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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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no brainer i think that there is a solicitously kyoto solution impossible to police assure you ever say using just the me but the reproduction that's been going to school those nobody up doesn't seem it deals with just the nimblest in the morning if you're sorry to give the fish to going to be a symbol of my bank account of a friendly green for the day you know that i would get there in a couple that you could put a strike on that would just formula listen to my down the would go to sleep or from what i got to say no pain is still an issue is if the bullshit was a super cool idea but also why did you need to be the new three wood chips but if need to put a dish you did it splits it was a meeting the book looks good it's for the money look at the police would not need to go hands up the evil provisions muslim i just put it in this way you are basically going to ask you to zip. it seems that in the eyes of most russians putin is his nation's defender while the west furthest its own interests in the international competition with russia under the pretext of spreading democratic
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values. to try and better understand it and time i done phenomenon i visit. in some ways she's a typical pensioner but this eighty eight year old is also a respected marxist historian. like many of russia's intelligentsia she's also a supporter of putin. the same congress said of her son who's also paying a visit. or transmitted to believe me i'm going to we're going to miami absolute company stewards at the new motion union's cusick new miscue gideon's command center to me as though it was cock the was usually giudice what. would your. what you
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see my roads in there or you know. the roads in the cities in those days you know what missions just of us procedure that i want. to strip in your cars i was for i see that but i'm most of their money. and i know that it would cut vom tippett would have kids without the tackiest minute. i've been in ukraine serve brewski me doctor i need a sister that when you please you. know that name when you pull your head journal. but the most that. would be of value to. those of us who stay that fascism i think that as the world is starting there you leave us here when the hope you give you at the. only thing that you and your in your the years that you were she's. always you know right away now and then us
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was never needed for she's that good i mean there will you still cry and say. it's . for you and that's and i need. we don't need it you know here you are so. but you know your experiment you know that saying you know it matters what the interior. sam is he is a. senior in syria so you can i mean. the senior man you have seen you me and you don't see me with a lot of conservative. business love. with your best. friend well. you know. you.
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refuse to see a pretty girl pretty girl of course with the progress of proof to. put in as well as. roughing it with your i didn't put here to put. real another to me just you group is totally believe me if you want but if you want to be a woman you know you will appeal to preference but what you. feel. like we put in between you personally and career. you wouldn't want to believe it you do believe in you. imperial. hellish when we do that and. it's got to be that i see you but our level are just really not the same being many shots they were able of a man that your campus innkeepers alleged. as students there i still saw several
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here they shot that i imagine let the back of your children's nightly brain scan as it was voyage in the street just like see very. little you get yourself up shearing it sure your brain. now sam and with. your shares purse that has equal daiichi in you doing is night put in the way you do weights your pursuits and i know it's. so great to play with a it's really hilarious that it's a baronet's and it's not that's not in the median strip purchased oil series and so you openly check with the sabbath of allah. but you know. it's in the name in which. it's. many russians view put in as somebody with a difficult job to do rather than an authoritarian leader with imperial ambitions.
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and many critics of putting equally critical of the west you know i've been accused of is a close friend of mine and a respected journalist can be very outspoken so that even i am taken aback sometimes this is going to be a similar number. the process of going to work so the fascism verse where i've gone . and they salute you know that have a look at them but in this era you are busy so the bottom line but that's not going . to bring you home i want to play you must not. be too difficult for a couple of my doubts with. regard to even if it's nice to get other one thing on the floor somewhere you records for those private also. because the numbers that the. notion we're going to show up with you just say you are. giving
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it. are serious talks what. is popularity is often attributed to propaganda television in particular watching any of the five main t.v. channels broadcasting across russia's eleven times and you clearly need to cram. them. and remember this group morris is the brains to the needs of some of the sinners in the world so great that we could lose it was a disease you should do good to the government's national that you can only do that's what they did in a let's put a new spin spin. to be almost because this national news just endorsed
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a good to have thier own kind that nobody had to have thought of it the problem there. but of the boston you got out of the new moved her accent get us down there not the one you build with some astonishment rust on your ass cause it would ruth little's to use the new route knowing if there's a business for my dad why didn't you my dear mr europe or you could use the green used to pull them in your letter from me to confiscate or give them a day or keep us as then you come on go behavior with unjustly. the most to do you move the big boy he made you heard the joke the report. will be no work said doors probably the best known independent t.v. channel in russia it's accessible by subscription and it's commercially viable which means that its force is hard to sell. but the kremlin has many weapons and it's possible. the t.v.
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news room has just moved after a previous landlord threw it out of its location in central moscow. reporting on the ukraine war is clearly much more balanced than that of a large state chance for some balanced means unpatriotic and. taliesyn deal with the channel's founder and managing director has often to operate between two fire pushes control culture and the channels independence trademark this list is rich in just the. talents bortsov of the near term but over the near this year is it's a zoo would have just as much to do that but there's the need there were still but i see some will to solve we. as the course turn this into chile's cabinet city. even whether the city. is that i've been standing. on the port of the great season this enough to put that all the bill
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through with head out of one of these conclusions or to do with. as. you know. what but let them put out that you think that you get raised fish that does the motion but they don't want them to monkey if there is a threat even in the most. boys of the state usually in the by at the moment but then said. so tiny bit with some of the gladness i'm delighted to. have a bit of the most prepared for the chimp i did now. i can only mean. that it's the kind of nasheed honest as. catch up with part of the best known of coast anchors between his prime time appearance or. would you say you are in no position. i think we live in the kind of shift it's rare that if the government told media
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pro-government which can be owned by a private investors but you know they're controlled every voice which wishes a little bit different from this regard that there's a position so we can. substitute real political opposition the channel could in the cheerleaders and channel canada be in a position i don't forms for road show to a place in such a position as as sparkle for revolution for something like that what how that insead that the newspapers do it's call the organizer we don't want to advise it are you more critical than the it would depend. and the press. is about to go on air and is going through his sprite routine.
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you're almost just one bottle of. political opposition does exist in russian tolerated in the form of small parties with bleak electoral chants. put in is not afraid of them but just in case he prefers to keep their street events to isolated areas with few choice mentors. i am attending a meeting of the socialist democratic yabloko once a significant political force it is planning a rally challenging the pro putin and time i done movement. since he. knew far more in the produce. of the. which.
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is too. small. when you really do know that when you might. want to. view him. as there is never showed that on what is good as you could. be more than level thirty three should we go for any of the work with the muscle with the muscle the one who has the will of the. most was it would be my money and this is the one i mean you want that. said there. is that little bit of one. at the most serious mama sonia. you know that but i wish that of this number of cuban
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immigrants because i'm sure he was not so much of a chip you know meet him in the mud. yep stern us he's been sued. the new craze because. of ship procurement or has it that if you were young. and you were you in. the pool that's not going to see and yeah. but the more you learn that will not give you what you want to see is love with your words but the. conditions that when you lose them. for going to which. you might believe you just listen you just putting them in focus is the newsgroups get. to the no one is pretty and for me to the. next door is another opposition party the liberal party nuts that is even more
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divided over the ukraine issue. everyone here is against putin but some i'm not against what he's done in the ukraine. but you want some good after still don't know if you put out. here with just you but you just know. it was the jam the bill through it with p.c. . is when you think that all the and you were yelling out they aren't you this is there you are you and you later now you need not even years to love it do you think you may just. need the money for that one of the nobody wants to live without you know how do you know where you are. the opposition's conundrum is that its most charismatic leader is also its most defies if figure. like say not by me and then take corruption blog with over a million followers supported russia's annexation of the crimea and is considered
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a nationalist. that lost some opposition support but hasn't india had him to put in . a string of court cases clipped the wings of nobodies presidential ambitions. the bunny has recently been indicted for fraud together with his brother ollie. erlich was jailed and is attending a new hearing by video link. alex a got three year suspended sentence. prosecution has appealed demanding the brothers be locked up for ten years. of their real purpose to. be able to sue just being crazy yeah it was. this huge egos. and it isn't unusual. who did you know those of us. the slave.
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trade is very good so there's a good search good for others likelihood of getting sued not going to school board ok got what i would be sure it was she could be jewish you. sure are you stupid surely not some jim acosta by me this will dog. see if you just blew through my fingers just man you. know my story about all the posts or even these last are not about the deal. don't. go through just this program some of the articles that. last i looked it usually suggest if. somebody got water that michigan of i might examine a poor chick you love i know what i got out of that which i stated yes i did it on the shelf to be a good idea i can do that and. browse
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and then a freeze bluegill sauce the with the shits about that right if. you think about what it's going through a pretty trivial pill prosecutions draconian ten years appeal you squashed. both brothers sentences. stays in jail. he's free to leave or. he waits no time according put his government feeds right here in the court building in front of the police.
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claim that his conviction is politically motivated sounds plausible. that was not. your view. but have questions about the details of this fraud case as well as about his nationalistic stance. but alexei has declined to answer this question. on counting the cost it was the worst performing stock market of twenty eighteen find out where china is headed in twenty ninety brazil's new president has an economic challenge.


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