills the i see the shutdown as a stage but it's in the background couldn't write about america it's authentic know that americans and tea is very important because right now love all people want to protect american lives and our culture and i think that's what the bigger discussion is right now i agree this shutdown will be settled it will be settled by the time we get is that a ten census though all of these speaks if there is
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a consensus of what is americanism in american culture it looks from god there's a lot your what there's division who doesn't and that's a book coming in right and that makes i think that's a great question because i think al is going to be surprised what i say i am very very. prone to be in line with politics tied with demography shift we're taking that right now we're looking at that discussion right now but when we start looking at democracy shift in american politics we really have to also have a conversation about american solvency we happiest bind out what it is to be americana and what is america and we've got to make sure that we have good trade fair trade good thousand tax policies and then more importantly how do we build the nation's infrastructure i don't propose a builder so he wants to build a wall but he also wants rebuild the american infrastructure and it's crumbling and more importantly we might he have a crumbling infrastructure physically but we also have to have it that's. he had
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that now that he added assembly that was two years and he didn't get anything on infrastructure the only thing he did was give us a huge tax the rest i mean i. am he's about to do it right now if you give nancy a chance because that all racial argument yeah sure i got government over it and. you cannot have babies and raise. that it could give all of her a chance to see the unfinished on your grief three all of a go has. if the democrats keep arguing in fact by being emotional as and get nothing done they will be out of office in twenty twenty right and they were like don't want this discussion about impeachment is ridiculous because it's going to kill every department that house democrats got into do have to control but that's always them because you've got to get something done. to give allen our brief chance to get in with a brief word on that alan before we go to sean. donald trump had complete control
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of the government and the only thing he did was reward his rich friends with an enormous tax cut and to try to destroy the affordable care act that provides health care essential leave to tens of millions of americans right and this notion you know that donald trump has these ok great policies are you going to benefit the average american is disproven by his own actions when he controlled government for two full years ok you made that point i mean it was let's give children a chance can we start because i think we have got a couple minutes left sean got to be listening to this discussion you have to wonder as well as you know the broader discussion going over is this really just about a war or is this about the future of the white house. absolutely not this is a this is washington d.c. this is about politics pure and here. the president has made the wall
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a make or break issue why has and has that high stake right closer to politics. well i think during his campaign he was convinced that immigration was a salient issue for the for a lot of american voters and his advisors suggested this idea of the wall as if we hadn't made a lot of claims in the residence during his campaign we had all the slogans locker rob i mean he hasn't fallen through with everything why are we coming to this kind of standoff over this issue in particular well twenty twenty is only twenty two months away and we're in a permanent election cycle a victory here on his wall will allow donald trump to say that indeed he is the deal maker that is tough caustic approach to deal making yields results and democrats don't want to give him that and so i think this is about much more than five billion dollars
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a tiny drop in the bucket in our national budget budget this is about twenty twenty campaign and gearing up and setting the issues that will that will resonate with the public in two thousand and twenty. interest is now showing for the president shall go down i know we can go on you guys i know we can go on thinking about this and i'd love to as well but unfortunately we are out of time let's thank our guests very much for their lot well guys will come back and talk about this want to get in a not too distant future i'm sure thank our guests at this point for it's been a really interesting and feisty discussion of the mcgee sean zeller and allan lichtman thank you two for watching you can see the show again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com or for further discussion head over toward facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and also join the conversation on twitter our handle there is at a.j. inside story from me sam is a bad and the whole team here. thanks for watching. my
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major vision every weekly news cycle going to see a nice of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the world's channel ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use
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a free palestine are they listening post on al-jazeera. also one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place worth two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. two hours we can get so on jurists in the rest of central by record about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america beats us to teach it's a very important place for al-jazeera to be in a four part series a russian filmmaker travels across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin many russians view put him into somebody with a difficult job to do rather than an authoritarian leader with imperial ambitions and many critics of putting equally critical of the west meeting with russians from across the political spectrum under a neck wrestle discovers a complex attitude towards that country's leader and his policies in search of
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pigeons russia are now jazeera. i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump's national security adviser says u.s. troops won't leave syria until eisel is defeated in the region john bolton was speaking in israel where there's been concern over president donald trump's abrupt announcement in december that american forces are to pull out bolton says there is no timetable for the withdrawal he also said he doesn't want turkey to take military action against kurdish fighters in syria who have been backed by u.s. forces.


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