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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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in charge now economists calculate everything we don't want to think what will happen when the bank takes away our flags. in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera. tensions mount in d.l.c. as the country awaits results from last month's presidential election. hello again i'm martin vanishing without you there live from doha inside coming out . deadly protests in
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as president obama the share to stay in power. president trump walks out of a meeting with democratic leaders we'll have the latest from washington. and despite a wrecked economy venezuela prepares for president nicolas maduro second six year term. or at the start in kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo because that is where lection officials are currently announcing results from the elections that were held last month it wasn't just the presidential election of course there were provincial impala meant to be elections held at the same time outside that building though the police are on the streets with water cannon pressure has been mounting only else are it is to release the results because the final tally was expected on sunday but that was delayed the electoral commission saying that there
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were problems collecting the relevant data let's speak to our correspondent her image out side that building so her we're looking at the live shot then of one of the election officials talking exactly what what are we witnessing now. well election officials are right now starting by releasing the provincial results for the legislature then they're going to release the provisional results for the presidential elections so they have no idea really how long that process is going to take they don't know if it's going to lead them to take a break in between those results so rather than just telling people to be patient but they are starting with the provincial results for the legislature the police the riot police have been deployed in full force across the capital kinshasa a lot of roadblocks along the way people are being told to stay home not to come on to the streets the main opposition need to say they're concerned that the presidential results could be manipulated to favor the ruling party candidate
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emanuel to darrien some of them have already said that if that happens if the ruling party candidate is declared the provisional winner of the presidential election then they will not accept that result and this is the early hours of the moving i mean it's hard not to not to suspect it is a doing everything within their power to to rather reluctantly deliver these results have come on the quite a bit of pressure haven't they to come up with something. exactly they have in fact a few hours ago one of the civil side organizations released a statement and they said if you don't release these provisional results for the presidential within forty eight hours they will announce their own tally of results and on their own when i say they are under a lot of pressure to do something opposition parties are getting very impatient saying the votes of manipulation and they also threatening to come onto the streets and there was a thing that election officials under an immense amount of pressure to release at
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least something to the general public it seems that something has started for now of course it may take some time before we get that is out of the provisional presidential election to the how people voted but again a lot of concern of course is the losing candidate how are they going to react with a step this results where they say there was a vote rigging and then what will they tell the supporters to do we said to the next couple of hours maybe when the sun comes up i will get more press conferences from the different political party leaders they will tell the supporters what to do but people have been warned by the police in particular you stay at home don't come out in the street and lots of roadblocks are in the city in kinshasa to make sure people don't venture into the city center and try to come here outside the u.s. your commission and try some kind of protesting or opposition campaigning and i mean how much i'm just wondering has there been so much speculation so much cynicism in the whole process over the way the elections were carried out in deal
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see i mean how much confidence is there. any result that the election commission comes up with. it depends who you talk to i mean if you speak to supporters of the ruling party a lot of them say you should be in some logistical challenges but they say on the whole they didn't even be happy with the way things were done speak to the opposition supporters they'll tell you that they feel the campaigning process has been sometimes violent they say on actual voting day and some voting machines didn't work that people couldn't find their names on the ballot papers they're also saying in some areas three areas in particular people weren't allowed to vote there because of conflicts and outbreaks so a lot of people really skeptical about the outcome of this. a key thing people want to know is how independent with the electoral commission z some opposition leaders fear that the election officials are part of that into the ruling party they doubt it will be a credible comes at all eye on the election commission understand this could be the
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first democratic transfer of power since independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty it will be a huge deal if this election result comes out we don't it's not contested and lot of people are hoping if that happens in the n.t. maybe conflict and economic stagnation so huge huge stakes on the line yeah a lot of people hoping for some positive change but of course it all depends on the outcome and how many people will accept it regardless of who wins for now harris thank you very much indeed her of course will keep keep us right across developments in kinshasa as they happen but i've been speaking to cumber who is a spokesman for the advocacy group friends of the congo he says people will take to the streets if they feel the result is not legitimate. for more every question that we are getting moments from the cause that we meant to our partners the situation is quite tense the measure of cities have been militarized specific injustice and i
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need to see the meat very forces there well what's clear in the minds of the people is that if the results that's not reflect the will of the committees people there will come out and masses the reason why we are having an election right now into your see is because the police people have pushed the going to government to organize it remember that kind of communal regime had no intent whatsoever organizing when we look at the campaign season and we see the masses of callie's coming out. campaign season we have already noticed that the population have supported in mass the opposition leaders they may have they have their flaws but what the congolese people as it hope i have fought it for is a change in you beginning where about the conflict the mystery the not crime and the security all the ills countries will be changed by having a new leader leave the country. at least three people have been killed in more
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anti-government demonstrations in sudan protesters are angry about rising food prices and the stable economy they want president obama to step down but he remains defiant he will move them has more from the capital. was. for three weeks now this has been the scene in many parts of sudan people coming out to protest against president all model bashir is twenty nine year rule and demanding that he step down. or work out of whether we are under a dictatorship for thirty years they have used religion to stand power now is the right time for people to come out and protest you can see them firing tear gas you could even be a weird agent we citizens just want our rights to eat and drink and live with dignity like anyone else in the world. on wednesday thousands came out once again to protest in amman as they attempted to make their with religious leader first time for me to handle memo demanding that the president resign was was the police
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responded using tear gas was and live ammunition to disperse the crowd. a scene different than the one in the capital khartoum where the first pro-government rally was held since protests began in mid december president bashir addressed his supporters blaming the protest on what he described as external forces that you know. we are all together hand in hand joining forces to maintain stability however some are adopting foreign agendas being operated by outside forces in a means to the saddam however we reiterate those who are seeking power they are welcome however there's only one route to grab power it is the ballot box it is only through transparent free elections and it's up to use the sudanese people to decide but elections are more than a year away and those protesting say they want him to step down sooner rather than later one thing it's done is in a way a reflection of the state of the nation. against the government on one side
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demanding president almighty bashir step down on a pro-government rally on the other with the president and his supporters defined in the face of those protests. rights groups say forty people have been killed in anti-government protests the government puts the figure at nineteen with protest as echoing slogans from the arab spring there are illusions that toppled governments in neighboring countries some analysts say the current state of the country could last for some time system. don you know this will continue for a while until the government finds an economic and political solution because it's not just the economy of that has driven people to protest the government has to offer some compromise or the demonstrations will continue going to just leave and never in his twenty nine year rule has protest against him lasted for. president bashir maybe determined to stay in power. but these protesters see him just as determined to see him go he morgan on to zero hopped on ride to the u.s. where the government remains impartial shot down in the standoff between the
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president and the democrats. donald trump childhood amazing with the democrats after they once again refused to agree to fund his border war with mexico. the president tweeted the meeting had been a total waste of time the republicans and the democrats and blaming each other for the impasse the president called the question in the meeting yes bigger palosi that if he opened things up quickly if you were real open the government quickly would she be willing to agree to funding for a wall or a barrier on the southern border and when she said no the president said good bye. he asked speaker pelosi will you agree to my wall she said no. and he just got up and said then we have nothing to discuss and he just walked down again we saw a temper tantrum because he couldn't get his way and he just walked out of the
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meeting. let's go live now to our correspondent mike hanna he's in washington and mike it seems very much is the divide between the white house and congress is getting ever wider very much particularly the monk those democrats in congress who continue to insist that there is no way that they will include funding for a southern wall in any spending budget now in the course of today there was a spending budget passed in the house it was passed by the democratic majority but significantly eight republicans voted along with the democrats now this legislation is not going to go anywhere the senate majority leader has insisted that he will not allow debate over any bill that has not been pre-approved by president trump but this is significant in that it does show that there are republicans who did not back president trump over this issue that there is signs of division within the
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republican party and does that mean then that a compromise is any more likely given that some of the republicans and moving over to the to the other side if you like and that the eight hundred thousand federal workers who are not being paid currently might get a paycheck at the end of the month. well that would depend on what happens within the senate as i mentioned the bill passed easily in the house where the democrats have a majority the issue would be whether republicans in the senate are willing to break ranks that would sure this point not have appeared prepared to do so one must remember it was just a few weeks ago that there was a vote passed in the senate very much along the lines of the vote that the democrats have passed in the house basically agreeing to a funding bill which does not include money for the war which does include some one point six billion dollars for border security but since then the republicans have changed their mind at the urging of president trump so unless there is
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a break in the republican unity within the senate then any legislation passed in the house is simply not going to go anywhere so it is a situation that remains in complete lockdown as does indeed the cultural closure of the government president trump is traveling to the southern border in the course of thursday and very importantly he's taking along with him the white house a senior constitutional lawyer giving rise to speculation that he may use that trip to the border to introduce or declare a national state of emergency in an attempt to get that wall built mike hanna live in washington thank you still to come here it out to sara. largely. with the cease fire. and upbeat report from the u.n. envoy to yemen on the fighting but for the people famine is still on the horizon.
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the u.k. parliament started baiting to ease amazed directed deal with the make or break very job for next week. by the skyline of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello that streak of i have to season rain has come up really for me and my instructor was shanghai's there visible on satellite picture is clouds stretching slowly sas now it is dying out of the forecast point of use to exists from union right up towards shanghai but avoids hong kong the snow in the northern quarter it sporadic right now but it's really should be there in january to but it clearly is and the snow is going to be noticeable just outside will happen where the kodak starts to tuck in hong kong all this time study twenty three there winds turning in so i think it might be cloudy rather than sunny there's
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a distinct lack of showers in the philippines and a good part of malaysia as well an unusual lack of showers they will start to rebuild but not immediately most of the heavy ones are a little bit further south we're talking about sumatra well to around sulawesi java looks dry but in singapore in kuala lumpur your quite light to get daily show as though they're all that many heavy ones around are the now nor in the immediate future things will change of course temporary blip that is more rain or more likely snow on its way through afghanistan to catch the finals of india northern pakistan but for the most part we still got cold still weather in northern india and sunshine elsewhere. the weather sponsored by cats are at peace. culturally i believe that the muslims had a far greater affects all europe than hero pat on the middle east. the crusaders fault for all this was because they failed to recognize the moment believe. enough
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holocaust it was in the the list campaign of colonization that exploded religion in the name of the cross of the crusades an arab perspective the find a persona liberation at this time on a. of the top stories here around election officials in the democratic republic of congo are announcing provisional results from last month's elections this is the scene live at the election commission in kinshasa they're announcing the results of the
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provincial elections first and we expect to be hearing about the presidential election after they've gone through the rest of these earlier results meanwhile outside riot police are on the streets with water cannon amid concerns of a disputed result could spark. sudan's president trying to stay in power as protests continue in the country on around bashir held a rally with thousands of supporters on wednesday at least nineteen people have died in anti-government protests over the rising price of food. president trump out of a meeting with the democrats after they refused again to fund a border war with mexico and the standoff in the government in a partial shutdown now for two and a half weeks. venezuela's president is due to be sworn into office for a second six year term on first day nicolas maduro has warned he could take diplomatic measures against any latin american nation that doesn't recognize his
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leadership last week a regional group including brazil argentina and colombia declared his second term illegitimate the fourteen member lima group says last year's election was neither free nor fair. of another that washington a coup ordered by washington and believe is underway against a legitimate and constitutional government over which i preside and i say to you the venezuelan people will know how to respond to any attempt any action they intend for today tomorrow. all wilbur the intended the ball of oriental revolution has been getting prepared to confront. any traitors who would turn violent against venezuela more now from our correspondent in caracas tereza blue. everything is ready here in caracas for the swearing ceremony of sir nicholas mother although some differing dignitaries have arrived here to the venezuelan capital and the place where this is going to happen is something that have shock to many here in
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this country the constitution says that the swearing ceremony should take place at the national assembly well this is not going to happen because the national assembly is considered to be in contempt and that's not recognized by the venezuelan government so this is going to be happening at the supreme court's finish is going through an enormous political and economic crisis when you go around the venezuelan capta how there's long lines of people lining up to get some of their basic supplies some a staple food among other things hyperinflation expected to be over one million percent the prices of things are changing by the hour over three million people have left this country escaping the economic crises earlier this wednesday president calamita gave a press conference where he accused the united states of trying to overthrow him and said that any attempts to get him out of office will not succeed the opposition as it stands right now is that most the position leaders have either been detained
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or they have been persecuted or left the country accused of treason and plotting against the government so now they're focusing on the national assembly and assembly that they controlled but that is not recognized by the government they are saying that they won't recognize the government of nicolas maduro and are planning a transition about what will happen in venezuela if nicolas modo where to leave office of course the precedents and several members of his cabinet have said. they continue through this path the national assembly could be shut down the chinese president xi jinping has voiced support for a second summit between north korea and the united states the north korean leader kim jong il ended a two day visit to beijing on to say neither side provided very much detail about the shed or what the leaders discussed but president xi has since told local media that he hopes kim and donald trump will meet each other halfway on these who have
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denuclearization if they meet again. the british parliament has started debating prime minister to resign may's deal for leaving the european union ahead of a vote next week she delayed the vote last month because it was certain to be defeated the time running out before britain is due to leave the e.u. at the end of march this is may has warned m.p.'s not to risk leaving the block without a deal as well as the ripples she suffered another setback even before the debate started. outside parliament's everyone's getting ready for what's supposed to be the end game parliament will vote next week on whether to accept the deal thrashed out on the u.k. leaving the european union bracks as a sub told the life out of the air waves some months and people are sick to death of it unfortunately though it doesn't look like the end is insights. and they're still inside the mother of parliaments the debate song where the u.k. should go are beginning again among the six hundred fifty m.
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peace at least five different groupings arguing for different outcomes and there is no sign at all of anyone shifting position so if her deal is defeated next week as i hope and expect it will will the prime minister do the right thing and let the people have a real say and call a general election. you. know we put a good deal on the table that protects jobs and security but i notice i notice in the oath that we still don't know what threats it planned the right honorable gentleman. it's supposed to be decision time the european union's bored to death with all this yet is total gridlock as things stand at the moment parliament has decided that it doesn't want to leave the european union with no deal but apparently it doesn't like the prime minister's deal either nor can it present any
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sort of alternative strategy for what to do instead what it means is that if you ask any politician here or any of the journalists camped out here no one has the first clue what's going to happen next. it lends to the theory that ideas currently being ruled out may end up having to be accepted at the very least suspending this process of leaving everything is up and everything's implausible so when you have a series of implausible outcomes one thing that is currently implausible will necessarily become the reality so even though general election party looks very unlikely that it could happen even though second referendum looks unlikely that it happened and in fact that is the most parts cool thing to do because if parliament is dead lot it makes sense to give about the people. the eyes to the right three hundred eight the debate itself was preceded by the government gets a game losing the vote this time demanding that the prime minister say within three
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days what her plan b. is if she loses her vote next week oh you have it the guys have it gradually parliament is exerting control over a dysfunctional government the problem remains that parliament doesn't know what it wants only lawrence li al jazeera. a leading figure in egypt's twenty eleven revolution has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison following a retrial made duma was also find three hundred forty five thousand dollars for inciting violence during protests that force hosni mubarak out of office and his first trial in twenty fifteen do were received a life sentence along with two hundred twenty nine others convicted in absentia. the u.s. secretary of state has promised to ensure kurdish fighters are protected when u.s. troops withdraw from syria my pompei i made the comments during another mounts visit to iraq where he met leaders in baghdad as well as in the kurdish regional capital bill compares on an eight day tour of the middle east he's trying to
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reassure allies about president transplants to pull out of syria turkey has repeatedly vowed to crush kurdish why b.g. fight is which it considers a terrorist group. some of. these years in the world. i says the military the. mission is here. but turkey says it will ignore a request from the u.s. to protect kurdish allies in northern syria when american forces leave the foreign minister of a soul who made the comments appollo mint and it comes a day after u.s. national security adviser john bolton angered the turkish government by making the request whilst he was visiting ankara kurdish fighters have been
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a key ally in the u.s. campaign against eisel in syria but president says turkey cannot make concessions for what it considers to be a terrorist group the. middle east of the u.s. to be this intertwined with a terrorist organization makes leaving it that much more difficult we continue to hear different voices coming from different levels of the american administration everyone can see we've been fighting against terrorist organizations in the region from day one we need to prevent the pipe e.g. from turning into a growing threat to our country we need to act against that. al jazeera has learned that turkey is prosecutor is working on a list of saudis suspects accused of murdering jamal khashoggi indicating that a trial in absentia is likely to take place in the country where he was killed just a few days ago saudi arabia announced its own trial for eleven suspects was underway but it didn't name them on says say it's a hundred days since jamal khashoggi was met it. the u.n.
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special envoy for yemen says essential progress is needed to advance peace efforts if new talks can be held to end the four year war addressing the security council mohsin griffiths expressed cautious optimism that a truce agreed last month in stockholm is holding a diplomatic as a jane's phase has more from the u.n. the u.n. security council was told a fragile shaky cease fire continues to hold in her data almost a month after a little peace deal was signed in sweden that has been some violence including in the data city and in the southern districts of the government that this is remarkably limited compared to what we saw in the weeks before the stock of consultations and this relative calm i believe indicates the tangible benefit of the stock and agreement for the people of yemen and it also illustrates the
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commitment of both parties to make their agreements work. but special envoy martin griffiths seemed to be accentuating the positive in the public meeting when later it went into closed session the council heard from major general patrick kamut the dutch general who leads the u.n. monitoring mission in who data he's giving the security council weekly reports the latest says the un's body armor and armored vehicles have not been allowed into the country there are many no go areas and the team of received death threats according to the un's top humanitarian official the situation for ordinary yemenis remains dire millions of yemenis are looking to ask for assistance and protection and we need to see more and faster progress on all the humanitarian elements of your resolution to make any practical difference to their lives the u.n. special envoy said sweden is only the start of the next part achieving
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a last thing political agreement will be even harder a former u.s. ambassador to yemen laid out the challenges ahead what he got out of stockholm was in some sense of though hanging fruit in some instances in fact there was. an issues that had already been agreed like the prisoner exchange so as so what's going to come next is going to be much more of a trial and there's talk here of fresh talks on yemen to be held in either kuwait or jordan but so far the u.n. has not felt confident enough to name a date james out is there at the united nations. time is it take a look at the top stories here it out is there election officials in the democratic republic of congo are announcing provisional results from last month's elections
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this is the scene live in kinshasa where officials are announcing the results from the provinces and we're expecting the presidential results to come after me while riot police are out on the streets of the capital amid concerns that a disputed result could spark farland. so don's president is vowing to same power as protests continue in the country omar al bashir held a rally with thousands of supporters on wednesday at least nineteen people have died in anti-government protests which started because of the rising price of bread . president come out of a meeting with the democrats after they again refused to fund a border war with mexico the standoff has seen that government in the partial shutdown for two and a half weeks the president called the question in the meeting yes bigger palosi that if we open things up quickly if you reopen the government quickly would she be
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willing to agree to funding for a wall or a barrier on the southern border and when she said no the president. the chinese president xi jinping has expressed support for a second summit between north korea and the united states north korean leader kim jong il and ended a two day visit to beijing on tuesday neither side provided much detail about his shuttle or what they talked about about a president she has since told local media that he hopes kim and donald trump will meet each other half way on the issue of denuclearization when they meet again. but israel is president set to be sworn in to office for a second six year term on thursday. has warned he could take diplomatic measures against any latin american nation that doesn't recognize his leadership last week a regional group including brazil argentina and colombia declared his second term illegitimate coming up next is inside story.
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president donald trump calls on the american people to support his wall on the southern border democrats accuse him of stoking fear of immigrants is there a security and humanitarian crisis at the us mexico border this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. u.s. president donald trump.


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