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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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the crusaders fought for all because they failed to recognize the moment. it was in the the list campaign of colonization that exploited religion in the name of the cross the crusades an arab perspective the final episode liberation this time on. this is al-jazeera. and this is the al-jazeera news out live from london coming up. at least three demonstrations are killed in anti-government protests in sudan as president bashir tries to rally his supporters in khartoum. president trump slams
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his meeting with democratic leaders is a total waste of time one of the latest from washington. cautious optimism holding in her data from yemen's u.n. envoy but the humanitarian situation is getting worse. with sports shooting star from football's asian cup touch of course spy turkmenistan's captain that. we've got all the action for you in sports. at least three people have been killed in more anti-government demonstrations in sudan the protests as angry about rising fuel and food costs and one president bashir to step down but he remains defiant and the morgan has the latest from. was it. for three weeks now this has been the scene in many parts of
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sudan people coming out to protest against president obama to bashir is twenty nine year rule and demanding that he step down was the word of whether we are under a dictatorship for thirty years they have used religion to stay in power now is the right time for people to come out and protest you can see them firing tear gas you could even be a weird agent we citizens just want our rights to eat and drink and live with dignity like anyone else in the world. on wednesday thousands came out once again to protest in amman as they attempted to make their with village street of assembly to handle memo demanding that the president resign was was the police responded using tear gas was in life the main issue to disperse the crowd. a scene different than the one in the capital khartoum where the first pro-government rally was held since protests began in mid december president bashir addressed his supporters
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blaming the protest on what he described as external forces that you know there's a human we are all together hand in hand joining forces to maintain stability however some are adopting foreign agendas being operated by outside forces in a means to the saddam however we reiterate those who are seeking power they are welcome however there is only one route to grab power and it is the ballot box it is only through transparent free elections and it's up to you the sudanese people to decide. but elections are more than a year away and those protesting say they want him to step down sooner rather than later one thing it's done is in a way a reflection of the state of the nation demonstrations against the government on one side demanding president almost down on a pro-government rally on the other with the president and his supporters defiant in the face of those protests. rights groups say forty people have been killed in anti-government protests the government puts the figure at nineteen with protesters echoing slogans from the arab spring there of illusions that toppled governments in
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neighboring countries some analysts say the current state of the country could last for some time so. this will continue for a while until the government finds an economic and political solution because it's not just the economy of the deserving people to protest the government has to offer some compromise or the demonstrations will continue. no i'm never in his twenty nine year rule have a protest against him lasted for. president bashir may be determined to stay in power i think these protesters see him just as determined to see him go he will more going on to zero. or more or less i'm joined now from boston by alex deval he's the executive director of the world peace foundation at the fletcher school at tufts university he also served with the african union mediation team on darfur thanks so much for being with us so that we got demonstrations now on both sides but both pro and anti. how does it break down what's the split.
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the. demonstrations i wouldn't take too seriously after three decades in power bushehr and his ruling national congress party have got a very extensive patronage network huge numbers of people on their direct and in direct payroll whom they can mobilize and it's remarkable how long it's taken them to mobilize any sort of pro-government protests i think the the momentum of public opinion and of the political class as a whole is overwhelmingly against president bashir but i think the real drama is actually going to pay it play out within the military on the national security and not ultimately on the streets and why is that because they're the ones you keep him in power or not. ultimately yes when when a dictator such as bashir is overthrown it would be because the army the army command takes the decision to stand with the people against the dictator now in
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bush's case he has a number of very strong cards to play the army that he has established over the last decades is very much an army that represents hill him and he has a very extensive personal network of loyalty and knowledge within the army officer corps and also most importantly has the national intelligence and security services equally strong independent from the army and personally loyal to him and those senior officers in the army than this miss the national intelligence are going to think very hard before breaking ranks because they don't know how many of their fellow officers will will will go with them and so at the moment i suspect we're in for something of a stalemate with the divided and apprehensive and somewhat fearful
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senior command not knowing what to do other than stick with the current status quo the populace overwhelmingly demanding that president bashir should step down and what you think from to this right now i'm not sure that was the issue of the the price of bread going up so dramatically but beyond that why do you think this momentum towards demonstrations now when he's been in power for nearly thirty years . well i think there is a sense of frustration and the exhaustion over the year as president bashir has tried everything he's he swung right around the political spectrum from being a hardline islamist to staying to making serious compromises with the opposition in the southeast presided over a whole series of different initiatives none of them really have worked out he's presided over a boom and bust and at the moment the what keeps the system going is is really
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a talk receive in senior levels of of the party and the military and security apparatus and what that means is that when there is some sort of economic upturn the resources simply get consumed by the elite of cronies around that ruling and none of it really trickles down to the to the ordinary people and i think people have simply had enough the average age of sudanese citizens is. about twenty years most of them have never seen any leadership other than president bashir and frankly they they want and deserve something new and how lucky you think that it is that there will be an election. well the elections are scheduled for fifteen months out the last sort of elections have really been fixed they've been fixed by the massive patronage and public citizen machine of the ruling
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national congress party and by. the. frankly a rather incompetent and divided opposition and i'm guessing that if president bashir sees out these protests he will manage to stay in power to the next election and then he has the di lemma does he stand again for yet another term or does he hand over to a hand-picked successor and the problem there that he faces is that the handpicked successor is that he may. choose from the from his ruling if they're loyal they're not very competent and he needs loyalty because he doesn't want to be followed by a new head of state who might handed mobile to the international criminal court and leave him personally very very much in jeopardy that the more competent and capable politicians those capable of constructing a broader alliance are increasingly in the opposition although they are
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a fairly fragmented bunch acts develop thank you very much indeed if you announces a time. you're over to the us now where the government remains in partial shutdown and the standoff between the us president and the democrats has deepened further in the past half an hour don't trump walked out of a meeting with democrats after they once again refused to agree to fund his border will with mexico trump treated the meeting had been a total waste of time atika hain is the latest from washington. i think u.s. president donald trump is trying new things in hopes of getting a border wall traveling to capitol hill to keep his own party on board and on tuesday giving an address to the nation from the oval office doing very well except for the border back behind the desk in front of the cameras again wednesday the u.s. president threatened to declare a national emergency if he has to in order to get a wall built on the southern border we might work a deal and if we don't i may go that route the trump is trying these new tactics in
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order to defend his decision to partially shut the government down until he gets billions for border wall he's trying to blame the opposition party in an attempt to change the public's opinion polls show right now the majority of americans blame the president but republican leaders in congress are still backing trump blaming democrats for the impasse on a badly needed to a moral and a little more than the span of a presidency so much better talk about a pep. talk about a pivot my democratic friends wanted fencing and physical barriers in the race and . for their part democrats rolled out some of the eight hundred thousand federal workers who should be paid in two days but right now we are the faces behind this shutdown we are the real people working in the prisons and the transportation security administration and other federal agencies today doing so without federal
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pay these stories will continue to dominate the headlines the economic impact will start to ripple through the economy putting additional pressure on republicans in congress but the president insists his support is holding i would say that we have a very very unified party this is an unpopular president pushing an unpopular wall but for his core supporters this was a campaign promise and one many say he simply has to keep and no matter the cost. but to go and joins us live from washington the most successful meeting. they do seem further apart than ever so basically what happened is the leadership the democrats the republicans from the house the senate they went to the white house and the president stormed out of the meeting what the democrats have been saying is basically fund most of the government funded partially homeland security which does border security and for fund them for another thirty or so days and we
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continue negotiating with the president asked speaker nancy pelosi the speaker of the house so if i do that in thirty days are you going to basically give me a wall and she said no and according to democrats he pounded his fists and walked out according to republicans he just very calmly said ok well that's that's good and walked out republicans trying to focus on the fact that they kept the ones who they came out to talk to the media and they said he was calm he gave out candy but he's not going to budge on the wall so they are incredibly far apart i think it's important to remember how this all started the rip the senate passed a budget you know that would basically keep the government running for the rest of the fiscal year and the president said he would sign it will then we saw a conservative commentators on fox news come out and blast the president he didn't get the wall during two years where his party controlled both the house and the senate they said if he doesn't get it that's it the person's presidency is over so we've seen the president take this hard stand and it is having an actual concrete
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impact on millions of people so president says he's not going to budge democrats say they're not going to either and now they wait to see who the public blames and what happens now where do we go from here. well we'll wait to see if the president tries to break the impasse on his own he has said that he's considering declaring a national emergency which under the law he would be able to take money from the defense department use the army perhaps to build portions of the wall that's very controversial there that would obviously be challenged in the courts because it's never been done before in that manner for this reason and so it puts potentially would be ruled unconstitutional but that would give both sides a chance to reopen the government while it plays out in court but that doesn't have a lot of support among republicans so now the big question is how much pressure builds on the senate and in the house if you see the pressure starts to build on the republican side or the democratic side that could force their members to flip and vote to fund the government without
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a wall the democrats see very little reason to give him a wall it is a hugely important topic to their base just as it is to the president's base that would put i think nancy's policies leadership very much under fire if she did that so soon after taking back control of the house of representatives so this is a true stalemate with absolutely no sign that it's going to end anytime soon as a high end thank you very much indeed. they're in the news hour hundreds of arrests in northeastern brazil as the new president tries to contain a surge in violent crime. as. the u.k. parliament starts debating two is a maze bricks and deal with a make or break a vote for next week. and a significant move in the investigation into state sponsored drug use by russian athletes to has those developments nations pulled.
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un special envoy for yemen says substantial progress is needed to advance peace efforts before new talks can be held when ending the four year war addressing the security council martin griffiths expressed cautious optimism that a truce agreed last month has stockholm is holding james bays has more from the un the un security council was told a fragile shaky cease fire continues to hold in her data almost a month after a peace deal was signed in sweden there has been some violence including in who data city and in the southern districts of the government over this is remarkably limited compared to what we saw in the weeks before the stockholm consultations and this relative calm i believe indicates the tangible benefit of the stockroom
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agreement for the people of yemen and it also illustrates the commitment of both parties to make agreements work. but special envoy martin griffiths seemed to be accentuating the positive in the public meeting when later it went into closed session the council heard from major general patrick kamut the dutch general who leads the u.n. monitoring mission in who data he's giving the security council weekly reports the latest says the un's body armor and armored vehicles have not been allowed into the country there are many no go areas and the team of received death threats according to the un's top humanitarian official the situation for ordinary yemenis remains dire millions of yemenis are looking to ask for assistance and protection and we need to see more and faster progress on all the humanitarian elements of your resolution to make any practical difference to their lives the u.n. special envoy said sweden is only the start of the next part achieving
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a last thing political agreement will be even harder a former u.s. ambassador to yemen laid out the challenges ahead what he got out of stockholm was in some sense though having fruit in some instances in fact there was. an issues that had already been agreed like the prisoner exchange so as so what's going to come next is going to be much more of a trial and there's talk here of fresh talks on yemen to be held in either kuwait or jordan but so far the u.n. has not felt confident enough to name a date james out of the united nations yes extra state has made a stop in iraq on his tour of middle east capitals might compare arrived in baghdad where he met iraqi leaders as well as u.s. troops stationed there are believed to have discussed u.s. concerns about iran's influence in iraq a top u.s.
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diplomat is in the region to reassure washington's allies about trump's plans to withdraw troops from syria. turkey's foreign minister says his government will reject a request from united states and not to attack kurdish forces in northern syria when u.s. forces pulled out there who to address the turkish parliament a day off to u.s. national security adviser john bolton repeated the request during a visit to ankara alton's comments angered president. who says turkey will not compromise on it starts on kurdish y p g fight as she calls terrorists. you know middle east for the us to be this intertwined with a terrorist organization makes leaving it that much more difficult we continue to hear different voices coming from different levels of the american administration everyone can see we have been fighting against terrorist organizations in the region from day one we need to prevent the y.p. chief entering into a growing threat to our country we need to act against that to them closely who is
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in northern syria with more. we are in a town that was liberated for by the turkish backed free syrian army a while ago and the stone was vons why are still boned by other coalition forces and it has been hurt a lot there with its people with its buildings and after it was liberated by the turkish crack free syrian army the margaret in the low graphic has changed people who have moved out so far has returned and there is some other migration from other places inside syria a relatively normal life has begun as we are told because there are schools there is a courthouse there is a major reason that they call where the local council functions and there are local police forces that is mentored by the turkish turkish army members here and when there is a vendor the local police forces here could interfere immediately however of course it was fear here is different to the kurdish dominated areas in northern syria
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these people here in the most the believe that if a turkish military offensive is held against a pew idea and we have controlled area. those places could be liberated and they can go back to their homes like members or other places. police in northeastern brazil of arrested more than two hundred people in a bid to contain a surge in violent crime over the past week the state of sierra has seen a wave of attacks including a bomb explosion on a motorway torched buses and assaults on banks and public buildings police say has been triggered by a new crackdown on gang activities inside prisons is a major challenge for brazil's new president bush so narrow who's promised to reduce violent crime. it is in the state capital. so what's course this outbreak of violence inside our state.
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this is very much the two major drug gangs in prisons in say our state flexing their muscle defying the government the new government of jiah bosler now all they were trying to crack down on their use of mobile phones inside the prisons which they often use to dictate what is going on in the region to organize operations they rejected that they oh they're opposed to that also they're opposed to them being moved to other jails so they ordered using those very same mobile phones or did their supporters outside. to implement some of these violent attacks as you say attacks on buses threatening shopkeepers to keep their shops closed and attacks on public buildings around the capital. so that was been their main aim really as a show of defiance a show of strength to the new brazilian government was the government's response been and will it be enough shooting. which are both tomorrow
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during his campaign trail always said that he was going to be tough on crime he was going to fight the criminals no holds barred that was one him the bulk of his support so he's now being put on the spot and he's having to respond to that so he sent five hundred troops to the states of say there's the option of sending more if you feel they're necessary so his part is also a show of force to show the electorate and to show the drug gangs that he mean he means business the rest of brazil is now waiting to see is how the drug gangs in turn respond to his response and what happens next both in this area and in the war and in the why the country you mentioned what the country is it likely to spread to the rest of brazil. i think it's quite possible i think these drug gangs are in prisons all around all around the country one of the major one though the p.c.c. a baby. in sao paolo the reds come on the based in rio but they have representatives in prisons all over brazil they are recruiting there organizing they are very keen
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to hold on to those privileges that they have the mobile phones the way the ability to organize within the prisons so it is quite likely that using this network they have around this huge country they will be organizing and there's a strong possibility that the violence will spread and i think we'll also see a very strong response from child bos'n out of his government which has only been in office for nine days but as i said he has promised he will initiate that response and so i think the violence and now in those terms are almost certainly inevitable than usual on the thank you very much indeed. human rights watch says venezuelan intelligence officers detained and tortured military personnel who are accused of plotting against the government this report says that detainees described being beaten deprived of food and electrocuted international pressure is building on president nicolas maduro to step down is due to be sworn in on thursday for a second six year term the u.s. and several regional powers consider murderers government to be much. well tomorrow
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as president is facing international condemnation for expelling a un backed anti corruption mission the panel had been investigating top government officials and the family of president jimmy morales david meserve city. outside the headquarters of a un backed anti corruption commission a group of court amal and celebrate they say the international commission against impunity in guatemala or seasick to short has unjustly imprisoned their family members and they want the paddle out and thanks to guatemalan president jimmy morales they might get their wish. not that way and not have to be good at helping our president recover the rule of law they have been so many violations of our rights we've been fighting to eighty is and won't allow foreigners to keep trampling our country. throwdown the board people who oppose cizik i'm arriving
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here at their headquarters they're setting off bombs grabbers waving their flags and bring up my peace signs here on the wall i give both these six days here are gone. at one point police officers escorted staff out of the building a spokesman said international personnel were being asked to leave the country as a security precaution. on monday president said he would expel the end to corruption group. during its time in guatemala the commission has put national security public order. and respect for human rights at risk but for more than anything it has put it risk the sovereignty of the state of guatemala. in august morales announced he would not renew mandate which was set to expire in september two thousand and nineteen days later he banned its commissioner colombian prosecutor. from reentering the country. analysts say morales decision to
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expel the group violates a constitutional order and international law. why is he doing this firstly he's being pushed by many of these political collaborates his who all being tried for corruption he's also received a lot of help from businesspeople who are being tried for corruption and probably the biggest reason the legal process is against him he's brother and the son outside of the constitutional court another group of guatemalans holds a quieter protest they hope that the country's top court will rule against morales decision i guess that has to be within you thanks to the commission mafia like business autoglass have been uncovered and that's what they don't like this is going on after the powers that existed since independence is the only entity that's been able to uncover corruption you know but even if the president's ruling is overturned there are fears he will push it through and set off
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a constitutional crisis what many see as this country's most effective weapon in the fight against corruption could be coming to an end and guatemala's future hangs in the balance david mercer zero in guatemala city. so to come to this news hour north korea's leader wraps up and launch a secret visit to china is fourth trip to beijing in just ten months. from flexible t.v. screens to intelligent household devices and check out what's on offer at the consumer and tonics show in las vegas. and there's a familiar face at the top of the podium up to a third stage of the dachau rally to come in sport. out of the still a weather warning in force for the amount of snow and strengthening winds for
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southern germany to feel bavarian alps and almost all of austria and it's this cloud here that's doing the general science with movement because the strong northerly wind is getting colder the snow still falling and then of course the cold and snow as rhesus far south as athens but the temperature change here we go a little low pressure area warning if need react exactly as rain comes back to athens in the rest of greece temperature rises and still snowing bug there in albania and this snow to exists in austria and southern germany to the west things are a lot quiet as you can see temps but where they should be maybe a little bit mild even if this time the air because the difference in weather central europe and western europe however get to friday and all the snow has gone the winds of change direction and it's cotton down a little bit further south as well so the end of the week that's a little quiet at least for some that been suffering recently but of course that low spinning up in the adriatic we got a very strong wind running right across the western med off the coast of our jiri
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into new zealand at the temperatures think of the big winds and the big waves that they bring and that exists i'm afraid through thursday and indeed friday bringing showers and probably thunderstorms to boot. in each year new immigration laws and projects funded by european governments have seen a rapid decline in the migrant transport three people in power travels to agadez to explore the realities faced by the drivers left out of pocket and the migrants who are choosing to return home who would like to go back to the country where they are from yet it is going to be getting more young one by one why not why not build. europe migration on a. final
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stage. among the top stories here. at least three anti-government demonstrators have been killed in sudan after police used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse protesters in the city of. mass demonstrations have been taking place across the country both for and against president omar bashir. the u.s.
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partial government shutdown is set to continue donald trump walked out of a key meeting with democrats after they once again refused to agree to fund his controversial border war with mexico. the u.n. special envoy to yemen says there's been relative calm in her data since the implementation of its agreement between who the rebels and the saudi backed government. you know his kingdom parliament has started debating promise to to reason may's deal for leaving the european union ahead of a vote next week may delayed the shadow vote last month fearing defeat with time running out before breakfast day at the end of march may has warned m.p.'s not to risk leaving the e.u. with no deal as orange the reports she suffered another setback before the debate even started. outside parliament's everyone's getting ready for what's supposed to be the endgame parliament will vote next week on whether to accept the deal thrashed out on the u.k.
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leaving the european union brics is a sub told the life out of the air waves some months and people are sick to death of its unfortunately though it doesn't look like the end is insights. on this earth inside the mother of parliaments the debate song where the u.k. should go are beginning again among the six hundred fifty m. peace at least five different groupings arguing for different outcomes and there is no sign it's all of anyone shifting position so if her deal is defeated next week as i hope and expect it will will the prime minister do the right thing and let the people have a real say and call a general election. you. know we put a good deal on the table that protects jobs and security but i notice i notice in the oath that we still don't know what threats it planned the right honorable
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gentleman. it's supposed to be decision time the european union's bored to death with all this yet is total gridlock as things stand at the moment parliament has decided that it doesn't want to leave the european union with no deal but apparently it doesn't like the prime minister's deal either nor can it present any sort of alternative strategy for what to do instead what it means is that if you ask any politician here or any of the journalists camped out here no one has the first clue what's going to happen next. it lends to the theory that ideas currently being ruled out may end up having to be accepted at the very least suspending the process of leaving everything is up and everything's implausible so when you have a series of implausible are cons one thing that is currently imposed will all necessarily become reality so even though general election party looks very unlikely that it could happen even those that the referendum looks unlikely that could happen and in fact that is the most parts cool thing to do because parliament
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is dead lot that makes sense to give about the people or do you. want. the eyes to the right three hundred eight the debate itself was preceded by the government's yet again losing the vote this time demanding that the prime minister say within three days what her plan b. is if she loses her vote next week the ideas have it the guys have it gradually parliament is exerting control over a dysfunctional government the problem remains that parliament doesn't know what it wants only lawrence li al jazeera you know. the north korean leader kim jong un has wrapped up his visit to china a day earlier than expected kim's trip was his fourth in the past ten months it was hoped the talks with chinese president xi jinping could lay down groundwork for another potential summit with donald trump there is little detail on his shed your provided by either side but south korean media has been reporting that kim for about an hour continue has more from beijing. kim jong un's train was seen leaving
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beijing this afternoon and ever since the leader arrived in beijing on monday evening this trip has been shrouded in secrecy there have been reports that the leader visited some traditional chinese medicine factory on the outskirts of beijing earlier this morning before we're heading to beijing to have some lunch with some top they doing officials possibly even president xi jinping himself but we have received no details about the visit from either the north korean all the chinese government we do know that president xi jinping met with kim to win yesterday for about an hour and they were expected to have discussed a possible future summit between u.s. president donald trump and over the next few months now it's unclear whether kim jong un's train will return straight to pyongyang or whether hubie stopping by another chinese city but what is clear is that this trip has been very positive optics for both north korea and china for north korea they've been able to show the
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world that they have a very powerful friend in china and kim jong il has been able to demonstrate himself as a more confident statesman than he was last year and for china well they've been able to show the world that they have very strong influence when it comes to pyongyang this is kinda wounds fourth trip to china in just under a year and this relationship is very important especially when you consider china's relationship with the u.s. china is currently embroiled in some very tense trade negotiations with washington and they're wanting to do what ever they can to improve their position in those talks and certainly leveraging this relationship with pyongyang is one of those ways police in bangladesh have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesting garment workers who are on strike for a fourth day demanding higher wages there was violence off the demonstration is attempted to block the road to the airport in the capital dhaka at least one person has been killed and fifty others injured in the past four days. is the world's second largest garment maker after china. forty nine people rescued from the
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mediterranean while trying to reach europe from north africa nineteen days ago have been allowed ashore in malta after being transferred from two rescue ships to a naval vessel under a huge e.u. brokered agreement the majority of the refugees and migrants when are be sent to different nations across europe italy has criticized the deal saying it encourages human traffickers the future of technology is on display at the annual consumer electronics show in las vegas usually it's a place for the next big thing but this year there's anxiety over the global economy and trade and as reynolds reports a lack of new ideas. four thousand companies from dozens of countries rolled out new products at the consumer electronics show l.g.'s new flexible t.v. screen made a big splash l.g. has an all ad t.v. sixty five inches that rolls down and disappears from view into
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a box that is the first rolled on flexible screen that we've seen produced from a major television manufacture the price tag around three thousand dollars this year there's an air of anxiety in these corridors tech stocks have been tumbling on wall street apple made a surprise announcement it would miss sales targets blaming weak demand in china chinese telecommunications giant weiwei is here even though its chief financial officer is under house arrest in canada fighting american efforts to put her on trial for fraud on new major chinese tech executives are attending c.e.o.'s giant tech companies are displaying smart home devices face recognition systems and more big picture products and then there are guys like golly rows of who got tired of folding all this kid's laundry but we have piles of laundry always waiting to be folded and who doesn't rose of the appliance called fold of eights will go on the
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market later this year priced at about a thousand dollars on the corky side c e s twenty nine hundred features wearables for pets smart phone controlled doggie doors and a baffling proliferation of internet connected intelligent toilets there are plenty of items here that are fascinating and some will prove to be big hits with consumers others frankly nobody really needs. but there's no truly revolutionary technology on display here it says yes in fact many analysts would argue that the last really big innovation was the smartphone introduced by apple nearly a dozen years ago the next big wave might be household devices with advanced artificial intelligence or a lie this is one example elec you build as a digital companion for elderly people living alone i try to be
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a fairly intelligent presence and their day to day life companies are charging ahead with ai that will become deeply imbedded in people's lives all with little regulation or public debate the impact of this technological evolution will change human relationships and society in the coming decades for better or for worse. our reynolds wolf joins us live now from a share in las vegas say a say there's a bit of a feeling of whoa how bad things but on there any products and technologies that are generating site and. well you know we found a quiet corner here lauren in this jam packed it's a series of convention centers and hotel ballrooms a lot of the buzz is being generated by five g. technology now this is the fifth generation of wireless technology we're talking about very high performance higher data rates a lower cost and amazing connectivity across
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a huge range of devices so you'll be seeing that there's some of that here and that's going to be entering the mainstream are you ready for eight k. television i know you've probably not gotten used to your four k. t.v. but a k. is about the most high def thing you're ever going to see it's got four times as many pixels as four k. and samsung is out front with a with a model of that again that's pioneering and it's going to enter the mainstream over time amazing amount of artificial intelligence equipped products for smart homes everything from door bells to kitchenware to thermostats and some really fascinating applications in that field so there's a lot here but as i mentioned there's nothing truly revolutionary it's kind of moral i would say evolutionary getting stronger getting more sophisticated but nothing that is like a thunderbolt out of the blue and what about there the quickie one usual in
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mentions what we'll favorite sound display there. well there's a robot that plays ping pong you can always see the necessity for that there are underwater drones in case you need to monitor anything but eat the ocean floor. in terms of facial recognition i was given an amazing demonstration by a taiwanese company that has some of the most advanced facial recognition technology you look into the camera it will immediately identify you by your gender . tell you what your age is in tell you whether you're happy sad smiling or angry or surprised among other things so there's a lot of talk about the commercial applications for that there are a variety of dancing robots for reasons that no one really is quite sure of at least i'm not the silver lining to underwear lauren in case you're worried about
12:44 am
the radiation coming from this smartphone that you've put in your pants pocket so if that's a concern then you know you've got a solution for that robotic pillows also which are supposed to make you sleep which would give me personally nightmares but that you know there's there's that and then there's this. it's called the way you do and it is a. board that flies above the water you might ask what's the point of having a surfboard that flies above the water well you can ask that question about a lot of things that are on display here at c s in las vegas nevada programmer thank you very much indeed and i actually want to meet him a friend a robot friend failed when he was taking depressing thanks very much and i. asked him to come on i'm just there this news. from soup cans to hollywood icon and a new exhibition taking people inside the life and works of andy warhol.
12:45 am
but if you go to thank you and who's setting up a treat for roger federer peter has that on the tennis tickets in sports. business updates brought to you by. we're going places together.
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with. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. andy warhol is instantly recognizable and uniquely american but there's much more beyond the iconic campbell soup cans and marilyn monroe image questions are made takes a new york exhibition showcasing decades of his work. from consumer goods to
12:47 am
celebrities with a technicolor twist andy warhol elevated every day images to high art. his commentary on american culture is now on display at the whitney museum of american art warhols genius in my opinion has always been to ground what he does in both the language of the history of art and the language of commerce and commercial culture and to bring them together the first retrospective of his art in thirty years andy warhol from a to b. and back again includes his early work as a commercial artist in the one nine hundred fifty s. illustrations that are beautiful in their own right and show a link to later works in both subject matter and techniques reproductive techniques the third photograph is absolutely key to warhols work and there's no doubt that when he married painting with the soak screen he really changed things techniques that were considered groundbreaking at the time still seem relevant in an age of
12:48 am
social media when we are bombarded with images and everyone it seems is seeking their fifteen minutes of fame and it was a series guns crosses and knives just have the the gun and the cross and of course the hammer and sickle curator donna de salvo says the darker side of that culture shows up in warhols later years reflecting the social upheaval of the late one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's clued in the anti-war and civil rights movements showing us that these are just photographs so do we believe them we want to believe them but if you think about it it's just a photograph so it really that feels very contemporary because we live in a world now where we can also talk about digitally altered in the ges. causing the viewer to wonder what's real leaving no doubt warhols work still resonates kristen salumi al-jazeera new york conservative peter in doha the sport.
12:49 am
thank you very much one of the powerhouses that football's asian cup japan have come from behind to beat a team ranked one hundred twenty seventh in the world and it was a stunning strike from turkmenistan's captain pretty soon in front of the twenty seven minutes past the hour man off with an early favorite for goal of the tournament in the united arab emirates japan didn't hit back ten minutes into the second half. with the first of these two goals as the full time champion struck three times in fifteen minutes but the minnows weren't finished a goal from the penalty spot ensuring japan battled till the end for really to win in abu dhabi. i think we may have overdone our brand of beautiful football in the first time we couldn't put pressure on the opponent in the second half we were able to fix this and school goals i think. if we mix both beautiful and basically put it all together. and there was
12:50 am
a surprising result for us we knew the japanese team were good in position but i would like to say well done to my players because they did their best but players lost their concentration in the second half so we have to reflect on that point back east on our second behind japan in the group of two a desperate tussle with oman with the schools locked at one all. of that struck in the eighty sixth minute soon after coming on as a substitute but that wasn't the end of the drama in sharjah. clinging on in stoppage time after eagle clear minutes will seem to offer a deliberate foul armand's goal. is pakistan a second in their group behind japan only on goal difference after that tussle with oman remember the scores were locked at one all in their match. you can see those pictures again that being the winning goal from all those from out of.
12:51 am
i think they deserve the points that's just the asian cup this is international football that's not exactly what i said i thought my players also if you play so good you deserve at least the point you have to reward yourself you made it very difficult now because we all know that japan is probably the best team in asia i've heard turkmenistan did fairly well also so we have a tough two top teams to go to tough games to go and it's been a bright start for cuts on pool play but the twenty twenty two world cup hosts didn't have an easy game to lebannon they thought they'd struck first in the referee disallowing the goal offer found in the penalty box after breaking the deadlock with the second half goals including a free kick from some. and there's another dispute over the screening of live matches from the asian cup qatar
12:52 am
based be in as broadcasting rights for the tournament but reuters is reporting the asian football federation has filed a lawsuit against saudi arabia's be out here for illegally airing games to broadcast fifa world cup matches last year without having the rights on tuesday being announced it was holding its t.v. service in egypt egypt and saudi are among four countries that imposed a blockade on carter eighteen months ago. meanwhile carts are themselves busy getting ready for the world cup in twenty twenty two the debate over whether the tournament will expand to forty eight teams doesn't seem to be going away because organizing officials say nothing is certain at this stage we have agreed with before that we will take a look at the feasibility study until the feasibility is ready we will we will consider the plans are you know the agreement is for thirty two team world cup based here in qatar we're open for them for reading the feasibility of looking at underscoring with fever but at the end the decision will be between ourselves
12:53 am
unilateral decision. is calling for a speedy into the case concerning a bahraini footballer who is in prison in thailand how came he is being detained await steeple taishan to resume country where he was previously convicted of a criminal offense he has pleaded these innocence. professionally in australia and has refugee status in that country faces calling on tire facials to allow allowed to return to australia safe. now a significant step in the investigation into accusations of state sponsored drug cheating by russian athletes russia's anti doping agency says it will hand over crucial data from a small scope the barratry it missed a deadline ten days ago but says it's reached a quote understanding with the world anti-doping agency water officials have arrived in moscow and will begin collecting the material on thursday the information could lead to a filing doping charges against numerous russian athletes the kremlin's repeatedly denied state sponsored cheating. as far as we know intensive
12:54 am
communications with wada are taking place through our sports department we have reached understanding with water representatives regarding future interaction as you know the daughter was ready to transfer the last time as well indeed difficulties came up regarding what dr storage devices are used and how they will be used and so on i would rather say these are not the questions of subject matter but the logic sticks. now this all started in twenty fifteen when a state sponsored doping program in russia was exposed its athletes were barred from international events and its anti-doping agency was suspended it was reinstated last about water despite not fulfilling all the criteria for readmission it on the thirty first of december it missed its last deadline to allow water fishel full access to data at the moscow laboratory what is compliance review committee is due to meet in canada next week to decide if it should really impose
12:55 am
sanctions on route solder to the back already now where there were some serious movement in the overall standings after a tough third stage in the peruvian desert overnight leader from south africa general de villiers suffered a car break down a two thousand and nine champion seemingly having to deal with a broken oil pipe no such problems for two time deco champion from cutter finished second behind stage when a steffen had to hand so and that was enough to catapult him into first place overall. it was hometown delight for benjamin call and then yellow being at the parallel slalom mixed team world cup event on wednesday the austrian pay were up against every march and not be out of italy in the final in bug dein building establishing a good lead of option to allow call to begin ahead of march i mean never surrendered to advantage. less than a week before the year's first grand slam tennis tournament the australian open a set back for world number five sloane stephens the american was dumped out of the
12:56 am
sydney international on wednesday in the second round the twenty seventeen us open winner started well by taking the first set six three against you here putin said are not that cause a qualifier found form soon enough after edging a second set time breaker she annihilated stephen six club in the food to progress to a quarter final against kiki burton's. world number two rafael nadal is getting set for the first major of the season the two thousand and nine champion says he's on target to be fit for melbourne after sitting out a warm up last week with a fine injury. is just unbelievable although all the things that the tournament is doing is just fantastic for the fans for the players or for the promotion of our sport and so everybody wants to play well here. i really hope to have a good week of preparation i think playing well and the dolls being on the mind of world number one of a joke of it says he plays up for fans ahead of the tournament the serbian posing
12:57 am
with these avatar at a pre-tournament promotion on the real coach talk about your saving for a seventh australian open title well i was actually talking with my wee one thousand yesterday about you know the most exciting matches that they've witnessed you know whether it's me or not in you know they all. went almost six hours in the two thousand and twelve finals of serbian open was the one that stands out and definitely stands out in my memory. is the greatest most exciting match that i was never part of the joke of it is due to play a warm up match on thursday against scotland's andy murray who is beaten four times in the aussie open final another brits has been sharing treats with these practice partner roger federer world of a fourteen call it was given the cake twenty fourth birthday and that's all the sport back to lauren in london. it's a thank you very much and quit around you can catch up with a little sports and of course the news on
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a website the address for that is dot com and you can watch us live that not kicking a live like on. set for me don't tell if this news up i'll be back in a minute with another full round up thanks so much for watching. short films of the home and inspiration. stories of three young women challenging the world around.
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where ever you are. at least three demonstrators are killed in anti-government protests since you don as president bashir tries to rally his supporters in khartoum. on our entire this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. president trump slams his meeting with democratic leaders as
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a total waste of time one of the latest live from washington. cautious optimism over the cease fire holding in her data from the un's envoy to yemen.


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