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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm on team dennis coming up in the next sixty minutes a nation in waiting tensions mounted deal see is the results of the presidential election a due to be revealed. but both sides have largely. to
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the ceasefire. an op be tripled from the u.n. envoy to yemen on the financing but for the people famine is still on the horizon. a wrecked economy millions have fled the center's whaler prepares for president nicolas maduro second six year term. the new retrospective exhibition of the american artist andy warhol. and the shooting star for football's asian cup a touch of class by turkmenistan's captain rattles a tournament favorite. but first election officials in the democratic republic of congo are expected to announce the results from the presidential election that was held last month riot police are on the streets but that's a scene live inside the electoral commission
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a building in the capital kinshasa pressure has been mounting only authorities to release the results of the election the final tally was expected to be given last sunday but that was delayed with the electoral commission saying that the vote tally collection issues were. them for making an announcement and they've been wise spread reports of irregularities our correspondent her she's outside that election commission in the capital kinshasa and there is a give us a sense of what we can expect the the electoral commissioner expected at least a preliminary results. when i thing it has started as of this moment we're expecting it to begin perhaps the next thirty minutes or so maybe in the next hour we don't know why this wouldn't delay people in waiting for favorite hours once they do finally thought they were released the provisional
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result a lot of police have been deployed throughout the capital kinshasa many roads have been barricaded people have been told to stay at home and not to come out onto the streets opposition leaders they they're concerned that the results may be manipulated to favor the ruling party candidate emanuel should diary if that if that doesn't happen all these provisional result when they are announced they will not accept them martin because it's. a case in the almost any result that is announced is going to cools upset to one degree or another on the streets of can show it's not in other parts of the country. executive definition of myspace the among the authorities probably one reason why they telling people not to come out onto the streets once these results are announced to give you a sense of how tense things are we know that candidates putting off a story from one of the opposition parties. to defy you refused to sign a form which all agents need to sign before the results can be released be told
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should if you decide because she fears the result has been played with she fielded been some anyplace in which the vote so it's an indication that whatever is announced certainly thought people won't be happy by the key thing of course to watch is how people react it is a lake now so maybe they won't be in no immediate response on the streets but surely as the sun begins to come up in a few hours time we could see some reaction a lot of press conferences and we could see how people react depending on how the provisionals off had been announced and you're on the streets of can see what is the situation like people i mean it's it's late in the evening isn't it people out on the streets are you expecting people to come out into the streets as soon as these preliminary results are announced. when it's calm and is eerily quiet i mean the police have warned people to stay home don't come out onto the street one example i can give you is yet there are four pm in the afternoon there
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was a rumor thinking anything in kinshasa that was also coming out imminently and you saw people panic they got into their cars trying to get out of the cities tinting case there were protests there were a lot of traffic jams it gave you an indication of how nervous some people are and right now we saw when people heard that a lot of the coming out later on this evening a lot of people did make their way home it is late it's often midnight here local time so a lot of people are at home it's doubtful they will come out in huge numbers while it's still dark the key thing to watch of course is how of the losing candidates react to the results what they tell the supporters to do. and of course when to thank comes up in a few hours time will get indication of what will likely happen out of mystery all right thanks very much karen metalheads our correspondent there live in kinshasa well now we can speak to come by with a volley who is a spokesman for the friends of the congo group that supports the opposition india he's joining us via skype from raleigh north carolina thanks for talking to us how
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much confidence do you have in the process india today in the way the election was conducted and indeed what the results will eventually be and just a quick or correction from the local bus or do you look at these people this is somebody opposition ok but a really good show that you are getting a lot ments cause that we've made to our partners well the situation is quite tense measure cities and be militarized specifically just think you saw no need to see are the major force is there well was clear in the minds of the people is that if the results that's now reflects looking at least people there will come out the masses and that's what's big is justified these riots arise emission we see in the streets and this is this is actually gets to the house of my question as he held it how will people know what the will of the people is any result that is announced by this electoral commission is likely to provoke
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a certain amount of skepticism among certain parts of the population. the reason why we are having an election right now in the your cities because the people have to shift the going is governments organizing remember that. at no time it was sort of organized when we look at the campaign season and we see the masses of these coming out. campaign season we have already noticed that the population have supported in mass the opposition leaders they may have they have their flowers but the congolese people as it whole i have voted for is a change a new beginning whereby the conflict to me siri dannatt tremendous security of the . countries will be changed by having a new leader of the country all right so what so what shall intel telling you what's your understanding of what the situation is because there are some suggestions that this again today as you know one of the main opposition leaders
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has been in talks with to talk about some sort of power sharing arrangement if that lead to be the case would that be an acceptable result a female point of view would that be expressing the will of the people. that would be interesting to see i mean all of our senate around the world instead of the country are a weighty to see what the city will actually come up with actually believe that the city may not come out of the results where they're now saying that it was a wee wee some saying that because of the i'm going to rise movement i'm seeing sort of a culture but if they do so i do believe you will get you beginning for the congo and i hope that the congolese elected officials including the international community will support the call that the. peace prize the way get made when you will so getting you is a warrant for the nobel peace prize he said that he hopes that the international community was soup for its implementation of the u.n.
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mapping excess reports it report that documented the crimes taking place in congo calling for an international tribunal to be able to trap of the crimes that have been ongoing into the r.c. and that's the hope one having a new leadership coming to the country and to that the people we have in the congo can have some form of justice for the crimes that they can play so they can turn on a new page for the country and come up form a whole long he's through a conflict that they had some kind of really thank you very much involved thank you . now at least three people have been killed in more anti-government demonstrations in sudan protesters are angry about rising food prices and an unstable economy they want president omar al bashir to step down but he remains defiant a bit morgan is our correspondent in the capital khartoum was there.
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for three weeks now this has been the scene in many parts of sudan people coming out to protest against president all metal bashir is twenty nine year rule and demanding that he step down. or work out of whether we are under a dictatorship for thirty years they have used religion to stand power now is the right time for people to come out and protest you can see them firing tear gas it could even be a weird agent we citizens just want our rights to eat and drink and live with dignity like anyone else in the world. on wednesday thousands came out once again to protest an older man as they attempted to make their with religious leaders templi to hand the memo demanding that the president resign was was the police responded using tear gas was and live ammunition to disperse the crowd. as seen different than the one in the capital khartoum where the first pro-government rally was held since protests began in mid december president bashir addressed his
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supporters blaming the protest on what he described as external forces that you know. we are all together hand in hand joining forces to maintain stability however some are adopting foreign agendas being operated by outside forces in a means to the saddam however we reiterate those who are seeking power they are welcome however there is only one route to grab power it is the ballot box it is only through transparent free elections and it's up to you the sudanese people to decide but elections are more than a year away and those protesting say they want him to step down sooner rather than later one thing it's done is in a way a reflection of the state of the nation he must. against a government on one side demanding president almighty bashir step down and a pro-government rally on the other with the president and his supporters defined in the face of those protests i read scripts say forty people have been killed in anti-government protests the government puts the figure at nineteen with protesters echoing slogans from the arab spring there are illusions that toppled governments
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in neighboring countries some analysts say the current state of the country could last for some time so. this will continue for a while until the government finds an economic and political solution because it's not just the economy of the deserving people to protest the government has to offer some compromise or the demonstrations will continue going to the know and never in his twenty nine year rule have a protest against him lasted for. president bashir maybe determined to stay in power and i think these protesters say they were just as determined to see him go he morgan al-jazeera. well alex deval is executive director of the world peace foundation he says sudan's military has the power to decide the president's future . when a dictator such as bashir is overthrown it would be because the army the army command takes the decision to stand with the people against the dictator now in
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bush's case he has a number of very strong cards to play the army that he has established over the last decades is very much an army that represents hill him and he has a very extensive personal network of loyalty and knowledge within the army officer corps and also most importantly has the national intelligence and security services equally strong independent from the army and personally loyal to him and so senior officers in the army and then this national intelligence are going to think very hard before breaking ranks because they don't know how many of their fellow officers will go with them and so the moment i suspect we're in for something of a stalemate with the divided and apprehensive and somewhat fearful senior command not knowing what to do other than stick with the current status quo
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the populace overwhelmingly demanding that president bashir should step down their sources have told i was there that turkey is prosecutors working on a list of saudi suspects accused of murdering jamal khashoggi indicating by haps that a trial in the censure is likely to take place in the country where he was killed just a few days ago saudi arabia announced its own trial for eleven suspects but as yet to name them thursday marks one hundred days since the german this murder. the u.n. special envoy for yemen says essential progress is needed to evolve its peace efforts before new tools can be held on ending the four year war addressing the security council gryphus expressed cautious optimism that a truce agreed last month in stockholm is holding his out diplomatic editor james bays the un security council was told a fragile shaky cease fire continues to hold in her data almost a month after
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a little peace deal was signed in sweden has been some violence including in the data city and in the southern districts of the government but this is remarkably limited compared to what we saw in the weeks before the stock consultations and this relative calm i believe indicates the tangible benefit of the stock and agreement for the people of yemen and it also illustrates the commitment of both parties to make their agreements work. but special envoy martin griffiths seemed to be accentuating the positive in the public meeting when later it went into closed session the council heard from major general patrick kamut the dutch general who leads the u.n. monitoring mission in who data he's giving the security council weekly reports the latest says the un's body armor and armored vehicles have not been allowed into the country there are many no go areas and the team of received death threats according
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to the un's top humanitarian official the situation for ordinary human is remains dire millions of yemenis are looking to ask for assistance and protection and we need to see more and faster progress on all the humanitarian elements of your resolution to make any practical difference to their lives the u.n. special envoy said sweden is only the start of the next part achieving a lost in political agreement will be even harder a former u.s. ambassador to yemen laid out the challenges ahead what he got out of stockholm was in some sense of though hanging fruit in some instances in fact there was. an issues that had already been agreed like the prisoner exchange so as so what's going to come next is going to be much more of a trial and there's talk here of fresh talks on yemen to be held in either kuwait
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or jordan but so far the u.n. has not felt confident enough to name a date james outers era of the united nations they've got a lot more to come on this al jazeera news hour including the battle over the border president trump wants out of the meeting with the democrats we'll have the latest from washington right here. and the british parliament starts abating terrorism mase breck's it deal with a make or break vote szechuan from its week. and a significant development in the investigation into state sponsored drug use by russian athletes peta has the details coming up in stores. now in the u.s. the government remains impartial shutdown in the standoff between the president and the democrats steepens further. out of a meeting with the democrats after they once again refused to agree to fund his
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order war with mexico trump tweeted that the meeting have been quote a total waste of time the republicans and the democrats are now blaming each other for the impasse the president called the question in the meeting yes bigger palosi that if we opened things up quickly if you reopen the government quickly would she be willing to agree to funding for a wall or a barrier on the southern border and when she said no the president said good bye. he asked speaker pelosi will you agree to my wall she said no. and he just got up and said then we have nothing to discuss and he just walked down again we saw a temper tantrum because he couldn't get his way and he just walked out of the meeting. right let's go live now to our correspondent in washington d.c. mike hanna a might just when you thought relations between the two branches of government
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couldn't get any worse they just did. yes indeed certainly that appears to be a rather dispirited meeting for those hoping to see an early end to this partial government shutdown president trump a walking are tweeting immediately that that meeting was a waste of time the democratic leaders characterizing it as a temper tantrum so clearly no sign of any imminent compromise in this remembering two that this shutdown is now into its nineteenth day and this week hundreds of thousands of federal workers will not be getting their salary check this salvi asli case right through the country of all the affected departments but very significantly within the last hour there has been a vote in the house another spending bill passed by the democratic majority significantly eight republicans voted along with the democrats on that vote now this ball will not go anywhere while the senate leader continues to insist he will
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not allow the passing of any bill that does not meet the approval of president trump but this is a very clear sign that there are some divisions within the republicans and that this whole issue may no longer be debated on a purely partisan basis right now when the president trying to address the nation and he depicted the situation as being one of the of a crisis a national crisis and he didn't invoke the national emergency powers that he's at liberty to do is that still in the table is there still a possibility that he can circumvent congress. well he would argue that he said liberty to invoke an emergency powers on this particular issue there's many who would disagree and certainly any attempt to do that would result in weeks possibly months of legal action in the courts but president tran continues to insist that this does remain an option now he's visiting the border area in the
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course of thursday and very importantly he's taking along with him the top constitutional lawyer in the white house which is led to some speculation that president trump may announce that national emergency during his trip to the border thursday but president trump insists this remains an option he insists to that he does have the legal right to impose a national emergency as i said this will be discussed debated in the courts and certainly the idea of diverting money from troops for example to bulled the wall would actually be a mess of a political problem for president trump as well all right thank you for that mike hanna live in washington. well meanwhile in mexico central americans who are hoping to apply for asylum in the u.s. have been following of course the president's repeated calls for increased border security john home and reports. that the central americans watching president trump
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speech from the mic scare us buddha the main reaction was indignation as he once again depicted them as prospective criminals do you ever see how in the sense that what he said is offensive to me because we're not all the same there are criminals everywhere he should give us an opportunity to cross the only thing we want is to work and support our family as president trump hopes his message will help him get the funds for a good will which he says will stop them along with drugs and terrorists despite the fact that the last two overwhelmingly come through legal entry points if you want to improve border security right now start with places like where we're standing right now to the land ports of entry where all this commerce goes through we're more than eighty or ninety percent of all drugs go through where asylum seekers have to come and ask her asylum the legal way they're overwhelmed they have billions of dollars in the net infrastructure needs and they're understaffed by
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about fifteen percent or more there's a disaster here start there put money in the ports of entry and not the wall there russo already hopes to close in place on the border about a third of the mets care u.s. divide is covered by fencing mainly in urban areas where it's easier for people to dogs between cities and in the vos ways of wilderness where it's harder for people to hide and survive patrols and surveillance he used after the speech the mexican government which president trump boasted would pay for the move was determined not to get involved except to say this is the most. persuading the u.s. that the best way forward is the development of central american countries. in mexico it's a production and jobs of the migration becomes optional and not obligatory as the debate goes on the caravan which helps stoke it has dwindled there are now only about seven hundred people in the main shelter in quanah but
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a new caravan is gz leaping douras next week with the tension of rhetoric around this issue and surely rise even further john hoeven out zero one zero venezuela's president is said to be sworn into office for a second six year term on thursday nicolas maduro has warned he could take diplomatic measures against any latin american nation which doesn't recognize his leadership last week a regional group including brazil argentina and colombia declared his second term illegitimate the forty member lima group says last year's election was neither free nor fair let's go live now to the venezuelan capital caracas our correspondent there is today's a bow and today's a by most people's standards nicolas maduro his first term was pretty disastrous with sky high inflation with food shortages medicine shortages and people up to three million people fleeing the country what is he proposing for his next term in
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office. well most definitely and everything is ready here in qatar for. us moto to be sworn in for his second term and the place where this is going to happen is shows an enormous political animal cannot make crisis that is going on in this country he's going to be sworn in at the supreme court the constitution says that this should happen at the national assembly but because the national assembly is considered to be in contempt is currently not recognized by the administration so that's why he's going to be sworn in at the supreme court and as you just said before venezuela is in a deep deep economic crisis when you walk around crackers there are shortages of many many things people lining up just to get basic staples food for example or many things among other things around three million people have fled this country escaping this economic crisis and earlier today president he gave
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a press conference at the presidential palace he was asked by the poor impress what were his plans for the future how to solve this economic crisis and he said that he was going to address this in the coming days but that there is a plan in place in order to improve the situation in venezuela he also referred to the threats by the united states by countries in the region such as brazil and argentina he said that the attempts to overthrow him will not succeed. or of another that washington a coup ordered by washington and believe a group is underway against the legitimate constitutional government over which i preside and i say to you the venezuelan people will know how to respond to any attempt any action they intend for today tomorrow or will never they intended the boulevard revolution has been getting prepared to confront. any traitors who intend
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violence against venezuela. so given the president's almost complete control of all branches of government in venezuela how does the opposition propose to operate for the next six years. well most to position leaders have either been detained persecuted or have left the country they have been accused of treason and plotting against this administration they currently are not united they do not have a common plan especially since the protests that happened last year what they're basically saying is that the government does not have a plan that they cannot help venezuelans in their every day struggles and what they're saying now is going to be through the national assembly let's not forget that they control the national assembly even though it is not recognized by the government and what they say is that they have a transition plan to name a precedent at some point and that they will not recognize nicholas mother will ask
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for us the problem with this is that the precedents and many members of his cabinet have already threatened that the national assembly could be shut down if they could continue through this path to they live in the venezuelan capital caracas thank you . still to come here in. the u.s. secretary of state reiterate some promise to protect kurdish fighters once u.s. troops withdraw from syria. hundreds of arrests in northeastern brazil as the new president tries to contain a surge in violent crime. oh you got it thank you. i do serving up a treat for roger federer at peterhead and other tidbits in tennis coming up in sport.
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however current weather across the u.s. has been much the same for the last week or so it's rather warm you might expect this certainly snow about this circulation here contain snow it's now across in the canadian side and it's dying out fairly quickly but temperatures already just subzero from chicago to ottawa and back to peg minus nine is a stop to this time of year the cold has tried to spread dimebag has really succeeded recently and so we're milder than we should be the rain in the pacific coast those two were in british columbia was stuck in land has stopped falling in california and looks like it will be dry for a couple days for the cloud starts to come back in bringing more rain quite possibly in fact the developing brain areas probably going to be texas oklahoma leave the plains states with a bit of a light suddenly drifts a temperature hard denver is it plus two it should be nothing like that wall at this time so unusually warm across the u.s.
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is the story i think to the south of this the old cold fronts don't want to run for a while hard to detect but it is generating big showers in cuba trying to get into jamaica as well and allowing rain to fall in honduras and belize and that line is going to be the breaking up of the next day or so with an increasing likelihood of showers further east through the lesser antilles as well. culturally i believe that the muslims had a far greater effect on europe than europe on the middle east. negotiator is fault for all this was because they failed to recognize the moment. now it was in the the list campaign of colonization that exploded religion in the name of the cross of the crusades an arab perspective the final episode liberation of this time.
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when the news breaks and the story ends when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told. with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports. al-jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries. and light needs on air and online. time to take a look at the top stories here in the al-jazeera news our election officials in the
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democratic republic of congo are expected to announce the results from the presidential election that was held last month that's the scene live in the capital kinshasa outside that building there riot police are on the streets amid concerns that a disputed result could spark violence. sudan's president is vowing to stay in power as protests continue in the country all around the sheer held a rally with thousands of supporters on wednesday at least nineteen people have died in anti-government protests over the rising price of food. president trump has walked out of a meeting with the democrats after they again refused to fund a border war with mexico the standoff in the government and partial shutdown now for two and a half weeks. now the british parliament has started debating prime minister to resign may's deal for leaving the european union as head of the vote next week she delayed the vote last month because it was certain to be defeated the time running
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out before britain is due to leave the e.u. at the end of march mrs may has warned m.b.a.'s not to risk leaving the block without a deal passes lawrence li reports she suffered another setback even before the debate started. outside parliament's everyone's getting ready for what's supposed to be the end game parliament will vote next week on whether to accept the deal thrashed out on the u.k. leaving the european union brics is a sub told the life out of the airwaves for months and people are sick to death of its unfortunately though it doesn't look like the end is insights. inside the mother of parliaments the debate song where the u.k. should go are beginning again among the six hundred fifty m. peace at least five different groupings arguing for different outcomes and there is no sign at all of anyone shifting position so if her deal is defeated next week
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as i hope and expect it will will the prime minister do the right thing and let the people have a real say and call a general election. you. know we put a good deal on the table that protects jobs and security but i notice i notice in the oath that we still don't know what breaks it planned the right honorable gentleman. it's supposed to be decision time the european union's bored to death with all this yet is total gridlock as things stand at the moment parliament's has decided that it doesn't want to leave the european union with no deal but apparently it doesn't like the prime minister's deal either nor can it present any sort of alternative strategy for what to do instead what it means is that if you ask any politician here or any of the journalists camped out here no one has the first clue what's going to happen next. it lends to the theory that ideas currently
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being ruled out may end up having to be accepted at the very least suspending the process of leaving everything is up in the air and everything's implausible so when you have a series of implausible outcomes one thing that is currently imposed will necessarily become the reality so even though the general election party looks very unlikely that it could happen even those that the referendum looks unlikely that could happen i don't assert that is the most parts cool thing to do because palm it is that lot that makes sense to give about the people. on. the ice to the right three hundred eight the debate itself was preceded by the government's gets a game losing the vote this time demanding that the prime minister say within three days what her plan b. is if she loses her vote next week the oh you have it the guys have it gradually parliament is exerting control over a dysfunctional government the problem remains that parliament doesn't know what it wants only lawrence li al jazeera you know. the u.s.
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secretary of state has promised to ensure kurdish fighters are protected when u.s. troops withdraw from syria my pompei and made the comments during an unannounced visit to iraq where he met leaders in baghdad as well as in the kurdish regional capital bill on an eight day tour of the middle east is trying to reassure allies about president trump's plans to pull out of syria turkey has repeatedly vowed to crush kurdish fighters which it considers a terrorist group this is an exercise to. see the years in the world this is. this is the military there is a lot. easier to be accomplished more now from our correspondent in the capital baghdad in iran com. it was on schedule a visit last thing just
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a few hours and the secretary of state's met with senior officials including the prime minister maddy now reading between the lines we can safely say that what was being discussed although it hasn't been officially released by the the americans old iraq east will be two key things on the american side it will be the iranian role within the country the secretary of state has long publicly said that he's very concerned about the iranian role within iraq both militarily and politically now the iraqis currently have a sign actions waiver which allows them to do trade with iran so that's going to be topic of discussion on the iraqi side will be very much a concern about president donald trump statement christmas that where he said that he was going to keep u.s. troops within iraq itself though the iraqi parliament is going to debate the u.s. role within iraq itself and it seems that the u.s. president made this announcement on his own without any consultation with the
2:38 am
iraqis so at least now the iraqis are talking to the americans about any potential role like i say the visit was very short how much work that actually get done but a lot of iraqis are telling us that this is a good solid step in solving some of the problems between iraq and the u.s. . meanwhile turkey says it will ignore requests from the u.s. to protect its kurdish allies in northern syria and american forces leave the foreign minister may have looked rather slowly made the comments to parliament and it comes a day after u.s. national security advisor john bolton angered the government by making the request during a visit to ankara kurdish y p g fighters have been a key ally in the u.s. campaign against eisel in syria. middle east for the us to be this intertwined with a terrorist organization makes leaving it that much more difficult we continue to hear different voices coming from different levels of the american administration everyone can see we have been fighting against terrorist organizations in the
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region from day one we need to prevent the y.p. chief entering into a growing threat to our country we need to act against that afghanistan's chief executive says peace in the country will never be achieved if the taliban won't agree to direct talks of the dollars comments came after the group pulled out of planned talks with u.s. officials pressure is now mounting on pakistan to try to get the group to the negotiating table come on holiday has more from the pakistan capital islamabad. and one delegation is in pakistan to try to convince pakistan to convince the afghan taliban to accept the government and face to face negotiations however both the united states and the afghan government have been asking pakistan to do that that dollar bond nord listening to anybody saying that the regime in. regime installed by the united states and their day were dog directly to the u.s.
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now last time after the dogs and i will dog be on december the seventeenth and reach the u.a.e. and so would you officials were also present the government delegation was sitting in abu dhabi however the taliban refused to meet them so it is going to be a difficult doss august and also saying that the stakeholders in the region should also share the responsibility for drying to find a reconciliation and of honest on pakistan is already the prime minister cameron khan also saying that it is a key priority for pakistan and the regional countries during stablish indicted war torn country palestinians in the occupied west bank have been protesting against a controversial sensual security law which came into effect late last year and to create a pension scheme for private sector employees who make up just as the halls of the workforce are expected to contribute seven percent of their monthly salaries and are able to apply for a pension when they turn sixty opponents say the monthly deductions are too high
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from a slick isn't fair people's contributions went through a full state has been among the protesters in ramallah. over into the third month of these protests now against the social security law and although the numbers are somewhat down today on the scene of the thousands of people in recent protests there are several hundred here today the numbers called largely by what has been a very rainy cold day here in ramallah the issue at hand here. is this social security law which is. requiring all would require a seven point five percent contribution from employees in the private sector more than ten percent from employers what people are concerned about isn't just the financial goodna that would impose on them and on the economy here but also on what would happen to that money can they trust that it would really would be used for pensions and other benefits in the future there really is an issue of trust against
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the palestinian government in this case. the salaries aren't enough to cover occurrence commitments to doctor this money they say will get it back after thirty years contains provisions that are unfair to the employees. like this al right now that israeli military forces are like in libya to. convince people that you don't believe them and us need their money and that effort and it's going to happen in most parts of the world social security system could be seen as a fairly regular required safety net and something that society would be expected to contribute to people here aren't really argue with that as a concept what they're arguing with is the idea that this is being drawn out in an undemocratic way by a government which hasn't had an election for over a decade they don't trust that government they say to deal with this money in
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a fair way not to use it for purposes other than pensions and other benefits in the future policy and government of course says that it has already conceded a delay in the imposition of this they are willing to talk about it and negotiate people here though they just want it scrapped and they say they will continue protesting until that happens. teams in brazil have been sent to the northeastern state to sarah to curb a surgeon violent crime polices him retaliate and to president also not has cracked down on drugs and has more from the state capital for. this is what the government promised tough on crime tough on the criminals and military presence on the streets and the freedom to shoot first and ask questions later but is in jail. has sent five hundred state troops to say ira with the option of more to follow. the move
2:44 am
comes after drug gangs operating from within prisons or did several days of violence on the streets outside his burned bridges and state buildings attacked and shopkeepers forced to close its also marriage. that was the first time we were forced to close usually work with the daily risk of being robbed and now we need to worry about this too. the cartel bosses were reacting to efforts to curtail their powers including the use of mobile phones in their jail cells twenty one have been moved to other prisons more than two hundred protesters arrested. previous government put the gang members in different prisons if not they killed each other however this only empowered the gang members they got strong both inside and outside prison not just in this region but across the country crimes are planned and ordered from inside prisons so if you block mobile phone usage you might control the gangs the government deployment has brought some degree of security and a return to normality but rubbish being collected after more than
2:45 am
a week. support and condemnation for its no holds barred campaign pledge to be tough on crime the gangs have immediately shown their defiance. in the states and say i have become the first major battleground in president both in our war against violence in general the drug gangs in particular the gangs have spoken the government has responded. is waiting to see what happens next. then the out of andy warhol is instantly recognizable and there's more to it than soup cans and marilyn memory as we discovered at a retrospective of his work in new york. from consumer goods to celebrities with a technicolor twist andy warhol elevated every day images to high art his commentary on american culture is now on display at the whitney museum of american art was genius in my opinion has always been to ground what he does in both the
2:46 am
language of the history of art and the language of commerce and commercial culture and to bring them together the first retrospective of his art in thirty years andy warhol from a to b. and back again includes his early work as a commercial artist in the one nine hundred fifty s. . illustrations that are beautiful in their own right and show a link to later works in both subject matter and techniques reproductive techniques the photograph is absolutely key to warhols work and there's no doubt that when he married painting with the soak screen he really changed things techniques that were considered groundbreaking at the time still seem relevant in an age of social media when we are bombarded with images and everyone it seems is seeking their fifteen minutes of fame and it was a series guns crosses and knives just have the the gun and the cross and of course the hammer and sickle curator donna de salvo says the darker side of that culture
2:47 am
shows up in warhols later years reflecting the social upheaval of the late one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's clued in the anti-war and civil rights movements showing us that these are just photographs so do we believe them we want to believe them but if you think about it it's just a photograph so it really that feels very contemporary because we live in a world now where we can also talk about digitally altered in the edges. causing the viewer to wonder what's real leaving no doubt warhols work still resonates christian salumi al-jazeera new york.
2:48 am
2:49 am
thank you very much one of the powerhouses that football's asian cup japan have come from behind to beat a team ranked one hundred twenty seventh in the world and it was a stunning strike from turkmenistan's captain that pretty seam in front of the twenty seven minutes past the off with an early favorite for goal of the tournament in the united arab emirates japan didn't hit back ten minutes into the second half you or suck or the first of these two goals of the full time champion struck three times in fifteen minutes but the minnows weren't finished
2:50 am
a goal from the penalty spot ensuring japan battled so early and were really to win in abu dhabi. i think we may have overdone our brand of beautiful football the first time we couldn't put pressure on the opponent in the second half we were able to fix this and school goals i think will be better if we mix both beautiful and basically put it all together. it was a surprising result for us we knew the japanese team were good in position but i would like to say well done to my players because they did their best but players lost their concentration in the second half so we have to reflect on that point back east on our second in the group behind japan on goal difference after a desperate tussle with them on with the scores locked at one all. off struck in the eighty sixth minute soon after coming on as a substitute but that wasn't the end of the drama in sharjah was based on clinging on in stoppage time after eagle clear met so essential for
2:51 am
a deliberate foul on oman's goal by. a man were left ruing first chance. i think we deserve the points. this is the asian cup this is international football that's what i thought my players also if you play so good you deserve at least points you have to reward yourself you made it very difficult now because we all know that japan is probably the best team in asia i've heard turkmenistan did fairly well also so we have a tough. tough games to go and has been a bright start for cuts on pool play but the twenty twenty two world cup hosts didn't know that easy against lebannon they thought they'd struck first in the referee disallowing the goal offer a foul in the penalty box after breaking the deadlock with two second half goals including a free kick from some. and
2:52 am
there's another dispute over the screening of live matches from the asian cup qatar based be in as broadcasting rights for the tournament but reuters is reporting the asian football federation has filed a lawsuit against saudi arabia's be out queue for illegally airing games broadcast fee for world cup matches last year without having the rights on tuesday being announced it was holding its t.v. service in egypt egypt and saudi are among four countries that imposed a blockade on carter eighteen months ago. meanwhile cards are themselves busy getting ready for the world cup in twenty twenty two the debate over whether the tournament will expand to forty eight teams doesn't seem to be going away because organizing officials say nothing is certain at this stage we have agreed with before that we will take a look at the feasibility study and until the feasibility is ready we will we will consider the plans are you know the agreement is for thirty two team world cup based here in qatar were open for the for reading the feasibility of looking at underscoring with before but at the end the decision will be between us and he for
2:53 am
unilateral decision. is calling for a speedy into the case concerning a bahraini footballer who is in prison in thailand. raby is being detained while the await steeple taishan to resume country where he was previously convicted of a criminal offense he has pleaded his innocence. professionally in australia and has refugee status in that country faces calling on tire facials to allow allowed to return to australia safely. now a significant step in the investigation into accusations of state sponsored drug cheating by russian athletes russia's anti doping agency says it will hand over crucial data from a small scale of barratry it missed a deadline ten days ago but says it's reached a quote understanding with the world anti-doping agency water officials have arrived in moscow and will begin collecting the material on thursday the information could lead to a filing doping charges against numerous russian athletes the kremlin's repeatedly
2:54 am
denied state sponsored cheating. as far as we know intensive communications with wada are taking place through our sports department we have reached understanding with water representatives regarding future interaction as you know the daughter was ready to transfer the last time as well indeed difficulties came up regarding what daughter storage devices are used and how they will be used and so on. i would rather say these are not the questions of subject matter but the logic sticks. now this all started in twenty fifteen when a state sponsored doping program in russia was exposed its athletes were barred from international events and its anti-doping agency was suspended it was reinstated last about water despite not fulfilling all the criteria for readmission then on the thirty first of december it missed its last deadline to allow water fishel full access to data at the moscow laboratory what is compliance review committee is due to meet in canada next week to decide if it should really impose
2:55 am
sanctions on route solder to the back already now where there were some serious movement in the overall standings after a tough third stage in the peruvian desert overnight leader from south africa general de villiers suffered a car breakdown the two thousand and nine champion seemingly having to deal with a broken oil pipe no such problems for two time dakar champion from cutter finished second behind stage when a steffen had to hand so that was enough to catapult him into first place overall. there was hometown delight for benjamin call and then yellow all being at the parallel slalom mixed team world cup event on wednesday the austrian pay were up against him in march and not of italy in the final in bad gushed on line being establishing a good leader last chance to allow the call to begin ahead of march and he never said when did the advantage call ennobling have won here before back in twenty seven they were also winners at the very same result. less than
2:56 am
a week before the year's first grand slam tennis tournament the australian open a setback for world number five sloane stephens the american was dumped out of the sydney international on wednesday in the second round the twenty seventeen u.s. open winner started well by taking the first set six three against you here putin said are not that cause a qualifier found form soon enough after edging a second set time breaker she annihilated stephen six club in the food to progress to a quarter final against kiki burton's. world number two rafael nadal is getting set for the first major of the season the two thousand and nine champion says he's on target to be fit for melbourne after sitting out a warm up last week with a fine injury. is just unbelievable although all the things that the tournament is doing is just fantastic for the fans for the players or for the promotion of our sport and so everybody wants to play well here. i really hope to have
2:57 am
a good week of preparation i think playing well and the dolls being on the mind of world number one of a joke of it as he plays up for fans ahead of the tournament the serbian posing with these avatar at a pre-tournament promotion on the real coach talk about your saving for seventh australian open title well i was actually talking with my wee one thousand yesterday about you know the most exciting matches that they witnessed you know whether it's me or not in you know they all. went almost six hours in the two thousand and twelve finals of syrian open was the one that stands out and definitely stands out in my memory is the greatest most exciting match that i was never part of djokovic is due to play a warm up match on thursday against scotland's andy murray who is beaten four times in the aussie open final another brits has been sharing treats with these practice partner roger federer world number fourteen khalid was given the cake twenty fourth birthday and we'll have another sporting update for you again later. peter thanks
2:58 am
very much indeed do stay with us here. we'll be going live to kinshasa in just a little while to get the very latest from the democratic republic of congo.
2:59 am
partnership. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square to all three. of us if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. russian filmmaker under troubles across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin the russian economy is in crisis sanctions unstable oil prices a fluctuation cards off of the country struggles to make ends meet in soviet times doctors were in charge now economists calculate everything we don't want to think
3:00 am
what will happen when the bank takes away our flags. in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera. tensions mounted in d.l.c. as the country awaits results from last month's presidential election. hello again i'm martin denish oh without you there live from doha said coming out. of the. deadly protests in sudan.


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