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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2019 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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back to the country where they are from. is more. like. europe migration. sudan's president omar al bashir rallies supporters in khartoum as countrywide protests to bring him down continue. on our intake of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up president tries to keep republicans united on his demand for a border wall ahead of another meeting with congressional leaders. cautious optimism over the cease fire holding in her data from yemen's u.n. envoy but the humanitarian situation is getting worse. and from soup
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cans tollywood icons a new exhibition taking people inside the life and works of andy warhol. and there's been demonstrations across sudan in support of and against president omar bashir in the city of them don hundreds marched in the national parliament to demand bashir his resignation police used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse them three demonstrators were killed at the anti-government protests began three weeks ago over the rising cost of food and fuel and bashar remains defiant he addressed hundreds of his supporters in the capital khartoum and rejected calls to step down. that you know. we are all together hand in hand joining forces to maintain stability however some are adopting foreign agendas being operated by
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outside forces to the saddam however we reiterate to those who are seeking power they are welcome however there is only one route to grab power it is the ballot box it is only through transparent free elections and it's up to you the sudanese people to decide. about morgan has more now from khartoum we were at both rallies both the pro-government and anti-government rallies or we've seen is police using tear gas to try to disperse protesters now have hundreds gathered demanding that president i'm going to be here resign that's something that's been going on for the past three weeks of the mentioned but we've also heard from the sudanese doctors committee apparel committee the official union of doctors in sudan they say they've got four cases of people who have been injured using live ammunition and that one of them was unclear it was in a critical condition so obviously the protests were not all peaceful where people were protesting against the government the police used tear gas and live ammunition to try to disperse crowds that hasn't stopped them sold them have made their which village slated assembly and they said that they are going to try to continue
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demanding president ahmed the shares are down until he does something he said he's not going to do until elections come in time to turn to he has faced protests in the past before obviously also over and over the economy but never for more than a few days and he's always used his police force to be able to disclose protesters and he at some point was able to negotiate with them eventually they were able to basically give up the demand that he step down but this is the first time that it's been going on for three weeks of his high concern and the other concern factor for him is the fact that there is nobody he can negotiate with to try to end the protest these people are being mobilized very sporadically in neighborhoods in and basically the sudanese are professional association which has been calling for the past for protest in the capital ha tomb they're not the only ones who've been calling for protest against president bashir so he doesn't know who he can negotiate with and that for him is quite a concern. the u.s. president is about to meet congressional leaders as the partial government shutdown
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and as it's nineteenth day donald trump says he's willing to keep the government closed until his key demand is met billions of dollars of funding for a wall between the u.s. and mexico article heinous nations from washington thank you very much u.s. president donald trump is trying new things in hopes of getting a border wall traveling to capitol hill to keep his own party on board and on tuesday giving an address to the nation from the oval office doing very well except for the border back behind the desk in front of the cameras again wednesday the u.s. president threatened to declare a national emergency if he has to in order to get a wall built on the southern border we might work a deal and if we don't i may go that route but trump is trying these new tactics in order to defend his decision to partially shut the government down until he gets billions for border wall he's trying to blame the opposition party in an attempt to change the public's opinion polls show right now the majority of americans blame the president but republican leaders in congress are still backing trump blaming
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democrats for the impasse on a badly needed to a moral and a little more than the span of a presidency so much better to talk about a pivot about a pivot. my democratic friends wanted fencing and physical barriers in the race. for their part democrats rolled out some of the eight hundred thousand federal workers who should be paid in two days but right now be we are the face of this shutdown we are the real people working in the bureau of prisons and the transportation security administration and other federal agencies today doing so without federal pay in this shutdown these stories will continue to dominate the headlines the economic impact will start to ripple through the economy putting additional pressure on republicans in congress the president will head to capitol hill wednesday to try and shore up their support this is an unpopular president
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pushing an unpopular wall but for his core supporters this was a campaign promise and one many say he simply has to keep no matter the cost. joins us live now from washington to any movement at all today. well as you mentioned the president moved up the street to capitol hill he's going to be meeting with the congressional leadership from both the democrats and republicans at the white house we believe that will happen in about fifty four minutes see if they come to any sort of agreement there is a compromise to be made but so far it seems that both sides feel like they're winning the argument so there's very little incentive for them to go ahead and make a deal because it's not just the president's base that adamantly believes that once a wall the liberal base is completely one hundred percent against it and the new leadership the dems just took back the house of representatives their leadership would be under incredible pressure if they in fact caved to this wall because in
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many ways i think it's become not just about a wall it's the symbolism of the trump presidency and that is a hard thing to find a compromise on so what else do we need to be looking out for the next day also. well the president made it clear today and you just heard it there he said he reserves the right to declare a national emergency he believes he absolutely has the authority to do that and just to point out there are laws that congress has said in a national emergency such as a war an attack the president can declare a national emergency and then he can move funds around that's the only way the president has any power over any money being spent now a lot of constitutional scholars say he absolutely cannot do that and they predict that if that happened there would be lawsuits in the judiciary would likely stifle the president although it is possible that he would win that really really depends on what judge gets and how far up in the chain it goes possibly all the way to supreme court that would give both sides a chance to basically declare victory fund the government reopen the government get these people paid and the president says he's going to wait and see he's said today
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is willing to wait for as long as it takes but he said if i can't make a deal then i might very well could declare a national emergency but i can tell you the pain is being felt by not just the federal workers the people who actually need the federal government services one of the bigger things to look out for is food stamps that program is going to be running out of funding and there are tens of millions of americans who rely on that so that they have enough to eat every day so it's not just about these eight hundred thousand employees it's about contractors they probably won't get paid back and it's about the extended work of the federal government which right now just isn't getting done and thank you very much indeed the un's special envoy to yemen has been updating the security council on the no just efforts to end the ninety four year war. says there has been relative calm since the implementation of the stockholm agreement but it's. really. for the cease fire we agreed on. in the day the governor of that entered into force. of december.
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that there has been a significant decrease in hostilities since then. unfortunately perhaps unsurprisingly there has been some both including in who data city and in the southern districts of the government that this is remarkably limited compared to what we saw in the weeks before the stock consultations at the un humanitarian affairs chief mark local cause warned that despite the truce the humanitarian situation is getting worse i cannot yet report to you that the wider humanitarian situation in yemen is any better it remains catastrophic more than twenty four million people now need humanitarian assistance that's eighty percent of the population they include ten million people just a step away from famine more than three point three million people have been
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displaced over six hundred thousand of them in the last twelve months your search your state has made a stop in iraq on his tour of middle east capitals might compare arrived in baghdad where he met iraqi leaders as well as u.s. troops are stationed there live to discussed u.s. concerns about iran's influence in iraq a top u.s. diplomat is in the region to reassure washington's allies about trump's plans to withdraw troops from syria. turkey's foreign minister says his government will reject a request from the united states not to attack dish forces in northern syria when the u.s. forces pull out there who chose to address the turkish parliament a day after u.s. national security adviser john bolton repeated the request during a visit to ankara orton's comments angered president rich attire the one who says turkey will not compromise its stance on kurdish y p g fight as it cools terrorists . you know middle east for the us to be this intertwined with
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a terrorist organization makes leaving it that much more difficult we continue to hear different voices coming from different levels of the american administration everyone can see we have been fighting against terrorist organizations in the region from day one we need to prevent the white peachy from turning into a growing threat to our country we need to act against that sin and cos who is in northern syria with more. wherein albo a town that was liberated by the turkish backed free syrian army a while ago and this stone was bones why are still blown by other coalition forces and it has been heard a lot with this people but it's building and after it was liberated by the turkish backed free syrian army and the great the graphic has changed people who have moved out of our jobs has returned and there is some other migration from other places inside syria a relatively normal life has begun as we are told because there are schools there is a courthouse there is
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a measure these that they call where the local council functions and there are local police forces that is mentored by the turkish turkish army members here and when there is a danger the local police forces here can interfere immediately however of course was fear here is different to the kurdish dominated areas in northern syria and these people here in alabama they most of the leave that if a turkish military offensive is held against a p y d and we will wipe e.g. controlled area. those places could be liberated and they can go back to their homes like a memphis or other places. still. i am in the. u.k. parliament starts debating tourism a's breaks it deal with a make or break vote for next week. north korea's leader wraps up a national secret visit to china his fourth trip to beijing in just ten months.
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out of the still a weather warning in force for the amount of snow and strengthening winds for southern germany to feel bavarian alps and almost all of austria and it's this cloud here that's doing the general science with movement because the strong northerly wind is getting colder the snow still falling and of course the cold and snow as rhesus far south as athens but the temperature change here going to the low pressure area one if need react exactly as rain comes back to athens and the rest of greece temporized still snowing daguerre in albania and this note of exists in austria and southern germany to the west things are look quite as you can see tempered by where they should be maybe a little bit milder even if this time the a because the difference in weather central europe and western europe how they get to friday and all the snow has gone
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the winds of change direction and it's quite and down a little bit further south as well so the end of the week that's a little quieter at least some of that been suffering recently but of course that low spinning up in the adriatic we got a very strong wind running right across the western med off the coast of our jiri into new zealand at the temperatures think of the big winds and the big waves that they bring and that exists i'm afraid through thursday and indeed friday bringing showers and probably thunderstorms to boot. when a french soldier was murdered in the circles terrorist attacks. his mother retaliate with love. speaking out against intolerance and alienation she travels the world with the resolve of a grieving mother who lost a son but adopted a generation. latifa are fighting. with this documentary
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on al-jazeera. and we're going to one of the top stories. at least three anti-government demonstrators have been killed in sudan after police used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse protesters in the city of. it happened as a number of mass demonstrations were happening across the country against as well as for the president bashir. donald trump is about to meet congressional leaders as the partial government shutdown ends its nineteenth day. here in a special envoy to yemen says there's been relative calm in her data since the
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implementation of its agreement between who rebels and the saudi backed government . you know kingdom parliament has started debating promise to trees amaze deal for leaving the european union ahead of a vote next week may delay the shuttle vote last month fearing defeat with time running out before they at the end of march may has warned m.p.'s not to risk leaving the e.u. with no deal that is north of the reports she suffered another setback before the debate began. outside parliaments everyone is getting ready for what's supposed to be the endgame parliament will vote next week on whether to accept the deal thrashed out on the u.k. leaving the european union breck's as a sub told the life out of the air waves some months and people are sick to death of its unfortunately though it doesn't look like the end is insights. inside the mother of parliaments the debates on where the u.k.
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should go are beginning again among the six hundred fifty m. peace at least five different groupings arguing for different outcomes and there is no sign it's all of any one shifting position so if her deal is defeated next week as i hope and expect it will will the prime minister do the right thing and let the people have a real say and call a general election. you. know we put it good deal on the table the tax jobs and security but i notice i notice. that we still don't know what brett's plan the right honorable gentleman. it's supposed to be decision time the european union's bored to death with all this yet is total gridlock as things stand at the moment parliament has decided that it doesn't want to leave the european union with no deal but apparently it doesn't
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like the prime minister's deal either nor can it present any sort of alternative strategy for what to do instead what it means is that if you ask any politician here or any of the journalists camped out here no one has the first clue what's going to happen next. he lends to the theory that ideas currently being ruled out may end up having to be accepted at the very least suspending the process of leaving everything is up in the end everything is implausible so when you have a series of implausible are cons one thing that is currently implausible will necessarily become the reality so even though the general election party looks very unlikely that it could happen even those that the referendum looks unlikely that it happened i don't assert that is the most part school thing to do because parliament is doug lot that makes sense to give about the people. on. the ice to the right three hundred eight the debate itself was preceded by the government's yet again losing the vote this time demanding that the prime minister say within
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three days what her plan b. is if she loses her vote next week the oh i deserve it the guys have it gradually parliament is exerting control over a dysfunctional government the problem remains that parliament doesn't know what it wants only lawrence lee al-jazeera you know. forty nine people rescued from mediterranean while trying to reach europe from north africa nineteen days ago of just been allowed ashore in malta after being transferred from two rescue ships to a naval vessel underneath brokered agreement the majority of the refugees and migrants will now be sent to different nations across europe italy has criticized the deal saying it encourages human traffickers the north korean leader kim jong un has wrapped up his visit to china a day earlier than expected kim's trip force's fourth in the past ten months it was hoped the talks with chinese president xi jinping could lay down the groundwork for another potential summit with donald trump there was little detail in his shed your
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provided by either side but south korean media has been reporting that kim met she for about an hour continue has more from beijing. kim jong un's train was seen leaving beijing this afternoon and ever since the leader arrived in beijing on monday evening this trip has been shrouded in secrecy there have been reports that the leader visited some traditional chinese medicine factory on the outskirts of beijing earlier this morning before returning to beijing to have some lunch with some top they doing officials possibly even president xi jinping himself but we have received nor details about the visit from either the north korean all the chinese government we do know that president xi jinping met with kim to win yesterday for about an hour and they were expected to have discussed a possible future summit between u.s. president donald trump and kim jong un over the next few months now it's unclear whether kim jong un's train will return straight to pyongyang or whether hubie stopping by another chinese city but what is clear is that this trip has been very
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positive optics for both north korea and china for north korea they've been able to show the world that they have a very powerful friend in china and kim jong il has been able to demonstrate himself as a more confident statesman than he was last year and for china well they've been able to show the world that they have very strong influence when it comes to pyongyang this is kim to wounds fourth trip to china in just under a year and this relationship is very important especially when you consider china's relationship with the u.s. china is currently embroiled in some very tense trade negotiations with washington and they're wanting to do what ever they can to improve their position in those talks and certainly leveraging this relationship with pyongyang is one of those ways hundreds of palestinians have gathered in the occupied west bank city of ramallah to protest against a controversial pension law they're angry over a new scheme that came into effect late last year very force it was at the demonstration. over into the third month of these protests now against the social
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security law and although the numbers are somewhat down today and what we've seen in the thousands of people in recent protests there are several hundred here today the numbers called largely by what has been a very rainy cold day here in ramallah the issue at hand here is this social security law which is. requiring a would require a seven point five percent contribution from employees in the private sector and more than ten percent from employers what people are concerned about isn't just the financial goodna that would impose on them and on the economy here but also on what would happen to that money can they trust that it would really would be used for pensions and other benefits in the future there really is an issue of trust against the palestinian government in this case. the salaries aren't enough to cover a current commitments deducted this money they say will get it back after thirty years contains provisions that are unfair to the employees. now
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wastdale under occupation like albury right now that israeli military forces are like anybody to. convince people that you don't like to see them and us need their money and effort and like what's going to happen in most parts of the world social security system could be seen as a fairly regular required safety net and something that society would be expected to contribute to people here aren't really argue with that as a concept what they're arguing with is the idea that this is being drawn out in an undemocratic way by a government which hasn't had an election for over a decade they don't trust that government they say to deal with this money in a fair way not to use it for purposes other than pensions and other benefits in the future policy in government of course says that it has already. conceded
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a delay in the imposition of this they are willing to talk about it and negotiate people here though they just want it scrapped and they say they will continue protesting until that happens police in bangladesh have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesting garment workers who are on strike for a fourth day demanding higher wages there was violence after demonstrators attempted to block the roads to the airport in the capital dhaka at least one person has been killed and fifty others injured in the past four days bangladesh is the world's second largest garment maker after china. question was president is facing international condemnation for expelling a un backed anti corruption mission the panel had been investigating top government officials and the family of president jimmy moralez david messer reports from guatemala city. outside the headquarters of a un backed anti corruption commission a group of court amal and celebrate they say the international commission against
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impunity in guatemala or seasick to short has unjustly imprisoned their family members and they want the panel out and thanks to guatemalan president jean morales they might get their wish. and not that way i'm going to be good at helping our president recover the rule of law they have been so many violations of our rights we've been fighting to and won't allow foreigners to keep trampling our country. for people who oppose seizing the riving here at their headquarters there setting off bombs grabbers waving their flags and bring up my peace signs here on the wall i can if those days here are done. at one point police officers escorted staff out of the building a spokesman said international personnel were being asked to leave the country as a security precaution. on monday president said he would expel the end to
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corruption group. during its time in guatemala the commission has put national security public order governability and respect for human rights at risk but for more than anything it has put it risk the sovereignty of the state of course. in august morales announced he would not renew c. six mandate which was set to expire in september two thousand and nineteen days later he banned its commissioner colombian prosecutor says from reentering the country. analysts say morale is decision to expel the group violates a constitutional order and international law. why is he doing this firstly he's being pushed by many of these political collaborators who are being tried for corruption he's also received a lot of help from business people who are being tried for corruption and probably the biggest reason the legal process is against him he's brother and the son
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outside of the constitutional court another group of guatemalans holds a quieter protest they hope that the country's top court will rule against morales decision i guess that has to be with him to things to the commission mafia like business autoglass have been uncovered and that's what they don't like this is going on after the powers that existed since independence is the only entity that's been able to uncover corruption you know but even if the president's ruling is overturned there are fears he will push it through and set off a constitutional crisis what many see as this country's most effective weapon in the fight against corruption could be coming to an end and guatemala's future hangs in the balance david mercer out zero in guatemala city. a classic andy warhol is instantly recognizable and uniquely american but those much more will be on the iconic campbell soup cans and marilyn monroe image christensen he
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takes a look inside a new york exhibition showcasing decades of his work. from consumer goods to celebrities with a technicolor twist andy warhol elevated every day images to high art his commentary on american culture is now on display at the whitney museum of american art warhols genius in my opinion has always been to ground what he does in both the language of the history of art and the language of commerce and commercial culture and to bring them together the first retrospective of his art in thirty years andy warhol from a to b. and back again includes his early work as a commercial artist in the one nine hundred fifty s. illustrations that are beautiful in their own right and show a link to later works in both subject matter and techniques reproductive techniques the photograph is absolutely key to warhols work and there's no doubt that when he married painting with the soak screen he really changed things techniques that were
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considered groundbreaking at the time still seem relevant in an age of social media when we are bombarded with images and everyone it seems is seeking their fifteen minutes of fame and it was a series guns crosses and i just have the the gun and the cross and of course the hammer and sickle curator donna de salvo says the darker side of that culture shows up in warhols later years reflecting the social upheaval of the late one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's clued in the anti-war and civil rights movements showing us that these are just photographs so do we believe them we want to believe them but if you think about it it's just a photograph so it really that feels very contemporary because we live in a world now where we can also talk about digitally altered in the ages. causing the viewer to wonder what's real leaving no doubt warhols work still
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resonates kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. there get you can catch up with all the stories we're reporting on our on our web site the dress that is ours or a dot com and i know many of you already do so but if you don't you can also watch us live by clicking on the live icon dot com. and one of the top stories here now to zero at least three anti-government demonstrators are being killed in sudan after police used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse crowds in the city on doorman it happened as protests took place in support of and against president omar bashir there's been more than three weeks of demonstrations against the rising cost of food and fuel fresh air remains defiant rejecting calls for him to step down that you know. we are all together hand in hand joining forces to maintain stability however some are adopting foreign
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agendas being operated by outside forces to the saddam however we reiterate those who are seeking power they are welcome however there's only one route to grab power it is the ballot box it's only through transparent free elections that's up to you the sudanese people to decide. on trump is about to meet congressional leaders of the partial government shutdown enters its nineteenth day it comes after he made his case for his proposed five point seven billion dollar border war with mexico during a televised address to the american people it is crime the situation as a crisis of the heart and soul un's special envoy to yemen says there's been a relative calm in her data since the implementation of its agreement between hoofy rebels and the saudi backed government martin griffiths was updating the security council on the latest efforts to end the nearly four year war after visited both sides over the weekend. turkey's foreign minister says his government will reject
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the u.s. his request not to attack kurdish forces in northern syria when american forces pull out of the country. comments come after a day after u.s. national security adviser john bolton's request angered president out of one he says he will not compromise its stance on kurdish y p g fighters which it regards as terrorists. kim jong un has wrapped up his visit to china a day earlier than expected it was his fourth visit in the past ten months also the talks with chinese president xi jinping could lay down groundwork for another potential summit with donald trump. as a top stories do stay with us here on ars their next stop is to stream by for.
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me ok on your in the stream today how can architects change the world for the better how to think about this not only are they responsible for the design and structure of built surroundings but they also have an incredible impact on communities the environment and even on culture they literally shape our world you can see that back here with some of the world's most iconic buildings now we are asked you our stream community to share some images.


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