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tv   Latifa A Fighting Heart  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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economists calculate everything we don't want to think what will happen when the bank takes and we are locked. in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera. the strength of al jazeera is that because we have such an expansive network people would come to us and actually shared information with the al-jazeera team interrupt them. and who are not on the top stories on our jazeera at least three people have been killed in more anti-government demonstrations in sudan the protesters are angry about rising fuel and food costs and want president bashir to step down but he remains defiant him ogun has the latest from khartoum. was it. for three weeks now this has been the scene in many parts of sudan people coming
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out to protest against president already bashir is twenty nine year rule and demanding that he step down was the one part of whether we are under a dictatorship for thirty years they have used religion to stand power now is the right time for people to come out and protest you can see them firing tear gas you could even be a weird agent we citizens just want our rights to eat and drink and live with dignity like anyone else in the world. on wednesday thousands came out once again to protest an older man as they attempted to make their which illustrated us templi to handle memo demanding that the president resign was was the police responded using tear gas was and live in mission to disperse the crowd. a scene different than the one in the capital khartoum where the first pro-government rally was held since protests began in mid december president bashir addressed his supporters blaming the protest on what he described as external forces that you know there's
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a human we are all together hand in hand joining forces to maintain stability however some are adopting foreign agendas being operated by outside forces in a means to the saddam however we reiterate those who are seeking power they are welcome however there is only one route to grab power it is the ballot box it is only through transparent free elections and it's up to you the sudanese people to decide. but elections are more than a year away and those protesting say they want him to step down sooner rather than later one thing it's done is in a way a reflection of the state of the nation demonstrations against the government on one side demanding president obama to step down and a pro-government rally on the other with the president and his supporters defiant in the face of those protests the rights groups say forty people have been killed in anti-government protests the government puts the figure at nineteen with protesters echoing slogans from the arab spring the revolutions that toppled governments in neighboring countries some analysts see the current state of the
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country could last for some time so. this will continue for a while until the government finds an economic and political solution because it's not just the economy of the deserving people to protest the government has to offer some compromise or the demonstrations will continue. and never in his twenty nine year rule have a protest against him lasted for. president bashir may be determined to stay in power. but these protesters see him just as determined to see him go he will morgan on to zero hospital. meeting both republican and democratic congressional leaders as the partial government shutdown enters its nineteenth day on tuesday he made his case for his proposed five point seven billion dollar border with mexico during a televised address to the american people he described the situation as a crisis of the heart and soul of the u.n. special envoy to yemen martin griffiths has briefed this year and security council
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after meeting representatives from both sides of the conflict he said there's a relative calm in her data is the implementation of a u.n. agreement between the rebels and the saudi backed government. forty nine people rescued from the mediterranean while trying to reach europe from north africa nineteen days ago to be allowed ashore in malta after being transferred from two rescue ships to a naval vessel underneath you brokered agreement the majority of the refugees and migrants will now be sent to different nations across europe at least in bangladesh have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesting garment workers who are of strike for a fourth day demanding higher wages there was violence after demonstrators attempted to block the road to the airport in the capital dhaka at least one person has been killed and fifty others injured over the past four days there's a top stories do stay with us on out of there next up its witness more news for you after that often are.
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conscious all the while above. should probably go by the volume. of the public. is somebody that that would use. the system of. justice or do i continue. to suppose that you should still have the support of the full report interests with calls for your apartment to them or. i don't see what this. has got for them and. if they had to push property on one of our should. we dare. question the software discussion for. all sorts of. things but also to. even see something for some time. now to.
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so we're going to meet up. with the oh yeah super specific ones don't suffer tazo suppose their troops are going. to trust. me it will be more. in what's your point is almost to hold. him to something. this can go through some of holes which will. be quite obvious he can watch her machine. but only. she. has to. keep. them on the rail.
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so they don't put ticket by due to snow he's going to sail so he slept. with. was as soon as. possible sam what. goes on for going to college is a lot more ahead and look so. different a model is just sort of similar to what. they were in similar height boucher's some of paul but because of the quizzing him. to know. she was how do i still respect well to most of us. so some of us for the world welcome to sit down only for the demolition left at the noise scene for the kids ship will put us at the. little one of them is awful just a sort of beset by plunder coolio is used for the result.
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by the song don't talk. about i know how. i really. feel safe was. saying isn't the ticket to. some real. solution. as. we do most of. the live live never say we have but it is mostly. it will be one in the. in the latest soon.
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as the. moment. because. that's. the one for the present. jury decide. on a hunting finale. is all you see we finally can come. to visit us. so that you see. you have a lover even trained in a chain of events who of his. but because the committee there i really
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don't think is having a baby really i don't want to have quite a long term agreement you misapply don't see that mama is appropriate and what pleasure it consumes you others incision in many members of the home along last of the two. sunny i want to slam in i'm enough also gentlemen other nations in last year should remember in their lesson so we're interviewing him or secondly what some people said which is why there's only mother that we're going to want to be whether. or not this is going to ruin your family's in many many i saw family in the we are all watching is something different to what the city imagine the holder of the question is on business hundred eighty team or is it a cause of us will miss every crucial part civic curbishley they paid their
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hunger games doing to us is a tool of the compass and square the name is on the whole of the hardware system i think in part i don't want us to system should only took twenty. it took a family in russia jumped in with a message on. the doors of the other songs to hold the dunya. but that doesn't last for most. of the. you know with. the you know because it always the. low roll so i would listen somebody in our conclusion one can reason up about it and she is going to impose this is we're simply going to a book called what is she said when you choose your own sense of justice a busted one is a. political cause of this if there was
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a bit about all that even the queers alltop was it by lush almost always or just the cobia jim burgess ship supposedly i'm sure why you call child dog little but i've been lucky yet will sit on the civic at eve says. but the ones you lybia can't hear you see if it's on a little one of the guys who are you seeing cuomo who just want to the not going up who would actually. look long coming from very busy firing from the a.c.c. move. on to their functionality got. me through some of the will be used if you haven't seen nothing yet the just rewards are so good not one of the legality because you don't look up the effort in the region he's on. the roof with. the looks of a couple some oil i don't think i. have it goes on like a kite up
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a hole in the finishing mip flecks of the other dia i will know from i think that was not in its holes in the holes. in the plane or something but i. welcome once again peter schiff a russian to have visited on the south the us about some public may i know folk in the overalls and i was always into the home on with someone i got to call him if i can assemble here where yet says that people got it up in the open there's no chemical possibilities it was going to let me get a continued name that is the image that is not his even though he has it's way somehow my affair i think to moment he refers to little less to dean at one point he will inform god that i feel that if we feel the deposit. it was then he will give it to me it was then it is young men will be in the media will bubble because the second edition is this is your problem.
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you. really need this fifty percent because cornish. the. there's a bit of flops if that's true conflict usually keep. the business going up the good faith. to digital. he replaced the shakubuku who created the disease there is no form this had to. gloss happened over. you know the. yoga. if you can't see it used this.
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morning during. the demo the last of it i'm all for this we. wanted to go we saw an up or. zero point you know profile of the mob the pope wants to ask his thoughts on the forum in. may but as to. the media i mean i. said there must be some consume. good news if. that's the kind of the most of the book the more got the bomb if it is going to say because before there was to memphis it would be terrible and so i would love to be able to play. with them and they went on. for commas about woods's. stupid optimists. it would be just so it's ok to me to death. if you can dissolve me but spoke to. us this was a source it was in the book club it was
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a lesson to the kids to consummating it up on this if i have to put a chit to. rezone five onto a soap opera. and officers i. just. said i'm not. disappearing. i love. that money because what do you mean that's i mean it's books associate some i make it through the door also targeted. you can watch it as it is just to get the default but i just have a commercial pontotoc. just because it's about to leave. just so we can assist. the discourse about the you know just how the biggest. oh.
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yeah yeah ha that's a mind i don't not do ya the i'm talking i haven't i haven't been ave i love it when you know he had one wish maybe i was you that much at it or not out of it now bill pay us i'm gonna cut you i now do gone out now to go on the on oh there you go there's a hoss on i. got not you got. no you got that you see. in mobile you know we can show who's been damaged and these two comes. in and the enemy. if i'm thinking oh no it's not just because it was that you'll see joe going to jail falls because he pulled about his big thing to use with them. kick a ball machine. so i didn't fall soon i was. too far
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off for them to be sure made us if it was the supply chain. or decide. what to. do so long as he decides to sell to all four could fall because implicit association will you soon see. mrs you for the death she will form a bus and we didn't face into some of these things. he had exceptionally. you didn't want to set. on supporting malia's and put forth. yes they don't think it will always. be the fault club
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but that is an ethical push hands upon a lot. of us who know about just what the farmer does where. to get the good cheer. as additional equipment she will have at home said tom if you have it to talk over the phone i'll say look some of that i said mother me i think there's something called walk when they want to become looked disappointed by say the second the name or the. last month the guy to say uncle uncle want us to put something that i thought up on the nose for the balls for going over them from all the field in focusing. on a new. and they. are.
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going to. be. the most. you have. to take this. is all for his only son is it you. it almost as. if a kick of contentment got chemo was useable enough commodes incident to be used. wound up i. have been lucky to have had the movies. not. the money. in the
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long. run. clinton. called the. the. not. getting. the. nod. nod to the be the. end. of the. myths in the world that morning to see young. people to miss out movies that will
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stick by the old school deal is a bunch of the big kid who visit them isn't my mom. she probably one of my mom was the supervision of the reading books after i read. macomb don't you know new single one of them to do with genesis have been to some of the most. prominent examples and they make magic came to some holes. i don't know if i'm going to be xians into giacomo stuck with them up doing nothing thing jumping from seizure shit if it was in the bucket see a monster even. gibran the political says whoa whoa moment of the moment we sit down by just hold him he said he will office about you will let you know who've just been this is supposed to be one that's just listening to him i know and i thought.
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it. no one who. it's a. good book. and he had it done in the past one. hundred one. on it. but fuck. it. elmo thought to tell you something just this is a movie that about me i. suppose i just wanted to it's. good to be on the up call if you call but some of us look it is a little bit silly but i could be sceptical fits all the way this instance meant to
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. us and i must say. that it never. was. before classes because what i think it took for me to give it up it's also coming up that i'm going to see if i think that the. so we don't disagree that it is a film of the day it isn't for. the keepers of. the us so this is your soul i'll always be the bus or. third. it's a bunch of war yes that's trying that. way as it ever was but i always say sharks are special serious or shark there is
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a process for. us to check. even to see it but to. assume that when i see. the show all. four of them. i don't know if somebody's going to. live with him it's the same he doesn't do this he says he moved. into the room that has resulted in the hood litanies didn't invent holmes in this incident here in the movie this is you. he knew that it was good and he.
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left her notes and. she's going to show us the truth. since you're. sick of the trip. just to sit. down folks do something which is going on in a sort of he's a single school. and it troubled her the hosts. fields him. to what exists it's just. he forgot to dispose. of the spots it comes on that stupid. oh my god. i think that it almost put it we got this past you have something. to say for the full kit that the sample before it was from a call to the country was impetus behind for such
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a good deal and it's also the guy who said look it's. called the crushed cars and the more people look for me to see the support of the book not the focus but it sucks to see. what. we want to say but she's doing it to the king of the earth and i'll sit on the city. and the senate. but. for. now for keeping with. i look at all the chances. in this year new immigration laws and projects funded by european governments have seen a rapid decline in the migrant transport three people in power travels to agadez to explore the realities faced by the drivers left out of pocket and the migrants who
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are choosing to return home who would like to go back to the country where they are from you know it is going to be a dismal he's going back to la what about what i believe yeah. europe migration on a zero. this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. it could be the biggest land grab in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean twenty one geologists are secret board.
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as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. on a zero. hello norm taylor and under the top stories on our syria at least three anti-government demonstrators have been killed in c. john after police used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse crowds in the city around amman it happened during a number of protests against as well as in support of the president bashir i mean although three weeks of demonstrations against the rising cost of food and fuel that bashar remains defiant rejecting calls for him to step down that you know. we
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are all together hand in hand joining forces to maintain stability however some are adopting foreign agendas being operated by outside forces to the sudan however we reiterate those who are seeking power they are welcome however there is only one route to grab power it is the ballot box it is only through transparent free elections and it's up to you the sudanese people to decide. president donald trump is making both republican and democratic congressional leaders as the partial government shutdown enters its nineteenth day it comes after he made his case for his proposed five point seven billion dollar border war with mexico during a televised address to the american people. the un's special envoy to yemen says there's been relative calm in her data since the implementation of its agreement between hoofy rebels and the saudi backed government martin griffiths was updating the security council on the latest efforts end nearly four years of war after he
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visited both sides over the weekend turkey's foreign minister says his government will reject the u.s. is request not to attack kurdish forces in northern syria when american forces pull out of the country where general tso's comments come a day after u.s. national security adviser john bolton's request angered president richard to one he says turkey will not compromise that stance on kurdish y p g fighters which it regards as terrorists kim jong un has wrapped up his visit to china a day earlier than expected with his fourth visit in the past ten months it was hoped the talks with chinese president xi jinping could lay down groundwork for another potential summit with donald trump a little detail on his shadow provided by either side but south korean media has been reporting that kim met she for about an hour those are the top stories do stay with us witness continues for news after that i phone.
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you you got the you. lot that. was good. and a good. one on me. was that while it was it was. you. that. said it's just your. mom. met you
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some rebuff the street you know it's your version of it doesn't the extraordinary. new version euphonious you not just coming along with their color but relation. of a. legend ever enough to remove it or if you're sure not that often i really don't because all buggered and sick young could lose the ability to. be. very very good. question. if you if the little seen this because then you could walk of to work. live. be good please don't sit with the. leisure girlie where the really good. you'll get a lot what would become what would you do similar good will develop good to. be
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able to do this by the sea world is a room at the bottom of it isn't that you look good just doesn't get where you are with him because if you do the big brother what should you or someone don't listen to this was a mix of you know of who was with qualities to go to do all the deals with the city officials. and national. weather events have said that the top. reservation will not of can that's who they are says at a coffee scale is already. shown how false is having to setting. the set of all sets he can accept up out of cost saving and he have any cash. cab any. and even if the people can't have that. because of costs while shopping i don't respect him by sticking someone with after me seek out the typical set up set up put out of whatever cause you've got of him or face say that they're doing man.
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in medicine once in a while somebody screamo from america. because she was arabic you're going for spurious being. or to make me look up a bit more says it looks a bit bucket i don't see that one has to be home and suppose so roger gonnet regrets also cool down or sort of what mr them jim somebody from do you suppose yourself known. as a civil shopper for not. all the. focus of the ship's president or you'll miss will not burn on the last couple of gets discussed without having a vote so if your mother they could have had a deal with confessionals. pick a shot on
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a sitting. don't miss paula simply hit by the moment. so just push the trauma signal course the phones you can let's have. a regular yes i believe it was. the medicine will actually lead you to hold hands or to think that this was. the best of all. to go where that's. going to be with them but. i was so. tempted to be able to talk to. the money that i spoke to get it. out but so much that there. was
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a buzz. on how sad said the out. of the world all the commissars. the phillies it was a debacle but to see her win is what has puzzled is going on today because of. the film if you look at yourself. from it it will be really it going to put us into trouble resulted in a missing mother so how was i think it would physically abusing or was he shooting the news you might well know because you know obama on the. show was. just. moving to move on and you were going to also let me in here
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and. when you came. they have no have no answers yammering so no one has seen or spoken about him he is really one of the physicians find him. as good as in the world. is he a man. he was was an off the. rocker. but not a into his own leave the. sooner the. good of the world. are going to have the message was you know this isn't the world this isn't. even the. homes in the rear view. she says. in the us so the woes.
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of the war over a bit of the world where you have to be visiting the world who are hooked. have kept that up up up. up up top of. the bottom or. top of bob hope squashed that will. let us look. you know it was such. a shock. but. i want.
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another there's another that's been shot up and dressed and didn't come in vincent . it's a minor thing when without it it was an invalid look for them to sign up for seriously what is the logic for the dead. who. seemed as if his soon soup was at the garbage much except sit down put it on enough boys position for example because this is what you should buy from putting this in shoes in medicine the carefulness of us is just too far. it's. simply.
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the sound oh she chooses to somebody and often piece them. must have a count of assume from. cuts you can who no matter who she. was johnny was samisoni doing. that's the only way to see him he says who are somewhat usual this is was said he wanted to save the moment shouldn't have his on that should have. themes. crucial to proof if you. can what's the use of the cheap good for love and dissolute emotional journey over the negotiation the problem was the one of the we didn't do this but of much more than fiction for patrolling for the us it's a mother made home a common one woman decision i've been stuck in these other people who have these are. these people in to go out probably cut being destroyed we
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understood it but don't see it like this you know this is a company glaring it conceivable we don't force a couple who will be him. because it was his hospital visit all that maybe i'm. not none the less well known that it would also would still be the peak appreciation of a girl and also a decision or more done in me would do this for speedy she said but can we feel his leave after going on false i don't want to get your d.d. or you could wriggle kriesel if will it don't. under the but only because well as you know what about all of us you can do anything you can probably tell drug companies to do budgets and it doesn't really have a moment of planning to hope to do that i hope it's no harder than some of them are and won't do you won't have actual physical side people but them with only. resistance you can decrease and get to the point you did. love to just showed us
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was it in a fit by the candle. lit they said bad look at those children is all faded will most able to think it took bushel to bust to continue does something about you wanting something awful what is emitted to sell sold you something will cause course or tawfiq you have a quote about us to suffer to. supply and you know print a public public to moan to this when he was it was something. that is was something that potentially was go was it done up as we are going to pollution she. does on enough called up being normal vision to be able to ensure that the formal face second subcommittee on check under new dress and much about every kind of event is double the losses you the resume did i feel comfortable you have sources. any b.c.m. in the room she do feel to be directed. let's also have me is
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sick that they're sick b. let's get your family the love that you have for them. if obesity by if we're not going to face so many bodies such as talking crazy hundred of us here. to see better yet those who love them because you're so just too crazily the woman said out of this new love it was really so bad so i did what was just it will please all eventually c.b.d. she's to do the full disposal she said of the most you could hardly keep pace with so why they don't even come sample of the hayward only because the. name political figure probably for the measurements still people but was also for you so much for me and not one of you can be your goods for a for all for right to mislead.
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us. and i think they did it then at with it's of moving these are all support i have to be relied on as i did only that he promised us it was really comported to different disease how young of the twenty six no it didn't help post the pics to get nuisance or simple put some pushy curious in that you can do to defeat me and. you can meet the discreetly on museum lawn but he's too young. to see. he's hating on do no she do do do dissing him i'm pushing you push you seriously do not need to sit there and satish rouge suits and he she is could be the leader who will turn the podium to systems although of course europe is such an essential to. that's.
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kept him to be sneezed trying to shield because p.v. is twice but. he didn't want it as he damned innocent while trying. to be nice to me and. one said he could see if you got to see to diffuse the. washing dishes. so while some crazy. little missile defense did
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all that trouble towards. the bomb most of the was. the measure of the professor. you do know it was the. real. dog coming up by the sky but just to also i added noise higher inside i imaged on the suspect i looked up about the needles all saw. the kid appear to be sure we're not just talking he left. the command center one town was like your soul back into the box like steps had been dispossessed of the bin it would also assume that at that he not was puzzling if he says he doesn't give ice. sisters who really do the job that is not
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a good. book should rule is exactly what you want to know actually justify strong demand. hard hard not. to give up on him so he doesn't see it but your system moves you not me often oh it's just going to go to just you you need to listen to such was like it's just not all good you do it and it's. true you know you know since. she moved to his own home the homes on his own but assume you know she'll be teaching a hundred is a home is for him the biggest was. to do it that was cool don't talk about it there are people going to be neat and you remove the menu and what would it be you have the freedom to do go to sunday couldn't you don't want to be back on your show that you could but not just live in but i don't give who's up i think i'm always going through your music and that there's only. one homers. and they want to hold
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enough. of one coffee or. something hot. so the one way he does this is. me who. he. is this is. he who. you know he resides in the house. who says oh. if it's a hot shoe box he. says really it was. i met him and. you know. that was. so that you. know we do we all have.
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to give seeking the good to keep. really from a kid and. yet she was. obviously much competitive. but that's part of you know most us it is still not a. way to. escalate. more. than just. the. you know no sooner had she was going to go.
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on from gaza going to listen to one of the news you know. i don't think you have to sign me if you want to. visit cuba the success of this one is all from funny sometimes on sudan usually this unit damage yourself to the summit today deal where you get to go from zero one hundred one jump of the way have a look to the to what we have to look to experience what. we need to do what if is a problem. we need physical bodies within the bit machine from base that is our. it's a little bit of. government well let's get more strong losses and i got to send them money so that mr sevan was sent him as an office my actually i'm sure you will miss the more it been was a bit of a scoop and i suppose it probably does not fit my. computer business. but
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i don't think the rest are the muslim thing is find its. controls it was a covert also a but it seems plain. some aspects of movie should buckles a little good to have the same of the patient it's a need to see the truth. look if. you will get. something. done for example one of the jewish it is boring for the kids. who need to find new ways to stick around because the publisher better the collage am i going to again try this from ahmed no cinemas only to show me its would say i am still here which i sort of just because i have a measure when there was one hundred fifty what if it should seeds not a day or definitely could have been sentenced if you can know nothing of the old mission because i doubt that others should let me buy things to hide that's what
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she did. the or. both before the fall if you want to send some message to good for us business. for buster to say. just a good i'm old enough to suds was just cause it came out just to officially. over but i've been told by. tom police to see. the sioux falls.
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said it not in the. mission. should disappear but of. course that's when i joined. so you. know this is. a little this. is a little bit something we didn't think about when. we couldn't use it. level like a difficult. decision about. it with a sleazy for the belief that. it wouldn't be to move. people to sell movies that. this is the latest incident from. an office and then she. wasn't living up to them. was if. i had.
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a. chance. please. leave. me.
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the daily build of thunderstorms in new south wales is quite extraordinary this cloudy you can see that's a bit more understandable that's the remains in part of penny and this show is running down to the queensland coast and beyond brisbane and sydney but the big showers of pop up late in the day they are a c.t. and in new south wales it produced some well dust clouds sandstorms if you like red dust in the air hail storms and of course rain storms well the forecast repeats them in the same sort of area say there's more persistent rain in tropical
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queensland it's dry for most of the rest attention perth has come down to twenty two vices it remains much the same time to get to friday similarly the weather pattern further east is much the same wet weather frequent thunderstorms inch of queens and and big late day thunderstorms that in new south wales and across canberra now we've had some pretty nice weather recently in new zealand and effectively still continues a little bit of a streak of running to wellington seems likely and running up into scientology but that all goes through and friday and the week looks pretty good for twenty three to twenty five degrees equally as over his midwinter temperatures throughout the korean peninsula and japan are actually slowly on the rise we're above freezing not by much but by a little threat the korean peninsula. culturally i believe the muslims had a far greater effect on europe than europe on the middle east.
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because they failed to recognize the moment. it was in the the list. that exploded in the name of the cross the crusades an arab perspective the final episode. of this time. this is al-jazeera. and this is the news hour live from london coming up. at least three demonstrations are killed in anti-government protests. as president bashir tries to rally his supporters.


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