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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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story needs to be told. with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports. al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries. and lightning. on air and online. bombs government says it's arrested soldiers who took over the national radio station in the coup attempt while the president is abroad. along down jordan this is out as they are live from doha also coming up concerns of a main suspect in the murder of some officer may be roaming free and influencing the saudi investigation into the killing. the u.n.
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envoy holding talks with the yemeni government and saudi arabia a day after meeting the who things in sana. and the u.s. delegation holds talks in china to end a trade war that friends of damage the global economy. the bonds government special forces the rest and soldiers who took over the national radio station in an apparent coup attempt the communications minister says the situation will be under control soon the soldiers broadcast messages criticizing president ali bongo on dimba who's been out of the country for medical treatment since october the stars and i still do. the message to the head of state . is that abates on his health has reinforced doubts about the president's ability to handle the heavy burden of the responsibilities of his office. but dean is a good. the homeland has given us everything and made us the people we are we cannot abandon it so the patriotic movements of defense and security forces in
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order to preserve the integrity of the country decided to take responsibility to stop the ongoing move to seize power by those who own the night of the disputed election in twenty sixteen killed our young compassionate with the support of illegal and illegitimate institutions. well ali bongo dimba has been in power since two thousand and nine before that his father omar bongo ruled the oil rich nation for more than forty years he was reelected in twenty sixteen in a poll maad allegations of fraud allowed as aerosmith the miller was in the one reason and joins us live now from johannesburg just bring us up to date with the latest you've been hearing it appears the two leaders were arrested pretty quickly . at least four of them daryn have been a wrist we understand that perhaps five maybe more soldiers were involved in this
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attempted coup when those soldiers according to what they had said coming from the republican guard as well which is normally tossed with protecting the president so at this stage looking as if they are certainly divisions within the army it was also the military the republican guard that then arrested these soldiers secured the bolding where the national radio station is housed and based on that the government has come out to say that it's restored order we do understand that liebl the capital is now call they are military tanks there is a military a security presence on the streets but we do understand that the concerns of the government was facing early in the day perhaps no longer exist but certainly given that they appears to be this division within the military they are concerns around the ability of livan both to lead the country this certainly could be viewed as a warning at the very least for the government about what happens next and exactly
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what to move the military as a whole could make in the coming days or in fact the governing themselves given that a significant portion of the population is unhappy with this fifty year dynasty that's been in place in the barn they are unhappy with the cost of living their own happy with the president been absent for several months now daryn so is this the end of the bondo dynasty it's a media and what next for the country that experience so much political upheaval and violence or what apologies for that we've lost. in johannesburg. below is that it's of africa international she says many people in the bone have been unhappy since the twenty sixth election. the immediate cozies that. president. has been has suffered a stroke and as we all know he's not in
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a condition to to run the country he's been away for over two months now and they try to change the constitution so that he he had the appearance of ruling although he's not in a position to do so so that the klan can can continue having power over the country so i think the major reason of this was is back to twenty sixteen when. there was this read election where very apparently mr sharping won election and it was rigged so and nothing happened i mean and people who could get away with it and he's been a catastrophic leader. enjoying you know traveling all around the country all over the world and the leaving the country good down the drain and you know everything
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is crisis education health care and everything so the young people want to do something about it. not to attempt to go bomb let's go back to al jazeera as for me the miller who was in gabon recently was asking before we lost communication is this the end of the bongo dynasty and what happens next for a country that's experienced so much political upheaval and violence. well as we've just heard they this has been trouble for this regime for many years now going back at least to twenty sixteen where there was allegations of fraud and manipulation of the voter protests to at that time when it was announced that bongo had won that election many people didn't believe that was the case and the opposition coming out strongly against this government certainly at the very least this is a warning shot for the governor's government especially considering that the bongo remains out of the country and now the obama regime of the government the existing
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government towards the end of last year did try to make constitutional changes which many of us in attempt to protect this dynasty by shifting some of the president's power to both the vice president and prime minister who are both allied with president pongo the issue also is one of politics in go beyond where there is also the the president of the constitutional court or rather the the president of the senate who ordinarily should have taken power or some of that power should be transferred to the president of the senate. or was perhaps perhaps incapacitated and that wasn't the case the constitutional changes that were attempted were to direct power elsewhere away from the senate president who is known to sympathize with the opposition so they certainly are attempts to secure this family's place in the country we're also looking at the president's half brother alex bongo who is
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the minister of security so this is very much a system in place that has been both around the bongo regime preserving it and ensuring that it does continue for as long as possible perhaps but given that we are seeing these moves by the military we are seeing increasing public discontent this is certainly a situation where the government would would be looking over. shoulder with regard to what happens next because this is a country that is looking for a new direction to go in change and perhaps stability in a different direction away from one that's been in place for more than fifty years for media thank you now a senior who thier fishel says a new round of talks between yemen's warring factions may take place soon in jordan u.n. envoy martin griffiths met the who things before heading to riyadh to ensure a recent deal reached in sweden is fully implemented has more.
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peace in yemen won't be easy but the united nations envoy martin griffiths remains confident it will one day become a reality griffith's destroying the region to ensure all the parties will implement the agreement reached in sweden last month the deal calls for the who the is to hand over control of yemen's red sea port of her data of the warring factions remain divided over who should step in and run the facility where much of the food aid comes in. the exiled government says it's ready to take over and move dismissed by the who thiis who don't recognize the government of president opt out of the muscle handy. we hope peace efforts kick off a gratian comes to an end to belittle prevails in airports reopen. the un wants to bring yemen's rival factions to
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a new round of talks to discuss ways to improve the economy and tackle the deteriorating humanitarian situation on his arrival martin griffiths was shown children affected by the almost four year old conflict. the war has killed thousands of people and forced hundreds of thousands from their homes yemen faces the worst humanitarian catastrophe in warden times according to recent estimates as many as eighty five thousand children may have died of hunger since the start of the saudi u.a.e. led war against the houthi is the deal that was reached in sweden was the first breakthrough since the start of the war in two thousand and fourteen but the deal remains fragile fighting has resumed in some areas and a prisoner exchange is on hold the internationally recognized government insists
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the who these must hand over their weapons and pulled out of the capital sanaa before there is any final peace deal by the houthi is who controlled most of the country remain adamant there are humans just a bit leaders. now there are concerns a man accused in the murder of the journalist might be roaming free according to the washington post saudi authorities are refusing to confirm the whereabouts of south khatami was accused of playing a major role in the crime in the vendor the kingdom confirmed that he was under investigation and forbidden to leave the country but there are reports qatari has been cited at the royal court and in the city of jeddah. well saddle qahtani was a top aide to saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man he was fired in october just days after the murder of came to light he was among seventeen saudis sanctioned by the u.s. government over the murder qahtani also played
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a central role in efforts to bring exile critics like ashaji back to the country. now a delegation of u.s. officials is in china for talks aimed at resolving a trade war the us president says he's optimistic about a new round of negotiations early last year the u.s. imposed tariffs on two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods and beijing retaliated and hit the u.s. with one hundred ten billion dollars of tariffs well america's farmers the car industry and small manufacturers have been particularly hurt by the levies both sides have agreed to a ninety day truce on imposing new tariffs which will expire in march pauline newman is managing director of asia analytic where she covers china's political economy she doesn't expect an agreement between china and the u.s. before march. well basically i think the americans are under less pressure than the chinese for the trumpet ministration it it's a question of is this trade war dragging on for too long what's going to happen to
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my ball to base and things like that but for china it's very serious this trade fight has couldn't have come out of a worse time for china its economy is in trouble not just cyclical but structural it's got a debt to mountain that history times that of g.d.p. you n.p.l. starved non-performing loans are. and all the banks are in serious trouble worrying about what is going to happen next so china definitely does want to make an agreement as soon as possible there's no need for them to come to an agreement in two days or if they did to tell anyone about it they have got until march this troops and i think both sides are going to want to squeeze everything they can a juror in this this time to get the best out of you know the times that are
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remaining so i did not expect anything dramatic to be announced before march a u.s. navy ship has sailed in the disputed islands in the south china sea the trade talks were happening china's lodge a complaint with the us asking for the vessel to leave the area a guided missile destroyer was close to the parcel islands which a claim by china taiwan yes ma'am. time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back marking forty years since the fall of the camaro as we talk to cambodia still coming to terms one of the country's darkest chapters. and greece's government goes into crowdfunding to keep its navy afloat mara not stay with us. the out a season rain is still with us in central china this clan doesn't look very much
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but shouldn't really be there cross north vietnam across united it first forecast brings that taylor very near the tongue of rain up through central china something john up towards shanghai it meets cold rare as it goes slowly no worse for because winter proper is in the north in china so we see snow for us this guy again shouldn't see that much this time the but the rain is the real thing that could be quite substantial as far south as hanoi hong kong like staying on the dry side we see a few thunderstorms with snow recently in delhi further north and they are running through new polls a lot of cloud here there's more coming through pakistan afghanistan that's cause some trouble but typically you find very neutral going on at this time the it is this cold air has the system fog and smog north and plain of india and it's dry to the south very few shot even in sri lanka now this is as it should be during the winter months to the west the arabian peninsula is largely fine and dry this cloud looks suspicious it has brought rain as far south as kuwait and iran and there's
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more to come a wednesday but beyond that apart from stirring up the dust it looks like it's fairly dry but this here suggests showers could exist in eastern amman. president discusses his hopes for the country and the region. and challenges including poverty migration corruption and the case of julian assange. lenin merino . zero. zero zero this is the opportunity to understand a very different way were there before and we don't.
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welcome back to the top stories here this hour the bonds government says special forces of arrest of soldiers who took over the national radio station in an apparent to attempt soldiers broadcast messages criticizing president ali bongo on what he was abroad for medical treatment. there are concerns a man accused in the murder of the journalist might be roaming free and interfering with the investigation the washington post says saudi authorities are refusing to confirm the whereabouts of southall qahtani former advisor to the crown prince ahmed bin. and government representatives from the u.s. and china met in beijing to trade talks on a ninety day truce and imposing new tariffs expires in march unless a deal can be made. that the u.s. national security adviser has arrived in turkey to discuss the withdrawal of u.s.
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troops from syria john bolton was in israel on a two day visit where he said the pulled out was conditional on turkey not taking any military action against kurdish fighters the u.s. military doesn't backing them in the fight against. bolton also said u.s. troops won't leave until the armed group is completely defeat it. mom of the dough has more on the turkish syrian border. what dawn boldrin and by extension ball chump are saying is it's business as usual no one should fold their breath for until midnight quick withdrawal of u.s. troops from city of the most of realize what's at stake not just dipping into turkey and russia's influence in syria but also iran something israel is very concerned about turkey has been reacting and reacting angrily to bolton's comments that u.s. troops will remain in syria as long as these no guarantee of protection for syrian fighters will fall alongside their troops in the fight against isis prime colleen
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a spokesman for the turkish presidency has said the techie has no problem with the kurdish population of syria but just the groups y p d n p k k who he says are terrorist groups and he said if he's very rude of the united states to say that the cat is out of presented by what equal terrorist groups of course. the talks that will take place on tuesday at the presidency between bolton in the texas leadership i expect that to be heated and turkey has a formal list of demands including and logistical support they would need if the case is that they would be replacing u.s. troops once and if they withdraw. now dozens of ranger are being deported from saudi arabia to bangladesh despite them being from neighboring me in math a group of nearly fifteen says they've been detained in jeddah for up to six years they entered saudi arabia and put them into visas but overstayed to work there
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recently from rakhine state in may and saudi arabia sending them to bangladesh despite not having citizenship for going about way no. lawyer for them now filming this video from jeddah airport after being detained in saudi arabia for almost six years today they are deporting us they are referring to who came after two thousand and twelve didn't do any crimes has given what the mom i would like to inform all my fellow are hangers that we have been in detention for many years and now they're deporting us to bangladesh as being goalies. well ranger activist may some of the way in has been communicating with the deportees i believe they will be transported to the. refugee camp in a cause as well as are all there they are very much afraid of being detained again at the dock i have also sent all the detail information to the un a senior protection officer in dakar i am sure that they are well aware of this deportation because bangladeshi media are also have given some
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coverage for i believe they will be they will be in their refugee camp and they will not be detained again because they should accept in them by knowing that they are really. shaken ciena has been sworn in as bangladesh is prime minister for a third successive term december's election sauciness party with more than ninety five percent of seats in parliament the opposition accuse the government of widespread rigging. celebrations are being held in cambodia to mark forty years since the fall of the brutal camero rouge regime around two million people were killed under their rule john in the seventy's known as victory of a genocide day or simply nation day scott hardly reports from phnom penh. cambodia and father and son reflecting on the darkest of times for this nation as it marks forty years since the fall of the camaro rouge seen by many here as a rebirth for the country. at sixty eight is lucky during the four years the
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c'mere rouge ruled cambodia from one thousand nine hundred five to seventy nine almost one in five people died that's nearly two million from either execution starvation or disease lisa says he still has to feed his family and was tortured when he was caught. and i am thankful for what happened and you know what has happened. and my family from starvation. but at least the i don't feel that we had the freedom from the floor and we lost that authority to the vietnamese but i did some feel that regardless of the deep emotional and physical scars of the camaro rouge regime those four years need to be remembered through education and memorials like at one of the infamous killing fields just outside penn and it's. so it's it's very hard even though you want to change it but we cannot change so in that it would be need to.
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transform. almost seventy percent of cambodia population is under the age of thirty born at least ten years after the fall of the camaro rouge now most of them feel as though this country is dark period it shouldn't and cannot be forgotten but that the government and the nation must not dwell on the past leeson any met was born after the camaro rouge regime he now has a son all three generations are hoping for more on the. congo and i mean i make an effort today for the next generation with my son to help them have much more than i did try not to compare things in the past too much because even in my time things have changed so much. the only surviving senior camaro rouge leaders were found guilty of genocide just two months ago by war crimes tribunals. while the brutal regime came to an end thanks to a vietnamese led invasion the government underlines the need for independence.
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forty years ago was a mistake for an independent and it was a mistake a cold war so that's why to prevent to have. a new young state i think so going to be and dignity and independent is a must and it's a cambodian tradition to release birds to shed bad luck as the people here feel lucky the chapter of oppression and genocide is behind them many. still hoping for more more freedom and more opportunity it's got harder al-jazeera phnom penh. china says it will allow u.n. officials to visit the western state of shin shunned after global condemnation of its treatment of we good muslims beijing has been accused of in turning up to a million we go and prison like detention camps forcing them to renounce their religion and native language some of been pushed into forced labor with little or no page china says u.n. officials are welcome to visit the region as long as they respect proper procedures . the european commission has again said there'll be no renegotiation of the brags
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that deal that was agreed with britain's government was just twelve weeks to go until the u.k. leaves the e.u. commission president. says negotiations over british prime minister to resume is expected to put the deal to a vote in parliament next week should put off a december vote after facing opposition from many m.p.'s and their own party will be setting out measures which will be specific to northern ireland will be setting out proposals for a greater role for parliament as we move into the next stage of the negotiations and we're continuing to work on further assurances on further undertakings from the european union in relation to the concern that's been expressed by parliamentarians men are more than one hundred trucks are taking part in a trial in southeast england to prevent long queues at the port of dover should the u.k. crash out of the e.u. with no deal the government says it needs to repair for all eventuality is the test involves trucks driving between the port and
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a disused airport in kent to see where the traffic flow can be maintained john a hole has more. well it was just twelve weeks ago now to greg's it day march the twenty ninth over there is live contingency planning taking place for the possibility now ever more realistic of a no deal exit for britain from the european union there is apparent deadlock in parliament particularly over to resume may's brigs a deal to be voted on in the next ten days or so if it's voted down no deal becomes as i said ever more possible that means customs checks at borders dover port of course a main artery way to the continent they would be tailbacks queues of trucks like that forty kilometers along one of britain's busiest highways this is a contingency putting them all in an unused airfield in kent and then feeding them slowly along a secondary route through the kent countryside well there are two phases to this happening here on monday the first during rush hour this morning and evidence it
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has to be said of how it's all gone is not good a taxi driver i spoke to a short while ago said look there was such gridlock on that a two five six in the kent countryside if you lived here and this would have become a daily occurrence which under no deal scenario it quite possibly would he said simply have to move you wouldn't be able to get to work you wouldn't be able to get to school. greece is asking its taxpayers to contribute about what they owe the second by new warships and it may have to look abroad that the money johnson reports from athens. greece is thirteen frigates form the backbone of its navy but they are now three decades old refitting them would cost more than half the price of a new fleet and without the capabilities so the heloc navy is looking for a brand new fleet and it's taking donations galligan fairly limitless though i call on great ship owners and greek citizens to contribute something from their surplus
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in a special account set up to acquire a new fleet of frigates and a new flagship greek defense spending has fallen by forty percent to six billion dollars during a decade of recession and even though it's still one of the biggest spenders in nato greece says it cannot afford new equipment and its traditional rival turkey now spends three times as much the problem is greeks already have the highest taxes in europe in an attempt to pay off the national debt and half the population still owes the government money. no i won't contribute the country has much bigger priorities than buying weapons we need better salaries better pensions better health care and education all the things that make a country civilized and where greece has fallen behind the european union is a real union it will help with our defense complicating matters to former defense ministers are now in jail for embezzlement one of them for the contracts that upgraded the frigate fleet with greeks overtaxed at home the defense ministry is
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looking to greeks living abroad and the merchant shipping community these communities produced a rescue plan once before it was a donation of seven million gold francs that enabled greece to make a down payment of almost a third of the value of this in one thousand the george avert of ball the name of its benefactor and helped greece defeat the awesome. a second time and double its territory in the balkan wars now as then the navy wants to extend its range this time to cover its exclusive economic zone or easy as well as that of cyprus where hydrocarbons have recently been discovered well supposedly one of the reasons of the greek fleet wants to update in the last revised upwards is the fact that it's now being called upon to safeguard the easy between greece and cyprus which is in the east med very far from where it's used to prowling
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essentially becoming for what they call green water navy to a blue water navy greece has long relied on the generosity of individuals and greek ship owners a constantly helping the armed forces but fleet renewal costs many billions of dollars to cover it greece will need friends as well as family. al-jazeera athens. tartuffe a quick check of the headlines here an al-jazeera the bones government says special forces have arrested soldiers and took over the national radio station in an apparent coup attempt the soldiers broadcast messages criticizing president ali banged on demba while he was abroad for medical treatment fucking is not good. the homeland has given us everything and made us the people we are we cannot abandon it so the patriotic movements of youth of put events and security forces in order to
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preserve the integrity of the country as decided to take responsibility for this stop the ongoing move to seize power by those who are on the night of the disputed election it's going to sixteen killed our young compassionate with the support of illegal and illegitimate institutions there are concerns a man accused in the murder of the journalist might be roaming free and interfering with the investigation the washington post says saudi authorities are refusing to confirm the whereabouts of saudi all cattani is a former advisor to the crown prince mohammed bin sound man in november the kingdom confirmed he was under investigation and forbidden to leave the country there are reports he's been cited at the royal court and in the city of jeddah u.n. special envoy martin griffiths is in saudi arabia as part of an effort to convince both sides in the civil war in yemen to fully comply with the cease fire agreement . but u.s. national security adviser has arrived in turkey to discuss the withdrawal of u.s.
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troops from syria john bolton was in israel on a two day visit where he said the pulled out was conditional on turkey not taking any military action against syrian kurdish fighters the u.s. military has been backing them in the fight against isis government representatives in the u.s. and china met in beijing for trade talks on a ninety day truce and imposing new terrace expires in march unless a deal can be made. the european commission has again said no renegotiation of the regs that deal that was agreed with britain's government just twelve weeks to go until you can leave the e.u. commission president. says negotiations are over but his partner has had to resign maines expected the put the deal to avert an ottoman next week she had put off a december vote after facing opposition of the many m.p.'s in our own party well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera talked a lot to say such and also watching.
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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera in. ecuador like other latin american countries faces many challenges including poverty migration and corruption ecuadorians trusted learning merino to be the man who would meet those challenges and make their country a better place he became president in twenty seventeen after rafael correa had governed for ten years korea along with travers in venezuela and abel morales in bolivia was a self declared revolutionary aiming to spread a populist rhetoric in the continent and beyond but he was accused of both or.


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