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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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the resources that are available but your story is that we just tell you what the subject of the story now the government is not willing to do the one thing the demonstrators want apologize for. we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. u.s. president. and the humanitarian crisis democrats accuse him of stinking fear. also coming up on the program north korean leader kim jong un wraps up a visit to china a day ahead of schedule. yet another round of talks with the u.s.
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and pakistani officials meet to discuss what to do next. and also ahead why the u.s. envoy working to resolve the blockade of. president donald trump has put his case for a border war with mexico directly to the american people in a televised address democrats in congress to approve funding for the project and end a standoff which has shut down parts of the government for almost three weeks mike hanna has more now from washington. the deadlock between congress and the white house continues democrats refusing to provide funding for a wall on the southern border president trump adamant he will not accept any budget bill that doesn't this is a humanitarian crisis a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul the facts though do not support the contention of a spiraling crisis wrists at the southern border in two thousand and seventeen was
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the lowest in forty five years the number of would be migrants detained last year was list them half of the total arrested in two thousand and seven every week three hundred of our citizens are killed by heroin alone ninety percent of which floods across from our southern border more americans will die from drugs this year then were killed in the entire vietnam war but this is contradicted by the drug enforcement administration which in a report last year said virtually all of the heroin sold in the united states comes through legal points of entry thank you and in a joint appearance the democrat leaders in the house and senate dismiss the address as nothing more than cynical korea mongering this president just used the backdrop of the oval office to manufacture a crisis stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration
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the president's address and the democratic response has affected no change and at the weekend this will become the longest ever government shutdown in the nation's history mike hanna al-jazeera washington. the north korean leader kim jong un has wrapped up his visit to china a day earlier than expected it was hoped the talks with the chinese president xi jinping could lay the groundwork for another meeting with donald trump there was little detail on that schedule provided by either side but south korean media is reporting that kim schieffer about an hour which really you has this update from beijing this trip has been shrouded in secrecy we do know that this afternoon his train was seen leaving they were doing and there are reports that kim jong un toured a chinese traditional medicine factory this morning then had some lunch with some top chinese officials perhaps even president xi jinping himself before boarding the train shortly after now there has been no official information so far either from
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the north korean government or from the chinese side there were reports that yesterday. met with president xi jinping for an hour and they were expected to have discussed a possible meeting between the u.s. president or trump and condone in the next few months so far we have no confirmation of their spot we expect some information from chinese for china's foreign ministry over the next few hours now of kim jong un's train does return home he's expected to arrive perhaps just after midnight there's also. a chance that he could be visiting another chinese city on the way back home more than a dozen diplomatic missions in the australian city of melbourne have been evacuated after a suspicious packages were delivered to them have been tested for hazardous material but there have been no reports of harm to stuff some of the packages are said to have contained asbestos material used in buildings that can cause cancer consulates of greece egypt thailand new zealand are among the targets now the latest round of
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talks between the afghan taliban and the united states have been called off this follows disagreement save the agenda for the two day meeting which was meant to start here in cutter on wednesday. as this report. taliban leaders canceled a meeting with the u.s. officials only a few hours after telling the media they were willing to hold face to face talks in qatar in the coming days and the reason is differences over inviting the afghan government delegation to join the talks a few days ago the taliban rejected an offer to meet afghan government representatives in saudi arabia preferring instead to hold talks with the u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad the united state. some cards taliban also try to play chess board in politics they don't want to open up
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all they want to give in take a lot. of the afghan government says it's ready to me the taliban any time anywhere but for the talks to succeed in afghanistan needs help from neighboring pakistan the u.s. has repeatedly accused islamabad of providing safe haven for taliban leaders accusations dismissed by the pakistani government being the immediate neighborhood on a star is interested in any development in afghanistan leads to peace and stability of the region gotten the efforts underway to words a political settlement in a fantasy and the draw all of us troops should be part of a peace process we did to ensure that it is nor bar vacuum in afghanistan. despite huge international aid and a military campaign led by the us war is far from over and the taliban is far
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from defeated reports of the trump administration might be withdrawing troops in the coming months triggered panic among afghan officials but the u.s. isn't the sole player in the region the russians invited the taliban and the members of the kabul based afghan peace council for talks last year saudi arabia and the u.a.e. took part in the last round of talks in december. iran has also been active over the last few years building bridges with the taliban and the government iran says it's called used to ensure an afghan led peace deal. the talks gained momentum last year but it's unclear if all the parties are willing to make concessions and agree on a unity government. or there are other another set of talks underway this time between representatives of the afghan and pakistani governments in islam about
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we're going to speak to do joins us live from there come up before we get into that tell us how much of a problem this cancellation of the talks in cutter's. the message. very clear do not want to draw the government didn't call but which they can operate regime installed by the us government. the president. finding a consensus. on both the americans and the government in trying to encourage pakistan to open the. allow the afghan government to come to face to face however what.
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nor. will. there. be. any foreign minister also flew to door. close contacts with the dollar bond also should also be playing bad role. and russia interesting the ron paul. ron of course making it known that they would read that dollar bond. decided that they would be hosting. stakeholder do something they're. going to take everybody into confidence but it also has to be understood that the taliban have more than fifty percent of the country then in a very strong position everybody's talking to them. and
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give to given the strength of their position what was the reticent about face to face talks do you think. well as i mentioned the one taliban have said all along that the energy men but. that day do not recognize that regime and therefore their north budging on that but. it's done may compromise the safety and security of the different states so there's a lot at stake that u.s. special envoy. like need to be relating india trying to get on that i didn't know they issue a. gift on also the fact that india has made tremendous. on . government and also its staging attacks according to the pakistanis that cross
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the border. remaining and that stakeholder did of course have to play a leading role and trying to. break seems to be an up here to toss get a moment or come out thanks very much indeed kamal hyder reporting there from islamabad the u.n. envoy to yemen is due to update the security council on its latest efforts to end the nearly four year war griffiths's been holding talks with both sides in the yemeni president. hiding in the saudi capital and choose day and the who the rebels in sana gryphus want some to stick to the fragile truce agreed in sweden last month and hoping to bring them together for a new round of talks later this month. is in the middle east and he's vowed to step up efforts to put pressure on iran he's also used. to reassure washington's allies about trump's plan to withdraw troops from syria stephanie decker has more now from amman. so the message from the u.s.
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secretary of state might pompei o is clear that the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria will not hinder its fight against eisel and it will also not affect its fight to lessen to contain iran and its influence in the region there was a press conference between the sec's your state mr damion counterpart touching on the issue of syria that both sides want to see a political solution to it also touching on the issue of iran and also briefly mentioning the israel palestinian conflict and certainly the jordanians saying that they saw this as a key issue that needed to be resolved when it came to conflict in the middle east now where the sect of state will be heading on to egypt where he's expected to give a keynote speech interestingly that will come ten years to the time when the former president barack obama gave his middle eastern speech but the message from the americans is that despite this pullout in syria they remain steadfast ally and they will remain very much present in the region. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero
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zero zero zero teachers and doctors in zimbabwe join forces to make a stand against the government. and another blow to tourism a house of commons vote makes a new deal bridge to get more complicated. from the waves. to the contours of the east. and over we're still seeing a lot of snow across parts of europe the satellite picture is showing that area of cloud over the alps we've already seen up to four meters in some of the highest peaks here the snow is all to the north of the ouse and for the south we're barely seeing any but that weather system is also affecting us in the southeastern parts of europe you see that cloud streaming down towards the southeast and this is what it looks like on the beaches of. athens at the moment yes that is snow on the beach
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so plenty of cold weather across many parts of europe a more still to come that system that's giving a snow over parts of greece that's still with us rain for some of us though where it turns a little bit too warm and behind that system there's yet more snow making its way down from the north as well so plenty more outbreaks of snow across many northern parts of the outs as we head through the next few days the avalanche risk is already high here and it is only going to get worse we have a look at the satellite picture for the northern parts of africa we can see that system has also affected the impulse about syria and to near zero we've seen a few showers here a few more likely during the course of the day and we could also see want to just get their way on to the north coast of libya as well the whole system only works its way eastwards as we head through thursday so for many of us here there will be sunny dry weather. there with sponsored by qatar airways. whether online i want to start here on my laptop with
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a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a rush of adrenaline will be felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has called base our legal protest and instructed police to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice. and lots of different reasons what's different types of bricks or join the global conversation on how to zero. zero a reminder of the top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has put his case for border war with mexico directly to the american people he said it's necessary to result secure. drug trafficking and
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a humanitarian crisis the democrats have accused him of stoking fear. north korean leader kim jong il it's wrapped up his visit to beijing earlier than expected the little details have been released about his trip and south korea's media is reporting kim met chinese president xi jinping for about an hour. the latest round of talks between the afghan taliban and the united states has been called off after differences over including members of the afghan government to separate discussions are underway in islamabad representatives from people and it's not. retired u.s. general anthony zinni has quit his job zinni so busy trump administration's envoy working to resolve the dispute between qatar and its neighbors you east how to arabia bahrain and egypt impose a land sea and a blockade on doha in two thousand and seventeen and jordan has more on his resignation and the state of us to plainly see in the region. for the last year and a half retired u.s.
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general anthony zinni has had two jobs negotiate an end to the g.c.c. crisis in which qatar has been isolated by its gulf neighbors since june twenty seventh team and help us stablish a nato like organization called the middle east strategic initiative army said no more zinni has submitted his resignation. anyways just challenged. he did not waste his time because the situation in the middle east can always get more unstable unfortunately this extraordinary important trusted intermediary parties to ensure that the situation does not deteriorate further according to reports zinni said he's leaving because no country in the dispute is willing to negotiate in good faith what's more analysts eager neubauer says the murder of jamal khashoggi the saudi journalist up and it plans for a u.s. brokered discussion in washington in october former secretary of state rex
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tillerson had hired zinni a former military commander in the middle east after his own efforts at shuttle diplomacy failed to end the blockade zinni insists he had full support from officials at the white house which had recently asked him to add the regional military alliance to his to do list analysts say that without an end to the qatar blockade and no sign of the white house hosting a g.c.c. summit any time soon such an alliance has no chance of being stood up even though he were tasked to help resolve the gulf crisis once that was no longer tenable at least in the current environment he sought to appear to rest through integrated military cooperation and what emerged of data became an impossibility the state department thank is in for his work saying that quote his mission was to help introduce the. concept of the middle east alliance and start
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a conversation with leaders in the region that is happening and well underway thanks to his efforts for now it falls to secretary of state mike pompei o. to discuss the blockade and a possible military alliance during his first major trip to the middle east however pompe alles top priority and that of the white house is the isolation of iran at any cost that means anthony zinni his work could end up being neglected for the foreseeable future rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington the us senate has blocked legislation that seeks to counter the boycott divestment and sanctions movement against israel a democrat so divided overnights that penalizes supporters of b.d.s. which were to condemn israel's treatment of palestinians and its illegal settlements in the occupied territory the package of bills originally had bipartisan support but many voted no in protest over the partial government shutdown which is now in the eighty's day sudan's president omar al bashir is
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expected to speak in the capital khartoum on a day where more rallies for and against his presidency are planned the protests calling for bashir to step down have spread across sudan since mid december they began over the cost of food and fuel and government corruption president bashir is refusing to resign and has praised the military's response to the protests morgan has more now from khartoum. anti-government protests are now in its third week people have been demonstrating demanding that president obama and his twenty nine year rule and step down now would all start over the economy over the rise in bread prices and the inflation of seventy percent one of the highest in the world and the protests spread nationwide schools and universities had to be shut down social media platforms such as twitter what's up and facebook were blocked by the government now today president obama to travel to river nile state and went with the military and spoke about the situation that the country is going through. right now unfortunately those who are conspiring against sudan have been able to plant
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some agents and some trenches in our midst unfortunately that meld inside those with weak souls those who vandalized and burned in the meantime our people have been building and developing every day there are new projects but on the other side they want to destroy in boone my greetings to the military forces which have guarded the nation and protected it and broke down all conspiracies by the colonizes disappearances and their agents now this is not the first time that the president has spoken he has spoken on the eve of the country's sixty third independence anniversary and he said that he was going to increase the living wage and he was going to try to improve the economic situation but that did this did not stop the protests protests have been going on going including today and more are planned in the coming days now the government has been criticized for using what has been termed as excessive brutal force they just haven't have been killed in the process according to intent to the human rights group amnesty international but the government is saying that nineteen people have been killed and over eight hundred have been arrested so broadway is going through its worst economic crisis in
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a decade hundreds of doctors have been on strike for weeks now and teachers are joining forces demanding the government do more to help make ends meet and says who . a new year a new term but an actual start for the students of zimbabwe. i was there instead of notebooks inside classrooms some teachers are outside holding placards they say they can only hold classes for two days a week and a threatening to go on strike in the coming days they want their salaries to be paid and u.s. dollars to shield them from a spiraling currency crisis this was at leeds was a negotiated and agreed into and it will be the spending that we need to really i would that violated that night because it is one fillable practice for the second month in a row hundreds of doctors are staying at home they too want their salaries in dollars and a demanding better working conditions we wanted dad be mitigation offenders to be
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dangerous people to it was a wonder that would diminish in terms of salaries good salaries in terms of the vehicles is a good something turns good news. was made public hospitals are running out of medicines and pharmacies are turning away people unless they're paying in dollars. there's not enough resources in the hospitals areas dialysis patients are even being told to buy out any syringes. but the government says it doesn't have enough foreign currency to meet the protesters demands zimbabwe depends heavily on imports and uses bone notes and electronic currency that's picked to the dollar a shortage of dollars means those bones are losing their value but they should now with a immediately now or to morrow go into negotiations where government will offer in terms of a million or aiding the plight of the civil service in the areas that they demanded
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on the streets of the capital harare lines like these are all too common a price. of basic goods have more than tripled and there is a fuel shortage this crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing president emerson and who promised economic growth and for investments to prince about we out of two decades of financial disarray and risk predecessor robert mugabe. but these teachers say the government needs to do more to help those who are struggling. on just the route. but it is a turn in general has resigned over claims of meddling in a corruption investigation into the construction giant or direct presidential body it says his decision was aimed at protecting the independence of the prosecutor's office his tenure has been marred by accusations of offering political favors in exchange for private president martin was repeatedly called for him to resign
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human rights watch says venezuelan intelligence has detained and tortured military personnel accused of plotting against the government its report says detainees described being strangled deprived of food and electrocuted international pressure is building on the president nicolas maduro to step down is due to be sworn in on thursday for a second term the u.s. and several regional powers consider mentors government as illegitimate. the british prime minister tourism a government is warning that it is delusional to think it will be able to negotiate a better breaks a deal with the european union. to resume debating the deal later on wednesday ahead of next week on tuesday may's brits a plan suffered a major blow when politicians approved measures make it more difficult for a no deal outcome as this. the british government is preparing the country for life outside the european union in particular for the
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possibility of leaving without a deal over future relations it's not a pretty picture queues of trucks shortages of food and medicine it is for many in parliament a worst case scenario but one that grows more possible by the day. hardly surprising then that those opposed to a no deal breaks it are doing all they can to prevent it i believe the government should rule out no deal but i think if it was important must make sure that it has the powers to do so if it comes to the crunch it is time for members of parliament on all sides start ruling out to be down to options to a country voting by a majority in favor of a measure that blocks public spending on a no deal outcome m.p.'s on both sides demonstrated their opposition to the government's current course. it's a significant defeat for the government here the successful amendment to the finance bill tabled by the opposition labor party with wide support is perhaps now the first salvo in
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a campaign aimed at forcing the government's hand it doesn't mean no deal planning will stop nor that no deal won't happen but it does put much more pressure on the prime minister to find a position that a majority in parliament can actually agree on she wasn't in parliament but to resume a knows that if there is no appetite for no deal and her own plan gets voted down next week then her options are greatly limited either go cap in hand to the e.u. leaders and plead for something better or consider doing what an increasing number of people and m.p.'s wanted to do which is hold another referendum there isn't a majority in support of any of the particular rights and outcomes and that definitely isn't a support for no deal so it is supported by around a quarter of the country about half those who voted leave in the e.u. referendum but it isn't as popular as remaining in the european union and when you ask the public which by prefer staying in your opinion or leaving with no deal staying in your opinion does come ahead. eighty days to breaks it and counting it
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is still firm government policy to take britain out of the e.u. on march the twenty ninth but the government is not necessarily in firm charge of events jonah how al-jazeera london. europe is bracing for another day of freezing temperatures at least thirteen people have been killed in weather related accidents seven died in the german alps during heavy snow at the weekend the second highest ever launch warning level is not in force in the alpine regions more. this is the reason officials in southern germany have declared a state of emergency. a snowstorm has the positive more than half a meter of snow in parts of southern bavaria. the town of one guy on the northern edge of the alps in germany is now covered in almost a meter of snow and that's made life difficult for people in the region as a the lessons i haven't had the sense of stock in the past few days it snowed so
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heavily here in the district and that's had consequences for public life the most evident ones are the block roads or people who are no longer able to go to work or go shopping so between last night and this morning we pulled the emergency brake and cancelled school lessons for all the schools in the region. life has been put on hold for many here. this is good about the houses it's it is nice when you consider tome and look out of the window but i work a lot on the road and now for instance i can't even get out of my driveway and my snow remover has broken and i have to shovel. the storm may be inconvenient but some seem to enjoy it. if they came it happened more often when we were young but now not for a long time i would say but it's ok it's winter you can't complain in the past years we haven't really had a real winter but now it's back it's ok this way. is certain areas the avalanche warning has been raised the level for meaning that large avalanches can occur
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because of the weight of the snow. over the weekend seven people were killed in austria switzerland and germany in ski related accidents caused by the heavy snowfall. this severe weather system is expected. bring more snow to central europe and sell friday door such a party al jazeera. partly to recover the headlines here and al-jazeera and u.s. president donald trump has put his case for a border war with mexico directly to the american people he said is necessary to result security drug trafficking and humanitarian crisis the democrats have accused him of stoking fear the only solution is for democrats to pass a spending bill that defends our borders and reopens the government this situation could be solved in a forty five minute meeting i have invited congressional leadership to the white
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house tomorrow to get this done well the democrats are demanding that trumper reopen the government without funding for the wall the fact is that women and children at the border i'm not a security threat they are humanitarian challenge i challenge the president sounds cool and counterproductive policies have only to end and the fact is president trump my staff holding the math people hostage might stop manufacturing a crisis and must we open the government north korean leader kim jong un has wrapped up his visit to beijing earlier than expected few details have been released about his trip to south korean media is reporting that kim met chinese president xi jinping for about an hour and it's likely they discussed the possible second summit with donald trump. more than a dozen diplomatic missions in the australian cities of melbourne and have been evacuated after
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a suspicious packages were delivered to them samples are being tested for hazardous material but there have been no reports of home to start. the latest round of talks between the afghan taliban and the united states have been called off after differences over including members of the afghan government separate discussions are underway in islamabad however between representatives from kabul and from the pakistani government. or united states and void starts with a result in the diplomatic crisis between carter and its neighbors has resigned reports that retired general anthony zinni quits the unwillingness of regional leaders to engage in dialogue united arab emirates saudi arabia bahrain egypt impose a land sea and blockade on doha in two thousand and seventeen. with headlines here on al-jazeera got more news coming up after the stream.
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and the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera. is the biggest u.s. criminal justice reform package in years but first step actually enough so they will look at what the new all means for u.s. prison inmates they came qadosh in effect i kid you not please send your thoughts and your twitter comments. i don't like. thousands of amazing us federal prisons are hoping that the first step at war child change their life the new google has already brought some real results for one man
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back in charles he walked free from a prison in kentucky on thursday he had been.


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