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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the oceans twenty one geologists are secretly plotting your borders. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans manakin on a zero. sudan's president omar bashir rally his supporters in khartoum as countrywide protests to bring him down continue. live from london also coming up u.s. president donald trump calls illegal immigration a humanitarian crisis as he demands funding for the border war the democrats accuse
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him of fear mongering. the u.n. . security council on his latest efforts to end the four year war as the continuing violence puts millions of yemenis on the brink of famine. and from flexible t.v. screens to intelligent devices we check out what's on offer at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. and demonstrations across support of and against president bashir in the city of hundreds marched to the national parliament to deliver a note demanding russia's resignation and he's used tear gas to disperse them before they could deliver their message anti-government protest began of three weeks ago over the rising cost of food and few that bashar remains defiant he addressed hundreds of his supporters in the capital khartoum and rejected calls to
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step down that you know. we are all together hand in hand joining forces to maintain stability however some are adopting for. it being operated by outside forces to the saddam. right those who are seeking power they'll welcome however anyone to grab power it is the ballot box it's only through transparent free elections that's up to the sudanese people to decide. let's go live now to have a morgan who's in khartoum for us and there's been some violence at the anti-government protests what can you tell us about that. well lauren we were at both rallies both the pro-government and anti-government rallies what we've seen is police using tear gas to try to disperse protesters no one hundred gathered demanding that president ahmed bashir resign that's something that's been going on for the past three reasons we've mentioned but we've also heard from the sudanese doctors committee apparel committee the official union of
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doctors in sudan they say they've got four cases of people who have been injured using live ammunition and that one of them was in quit was in a critical condition so obviously the protests were not all peaceful where people were protesting against the government the police used tear gas and live ammunition to try to disperse crowds that haven't stopped them some of them have made their which village slated assembly and they said that they are going to try to continue demanding president ahmed bashir is have done until he does something he said he's not going to do until elections come in twenty twenty or so as you mentioned the protests showing no sign of letting up how worried should be. well the fact that it's gone on for this long alone is quite concerning for him he has never had to face courts as that's been going on for more than three weeks he has faced protests in the past before obviously also over and over the economy but never for more than a few days and he's always used his police force to be able to disperse protesters and he at some point was able to negotiate with them eventually they were able to basically give up by the demand that he step down but this is the first time but
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it's been going on for three weeks of his quite concerned and the other concerning factor for him is the fact that there is nobody he can negotiate with to try to end the protest these people are being mobilized very sporadically in neighborhoods in and basically the sudanese are professional association which has been calling for the past for protests in the capital how to tune they're not the only ones who've been calling for protest against president bashir so he doesn't know who he can negotiate with and that for him is quite a concern at the moment thank you very much indeed. on the next few hours the u.s. president will meet congressional leaders to try to resolve the partial government shutdown it comes after don't trump made his case for the border war with mexico in a televised address to the american people president tromso the situation was a crisis of the heart and soul mike hanna reports from washington. the deadlock between congress and the white house continues democrats refusing to provide
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funding for a wall on the southern border president trump adamant he will not accept any budget bill that doesn't this is a humanitarian crisis a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul the facts though do not support the contention of a spiraling crisis wrists at the southern border in two thousand and seventeen was the lowest in forty five years the number of would be migrants detained last year was list them half of the total arrested in two thousand and seven every week three hundred of our citizens are killed by heroin alone ninety percent of which floods across from our southern border more americans will die from drugs this year then were killed in the entire vietnam war but this is contradicted by the drug enforcement administration which in a report last year said virtually all of the heroin sold in the united states comes
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through legal points of entry thank you and in a joint appearance the democrat leaders in the house and senate dismiss the address as nothing more than cynical korea mongering this president just used the backdrop of the oval office to manufacture a crisis stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration the president's address and the democratic response has affected no change and at the weekend this will become the longest ever government shutdown in the nation's history mike hanna al-jazeera washington but elaine joins us live from washington patty any movement at all on this today. no and if anything i think both sides appear even more dug in so politicians when they give these major speeches they usually wait a day or two to see what happens with the polls see if there's any movement but right now if you look at the polls the majority of americans say the president is to blame for this impasse that the majority of people say they don't want to wall
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they don't think it's necessary but the number that the president is a looking at is the third of a merican to believe there is a crisis on the border this is his base this is an issue they care about i think it's also important to remember that the senate and the president never one has already to pass a bill that funds the government keeps it open that was going to happen it didn't happen until the president heard from three conservative commentators who basically slammed the president for not fulfilling this campaign promise and that's where we saw him change his mind and say no i'm going to get the border wall but that's something he hasn't been able to get even when republicans controlled both chambers of congress so if anything i think both sides just appear more dug in now what are the next things we should be looking out for expecting. friday friday is payday that's one eight hundred thousand federal workers are not going to get their paychecks and there's even more federal contractors that are not going to get their paychecks then we're going to start to see the impacts ripple out through the
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economy so eight hundred thousand might not seem that much but if they can't pay their rent in that affects their landlord if they can't pay their electric bill that affects the electric company and it starts to ripple out and that increases the pressure on both sides to do something the other thing i'm looking for is whether or not the president follows through on his threat to declare a national emergency there is some legislation that in a national emergency the president can basically divert funds to try and build some projects of his but the question is is that constitutional most constitutional scholars say it is not but if he was to do that it would allow him and both sides to try and save face open up the government well they fight it out in court the long term effect could be diminishing the power of the presidency or increasing the power of the presidency depending on how the judiciary ruled but it would be a way for them to solve this fight without losing face so we'll wait to see if the president makes that move it would be controversial it would be historic it's not usually done but the president is saying that he might just do that thank you very
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much indeed u.n. special envoy to yemen has been updating the security council on the latest efforts to end the nearly four year war and griffiths says there's been relative calm since the implementation of the stockholm agreement but it's. really good for the cease fire we agreed on. in the day the governor of that into force. december. and that there has been a significant decrease in hostilities since then. unfortunately and perhaps unsurprisingly there has been some violence including in who data city and in the southern districts of the government but this is remarkably limited compared to what we saw in the weeks before the stocco consultations our diplomatic go to james baines joins us live from the united nations james a note of optimism from deficit but how much closer are we to ending the long
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running conflict. well he was certainly i think being somewhat positive about the situation on the ground in the public sessions in the security council which continue right now the security council is actually asked the u.n. for weekly updates they are so concerned about the situation in yemen and particularly that fragile shaky cease fire in data this is the latest weekly update and i can tell you that when the security council goes into closed session in the next hour that they will not only be briefed by the special envoy martin gryphus but by the dutch general who's leading the monitoring mission general patrick camera and i think you'll be briefing them on the details in this latest report and i have to say that has some bits of it that will be pretty concerning to the security council not all the u.n. members that should be in her data are in because of a problem with getting visas they don't have the body armor that they need they're
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not allowed to bring their body armor in the not being allowed to bring armored vehicles in they've received death threats and there are no go areas so clearly not a particularly positive situation regarding that monitoring team they are there in initial phase at this stage they will try and grow their numbers but of course that will require further authorization from the u.n. security council and my understanding is that the u.k. which is the country which is the what's known as the penholder here at the u.n. on the security council for yemen is trying very quickly to come up with a draft of a new security council resolution that could be voted on in the next week or so and then the humanitarian affairs chief mark local council on the situation there what did he have to say. well he's been warning about the very dire humanitarian situation for very many months he says it's good news that you have
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this deal in who they are because of course the data is in some ways yemen's lifeline it's to big port but for now he says it's really bringing some hope but not really yet changing things radically on the ground it's not yet bringing all of the food and aid that is required to ordinary yemenis and i think the big picture there is that they need to go out beyond this initial deal that was reached nearly a month ago in stockholm to a more lasting political solution for the country that will involve some sort of power sharing agreement that is going to be politically very difficult for those parties involved to swallow there is talk of new talks to follow on from what happened in sweden to take place in the coming weeks for now it's just talk the u.n. hasn't felt confident enough to name
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a date i'm hearing possible venues are either kuwait or jordan james base thank you very much still to come on al-jazeera north korea's leader wraps up a largely secret visit to china his fourth trip to beijing in just ten months and i'm in this manner. of stars debating to his amazing break that deal with a make or break day to show you the next week. hello there it's certainly been pouring for some of us in china recently here down in the south we've seen a hundred millimeters of rain there in the average at this time of year is two so we're well above that that area of wet weather is extending further northwards as well and we're going to see some very heavy downpours over the next couple of days from this as well so there is that rain as we head through the day on thursday to
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the north we might see a fair amount of snow as that system hits the cold air that area of rain that stretches all the way up towards shanghai for friday we're very wet hair during the day for the south are generally fine and dry hopeful twenty three degrees pleasant in that sunshine towards the west there's also plenty of fine droit weather to be found across many parts of india and across sri lanka they're also shows just to the south of sri lanka though and they gradually nudging their way towards us i think thursday should be more or less dry for most of us but as we head into friday we'll see that area of rain extend into us so more of us will see that wet weather now here in doha the winds are changing and so it is going to feel a lot fresher over the next few days the winds will be firing down from the north so blustery on thursday and friday and the temperatures tumbling so a maximum just of twenty one degrees by friday and at night it will feel cool as well with a low temperature of around fifty. capturing
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a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's world. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera. to the top stories yards there are mass demonstrations have been taking place
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across sudan in support of and against president omar bashir after more than three weeks of anti-government protests. donald trump is due to meet congressional leaders later as the partial government shutdown enters its nineteenth day. and the u.n. special envoy to yemen says there's been relative calm in her data since the implementation of its agreement between hooty rebels and the saudi backed government. turkey's foreign minister says his government will reject a request from the united states not to attack kurdish forces in northern syria when u.s. forces pulled out of which i was so to address the turkish parliament a day after a u.s. national security adviser john bolton repeated the request during a visit to ankara bolton's comments angered president. he says turkey will not compromise on its stance over kurdish y p g fight is calls terrorists the union released for the us to be this intertwined with a terrorist organization makes leaving it that much more difficult we continue to
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hear different voices coming from different levels of the american administration everyone can see we have been fighting against terrorist organizations in the region from day one we need to prevent the why peachey from turning into a growing threat to our country we need to act against that. she came close to news in northern syria with more. we are in a town that was liberated by the turkish backed free syrian army a while ago and the stone was vons why are still boned by other coalition forces and it has been hurt a lot with its people with its buildings and after it was liberated by the turkish backed free syrian army the agree the law graphic has changed people who have moved out so far has returned and there is some other migration from other places inside syria a relatively normal life has begun as we are told because there are schools there is a courthouse there is a major reason that they call where the local council functions and there are local
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police forces that is mentored by the turkish turkish army members here and when there is a danger the local police forces here could interfere immediately however of course it was fear here is different to the kurdish dominated areas in northern syria these people here in the most the believe that if a turkish military offensive is held against a pew idea and we have controlled area. those places could be liberated and they can go back to their homes like a members or other places. you secure state has made a stop in iraq on his tour of middle east capitals might pump a arrived in baghdad where he met iraqi leaders as well as u.s. troops stationed there are believed to have discussed u.s. concerns about iran's influence in iraq a top u.s. diplomat is in the region to reassure washington's allies about trump's plans to withdraw troops from syria imran khan has more from baghdad. this was an
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unscheduled visit but top of the agenda for both the americans and the iraqis are two very different things the first thing for the iraqis will be carful cation on the u.s. role within the country itself the u.s. president don't trouble visited just after christmas he announced that you wasn't going to pull out u.s. troops from iraq he actually did speak to anybody within the iraqi leadership he made that decision on his own so the iraqis would be seeking clarification on that for the americans it's very much about the iranian role within iraqi society both politically and militarily they'll be seeking clarification on what exactly iran is up to hit in iraq now iraq actually has a sanctions wave to do trade with iran so the americans have long criticized that they're the ones that gave them the sanctions waiver but they have been very critical of it as well. you know his kingdom parliament has started debating prime minister trees amazing deal for leaving the european union ahead of
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a vote next week may delayed the shadow vote last month fearing defeat with time running out before bret's it day at the end of march may has warned m.p.'s not to risk leaving the e.u. with no deal and as long as he reports she suffered another setback before the debate even started. outside parliament's everyone's getting ready for what's supposed to be the end game parliament will vote next week on whether to accept the deal thrashed out on the u.k. leaving the european union brics is a subtle the life out of the airwaves for months and people are sick to death of its unfortunately though it doesn't look like the end is insights. this. inside the mother of parliaments the debate song where the u.k. should go are beginning again among the six hundred fifty m. peace at least five different groupings arguing for different outcomes and there is no sign it's all of anyone shifting position so if her deal is defeated next week
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as i hope and expect it will will the prime minister do the right thing and let the people have a real say and call a general election. i. know we put a good deal on the table that protects jobs and security but i notice i notice. that we still don't know what threats it planned the right honorable gentleman. it's supposed to be decision time the european union's bored to death with all this yet is total gridlock as things stand at the moment parliament's has decided that it doesn't want to leave the european union with no deal but apparently it doesn't like the prime minister's deal either nor can it present any sort of alternative strategy for what to do instead so what it means is that if you ask any politician here or any of the journalists camped out here no one has the first clue what's
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going to happen next. it lends to the theory that ideas currently being ruled out may end up having to be accepted at the very least suspending the process of leaving everything is up and everything's implausible so when you have a series of implausible outcomes one thing that is currently implausible will necessarily become the reality so even though general election party looks very unlikely that it could happen even those that the referendum looks unlikely that it happened and in fact that is the most parts cool thing to do because the parliament is dead lot that makes sense to give about the people or do. the eyes to the right three hundred eight the debate itself was preceded by the government's yet again losing the vote this time demanding that the prime minister say within three days what her plan b. is if she loses her vote next week oh it is have it the guys have it gradually parliament is exerting control over a dysfunctional government the problem remains that parliament doesn't know what it
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wants only lawrence leigh al-jazeera. a north korean leader kim jong un has wrapped up his visit to china and day earlier than expected kim's trip was his fourth in the past ten months it was hoped the talks with chinese president xi jinping could lay down groundwork for another potential summit with donald trump and little detail on his shadow provided by the side but south korean media has been reporting that kim met she for about an hour between you has more from beijing. kim jong un's train was seen leaving beijing this afternoon and ever since the leader arrived in beijing on monday evening this trip has been shrouded in secrecy there have been reports that the leader visited some traditional chinese medicine factory on the outskirts of beijing earlier this morning before returning to beijing to have some lunch with some top they doing officials possibly even president xi jinping himself but we have received no details about the visit from either the north korean all the chinese government we do know that president xi jinping met with kim to win
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yesterday for about an hour and they were expected to have discussed a possible future summit between u.s. president donald trump and kim jong un over the next few months now it's unclear whether kim jong un's train will return straight to pyongyang or whether you'll be stopping by another chinese city but what is clear is that this trip has been very positive optics for both north korea and china for north korea they've been able to show the world that they have a very powerful friend in china and kim jong il has been able to demonstrate himself as a more confident statesman than he was last year and for china well they've been able to show the world that they have very strong influence when it comes to pyongyang this is kim to wounds fourth trip to china in just under a year and this relationship is very important especially when you consider china's relationship with the u.s. china is currently embroiled in some very tense trade negotiations with washington and they're wanting to do what ever they can to improve their position in those
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talks and certainly leveraging this relationship with pyongyang is one of those ways police in bangladesh have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesting garment workers who are on strike for a fourth day demanding higher wages there was violence after demonstrations attempted to block the road to the airport in the capital dhaka at least one person has been killed and fifty others injured over the past four days is the world's second largest garment maker after china. afghan president special peace and voice says he hopes the war and his country will and in twenty nineteen but mohammad. says the taliban must agree to direct talks his comments were made after the armed group pulled out of planned talks with u.s. officials pressure is now mounting on pakistan to try to help get the afghan taliban to the negotiating table come out to has more and of one delegation is in pakistan to try to convince pakistan to convince the afghan taliban do except the
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government and face to face negotiations however both the united states and the afghan government have been asking pakistan to do that that dollar bond not listening to anybody saying that the regime in kabul is up operated regime installed by the united states and their daily drug directly through the u.s. now last time of their dogs and abu dhabi on december the seventeenth and reached the u.a.e. and so would you officials were also present the government delegation was sitting in abu dhabi however the taliban refused to meet them so it is going to be a different going to dos august than also saying that the stakeholders in the region should also share that it's sponsibility for drying to find a reconciliation and of honest on august on it already the prime minister cameron khan also saying that it is a key priority for pakistan and the regional countries do establish indicted war
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torn country forty nine people rescued from the mediterranean while trying to reach europe from north africa and nineteen days ago have just been allowed to shore and multi after being transferred from two rescue ships to a naval vessel andriy could agreement of the majority of the refugees and migrants will not be sent to different nations across europe italy has criticized the deal saying it encourages human traffickers. the future of technology is on display at the annual consumer electronics show in las vegas usually it's a place for the next big thing but this year there is anxiety of the global economy and trade and as rob reynolds reports a lack of new ideas. four thousand companies from dozens of countries rolled out new products at the consumer electronics show l.g.'s new flexible t.v. screen made a big splash. l.g. has an only ad t.v. sixty five inches that rolls down and disappears from view into
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a box that is the first roll both flexible screen that we've seen produced from a major television manufacture the price tag around three thousand dollars this year there's an air of anxiety in these corridors tech stocks have been tumbling on wall street apple made a surprise announcement it would miss sales targets blaming weak demand in china chinese telecommunications giant weiwei is here even though its chief financial officer is under house arrest in canada fighting american efforts to put her on trial for fraud you know major chinese tech executives are attending c.e.o.'s giant tech companies are displaying smart home devices face recognition systems and more big picture products and then there are guys like golly rows of who got tired of folding all this kid's laundry but we have piles of laundry always waiting to be folded and who doesn't rose of the appliance called fold of eights will go on the
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market later this year priced at about a thousand dollars on the corky side c e s twenty nine hundred features wearables for pets smartphone controlled doggie doors and a baffling proliferation of internet connected intelligent toilets there are plenty of items here that are fascinating and some will prove to be big hits with consumers others frankly nobody really needs but there's no truly revolutionary technology on display here it's a yes in fact many analysts would argue that the last really big innovation was the smartphone introduced by apple nearly a dozen years ago the next big wave might be household devices with advanced artificial intelligence or a this is one example. elec you build as a digital companion for elderly people living alone i try to be a friendly intelligent presence in your day to day life companies are charging
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ahead with that will become deeply embedded in people's lives with little regulation or public debate the impact of this technological evolution will change human relationships and society in the coming decades for better or for worse robb reynolds al-jazeera las vegas french morphew anytime on our website their best bet is al-jazeera dot com that's updated throughout the day. and one of the top stories around is there are mass demonstrations are taking place across sudan in support of and against president bashir in the city of all more man police used tear gas to disperse hundreds of people who are marching to the national parliament to deliver a note demanding his resignation anti-government protest began three weeks ago over the rising cost of food and fuel the share remains defiant one addressing hundreds
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of his supporters he rejected demands for him to step down that you know. we are all together hand in hand joining forces to maintain stability however some are adopting foreign agendas being operated by outside forces to the sudan however we reiterate those who are seeking power they are welcome however there is only one route to grab power it is the ballot box it is only through transparent free elections that's up to you the sudanese people to decide. donald trump is due to meet congressional leaders later the partial government shutdown and has its nineteenth day it comes after he made his case for his proposed five point seven billion dollar border wall with mexico during a televised address to the american people described the situation as a crisis of the heart and soul. yes the u.n. special envoy to yemen says there's been a relative calm in her data since the implementation of its agreement between who
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the rebels and the saudi backed government martin griffiths was updating the security council on the latest efforts to end in a four year war after visiting both sides over the weekend turkey's foreign minister says his government will reject the us his request not to attack kurdish forces in northern syria when american forces pull out of the country. comments come a day after u.s. national security adviser john bolton's request angered president richard to one he says turkey will not compromise its stance on kurdish y p g fighters which it regards as quote terrorists kim jong un has wrapped up his visit to china a day earlier than expected it was his fourth visit in the past ten months and was hoped the talks with chinese president xi jinping could lay down the groundwork for another potential summit with donald trump. those are top stories do stay with us next up it's witness more news after that.
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