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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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at least his detention continues at this case has attracted a intense media speculation a lot of international interest given the gorn is the architect of the alliance between iran and this stand two companies that he helped to turn around it has also raised the possibility that this have could have diplomatic implications for the relationship between japan and france given his stature in the world of the auto business his appearance in court he is said to have lost around ten kilograms in weight he was handcuffed with a restraining rope around his waist his appearance does seem to have made his apparent downfall for from grace all the more dramatic the president of the world bank has resigned abruptly three years before the end of his term jim yong kim says he will stand down from the global lending body next month without giving
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a reason he's had differences with the u.s. president donald trump over climate change and the need for more development resources washington's share of voting rights at the bank will give trump considerable influence in choosing a successor. and some soon have agreed to partner up in a deal that will make the sharing of content possible some things later smart t.v.'s will be unable to access apple's movies on i tunes and users of apple devices will also be able to stream the content on samsung t.v.'s the partnership is a change in apple's strategy content exclusively for users of its devices. still ahead here on al-jazeera the breakfast at rehearsal dubbed the fall by some truckers in the united kingdom. accused of a cover up an almost bishop goes on trial in france in connection with the sex abuse scandal.
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from the clear blue sky of the doha morning. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city . hello there it is extremely wintery across many parts of europe at the moment this is what it currently looks like over some parts of the alps some places have seen way over a meter of snow and there's plenty more still to come because we're stuck in a bit of a rough weather wise at the moment we've got an area of high pressure in the west and to the east we're just seeing war a more weather systems topple down so for the central and eastern parts of europe we're seeing a lot of snow and this plenty more still to come during the course of the day in fact for some of us particular parts of germany the outs that could be way over another meter of snow and that's going to be brought in on some very brisk winds as well some of the mountains could see around one hundred twenty kilometer per hour gusts now that system gradually works its way south was as we head into wednesday tony to rain as it works its way into the warm air but behind it yet more snow was
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well so we know that of the woods just yet for the other side of the mediterranean where we've been watching more weather systems as well this is the latest well making its way across parts of turkey bringing us a lot of rain and a fair amount of snow here as well that's actually stretching all the way down towards egypt as we head through the day on tuesday for wednesday though that one clears away but the next one is working its way across many parts of greece it is going to be wet once. the with sponsored by qatar race. i mean every cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's damage from the town through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means i don't join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. and
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again what is there a reminder for our top stories this hour the u.s. national security advisor john bolton is in turkey to discuss a u.s. troop withdrawal from syria he said to seek assurances that turkey will not tolerate kurdish fighters in northern syria. north korean leader kim jong il it is make his full physick to beijing and yet for talks with president xi jinping south korea has praised kim's visit expressing hope it may help efforts fifteen you've tried zation and peace for the chairman of count company misson has declared his innocence while appearing in court in tokyo collagen says he's been unfairly
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detained he's accused of underreporting his salary by millions of dollars. sudanese president omar al bashir is expected to address a military parade in the city where protests over rising prices and government corruption started three weeks ago the rallies have spread across the country calling for bashir to step down after nearly thirty years in power authorities say at least nineteen people have been killed in fighting during the protest rights group amnesty international has put the death toll at thirty seven well hundreds of people have been arrested since the protests began and journalists covering the unrest say they've suffered intimidation and violence is what morgan reports now from katu when she was told to cover anti-government protests for her nice paper rabbi knew it would not be an easy assignment she'd heard of arrest in previous protests but didn't expect it to be her turn and just for carrying out her work. i went to cover the protests when a pickup truck came and fired a protest people fled in different directions i ran into
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a hospital tear gas was fired into the building most men came in and started threatening people and when they found out i was a journalist they arrested me along with the others they were beating people they arrested with battens as they took us to the station my protests in sudan started in december over bread price rises and high inflation within two days they turned into anti-government demonstrations with people demanding the president on and the sheer step down after twenty nine years in power the protests spread nationwide and some social media platforms are blocked workers from various sectors went on strike many were arrested for saying they wanted a change in government. we were holding our posters and had barely come out of the university compound when men in pickup trucks came and started beating us and told us to get in the pickup they took us to the station and started humiliating us and calling us names the protests are now in their third
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week with more to come in the days ahead sudan's government says eight hundred fifteen people have been arrested since the protests began but opposition groups and activists say that number is well over a thousand the opposition also says security forces are intimidating people and tell the journalists to stop the news of the demonstrations from spreading the government says nineteen people were killed in the protests but amnesty international says the number was nearly forty in the first week alone the head of the police says his forces did nothing wrong that's out of haji that does work when you have you working why the incidence and violence are caused by those who want to destroy and loot and those who have alternative agendas for used weapons and burnt institutions and instigated people to protest against the nation the place of handled the protesters with the highest level of professionalism and self-restraint . demonstrators say they will continue to protest against president bush. the government says it will remain in power more lives are expected to be lost and even
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more are expected to be arrested as the two sides remain defiant people morgan al-jazeera on its own the first witness in gambia is hearings looking into decades of alleged human rights abuses says that the former president. was trouble was trouble from the start the truth reconciliation and reparations commission is looking into germany's twenty two year rule his regime is accused of systematic torture executions and disappearances against opponents and journalists germany was forced into exile after losing in two thousand and sixteen election saudi arabia has deported dozens of or hinge of muslims to bangladesh images showing some of the men handcuffed were secretly filmed at the detention center before being flown out they say they've been detained in jeddah for six years after coming to saudi arabia on pilgrimage and overstaying their visas to work. for them now filming this video from jeddah airport after being detained in saudi arabia for almost six years today they are deporting us they are ruining the who
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came after two thousand and twelve they didn't do any crimes. i would like to inform all my fellow hangers that we have been in detention for many years and now they are deporting us to bangladesh as being goalies. the trial against one of the most senior catholic clerics involved in a sexual abuse scandal in france has started cardinal. the bishop early on is accused of helping to cover up use his will. sixty eight year old cardinal felipe one of the most prominent catholic figures in france arrived for the start of his court proceedings the archbishop of leon is accused of helping to cover up abuse in one of his parishes five others from his diocese are also facing charges the case is about father bernard print on who has acknowledged abusing boys and is said to be tried later this year more than eighty five people say he abused them during the one nine hundred eighty s. and one nine hundred ninety s.
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his alleged victims came to court hoping for answers but. the cardinal is responsible for the diocese and in two thousand and thirteen he promoted a priest as dean who some years before had admitted to having abused children when you were responsible for a person who has admitted to having abused children to promote his deen and thus putting him in contact with many more believers and children is simply irresponsible in the most powerful woman i think that a class will know to truth a better mechanism of silence and i think that the three days i want you for us to have real answers as you know how it was possible for a sexual predator to remain in this position for fifty years to have responsibilities without being asked a single question. cardinal faces up to three years in prison and a fine of fifty four thousand dollars if convicted of failing to report the abuse of minors he denies the allegations. there have been numerous cases of sexual abuse of children within the roman catholic church. and pope francis has reiterated the
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church's commitment to preventing such crimes. she. can't refrain from speaking about one of the plagues of our time which sadly has involved some members of the clergy the abuse of minors as one of the violent and most heinous crimes conceivable such abuse and absorb lee sweeps away the best of what human life holds out for innocent children and causes a reparable and lifelong damage the holy see in the church as a whole are working to combat and prevent these crimes and their concealment in. this case will likely hinge on whether a cardinal should have reported a priest under his responsibility to police once he learned about the allegations against him for now the cardinal will have to answer some very hard questions in this courtroom in the days ahead. dorsetshire pari al-jazeera. the head of brazil's environmental protection organization has resigned after the new government raised questions over spending the new president. has frequently criticized obama which is
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responsible for protecting the amazon rain forest has made it clear he intends to put business interests ahead of the environment to boost the economy the u.s. president will visit the mexican border on thursday in attempt to pressure democratic opponents in congress to end the possible government shutdown before heading south donald trump is expected to address the nation to make his case for a controversial he wants more than five billion dollars to build it but the democrats agreeing to that the dispute over the funding has led to the partial government shutdown about eight hundred thousand federal workers are affected by the shutdown half of them are on leave without pay and the others are working without compensation john hendren met some of them in chicago. from where frank laguna stands which for the past couple weeks has been at home the forecast for workers employed by the us government is gloomier than ever some will be paying their mortgages some will be paying their car payments some will be paying their
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credit cards as a furloughed chemist for the environmental protection agency responsible for overseeing the cleanup of some of the most toxic waste sites in the country he has been deemed a nonessential worker also non-essential it seems is the environment well there's nobody. there to safeguard current regulations and oversee any potential environmental damage so there's a violation of e.p.a. laws there's no one there to have you know enforce current law repeated shutdowns have led to a brain drain over the past two years the chicago region covering several states has seen one hundred fifty of the e.p.a.'s nine hundred fifty employees leave it's almost lunchtime here at the federal building in downtown chicago and it's normally bustling but today is unusually quiet and on friday many workers will be missing their first paycheck of the year across the u.s.
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about eight hundred thousand federal workers who are in forty three thousand dollars a year on average are either working without pay or not working at all from national parks to the farm service agency to the alcohol tax and trade bureau which has stopped approving labels for new beer and wine. among those federal employees is sam kitchen a correctional officer at chicago's federal prison home to some of the nation's most dangerous inmates your drug runners murderers rapists but he's not staying home he's considered an essential worker he's just not getting paid do we pay our mortgage we pay our house payments to judge going to say if i can't pay my child support i do it necessary job thankless job but a job that the public expects us to do now we expect our elected officials to do what they are elected to do now they want to walk around and say ok we're not going to pay you they cut their pay and donate it to some federal employees so they could
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get paid for now he is thousands of other federal employees wait for the president who donates his salary to charity and members of congress who are getting their paychecks without pause to break the impasse and fund the government john hendren al-jazeera chicago. got a monitor is says it's pulling out of an international anti corruption body nine months earlier than expected the u.n. backed panel has been investigating top government officials and the family of president jimmy morale as far as says the commission is interfering with the country's internal affairs the group of international prosecutors was given twenty four hours to leave the country british politicians opposed to bragg said it will begin launching a fight back on tuesday more than two hundred a cooling on the prime minister to ensure a new deal breaks it cannot happen while a parliamentary vote is planned which could force a second referendum meanwhile dozens of trucks have taken politan in exercise testing plans to deal with long queues at the port of dover if the u.k.
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crashes out of the with a deal from kent is john help. in the dawn light a traffic jam emerges a convoy of trucks simulating the long queues for customs checks at britain's ports following a no deal brink's it. this was a live exercise operation broke the government's plan to ease congestion on major southbound routes by diverting trucks to the disused manston airfield from there forming an orderly procession through the kent countryside on smaller roads to dover port the contingency plan or traffic management measures the department of transport described it was given another label by one of the drivers involved having is a last minute thing because it was in the floors of the stock and it just was itself it is a bit of fun. to prove what. i get a lot to do in something. that's only as it was but it will be done nothing like
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money not even the local m.p. from the governing conservative party was particularly impressed i welcomed the part of the transport ramping up rex preparations but this trial is. just about one hundred lorries then ten thousand lorries come to the port every single day this isn't the right routing the better thing is to use. an airfield. it's estimated queues for customs checks at dover in the event of a no deal briggs it will stretch more than forty kilometers involving thousands of vehicles and taking many hours to resolve it wasn't immediately clear what this exercise involving just eighty nine trucks was designed to demonstrate a cynic might suggest that all this is political theater part of the government's last ditch efforts to convince doubting m.p.'s the tories amaze brings a deal that they'll be voting on next week is better than the chaos of
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a no deal exit from the european union where this live test did succeed will. in showing off the very last minute nature of the government's no deal planning and it served as a timely reminder of the vexed state of british politics then they didn't agree they don't agree on anything so they know the labor was one thing conservative one was nothing but is never they never going to be one thing said it was going to be a thought. beyond that the relatively clear roads and a largely traffic free dove a port on the first working day for many of the new year with misleading only a hardy few expect no deal to be an easy ride jonah al-jazeera southeast england. say this is al-jazeera these are the top stories u.s. national security advisor john bolton is in turkey to discuss the u.s.
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troop withdrawal from syria he said to seek insurances that he will not target kurdish fighters in northern syria has been a key u.s. ally in the fight against eisel shell has the latest now from ankara. john bolton is currently meeting with one of the senior advisors to talk asia president kalyan also present in the meeting in the presidential building behind me run this time is james jeffrey the u.s. special envoy to syria he is the guy who replaced bret mcclurkin as well as other officials there is rob what's the main point of contention a discussion is this proposed u.s. withdrawal the americans through the president have said that it would take place seemingly very quickly and it will be done so in a way whereby the turks would essentially be the main power on the ground in the eastern part of syria north korean leader kim jong il and is making his fourth visit to beijing and in the talks with president xi jinping north korean media says
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that kim is in china at the invitation of the president of south korea has sprays kim's visit expressing hope it may help i think if it didn't you tried zation and peace the former chairman of the company miss and has declared his innocence while appearing in court in tokyo colace gun says he's been unfairly detained since november he's accused of underreporting his salary by millions of dollars have several hits the president of the well bank has resigned abruptly three years before the end of his time jim yong kim says he will stand down from the global lending body next month without giving a reason he's had differences with the u.s. president on the trumpet of a climate change and the need for more development resources sudanese president omar al bashir is expected to address a military parade an hour the city where protests over rising prices and government corruption started at three weeks ago the rallies have spread across the country calling for by she had to step down after nearly thirty years and authorities say
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at least nineteen people have been killed during the protests rights group amnesty international where they put the death toll at thirty seven. all right you're up to states where the headlines here on al-jazeera will have more news and lot of them often up right after the street. talk to al-jazeera. we ask you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case we listen for you want to be a split edition of in india although that's not exactly my point we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. fire for me ok today uprising in sudan a look at the impact the current wave of anti-government demonstrations are having on the country we also want you to share your thoughts about what's happening in sudan so send is
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a chat via you tube on twitter of course. i mean you. know with quotes africa and your. anti-government demonstrators are once again calling for the resignation of sudanese president omar al bashir on sunday faculty members of the university of khartoum were arrested as a trying to join the protests more than two thousand demonstrators have been arrested since december nineteenth many say they are fed up by high food prices fuel shortages and inflation caused by what they see as government mismanagement to bush years nearly thirty year rule security forces have reportedly used to live ammunition and t. gas against protesters authorities say at least nineteen of been killed the human rights group amnesty international estimated the death toll to be at thirty seven the government has responded by cutting access to social media sites joining us to
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talk about all of this from car to. be obeyed is a senior member of sudan's ruling national congress party mahmoud is an activist stand out as a reporter i would use a hipper more good hellova but it's really good to have you here here you've reported on sudan for a very long time these protests what makes them different as far as you're concerned. well i think the fact that it went on for so long was quite interesting we've seen protests over the past few years twenty top twenty beginning of january and equal have been protesting all all these over the park the economy about the rise in bread prices right and food i want to see prices but this what went on for more than three weeks actually not three weeks right now as i don't think and the response you know usually people are afraid once they are live ammunition and tear gas but this time they seem to be very determined. you've been out in the streets you have been protested you've even been detained what happened to. well firstly i
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would like to come back to the point why it's different it's actually different because the stone there is just some kind of leadership that should enhance professional associations it's which is a body of many but only an workers' unions and trade unions is calling for peace but this does the reason it's different many different stuff i went protesting on the on the twenty fifth of december and again on the thirty first of december i was at a school on the thirty first of the route to be done by security agents in plainclothes in. yeah and i was a police of the same thing. from a police station along with other twenty detained of hundreds are both are still detained and hardcore many more outside it's way. running i'm getting in a lot of response from people on social media even though social media has been cut off in sudan people using v.p.n.
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in order to get around the fact the not able to get online so easily national here on twitter says the solidarity of the sudanese people has never been so strong thousands in any one area have been active in the demonstrations what do you make of that. yes i think that these demonstrations. the government due to some reason the defeat of the reasons behind these protests and is there was this sense. no money and will be initially because of the rise of the prices of. necessity can really do is there like grip and also the shortage of filipe now the problem of shortage of full fuel he spins in now solve. the problem of diesel is not solved but some steps taken by the. to solve all of the
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crises that. the protests at the restrictions against the government and they feel now there are. those people who are protesting but not like before but also if we compare them with the supporters of the government it will not find any comparison between the supporters and those people who are protesting and they feel that the government is very keen to solve the problem because of the problems and to fill the cup of the economy in a very short period of time according to a very quick plan this plan of action i think that has taken out the effect the positive effect of this plan is now very obvious and this is sort of the problem this problem is not money not a political problem but the economic problem due to. the thing mr. i argue with you that the prices in bread and the shortage of fuel is the reason but the main reason is that people realize why did as high prices for bread i live in
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shortening if you and the people realize that there is an if this government does that that the corruption that your government have been working and there for thirty years is the reason why we have shortened fuel and and then she said you know you know that. eighty percent of your budget is going towards protecting your and and the government eighty percent of the good of the budget is not going to education or health care or anything it is in italy going into creating more militias to protect the region because you knew this day will come you have you only knew that there will come here i see you not in delhi how to tell us what's behind the country when you really want to do it in the beginning of the you have you do it from the year two thousand up to two thousand. the cover minimum is let's run before the secure of the south so that is a country to see a lot of experience from different countries in africa. including see. do
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you even when i was your. other consist and before the decision of the so i was there was no problem but i think that you have to serve living on the last of the movie or the throne so then i started to suffer from this. troublesome thing or to lesser. extent to the sanctions that imposed. although we will probably not of course when i don't know sanctions and so i'm actually not going to get there ever a chance to actually join in the conversations i had to go ahead and it was the start of it sanctions have been lifted in twenty seventeen and we've seen economy instead getting worse i've been covering sudan before the sanctions and after the sanctions and we can see that things have not been improving things are getting worse and people are saying that despite the crisis going away it seems to coming back repeatedly so it would be a month of bread of billable fuel available but then it comes back again and there would be long lines of. people waiting for to get bread long lines of people going
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to try to get fuel and people are we see people lining every single day trying to get access to some more cash so you can see that that people are just going to be able to. do the problem will be solved today and that people should be happy because they're saying that it's not about the economy policies it's about the fact that the government is not able to handle its budget just like that eighty percent is going to word the military spending and the security spending and not going into health care not going into education or going into development mr abbott can i put this to you this comes from life or you change the conversation that's happening right now as we're watching the stream why has the government blocked off the internet for a direct question. yes actually i don't think that. go up but. now i am using internet and this is very clear that now skype is we have now are seeing. also hearing my voice i don't think that maybe is a bit blocked i mean
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a couple that we can go please with that and you know interruption interruption is not good either to let me i'm only i'm interrupting i'm talking only ice and so are slides and i'm good while hundreds of comments are not it is not it is not actually being been because i am viewer again and i sometimes only interests and i mean it's not wrong to understand everything something says so if i don't think about it at the time that mr ahmed or the other guest also they would not want to speak to complete what that there are they want to say but actually this is you have to give me up for just completing and finishing then mr ahmed or give up can also start to what they want to comment about or what they want to give and letting us eyes you send them the internet is not blocked i'm out. the internet is very blocked social
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media specifically if there is a procedure they blocked facebook twitter and. social media really you cannot access them without yes you can you can use skype and you can you can use google without you to do but there's no way to use what's up or facebook or twitter without of the. mystery of the other not to send a message or what's up without the you would not be able to move on so many here is a pharmacist let me share this bit of her back story here and she's been participating in the protest organized by the sudanese professionals association and she's been involved in various forms of protests performed on the streets and on the media and in the media she shares this. these pictures here from public protest it's a partial shutdown of pharmacies perform today on monday but pharmacies in a wide madani in support of demands of the sudanese people here i'm just wondering if these protests are now being organized and attended by the middle class of sudan
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by professionals of sudan does that give this protest more power. well yes i mean let's realize that at this point it's seems to be every level of sudanese communities we're looking at people who have been facing economic crisis lower class lower income people who are also looking at people from middle class people who are well off there are protesting because it's going from the economy and our people are protesting the government itself that it's not just about the fact that the country is facing high prices and inflation they think it's the way the country is governed the fact that they can't express themselves freely you know journalists are being people can't come out and just express we've seen teachers yesterday just holding banners and being detained and beaten and arrested just because of that so it's not just about the fact that things are expensive in the market but there is no fuel and has quickly escalated from the economy to now the government and the fact that there's so many restraints that the government is imposing so many
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restrictions that it's about living in sudan generally not just the economy let me bring in the voice of man had madame was tweeting to us at the stream and said i think it's about time that you look at the protests in sudan and she also sent us this free beer comment to help us with the conversation have a look have a listen we are going through this scene again is just is gold rush in the dollar shoe mismanagement of our preachers you source it is looking into this so this is a liquid health first religious so the issues have been going through and the times recently climate is highly social instability are on the rise our users are losing hope alive and so when people also go into the street simply to give us hope that we could write our own future deadly disease. robbie i'm wondering if this is a very strong new opposition that is asking for their government to be different
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for their government to be changed. yes absolutely.


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