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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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soldiers in take over the national radio station while the president's abroad for medical treatment. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a u.s. delegation holds talks in china twenty a trade war threatens to damage the global economy. forty years after the fall of the command rouge come bodi a struggles to move past the divisions caused by the brutal regime and we will rock you film about the british rock group queen wins the top prize at this year's
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golden globe awards. first of all let's get you some breaking news coming out of the barn where soldiers have taken over the national radio station they've criticized president badly bungled jimbo's been out of the country for medical treatment since october recently addressed the country in a new year's message from a hospital bed in morocco this does not assume. the message to the head of state. is that true based on his health has reinforced doubts about the president's ability to handle the heavy burden of the responsibilities of his office but things are. the homeland has given us everything and made us the people we are we cannot abandon it so the patriotic movements of fence and security forces in order to preserve the integrity of the country decided to take
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responsibility this stop the ongoing move to seize power by those who are on the night of the disputed election it went to sixteen killed our young compassionate with the support of illegal and illegitimate institutions. president ali bongo is been in power since two thousand and nine before that his father more bongo ruled the oil rich nation for more than fourteen years other course hark joins us now live from nairobi so of course the first obvious question nicholas is what is going on is this a coup. well it appears like at least an attempt to remove go or the bongo didn't see like you mention that has been in power for over half a century out of power and this is led by young military soldiers young officers that took over the national radio station early this morning while people were
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listening to the morning news members of the presidential guard took over their radio held journalists hostage and read this message to the people of calling it an uprising against the bone growth in this address they call this operation dignity in this operation they are calling for ordinary get minnies young japanese to take up arms to take control of police stations government office in order to ensure that these presidential guards can remove the bunco out of office now they've called for the installation of a transitional council for a return to democracy and now of course this is the early hours this happened just a few hours ago we've spoken to a few people on the ground and they can hear helicopters hovering above the capital
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of gabon there's soldiers manning checkpoints on the main avenue bear in mind that the radio station that they took over is just next to the national assembly and next to the national assembly is the presidential palace itself of course is not in the country and we're waiting to see his reaction to what is going on in his country talking about reaction has been reaction from the political scene from the government told to this. no not yet you know the bongo family have been in charge of this country for for over a century and in in two thousand and sixteen there was a contested election where being the opposition leader claimed victory after that the constitutional court took over trying to do to address who won the election and bongo. maintained power but ever since there's been
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a sense especially amongst young people in get on a sense of discontent not towards the economic situation because economy is doing fairly well but towards. freedom of speech just basic rights that ordinary give a nice people young people especially want to have and they also want to see change for many young people they've only seen one power one family one person in power for all their lives so they want to see some sort of change and jumping try to harness that during the two thousand and sixteen election of course he's failed to come to power but there's been this growing resentment towards. the bunco seen as someone that's removed from the people not close enough to ordinary citizens and their grievances. it's important to know that this all started in october when bongo had a stroke and following that stroke there's normally according to the gap and he's
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constitution he should hand over power to the president of the senate and that didn't happen so it's unclear for ordinary given he's who is in control of bonn of course this is happening in legal view where there's a strong presence of the french the former colonial power they have nine hundred troops that are on the ground there. men from the air force there's also eighty troops from the united states. there are they're deployed in order to to help their citizens in neighboring republic democratic of congo where there is an election happening over there so this is all happening underneath their gaze on nicholas hark there thanks so much for their geisha of u.s. officials in china for talks aimed at resolving a trade war the us president says he's optimistic about the new round of negotiations early last year the u.s.
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impose tariffs on two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods beijing retaliated and hit the u.s. with one hundred ten billion in tariffs farmers the car industry and small manufacturers in america have been particularly heard by the levies both sides agreed to a ninety day truce on imposing new tariffs which expires in march and i know tangan is a political analyst who advises the chinese government on economic and development issues he says the long term effect of the trade war on the u.s. economy could be more severe than what's being estimated. both the u.s. and china are suffering under this current trade sanctions and if it continues it will only get worse if you start looking at what's happening in the u.s. the volatility on the markets the long term effects of this i think you'll find that both are suffering this idea that somehow the u.s. came out on top because of the last jobs report is not really an indicator of
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what's going to be happening about twelve months down the road when a lot of the pipeline a lot of the uncertainty comes to bear because people are not investing as much as they were and they're not ordering new machine tools and things like this because they don't know what's going to happen and that's going to have an effect china has already been responding that i mean i don't know if you know recently they had a new court set up that allows cases of large cases cases of first impression to go directly to a branch of the supreme court which deals only in intellectual property matters they've also been making it much more difficult increase the penalties on ip now remember china is in the same boat now as the us in terms of trying to protect ip because china is registering as much as the us remember ten percent of the existing patents on five g. are own by way alone and these are essential to any kind of going forward don
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trump's national security adviser is heading to turkey after a two day visit to israel to discuss the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria on sunday john bolton said the pullout was conditional on turkey not taking any military action against finds is in syria and have been backed by the us military in the final game stice will both know also said u.s. troops won't leave until eisel is completely defeated he also said there is no timetable for the pullout which was initially expected in a few weeks. we're going to be discussing the president's decision to withdraw but to do so from northeast syria in a way that make sure that isis is defeated and is not able to. revive itself and become a threat again and to make sure that the. defense of israel and our other friends in the region is absolutely assured muhammad i though has mall from gaza the
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end tab the syrian border. he is expected here later today and tomorrow is when he is going to be holding talks with the turkish leadership of course home and. in israel have largely been friends. lated to mean that things continue as usual what they are saying i mean he meant by extension president donald trump don't hold your breath for a quick withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria they realized what take only putting in check the influence turkey and russia would be one hundred on a silver platter but also iran something israel is very worried about of course these comments from coming from uncut of the presidential spokesperson say that the comments on protection for the cards that came from both from one not in good faith
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and said that turkey has no problem with the entire country's population in syria but just with the two groups why p.b. and d.k.k. that its. terrorist groups. the u.n. special envoy for yemen is jude to meet yemeni government officials in the saudi camps of riyadh mountain griffis has already met who think representatives on sunday so part of an effort to convince both sides in the civil war to fully comply with the cease fire agreement griffiths hopes the warning signs would agree to meet later on this month possibly in kuwait to follow up on progress made in sweden in december the u.s. military says an al qaeda operative accused of planning the bombing of an american warship has died in an airstrike in yemen it says the attack killed jamal by the way in the governorates on tuesday seventeen sailors were killed when a small boat with explosives blew a hole in the side of the u.s.s.
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cole in aden in october two thousand. police in sudan have used tear gas and stun grenades to stop protesters reaching the presidential palace but demonstrations against president obama are this year began nearly three weeks ago anger over rising food prices and government corruption brought calls for bashir to step down after nearly thirty years in power at least nineteen people have been killed since the unrest started some rights groups putting the figure much higher. democrats in the u.s. are warning president donald trump will face legal challenges if he tries to declare a national emergency in order to build his mexico border wall trump threatened the move if congress doesn't approve funding for it the impasse is there to a possible government shutdown now in its third week it's on the reports from washington. as donald trump emerged from the white house on sunday he was
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a president as defiant as ever in his position over five billion for a border war where the government remains shut down and then there's a possibility of even more extreme measures to get what he wants i may declare a national emergency dependent there what's going to happen over the next few days but i think we're going to have. some very serious talk one day there was say we have bad border security we don't have border security we're going to be crime ridden and it's going to get worse and worse negotiations over the weekend between the white house and staff members of key congressional democrats yielded no agreement many parts of the government remain closed eight hundred thousand federal employees either per load or working without pay if trump declares a national emergency along the southern border it would give him vast powers to do what he wants without congressional approval but even if he does this it's still
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unclear where he would find the my. to build the border wall that he wants some of the suggested it could come out of the budget of the defense department but democrats say that would be a mistake in this case i think the president would be wide open to a court challenge saying where's the emergency you have to establish that in order to do this but beyond that this would be a terrible use of department of defense dollars the republican strategist bradley blakeman says one of the main reasons trump was elected was his promise to build a wall so he can't back down you know a staring contest who's going to blink first and i think the president has the upper hand because he's made a fundamental promise democrats know it in the campaign he said read my lips in effect. we need border security a wall. republicans call it a wall democrats call it border security it's the same thing you're battling on
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word semantics so i think it's the question of who blinks first that's the question as the shutdown enters a third week who will compromise and most importantly when so that the government can finally reopen. washington. faces the task of uniting politicians behind. resumes from holiday recess in the coming hours on sunday to resume a warm. cold. brags that plan was rejected and votes on the withdrawal agreement next week he said backing the deal was the only way it's one of the referendum results and protect the economy. so. wave of iraqi women are claiming bank their place in society.
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from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. and i would still snowing in central europe is still snowing in greece and in turkey underneath this massive cloud there are small areas of quite significant action and that is one of them austria and southern germany in this more snow to come here that looks fairly benign for the rest its color was often cloudy and foggy the significant active snowfall seems to be in ukraine apart from that but near austria and further west when it's quiet his back where it should be for this time winter nine in london but fourteen in madrid if i take your overnight yet again the snow falls in austrian disappears next huge belt comes in for choosing that's more significant i mean that could be on the meter of snow for the outs rights and then lower levels in both poland and germany behind it slightly less cold air very strong wind and rain on top which is more trouble and look what's happened in turkey in this time more significant snow in land and rain on the
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already flooded southern coast and on the lebanese coast too so in fact. its central eastern mediterranean where the winds are blowing strongly these gray dots of showers shower was offering of course hitting libya and then more significant rain hitting the coast of egypt and then right up towards lebanon and of course eventually south into the key proper winter stuff really. the weather sponsored by cattle and he's. bigger and potentially more dangerous that's the best way to describe what's happening with the smoking alternative known as favorite i enjoy the taste of it and the harmful effects of what smoking does between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and fourteen alone we start tripling in use among us high school students and head to head comparison each day first this conventional cigarette which one do you think has helped my opinion i think they're both dangerous take no one else is the.
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welcome back you're watching out zero time to recap headlines now soldiers and gabbana have taken over the national radio station they've criticized president who's been out of the country for medical treatment since october. government representatives from the u.s. and china have met in beijing for trade talks a ninety day truce on imposing new tabs expires in march unless a deal can be made. trump's national security advisor is heading to turkey after a two day visit to israel to discuss the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria and sunday bolton said the pullout was conditional on turkey not taking any military action against kurdish fighters in syria. let's get more now on
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our top story the unrest in bonn. is an economist and africa analyst he joins us live from nairobi good to have you with us first of all i know your forte ali is on economics when together in a second but you also analyze the african continent how much pull dars the go on family have at this point against soldiers who've so far just taken over the radio station well i think you know the captain's been out of a country now for a few months this is a decapitation strike which i think is going to be difficult for the family to repel notwithstanding the fact that they've been in this seat for nearly fifty years you know the legitimacy of the regime was in doubt the election was what war was very doubtful that the president won it and i think it was
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a small country two million population very much controlled by the top i still think you know we're watching a very dynamic situation unfold but i think it's very difficult for the family to reimpose their writs now a lot will depend on the french got born as being part of from freak for for half a century and it a lot will depend on whether those nine hundred troops are prepared to salvage the regime i suspect not so i think what we're watching the end of the family after more than fifty years and it is an oil rich country there how much of that have the people seen. so you're absolutely correct it's a big oil producer elf has been there for four for a long time about one point four one point two two one point four million barrels a day spread over just a population of two million and
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a probably one point nine five million have seen nothing of it so you've got you've got an extremely unequal society i think the soldiers what will be very very much supported and i think this is essential a the end of an era you know the election that mr president bongo was the incumbent he won it by a statistically impossible impossibly small margin which speaks to increasing lack of popularity this whole model of remote controlling countries cameroon and neighbors in a similar scenario of nigeria last year the president went to a wall for a few months it's telling it's no longer possible and that is a really important development one final point i don't think they've been at a hospital that's why i was in morocco and i think african leaders better consider the fact that it builds a mosque but also that they can stay in country when they fall sick a lease that might be incentives for development day well now that the soldiers are
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talking about a some kind of national council for the restitution of democracy very clear indication perhaps that they're trying to start a process which does not include anyone in the bunker family coming anywhere near the presidential palace right now. i would have thought so and i would have thought somewhere in the background lurking behind the curtain is jinping who lost the election by a very small margin last time i think more will what we'll see more unfold over the next few hours but clearly i don't think these guys are working on their own i think there's plenty of support it's not visible yet and i think you know they're pushing against an open door. but watching across this continent whether it's in got bar nor sudan or d. congo is a kind of tipping point moment things have become really fluid and i think in this case you know the street could not of could not have unseated bango it needed some
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kind of decapitation strike and i think this is it where we go now i think the french will be keen to calm things down because this is an important ally of theirs but we're in a very fluid moment sammy and i think we're watching a very important moment in the history of the continent when you know the population whether it's via young soldiers or whether it's via voting are beginning to assert themselves and these leaders who have not been there they haven't taken care of their citizens they they've been existing you know somewhere up in the up in the atmosphere are going to find it quite difficult now to manage and i think this is the first example of that development. can such oh it's good to talk to you thanks for your thoughts. sandy teenager has barricaded herself in a hotel room in thailand to avoid deportation saying she fears for her life one
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half of cologne was detained one in transit on our way to australia where she wants to claim asylum online she expressed fear of being killed if she was sent back to saudi arabia or she posted this message on her twitter account. i'm not leaving my old until i see you and age see our island. a government crackdown on fuel theft in mexico is resulted in a shortage for motorists president and his mother will oppose obrador took office in december a valve to stop billions of dollars in petrol faffed by gangs and oil workers authorities are now moving the fuel by tankers instead of vulnerable pipelines which is that of the shortages across several states. how is that petty theft we're talking about the robbery thirty years ago off more than one thousand pipelines daily of fifteen thousand liters each how do they distribute all that sort of gasoline well there was an attitude of total complicity on the part of the
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mexican petroleum. hollywood foreign press association has handed out suits annual global globe awards this year as talk on the red carpet was diversity not just on the screen but also behind the scenes told have a jan has more. the star showed up on the red carpet in beverly hills as the two thousand and one thousand award season kicked off with hollywood's first major award show the seventy sixth annual golden globes last year was the beginning of an ongoing everywhere say for women so this year's times the times today where they're making an effort to double the amount of people from minorities the amount of women at the helm within this industry and within every industry and so simple to make so that we keep the conversation going those conversations included unity in the united states solidarity in the world and equality in the entertainment industry host sandro calling attention to one an expected blockbuster crazy rich asians made
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over two hundred million dollars at the box office sad asian moms everywhere. five. any movie sound like they go over. the civil rights bill green book took home three prizes including best picture in the musical and comedy category and best original screenplay. it's got the movie and i want people to see this movie because this movie is united brings people together i thought prada. drinking. new things regina king accepted the award for best supporting actress for if beale street could talk based on race relations novel from civil rights activist and writer james baldwin i love you with all my heart thank you for your empathy thank you for telling stories so rich and thank you for giving us a film that my son said to me when he saw it that it was the first time he really saw himself with. his for he could b.b.c.
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series a very english scandal actor ben whishaw and you. his acceptance speech to applaud the l.g.b. g.q. minority he won the best supporting actor award for his role as norman scott who took on the establishment with courage and a defiance that i find completely inspiring he's a true queer hero an icon and norman this is for you. the golden globes are handed out by the hollywood foreign press association and they're usually indicative of which films will get an oscar nomination bohemian rhapsody. this year's warchild colonnade with the freddie mercury biopic bohemian rhapsody winning best picture in the drama category the full list of winners is on our website on al-jazeera. a cuban soldier who became a right hand man to fidel and raul castro has died at the age of ninety five among seven and has helped in the mission to retake history teaching beechen the bay of
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pigs where u.s. sponsored groups landed to invade cuba in one nine hundred sixty one the failed invasion tried to expel the castro leadership fernandez later became an important figure in the creation of the cuban armed forces. the rights of women in iraq has come under the spotlight as more females take on bigger roles in society but activists say there's a long way to go for women are treated equally to men a man can reports from baghdad. it's been fifteen years but finally the iraqi women's wrestling team is back on the mat. the team like many other sports teams was disbanded after the u.s. led invasion and occupation of iraq in two thousand and three but much more than that it's part of a wave of women taking bigger roles in iraq and society. unfortunately our society does not accept women's sports but many iraqi women are defying these restrictions
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and adamant to bring achievements to iraq by raising its flag by women in international tournaments and it's not just in sports in southern iraq a farmer embassador wants to revolutionize the farming industry. she's aiming to grow tomatoes and other vegetables in greenhouses without fertilizers in other words to be completely organic. as a woman i took up the responsibility to cultivate my lens and aim to achieve progress as a female farmer i want to break up stereotypes and restrictions on women in tribal society and will support the role of female farmers. rights activists are increasingly hopeful that things are changing for iraqi women but they still fill those in charge are resisting the change they tell and. that women. among. women. women quality this is one of the northern.
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iraq women make up twenty five percent of iraq's parliament they come from across the political spectrum and it's in shrine and in law rights activists say that is crucial and they're hoping that women will play an ink. creasing the larger role in iraq the society iran card al-jazeera baghdad. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now soldiers in the banner of taken over the national radio station they've criticized president ali bongo on december who's been out of the country for medical treatment since october. the message to the head of state. is that rebate on his health has reinforced doubts about the president's ability to handle the heavy burden of the responsibilities of his office. bongo has been
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in power since two thousand and nine before that his father bongo ruled the oil rich nation for more than forty years. government representatives from the u.s. and china have met in beijing for trade talks a ninety day truce on imposing new tariffs expires in march unless a deal can be made president trump is optimistic about the new round of negotiations donald trump's national security advisor is heading to turkey after a two day visit to israel to discuss the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria on sunday bolton said the pullout was conditional on turkey not taking any military action against kurdish fighters in syria the un special envoy for yemen is juicy meat yemeni government officials in the saudi capital martin griffiths has already met who three representatives on sunday it's all part of a effort to convince both sides in the civil war to fully comply with the cease
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fire agreement. police in sudan have used tear gas and stun grenades to stop protesters reaching the presidential palace the demonstrations against president our model this year began nearly three weeks ago anger over rising food prices and government corruption of brought calls for bashir to step down after nearly thirty years in power at least nineteen people have been killed since the unrest started some rights groups put the figure much higher and britain's prime minister faces the task of uniting politicians behind her briggs's deal when parliament resumes from holiday recess in the coming hours techno now. on counting the cost it was the worst performing stock market of twenty eighteen find out where china is headed in twenty nineteen brazil's new president has an economic challenge
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plus taxing times for technology giants and france at a profit warning from apple counting the cost on old as era. let. me. say.
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this is techno innovations that can change lives the science of fighting wildfires we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it in unique way. this is a show about science lolo not nice scientists tonight techno investigates. ever bought this cat way more than they bargained for yes they did it's everywhere in clubs street corners in cars they say it's safe and can help break the cigarette habit if i had to say what is more dangerous honest.


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