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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2019 2:00am-3:00am +03

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of the back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera two soldiers involved in an attempted military coup have been killed and five others of them the man suspected of leading the sudan's interior minister says more than eight hundred protesters have been arrested since and government demonstrations began almost three weeks ago and donald trump will visit the mexican border on thursday in an attempt to pressure congress to fund this border war and the end of the partial government shutdown. the highest profile trial yet in the french catholic church sexual abuse scandal has begun in the city of the archbishop of leone is charged with failing to report serious abuse allegations in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's for such a bar of reports. sixty eight year old cardinal food one of the most prominent catholic figures in france arrived for the start of his court proceedings the
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archbishop of leon is accused of helping to cover up abuse in one of his parishes five others from his diocese are also facing charges. the case is about father bernard print on who has acknowledged abusing boys and is set to be tried later this year more than eighty five people say he abused them during the one nine hundred eighty s. and one nine hundred ninety s. his alleged victims came to court hoping for answers but. the cardinal is responsible for the diocese and in two thousand and thirteen he promoted a priest as dean who some years before had admitted to having abused children when you were responsible for a person who has admitted to having abused and raped children to promote his deen and thus putting him in contact with many more believers and children is simply irresponsible in the most awful i think to the closest we will know to truth about a mechanism of silence and i think that the three days i want you for us to have real answers as you know how it was possible for a sexual predator to remain in this position for fifty years to have
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responsibilities without being asked a single question. cardinal faces up to three years in prison and a fine of fifty four thousand dollars if convicted of failing to report the abuse of minors he denies the allegations. there have been numerous cases of sexual abuse of children within the roman catholic church. and pope francis has reiterated the church's commitment to preventing such crimes. here and can't refrain from speaking about one of the plagues of our time which sadly has involved some members of the clergy the abuse of minors as one of the violent and most heinous crimes conceivable such abuse and absorb the sweeps away the best of what human life holds out for innocent children and causes a reparable and lifelong damage the holy see in the church as a whole are working to combat and prevent these crimes and there concealment. this case will likely hinge on whether cardinal should have reported
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a priest under his responsibility to police once he learned about the allegations against him for now the cardinal will have to answer some very hard questions in this courtroom in the days ahead dorsetshire bari al-jazeera. dozens of trucks have taken part in an exercise in southeast england testing plans to deal with the long queues of the port though over should the u.k. crash out of the e.u. without a deal the government says it needs to prepare for all eventualities with some experts predicting forty five kilometer queues once new customs checks come in but as a whole reports from kent many or not impressed. in the dawn light a traffic jam emerges a convoy of trucks simulating the long queues for customs checks at britain's ports following a no deal brink's it. this was a live exercise operation broke the government's plan to ease congestion on major southbound routes by diverting trucks to the disused manston airfield from there
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forming an orderly procession through the kent countryside on smaller roads to. the contingency plan the traffic management measures the department of transport described it was given another label that i want to. fall of thing is a last minute thing because it was in the floors of the stock and it was just it was a self it is a bit of fun. to prove what. i get a lot to do in something. that's all that's all it was but it will be done nothing like money not even the local m.p. from the governing conservative party was particularly impressed i welcomed the part of the transport ramping up preparations for this trial. just about one hundred lorries when the ten thousand lorries come to the port every single day this isn't the right routine the better thing is to use. an airfield. it's
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estimated queues for customs checks at dover in the event of a no deal bridges will stretch more than forty kilometers involving thousands of vehicles and taking many hours to resolve it wasn't immediately clear what this exercise involving just eighty nine trucks was designed to demonstrate a cynic might suggest that all this is political theater part of the government's last ditch efforts to convince doubting m.p.'s the tories amazed brings a deal but they'll be voting on next week is better than the chaos of a no deal exit from the european union where this life test did succeed was in showing off the very last minute nature of the government's no deal planning and it served as a timely reminder of the vexed state of british politics they're never going to agree they don't agree on anything so they know that the labor was one thing conservative was not was is never they never going to be one thing said it was going to be a thought. beyond that the relatively clear roads and
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a largely traffic creed dover port on the first working day for many of the new year were misleading hardy few expect no deal to be an easy ride jonah al-jazeera southeast england. u.s. and chinese they go see eight years of hell their first face to face talks and suppose countries agree to a truce to try to resolve their trade that this feud deputy trade representative geoffrey garish lead the talks on the u.s. side but few details have emerged from the meeting the two sides will continue talks on tuesday the french government is hardening its stance on unofficial demonstrations proposing legislation to toughen sanctions on protesters it's in response to the yellow vests protests across france that started in mid november and have often turned violent the prime minister told french t.v. that cracking down on unsanctioned them stations would protect the right to legitimate protest. we need to preserve the right to demonstrate and from us and we
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must sanction those who want to infringe on this right to demonstrate that's why the government favors updating the law in order to sanction those who do not respect this obligation to play a protest those who take part in undeclared protests those who arrive at protests with. mexico's president says his government's approach to cracking down on fuel seth is working the spied fuel shortages which have angered motorists president and the rest went away lookers who took office just five weeks ago to stop billions of dollars in petrol theft by gangs and or oil workers tankers and. the few all instead of vulnerable pipelines but that's led to shortages at the petrol pumps. changing the whole distribution system that's why shortages of appeared in some
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places but it's approaching normality because we did it catered to making sure there aren't any problems with fuel shortages i could tell all mexicans that we have enough feel that. the truth is that we were already seeing positive results we have a reduction in first has never been achieved before so we're going to keep moving forward. the greek government wants its citizens to contribution towards replacing its outdated navy fleet in a massive crowd funding scheme which also uplift reports from athens. greece is thirteen frigates form the backbone of its navy but they are now three decades old refitting them would cost more than half the price of a new fleet and without the capabilities so the heloc navy is looking for a brand new fleet and it's taking donations galligan fairly limited as those i call on great ship owners and greek citizens to contribute something from their surplus in a special account set up to acquire a new fleet of frigates and
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a new flagship greek defense spending has fallen by forty percent to six billion dollars during a decade of recession and even though it's still one of the biggest spenders in nato greece says it cannot afford new equipment and its traditional rival turkey now spends three times as much the problem is greeks already have the highest taxes in europe in an attempt to pay off the national debt and half the population still owes the government money. no i won't contribute the country has much bigger priorities than buying weapons we need better salaries better pensions better health care and education all the things that make a country civilized and where greece has fallen behind the european union is a real union it will help with our defense of complicating matters to former defense ministers are now in jail for embezzlement one of them for the contracts that upgraded the frigate fleet with greeks overtaxed at home the defense ministry is looking to greeks living abroad and the merchant shipping community these
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communities produced a rescue plan once before it was a donation of seven million gold francs that enabled greece to make a down payment of almost a third of the value of this crew in one thousand the george a version of ball the name of its benefactor and her. greece defeats the ottoman empire a second time and double its territory in the balkan wars now as then the navy wants to extend its range this time to cover its exclusive economic zone or easy as well as that of cyprus where hydrocarbons have recently been discovered or supposedly one of the reasons the greek fleet wants to update last revised upwards is the fact that it's now being called upon to safeguard the easy between greece and cyprus which is in the east med very far from where it's used to prowling sensually becoming for what they call green water navy to
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a blue water navy greece has long relied on the generosity of individuals and greek ship owners a constantly helping the armed forces but fleet renewal costs many billions of dollars to cover it greece will need friends as well as family jumpstart open athens. bangladesh's prime minister has been formally sworn in eight days after her controversial election victory shaker siena is starting a third successive term but her inauguration ceremony was boycotted by the opposition or accuse the government of widespread vote rigging and recreation penger child really has more now from the capital back. christina takes over for time as prime minister of bangladesh she has a new cabinet at least forty seven ministers dipped a minister and state minister a lot of new faces thirty one so to speak a lot of the old guards are gone but a lot of challenges ahead our campaign was on economics she faces very high
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unemployment and there are issues like garment labor wages that are issues also with growing refugee repacked ration that's a major challenge for the government and also to tackle the opposition which are demanding a new election however we'll have to see how this new cabinet performs as for the opposition there right now staying off the street in fear of arrest and detention but they're active in the diplomatic front yesterday they had a meeting with thirty diplomats what they say was the presented them with video and documentary evidence of vote rigging and violence we'll see how things process but they have to mobilize in order to make any impact in coming days bangladesh has a dent in its democratic process in this election and they'll be a concern for stability in coming years. women's rights activists in iraq are calling on the government to do more to improve women's equality and participation
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of public life iran can reports from baghdad on iraqi women struggle for equality. it's been fifteen years but finally the iraqi women's wrestling team is back on the mat. the team like many other sports teams was disbanded after the u.s. led invasion and occupation of iraq in two thousand and three but much more than that it's part of a wave of women taking bigger roles in iraq a society that's unfortunately our society does not accept women's sports but many iraqi women are defying these restrictions and adamant to bring achievements to iraq by raising its flag by women in international tournaments and it's not just in sports in southern iraq a former ambassador wants to revolutionize the farming industry. she's aiming to grow tomatoes and other vegetables in greenhouses without fertilizers in other words to be completely organic. as
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a woman i took up the responsibility to cultivate my lens and aim to achieve progress as a female farmer i want to break up the stereotypes and restrictions on women in tribal society and will support the role of female foreigners. rights activists are increasingly hopeful that things are changing for iraqi women but they still fill those in charge are resisting the change they turn to. political among. women but women equality this is one. of progress in iraq women make up twenty five percent of iraq's parliament they come from across the political spectrum and it's in shrine and in law rights activists say that is crucial and they're hoping that women will play an increasingly larger role in iraq iran card al-jazeera baghdad.
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and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera government says its for oil then attempted military coup two soldiers involved in the plot were killed and five arrested among them the man suspected of leading it the officer read the early morning statement on national radio that said go was no longer fit for office. the eagerly awaited as a ride from the army has decided to put itself on the side of the people in order to save. chaos if you are eating stop if you're having a drink if you're sleeping wake up wake up your neighbors as one and take control of the street. more than eight hundred protesters have been arrested from hundreds of anti-government demonstrations held across a than since last month the interior minister says there has been three hundred eighty one protests reported since december nineteenth after the government hiked
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bread prices authorities say that at least one thousand people have been killed during the demonstrations but the rights group amnesty international claims that number is thirty seven the u.s. president will visit the mexican border on thursday in an attempt to pressure congress to end the partial government shutdown battle trump is the man the more than five billion dollars to build the wall along the u.s. mexican border something the democrats strongly oppose is threaten to use emergency powers to get it built this feud over the funding of the wall as led to a partial government shutdown which has already lasted seventeen days u.s. and chinese negotiators and held their first face to face talks since both countries agreed to a truce to try to resolve their trade dispute from says he's optimistic about the new round of negotiations the two sides will continue discussions on tuesday around ninety trucks have taken part in a trial in england they aimed at preventing long queues at the port of dover should
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the u.k. crash out of the e.u. with no deal the government says it needs to prepare for all eventualities with some experts predictive predicting massive queues as the new customs checks come in trucks have been driving between the port and a disused airport that this traffic flow over is the closest you u.k. port to the european me. as your top stories coming up next it's a.j. selects and more of my. al-jazeera. where ever you.
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