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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2019 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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still a very messy business. yes that's exactly right laura why p.g. has provided up to fifty thousand troops boots on the ground to to take the fight directly to isis they fought valiantly and quite successfully as a result many many american lives were saved. the alternative to the wipe e.g. from washington's perspective is someone else has to come in who is going to come in washington is not confident that the f.s.a. that your correspondent was just talking about existence sufficient numbers to replace the y p g so it's a really difficult dilemma but the bottom line is the united states is working with a terrorist organization whether we officially call it that or not in washington rather than whether it's a nato ally that's a mess that has to be sorted out so i advocate he feels they can still appeal directly to trump and bypass the rest of its administration officials like john bolton in this opinion piece that he raised in the american newspaper. many say
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that he wasn't being directed to try that but do you think that he can get back on to his page. well donald trump flip flops you know every day on some policy and as i was saying a moment ago he has now allowed in his policy to be completely reversed by the statement of national security advisor bolton in israel i would presume that the president's closest national security aide john bolton was speaking with president trump's authorization my guess is president trump took his decision on december fourteenth to pull u.s. troops out of syria impulsively he heard something he like from president carter on that turkey could take over stabilizing syria and finishing the job against isis and then trumps advisor said hang on mr president no we don't believe they're capable of doing that so i think this could all get resolved if president trump president territory and were able to come up with a new agreement
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a longer term stabilization of syria where turkey plays a role where turkey's militia allies play a role and where the united states is still there facilitating the final military operations against isis and then together with turkey working to stabilize the north both in terms of security and politically in syria that that's a lot to ask for president trump has has not been in favor of a strong u.s. presence on the ground even to reconstruct syria russia's been pushing the international community to provide such assistance and washington has resisted so i think president trump still has a lot to think through and we're in a moment of policy drift absolutely because in the meantime as well we've got these two sides talking in the u.s. appearing to be on direct collision course with the u.s. troops still in there and determined to support the wind p.g. and techies present out and say these made preparations for military action in syria and move sarah. yeah that's a really important point i think president air to one was making that threat
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previously for two reasons one because it's sincere i mean turkey doesn't want a corridor of what if used as terrorists on its border but was also trying to elicit from president trump precisely what president trump said on december fourteenth that the u.s. troops are going to pull out and so now i think those u.s. troops are going to stay at the base your correspondent was talking about those observers will remain i think there will probably be a resumption of the joint patrols of y p g and u.s. troops along the turkish border which are intended to deter turkey so now president out of one faces a very difficult choice does he maintain that pressure and risk a possible military clash with a nato ally or does he find some other way to work together with a reluctant president trump on stabilizing syria and being together on the ground for the long haul you know the end the end of president talks about just about how turkey wants to take on a role to get it right after military operations and avoid the mistakes made in
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iraq by the united states so hopefully the u.s. and turkey will work together on that but now they are far apart let's wait and see matthew bryza very good indeed speak to you thanks for taking the time to join us there from istanbul thank you and now let's go over to jordan's capsule and stephanie decker is that because he was actually a state might pump a oh he's on a parallel trip to john bolton it's going to be no less challenging tell us what's on his agenda. that's right this is a virus we're expecting him to get here within an hour and so we need to jordan's foreign minister of the meeting because they're doing in king and we will be hearing from the foreign minister and the secretary of state in a press conference but on the agenda. has made it very clear in talking to reporters on the plane on the way here that top of the agenda is what he described as an iranian threat in the region of course also to ally. they fear is from its
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allies about the pullout the u.s. troop pullout as you were just discussing there from syria what it means that the united states remains a reliable ally in this region that it is committed despite the contradicting messages the almost i want to take messages coming out from this new administration but i would say when the country is going to be visiting will have be having their own questions to ask of the secretary of state certainly here in jordan the u.s. has announced a cut in funding to underwrite this is the body of the u.n. body that deals with palestinian refugees now jordan hosts around two million palestinians a lot of them with jordanian seditions ship but on your deals with schools and health systems and you know jordan urgently needs this money because its economy also is at a dire situation right now so these are the complexities that they will be discussing and of course you know there's always that question as you mentioned clarity from this is ministration two of its senior officials now touring the region what its allies one is clarity as to what they're thinking and how they're
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going to go forward ok stephanie for the moment thanks very much which i could with you as when. now the rest of the day's news still ahead refugees arriving in bangladesh after being deported from saudi arabia. this looks like a beautiful nature reserve but hidden behind the trees is one of the largest garbage dumps in moscow region moscow is struggling with its millions of tons of garbage every year and after protests the government has now come up with the latest idea just simply shipping it off to other regions i'm stuck fast and reporting from the. in moscow reaches. be crowned the african player of the year that's coming up with in sports. good leader kim jong un is on his fourth visit to beijing in
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a year for talks with his main ally china's president xi jinping south korea has welcomed the news hopeful it will help efforts for peace. it is hoped that chairman kim jong un's visit to china contributes to complete denuclearization and a stablish min of lasting peace on the korean peninsula in particular we hope that chairman kim's fourth visit to china becomes a stepping stone in the path to the second north korea united states summit. so what progress has been made with denuclearization of the korean peninsula since of kim jong un has has summit with us at present donald trump last june well the americans say they have made concessions by putting joint military exercises with south korea on hold but relaxing sanctions on north korea is not an option present trump insists they will remain in place until the u.s. sees positive results on the nuclear issue in his new year message kim jong un
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repeated his pledge that north korea will not make north test nuclear weapons but despite the deadlock in nuclear negotiations care and trump have agreed to hold a second summit this year to go poland has more now from hong kong. all these meetings are shrouded in a lot of secrecy but what's interesting about this this time is the fact that not only the north korean news state news agency but also the chinese news agencies seem to have given information or get announced the fact that kim jong un was in beijing the north korean news agency has released pictures of him getting on a train from pyongyang along with his wife and senior officials while the chinese news agency had said that he would be arriving in beijing that's very unusual what you can take from this is that it seems that both north korea and china want it known that this meeting is taking place for china it's a very important conjecture there in the midst of a trade war with the united states a u.s. trade delegation had been there for two days to talk about
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a lower level trade delegation nonetheless to talk about how to head off this trade war and we'll meanwhile north korea and the u.s. are talking about a possible second summit so having each other for support or china showing that it has leverage on north korea and north korea showing that it's got china support gives them both a lot of leverage and more strength going into talks with the u.s. whatever the topic may be. the president of the world bank has resigned three years before the end of his term jim yong kim says he'll stand next month but to give a reason differences with the u.s. president donald trump over climate change and the need for more development resources america's share of voting rights the bank will give trump considerable influence in choosing a successor. the british prime minister is holding another cabinet meeting as speculation grows about her government's next move on bracks it. to vote on terrorism a departure deal next week but reports from london pressure is building on the
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leader of the main opposition party to support efforts to cancel bracks it altogether. the billionaires who live in the elegant streets of this part of south london would you might think rather give their children's christmas presents away than support a labor party seen as the most left wing for generations yet in local elections last year labor took this area from the conservatives it was based on a simple promise stop the government's brix it but labor acts of his here have been left unclear if that is actually what the party wants and it still comes out one of the things that we regularly hear we campaign and we do campaign regular here is the people who live in dodge political or or almost unanimously opposed to break through and their offspring for leadership from the labor party on budget. a few kilometers north in the same it's an entirely different demographic in a london racially diverse often impoverished that just as worried about bricks it
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is the rich people down the road just as unsure where the labor is on their side i think they should be unequivocal in saying where we support you we want you in this country we value the contribution that you've made to our communities and not simply saying that but proving it by saying you know what it is not something that the labor party wants to be associated with. the vast majority of labor party members regard bracks it is a national disaster and criticizing party leader jeremy cole been is a sacrilege in himself as a preferred policy of leaving the european union and it's tearing the labor party pass the labor leadership is the wrath of the traditional white working class who's anti european. views underpin the lever if it supports staying in the e.u. and they cannot square the circle poland's appears deadlocked yet remain supporters
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keep pointing out that the labor party leadership shifted position and supported staying in the european union than almost certainly they would be a parliamentary majority for no breakfast at all in any shape or form yet standing in the way of that is jeremy corbin's long held euro skepticism his belief that the european union is a block on workers' rights with bricks it now coming to a head many labor m.p.'s are involved in parliamentary maneuvers to stop both the no deal and potentially force a second referendum to try to block the entire projects if the u.k. does end up leaving the european union and expects a raft of resignations by labor m.p.'s and activists who say jeremy call been promised to listen to the views of his membership and is now bent on ignoring them could end up destroying corbin's hopes of becoming prime minister lawrence lee al jazeera london chris caton is a political research and the british polling firm you govern in joins us now from london and just how much pressure is jeremy corbyn on to back
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a second referendum how much support in other words does that have amongst labor members. when you look at how labor members voted in the e.u. referendum back in twenty sixty the vast majority of them somewhere between eight and ten i know it in ten of them voted to remain in the european union most of them want labor's position to be more primary most of them are starting to want labor to support or move towards a people's vote so i think jeremy corbyn from the membership of the labor party is definitely coming under increasing pressure and of course you know as vote next tuesday on the prime minister to is amazing deal to leave the e.u. at the end of march is it looking like do that parliament's going to turn that down . well the numbers in parliament don't look good for the prime minister and and that she this does seem to be one of the areas where around the british parliament does reflect the views of the british people so when we've polled the british
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public just around one in five or one in four some one to one in five and one in four members of the public support the prime minister's deal and i think m.p.'s should fight for it why will the main reason is because there is to offer options the prime minister presented to us your option she said my ideal no deal or no bracks it was there's no majority for each of those options individual they. do in the vast majority prefer one of the other two options even though deal or no on the bright side when he said no deal is a preferred option crashing out of the e.u. on march twenty ninth well it's no it's deafening us preferred option somewhere around a quarter of the publics in the woods out of those free options the no deal deal or the from this is day alone or no breaks it. does come top of that it still doesn't got a majority and all of it we have started to see some momentum towards this idea of a second referendum so in our most recent polling forty one percent of the public think that part of the votes to reject the daylight should move towards a second referendum with thirty eight percent opposing it the problem with
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a second referendum is they could be bitterly divisive so if the result of that referendum was or remains the majority of leave voters fifty five percent said they'd feel betrayed by the results i know this they in a country that has already been divided by bricks and that could have quite severe consequences have you done any polling a second second referendum might throw up. well we think that if there was a second referendum this difficult to say exactly what would happen in a referendum we don't know how this went over and. play out yes exactly and these things do change quite quite quickly a week is a long time in politics also add to that that we don't even really know what the referendum question will be options will be on the ballot paper will it be the prime minister's deal versus no deal will it be the prime minister's overseas staying in the european union how it will what the data currently indicates if remain is on the ballot paper that will probably stop the campaign as favorites because obviously they started off well forty eight percent in the referendum in
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twenty sixteen and we've seen some movement towards remain since that main the people who support jeremy coleman's life r.t. who did support leave. some of them have switched awards for mine because it's very and say indeed to see thanks for joining us there from london. now europe is bracing for more freezing cold up to seven people died in the german alps during a weekend of heavy snow a state of emergency has been declared throughout southern germany where more than a hole for meters snow cause traffic and transport delays the second highest avalanche warning is now in force across the alps. will be here in just a moment says more about europe's deep freeze them still ahead. calm returning to gab on after a failed coup attempt but all vehicles continuing to patrol the streets of the capital. pain at the pump the mexican government defending its latest efforts to be
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a criminal gang. and when the going gets tough the tough gets going we look at why compasses will face a stern test both mentally and physically at this year's dakar rally. nice pink sky by the time. or as the sun sets in the city of angels. hello there we have had far too much snow across europe recently and there's plenty more still to come this is what it looks like in southern germany at the moment but arguably it's even worse in parts of northern austria and the east in switzerland where we've had up to two meters of snow and as you were just hearing there from laura that does mean that there's a problem getting around disruption to transport but also means that there's a very large avalanche risk at the moment of risk is going to increase if anything thanks to this system that's gradually sweeping its way southwards and that is
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what's going to bring us snow over the next twenty four hours or so and all the problems here of course by this area of high pressure in the western parts of europe that's just not budging so the usual flow of weather which comes in from the atlantic has been stopped instead we're seeing a very intense area of low pressure that worked its way down. from the arctic and that's what's driving the weather over the central parts of europe at the moment and that's what's bringing us all of snow so here's that snow then that as i say over the northern part of the outs is where we're going to see the worst of the weather today could be up to two meters of snow and then that system will gradually begin to slip away towards the south but even as it does say behind it there's still yet more wintery weather because the setup really hasn't changed the southern alps though in contrast it's practically summery weather here there's been barely any snow and it's still rather. the with sponsored by qatar. in these year new immigration laws and projects funded by european governments have
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seen a rapid decline in the migrant transport through people in power travels to agadez to explore the realities faced by the drivers left out of pocket and the migrants who are choosing to return home who would like to go back to the country where they are from you know just to give them more is going back to. their. europe migration on a jersey you know the latest news as it breaks in a poll just out sixty five percent of people said that they think will do a great or a good job with details coverage is the second time this year doctors walked out on strike the government is funded by issuing suspension. from the around the world increased warning level colleagues as a blow to the thousands of people displaced by the tsunami of wanting to return home.
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again or watching on to their has a reminder of our top stories this hour that this president has lashed out at mixed messages coming out from the trumpet ministration for its plan to pull troops out of syria. the one that rejected a condition that turkey agrees to protect on washington's kurdish allies. well done on the sly and done battle the messages it's impossible for us to accept the message that bolton gave from israel because don't know who my could be citizens who are the y.p. she. said to be k.p. i guess they don't know that these. groups that. could never be representative
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of citizens. and north korean leader kim jong un is making his fourth visit to beijing in the year the talks with president xi jinping south koreans were hopeful it will help efforts. and. thirteen men have arrived in bangladesh after being deported from saudi arabia they're believed to be part of a bigger group who appeared in a video posted online from a detention center in jeddah have been protesting their return to bangladesh because they're actually from neighboring min maher which fuse the writing illegal immigrants i speak to. in the bangladeshi capital dhaka so tough it was going to happen to this group of men. well what we can tell you confirm is that they arrived two am in the morning today by saudi airline zero two thirteen all men there's no woman and children they're currently being held by the
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immigration authorities and the airport police what they're telling us that these people will be interrogated because they obtained this passport on fraudulent ways and they're carrying bangladeshi passport under the law they could be possibly prosecuted and taken to jail but they also went on to say that it is up to the higher authorities if they'll be actually moved to a refugee camp in cox or will be sent to jail they're not willing to give us any detail we were not allowed to pictures i mean take a video footage of them we just stopped and at stanford and from our source that's all we know we don't know their condition their health and what when they actually went but the immigration authorities say that most going through their passport what they can tell that most of these when they're around two thousand and twelve and two thousand and fourteen this could open up a floodgate because many ranges of ten bangladeshi passport in the early two
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thousand and they went to saudi arabia some took asylum some are on indefinite detention there all of those could be possibly be deported to bangladesh opening a major flood gate off just coming from other parts of the world this it'll be a new pressure on bangladesh gunmen unlike those who cross the border into the bangladesh territory the authorities one clearly say when they will be released or taken to a refugee camp or go to the jail so far this is the most we know from doubts or it is ok and we'll keep a close eye on what happens that good men that have arrived bangladesh. thank you. now sudan's president omar al bashir is expected to address a military parades and adam barra the city where protests over rising prices and government corruptions began that three weeks ago it was rationed have since spread across the country often turning violent calling for bashir to step down after thirty years in power authority said least nineteen people have been killed but rights group. has put the death toll at thirty seven of
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a morgan joins us live now from khartoum haven't got any indications as to what the sudanese president is going to say or laura we know he's there for me going to talk about the state of the nation the fact that people have been protesting against his ruling against his government he's been speaking over the past few days more openly since the process started he's been saying that he's going to try to introduce economic reforms he's going to increase wages of civil servants so he's has been trying to assure people and certainly his trying to assure the military the police that he's still in control regardless of all these anti-government protests that have been happening over the past three weeks so what we're expecting him to seize to say things along the lines of how he's been having the situation how that how the how his government has been handling the protesters and the fact that they've been infiltrated infiltrators as he said that are trying to influence those people who have been voicing demands for change and for him to step down he's been saying that these people are traitors so we're expecting him to say that the military should be standing firm by his side can anything he say calm these protests.
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well has been trying over the past few days but it seems that those were tests of various sites on their minds that they're saying that they've heard promises from him over and over again and that those they want stray sions a result of his failed policies he says that's not true but people are saying that they will continue to protest and there is no middle ground and let's remember laura that people are saying that those people who are protesting there's no certain body that is responsible yes there is a sudanese professional association apparel association to workers union that is trying to get people to move out on the streets and march but they're not the only ones a lot of these people are mobilized on their own in their own neighborhoods civil workers for example some of them are on strike without being told by the association so people are protesting on their own and association is simply what they're reading more and more people to join the people of the group of people demanding that president i want us to resign so it's going to be very hard for them to try to negotiate very hard for president ahmed rashid to try to and these protests against him and his government ok thanks very much for that update from
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khartoum. government says is back in control of her attempt to overthrow president go for medical treatment two plotters were killed and five others were arrested the attempt to take over the presidency is highlighting questions about bulger's fitness to lead that last hug as more. lieutenant calley from the presidential guards burst into the national radio and television center calling off for a popular uprising against guns president. obama the eagerly awaited day has arrived when the army has decided to put itself on the side of the people in order to save him from chaos if you're eating stop if you're having a drink stop if you're sleeping wake up wake up your neighbors rise up as one and take control of the street. outside gunshots electricity in the internet are shut down as gabby's special forces stormed the building in
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a statement the government spokesman says calm has returned the situation is under control of the african union in france which. nine hundred troops in the country have condemned the attempted coup president goes in morocco seeking treatment after suffering a stroke last october in his new year's address to the nation he appeared frail a time slurring his words. go took over power in two thousand and nine after the death of his father who had ruled the country for forty one years. during the two thousand and sixteen presidential election the bongo dentist he was challenged. opposition leader jumping to claim victory but the constitutional court ruled in favor of congo in an interview with al jazeera after the court's ruling he said he was accountable to the people i was the candidate of equal chance you know giving really every guy when he has a chance to really make it i'm not the i'm not the candidate you know or to restore privileges and yet high unemployment and a sluggish economy heavily reliant on oil exports have made life more difficult and
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costly many young people are now calling for change seeing their leader as absent and distant everything is crisis education health care and everything so people want to do something about it armed vehicles are now patrolling the streets of the capital but with this latest coup attempt the bongo didn't hold on power seems fragile and uncertain because hawk al-jazeera. a former chairman of car company has declared his innocence in court in tokyo saying he's been unfairly detained. as accused of underreporting his salary by millions of dollars he was fired by the board of medicine and mitsubishi but kept on by well i'm a bride reports. this was first chance to publicly allegations against him. the presence of diplomats to hear it was evidence of the international nature of this case. in court gone denied any financial wrongdoing saying he has
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always conducted business legally and fairly he said he dedicated the last twenty years of his life to the nissen company he chaired until recently engineering its alliance with french automaker renault his lawyers argued his continued detention is grossly unfair. to the session of the court today was held in order to request the court to make the clear reason for detaining mr gone under the suspicion. the reason we made such requests for procedures to take place today as mr ganns defense team is we believe there's no reason for him to be detained in this case is attracted intense media interest given goans international stature the man who turned around the fortunes of renault and then did the same with this sound it's made his fourth from grace all the more dramatic. it remains to be seen what why
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duran packed the case will have on carmakers in france and japan and if they'll be any diplomatic fallout between the two governments the personal impact on gone is all too clear while the court considers the allegations he remains in detention rob mcbride al jazeera tokyo. says it's pulling out of an international anti corruption body nine months earlier than expected here and back panel has been investigating government officials on the family of president harry moralez well as accuses the commission of interfering with guatemala's internal affairs a group of international prosecutors was given twenty four hours to leave the country. islam entirely consider that it is regrettable that the secretary general in a bid to maintain one person in the position sacrifice illegitimacy of the commission therefore we inform the secretary general that in twenty four hours the agreement will be terminated by the quantum of them government and the united nations several
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mexican states are facing shortages at petrol stations after a government crackdown on fuel faffed long lines are formed at outlets in mexico's second city guadalajara the government says the disruption will continue as it seeks new ways to fight criminal gangs of course. this is a there's no shortage of petrol but that's little comfort to motorists caught in the growing lines across central mexico the state all farm to mix is changing distribution methods to be criminal gangs they've been tapping into pipelines stealing thousands of barrels of petrol at a time that inflicts steep losses for the company and the country the changes mean some places a struggling to keep their tanks food one of the washed affected mexico's second city quite a lot of love out of there it's really bad because we already went to silver stations but we don't have any gasoline it's been three days already there's all disaster it's a disaster everywhere to disaster i've been to two gas stations and they don't have
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anything look at this where else do we have to go if there isn't anything here where else do you go. mexico's new president says he's no idea how long people will face shortages. the truth is that we're already seeing positive results we have a reduction of that has never been achieved before so we're going to keep moving forward. says about seven billion dollars in fuel has been siphoned off since twenty sixteen alone the president has ordered the military to start securing key installations while the company is changing distribution to use more tankers and fewer pipelines that are easily targeted alan fischer. fares tech rivals apple and samsung are teaming up to share content samsung smart t.v.'s will be able to access movies on apple's i tunes platform and users of apple devices will be able to stream their ideals content on some song t.v.'s partnership is a change in apple's strategy that kept content exclusively for users of its devices
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some zone meanwhile is looking for new revenue after announcing a thirty percent drop in its quarterly profits. the city of moscow is struggling to deal with eight million tonnes of rubbish it produces every year for decades it's simply been dumped around the city but after protests earlier this year it's been decided to is to transport ways from moscow to other regions hundreds of kilometers away so that reports from russia's kaluga region the stench of garbage hangs in the air at this housing complex near moscow many days the air is so polluted people living here fall ill the problem is this dump site eight kilometers away one of the largest in europe.


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