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tv   Girls  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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of american troops from. the north korean leader kim jong un the second day of a visit to china which could lay the groundwork for another meeting with the u.s. president donald trump the fourth trip to china in the past year the largest opposition party the democratic republic of congo has declared its leader the presumed one of last month's presidential election the union for democracy and social progress says it's candidate felix the voters of calling for a transition meeting with outgoing president joseph kabila the country's electoral commission has yet to release the results russia's prime minister treason may has suffered another blow to her brakes a plan that's after a cross party group of employees in favor of financial measures making it more difficult to leave the european union without a deal the government parliament's approval to spend money on the deal preparations well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us a j selects of coming up next thank you for watching. the week began
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with views of a ninety day truce in the us china trade. the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest. we bring you the stories the economic world we live in counting the cost is iraq. has. learned the men.
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that's. the. case. so of course there's a little bit of home and there's mad that out in him but most of the control more was a day of a misconstrued lagat and good service we'll have a clue look. i don't. know. mr humble. but i look at them as you know. well and i have been. married we lived here i will be back that's ok. it's a good day for us
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a chance and that's measured and that's. about what i thought but what i have she told the doctor you shoot you. we looked over mr marshall half of what. you see there. look the well. how many. men do you believe to be. knowledgeable. of them by the minute men and women and famous stuff so. someone could be god while he sat with. me. and with the.
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beam in and will be will. let me know. then i believe has in him because conceivably i was acquainted with also had i couldn't it because. this is a lot sometimes. i feel you have become close. and the movements any.
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tend to feel as bad then by a mob has if they don't get it. i look at it instead because you know with friends if it does any good good health is going to. happen i was a kid you would see one kid with taj and that's been the same as the i d m to the list could be surfing with a good idea to try to browse and there's an impending. was released and they had the two of them that it. is so difficult because you need to put it in milk and the sort of addiction bit that would keep as you well. know that didn't have those complicated finale in the so to say that that is
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a look of. love and do is send it over. to get it because i'm going to but i can live in the lead. vocal of this year and basically observes you out of the limo and do it. on but on that let us out. because. then i'm a i'm not i'm adamant that. not a minute could not be with the words of the. little plane that that is the best that i know. and in most of they would it will force yoga and this is
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a totem of them and. it has a puppy. but in a city. so i mean i have. the . motive of the little bit of some of the. of those when you only look at silvertone. and it was a sort of what some of the demanding. no no.
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a lot of the elderly i met him live with the women because that is today in the mind of the yes as an illiterate about the girl of the black woman the agony of the media how did you feel that if. you're going to google it to be able to get it if you could get it but it was a little bit unfair identified. because i think the build up of income that's the kind you know about. at least. i don't i don't i don't have that and it was. fine if it was putting out at a meeting and he got anybody got it out of town at the. table. and i had to put a stamp on it and if it died i. get the money but even that can't happen without it
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getting. man ahmadinejad mattawa goal to yourself i'll get the. best james takes to the business with. all of the triggered by almost man did the man be allowed he has a me just and a summary of graves that i was sent on of my life in iraqi army back to down here down by assad among eleven dollars and up till nothing else you see t.v. cowboy known as you my love gonna get me a big as our maid of honor but hi dad just as you ask does it and goes augmentation
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of reason they've become i will come i'm going to say i'm of the on big time of the things. that i've coming up on my watch there was. this little thing that's coming to deal with them is a build up in the woods how about the end of my. life that. sounds a. lot of now don't look up to a son i got a lot to do a lot of how i semi own up without the love it goes out of the bed and i want to. if it's got that accordion i just get back to living as the main taliban disco the . fuck up i love those pops up on the audience i would have to say it was like being. people going about. their.
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gowns got a young. man up. but the gang didn't need it it was going to have a gun but it did never did. get the blood of the victim of it out he. was. but. i looked over all the who's who learn to join blogger by going to do a factor shouldn't he chose to walk because his gun under the will never die because a pleasant one of them to go get one of them to the moment you have been going to malone is a killer one i bought a gun as i can move up. but
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yet in my head that. way that. i think the funny. really. clever. ok so you use her for your own no gas card to go i'm not. going to hundred that's close to providing an ounce grab me bridges are here but deborah carton to get our people. to school as well as it.
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to give a joke is on and. own client can be cut down not live to mark a bunch of down to bad guys damn good suggestion to make our love and go ok i guess be they come out of this i don't know who's got your question maybe they like it i would be new showtime. may pass it for now i'll. make that sulky but cheer to get the style good material out of. god some with god what are the carcass nicaea the impetus while it all. local our god while policy got even worse. who's there but your body they all ignored the bible but they're fit right for the bible of god.
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ismay our misfortune is rather than going with darkstar bahasa they are here because i was up i was well i don't know what i'm getting into the hospital but upward as organized was not there was an ugly. nasty ugly is a lot of what i learned was loaded with me because i listened along with many other examples and finally. to have. learnt you thought of doing you know. a mission of almost. there someone can see. that later on.
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a mile long good it. has a good. use out. good. to know you are good. this is a man who. yes . good because it was i may. give those who are writing a movie to me going to london to. be rendered. this is.
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let me tell. you. what that. meant almost to say this is so because it being the desk was a sons of dance it went out in seventy kids so i give the stuff that i buy which date should i move yes edamame that i'm
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a staunch and when he got his ass out so i'm going to bring the starkey i didn't get back to school or oh. you. mean that i'm going to be sent back to be the homebody but it won't get me and i think i'm. not going there and need some of it was said to the back of my medicine last of about defending up with that bail money that is still around but triple they're supposed to leave you at the finish you must get him satan must by the so-so meaning and that i mean was i'm vocal buy a new gadget or this is our. on the air farce and despair and no. as though they voted them in why did they care at this we now know now.
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does he actually need. a diff is all but i'd be nice. the file system i use the guys that. are so my urge to start my business color vision as soon as we begin moving. most they don't get my stoop that think that suffering just buys you did all your father does their well yet no significant thing and they needed to go with a kill loki of being the. way that a school is in the lab was. a good idea again government didn't give them the fish with the. seeking the. think by theatre the. minimum for the profit i feel and for as i feel the need more loud noises around necessarily good luck finding their only me not
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a method because. of the gods. of the us. hell most real the. most recent one said as soon we could do that then the sailor seen bunch by but a minute then god i was out in vegas i felt the bond those they knew where on the back of the shoes because they've got this is the i'm in my know i look out a little by little fast seek a out of the mob some a visual media goes on me so i don't buy only. them something new that. going to. relieve. him ok shall all be gathered.
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even i can dish out he can keep it with that india has he gone to that which was in my list there but i didn't come to the understanding to kill the jasmine gauge panzers forbid it should on the head by side to pull it out to keep it was just advantage of mistake to think i mean as for the sports world it's my. good thing i'm going to add to the bone again downward sharpen the badge by leg method of doing this so nobody's difficulty that to be made a good thing because he i have a worse was a division to dish but i could think of a. car i think the medium one can but it can't get any.
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i'm stuck i can make good people learn to let go out to out but little as i was by the busy gaza the boys does my novels are they can i ask them to give up my lives oh but so far that was of course why did with the wind it was a lesson on. the law that was most pressing on the plot it was a lad ok no problem with that somebody in mumbai lousy working. in the it was screwed up but we don't think what i see now that was at the follow up with wicked of what they did they don't mind a little messed up by them not all men are the ones who doesn't understand the concept more about the lessons because it isn't. what's this it was a going to do almost was a good simply because it. was a member of what. was. the name of god that
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said that. this. will be the hour the. kind of i know that i want to be. involved you know now and then we found this when it was the room. to my yard getting into some. good and i did. say you don't know and which of us there's a vision that if they must go mental instability of the medium's i mean. is this a memo or michigan goes or this to do. with sums it was no doubt a couple no no when they would be was a single got a dummy variables and when you said i wonder morgan would go i would go home with
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me i was going to say what are the i meant think are the little bro my. on the hook you. know fog to. get into. this i'm betting as well as i was going to. think it was going to go to my left off like you playing well employment do not come down the phone won't. see you sick or got going on. it well that was easy but i know i know i'm not going to give it would. sound like hello. every student to visit janko facing disease the. visit killed three supporters to met by hundreds generals it was the all diana meeting the agents are going to meet
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down each passing as i said i think guys are. as old as first time banks said the guard on the come i said being released we came in they are forced to give up until you are. and inspiration. possible stories of people who is keeping the spiritual freedom alive. my courageously defending their right to be hugged. as best of all i'm going to be the. al-jazeera selects.
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in a four part series a russian filmmaker travels across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin many russians view push him into somebody with
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a difficult job rather than an authoritarian leader with imperial ambitions and many critics of putting a equally critical of the west meeting with russians from across the political spectrum under a neck wrestle discovers a complex attitude towards that country's leader and his policies in search of putin's russia are now jazeera. the federal government remains shut down for one ways and one reason only because democrats will not fall on border security present trump and his democratic opponents both give no go out of the standoff that's kept the us government closed for maybe three weeks.
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hello and welcome to al-jazeera on live from my headquarters and me in the product .


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