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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 10  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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right house and he said but in clarity there is no contradiction that we know what we're doing and. ninety nine percent defeated we're going to stay there till the whole lot are destroyed well i think that's why both secretary of state and national security adviser john bolton in the region it's especially for damage control damage control because people in the region don't understand including the leaders in the region to understand what the u.s. policy towards syria is and i think they have a way of explaining get out of the contradictions to say look especially secular bump we are withdrawing our troops from syria eventually but we will remain engaged in syria and elsewhere against that and other terrorist groups. of course for anyone who understands a bit about the nature of a conflict or the war against terrorism knows that someone like that you cannot exactly sanction them financially you cannot impose sanctions on them you cannot take them to the net you through the united nations security council and so on so
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for the end of day if you're not engaged in the ground against them especially with your allies and so so much very hard to defeat them the fact that there would don't get troops from syria is a psychological shock to many of america's allies in the region including in israel in turkey and even in egypt and other places so i think you know as much as they tried to do damage control i'm not sure that worked out and then there's a damage control about trump's foreign policy in the middle east in general what is this middle east asserted to call lions and who does it involve with a crisis in israel palestine and the peace process going nowhere with the crisis in the gulf and that issue is going nowhere and with trump's policy in the middle east being so dis mold that aside from look at the rising jerusalem as the state of the jewish state court unquote which is actually very counterproductive at that turned out in the arab and muslim world there's very little to show and certainly we didn't hear anything anything from either seconds or pompei or john
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bolton not yesterday or not today that further clarified what is that grand strategy whether it's against iran or otherwise and how they're going to bring all those middle east actors into some new strategic alliance right what if he'll have another stab at it later because he's the pump is making a major speech in cairo in a couple of hours time we will of course listen into that and have you back on set to talk about the moment thanks very much thank you. all right still ahead here on al-jazeera washington and beijing mog an anniversary one that looks back to better times. hello again welcome back we're here cross north asia we are looking at one fast moving system across the korean peninsula and over japan now by the time we get to
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friday that system is going to be in the pacific and areas are going to be much clearer as a system push through so here in tokyo twelve degrees as your forecast high on friday as we go towards saturday those temperatures are going to be dropping down to about six and down towards the south across osaka we do have rain coming into your forecast with a high temperature few of about eight degrees there well across china we have been seeing some very wet conditions over the last few days we're going to see one more day of what weather as we go towards the beginning of the weekend so here on friday rainy conditions here for shanghai at about nine degrees with the a combination of rain and snow just over here towards the west by the time we get towards saturday a much better weather conditions but the temperatures still quite moderate for this time of year witching high see about ten degrees there over here toward two hundred ten but down here towards hunker down it's going to be a nice day with attempt a few about twenty five degrees and then very quickly as make the way over here towards the philippines to the north not looking too bad with manila seeing a warm day partly cloudy conditions for you at thirty degrees but down towards the
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south at twenty five and over towards jakarta it is going to be a rainy day we do expect to see temperatures a few at about thirty two degrees there. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of mathematics. the term algebra can be traced back to the arabic word algebra we going to the limits of modern technology forty percent faster than the speed of sound they gave us the final building block find they discovered it medieval times it's a story of science in a golden age with jim al khalifa on al-jazeera.
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at least three people have been killed in wednesday's anti-government demonstrations in sudan city of on demand a protest for weeks being angry about rising prices in the unstable economy they want president anwar al bashir to step down but he remains defiant it morgan has more now from khartoum. for three weeks now this has been the scene in many parts of sudan people coming out to protest against president obama bashir is twenty nine year rule and demanding that he step down. i won't tell you whether we are under a dictatorship for thirty years they have used religion to stay in power now is the right time for people to come out and protest you can see them and they're firing tear gas you could even be a weird agent we citizens just want our rights to eat and drink and live with
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dignity like anyone else in the world. on wednesday thousands came out once again to protest in on demand as they attempted to make their wits religiously diverse templi to handle memo demanding that the president resign i i know the police responded to. tear gas was and live ammunition to disperse the crowd. a scene different than the one in the capital khartoum where the first pro-government rally was held since protests began in mid december president bashir addressed his supporters blaming the protest on what he described as external forces. we are all together hand in hand joining forces to maintain stability some are adopting foreign agendas being operated by outside forces in a mes to the saddam however we reiterate those who are seeking power they are welcome however there is only one route to grab power it is the ballot box it is only through transparent free elections and it's up to you the sudanese people to decide but elections are more than
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a year away and those protesting say they want him to step down sooner rather than later one thing it's done is in a way a reflection of the state of the nation demonstrations against the government on one side demanding president almost step down on a pro-government rally on the other with the president and his supporters defined in the face of those protests i read scripts say forty people have been killed in anti-government protests the government puts the figure at nineteen with protesters echoing slogans from the arab spring there are illusions that toppled governments in neighboring countries some analysts say the current state of the country could last for some time so. this will continue for a while until the government finds an economic and political solution because it's not just the economy of the deserving people to protest the government has to offer some compromise or the demonstrations will continue going to just the ones that i know i'm never in his twenty nine year rule have a protest against him lasted for. president bashir maybe determined to stay in power i that these protesters say they were just as determined to see him
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go he morgan al-jazeera. a relative calm has been restored to the north eastern brazilian state of c.r. after troops were sent in deployment was a response to a rise in violent crime has this report. this is what the government promised tough on crime tough on the criminals a military presence on the streets and the freedom to shoot first and ask questions later but is in jail. has sent five hundred state troops to say era with the option of more to follow. the move comes after drug gangs operating from within prisons or did several days of violence on the streets outside his burned bridges and state buildings attacked and shopkeepers forced to close. that was the first time we were forced to close usually work with the daily risk of being robbed and now we need to worry about this too. the cartel bosses were reacting to efforts to curtail their
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powers including the use of mobile phones in their jail cells twenty one have been moved to other prisons more than two hundred protesters arrested in. previous government put the gang members in different prisons if not they killed each other however this only empowered the gang members they got strong both inside and outside prison not just in this region but across the country crimes are planned and ordered from inside prisons so if you block mobile phone usage you might control the gangs the government deployment has brought some degree of security and a return to normality but rubbish being collected after more than a week. support and condemnation for its no holds barred campaign pledge to be tough on crime the gangs have immediately shown their defiance. in the state to say i have become the first major battleground in president war against violence in general the drug gangs in particular the gangs
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have spoken the government has responded. is waiting to see what happens next. it is the fortieth anniversary of diplomatic relations being normalized between china and the united states president jimmy carter in china's communist leaders being signed the agreement to begin decades of peace and prosperity that relations have recently treaty you has more now from beijing. officials in beijing today marked forty years of diplomatic relations between china and the u.s. at a ceremony at beijing's great who of the people it was a quiet one and there was norman sion of it in chinese state media which isn't surprising given that bilateral relations between these two countries are at a low point this week the u.s. sailed alou ship into the south china sea irritating the chinese government and late last year there was the arrest of chinese tech executive long one joe in canada at the request of washington now added to all of this of course is the trade
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war chinese china's commerce ministry did sound a lot more positive on this today at a press conference describing a meeting between chinese and u.s. negotiators in beijing this week as extensive and saying that progress was made on issues such as force technology transfer and intellectual property now there were nor concrete solutions and now it's but it has left the door open for higher level talks over the coming weeks both sides are reportedly very keen to reach an agreement before march the second and prevent u.s. tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods being lifted from ten percent to twenty five percent. advancements in facial recognition technology have been on display at the annual consumer electronics show in las vegas but it's regrows reports there are some concerns about its unregulated use cyber links face me can learn a lot about you at a glance you are male you're a sick piece that is the sixty five and you are surprised right now and like i'm
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stephen forty right now and i'm happy that the taiwan based company's advance facial recognition system will be deployed in stores so that retailers can target customers with products based on their emotional response to advertising become post different ads to the person and furthermore they can also recognize that you are happy or you're angry about this so you can take some actions from the system to change the ad yeah like ending on your reaction yes exactly so it really calls this in the hansing the customer experience others might call it creepy rapid advances in facial recognition technology together with artificial intelligence are creating some concerns about privacy and the autonomy of the individual but there's a lot of opportunity for having the fish working systems be used in ways that personally i don't think would be appropriate that i think might be dystopian orwellian cyber link says it carefully protects its face data but in an era of ever
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more sophisticated hacking and unscrupulous corporate business practices facial recognition could be misused facial recognition is a technology which supercharges surveillance using artificial intelligence on the purely benign if somewhat bizarre side sony makes a robot puppy which upon recognizing its owner's face begins to hit them full on in digital adoration but amazon which owns the popular smartphone linked video doorbell system ring has reportedly applied for a patent on a system. you identify so-called suspicious characters that's raising obvious issues to do with racial profiling these are cameras that are trained on the public when that kind of technology is the point in communities surveillance is going to have facts on people of color on political protesters on on on immigrants that
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are really harmful many technology executive say just like cars and trucks have to obey the rules of the road for everyone safety technologies like ai and facial recognition need regulations to prevent abuses but so far most countries including the u.s. rely on the tech industry to regulate itself rob reynolds al-jazeera las vegas both of us will be here in just a few minutes with headlines by for the. short
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films. and inspiration. those stories of three young women challenging the world around them. al-jazeera sin acts. resort is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an ancient tradition which child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was buried for money just a few weeks ago she only sees some missionaries who say she's proved many marriages happen i couldn't reach it is a missionary who rescued girls their money goes to buy it get outrightly
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a no call can even be trucked to gil before she's born there what if it takes forty years in your mind dice the brothers constable to get their money wife. it could be the biggest lie in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean twenty one geologists are secretly bored. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans manakin on zero zero. zero of them are hot and are all these the top stories on. amazon's national has held a vigil in istanbul one hundred days off and ernest amount to something was killed
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and the saudi consulate it has denied president ordered the killing of his critic u.s. actions say by pompei it has reassured egypt that it will remain a steadfast partner in the middle east is in cairo as part of an eight day school of the region it was a reus raising the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria will not hender the fight against eisel. president's been very clear and ambassador bolton i have been very clear about this to the threat from radical islamic terrorism israel isis continues we fight them in many regions around the country our commitment to continuing to prevent dash growth isis is growth is real it's important we will continue at that we're going to do it in a way in one particular place syria differently the united states decision president trumps decision to withdraw our troops has been made we will do that. the much awaited results from the democratic republic of congo's election are out but
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france is saying there is need for clarity about the outcome election question declared katie as the winner but another opposition count that as a result of fraud rank up there are reports. an announcement few had expected one that could set the stage for the first democratic transfer of power in the since independence. thousands of felix just a kerry supporters poured onto the streets to celebrate a surprise. just to carry would see his father lead congress opposition for more than thirty five years had a message of unity. i know how many of you find it hard to accept but i say with sincerity i pay homage to president joseph kabila president of the republic today we must no longer consider each other as adversities but rather as partners and democratic change in our country. but he will have to contend with his
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rival martin file who has rejected the provision results. to suit you all those who learned of the truth of the ballot boxes especially to congress national bishops the past couple conference sankoh of the church of congo through your historical observations we ask you to reveal to the congolese people of the whole world the name of the person who really was our people's choice. the country with a history of coups conflict and contested elections has been on the edge there were allegations of widespread election irregularities including complaints of all clicking advise. the internet has been cut off for days in an apparent attempt to stop speculation about the results why police have deployed we still have to wait to see what we come out from people context the results and whole process is going to be. much lower a killer than the electoral process so that we don't end up in
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a situation that. rising because people don't feel represented in the result of just being released now it is quite a shock for everyone about it is a new beginning when the vote that was two years overdue you will finally see the exit of president joseph kabila after nearly eighteen years in power but there are questions about how much influence he will still have on whoever takes the reins. everything drone attack has struck a yemeni government military parade in the province there are reports of these five people being killed for the air base commander is denying that government says the attack says the rebels are not ready for peace. present donald trump has walked out of a meeting with the democrats after they've refused to fund a border war with mexico with a total waste of time and treated afterwards that he had said bye bye to the democrats standoff and soon the government in a partner shut down the other two and a half weeks and south korea's president says both washington and pyongyang must
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take both steps towards peace hopes are being raised for a second denuclearization summit between donald trump and kim jong un after the north korean leader's latest visit to china those are your headlines we're back with another news update after witness. to modernise a code or a book at the end of the. you
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