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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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they're interest to keep things as they are. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and governmental staring that's left thirteen million brazilians unemployed and even if the next government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit. trying to reassure allies the user as says it won't would draw troops from syria until isolates defeated. a lot of this is live from doha also coming up marking forty years since the fall of the camaro rouge we talked to cambodian still coming to terms with one of the cartridge darkest chapters. place in sudan fired tear gas and stun grenades
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as protests against president bashir to show no sign of ending. diversity takes center stage in los angeles stars gather for the golden globe. donald trump's national security adviser says u.s. troops will not leave syria until i saw is defeated in the region john bolton is in israel where there's been concern about president chimes abrupt announcement in december to withdraw forces alton says there is no timetable for the pullout which was initially expected to take a few weeks he also said he doesn't want turkey to take military action against kurdish fighters in syria who've been backed by u.s. forces. we're going to be discussing the president's decision to withdraw the to do so from northeast syria in
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a way that make sure that isis is defeated and is not able to. revive itself and become a threat again and to make sure that the. defense of israel or other friends in the region is absolutely assured stephanie deca has more from west jerusalem not much concrete came out of that press conference of course the two countries reiterating the incredible support for each other john bolton saying that the troop withdrawal would happen but not without ensuring that israel defense of israel security was maintained this is of course going to be top of the agenda israel's main concerns inside syria is the presence of iranian backed militias is the presence of hezbollah and any potential weapons that can reach the group and can threaten israel security now the israeli prime minister will be taking john bolton up to the occupied golan heights. and of course will be keen to show him the
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operation that israel's been undertaking there against tunnels that were dug by hezbollah also a message there in that press conference calling on the international community saying it was time for them to recognize the golden highs of course that is right occupied after the one nine hundred sixty seven war so syria and iran the threat of iran will be top of the agenda of course bolton looking to reassure israel that the troop withdrawal is not going to be a threat to israel's security of course the timing of that now very much up in there i think no one really knows exactly how and when that is going to happen. the u.s. president says he hopes a new round of talks with china can bring an end to the trade war between the two talks begin on monday jewing and ninety day truce on imposing new tariffs which expire in march it all started early last year when the u.s. put levies on a number of chinese goods it said the u.s.
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was getting a bad deal and china then retaliated with its own tariff hikes that's helped to spawn volatility on global markets as uncertainty mounts over what will happen next between the world's two biggest economies on a tang and is a political analyst specializing in china he says even a temporary deal could stop the long term effects of the towers well they'd like to see some sort of deal we have even if it's a temporary one that takes people through a few years both the u.s. and china are suffering under this current trade sanctions and if it continues it will only get worse but if you start looking at what's happening in the u.s. the volatility on the markets of the long term effects of this i think you'll find that both are suffering this idea that somehow the u.s. came out on top because of the last jobs report. is not really an indicator of what's going to be happening about twelve months down the road when
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a lot of the pipeline a lot of the uncertainty comes to bear because people are not investing as much as they were and they're not ordering new machine tools and things like this because they don't know what's going to happen and that's going to have an effect. the police in sudan have used tear gas and stun grenades to stop protesters reaching the presidential palace demonstrations against president almost bashir began nearly three weeks ago anger over rising food prices and government corruption have brought calls for bashir to step down after nearly thirty years in power at least nineteen people have died since the unrest started with some rights groups putting that figure much higher here but morgan is in the capital hard to. anti-government protests are in its third week once again you've seen people marching out and streets demonstrating against the rule of president obama and bush are they saying that they want president obama to shoot to end his twenty one year rule and step down something he said he's not going to do so people are saying that they will not
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stop protesting and demonstrating on the streets and so the president gives into their demands now we've seen people being separated from the crowd in the protest using live ammunition and tear gas something that has happened over and over again during the previous protests and certainly something that has happened today people have the police have been using tear gas and live in militias to disperse protesters foreign governments have said that the police are using excessive force against protesters who are armed making their demands known to the government and to the world now opposition figures are also come out and said that they understand why people are demonstrating in the streets and that they are lending their support to these people but for testing and that they also want the president to step down and hand over power to an interim council it's not clear how that would happen but the thing is the president has said that he's not going to step down he did offer some kind of economic concessions he said that he was going to improve the living wages for civil workers and he's going to increase their salaries he also promised that he was going to look into the matters of the protesters and how they were being handled by the police amnesty international says at least thirty seven people have been killed that was within the first week of the protests and opposition
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figures have anything more and more people have been killed since then it's not clear yet how if people have died but we do know is that eleven munition and tear gas has been used to disperse protesters and that people have been arrested demonstrations in the streets it's not clear where this would go and how it would end the government says that they're going to try to ease the situation for them people are saying that they will continue to protest so sudan seems to be in for a long haul between the government and the protesters. a celebration is a taking place in cambodia to mark fourteen years since the fall of the brutal command rouge regime and estimated two million people were killed under their rule january seventh is known as a victory of a genocide day or simply nation day scott hi-lo reports from phnom penh. a victory day celebration at the national olympic stadium here in phnom penh forty years since the overthrow of the camero rouge regime marked by cultural performances and speeches but it's also a day of reflection and there's a generational divide as to how it's view. cambodian father and son reflecting on
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the darkest of times for this nation as it marks forty years since the fall of the camaro rouge seen by many here as a rebirth for the country. at sixty eight is lucky during the four years the camaro rouge ruled cambodia from one thousand nine hundred five to seventy nine almost one in five people died that's nearly two million from either execution starvation or disease lisa says he's still kasama as to feed his family and was tortured when he was caught. and i am thankful for what happened and you know what has happened it's the end my family from starvation. but that this the i don't feel that we had the freedom from the floor and we lost that authority to the vietnamese but some feel that regardless of the deep emotional and physical scars from the camaro rouge regime those four years need to be remembered through education and memorials like at one of the infamous killing fields just outside
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penn. it's. so it's. very hard even though you want to change it but we cannot change. in that what they need to. transform. almost seventy percent of cambodia population is under the age of thirty born at least ten years after the fall of the camaro rouge now most of them feel as though this country is dark period it shouldn't and cannot be forgotten but that the government and the nation must not dwell on the past leeson any met was born after the camaro rouge regime he now has a son all three generations are hoping for more on the. congo i mean i make an effort today for the next generation with my son to help them have much more than i did try not to compare things in the past too much because even in my time things have changed so much. the only surviving senior camaro rouge leaders
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were found guilty of genocide just two months ago by war crimes tribunals. while the brutal regime came to an end thanks to a vietnamese led invasion the government underlines the need for independence. forty years ago was a mistake for an interpreter and it was a mistake a cold war so that's why to prevent to have. young state i things are going to be and dignity and independent is a must. it's a cambodian tradition to release birds to shed bad luck as the people here feel lucky that the chapter of oppression and genocide is behind them then. still hoping for more more freedom and more opportunity and cambodia faces big challenges ahead its political process is on shaky ground its prime minister who once and has been in power for thirty four years the main opposition party has been deemed illegal and there's a growing political influence an economic reliance on china. let's talk now to
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michael back to back to here to sue is the asia director at the center for humanitarian dialogue in bangkok thanks very much for being with us so i mean we were calling this a adela a day of celebration but is is that really the right word here given given the dark history. that we're talking about here well january seventh is always a very important in modern cambodia for obvious reasons bringing down of the genocidal regime but it's also a day that i think highlights two things first of all the polarize ation currently in the political spectrum on the one side you've got the opposition that criticizes the government for being too close to vietnam because of course vietnam helped liberate phnom penh in one hundred seventy nine and on the other side you've got the government and others who want to ensure that this this day also marks the
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independence of phnom penh so it's a political polarizing event and how as how would you say cambodia has progressed over the last forty years since since that day. well i think one has to remember that you know what happened off to the liberation by the one nine hundred ninety s. was you had one of the biggest international peace building peacemaking and peace building. efforts undertaken certainly in asia in living memory led by the u.n. and initially a force of peace process led by indonesia. and i think that it's very important to remember that after the collapse of the camaro there was this enormous international effort to rebuild cambodia but that in itself is also a memory that can be somewhat polarizing because many come bodi as want to feel they stood up on their own they want they don't want to be seen as a country that was necessarily put back together again by foreigners and as as we
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were fourteen. cambodia has has a large young population and many of whom will born after the events of forty years ago is there is there a real interest and a need to to to keep that time in cambodia's history alive. well i think for the younger generation as your report was pointing out earlier many people would just like to move on they'd like to make sure that the legacy of that period is preserved in terms of ensuring that cambodia is free and democratic never again ruled by such a regime but at the same time i think they looking forward they want more for the country even just to sort of rest on the pos but that is i think a very significant aspect of this which i think baz has a regional significance as well which is that of course january the seventh is always seen by the cambodian government as a way of reaffirming ties to vietnam because it's very important that vietnam did
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help bring down the commode rouge and that's even more important today because of the important role played by china in cambodia's economy and i think it's it's seen also as a way to balance vietnam vietnam's role with china's role for cambodia to remain not completely in the clutches of any one power michael but he could speak. all right still ahead on al-jazeera oh. we'll tell you why the discord in bethlehem to the celebrations for the last christmas the. end of disappoint disappearing sounds of the desert is given a lifeline with some help from the internet.
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hello again and welcome back well i do want to take you over here towards a western part of love and on the satellite image we do have a lot of clouds there to talk about and in these clouds we're talking about snow for turkey we're also talking about a lot of rain over the next few days down here towards parts of syria as well as into lebanon now looking too bad as we go towards monday but it is going to be on the increase as we go towards tuesday a lot more clouds and rain and snow particular here in turkey in the higher elevations ancora minus two is going to be high on tuesday aleppo eight in beirut is looking at about fourteen degrees for your high well as we go down here across the gulf not looking too bad for doha twenty six degrees maybe cloudy conditions over towards riyadh at twenty seven but by the time we get towards tuesday we're going to be picking up a few more clouds so mostly cloudy conditions across the region down here towards parts of the law we are going to see some coastal clouds as well with
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a temperature for twenty six for you and then across parts of southern africa not looking too bad across cape town but a lot of rain across much of johannesburg and durban from madagascar we're going to be seeing plenty ready for you it could be flooding conditions over the next few days for monday as well as into tuesday and over here towards mozambique we are going to see some rain as well harare a rainy day for you at twenty four degrees and over here towards at thirty five degrees there. it was one of the biggest bank robberies of modern times with over eighty million dollars stolen from bangladesh's central bank one east investigates how cyber hunters employed trade of the global banking system. on al-jazeera. and this was different not just whether someone's going for someone's favorite doesn't have a weenie tree i think it's how you approach an official and i think it is a certain way of doing it you can't just inject
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a story and fly out. but again you're watching i just a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. national security adviser says its troops won't leave syria until i saw is defeated in the region john bolton was speaking in israel where there is concern after president trump's abrupt announcement in december to pull out troops. cambodians are celebrating what's called victory over genocide day it marks forty years since the fall of the brutal c'mere rouge regime it is estimated around two million people were killed under the rule of the command. a delegation of u.s.
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officials has arrived in china for talks and resolving that trade war ninety day truce on imposing new tariffs expires in march. but democrats in the u.s. are warning the president he will face legal challenges if he tries to declare a national emergency in order to build his mexico border war trump threaten to move if congress doesn't approve five point six billion dollars to build it the impasse over funding has led to a partial government shutdown now in its third week and it's left eight hundred thousand government workers without pay gebran is under has more from washington. talks continue here in washington trying to break this stalemate on this government shutdown but there is no indication that they need any agreement will be reached before the weekend is over both sides are digging in president donald trump still demanding that he gets more than five billion dollars to build the border wall democrats saying they haven't changed their position they are saying they'll give
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the president some money less than five billion but not for the border wall just for general border security so this is where things stand at this point president donald trump himself even said he does not expect the talks late sunday to lead to any sort of agreement at all and he is still threatening to declare a national emergency that would enable him powers to perhaps go around the congress get other money to build the wall in itself but there are legal experts that say even if he was to declare a national emergency on the border many people say. it's unclear if that even would give him the money that he would need to move forward so it is really a stalemate here in washington with no end in sight to this government shutdown a processes have gathered in the mexican border city of two one ahead of a visit by president under ice manuel lopez obrador.
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they're angry the government is ready to allow migrants seeking asylum in the united states the stay in the country while their papers a process or cities are struggling to manage thousands of central americans posturing through on the way to the u.s. . a key figure in cuba's bay of pigs has died a hole say fernandez was ninety five years old he helped in the mission to retake a strategic beach where u.s. sponsored groups landed to invade cuba in one thousand nine hundred sixty one the failed invasion tried to expel the castro leadership fernandez later became instrumental in the creation of the country's armed forces the greek orthodox christians are celebrating christmas at the church of the nativity in bethlehem in the occupied west bank both latin and eastern orthodox pilgrims hold their christmas midnight masses at the church the place of worship is over a grotto where christians believe jesus was born. demonstrations maad christmas
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celebrations by christians in palestine some people boycotted the visit of the orthodox patriarch of jerusalem to bethlehem protesters are angry that he's been selling church land how a force it was at the protests in iraq and piled west bank. this is a familiar pilgrimage for the orthodox patriarch of jerusalem he comes here to bethlehem every year for the orthodox christmas to mark christ's birth at the church of the holy. and usually he would come here on foot proceeded by marching bands or scouts he would be met by officials from the bethlehem and surrounding governments. manger square would usually be thronged with people to welcome him but this year it's very different there is a group within the orthodox community who want this visit boycotted on political grounds because of his policy of selling church lands which regularly find their way into israeli jewish hands this year the municipalities both of bethlehem and
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the surrounding cities have decided to join not boycott actually with our position three months abilities we are going to but it's been in a will coming there but there is no because. actually there are there is documents says that he's selling. the lands on the properties of the orthodox but three or four whereas in most years maine just right would be occupied by people welcoming and celebrating christmas with the patriarch here we see a small group of protesters he's managed to get their way into the square past what has been extremely heavy security around the square in all the surrounding streets along which the patriarch i was just was meant to come and progress to the church of the holy city and we've been speaking to members of the orthodox community here and while some very much support the boycott he's saying he's not welcome in. then
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others feel that politics should be kept separate from a religious festival such as this we are against sending glance. who or when or where but this is not the day this is the day of christmas this is the day of celebrations we have three hundred sixty four days we can the opposite we can put us three can do many things was a protest as had been chanting traitor in the direction of the patriarch elsewhere in manger square there are people beating drums and dancing celebrating with him this christmas day the division that that man was talking about between politics and religion doesn't really appear to be attaining here today the politics of the policies of the orthodox church in israel are very much opposed by many here in the occupied west bank and even on this holy day it is really affecting how it is being celebrated how this year's golden globe awards had been handed out in los angeles
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the queen by a pink bohemian rhapsody took on best drama film the night also turned out well for lady gaga she's won a prize for co-writing the sound shallow from the film a star is born host saundra own picked up the best t.v. drama actress award for killing eve. stephanie stanton joins us live from the red carpet so stephanie diversity was one of the big themes going into these awards was that reflected tonight. indeed has them it's great to be with you i'm here at b. and b. thing universal afterparty and keep your eyes peeled on my me because you never know which lebron is going to walk through that door as the the stars are basically celebrating tonight their big wins but let's talk about diversity i think one of the biggest surprises tonight was this was a smaller independent more independent film so it didn't really have the wide release as some of the other movies but it went home with three awards including
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best news of color comedy also best supporting actor from a personal ali and best screenplay and when director peter farrelly took to the stage he gave a very powerful and impassioned speech about finding common ground and basically trying to heal the divide within people in this nation and of course as you may know it is a bit of a divided time here in the u.s. so that was very passionate of course green book is a film about an unlikely friendship during the racially divided one nine hundred sixty s. and so i think that was very reflective as well you did see a lot of more diversity throughout the night here at the award shows there were also some very poignant moments one of those was when carol burnett accepted her lifetime achievement award this is a this is an inaugural ward in her name and she's very funny lady and everyone really loves her and so this is an award that is going to be continued now much like the cecille b.
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de mille lifetime achievement award and that one went to actor jeff bridges so overall is a beautiful night here in hollywood and again we're here at the n.b.c. after party so we are awaiting the arrival of some of the stars and hopefully will be able to talk to them a little bit more about their women have them and the golden globes are often seen as a kind of indication of what we can. from the oscars which will be taking place next month and i think the nominations are going to be announced pretty soon as well so what can we expect there do you think. well absolutely let's go back to greenbelt because this film is sort of the little film that could it has been winning awards up to this point so far and i think its chances are looking very good for the oscars at this point i think one other surprise tonight was the last of wins by a star is born there was a lot of buzz there were on multiple nominations including bradley cooper for best actor best director the only award we saw when it was for lady gaga and her song which is the beautiful song by the way but all of the buzz about
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a star is born kind of basically fell flat here at the golden globes tonight so will that continue with the oscars will it be nominated will it maybe win or not we'll have to wait and see what will some of the all the highlights of the big award shows some of the highlights of the big award winners there are. you mentioned there but he didn't rhapsody was the big winner of the best drama film sondra as well was a big winner. well let me talk let's talk about a surprising moment a bit of a controversial moment if you will christian bale one for his portrayal of dick cheney and by and when he went up to accept the award he did and he basically said thanks and that was it were you know that was a veiled reference to dick cheney and so i mean i think that took a lot of people by surprise and again it's sort of brings it back to politics by speaking at a politically you know i guess motivated film and so i think
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a lot of people were maybe surprised taken aback by that but other than that it was there was a lot of other fine and happy moments some funny moments of percent or zero hosting she also won as you said andy samberg they did a great job and overall it's been a wonderful night here in hollywood stephanie thank you stephanie stanton live for us there in los angeles. britain's prime minister has warned her critics they're putting democracy at risk if they can unite behind her breaks a deal m.p.'s are due to vote on to rescind may's withdrawal agreement next week she is speaking on the b.b.c.'s andrew marr show she said backing her deal is the only way to honor the referendum result and protect the economy. the european union's make clear that this is the deal that is on the table there are further assurances we're seeking from them in relation to the specific issues and concerns that members of parliament have but i think when m.p.'s come to look at this vote
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when they come to consider what they're doing they need to think of the three things that i think they need to ask themselves first of all does this deal deliver on the referendum does it bring back control of our borders laws and money yes it does does it protect our jobs and security yes it does does it provide certainty for businesses and citizens for the future and yes it does at least thirty people have died in a mine collapse in afghanistan several others may be trapped it happened in the north eastern province of sharm it's believed landslide caused the tunnel in the gold mine to cave in. one of the world's toughest rallies is getting underway in peru the forty first edition of the backhaul rally has a unique twist for the first time since the race switched from south africa to south and from africa to south america it will be hosted solely by one country the rally moved continents in two thousand and nine due to security concerns are along
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the route in west africa competitors will take on ten stages of off road racing with the race starting and finishing in peru's kept. this is going to round up of the top stories the u.s. national security adviser says troops won't leave syria until i saw is defeated in the region john bolton was speaking in israel to address concern over president trump's abrupt decision in december to pull out troops we're going to be discussing the president's decision to withdraw or to do so from northeast syria in a way that make sure that isis is defeated is not able to. revive itself and become a threat again and make sure that the. defense of israel and our other friends in
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the region is absolutely assured a delegation of u.s. officials has arrived in china for talks aimed at resolving their trade war the us president is optimistic about a new round of negotiations both sides agreed to a ninety day truce on imposing new tariffs that will expire in march monday marks forty years since vietnamese troops took over cambodia overthrowing the brutal c'mere rouge regime cambodians are celebrating what's called victory over genocide they are simply nation day it's estimated around two million cambodians were killed under the rule of the command. police in sudan a fired tear gas and stun grenades to stop protesters marching to the presidential palace in hard to very angry about rising food prices the value currency of government corruption. the u.s. military says an al qaeda operative accused of planning the bombing of an american warship has died in an airstrike in yemen it says the attack killed. in the mahdi
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governorates on tuesday seventeen sailors died when a small boat with explosives blew a hole in the side of the u.s.s. cole in and in in october two thousand democrats in the u.s. so warning the president face legal challenges if he tries to declare a national emergency to build his mexico border war trump threatened to move if congress doesn't approve it five point six billion dollars to build it the impasse over funding has led to a partial government shutdown or inspire minister has warned her critics they're putting democracy at risk if they can't unite behind her brags that m.p.'s will vote on to rescind may's withdrawal agreement next week she was speaking on the b.b.c.'s andrew marr show may said backing her deal is the only way to honor the referendum result. those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now on al-jazeera it's one of one east and lauren term begins with america
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but it does not in no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein this is a regime that has something the heart they have here a significant propaganda machine and guess what not one w m d's site would found in iraq since one thousand nine hundred ninety one iraq deception on al-jazeera. it was a daring raid. tens of millions of dollars stolen from bangladeshi central bank via the federal reserve bank of new york and then laundered in the philippines the money and the thieves then vent. on steve on this episode a one on one east we investigate one of the biggest.


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