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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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in charge economists calculate everything we don't want to think what will happen when the bank takes away our flags. in search of putin's russia. this is al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters in doha i'm dead you know again coming up in the next sixty minutes. and more protests against the dons president i'm out of the rally supporters in the capital . the only way to avoid no deal is.
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a warning from britain's prime minister six days out from a crucial parliament vote on her blocks of agreements with the e.u. president trump tries to keep republicans united on his demands for a border wall ahead if another meeting with congressional leaders. with the developments in the investigation into state sponsored drug use by russian athletes moscow says it's ready to hand over material from its anti doping agency at a more sports news coming up. hello an anti-government rally has been going on in the sudanese capital khartoum keeping up the pressure on president obama to step down and three demonstrators have been killed hours earlier addressed his supporters elsewhere in the city calling. for unity and accusing foreign powers of stoking the rest the
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demonstrations have spread across sudan since mid december they began over the rising cost of food and fuel and government corruption this year sudan's president for nearly thirty years remains defiant that you know. we are all together hand in hand joining forces to maintain stability however some are adopting foreign agendas being operated by outside forces to the sudan however we reiterate those who are seeking power they are welcome however there is only one route to grab power it is the ballot box it is only through transparent free elections and it's up to you the sudanese people to decide morgan has more from car too. president bashir spoke to his supporters today he basically called for this rally this pro-government rally to show the world that he still has supporters and the fact that that people have been demonstrating over the past three weeks demanding the regime change those people do not represent the whole of sudan so he came out today in
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a rally in one of the squares in the capital city hall to him and he said that those people who have been protesting have been infiltrated by what he called traitors and that they were being influenced by foreign agents now this is not the first time that the president has spoken since the anti-government wave of protests started this is the sixth or seventh sunday he's been speaking yesterday he addressed the military and river nonstate and he said that he will continue to hold on to power until elections come next year people once again came out to protest today just a few minutes after the pro-government rally they've been calling for the downfall of the government they've been calling for a new regime they said that president i'm going to show you how it has been holding on to power for too long and then it's time he had the apartment interim independent council now people have been met with tear gas police had to has used tear gas to try to disperse the protesters but they seem to be very eager to continue with their momentum they held onto to determination and they kept basically dispersing when police fired tear gas only to read gather again and demand that the president resign something he said he's not going to do until elections come in twenty twenty the british government is dealing with another
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brick set set back after parliament voted to reduce the time allowed to come up with an alternative plan that's prime minister to resign deal was defeated next week the change will try to force the government to come back within three days with a plan b. rather than the twenty one days specified in law politicians have been debating the prime minister's e.u. withdrawal deal with sets of terms of britain's departure on march the twenty ninth joining us from london to talk us through the significance of this votes. hello daryn i mean the vote that took place on this first of five days of debate happening in the building behind me of the u.k. parliament is significant it's truncates the period that the u.k. government has the breathing space that to resign may the prime minister will have after what is expected to be a defeat when meaningful vote on the government's plan for bret's it is put to parliament next tuesday remember of course this is a continuation of
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a debate which actually was cut short by the prime minister in december because she felt it was inevitable that she was going to lose a vote back then so she did over christmas new year in the hope of changing minds of winning hearts and minds of securing new concessions from the european union in the new year period and it's clear from the arithmetic of a vote that took place on tuesday night and the vote to took place today on wednesday that she simply hasn't turned anything around at all the vote today more than three hundred in favor of truncating government's wriggle room to just under three hundred it was a it was narrow but it was significant and it certainly shows the dwindling of thora to the prime minister and the increasing exasperate and impatience of m.p.'s of all sides of the part of the house who fear that the prime minister is trying to run the clock down in order to back them into a corner of either backing her what they say is an on satisfactory deal or falling
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out of the european union with no deal it's all so what's said we be looking out for going forward and what happens. well i mean the prime minister has had a drinks reception at number ten today i understand where she's trying to continue to launch a charm offensive persuade people that she can be getting the kind of reassurances that they looking for she's also issued papers today publicly published proposals which for example give the northern ireland assembly more consultation more of a say in the way that the northern ireland backstop is operated but the do you peteris minority party but it's an important minority party because it props up prime ministers minority government has said it was nothing more than window dressing this this consultation promise and so she is fake fighting a really almost looks like a hopeless battle to turn to change minds before choose day and if she chooses not focus on tuesday they about the opposition party is saying they really me gently
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put in a no confidence vote and try and force a general election here in the u.k. all right paul brennan thank you turkish sources have told al-jazeera turkey's prosecutor is working on a list of saudi suspects accused of murder and indicating a trial is likely to take place in the country where he was killed just a few days ago saudi arabia announced its own trial for eleven suspects but it's yet to name them thursday marks one hundred days since the journalist's murder the u.n. special envoy to yemen has been updating the security council on the latest efforts to end the nearly four year war martin griffith says there has been relative calm since the implementation of the stockholm agreement i pleased to report the both sides have largely. to the cease fire we agreed in stock in one day the governor of that entered into force on the eighteenth of december and
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that there has been a significant decrease in hostilities. unfortunately perhaps unsurprisingly there has been some both including in who data city and in the southern districts of the government over this is remarkably limited compared to what we saw in the weeks before the stockholm consultation when the un humanitarian affairs chief mark lo called warned that despite the stockholm deal the humanitarian situation was getting worse i cannot yet report to you that the wider humanitarian situation in yemen is any better it remains catastrophic more than twenty four million people now need humanitarian assistance that's eighty percent of the population they include ten million people just a step away from famine more than three point three million people have been displaced over six hundred thousand of them in the last twelve months the u.s.
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secretary of state has made a stop in iraq on his tour of middle east capitals mike pompei or arrived in baghdad where he met iraqi leaders as well as u.s. troops stationed there they're believed to have discussed u.s. concerns about iran's influence on iraq the top u.s. diplomat is in the region to reassure washington's allies about transplants to withdraw troops from syria this is an exercise. regime in the years sitting in the water this is this is. ice is the military the visible. mission is the engineer imran khan has the latest from baghdad. it was done scheduled visit last thing just a few hours and the secretary of state's met with senior officials including the prime minister maddy now reading between the lines we can safely say that what was
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being discussed although it hasn't been officially released by the the americans old iraq east will be two key things on the american side it will be the iranian role within the country the secretary of state has long publicly said that he's very concerned about the iranian role within iraq both militarily and politically now the iraqis currently have a sign actions waiver which allows them to do trade with iran so that's going to be a topic of discussion on the iraqi side will be very much a concern about president donald trump statement christmas that way he said that he was going to keep u.s. troops within iraq itself though the iraqi parliament is going to debate the u.s. role within iraq itself and it seems that the u.s. president made this announcement on his own without any consultation with the iraqis so at least now the iraqis are talking to the americans about any potential role like i say the visit was very short how much work that actually get done but a lot of iraqis are telling us that this is
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a good solid step in solving some of the problems between iraq and the u.s. turkey's foreign minister is insisting that his country will reject a u.s. request not to target kurdish armed groups in northern syria when american forces leave the toughest of the address the turkish parliament a day after u.s. national security advisor john bolton reiterated the request in ankara bolton's comments angered president who says turkey will not compromise on kurdish wife e.g. fighters it regards as terrorists. released into the us to be this intertwined with a terrorist organization makes leaving it that much more difficult we continue to hear different voices coming from different levels of the american administration everyone can see we have been fighting against terrorist organizations in the region from day one we need to prevent people from touring into a growing threat to our country we need to act against that. head on the officer in this hour including hundreds of palestinians take to them on the streets to fight
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a social security scheme they say is costing too much. more calls from the democratic republic of congo for the presidential election results to be published a golden touch from turkmenistan a team ranked one hundred twenty seventh in the world rattles asia's best peter has the action coming up in sport. but for us the trumpet ministration says it will stand firm for a us mexico border wall vice presidents mike pence has backed the president's demand for more than five billion dollars to end what he calls a growing humanitarian crisis the democrats have so far refused to approve the funding that's led to the partial government shutdown now in its nineteenth day straining many services across the country to call hay and has the latest from washington. in
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a setting that past presidents reserved for the most serious of subjects u.s. president donald trump spoke to the nation and declared a crisis on the southern border defending his decision to partially shut down the government until he gets billions for border wall in a speech punctuated by provable false hoods who try to blame the opposition party in an attempt to change the public's opinion polls show right now the majority of americans blame the president but republican leaders in congress are still backing trump blaming democrats for the impasse from a badly needed to a moral and a little more than the span of a presidency so much better talk about a pivot about up but my democratic friends wanted fencing and physical barriers in the race and. for their part democrats rolled out some of the eight hundred thousand federal workers who should be paid in two days but right now we are the faces behind this shutdown we are the real
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people working in the prisons and the transportation security administration and other federal agencies today doing so without federal pay in this shutdown these stories will continue to dominate the headlines the economic impact will start to ripple through the economy putting additional pressure on republicans in congress the president will head to capitol hill wednesday to try and shore up their support this is an unpopular president pushing an unpopular wall but for his core supporters this was a campaign promise and one many say he simply has to keep no matter the cost let's get an update now from patty joining us from washington any movement today patty. tell you the president's on the move he doesn't normally do this but we saw him get in the beast as it's called and head down pennsylvania avenue going to capitol hill he spoke to reporters in the oval office basically reiterating what he said in his primetime oval office speech he talked to media that was waiting for him on capitol
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hill there he basically said it's the democrats that are losing support republicans are holding strong there's no actual evidence that democrats are in fact losing support but we have seen there's growing and growing concern within the white house that as the pressure continues to mount as the problems continue to fall out from this that they're basically going to lose republicans that's why you saw the president do these two things that he doesn't normally do he's never given a speech from the oval office before not in prime time and he doesn't usually go up to capitol hill so it could be an indication that he is worried because if he loses enough republicans well they could simply override his veto any potential veto fund the government reopened it and no wall. so what are the next things we should be looking for. when one of the things i think is most interesting of what the president just said was speaking to reporters just a few minutes ago in the oval office is that he might declare a national emergency now there are laws that say the president can declare
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a national emergency and move some money around that was meant for the department of defense you could see that happen but there is a big question about whether that is constitutional after all the constitution squarely says that congress controls the purse strings and so that would likely be challenged in court but basically the president is saying i'll do this for as long as it takes and if i don't get my wall while that i'm going to go ahead and declare a national emergency so we're going to be watching for that but the bigger thing is this is having an impact on real people a lot of federal workers a no the a lot of people think they make a ton of money but a lot of them a majority i would say live paycheck to paycheck that means that they simply can't go without pay they're not going to be a. to pay their rent they're actually able to pay their electric bill or go to the grocery store and it is also impacting people who count on the federal government the big deadline i'm looking for is at the end of this month it appears that the government will no longer be able to pay fund food stamps to forty million americans count on federal government to give them money so that they can have
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enough to eat that program is not funded right now so the pressure is only going to continue to grow as every day passes ok and let's talk about how this is affecting real people little bit more patty we'll leave it with you for now thank you and we'll bring in randy irwin he's the president of the national federation of federal employees is joining us on skype from arlington virginia to give us your take on how this shutdown is really affecting people. well is having a devastating impact eight hundred thousand federal workers nationwide just had the carpet ripped out from under them. you know this is the week where they're actually going to be missing their paychecks so all of things that we feared are finally actually happening now. you know it's not funny anymore all the time for you know political squabbling who were kind. but now you know people are really feeling the
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pain we have people who are not filling prescriptions that they can't afford to fill people who are missing rent and mortgage payments you know and the list goes on and on and you know people who are turning off their there in the middle of winter and deciding to just tough it out these are the real ways that it's impacting federal employees nationwide also contractors you know well over a million people work to impacted by the shutdown and this is really devastating their lives it's time to stop the game and shut down trump said during his speech that it could continue for months or years even though he did say that he hoped it would be resolved within days are you concerned that this is going to go on for a while. yes we're absolutely concerned you know we're already getting into you know eighteen nineteen days here of the shutdown and we haven't seen any real movement we haven't seen a real willingness to kind of get together and get some kind of compromise so you
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know when the president says he's willing to dig this heels in and you know take weeks or months we take him at its word on that but you know. the president has really made some missteps and i'm disappointed that your the things that he said recently are you know talking about the proposal says you know hill it just they always do what it just for the people who are impacted by the shutdown and have their lives up and but you also say well the democrats are also refusing to approve the money and that's also what's causing this problem. well a big differences two days before the shutdown there was a bi partisan spending bill that was moving through congress and it wasn't until the president pulled the plug on that and the very last minute that this shutdown became a reality so you know that the credit or the blame and i say blame falls within and what is the national federation of federal employees if you are the president as
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well as other unions other unions doing to stop the shutdown or things trying to stop the shutdown. well we're lobbying as hard as we can right now that means trying to get republicans to break with the president i don't really understand it if i'm a republican member of congress i don't want i will i am going to have a backbone in stand up to this president because the president doesn't understand how this is real people. and so i i would not want to be walking down this road and you know so what it is hurting people it's hurting our communities people realize the shutdown in the two thousand and thirteen shutdown there was a study there's a one point five billion dollars is pulled out of the economy. lost productivity for every day of a government shutdown so we don't have the total numbers on it yet for this time but we're getting into the several billion dollars that's still in the wet blanket on the economy at a time that it's already struggling impacts everybody in the country also federal
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police are present throughout the country they're not your d.c. but spread across in every community so we're no matter where you live it is your friends and neighbors that are being directly hurt by this and finally i'll say almost one third of the thirty one percent are veterans and so those of you better be hurt or worse all right we appreciate you talking to us randy erwin thank you for your time thank you now john home and has been following the journey of hundreds of asylum seekers from central america who are trying to cross into the united states he reports from tijuana and mexico where people feel vilified by trump's speech. we were in one of the impromptu shelters that been set up in three one a mexico to try and help central americans trying to get across the border into the united states and give them some support and shelter this one's in a church we would we watch president trump speech with them in the first reaction here was really people quite offended especially his depictions as some people
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crossing illegally as criminals he told stories about a murderer and about a rapist they said you can't just stick his head in the same bucket there's a lot of good people here trying to get there they were talking about why they've gone in this dangerous journey north of the president trump actually alluded to saying that things are so tough back home he didn't have a lot of choice even because violence because of the gangs the really terrorized vast parts of the countries where they live all because of poverty trying to escape that make a better life for themselves in the united states some of them are doing the virus asylum some of them. willing to jump over the fence hand themselves in straight away and then start the asylum process that way and some are simply saying that after really hearing about president's current posture and their chances of getting into the united states that way they're just going to try and pay a people smuggler and go across the border obviously that's been happening for some
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time now and it's what president trump is trying in part to prevent by putting up this wall but illegal migration and apprehensions of the border have been going down for more than a decade in the united states he will so i made a point the president about drugs he said that the war will almost pay for itself because it will stop vast quantities of drugs being trafficked over the border to the u.s. actually most drugs passed through ports of entry into the united states this along with the lines of people and vehicles going through the wall wouldn't necessarily affect that but this is become a potent political symbol for the president and for his opponents in a battle that he's determined to win. a political activist in egypt has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison for playing a leading role in the twenty seven revolution duma was fined three hundred forty five thousand dollars for inciting violence during protests that forced hosni mubarak out of office. to life sentence that was initially handed to him along with
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two hundred twenty nine others in twenty fifteen. that will allow it to rescue ship stranded at sea for weeks to dock on its shores the maltese prime minister says the forty nine people on board the vessels will then be redistributed among european union countries the migrants were picked up by two german charities while making the dangerous mediterranean crossing. and all other e.u. countries had refused to offer them a port of safety the north korean leader kim jong un has wrapped up his visit to china a day earlier than expected it was hoped the talks with chinese president xi jinping could lay the groundwork for another meeting with donald trump there was little detail on his schedule provided by their sides but south korean media is reporting that kim met chief for about an hour because renay you has this update from beijing . kim jong un's train was seen leaving beijing this afternoon and ever since the leader arrived in beijing on monday evening this trip has been shrouded in secrecy
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there have been reports that the leader visited some traditional chinese medicine factory on the outskirts of beijing earlier this morning before returning to beijing to have some lunch with some top beijing officials possibly even president xi jinping himself but we have received no details about the visit from either the north korean all the chinese government we do know that president xi jinping met with kim dylan yesterday for about an hour and they were expected to have discussed a possible future summit between u.s. president donald trump and over the next few months now it's unclear where the condolence train will return straight to pyongyang or whether hubie stopping by another chinese city but what is clear is that this trip has been very positive optics for both north korea and china for north korea they've been able to show the world that they have a very powerful friend in china and kim jong un has been able to demonstrate himself as a more confident statesman than he was last year and for china well they've been
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able to show the world that they have very strong influence when it comes to pyongyang this is kim jong wounds fourth trip to china in just under a year and this relationship is very important especially when you consider china's relationship with the u.s. china is currently embroiled in some very tense trade negotiations with washington and they're wanting to do what ever they can to improve their position in those talks and certainly leveraging this relationship with pyongyang is one of those ways the latest round of talks between the afghan taliban and the u.s. have been called all over differences after differences over including members of the afghan governments meanwhile supper talks are underway in islamabad between the afghan and pakistani governments they're focusing on getting the taliban to the negotiating table come all hides or has more from islam a bugs. one delegation. tried. to convince the taliban to accept the government and face to face negotiations
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however both the united states and the afghan government have been. dollar bond not listening to anybody saying that the regime in the puppet regime installed by the united states under david dog directly to the u.s. last dime off their dogs and abu dhabi on december the seventeen and which the u.a.e. and so would you officials were also present the government delegation was sitting in abu dhabi however the dollar bond refused to meet them so it is going to be a different going to dog august on also saying that the stakeholders in the region should also share that it sponsibility for drying to find a reconciliation and of honest on august on it already the prime minister imran khan old saying that it is a key priority for don and the regional countries do establish be indicted war torn country in bangladesh thousands of garment workers are on strike for
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a fourth day. fire tear gas and rubber bullets a protester some words of managing higher wages at least one person has been killed and fifty others injured in the confrontations in and around the capital. these demonstrations are the first major test for prime minister. who wanted fourth term last month bangladesh is the world's second largest garment maker to china. hear the news hour still ahead a divided reaction in guatemala after a ditch a u.n. anti corruption investigation a little girl. roughed up for a rough player for a player fans are hoping to see an action at the australian open we have an update on his injury coming up in sports.
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and i bet it certainly is a very wet for many of us across the middle east at the moment we've had this weather system with us and as you can see it's giving plenty of rain over parts of turkey but then dragging its feet further south as well so for some of us in syria and in lebanon it's also been very wet these pictures are from lebanon showing the flooding that we've seen in one of the refugee camps that now that area of rain is moving away and say for many of us it will be a good deal drier as we head through thursday more rain though pushing its way into the western and northern parts of turkey there as we head through friday same rain here and east elsewhere should be drawing back that the not with the warm we're seeing it's up temperature just a fourteen degrees i mean for the towards the south and the winds that will change on thursday here in doha as well so the winds firing down from the north bringing in some cooler air and quite a blustery day as well so twenty three the most well known thursday by friday only twenty one and the temperatures will be dropping during the night as well so it
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will feel quite cool with particularly in the evenings and we had down towards the so the parts of africa we could see a fair amount of sherry weather here particularly here as you head across towards madagascar this area of cloud is giving us some fairly heavy downpours we're also seeing a fair amount of cloud along the south coast of south africa to. when a french soldier was murdered in a so-called terrorist attack. his mother retaliated with love. speaking out against intolerance and alienation she travels the world with the resolve of a grieving mother who lost a son but adopted a generation. latifa a fighting hoss a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every. hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour antigovernment protesters are maintaining pressure on sudan's president omar and pressure to step down
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earlier he addressed his supporters and part two mirth fusing to quit and blaming economic problems on years of sanctions the british prime minister to resign may is insisting there's no alternative to her. as she tries to persuade parliament to support it probably titian to have been debating the agreement which sets out the terms of britain's departure from the european union. donald trump is due to meet congressional leaders for talks on reopening the government the meetings being held today off to try and blame the democrats for the immigration standoff in a nationally televised speech his rivals accuse them of holding the american people hostage. police in northeastern brazil have arrested nearly two hundred people in a bid to contain a surge in violence crime one of the states there has seen a wave of attacks including a bomb explosion on a motorway towards buses and assaults on banks police say it was triggered by a plan to separate gang members being held in prisons well this is a major challenge for new president. who's promised to reduce violent crime.
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joining us from fourth ten days in the states of chad that's in northeastern brazil to first tell us what has caused this outbreak of violence in the state daniel. well as you say here in fort lee so it's a major gateway for drugs to europe and africa and it's been a battleground for the two major drug cartels in brazil the p.c.c. based in sao paolo generally on the red come on to a rio based but they have a presence here in say our state in the prisons the government the fair the local government is trying to been trying to control them to take away their mobile phones which they use quite often to try to organize their battles from prison they have reacted to the government's response to try to curtail their activities in the prison by as you mentioning setting fire to buses stopping rubbish collection forcing. shop owners to close their stores pretty much in many ways bringing this
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city and the surrounding state to say it out to a shutdown the government has responded strongly so really in many ways it's now a showdown between the nine day old government of giant bazza noddle and those two drug gangs that i mentioned so this must be somewhat of a challenge for about son aro a few days into his presidency presidency do we expect him to authorize greater involvement in the states. he's also another president with very much to prove he came to office. with a landslide victory part of that was promising to be tough on crime brazil has a very high crime rate he made that his major campaign promise so nine days into his term he really has to try to prove that to those people who supported him he's done that by sending several hundred state troops here to fort to listen and to say our province there are military police patrolling the streets of the state making
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their presence felt here it's been received fairly well by the residents they seem to be exhibiting that this needs to be done they seem to be supporting the noddles a show of strength but as i say the drugs gangs also showing their strength they've reacted very strongly this is a test here in seattle and i think the rest of brazil is going to be watching what happens here very very closely and what about the rest of brazil is this life to spread to other parts of the country where these drug gangs i mentioned the p.c.c. in the red command have their presence in prisons in jails all over brazil they are recruiting there they train there they operate from those prisons so they already have a presence around the country crime is very high around the country that's nothing new i mean five the police authorities killed five thousand people in two thousand and seventeen by getting tougher than those numbers are likely to go up those drugs
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gangs around brazil are likely to assert themselves so a lot depends really on how they choose to react to this show as friends in the government here in sara but i think it's very likely yes that the violence will increase and it will spread to other parts of brazil all watching and waiting now to see how tough president both scenarios response is going to be daniel's rymer thank you. sorties in the democratic republic of congo say provisional election results could be announced within the next two days they were supposed to be released on sunday but the electoral commission said that was impossible. problems there were widespread reports of irregularities when the election took place at the end of december. as this update from. all the major commission is saying that these dissolved when they finally beat. it in the twenty four or forty eight hours when they are announced to be in the building baby hi neat. being deployed in
9:37 pm
iraq and the area giving up this place had been barricaded. inside that building counting some of those they say the reason why it's taking so long is because some areas that people are remote they've. been no road to the roads a very bad if you have upbeat made up of the cities of that commission. the bay but the ruling party candidate the diary so they fear that if that happens. then protests and in the pot when that happens. that it could be violent but now you can see behind me this people are going to buy the business waiting for the date. within forty eight hours but have been warned it could be longer than that nigeria's president mohamed says he will raise the minimum wage but not by how much it follows nationwide protests by workers demanding better pay bihari has previously agreed to increase its eighty three dollars
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a month but it wasn't put in place because some states said they couldn't afford it . palestinians are protesting against a controversial social security law which came into effect late last year it's a mistake create a pension scheme for private sector employees who make up just over half of the workforce in the occupied palestinian territory were hers are expected to contribute seven percent of their monthly salaries and are able to apply for retirement pension when they turn sixteen opponents say these monthly deductions are too expensive for most workers and fear people's contributions won't be secure every fall so it's been getting reaction and. over into the third month of these protests now against the social security law and although the numbers are somewhat down today on what you've seen of the thousands of people in recent protests there are several hundred here today the numbers called largely by what has been a very rainy cold day here in ramallah the issue at hand here is this social
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security law which is. requiring a would require a seven point five percent contribution from employees in the private sector and more than ten percent from employers what people are concerned about isn't just the financial goodna that would impose on them and on the economy here but also on what would happen to that money can they trust that it would really would be used for pensions and other benefits in the future there really is an issue of trust against the palestinian government in this case. the salaries aren't enough to cover occurrence commitments to this money they say will get it back after thirty years contains provisions that are unfair to the employees. facing. albury right now that israeli military forces are like any bearded. people that you don't like to see them and us need their money and effort and the
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like what's going to happen in most parts of the world social security system could be seen as a fairly regular required safety net and something that society would be expected to contribute to people here are really argue with that as a concept what they're arguing with is the idea that this is being drawn up in an undemocratic way by a government which hasn't had an election for over a decade they don't trust that government they say to deal with this money in a fair way not to use it for purposes other than pensions and other benefits in the future policy in government of course says that it has already conceded a delay in the imposition of this they are willing to talk about it and negotiate people here though they just want it scrapped and they say they will continue protesting until that happens. human rights watch says venezuelan intelligence has detained and tortured military personnel accused of plotting against the
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governments its report says detainees described being strangled deprived of food and electrocuted international pressure is building on president think of the juror to step down he's due to be sworn in on thursday for a second six year term u.s. and several regional powers consider maduro's government as illegitimate. attorney general has resigned over claims of meddling in a corruption investigation into construction giant. says his decision was aimed at protecting the independence of the prosecutor's office his tenure has been marred by accusations of offering political favors in exchange for bribes. there are both celebrations on protests in guatemala after the government announced it was pulling out of an international anticorruption body nine months earlier than expected back panel had been investigating top government officials on the family of president jimmy merola's. the commission is interfering with the country's
9:42 pm
internal affairs david mercer has more from guatemala city. outside the headquarters of a un backed anti corruption commission a group of court amal and celebrate they say the international commission against impunity in guatemala or seasick to short has unjustly imprisoned their family members and they want the paddle out and thanks to guatemalan president jean or ellis they might get their wish and now my family i'm going to be helping our president recover the rule of law they have been so many violations of our rights we've been fighting. and won't allow foreigners to keep trampling our country. throwdown big bore people who oppose the sake of iraq being here at their headquarters they're setting off bombs grabbers waving their flags and bring up my peace signs here on the wall i get it so the six days here are gone. at one point
9:43 pm
police officers escorted out of the building a spokesman said international personnel were being asked to leave the country as a security precaution. on monday one of the president said he would expel the end to corruption group. doing its time in guatemala the commission is to. national security public order. and respect for human rights at risk for more than anything it has put it risk the sovereignty of the state of guatemala. in august morales announced he would not renew the six mandate which was set to expire in september two thousand and nineteen days later he banned its commissioner colombian prosecutor. from reentering the country. analysts say morales decision to expel the group violates a constitutional order and international law. why is he doing this firstly
9:44 pm
he's being pushed by many of these political collaborators who all being tried for corruption he's also received a lot of help from business people who are being tried for corruption and probably the biggest reason the legal process is against him he's brother and the son outside of the constitutional court another. holds a quieter protest they hope that the country's top court will rule against morales decision. thanks to the commission mafia like business. and that's what they don't like this is going on after the powers that existed since independence is the only entity that's been able to uncover corruption in the. but even if the president's ruling is overturned there are fears he will push it through and set off a constitutional crisis what many see as this country's most effective weapon in the fight against corruption could be coming to an end and future hangs in the
9:45 pm
balance david. in guatemala city. of world cup a. story.
9:46 pm
time for the sports news with peter there in thank you very much we'll start with the significant step in the investigation into accusations of state sponsored drug cheating by russian athletes russia's anti doping agency says it will hand over
9:47 pm
crucial data from its moscow to barratry it missed a deadline ten days ago but says it's reached a quote understanding with the world anti doping agency water officials have arrived in moscow and will begin collecting the material on thursday the information could lead to it filing doping charges against numerous russian athletes kremlin's repeatedly denied states johnson cheating. as far as we know intensive communications with wada are taking place through our sports department we have reached understanding with water representatives regarding future interaction as you know the daughter was ready to transfer the last time as well indeed difficulties came up regarding what dr storage devices are used and how they will be used and so on i would rather say these are not the questions of subject matter but the logic sticks. now this all started in twenty
9:48 pm
fifteen minutes state sponsored doping program in russia was exposed its athletes were barred from international events and its anti doping agency was suspended it was reinstated last year by water despite not fulfilling all the criteria for readmission them on thirty first of december missed its last deadline to allow water officials full access to data at the mosque on the barra treat what is compliance review committee is due to meet in canada next week to decide if it should reimpose sanctions on usada. one of the powerhouses at football's asian cup japan have come from behind to beat a team ranked one hundred twenty seventh in the world and it was a stunning strike from turkmenistan's captain a police team in front so after twenty seven minutes. worth an early favorite full goal of the tournament in the united arab emirates japan didn't hit back till ten minutes into the second half you were first of these two goals as the four time champion struck three times in fifteen minutes but the minister finished
9:49 pm
a goal from the penalty spot ensuring japan battled for three when. we handling our money i think we may have overdone our brand of beautiful football the first time we couldn't put pressure on the opponent in the second half we were able to fix this and school goals i think will be better if we mix both beautiful and basically put it all together. it was a surprising result for us we knew the japanese team were good in position but i would like to say well done to my players because they did their best but players lost their concentration in the second half so we have to reflect on that point is based on our second behind japan in the group after a desperate tussle with oman where the scores locked up one zero. zero zero struck in the eighty sixth minute soon after coming on as a substitute but that wasn't the end of the drama in sharjah was back to stand
9:50 pm
clinging on in stoppage time after eagle crane met through a center forward the newsgroups oman's go. to our side. so while his back is done in japan are the leading lights so far in their pool it's been a bright start for cuts in group b. twenty twenty two world cup hosts scoring twice in the second half to defeat lebanon in our lane. and there's another dispute over the screening of live matches from the asian cup qatar based be in was broadcasting rights for the turner but reuters is reporting the asian football federation has filed a lawsuit against saudi arabia's be out q for illegally airing games b r q broadcast fee for world cup matches last year without having the rights on tuesday being announced it was halting its t.v. service in egypt egypt and saudi are among four countries that imposed a blockade on gaza eighteen months ago we will cut our themselves busy getting ready to host the world cup in twenty twenty two the debate over whether the
9:51 pm
tournament will expand to forty eight teams doesn't seem to be going away but qatar organizing official say nothing is certain at this stage we have agreed with you for that we will take a look at the feasibility study and until the feasibility is is ready we will we will you know consider the plans or you know the agreement is for thirty two team world cup based here in qatar we're open for that for reading the feasibility of looking at underscoring the fever but at the end the decision will be between ourselves if a source not a unilateral decision. is calling for a speedy end to the case concerning a bahraini footballer who is in prison in thailand. he is being detained while he waits deportation to his home country where he was previously convicted of a criminal offense he has pleaded his innocence plays professionally in australia and has refugee status in that country is calling on thai officials to allow are able to return to australia safely. less than
9:52 pm
a week before the year's first grand slam sort of the australian open a setback for world number five sloane stephens the american was dumped out of the sydney international on wednesday in the second round twenty seventeen us open winner started well enough by taking the first set six three against yulia putting server but because a qualifier found form soon enough for staging a second set time she and my elated stephen six love in the third set to progress to a quarter final against kiki burton's. earlier world number one so matter how about a tough time of things are some of the remaining last the fifteenth ranked ashley barty it was bodies first victory over the world's top ranked player in six meetings she'll go into a quarter final meeting with ease merton's. was runner up in last year's australian open but has started off the season without a coach means world number two rafa nadal is also preparing for melbourne the two thousand and nine champion says he's ready for the first major of the season after sitting out a warm up last week with
9:53 pm
a thigh injury. is just unbelievable although all the things that the tournament is doing is just fantastic for the players or for the promotion of our sport and so everybody wants to play well here. i really hope i have a good week of preparation i think i am playing well. bell's been on the mind of the world number one as he plays for the fans ahead of the tournament novak djokovic posing with his avatar on the real coat the serbians gunning for his seventh straight in open title any nose nadeau is one of his major hurdles i was actually talking with my wee one thousand yesterday about you know the most exciting matches. you know whether it's me and you know they all. went almost six hours in the two thousand and twelve finals cernan open was. definitely stands out in my memory.
9:54 pm
is the greatest most exciting match that i was never part of the denver nuggets are sitting pretty at the top of the n.b.a.'s western conference and a win there for the miami heat settlements a position. for the triple double of the season's following twenty nine points eleven rebounds and ten assists as the nuggets beat the heat one hundred three ninety nine. and. the toronto raptors to victory with thirty one point six assists and for you downs against the atlanta hawks a key steal in the final minutes help set up a go ahead done from zero g. and no be securing a one hundred four one hundred one win for the raptors. there were some homes on the line for benjamin call and then yellow being the parallel slalom mixed team world cup event on wednesday the austrian pay were up against aaron march and of italy in the final in time being establishing a good lead called to begin ahead of march and he never surrendered the advantage
9:55 pm
call ennobling have won here before back in twenty seventeen there were also winners at the very same results. that's all the sweltering peter thank you very much while the annual consumer electronics show is underway in the us usually it's a place for innovators and new technologies but this year there is anxiety over tumbling stock prices trade tensions and as rob reynolds reports a lack of new ideas. four thousand companies from dozens of countries rolled out new products at the consumer electronics show l.g.'s new flexible t.v. screen made a big splash. algy has an only ad t.v. sixty five inches that rolls down and disappears from view into a box that is the first roll both flexible screen that we've seen produced from a major television manufacture the price tag around three thousand dollars this year there's an air of anxiety in these corridors tech stocks have been tumbling on
9:56 pm
wall street apple made a surprise announcement it would miss sales targets blaming weak demand in china chinese telecommunications giant weiwei is here even though its chief financial officer is under house arrest in canada fighting american efforts to put her on trial for fraud you know major chinese tech executives are attending c.e.o.'s giant tech companies are displaying smart home devices face recognition systems and more big picture products and then there are guys like golly rows of who got tired of folding all this kid's laundry but we have piles of laundry always waiting to be folded and who doesn't rose of the appliance called fold of eights will go on the market later this year price that about a thousand dollars on the corky side c e s twenty nine hundred features wearables for pets smartphone controlled doggie doors and a baffling proliferation of internet connected intelligent toilets there are plenty
9:57 pm
of items here that are fascinating and some will prove to be big hits with consumers others frankly nobody really needs but there's no truly revolutionary technology on display here it's a yes in fact many analysts would argue that the last really big innovation was the smartphone introduced by apple nearly a dozen years ago the next big wave might be household devices with advanced artificial intelligence or a this is one example. elec you build as a digital companion for elderly people living alone i try to be a friendly intelligent present in your day to day why companies are charging ahead with ai that will become deeply embedded in people's lives all with little regulation or public debate the impact of this technological evolution will change
9:58 pm
human relationships and society in the coming decades for better or for worse robb reynolds' al jazeera los vegas and a lot notes we've come to the end of the news hour thanks for watching but i. went online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you joined us on saturday there was a a rush of adrenaline when we felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has cool face on a legal protest i will stop the police to lose force to disperse the crowds
9:59 pm
everyone has a voice in for votes and so lots of different reasons what's the difference types of bricks or join the conversation on al-jazeera. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tigers nest ball history seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness but it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow petang example but how do you measure it. it's a nice happiness is but when sure it's here that it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy. no other country have. new immigration laws and projects funded by european governments have seen a rapid decline in the migrant transport three people in power travels to agadez to
10:00 pm
explore the realities faced by the drivers left out of pocket and the migrants who are choosing to return home who would like to go back to the country where they are from. europe migration. sudan's president omar al bashir rallies supporters in khartoum as countrywide protests to bring him down continue. in our intake of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up president tries to keep republicans united on his demand for
10:01 pm
a border wall had another meeting with congressional leaders. cautious optimism over the cease fire holding in one day to from yemen's u.n. envoy but the humanitarian situation.


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