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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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happening and in fact possibly gave an indication that it was slighted by the fact that pyongyang and washington were making deals or maybe undergoing some sort of negotiation this time it seems north korea wants china firmly on its side with a meeting with ping ahead of any other movements with washington so it'll be interesting to see how that's all going to come together and where china what what kind of a role china would play in this and what kind of leverage it would try and gain from this are different things very much indeed given devika pollin that reporting from hong kong the former chairman of car company in the sun has appeared in court in tokyo where he's declared his innocence saying he's been unfairly detained colas again is accused of underreporting his salary by millions of dollars over several years which he denies it's going first appearance since his arrest on november nineteenth and was fine by the board of medicine and mitsubishi but kept on by running from abroad has been following events in tokyo. this long awaited court
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appearance by gone gave him the first opportunity to answer personally these allegations he was expected to professed his innocence and indeed he did he said the allegations against him were groundless that he has always done business legally and fairly and denied any kind of suggestion that he had caused financial damage to miss san motors it's claimed that he transferred personal losses that he made financially to the company that he further underreported his income from this and for several years amounting to tens of millions of dollars it's also been claimed that he misused company funds to finance homes that he kept in rio de janeiro and beirut he came before the court to say that he should no longer be kept in detention that he had given twenty years of his life to turning around the
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fortunes of nissan motor's it was a claim that was backed up by his lawyers but the same court here in tokyo has also been hearing that he is potentially a flight risk having nationalities in other countries and it's also being claimed that if released he could attempt to destroy potential evidence so for now at least his detention continues at this case has attracted a intense media speculation a lot of international interest given the gorn is the architect of the alliance between rand and this sand two companies that he helped to turn around it has also raised the possibility that they have could have diplomatic implications for the relationship between japan and france given his stature in the world of the auto business his appearance in court he is said to have lost around ten
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kilograms in weight he was handcuffed with a restraining rope around his waist his appearance does seem to have made his apparent downfall for from grace all the more dramatic. and the president of the world bank has resigned abruptly three years before the end of his term jim yong kim says he will stand down from the global lending body next month without giving a reason he's had differences with the u.s. president donald trump over climate change and the need for more development resources washington's share of voting rights at the bank will give trump considerable influence in choosing a successor. all right still ahead here on the u.n. pushes for yet another round of talks between yemen's warring parties the fate of an ongoing cease fire hangs in the balance. and pain at the pump the mexican government defends its latest efforts to beat the middle guy.
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welcome back here in a national weather forecast or here across europe we're seeing a slight break in the snow here across central europe but it's not to be lasting for very long because we have a new round of snow and this one's going to be followed by some very gusty winds across parts of central and northern europe take a forecast map here on tuesday the snow returns across much of central europe and then behind the system look at the winds we are expecting to see here across germany poland also back here across parts of the netherlands as well we're also going to be seeing some rain coming in from the north as well for berlin it could be a rainy day for you but for vienna the snow is back with a temperature there of four degrees down here towards the southeast we're looking at more snow for parts of turkey you will finally get that break as we go towards wednesday but another storm is brewing here across parts of italy and that is moving towards greece as well well for the other part of africa we are talking talking still some windy conditions across much of the area out here towards the
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east though it is the rain we could be dealing with alexandria you'll be seeing some rain showers in your forecast for cairo a mostly cloudy day for you here on tuesday at eighteen degrees but by the time we get to wednesday it is going to be mostly cloudy and we're going to see those time to drop slightly to about sixteen degrees there tripoli windy conditions few with a temperature of sixteen and the ghazi attempt of sixteen as well. it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is a high risk modeling sometimes trampas raised using production drugs like and that are not approved for use in us the f.d.a. simply isn't casting enough on the important market to really find all of these pilot a fresh take no one else does either. but
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again you're watching al-jazeera remind of the top stories this hour u.s. national security advisor john bolton is in turkey to discuss the u.s. troop withdrawal from syria is that it's a secret surance is a turkey will not target kurdish fighters in northern syria been a key u.s. ally in the fight against isis. north korean leader kim jong un is making his full physics at beijing and he talks with president xi jinping south korea has praised him to express we hope it may help efforts for denuclearization he's. the former chairman of car company misson has declared his innocence spot appearing in court
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in tokyo gun has said that he's been unfairly detains given what he's accused of underreporting his salary by millions of dollars over so for. the bones government says it's back in control after an attempt to overthrow president he's undergoing medical treatment in iraq or to keep watch as were killed and five others were arrested but the attempt to take over the presidency is highlighting questions about bongos fitness to lead couple was more it could lose. head into old obiang kelly from the presidential guards erst into the national radio and television center calling for a popular uprising against yvonne's president ali bungalows to miss. the eagerly awaited day has arrived when the army has decided to put itself on the side of the people in order to save on from chaos if you're eating stop if you're having a drink stop if you're sleeping wake up wake up your neighbors rise up as one and take control of the street. car. outside gunshots electricity in the
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internet are shut down as get any special forces stormed the building in a statement the government spokesman says calm has returned the situation is under control the african union in france which maintains nine hundred troops in the country have condemned the attempted coup president is in morocco seeking treatment after suffering a stroke last october in his it new year's address to the nation he appeared frail a time slurring his words. go took over power in two thousand and nine after the death of his father who had ruled the country for forty one years. during the two thousand and sixteen presidential election the bongo dynasty was challenged the opposition leader jumping claimed victory but the constitutional court ruled in favor of congo in an interview with al jazeera after the court's ruling he said he was accountable to the people i was the candidate of equal chance you know giving really every guy when he has
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a chance to really make it i'm not the i'm not the candidate you know or to restore privileges and yet high unemployment and a sluggish economy heavily reliant on oil exports have made life more difficult and costly many young people are now calling for change seeing their leader as absent and distant everything is crisis education health care and everything so people want to do something about it. armed vehicles are now patrolling the streets of the capital the movie but with this latest coup attempt the bongo dentist his hold on power seems fragile and uncertain because hawk al-jazeera. the leaders of ethiopia and eritrea have reopened a border crossing between the two nations is part of the ongoing reconciliation between the former enemies ethiopian prime minister and eritrean president our sense of working cut the ribbon together to reopen the border post was closed twenty years ago at the beginning of a two year war diplomatic ties were restored in
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a surprise deal last july president omar al bashir is expected to address a military parade in the city where protests over rising prices and government corruption started three weeks ago the rallies have spread across the country calling for she had to step down after nearly thirty years in power for it is say at least nineteen people have been killed in fighting during the protests and rights group amnesty international has put the death toll thirty seven a senior heathy official says a new round of talks between yemen's warring factions may take place soon in jordan u.n. envoy martin griffiths met the who these before heading to the saudi capital riyadh seeking to ensure a recent deal agreed in sweden is fully implemented as well as more. peace in yemen won't be easy but the united nations envoy martin griffiths remains confident it will one day become a reality griffith's destroying the region to ensure all the parties will implement
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the agreement reached in sweden last month. the deal calls for the houthi is to hand over control of yemen's red sea port of her data of the warring factions remain divided over who should step in and run the facility where much of the food aid comes in. the exiled government says it's ready to take over and move dismissed by the who thiis who don't recognize the government of president abdullah muscle handy. we hope peace efforts kick off aggression comes to an end and debility prevails in airports reopening. the un wants to bring yemen's rival factions to a new round of talks to discuss ways to improve the economy and tackle the deteriorating humanitarian situation on his arrival martin griffiths was shown
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children affected by the almost four year old conflict the war has killed thousands of people and forced hundreds of thousands from their homes yemen faces the worst humanitarian catastrophe in warden times according to recent estimates as many as eighty five thousand children may have died of hunger since the start of the saudi u.a.e. led war against the houthi is the deal that was reached in sweden was the first breakthrough since the start of the war in two thousand and fourteen but the deal remains fragile fighting has resumed in some areas and a prisoner exchange is on hold. the internationally recognized government insists the who these must hand over their weapons and put out of the capital sanaa before there is any final peace deal but the houthi is who controlled most of the country
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remain adamant there are yemen's jist of it leaders. british politicians opposed to brics will begin launching a fight back on tuesday more than two hundred a calling on the prime minister to ensure no deal breaks it cannot happen while a parliamentary vote is planned which could force a second referendum as growing pressure on the leader of the main opposition party that's jeremy corbyn to back a rethink on leaving the e.u. it's all for us lee has been speaking to labor party activists who feel betrayed by their own leadership. the billionaires who live in the streets of this part of south london would you might think rather give their children's christmas presents away than support the labor party seen as the most left wing for generations yet in local elections last year labor took this area from the conservatives it was based on a simple promise stop the government's brix it but labor acts of his here have been left unclear if that is actually what the party wants and it still comes out one of
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the things that we regularly hear we campaign and we do campaign regular here is the people who live in dodge village ward are almost unanimously opposed to break through and their offspring for leadership from the labor party on budget. a few kilometers north in the same it's an entirely different demographic in a london racially diverse often impoverished that just as worried about bricks it is the rich people down the road just as unsure whether labor is on their side i think they should be unequivocal in saying where we support you we want you in this country we value the contribution that you've made to our communities and not simply saying that but proving it to them by saying you know what brett that isn't . not something that the labor party wants to be associated with. the vast majority of labor party members regard it as a national disaster and criticizing party leader jeremy corbin is
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a sacrilege it could be himself has a preferred policy of leaving the european union and it's tearing the labor policy a pass the labor leadership fears the wrath of the traditional white working class whose anti european views underpinned the lever if it supports staying in the e.u. and they cannot square the circle poland's appears deadlocked yet remain supporters keep pointing out that the labor party leadership shifted position and supported staying in the european union and almost certainly they would be a parliamentary majority for no breakfast at all in any shape or form yet standing in the way of that is jeremy corbin's long held euro skepticism his belief that the european union is a block on workers' rights with bricks it now coming to a head many labor m.p.'s are involved in parliamentary maneuvers to stop both the no deal and potentially force a second referendum to try to block the entire projects if the u.k. does end up leaving the european union and expects
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a raft of resignations by labor m.p.'s in the exodus who say jeremy cole been promised to listen to the views of his membership and is now bent on ignoring them could end up destroying corbin's hopes of becoming prime minister lawrence lee al jazeera london guatemala says it's pulling out of an international anti corruption body nine months earlier than expected the un bank's panel has been investigating top government officials and the family of president jimmy moralities says the commission is interfering with the country's internal affairs the group of international prosecutors was given twenty four hours to leave the country. islam entirely. it is regrettable that the secretary general in a bid to maintain one person in the position sacrificing legitimacy of the commission therefore we inform the secretary general that in twenty four hours the agreement tobit terminated by the government and the united nations several mexican states are facing shortages gas stations after
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a government crackdown on fuel theft long lines of form that outlets in mexico's second city guadalajara the government says the disruption will continue as it seeks new ways to beat criminal gangs ellen fisher has this. this is a there's no shortage of petrol but that's little comfort to motorists caught in the growing lines across central mexico to see all farm pemex is changing distribution methods to be criminal gangs they've been tapping into pipelines stealing thousands of barrels of petrol at a time that inflicts steep losses for the company and the country the changes mean some places a struggling to keep their tanks filled one of the washed affected mexico's second city quite a lot of love out of there it's really bad because we already went to silver stations but we don't have any gasoline it's been three days already there's all this us that are it's a disaster everywhere to disaster i've been to two gas stations and they don't have anything look at this where else do we have to go if there isn't anything here
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where else do you go. mexico's new president says he's no idea how long people will face shortages that the truth is there we're already seeing positive results we have a reduction of turf that has never been achieved before so we're going to keep moving forward premix says about seven billion dollars in fuel has been siphoned off since twenty sixteen alone the president has ordered the military to start securing key installations while the company is changing distribution to use more tankers and fewer pipelines that are easily targeted alan fischer al-jazeera. let me just nudge in the direction of our website address which is al jazeera dot com all the news that we're covering right they came in china off to a new body of u.s. auctions dot com. then let's have a recap the headlines here on al-jazeera and u.s.
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national security advisor john bolton is in turkey to discuss the u.s. troop withdrawal from syria he said to seek assurances that turkey will not target kind of fighters in northern syria be a key u.s. ally in the fight against isis well jim a shell has the latest from ankara we had expected to see some sort of joint press conference after meetings between top national security advisor and. officials however we've just been told in the past couple of minutes that's a joint press conference has now been called off that's off to the presidency had given all the details with regards to broadcasting its and so forth so the fact that they have canceled that maybe doesn't necessarily bode well to the idea that the americans and the talks were able to find some sort of an agreement usually if there has been some fruits of an agreement you would see that represented in manifested in joint statements being made by both parties north korean leader kim jong un is making his fourth visit to beijing in
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a year for talks with the president xi jinping of north korean media says kim is in china at the invitation of the presidents south korea has praised him his visit expressing hope it may help efforts for dean u. turns ation he's the former chairman of a company nissen has declared his innocence while appearing in court in turkey. says he's been unfairly detained since november he's accused of underreporting his salary by millions of dollars over several years. the president of the world bank has resigned abruptly three years before the end of his term jim yong kim says he will stand down from the global lending body next month without giving a reason he's had differences with the u.s. president donald trump of a climate change and the need for more development resources president obama by cher is expected to address a military parade in a bar of the city where protests over rising prices and government corruption started three weeks ago the rallies have spread across the country calling for bashir to step down after nearly thirty years in power authorities say at least
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nineteen people have been killed during the process rights group amnesty international has put the death toll at thirty seven are you up to date with headlines here now is their next up it is inside story. headlines warned the streets of melbourne australia are by. its citizens but not for a good game. but how real the. investigation. after centuries of close ties all set up churches in ukraine have cut ties with russia moscow is one of the diet consequences but what's triggered the split and was it politically motivated this is inside story.
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i know and welcome to the program the peron i'm the eastern orthodox church has over two hundred fifty million members around the world its spiritual leader is based in istanbul but for follow us in ukraine there is a new found independence churches that have officially cut ties with their russian branch accusing ed of what they called pro bosco propaganda the decision has angered russian leaders will bring in our guests in a moment but first mohamed. discussion from moscow. oh bartholomew the first the leader of the eastern orthodox church and a man at the center of what's being described as potentially one of the biggest rifts in christianity in recent times. with his signature on saturday he officially split most of ukraine's orthodox churches from centuries of russian jurisdiction. float off and what would have on sunday during
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a service in the turkish city of istanbul to mark the orthodox feast day of a pick any document for the separation also known as the thomas was officially handed over to the leader of the now independent ukrainian orthodox churches as most of watching from the side petro poroshenko the ukrainian president he's pushed for ukraine's orthodox churches to split from what he and others have described as russian influence and propaganda ukraine's churches have been under pressure to sever ties since the country became independent after the breakup of the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred ninety one. and that pressure has been getting stronger since russia annexed crimea in two thousand and fourteen ukraine imposed martial law in november saying it feared a full scale invasion after russia captured three of its vessels in the current straight of the muslim the us so if a fish the ship and the toll most for us is actually another act of proclaiming ukraine's independence it will complete the assertion of independence of the
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ukrainian state strengthen religious freedom and into confessional peace it will strengthen the rights and freedoms of citizens. in moscow political analysts say this is as much about politics as it is about religion and the impact of a church but at the on on the relations between the us and the crane is a working off of what both the positions of moscow but adequate in in ukraine and. in the long way around the region depend on so you could end orthodoxy and cranium states from russian. in general the. split has been largely boycotted by ukraine's largest orthodox church which remains loyal to russia. moscow and the russian branch of the church have also cut ties with istanbul which is regarded as the center of the eastern orthodox faith it's unclear how all this will ultimately play out but for many in ukraine the creation of an orthodox church
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independent from moscow is a momentous step toward ukraine's political independence from russia. moscow. well let's take a closer look at the eastern orthodox church now it's one of the oldest religious institutions and second largest after the roman catholic church it has more than two hundred fifty million members around the world most of whom live in eastern europe greece the caucasus and parts of the middle east and africa orthodox church as a self-governed but the medical patriarch of constantinople based as the ball is that spiritual leader. well let's bring in our guests now joining us from kiev as valentini yako schick professor of political science at the national university of kiev mohai the academy in london as their then professor of sociology of religion and department head of theology and religious studies at king's college london and joining us on scot from moscow is alexander birch esky senior foreign policy at gazeta dot argue that's
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a russian newspaper a very warm welcome to all of you let me start with mr bush there and london are we seeing the biggest schism in christianity in the hundreds if not a thousand years. it's obviously not the biggest schism in christan it's a more although i would be very careful about using the word schism because it has very kind of derogatory connotations within the orthodox in christan is in general you know it means god of the oil always hubris if you like it's it's about. all the. national churches in within the orthodox tradition have a degree of independence and this is how they actually have co-existed for four years so i hope the current situation will not lead to this bleed but eventually to the more kind of balance within within eastern orthodox in that mistake why do you
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think that the patriarch in constantinople is granting autonomy to ukraine and how much of patriarch bartholomew the decision is based on religion and how much of it as political. well it is a political definitely a political step the wrists not much of religion according to canonical traditions or ecumenical patriarch couldn't have broken the dream and or three hundred and thirty and something else years old or and dispossess russian party or kate or of it's legal right to operate in ukraine but it was done it's political step and it's a logical because a communicable butter cape from istanbul was approached many times by ukrainian
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political leaders who wanted to add to ukrainian political independence also some signs of being separate from russian church with the center in moscow as political step it leads to two most important results one that that part of ukrainian author of the top short she split from ukraine in one thousand nine hundred ninety two now becomes canonical so it means that all their religious services have value from the religious point of view before when the ukrainian to split away churches we're not under the ages of if you menocal petrarch eight all what they were doing it was questioned by many christians here if there is a real leader just the little so this is one important issue that further services
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all of these two ukrainian. churches which united now will have value according to the league just standards but in will in other aspect it leaves this decision of if you menocal party. from istanbul leads to splits political split in the world orthodox christianity now his step was not supported by any other church maybe it will be supported by diageo by. or maybe by blue garia but the rest are not supporting it instinct that it is an invasion on russian also the church canonical territory and we have these two results and one that you know of and could that lead you know to what i refer to as a schism earlier the fact that the orthodox church which has you know of some three hundred million followers the russians have said that they are going to break off
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relations with constantinople because of this decision mr brashness k. how would the other orthodox church is going to going to deal with this decision do they feel any pressure to align themselves with either constantinople or with moscow. of course the situation new is very difficult for now to decide i think actually all will depend from father curiel the head of a russian orthodox josh diplomacy is very complicated figure very connected to the president of russia but also south by a very powerful player so all will depend on his diplomacy how he will deal with those countries of course you will be of course consulted whether you're george diplomats because he's very bored you we have russian orthodox schorsch redemption relationship with the churches let's say of syria which is an ally of russia with a bulgarian which is e.u. country greece which is very close to russia historically and religiously it will
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be a very big bull not to their own church itself also but to the russian state so i think for him it's now it's now the time to craft a very you know a very you know shy diplomacy by should work for those countries other slice this position will be weakened when he is already working and we've heard from him already and he has not being diplomatic he sent constantinople as patriotic a thought of me a very hostile he would lead to saying things like you will for ever lose the possibility of saving the unity of god's holy churches you'll say still be the fittest in the orthodox well and the suffering you cools so also talks ukrainians will follow you to the last judgment mistake and as this damaging and divisive for christianity. in fact we can see this we can observe with probably a lot of concern this inflammatory rhetoric from from both sides and i can get
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understand why it's a huge blow it's a huge challenge for the russian orthodox church which has about probably between thirty and thirty five percent of all the spare issues in ukraine and for a number of diplomatic reasons which my my my my colleagues have just identified. also it's a big problem obviously a challenge now for the ukrainian church and for the ukrainian state you know how it would go about where all the we're only at the beginning of creating this new church and this church and the ukrainian state will have to deal with a number of challenges so i understand this rhetoric in particular for take account of the geopolitical context but i do hope that behind this rhetoric there is a kind of realisation that we need to take care of the ordinary people ordinary believe us all of the political implications of this and that's my hope
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that might result actually in. this relationship between the ukrainian orthodox church the independent church and the moscow but very kate all the ramifications for the orthodox church as a whole there would diplomacy that alexander has just used will be key to the situation messy accuracy of a got ukraine's security service at the moment investigating interrogation even priests who are loyal to the russian orthodoxy i know that our other guests are talking about diplomacy but if we look at what's happening on the ground is this going to provoke russia how much is this going to provoke russia do you think. well you see if you create a new security service is doing something to pressure on the clergy they're not doing it very seriously because they know that in three months time there will
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be election elections and they cannot fully support the illegal and the constitutional intervention into really just affairs so please don't be afraid of something very serious happen it's more political game on ukrainian establishment as well as politicians are using religious matters as a tool in the elections the same is with the security service and i would say that for you probably the audience the international audience would be interesting to know what it means in your own context what is happening in ukraine it's as if in america there is the unification of those these christians who support mr and on the other side those who support mrs clinton and democrats and if american government would act on one side or establishment on in supporting one part or
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another part of these divided politically divided nations ukrainian authorities have chosen this way of supporting one part of our culturally and politically divided society and what is interesting that among initiators of this support of the governmental governmental support of reunification of two churches which were not considered to be canonical and which became not canonical but are many jews there are many more slim's and they are catholics and greek catholics so you can i think imagine what kind of process it is i'm sure that after the elections this kind of political game will be settled and religious matters will be left for the league just be. all. political matters will be just for parties not driving churches know several georges act as political parties inside
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ukraine and worldwide and that is and that is why ukrainian authorities have been and not just authorities but actually the ukrainian churches have been asking for autonomy because they say that you know the moscow bet churches in ukraine are kremlin to to spread propaganda and that they're even you know supporting fighters in the east in the conflict that's killed more than ten thousand people is there any truth to that mr ritter escape. well i would say partly that might be as from true but i don't think so going to church official in charge people on the ground the simple priests are they are loyal to ukrainian george on the they want to rush in charge are actually you know doing something like that they're actually doing be concerned about what there will be nothing of the people were actually working because unfortunately in russia there's always an image of this you know guy even in ukraine as well the guy who drives a luxury car saddos and has golden golden stuff on him there's a priest now also
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a lot of ordinary priest will also work hard for their own people so they are not really interested in political games i can tell us something today i was in the church and like our father of all public tour he was very calm he did not mention anything bad he just say we pray for all christians so i think the position the composition of those people the people on the ground are not connected to an abortion and they are old political games and they are actually i think they are doing whatever they can for what they say go through the humor that goes i'm fortunate we are going to a relationship between ukraine and russia are in very bad shape that christianity and the unity or well of our religion is only the one thing which unites us mrs stan as we've been hearing there is a very important election coming up in ukraine and with had president petro poroshenko you know in constantinople for this decision by the by the patriarch is this going to be do you think how much is this newfound autonomy going to boost
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president petro poroshenko as he faces this election battle. i'm not expert on here i mean you can politics but obviously i know what it was some think about it and then relatives in ukraine actually i am in moscow as well i'm following the situation well how i want to make a genuine points jane you know conant on what we have just heard. the establishment of independent churches have has always been a political process in his state has always been the case but country to separate religion and politics in these in this particular case and obviously president poroshenko like probably any other president in a country where you've got the clear sort of dominant religious tradition such as orthodoxy would use you know the situation for for political gains this is not to justify or criticized this is just got of real politics politic if you like and
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obviously he is going to use his success in securing this thomas from the ecumenical botha arc he probably even downplay some of the aspects of this storm as it's quite an interesting actually document reach among other things it limits the ortho to see all the new church for example in five in parishes abroad or on the other found it also limits its authority to see in the title of the head of the church it's supposed to be met. and the myth properly it's a metropolitan not not the part the ark is quite in it is interesting development so partition is going probably the play down those aspects but there is no doubt that he's going to use it and the the political forces behind it quite understandably there will going to use it to their advantage in the election and there's also you know going forward now there's the sort of. what happens to the
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churches in ukraine the distribution of property of the church and. and we've had some very serious words from president putin actually who's been warning that any redistribution of church property could result in a heavy dispute if not bloodshed and mr how do you see this playing out can this be settled in a way that won't involve violence. so first of all i should mention that it's not about it told me of ukrainian church it to ukrainian church was all of us autonomy's and ukrainian church which is in connection with russian but there kate has worn out what ornaments rights did the church which now goes under the auspices of constantinople so this is first issue it's about splitting from russia official policy in all possible spheres in
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cultural traditional it cannot make and so on and it is also a business issue because churches have of don't have well a lot of estate and know it commendable petrarch wants to get hundreds of churches in ukraine as a gift and definitely this is a very big. event want a lot of big victory for him but we will see how ukrainian even empty russian clardy men how they will react they are already looking at city churches which they lose at something which they should have kept for themselves and then a couple of months time we will see a lot of discontent on the part of ukrainian clarges who now cipel rated from russia fish surely they are not happy with the control from istanbul in the ne different areas so ok churches in one issue others the
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autonomy real autonomy now mr poroshenko reached the legitimize zation of split away churches but he cannot reach the result of destroying that part of the church which is in connection with russia at least once third of ukrainians will continue to be loyal to their up bra. those in bell are rules and then russia and all of that with the world and by the way what is interesting the decision of we can many go putter a kite he made ukrainian independent from russia church not be able to have their parishes that brought all these petty says they head will have to pas directly to constantinople i said a good business that it would result mr protests k. i want to come to you now because we've had ukraine security service chiefs warning
4:43 pm
that pollution can use what's happening now as a pretext for open military invasion what do you make of that i mean i think it's it's very small actually how lection rhetoric i'm not a big fan of president putin but i think. he's due. to do that i mean he might actually do some very reserved in many cases and i don't think so you're willing to do that because that there cannot be situation russia is not really good also you know i mean even there's a rhetoric and there is something like the russians have against let's say the little people you. mean the ukrainian establishment you know i don't think so and you know russians are going to fight against the lonely brotherhood religion as far as this is concerned one of it's one thing to support separatist used in reviews to be done boss you know maybe it's if it's you know i'm not justifying just one thing but i don't think so i mean there's a lot of there are a lot of people from both sides of the military people who just you know using this rhetoric and i don't think it's on this like it's going to happen you know i mean
4:44 pm
we have one week of new york holidays nothing happened anywhere everything was much more calm so i don't contest is going to stand what happens now you know history tells us they splits very messy but from what all of you are saying that doesn't have to be the case here. well i don't want to play profits from this particular situation but as i will read you said i hope that we'll have to recognize the reality of the situation with a whole there will be good real politics involved in that a hold the inflammatory rhetoric over which probably will inevitably to consume you or for some time will eventually subsides and the reality of the situation will be recognized and the care will be taken by ball sites. for the ordinary billy was ordinary but he showed us a hole that the more school but your kill will recognize the new situation
4:45 pm
on the fans and also hold the the ukrainian state will that if they suspect it's all new independent church and gives it he'll independence and allow it to do to develop you know a lot longer more kind of a lightened. lines and respect the freedom of religion in general all right well we will have to end it on that for night i want to thank all of our guests that as maddox there and london we have valentino and kiev and alexander. in moscow and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website that's al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. and side story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story from a as
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a prompt and the entire team here and our hot bye for now. short films of hope and inspiration. small stories of three young women challenging the world around them. al-jazeera selects. which is saying is now being held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet
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why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said. journalism become a crime have malls become a tool to silence weiss's of truth we will continue i news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable in the immediate release of all colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists detained in the gyptian jails. and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. russian filmmaker andre neck rosol travels across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin the russian economy is in crisis tank and unstable oil
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prices a fluctuation cards half of the country struggles to make ends meet in soviet times doctors were in charge now economists calculate everything we don't want to think what will happen when the bank takes away our flags. in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera. u.s. national security advisor jump ultimate's in turkey to discuss withdrawal of american troops from syria.
4:49 pm
and i mean this is al jazeera life and also coming up north korean leader kim jong il and arrives in china had been expected visits so. the former chairman of nisson makes his first court appearance since his arrest for financial misconduct. in the u.s. president refuses to back down from his demand for a controversial boardwalk choosing to make his case before the nation. u.s. national security advisor john bolton is in turkey after his trip to israel to discuss the u.s. troop withdrawal from syria bolton arrived in ankara on monday he's there to seek assurances that turkey will not tolerate kurdish fighters in northern syria being a u.s. ally in the fight against eisel while in israel bolton told prime minister benjamin netanyahu that the two thousand american troops will not leave syria until all
4:50 pm
remnants of eisel defeated well it's unclear whether bolton will meet rest type or to run but the president has praised donald trump's decision to withdraw from syria in times opinion piece i do i want to pull out must be done carefully i think that turkey can provide leadership in the region to create stability. and it's a complex problem let's try and non-rival it. in northern syria so this meeting again all in turkey tell us what the situation is on the ground there in syria and how it will be reflected in that meeting. well nic actually we are at the heart of the northern syria the euphrates shield operation area by the social river right on my right side you see the checkpoint that is run by the free syrian army which is backed by the turkish military and right across here i have the turkish military base and here every heinie you see you see those those
4:51 pm
places these are the positions of the u.s. army and there's a communication posts over there and on that way we had that that and here you see those cars and vans these cars belong to the wife e.g. n.p.o. i.d. and this area between the f.s.a. checkpoint and the few either checkpoint is actually like a tom poems temple an area they're not able to cross from one place to another and if someone walks from the pew i decide to they're for say side or just the opposite there is there is the security guards to tell me that they might be able to sit for of course there is no interference among them right now there are people actually there are civilians who are traveling from their physical untold area to the few idea controlled area and some of them are even it traveling to aleppo to visit their families we have been speaking to those people some of them were on willing
4:52 pm
to speak on camera because they are crossing to the regime area and there are people of from all over syria in the in the northern parts coming from this way. to the f.s.a. controlled area to move to us and from us as they are crossing to syria actually this road just behind me we are told that this road is actually if functioning operating as of when it terry and corey door and both sides both the f.s.a. and the pew id's side has agreed that the strolled will stay as a humanitarian corridor so that the civilians can safely. travel and the medicine and the goods can safely transferred from one place to another for the military bases behind me is that the u.s. military base and the turkish military bases across across me i can say that the military are in their bases right now they have been joint patrolling in and they
4:53 pm
react between alvord and the dots which actually is on the left side of our location right now but currently it they are on hold people are when we ask people about the u.s. with the role they say they don't believe that u.s. is is certainly fully with throwing from syria unless they get what they really want this is what the civilians tell us here so they will leave it there for the moment. in northern syria and let's go to encourage in turkey jim on the shell is standing by the u.n. the u.s. national security advisor john bolton is there in turkey what will he be hoping to achieve in indeed his counterpart. well nick john bolton is currently meeting with one of the senior advisors so it's like us presidents ibrahim kalin also present in the meeting in the presidential building behind me around the sun is james jeffrey the u.s.
4:54 pm
special envoy to syria he is the guy who replaced mccarthy as well as other officials there as well obviously what's the main points of contention or discussion is this proposed u.s. withdrawal the american smooth the president's have said that's it would take place seemingly very quickly and it will be done so in a way whereby the tarps would essentially be the main power on the ground in the eastern parts of syria however that's with much of u.s. foreign policy since trump became president has been met with mixed messages coming from other departments and other governmental institutions within washington so you've had john bolton himself saying actually just in the past few days that any withdrawal would not take place that swiftly that's a read only be done with such an conditions being attached to it namely the protection as he said of the kurdish minorities there as well as also taking into
4:55 pm
consideration israel's security he said that's why he was meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu obviously from texas perspective the issue isn't about checkers minorities in terms of the civilian population in eastern turkey more so about the kurdish militia namely the y.p. g. and affiliates of the separatists p.k. carry tech he considers them terrorists they say that they've been taking bases inside eastern syria as well as other places in the region to attack turkey and they've been angered that their main ally in the whole namely the united states have not been essentially synchronizing with them in terms of their efforts to root's house these militia and therefore their demand has always been from washington that's a withdrawal must take place in order for. the turks to bring about stability is the turkish president has claimed in his op ed in the new york times which was published in the past twenty four hours that's something obviously the americans are reluctant to do because they've actually used the white p.g.
4:56 pm
they say enough fight against i so one last thing nic it's important to note that the y.p. g. is essentially been helping out to not only the americans but also the syrian regime as well that's what complicates things even further and then it is a very complicated business there under discussion and i cry thanks very much indeed. a snowstorm is adding to the misery of more than three million refugees who have fled the conflict in syria an ice blanket many of the tents at this camp in southern lebanon is bekka valley for many it's their fourth winter living in makeshift camps with just plastic sheeting for warmth the lebanese government does not allow punit refugee settlements in this area now the north korean leader kim jong un is making his fourth visit to beijing within a year for talks with the president xi jinping china has pyongyang's main diplomatic and economic allah north korean media says that cam is in china at the invitation of the president south korea has praised kim's visit expressing hope it may help efforts for de new prime zation and peace to make
4:57 pm
a part and has more now from hong kong. all these meetings are shrouded in a lot of secrecy but what's interesting about this this time is the fact that not only the north korean news state news agency but also the chinese news agencies seem to have given information or get announced the fact that kim jong un was in beijing the north korean news agency has released pictures of him getting on a train from pyongyang along with his wife and senior officials while the chinese news agency had said that he would be arriving in beijing that's very unusual what you can take from this is that it seems that both north korea and china want it known that this meeting is taking place for china it's a very important conjecture there in the midst of a trade war with the united states a u.s. trade delegation had been there for two days to talk about a lower level trade delegation nonetheless to talk about how to head off this trade war and we'll meanwhile north korea and the u.s. are talking about a possible second summit so having each other for support or china showing that it
4:58 pm
has leverage on north korea and north korea showing that it's got china support gives them both a lot of leverage and more strength going into talks with the u.s. whatever the topic may be. the former chairman of car company miss honors appeared in court in turkey where he's declared his innocence saying he's been unfairly detained carlos ghosn is accused of underreporting a salary by millions of dollars over several years which he denies it's goes first appearance since his arrest on november the nineteenth he was fired by the board of miss on a mitzvah she kept on by runner robert wright has been following events in tokyo. this long awaited court appearance by go on gave him the first opportunity to answer personally these allegations he was expected to professed his innocence and indeed he did he said the allegations against him were groundless that he has always done business legally and fairly and denied any kind of suggestion that he
4:59 pm
had caused financial damage to near san motors it's claimed that he transferred personal losses that he made financially to the company that he further underreported his income from this and for several years amounting to tens of millions of dollars it's also been claimed that he misused company funds to finance homes that he kept in rio de janeiro and beirut he came before the court to say that he should no longer be kept in detention that he had given twenty years of his life to turning around the fortunes of nissan motor's it was a claim that was backed up by his lawyers but the same court here in tokyo has also been hearing that he is potentially a flight risk having nationalities in other countries and it's also being claimed that if released he could attempt to destroy potential evidence so for now at least
5:00 pm
his detention continues at this case has attracted a intense media speculation a lot of international interest given the go on is the architect of the alliance between iran and. this stand to companies that he helped to turn around it has also raised the possibility that this have could have diplomatic implications for the relationship between japan and france given his stature in the world of the auto business his appearance in court he is said to have lost around ten kilograms in weight he was handcuffed with a restraining rope around his waist his appearance does seem to have made his apparent downfall for from grace all the more dramatic the president of the world bank has resigned abruptly three years before the end of his term jim yong kim says he will stand down.


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