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tv   Niger - Europe Migration  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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new talks can be held on ending the four year war addressing the security council watching griffiths expressed cautious optimism that a truce agreed last month in stockholm is holding turkey's foreign minister says his government will reject the u.s. request not to attack kurdish forces in northern syria when american forces pulled out of the country if you chose so whose comments come a day after u.s. national security adviser john bolton's request angered president richard to one he says turkey will not compromise or stance on kurdish y p g fighters which it regards as terrorists kim jong un has wrapped up his visit to china a day earlier than expected it was his fourth visit in the past ten months it was hoped the talks with chinese president xi jinping could lay down groundwork for another potential summit with donald trump. there's the top stories to stay with us in our zero stop it's people in power by for now. the week
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began with the use of a ninety day for troops in the tip attack us china trade will lose largest supply of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil content we bring you the stories that the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. to share in west africa has long been a staging point for migrants and asylum seekers risking everything to reach debian the mediterranean and then europe now and trafficking was introduced with the help of the european union are said to be stemming that tide and reducing fatalities in the southern somehow or a desert but not everyone is happy as giuliana rufus has been finding out.
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a checkpoint on the outskirts of our this seven gateway into the sorrow. of. it is here that business men matter me most sad dispatches vehicles that carry people and goods between egypt and libya. with the mortgages and. the novels are. achieving middle and. that's not. three years ago pick ups like these filled with migrants from across west africa
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passed this barrier on their journey to europe. today the flow of cars has become in me a trickle the nigerian government has passed a law that has made the transport of such migrants illegal. because that at last is. not. what the. idea that we get after. the journey between egypt and libya is dangerous. and migrant desk and desert roads have been frequent. the new law will save lives according to the european union who pushed for its introduction. men like mad i mean who organized the migrants transport had previously risked those lives. today is the
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largest per capita recipient of e.u. aid including funds to train guards at this checkpoint. and because i was way over the bottom of the you know. but the e.u. has a vested interest it wants to stop african migrants from reaching europe and it's been argued that by passing the law has helped europe move its most southern border right into africa. in return for managing migration new share is rewarded by europe with lots of development aid and if successful this is a model that could be exported to other countries around the world so we've come here to find out how it works. for centuries the city of agadez has been the gateway into the sun harra. caravans
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departed from here and the one nine hundred eighty s. saw a boom in tourism until a series of tribal the belgians turned the region into a no go area. with the so-called migrant crisis and twenty fifteen hour days started making global headlines once more three quarters of all migrants and asylum seekers who reached the italian coast line made the journey from new share. desperate to stem the flow to europe struck a deal with libya's coast guard to deter migrants from going to sea. with the introduction of the new jerry an anti trafficking in law migrants and refugees was stopped even further away from europe shores. we have come to see more about me more subtle to find out what effect the law has had since it was passed three years ago. with.
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his compound was a so-called ghetto a place where migrants and drivers gathered before starting the journey to libya. after the law was introduced the authorities arrested many of the drivers calling them people smugglers. you know and as. i like a minute. i'm going to say nearly every one of my editors and of russia was. before the migration ban passengers paid around two hundred fifty dollars each meaning lot of emmys profits might have been as high as a quarter of a million dollars. would you want to do in a. would
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you want to. do an op madam these cars have been confiscated by the military and he takes us to see them. to make up for financial loss the e.u. is funding a compensation scheme that helps former migration workers start new businesses. but get jonas like mad at me are excluded and are not reimbursed for confiscated cause . madame he is a leader of the tube or as cynic group that is home in the north of new jack and the sellers of libya nine years ago when the rebellion and the arbutus region came to an end the government gave the to boost the transport route through the eastern desert it. used. to be a better when
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a better term. husseini. their role in cross border trade means the two were disproportionately affected by the migration ban. not divide by zero which are more. than the one the e.u. has been investing heavily in stopping migrants from reaching it shows but that's not all it's also funding the return of migrants back to their home countries this so-called trans migration center is run by the international organisation of migration or i.o.m. who arranges the migrants return maurice. shows us around. where the politicos expression is not well and then we are so many. informal quizon says the closure of the mediterranean migration route into europe
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and the violent behavior of libya's militias has caused migrants to feedback in tunisia but the processing of return nice is not always straightforward for the person of. that. for many they can be lost all they can be called is. a crowd is building outside nigeria security forces are violently rounding up africans dumping them quite literally across the border in tunisia. this is my money this is so many different to get to my family. has become a repatriation hub not only for migrants who get stuck here but also for those who have been turned back in neighboring countries one should people believe is the last quality they differentiate and for so that they have
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a long time who would like to go back to the country where they are from you know knowledge of you know the more you are. free buses to leave. but already that matter. a new group of migrants is starting their journey. but. when you see other people go how do you feel. the difference will be for a bit it will be obvious that. in twenty eighteen alone over fifteen thousand men women and children have returned to their home countries with the help of the i.o.m. . from europe's point of view the flow of migrants has been successfully reversed. but not everyone is ready to go back home a contact takes us to a ghetto that is still operating in spite of the new law mohammed balladeer has
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been picked up three times by the new jerry in military trying to reach libya and now he's run out of money. asian diplomas show me. he feels he's got nothing to lose. because one of. the no motherhood enough to do. mohammed is from guinea conakry on the west african colors a country that's seen violent ethnic clashes. and there are once again. lose will be a good the result. of one. man who knows he's a. bug. me along a new job as you for me is a long way i'm
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a pretty solid flick little blue the. sun lit up lovely girls in the. mail going to the. a little of the. we set off from our goddess to follow the route migrants take to reach europe our destination is still cool. and from there we want to drive towards the libyan border we will travel with an i.o.m. team that's on a rescue mission. looking for migrants who are lost in the desert as three car army escort provide security. we soon get a taste of what travel in the desert is like we're just outside their cool and we already having the second puncture car breakdowns often leave migrants stranded in the desert. our first stop is the village of la thai with thousands of migrants
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used to drink water from this well today military patrols are frequent and i.o.m. team leader. is told that cars with migrants no longer stop here. soon we're back on the road driving towards a nearby oasis called. it is known as a hiding place for migrants a desert ghetto. once to show us something very disturbing. few. of them. tend to do not really get. the driver who took these migrants avoided the main roads but his car broke down after three days of walking the migrants arrived here. and if you see it if you do. these you're not. sure if you're.
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if you are what are you afraid i was. quite a few. they think it's a woman. because of the nail polish on the toes. most debt migrants will never be found. the i.o.m. estimates that more than twice as many migrants now die crossing the desert as in crossing the mediterranean. he seems to go to see richard. a he saw. the.
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incredibly there is a well nearby. the migrants who died drank the water from the well too quickly. we set off again after a while. our convoy. seen somebody was waving at us. i don't know if you know. the man's car has broken down around five kilometers away when we get there the head of our military escort you don't have diarrhea himself inspects the vehicle. when you're searching the cars what are you looking for is. there because i wore gave the. society his you. help is already on the way and we leave these men to continue their journey. our final
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destination is a place called mahfouz the last well before the border with libya it's a place where i.o.m. has previously found migrants in distress. it's a dangerous place where gangs and bandits are active carrying weapons that match those of our military escort. his sites where to set up camp. it does a. mini me i don't. know. at night the military stops to patrol and bandits and traffickers own the desert as we make our beds the guns are ready.
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the next morning we descend to the well. so the ground is still wet there were people here and really recently. they on congruently everywhere are the worry regime. that all. well are fighting their way will require work so you will moderate. your b.g. in world where there's no buffalo news here or to you. it's time to start our long journey back to deal cool since october two thousand and sixteen the i.o.m. team has rescued nearly nine hundred migrants the overall number of africans transiting through may have gone down but the ones who still attend the desert crossing face a much more dangerous journey. since
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our arrival in joe cool we've heard complaints that the migration ban has damaged the local economy nearly every family used to make money from the migrant transport but now sales at the market have dropped and young men say they can't find employment and that. we have heard today that crime is on the right and to find out more we have a range to meet prosecutor mussa ibrahim. or join richard. roth. in the regional courthouse he takes us to where the evidence is stored. these items were found by the military police less than a week earlier. that's what that's hashish say. she just. said it was look this is some. and yet. so this was
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found in a in a car that also had migraines and that was all you want to. look at them don't see it was that the police also seized weapons and ammunition some criminals seem to have a lot of firepower this is not just for self protection that's for serious fighting to do it that's what that yes it was for. the moment it's is that something that if . it's this institution just the worst of this year that it's open source with the easy availability of weapons from libya mixed with growing local discontent about the loss of income has given rise to more crime the prosecutor says some drivers have become smugglers. and he.
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did. it very much says he's been threatened with kidnap and even death people and that he's hoping for more security not just for himself but also for his young family. and security is where the e.u. has been investing this is the nigerian police force demonstrating their new skills in the capital the new army that the doubt that their doubt that they have been trained by the e.u. civilian security and defense mission otherwise known as you cap the occasion is the celebration of you cap sixth year in the country. frank dunham aaron summarizes you cap successes and. you also this. offer. you know yes. you could have
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came tunisia to stop the rise of al-qaeda affiliated groups who had gained a foothold in neighboring countries since then and you kept as trained around twelve thousand members of new shares security forces with specialist skills this man explains how drugs are trafficked all the the ability to see a lot of people all for you know if not all of it all. of your years of reception follows but we managed to pry you caps head of mission away for a quick question i want to know how worried he is about the impact of the migration ban that it's not which of course. is a good take of the jobs of our people of course when they start the blog the fight against migration there are efforts for the business development projects like and i guess they don't really have they are not that visible as we want. it is
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estimated that since the introduction of the anti trafficking law agadez has lost over one hundred million u.s. dollars in income in response to e.u. has spent three point one million dollars financing projects that include training schemes and cash for work rebuilding our god s. all city but many feel it's too little and too slow. meanwhile the e.u. funded compensation scheme for migration workers has come to a halt after less than ten percent of successful applications received business startup kits. we've come back to see business men. at his compound to elders are voicing their grievances the pair are soon. i'm not going to be cute when a particular job is. easy but the most i to do are for going in for dental
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a person to tbilisi. they show me lists of names. these are all dr as the song is sad says only. do well these are the two who drive us ok you know in paris you do companies out there didn't get any compensation. so excuse all that to have a theist reputation gained by fighting a series of rebellions against the central government some girlfriend in a more noble. lucila killers are going to be. the elders say they have to calm their youth she want to whine to my pretties and cricket in a bun usually i don't get injured. but in work it in me the men say the discontent may create an opening for religious
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extremists and obama. i would like. a little not a lot in other words you know. i'm the. one with. the least of the mushroom but i would like it as a regular minimum season for their fear is justified armed religious groups have already made inroads in other parts of me jack and i mean that you have to see how to them it while attempting that if you. and then you know. you feel for them a short. in from. the middle of. the e.u. insist they are addressing this the highest representative in you share ambassador
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denise alien a uniter has granted us an interview is there the will in brussels to act fast but risks that some of the young people especially fall in the there are plenty of extremist movements and definitely. we need to move we need to move fast when the renovation of the old city was completed ambassador uniter visited agadez she says the e.u. is also looking at new development on a far bigger scale. we are working on let's say the next generation off corporation which is using our resources as seed money for attracting the private sector offering gore and d's to say about the fact that we are providing the ground part of a big infrastructure of financing for big infrastructure works eats up a couple lives there for further economic activity. back at the barrier that
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marks the exit from the gods inspecting travel documents we are told it's because we're filming and that the checks are usually a lot less thorough. but one man may have slipped through which country are you from. what you. want to. come back or are you going back to libya or what is going. to leave the south. good luck. he's off before we can ask about his documents. as long as migrants want to travel there will always be someone prepared to take. the real challenge lies in addressing the root causes of migration not just in transit countries like malaysia air but in the migrants home countries to me. until
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then made those who still decide to travel to be safe. thank.
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you. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha dennis coming up in the next sixty minutes a nation in waiting tensions mount in deal see is the results of the presidential election a due to be revealed. but both sides have largely. for
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the ceasefire. an op be tripled from the u.n. envoy to yemen on the financing but for the people simon is still on the horizon. a wrecked economy millions have fled the center's whaler prepares for president nicholas my daughter's second six year term. the new retrospective exhibition of the american artist andy warhol. and the shooting star for football's asian cup a touch of class by turkmenistan's captain rattles the tournament favorite. but first election officials in the democratic republic of congo are expected to announce the results from the presidential election that was held last month riot police are on the streets but that's the scene live in.


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