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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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you don't want to live like. europe migration on a. military coup attempt fails with two of the suspected plotters killed and five others are arrested. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from coming up our crays leader makes his fourth visit to china at the invitation of president xi jinping. turkey's president tells the u.s. that the pullout of its troops from syria must be carefully planned and with the right partners. and u.s.
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president donald trump refuses to back down over his demands for a wall as he prepares to address the nation and this at the border with mexico. governments retain control after an attempt to overthrow president ali bongo who is undergoing medical treatment in morocco soldiers took over the state radio station in a don raid security forces stormed the building and killed two of them arresting the coup leader and four other alleged plotters. more. lieutenants. from the presidential guard just burst into the national radio and television center calling for a popular uprising against yvonne's president. the eagerly awaited day has arrived when the army has decided to put itself on the side of the people in order to save him from chaos if you're eating stop if you're having a drink stop if you're sleeping. wake up wake up your neighbors will rise up as one
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and take control of the street. car. outside gunshots electricity in the internet are shut down as get any special forces stormed the building in a statement the government spokesman says calm has returned the situation is under control the african union in france which maintains nine hundred troops in the country have condemned the attempted coup president goes in morocco seeking treatment after suffering a stroke last october and his new year's address to the nation he appeared frail a time slurring his words. go took over power in two thousand and nine after the death of his father who had ruled the country for forty one years. during the two thousand and sixteen presidential election the bongo dynasty was challenged their opposition leader jumping to claim victory but the constitutional court ruled in favor of congo in an interview with al jazeera after the court's ruling he said he was accountable to the people i was the candidate of equal chance you know giving
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really every guy when he has a chance to really make it i'm not the i'm that the candidate you know or to restore privileges and yet high unemployment and a sluggish economy heavily reliant on oil exports have made life more difficult and costly many young people are now calling for change seeing their leader as absent and distant everything is crisis education health care and everything so people want to do something about it armed vehicles are now patrolling the streets of the capital the movie but with this latest coup attempt the bongo dentist has hold on power seems fragile and uncertain because hawk al-jazeera alan tanner of the art as an analyst for west and central africa with the global consultancy control risks he believes the coup was driven in part by president condition during his nearest message. but you have a president has not been in the country for the past two plus month
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a president who you know we've seen very few photos and pictures of him and so there's credible allegations as to his health status and is believed to run the country i think the government until now has done you know been able to maintain some sort of status quo you know we've seen pictures of the president he was able to deliver his speech on new year's eve and so they're essentially able to keep the status quo and to this keep a sense of business as usual but there are you know legitimate questions as to what his actual health status is which was fueled by his his conditions during his new year's message and just in the long term whether he's actually able to run the country and that is a question that will remain until you know there is tension will proof that he is well and he is able to rule essentially chinese state media have confirmed that north korea's leader kim jong un is visiting beijing will meet with president xi jinping china's young yang's the main diplomatic and economic ally the trip comes
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as kim seeks to continually improve relations with south korea china's been an important link between pyongyang and other governments it's hoping to develop or re kendell relations with kim jong un visited beijing three times last year to me the chinese president six years after coming to power that was part of what became a busy year of meetings with landmark summits also help with south korean and u.s. presidents chems fourth visit to china may signal other high level meetings are being planned and particular a second summit with u.s. president trump about the denuclearization of the korean peninsula christopher hill is a former u.s. ambassador to south korea he says his visit may be china's way of ensuring it remains a player in any future developments with the united states. in the past the u.s. worked very closely with china on these issues so when we saw sides that the chinese were talking to the north koreans we considered it kind of good news that the chinese would give them a pep talk at dell the look this is a good offer you need to take advantage of it and cetera but in recent years with
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this trump administration the relationship with china has really got very sour and moreover as the as the trump abyss ration kind of ramped up its north korea contacts they did so without any effort really to bring china and china is a fairly substantial country with one point four billion people and i think they really don't want to be ignored so i think this is china's effort to try to be a part of this process and the key question of course is what is their message to the north koreans we hope it will be to be more reasonable but frankly there's not a lot of evidence for that these days very little has changed since the singapore summited in june north korea has not kind of worked with the americans terms of showing what their the list of their programs are in fact they're negotiating as has failed to even meet with the american negotiator so all they seem to want to do is talk to president trump directly so the press june is really the chinese going
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to encourage north korea to do more or is north korea going to continue a policy which is essentially involved not testing not testing any weapons during this time but hasn't really involved really much else texas president has praised donald trump's decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria but in the pena pace in the new york times trying to type article on said the pullout must be careful aim he says only turkey can provide the leadership and the region to create stability or affairs the u.s. pullout will pave the way for a turkish assault against american align kurdish fighters and northern syria have a man living as a former u.s. diplomat has this article on top that is to react at his american counterpart. i think he's speaking to president donald trump and he needs to do so because the national security adviser john bolton who has been in israel is now going to turkey and we know that national security adviser bolton has
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a very different view of turkey of syria of israel than then president urged on and even president trump so early on i think is trying to establish or continue to build on his direct channel to president trump through his phone calls through an op ed in the new york times and newspaper that donald trump remains i think his his audience is the one and only president turn up i think what everyone is trying to do and i think with the help of some some very skillful advisors who understand the american policy dynamic and understand washington quite well i think what erdogan is trying to do is to present turkey as the credible partner for the united states in syria and more broadly in the middle east that the united states may have wanted to work more closely with russia when trump was first elected but the u.s. policy toward russia has all but collapsed under the weight of the domestic investigations here and that. cannot work with with iran because he's boxed himself
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in so much with iran the other key player in syria and so really turkey is the only player in turkey i think under present president want is trying to present itself as credible as a player that the united states can work with as a major and nato ally as an important country and a country that trump can work with and as president donald trump will this is the mexican border on thursday an attempt to pressure to macwrite opponents in congress and the partial government shutdown avoiding southie will address the nation to make its case on immigration trump is to mandate more than five billion dollars to build a wall with mexico something the democrats strongly oppose is threaten to use emergency powers to get it built its feet over the funding as led to a partial government shutdown which lasted seventeen days. if every time president trump throws a tantrum and demands he get his way unless the government will be shut down it
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will create disaster will encourage his worst instincts which are bad enough now in march we have the debt ceiling coming up people we you know people go along with this you know nasty way of governing imagine what will happen when the debt ceiling occurs imagine little happen when the march budget a curse the government will unreliable further than it has about eight hundred thousand federal workers are affected by this shutdown half of them are on lay without pay and the others are working without compensation john hendren that some of them in chicago. from where frank laguna stands which for the past couple weeks has been at home the forecast for workers employed by the us government is gloomier than ever some will be paying their mortgages some will be paying their car payments some will be paying their credit cards as a furloughed chemist for the environmental protection agency responsible for overseeing the cleanup of some of the most toxic waste sites in the country he has
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been deemed a nonessential worker also non-essential it seems is the environment well there's nobody. there to safeguard current regulations and oversee any potential environmental damage so there's a violation of law and there's no one there to have you know enforce current law repeated shutdowns have led to a brain drain over the past two years the chicago region covering several states has seen one hundred fifty of the e.p.a.'s nine hundred fifty employees leave it's almost lunchtime here at the federal building in downtown chicago and it's normally bustling but today is a usually quiet and on friday many workers will be missing their first paycheck of the year across the u.s. about eight hundred thousand federal workers who are in forty three thousand dollars a year on average are either working without pay or not working at all from national parks to the farm service agency. to the alcohol tax and trade bureau which has
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stopped approving labels for new beer and wine. among those federal employees is sam kitchen a correctional officer at chicago's federal prison home to some of the nation's most dangerous inmates your drug runner murderers a rapist a but he's not staying home he's considered an essential worker he's just not getting paid to do we pay our mortgage three player house payments the judge is going to say if i can't pay my child support i'll do it necessary job thankless job but a job that the public expects us to do now we expect our elected officials to do what they are elected to do now they're want to walk around and say ok we're not going to pay you how about they cut their pay and donate it to some federal employees so they could get paid for now he thousands of other federal employees wait for the president who donates his salary to charity and members of congress who are getting
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their paychecks without pause to break the impasse and fund the government john hendren al-jazeera chicago and so had on al-jazeera the parent for ain't no deal departure from here. a disused affeldt turned into a giant truck stop a vision of post brings it britain i'm going to haul in southeast england. classify this wrestling bout marks a step forward and a rocky moments fight for equality. through tranquil the brave you can you. can feel it seems and if any should go into. hello get a welcome back to your international weather forecast we're here across china the rain in the clouds are on their increase over the next few days that's all stemming to the old tropical system that we had down here across the bay of bengal now
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a lot of that rain is going to start to make its way towards the northeast and some of these locations could be seeing some very heavy rain which means localized flooding could be a problem here's your forecast map on tuesday down towards another part of vietnam you'll also see the rain and that's going to start to extend more towards parts of annoy as we go towards wednesday so a very rainy day here with the temperature of eighteen degrees as we go towards wednesday and into the northeast it is going to start to rain in shanghai as well attempt to there of about seven but for hong kong not looking too bad the rain will be out of the picture for you at twenty degrees while bangkok is looking quite nice over the next few days and most of thailand is as well all the rain has pushed over here towards much of the west you can see a lot more clear skies across the area as you take a look at the forecast map here on tuesday bangkok a thirty degree day for you there over towards manila we're looking at partly cloudy conditions at twenty nine maybe about twenty eight as we go towards wednesday but no real rain in the forecast there and then very quickly across parts of india things looking quite nice across the north as well as the self with
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attempt for tonight of about twenty nine degrees there. the winter sponsored by qatar airways. in a foam top series a russian filmmaker travels across his head and to discover what life is like under putin many russians view putting a somebody with a difficult job to do rather than an authoritarian leader with imperial ambitions and many critics if putin equally critical of the west meeting with russians from across the political spectrum andrei necromancer discovers a complex e.g. two words that country's leader and his policies in censure of pigeons russia announces era.
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watch out zero let's break up the top stories for you now government says it has crushed an attempted coup by a group of soldiers two of the alleged plotters for shot dead and five others arrested for trying to overthrow president ali bongo he's been out of the country since october and has reportedly receiving treatment and morocco. chinese state media say north korean leader kim jong il is in beijing to meet with president xi jinping china's north korea's main diplomatic ally trip could focus on efforts to improve relations with south korea. turkey's president has praised donald trump's decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria but says it must be planned carefully and that opinion piece in the new york times or ship type of said his strategy for syria can achieve long term peace and stability. a senior hit the official says a new round of talks between yemen's warring factions may take place soon in jordan an envoy martin griffiths met there who days before heading to the saudi capital
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riyadh seeking to ensure a recent deal agreed to in sweden is fully employment it has more. peace in yemen won't be easy but the united nations ovoid moxon griffiths remains confident it will one day become a reality griffith's you string the region to ensure all the parties will implement the agreement reached in sweden last month. the deal calls for the houthi is to hand over control of yemen's red sea port of her data but the warring factions remain divided over who should step in and run the facility where much of the food aid comes in. the exiled government says it's ready to take over and move dismissed by the who thiis who don't recognize the government of president abdominal muscle handy. we hope peace efforts kick off
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a gratian comes to an end debility prevails in airports reopening. the un wants to bring yemen's rival factions to a new round of talks to discuss ways to improve the economy and tackle the deteriorating humanitarian situation on his arrival martin griffiths was shown children affected by the almost four year old conflict the war has killed thousands of people and forced hundreds of thousands from their homes yemen faces the worst humanitarian catastrophe in warden times according to recent estimates as many as eighty five thousand children may have died of hunger since the start of the saudi u.a.e. led war against the houthi is the deal that was reached in sweden was the first breakthrough since the start of the war in two thousand and fourteen but the deal remains for a giant fighting has resumed in some areas and
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a prisoner exchange is on hold the internationally recognized government insists the who these must hand over their weapons and pull out of the capital sanaa before there is any final peace deal by the houthi is who controlled most of the country remain adamant there are yemen's legitimate leaders but are al-jazeera. if a commission has again said there will be no reed to go to the bronx a deal that was agreed to with the british government was just twelve weeks to go until the u.k. leaves the e.u. commission president john call juncker says negotiations are over urged prime minister teresa mayes expected to put the deal to a vote in parliament next week she put off a december vote after facing opposition from many in peace and her own party. and dozens of trucks have taken part in an exercise in southeast england testing plans to deal with long queues at the port of dover if the u.k. crashes out of the e.u.
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with no deal the government says it needs to prepare for all eventually alys with some experts predicting forty five kilometer queues once through customs checks come into effect from kent al-jazeera china hall has this report. in the dawn light a traffic jam emerges a convoy of trucks simulating the long queues for customs checks at britain's ports following a no deal brink's it. this was a live exercise operation broke the government's plan to ease congestion on major southbound routes by diverting trucks to the disused manston airfield from there forming an orderly procession through the kent countryside on smaller roads to dover port the contingency plan or traffic management measures the department of transport described it was given another label by one of the drivers involved having is a last minute thing because it was in the floors of the stock and it just was
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itself it is a bit of fun. to prove what. i get a lot to do in something. that's all that's all it was but it was done nothing like money not even the local m.p. from the governing conservative party was particularly impressed i welcomed the bulk of the transport ramping up preparations. just about one hundred lorries then ten thousand lorries come to the ports every single day this isn't the right routine the better thing is to use. an airfield. it's estimated queues for customs checks at dover in the event of a no deal briggs it will stretch more than forty kilometers involving thousands of vehicles and taking many hours to resolve it wasn't immediately clear what this exercise involving just eighty nine trucks was designed to demonstrate a cynic might suggest that all this is political theater part of the government's
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last ditch efforts to convince doubting m.p.'s the tories amaze brings a deal that they'll be voting on next week is better than the chaos of a no deal exit from the european union where this live test did succeed. in showing off the very last minute nature of the government's no deal planning and it served as a timely reminder of the vexed state of british politics then they're going to agree they don't agree on anything so they know the lady was one thing conservative woman was after the incident closed is never they never going to agree one thing said it was going to be a thought. beyond the relatively clear roads and a largely traffic free though the ports on the first working day for many of the new year were misleading only a hardy few who expect no deal to be an easy ride joe to hold al-jazeera southeast england the president of the world bank has abruptly resigned three years before his term was due to expire jim yong kim says he will stand down from the global
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lending body next month a reason was given for his resignation has had differences with us president trump over climate change in the need for more development resources austin tends controlling share of voting rights at the bank will get trump considerable influence in choosing a successor that of environmental protection organization a bomber that is a step down after their president their boss in our criticize the agency's spending also has frequently criticized obama which is responsible for protecting the amazon rainforest in a right wing president has also announced that the funding of don governmental organizations will be rigidly controlled sudan says it's arrested more than eight hundred protesters since anti-government demonstrations began almost three weeks ago authorities say at least nineteen people have been killed in clashes but amnesty international puts that number much higher and some journalists covering the protests have suffered intimidation and violence from khartoum him organise
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this report when she was told to cover anti-government protests for her niece peeper rob i knew it would not be an easy assignment she'd heard of arrests in previous protests but didn't expect it to be her turn and just for carrying out her work. i went to cover the protests when a pickup truck came and fired tear gas at poor testers people fled in different directions i ran into a hospital tear gas was fired into the building mosques men came in and started threatening people and when they found out i was a journalist they arrested me along with the others they were beating people they arrested with battens as they took us to the station protests in sudan started in december over bread price rises and high inflation and within two days they turned into anti-government demonstrations with people demanding the president on in the sheer step down after twenty nine years in power the protests spread nationwide and some social media platforms are blocked workers from various sectors went on strike
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many were arrested for saying they wanted a change in government. we were holding our posters and had barely come out of the university compound when men in pickup trucks came and started beating us and told us to get in the pickup they took us to the station and started humiliating us and calling us names. the protests are now in their third week with more to come in the days ahead sudan's government says eight hundred fifteen people have been arrested since the protests began but opposition groups and activists say that number is well over a thousand the opposition also says security forces are intimidating people and journalists the news of the demonstrations from spreading the government says nineteen people were killed in the protests but amnesty international says the number was nearly forty in the first week alone the head of the police says his forces did nothing wrong that's out of. work as. the incidents and violence are caused by those who want to destroy and loot and those
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who have alternative agendas for used weapons and burnt institutions and instigated people to protest against the nation the place of handled the protesters with the highest level of professionalism and self restraint. demonstrators say they will continue to protest against president bashir this room the government says it will remain in power more lives are expected to be lost and even more are expected to be arrested as the two sides remain defiant people morgan al-jazeera the tome the prime minister of bangladesh has been sworn in again after winning a third and second of term in office the summer selection has seen his party when more than ninety five percent of seats and parliament the opposition accuse the government of rigging the result and call the vote farcical he has the latest from dhaka. you know takes over for time as prime minister of bangladesh she has a new cabinet at least forty seven ministers dipped to minister and state minister a lot of new faces thirty one so to speak a lot of the old gods are gone but
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a lot of challenges ahead our campaign was on economics she faces very high unemployment and there are issues like garment labor wages there are issues also with growing refugee repacked aeration that's a major challenge for the government and also to tackle the opposition which are demanding a new election however we'll have to see how this new cabinet performs as for the opposition there right now staying off the street in fear of arrest and detention of their active in the diplomatic front yesterday they had a meeting with thirty diplomats what they say was that presented them with video and documentary evidence of vote rigging and violence we'll see how things process but they have to mobilize in order to make any impact in coming days bangladesh has a dent in its democratic process in this election and they'll be a concern for stability in coming years. pulling out of an anti-corruption
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commission nine months earlier than expected the commission backed by the un has been investigating top government officials and family members of president jimmy morales. refused to renew their mandate in just this week had refused to allow the head of the commission back in to quote amala accuses the group of interfering with the country's internal affairs. the rights of women in iraq have come under the spotlight as they take on their roles in society but activists say there's a long way to go before women are treated equally around call reports from baghdad . it's been fifteen years but finally the iraqi women's wrestling team is back on the mat. the team like many other sports teams was disbanded after the u.s. led invasion and occupation of iraq in two thousand and three but much more than that it's part of a wave of women taking bigger roles in iraq and society but unfortunately our
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society does not accept women's sports but many iraqi women are defying these restrictions and adamant to bring achievements to iraq by raising its flag by women in international tournaments and it's not just in sports in southern iraq a former ambassador wants to revolutionize the farming industry. she's aiming to grow tomatoes and other vegetables in greenhouses without fertilizes in other words to be completely organic. as a woman i took up the responsibility to cultivate my lens and aim to achieve progress as a female farmer i want to break up stereotypes and restrictions on women in tribal societies and will support the rule of female farmers. rights activists are increasingly hopeful that things are changing for iraqi women but they still feel those in charge are resisting the change the talent is that we are facing women in iraq is the. political one among. women but support is
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women equality this is one of the nor the hindrance of women progress in iraq women make up twenty five percent of iraq's parliament they come from across the political spectrum. and in law rights activists say that is crucial and they're hoping that women will play an increasingly larger role in iraq their own car al-jazeera. look at the headlines now on al-jazeera government has crushed an attempted coup by a group of soldiers who took over a national radio station to the alleged plotters were shot and five others arrested for trying to overthrow president ali bongo he's been out of the country since october and is reportedly receiving medical treatment and morocco chinese state media say north korean leader kim jong un is in beijing to meet with president.
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china is north korea's main diplomatic ally last year kim visited the country three times christopher hill is a former u.s. ambassador to south korea he says this visit may be china's way of ensuring it remains a player in any future developments involving the united states. in recent years with this drug administration the relationship with china has really gone very sour and moreover as the as the trope of a stray ship got a ramped up its north korea contacts they did so without any effort really débris china and china is a fairly substantial country with one point four billion people and i think they really don't want to be ignored so i think this is china's effort to try to be a part of this process and the key question of course is what is their message to the north koreans we hope it will be to be more reasonable but frankly there's not a lot of evidence for that these days turkey's president has praised donald trump's decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria says the pullout must be planned carefully and an opinion piece
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in the new york times writes a type of onset his strategy for syria can achieve long term peace and stability they when special envoy martin gryphus is in saudi arabia as part of an effort to convince both sides in the civil war in yemen to fully comply with the cease fire agreement a senior who at the official says a new round of talks between yemen's warring factions may take place soon and jordan they're paying commission has again said there will be no renegotiation of the brics a deal that was agreed to with the british government but just twelve weeks to go until the u.k. leaves the e.u. commission president john paul john called jonker that is says negotiations are over british prime minister theresa may is expected to put the deal to a vote in parliament next week so the headlines keep it on al-jazeera there's much more news to come and the main time and sad story is that next.
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centuries of close ties in ukraine have cut ties with russia moscow's want to dire consequences but what's triggered the split and was it politically motivated this story. i don't welcome to the program the peron i'm the eastern orthodox church has over two hundred fifty million members around the world that spiritual leader is based in istanbul but for follow us in ukraine there is
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a new found independence churches that have officially cut ties with their russian branch accusing it of what they called propaganda the decision has angered russian leaders will bring in our guests in a moment but first mohamed. discussion from moscow. bartholomew the first the leader of the eastern orthodox church and a man at the center of what's being described as potentially one of the biggest rifts in christianity in recent times. with his signature on saturday he officially split most of ukraine's orthodox churches from centuries of russian jurisdiction. float off and what would have on sunday during a service in the turkish city of istanbul to mark the orthodox feast day of the pippin the the document for the separation also known as the thomas was officially handed over to the leader of the now independent ukrainian orthodox churches as nobles of watching from the side petro poroshenko the ukrainian president he's
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pushed for ukraine's orthodox churches to split from what he and others have described as russian influence and propaganda ukraine's churches have been under pressure to sever ties since the country became independent after the breakup of the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred ninety one. and that pressure has been getting stronger since russia annexed crimea.


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