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tv   Mohamad At Eton  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2019 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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into two gas stations and they don't have anything look at this where else do we have to go if there isn't anything here worlds do go. mexico's new president says he's no idea how long people will face shortages. the truth is that we're already seeing positive results we have a reduction of that has never been achieved before so we're going to keep moving forward pemex says about seven billion dollars in fuel has been siphoned off since twenty sixteen alone the president has ordered the military to start securing key installations while the company is changing distribution to use more tankers and fewer pipelines that are easily targeted alan fischer. fares tech rivals apple and samsung are teaming up to share content samsung smart t.v.'s will be able to access movies on apple's i tunes platform and users of apple devices will be able to stream their i'd choose content on some song t.v.'s as a change of apple strategy that kept content exclusively for users of its devices
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samsung meanwhile is looking for new revenue after announcing a thirty percent drop in its quarterly profits. this is it moscow is struggling to deal with eight million tonnes of rubbish it produces every year the decades it's simply been dumped around the city but after protests earlier this year it's been decided to is to transport ways from moscow to other regions hundreds of kilometers away so fast that reports from russia's kaluga region. the stench of garbage hangs in the air at this housing complex near moscow on many days the air is so polluted people living here fall ill the problem is this dump site eight kilometers away one of the largest in europe. you see. my daughter and i were coughing all night and my daughter was just three years old i went to the doctors and they said close your windows when i asked if we should leave this area they said it was our decision but if you live in this area you
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better take care of yourself everyone has ability to lee. after protests earlier this year the government closed twenty five landfill sites but the garbage doesn't stop piling up and that puts extra pressure on the remaining fourteen dumps residents say the smell and health concerns got even worse when it was decided to burn toxic gases which are released from the landfills the government is now planning to transport millions of tons of garbage to several regions one more than a thousand kilometers from moscow by train and by truck we are not allowed to go beyond this again but this is one of the destination so moscow frash over eight hundred hectares of what used to be designated farm lands in the christine reaches here of will be turned into a so-called eco techno quark for us local activists like to call it a huge garbage dump. your authority is told a local television station the park will contain
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a way sorting facility and will generate energy out of rubbish the report emphasizes the economic benefits for a region but boris li shootin who has investigated the plants asked the proposed park will include a large landfill and doesn't expect to see great efforts made to limit the environmental impact period. with hundreds of forty two trucks stored moving here dust will cover kilometers of sorrel and not to mention the pollution that will come from burning trash which will travel wardens when's it your mother's docks acceptance is will be everywhere. questions from al-jazeera to the moscow government about the project has remained an answer to. activists say the government is legally obliged to develop clean waste management laws. but the regional governments don't want to implement this law because they're in tight relations with businesses and all of these dumps and private hands the state doesn't have anything to do with them that jana lapin access no sane person would
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have come up with a plan to move the trash from one area to another even those living in the region who were initially in favor of the plan have changed their minds but local authorities refused to let them hold a protest moskos waste is not only an environmental problem but a political one two step fasten al-jazeera kaluga region. but it is of ethiopia and eritrea have reopened a border crossing between the two nations as part of the ongoing reconciliation between the former enemies the prime minister and are trying to present as as a wacky cuts the ribbon together to reopen the border post it was close to twenty years ago plastic ties were restored last july. no new college. crush. old fun we have with.
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thank. you all for now at historic low or thank you this is africa cup of nations hosts a set to be announced imminently africa's football chiefs brought forward the decision in a meeting in senegal's capital dhaka to work out last minute details south africa and egypt to the only countries in the running they have until june to be ready to host the continent's biggest football tournament twenty four teams will contest this year's competition only amarin was stripped of it because of delays to the
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infrastructure and concerns over security they've now been given hosting rights for twenty twenty one africa's footballer of the abel also be announced in the sale of the senegalese capital later with three players on the shortlist liver point egypt stahmann salah is widely expected to retain the title for a second straight time salah scored forty four goals in all competitions for live last season and he's up against any goals. also his have pulled teammates money was the runner up at last year's awards ceremony another english premier league player emerick a balmy young completes the shortlist he's in the top three for a fifth straight year the award is voted on by national and club team coaches as well as african football confederation officials or else salah and money await news of the war to that team liverpool have been knocked out of england's f.a. cup by wolves the premier league leaders made nine changes to their starting line up and wolves took full advantage in the third round game winning two one with
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goals from bell humanists and ruben never is. now the highest ranked team at the asian cup made a winning start three time champions iran but too strong for yemen in their group winning five nil in abu dhabi yemen are the lowest rated side and were making their debut at the tournament iran looking good in their effort to win the title for the first time since one nine hundred seventy six vietnam and iraq of the other teams in this group and they meet on tuesday. we maybe didn't start so good but we scored some beautiful goals in the first half and then the second half and where proud of the team was the first game is always hard to. show that we are strong together but yeah. now we have a an important game second yeah against you know we have to train and be better for everything so. that's an important game for. two thousand and fifteen runners up
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south korea's struggle to overcome the philippines another team that's making the tournament davy managed by former england ivory coast and mexico bust spend you're in erickson the philippines had less than twenty percent possession they still had chances to pull off an upset south korea eventually getting a breakthrough in the second half when new job with the gold. tom star from one member joined the sport for the final three games. the philippines is just one of the teams to benefit from the tournament being expanded from sixteen nations to twenty four and fans in the capital manila got the chance to see their team compete at this level for the very first time. korea is really you know technically this is so good that they believe they're so good they're always going to have more possession than us. but i we were defended we defended so well we had two really good chances from avi but the. and just so close to almost getting
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a point there were group favorites saudi arabia take on north korea in the opening match of the asian cup on cheese days saudi arabia was dealt a blow ahead of the match in midfield a soundman out with an injury and replaced by new. saudi arabia have won the asian cup three times. teatime former champion nasa has won the opening stage of the dakar rally the country was fastest from prue's capital lima two pissed go as the forty first edition got underway in the south american country is one minute and fifty nine seconds ahead of spain's carlos signs organizing compared to say this year's race will be one of the hardest because most of it will be over some jeans and a sanchez reports from lima. and they're off the ten day dakar rally promises to be one of the toughest yet for me through the weekend desert and the mountains of south and back five thousand kilometers of mostly sand dunes. who
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decide the route says it will be challenging but. the main difficulty is the sand the roots in the area where the race takes place is mainly in the use of the peruvian deserts and that's why you'll be much more difficult. as the days go by it will get more difficult the dakar rally is an off roading insurance event that's open to professionals and amateurs alike because of the sound car experts say the race particularly. car. drivers will need to rely on their navigational instruments it may seem a race designed for titans but rookies like twenty four year old deny they say they're not afraid she says she had to gain weight to be able to carry her motorcycle. jenna's used to challenges she survived cancer when she was fifteen and two months ago she broke her collarbone but it hasn't stopped her from
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participating but. i have a lot of expectations the girl who will come back after the race will be a different woman and that thrills me i'm going to go through so much now have to resolve every problem every step of the way this is incredible. jenna's been preparing for this race for a year she's become a role model for many peruvian women. but i want the women watching the to feel what i felt when i decided to compete life can change from night to morning you don't know what can happen to you but you must go for what you want opportunities don't show up twice just like that. experts say this kind of determination must come with physical and psychological strength crucial. to make it to the finish line. racing his fourth dakar one if you get anxious on the start you make a mistakes i'll go easy with a cold head because anxiety kills you you have to drive to make it right. to happen
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from paris to senegal's capital dakar but since two thousand and nine it's been moved to south america over security concerns in north africa it may be one of the toughest competitions in the world but many participants here see more important than winning is to make it to the end. now south carolina's clemson university has won this year's coed football playoff national championships clemson went up against defending champions the top ranked alabama it's the fourth time the two teams have met in the playoffs and the second time in three seasons clemson has beaten alabama for the national title this time they dominated travel lawrence pass for three hundred four seven yards and three touchdowns as comes from crushed alabama forty four to sixteen they finished the season with fifteen wins and losses the last team to do that was the university of pennsylvania in one thousand nine hundred seven. all right that is
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a good spot for now i have to feel later laura thanks very much. and that's it from me and the news out there i would also go back a little later but now it's over to make up more of the day's the city stay with us if you can. rewind returns a can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries there has been a number of the falls put in christ since the cry graham was filmed rewind begins
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with mohammed at the time when i was in the living i was the top of the clubs and no. like and the other student i was very fortunate to be awarded another scholarship rewind on al-jazeera you leave this place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence ten year olds his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home.
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it could be the biggest lie in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean twenty one geologists are secret could block the border . as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans manakin on a. take as president criticizes what he sees as conflicting messages coming from the trumpet ministration over his plan to withdraw troops from syria. this is a live from doha also coming up in the program north korea's leader heads back to
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beijing as nuclear diplomacy with washington still. and politicians launch a campaign they hope will lead to another referendum on britain's membership. former chairman of the makes his first court appearance since his arrest for financial misconduct. so then the president has lashed out of what he sees as mixed messages coming from the trumpet ministration about its plans to pull troops out of syria reza talk about iran has also rejected a condition that turkey agree not to talk at washington's kurdish allies he says his country will not compromise on fight as it regards as terrorists. he said. it's impossible for us to accept the message that bolton gave from israel the americans don't know who out of my quote the citizens who are the white. i
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guess they don't know them these terror groups that. can never be a percentage of my kurdish citizens. well i was reacting to comments made by donald trump's national security adviser that's john bolton who's in turkey and earlier bolton's spokesman had said the talks and productive both bolton and chums top diplomat that's my pump are on a mission to reassure allies over the us president's decision on syria compares beginning his middle east tour in jordan and will visit at least eight capitals including car riyadh kuwait city and doha. well shortly we'll go inside syria and speak to sin and cos you know who's in the northern town that stephanie decca meanwhile is monitoring mike pompei movements in amman first though let's go to turkey's capital where we have jamal szabo and jamal so the u.s.
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says that talks in turkey on u.s. withdrawal have been productive but it's a different story for president. indeed i mean even the statement actually nic to be fair that came from the u.s. side if you read into it and understand the kind of diplo talk or linguistics used in its indicate that they weren't as productive as they would like people to believe to quote parts of it so that the both parties have identified areas that require further discussion is essentially translated into both parties could not agree on some sort of at the or let's break it down essentially on the turkish side you've got turkey that has identified kurdish fighters belonging to the y p g operates in the eastern parts of syria bordering with turkey they believe that they are an extension of an outward group the p.k. k. the cut is not right because party that's been essentially setting off bombs and attacking turkish security forces as well as cities for decades now and wants to go
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inside essentially to defeats it's as the turkish government say it's obviously it's also been fighting against darvish or i saw a fight started off with the operation called you free to shield which then transformed into operation on a branch and it's something that the turks want to do on the other side you've got the americans who were lying heavily on the y.p. g.'s presence on the ground they've armed them quite significantly in their fight against eisel and the why p.g. essentially has been working also with the syrian regime in its push to get rid of sunni arab rebel fighters in the region as well sounds very complicated what the turks have been saying is that they've agreed with the americans that the americans would would withdraw turkey would fight both eisel as well as the y.p. gee who it's safe should not be differentiated between the true because they're both terrorist organizations the americans even though the president donald trump
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has said all right we're going to withdraw very quickly suddenly there's been those mixed messages and they include jumble turn as well as other officials. within the u.s. government have said well actually hold up we called really do this because of regional interests that would insist on the americans not to abandon the wife e.g. fall of that's essentially crystallized in this meeting between two one senior advisor ibrahim cullen as well as john bolton and in that they fail to agree on it's the turks a walk if the americans current even agree amongst themselves as to what their strategy is how is the wall going to accept that they're going to be able to play a leading role in finding out a solution to syria or jamal thanks very much and that's a picture from an incredibly go to northern syria now where we find c.n.n. cacio new covering events for us and sit in northern syria of course where u.s. troops are stationed where takesh treats stationed describe for us more about the military level and that. well there are so
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forces there are so many uncertain it is among the politicians from both the united states and turkey and plus the perspective in there. among their militaries but of course it is always the civilians who suffers the most and always here where we stand is a hundred meters to the town of that where the u.s. military base is located and it is right behind me on also across may the camera is nothing able to show this right now is the turkish military base and on my left side there is the u.s. positions it's a very huge area and for the last couple of months turkish and american soldiers have been a joint to patrolling around the area between al bob and that's but for now since since the u.s. president announced that they would be pulling out from syria we don't see that the civilians we talk they say that we don't see that much joint patrolling however of
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course life is going on here in the morning we crossed from gaza to where i stand today that which is twenty five to thirty kilometers from the turkish border we have passed through gerard list an area that was the operator by the turkish backed free syrian army forces and everywhere there was a checkpoint people are trying to cling on to life they are trying to sustain their lives they have open shops the schools the kids are going to schools there are some new restaurants being opened up and the sport of course the season is critical it is winter it is very cold even today it is very cold and very rainy and even jerome's has been liberated there are some spots that you can see people living in living in tents and. of course this is a difficult time for the civilians because they don't know what is going to happen whether the united states is going to pull out as they have said very quickly
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whether to. it is going to launch a military operation against of i.p.g. n.p.o. i do controlled area but where i stand there is a road on my left side and. there is a checkpoint off the f.s.a. and the few idea and it is just fifty meters from each other and we are actually standing. in a place which which separates the few i do controlled area from there for say consul day and they have spared this road for humanitarian conditions they say this is a humanitarian aid corydoras saw that the civilians can travel safely and it is humanitarian aid can reach people safely people are passing through checkpoints every day and when we asked them about the u.s. pullout or what they expect from future they say that we want a united syria we don't we want to we don't want to cross through the checkpoint center more so than thanks very much indeed said and post your reporting there from god in northern syria well matthew bryza served on the u.s.
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national security council is now a senior fellow at the atlantic council's eurasia global energy center and he says the boldness is it shows how and current washington just miles apart on the issue of kurdish fighters in syria. that was a doomed mission from the very outset i mean you know his what he announced the other day in israel is a complete reversal of what president trump agreed with president out on in their phone call back on december fourteenth back then president trump agreed that you know as we know the u.s. would withdraw from syria but would also take along with that the y.p. g. that the militia that turkey does view is a terrorist organization that is affiliated with the p.k. k. which is recognized by the u.s. and the e.u. in turkey as a terrorist organization now bolton is saying no the u.s. troops are going to stay in syria in fact until isis is defeated and the u.s. is going to protect this this enemy militia of turkey it's should be clear to
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everybody turkey is not against the kurds of syria turkey is against this one particular militia and the u.s. and syria are way off track on that issue. is provided up to fifty thousand troops boots on the ground to to take the fight directly to isis they fought valiantly and quite successfully as a result many many american lives were saved and the alternative to the wipe e.g. from washington's perspective is someone else has to come in who is going to come in washington is not confident that the f.s.a. existence official numbers to replace the y.p. g. so it's a really difficult dilemma. ok let's go over to jordan's compered lamond stephanie decker is there and big diplomatic push going on by the united states not least. begun his tour of the middle east in amman what's his plan there in the go to.
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he does you've got to senior administration officials touring the middle east with different stops and i think it gives a sense that they really do feel that there is some damage control perhaps to be done certainly when it comes to assuring their allies that the americans remain a strong ally in this region here he'll be speaking with the foreign minister who also be meeting later today with king abdullah. spoke to reporters on the plane where he mentioned two main issues one one of syria also the threat of iran but here the jordanians will be also asking questions about the policy when it comes to this is the u.n. body that deals with palestinian refugees of course trump announce that he would be slashing its funding while jordan jordan posts around two million palestinians it is hugely dependent on those funds it has schools it has health care systems here as well so this is something and also of course the palestinian israeli conflict is going to be addressed this deal of the century that is now delayed again that trump
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has been talking about for almost a year now that the details of that very very under wraps everyone involved so these will all be things on the table but i think also maybe as you mentioned they're trying to restore some kind of confidence because of the mixed messages and almost a chaotic message coming out of this administration so there will be a press conference in the foreign ministry in a couple of hours from now let's wait and see what pompei and his counterpart have to say thanks very much in the picture in amman in jordan stuff dekker reporting to north korea now where the leader kim jong un is on his fourth visit to beijing in the year for talks with his main ally china's president xi jinping south korea has welcomed the news. that it will be helpful.


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