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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 4  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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bread prices authorities say at least one thousand people including two security personnel have been killed in clashes during the demonstrations rights group amnesty international though claims that number is thirty seven u.s. and chinese negotiators have held their first face to face talks since both countries agreed to a truce to try to resolve their trade dispute donald trump says he's optimistic about the new round of negotiations the two sides will continue discussions on tuesday and the round ninety trucks have taken part in a trial in england the aim that preventing long queues at the port of dover if the u.k. crashes out of the e.u. with no deal at the end of march the government says it needs to prepare for all eventualities but some experts predicting massive queues as new customs checks come in trucks have been driving between the ports and a disused airport to test traffic flows though over is the closest u.k. port to the european mainland i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour coming up next it's the street by.
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fire for me ok today uprising in sudan where a look at the impact the current wave of anti-government demonstrations are having on the country we also want you to share your thoughts about what's happening in sudan so send is a chat via you tube on twitter of course. i mean you. know with quotes africa. anti-government demonstrators are once again calling for the resignation of sudanese president omar
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al bashir on sunday faculty members of the university of khartoum were arrested as a trying to join the protests more than two thousand demonstrators have been arrested since december nineteenth many say they are fed up by high food prices fuel shortages and inflation caused by what they see as government mismanagement to bush years nearly thirty year rule security forces have reportedly used to live ammunition and tear gas against protesters authorities say at least nineteen of been killed while the human rights group amnesty international estimated the death toll to be at thirty seven the government has responded by cutting access to social media sites joining us to talk about all of this from khartoum. the obaid is a senior member of sudan's ruling national congress party. is an activist stand out as a reporter i would use a hipper morgan hello everybody is really good to have you here here you've reported on sudan for a very long time these protests what makes them different as far as you're
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concerned. well i think the fact that it went on for so long is quite interesting we've seen protests over the past few years twenty top twenty thirteen beginning of january twenty equal have been protesting all all these over the park economy about the rise in bread prices right and food i want to see prices but this what went on for more than three weeks actually not three weeks right now as i don't think and the response you know usually people are afraid once they are faced by a live ammunition and tear gas but this and they seem to be very determined. you've been out in the streets you have been protested you've even been detained what happened. well first i would like to come back to the point why it's different is actually different because the stone some kind of leadership are there for their needs professional associations it's which is a body of many but only an workers unions and their unions is calling for this
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but this does the reason it's different many different stuff i went protesting on the on the twenty fifth of december and again on the thirty first of december i was that i stood on the thirty first through to be done by security agents and in plain closing and. yeah i was a piece of the same thing. from a police station along with other twenty detained of hundreds of a still detained and hardcore many more outside toppled. rami i'm getting in a lot of response from people on social media even though social media has been cut off in sudan people using v.p.n. in order to get around the fact the not able to get online so easily national here on twitter says the solidarity of the sudanese people has never been so strong thousands in any one area have been active in the demonstrations what do you make of that. yes i think that these demonstrations.
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the government do to some reason the more you defeat of the reasons behind. this protest and is the most sense are no maybe angry initially because of the rise of the prices of. necessity communities like clip and also the shortage of fuel in now the problem of shortage of full fuel bins in now solve this. the problem of easy is not solved but some steps taken by the go to solve all the crises that in the protests at the mysteries of the government and they think now they are the those people who are protesting but not like before about and also if we compare them with the supporters of the government will not find any comparison between the
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supporters on those people who are protesting and they think that the government is very keen to solve the problem because of the problems and to fill the cup of the economy in a very short period of time according to a very quick plan this plan of action i think that has taken out place the effect the positive effect of this plan is now very obvious and this is solve the problem this problem is not money not a political problem but the economic problem due to. the tsunami and the thing mr. i argue with you that the prices in bread and the shortage of fuel is anything but the main reason is that people realize why that is high prices for bread i mean shortening if you want the people realize that there is an instance government that the corruption that your government have been working under for thirty years is the reason why we have shortened fuel and and that is is it. no you know that. eighty
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percent of your budget is going towards protecting your and the government eighty percent of the good of the budget is not going to education or health care or anything it is literally going into creating more militias to protect the region because your new does they will come up you have you always knew this day will come here i see you nodding go ahead tell us what's behind the country where you really want and we've heard repeated you wouldn't believe the value that you do it from the year two thousand up to two cents a living governor maybe that's run before the second of the sorrows so that is a country that will see a lot of experts years from different countries in africa difficult to sort of asia including syria. even for obvious u.b.i. to other countries and before the secession of the south there was no problem but i think that after a year or two certainly living under most of the movie or the throat so that i started to suffer from this travel troubles in routine less revenue. sharing
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through the sanctions that imposed that in the sudan says no no we will probably not of course we're not going to sanctions and so our action has been to get there ever a chance to actually join in the conversations i had because i had me a little bit conscience have been lifted in twenty seventeen and we've seen economy instead getting worse i've been covering sudan before the sanctions and after the sanctions and we can see that things have not been improving things are getting worse and people are saying that despite the crisis going away it seems to i mean back repeatedly so it would be a month of red of billable fuel available but then it comes back again and there would be long lines of of of people waiting for to get bread long lines of people going to try to get fuel and people are we see people lining every single day trying to get access to some for cash so you can see that that people are just going to be able to. be the problem will be stopped today and that people should be happy because they're saying that it's. not about the economy policy it's about the
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fact that the government is not able to handle its budget just like that eighty percent is going to where the military spending and the security spending and not going into health care not going into education or going into development mr abbott can i put this to you this comes from life and you change the conversation that's happening right now as we're watching the strain why has the government blocked off the internet for a direct question yes actually i don't think that. go up but. no i am using internet and this is very clear that now skype is we have now are seeing. also hearing my voice i don't think that maybe is a bit blocked i get a couple that we can going to please with that and you know interruption interruption is not good either to let me i'm only i'm interrupting i'm talking like also our lives and i'm going well hundreds of comments or not it is not it is
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not actually being bit because i own view of it and i sometimes know any interest around me is no longer to understand everything someone says so if i want to think about that every time that we start or the other just people are also did not want to speak to complete what that there are they want to say but actually this is you have to give me up for just completing and finishing then mr ackerman or i'll give up also to start to what they want to comment about or what they want to give and in what i see so then the internet is not blocked i'm at. the internet is very blocked social media specifically if there is a procedure they blocked facebook twitter and instagram. social media really you cannot access them without yes you can you can use skype and you can you can use google that you do but there's no way to use what's up or facebook or twitter
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without of the. mystery of the other not to send a message or what's up without the you would not be able to do less move on someone here is a pharmacist's let me share this bit of a back story here and she's been participating in the protest organized by the sudanese professionals association and she's been involved in various forms of protest performed on the streets and on the media and in the media she says this. these pictures here for public protest it's a partial shutdown of pharmacies performed today on monday by pharmacies in a web madani in support of demands of the sudanese people here i'm just wondering if these protests are now being organized and attended by the middle class of sudan by professionals of sudan does that give this protest more power. well yes i mean let's realize that at this point it's seems to be every level of sudanese communities we're looking at people who have been facing economic crisis lower
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class lower income people who are also looking at people from middle class and people who are well off there are protesting because it's going from the economy and our people are protesting the government itself that it's not just about the fact that the country is facing high prices and inflation they think it's the way the country is governed the fact that they can't express themselves freely you know journalists are being people can't come out and just express we've seen teachers yesterday just holding banners and being detained and beaten and arrested just because of that so it's not just about the fact that things are expensive in the market but there is no fuel and has quickly escalated from the economy to now the government and the fact there is so many restraints that the government is imposing so many restrictions that it's about living in sudan generally not just the economy let me bring in the voice of men had madam was tweeting to us at the stream and said i think it's about time that you look at the protest in sudan and she also sent us this video comment to help us with the conversation have a look have a listen we are going through this scene again is injustice russian
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the dollar shoot mismanagement of our creations you source it is looking of into this so this is a liquid health first religious so the issues have been going through and of times recently climate is high social instability are on the rise our use those you hold the line and the future so when people also go into the street simply to give us hope that we can write our own future deadly disease. maybe i'm wondering if this is a very strong new opposition that is asking for their government to be different for their government to be changed. yes actually i accept also the opinions about. this. political system that any company in our acquitted or
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unethical or even you know position we have a position but this opposition if we look to get through it we can see that this opposition is absolutely no way no popular where. this is actually very clear from the results of the last election. two thousand. but we think that. the free expression to express your opinion is allowed but actually and out according to the law that should be tested by. twenty. five people who said they want appears to be to be to be absolutely. to be clear for the people and not accept the call. for a fifth of people they come in by the right to the property of the
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people at the property of the government and this is would not be allowed because actually we have. ruled out of things that. you know before the war. whenever there is a hard for people actually when. it is that. this when it says yes. you could if he said it is to be intervene in such cases that's. the position and that you have and that. i want i want i got i don't see. that means about the things. violent or. legal or illegal for us to do. and i think that this is to be one commanded and this is by extent it will be in between the opposition and the government and we are not working out so i. hope that we live here which will be
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going to twenty so that the people will see that the government that will rule the country and also said look at the opposition we are still at least it will still work because system for peaceful extent or for between different are going to fall in the us so maybe a little bit are going to have an intercessor and i don't have a go first because she was trying to actually interject i mean and then you come second go ahead and give them each well is that i mean first of all let's remember that the elections that you were talking about in twenty fifteen a lot of the opposition boycotted it's weekends it was inclusive you can say it represents all the parties that were in sudan and when you talk about express freedom of expression people have been arrested simply for going out and protesting and you are accusing protesters of basically destroying properties and of looting properties i've been in one of those protests and actually others as well and out of we've been observing those protests and i've seen that these protests have been
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largely peaceful and they have not been very violent as the as the government is saying what happens is the police are firing tear gas the police are high level munitions i've seen people injured needing so you can see that these protesters are violating any law and you're organizing the government is the ruling party is organizing protests and they've been granted security the security forces are going to be standing with these people were pro-government but those people who are trying to express their opinion and say that they don't want this government and they want syria gene change they've been they've been met with live ammunition and tear gas and i don't think that's fair to be honest i'm at. yes before the elections the minister of interior today confirmed that nineteen people died in the protest two of them police officers of course the number is a lot higher than that i'm a supporter i don't fourteen but let's stick to the government number one thousand people were killed two of them police officers according to your minister what are the steps your government is going to take. towards that before you talk about an
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action. because the people who die protesting this government now yes i think that you know people to. protest should be a subject for a fist against him by. killing you know protesters he will actually be are subject to be punished according to the law and the courts. and also the cries that. we shoot from. this is also subject for its original form if you have to remove all these reasons. that the people the people those who are people and i think that. a lot of where a lot of where a. lot of government of national congress party on more than twenty.
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now. in this government as government of. by and we are now where people. actually just know that and we believe that we said yes but i can hear you now that he was doing none of you agree with mr ravi i understand that let me just bring in the voice of president al bashir and he was talking on time enough about the way his government was handling the process have a look. we do not kill people we are here to provide protection and a life of dignity and luxury however and then only the righteous will prevail what message. is the policeman hey this is. in the end for obliged to use weapons in order to strengthen our security and we must use them with the least force and damage possible. so as we've been speaking and dress sent us this
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tweet this is the biggest challenge faced by al bashir in twenty nine years it's no longer about the bread but the dignity of the sudanese people and then we go from ok this is how the protest but where will they end up where she is regime says armani has been and continues to be detrimental to sudan and its people every single level we will require decades of strenuous effort to recover from thirty years of damage no reform will think this is not fit to be president he never was hipper there were so many calls lal for the president to stand down not the first time but many more cause this time what do you think might happen. well emulous term is that elections are coming in twenty twenty other this is going to be the situation if the protesters and the opposition can come together and try to form a solid stance and negotiate with the government and for the government or some
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kind of compromise then this is what's going to happen and so elections coming twenty twenty but then the government says that it's not going to step down that is not common ground right now there is no middle ground for the two sides to come together to a table and try to work things out so it's very hard to see how this would put a very determined and the opposition is now giving them their support and say that they have legitimate reasons to be out on the street so this is going to be going going on for a long while and let the opposition and the processes come together and form a solid hand and the president's a table where he says ok this is my plan i'm going to be governing and so i had over time and time government or an interim council as they once was easy and i let me put this tweet from a jesus he describes you as a protester as cannon fodder protest me to get smarter and focused range plans out faster than jet fuel and the jeezy predicts it will not go well well i mean i agree i focused focused trade is very focused trade towards the
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lies that serbia and his government have been spewing at us in the past days and the past weeks they tried everything to downplay these protests whether it's arresting andersen people and trying to rationalize that matters by by saying that saudis rebel groups are organizing the process or by saying that we are right we burn and we destroy much of the fact is we protest peacefully going to the end of the regime all of all of dignity and to get rid of the city jim we are met with live bullets and you guys every day on the streets. robin let me share this review from the on war. and he's really concerned about where sudan is right now and he urges the sudanese to think wisely before protesting what individual mistakes should not destroy their lovely nation refer to what happened to your brother the arab nations after the arab spring syria tunisia and the like let the mind work
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brothers robbie what do you make of that there's concern from outside of the country that maybe this is not a good direction for the country to go the way the protests have been treated and the way the administration is treating the protesters. you know actually. what you are a stickler about that we should all together the government the national congress party and. it is a government of one accord the national unity we should look together to establish if you because we should not. right to say that this party is to be isolated or and this party should govern the country but we should work together to solve the political problem of the country we should work together to stablish a political system for peaceful exchange of power between all political parties and also should we have together so that this country we this.
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let ye for so that his people but actually some people to lose lose direct this is not actually the mets or to topple or octal. but has and refused to step down the orderly legal we now or toppling of the government in the election transparent election that elections be monitored by the international. review in an institution that specializes in monitoring elections and after that you will see the people who are supporting n.c.p. or end up are. all what is the mystery the number of the people who are supporting the opposition and babies we i think that we will avoid the situation that happened in syria and yemen. where in the final minute of the shadow of
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illusions of the spring as you say iran find many of these discussions ok we will still have two years then actually what the government proposed now to fix the problems the economic problems that we are facing will hop on my own so the. well you know now the problem what all of us know now it's become by the government. no look it's that it is and has to be blood on its. own can you mr ravenel can you have to leave it there let me go here make another wake up remember how to leave it down there with the idea of where you are so i jump out and we will clean up today really want to know how bell next. rattled. by the time is gone very fast thank you so much we will continue this discussion online and offline online ease maybe piano feel in sudan natural ahmed says what we are seeing on the ground indicates that this regime is at its end and we shall
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discover that in future episodes of the strain that's the time we have been so watching everybody see you next.
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target. we have a newsgathering team here and there is a second term out there all over the world and they do a fantastic job in information is coming in very quickly all at once we've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to them. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view i understand and make sense of it. it could be the biggest lie in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean twenty one geologists are secretly plotting board. as the
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struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans manakin on zero zero. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the government of the ball and says it's regained control after an attempt to overthrow president ali bongo was undergoing medical treatment in the uk soldiers took over the state radio station in a dawn raid but security forces stormed the building and killed the two of them arresting the coup leader and four other alleged plotters nicholas hawke his boy. lieutenants were all duped.


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